Canon VB-C50i/VB-C50iR User manual

Canon VB-C50i/VB-C50iR User manual
Simultaneous Display/Playback of up to 24 screens
Camera Control
Up to 24 screens of live or recorded video can be displayed or
played back on an XGA monitor, or 35 screen on an SXGA monitor.
Playback during recording or playback of different times is possible.
For example, you can compare how crowded your shop was in
different time periods.
When monitoring live images, you can freely pan/tilt/zoom the
cameras for an interactive monitoring environment.
Network Camera
Network Video Recorder
VK-64/16 v1.3
Converting Recorded Video into a QuickTime file
You can specify a particular period of the recorded video, and easily
convert it into a QuickTime (.mov) file. Send the file via e-mail which
the viewer can play with QuickTime Player (up to 1 hour).
XGA 24 screens
XGA 6 screens
Record from up to 64 cameras onto one storage server
VK-64 accesses camera servers on the network to collect video.
Video of up to 64 camera can be recorded simultaneously to one
storage server. If there are 5 storage servers for example, you can
manage recording from 320 cameras.
Viewer Settings
Setting of monitoring screen
display frames and setting of event
notification (5 levels) is possible.
Remote Recording
The recorded videos will
remain even if the camera
site gets destroyed.
Network Surveillnce
Using LAN, the system is easy
to install and is cost-saving.
Remote Monitoring
Ideal for store management,
such as monitoring of
customer and display
Recording / Analysis
By comparing/analysing
recorded video, productivity
can be increased. Effective
for management to
instruct/improve activities
and operations.
Internet Video Solutions
For All Your Business Needs
Various Recording Settings
Various combinations of schedules and recording modes can be set
for each camera. For example, you can set recording only when there
is a signal from the sensor during the night, and record constantly
during daytime, or change the frame rate only when there is a change
in the image.
1 HarbourFront Avenue, #04-01 Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632
ONE System, Many Possibilities
Combining decades of expertise in making world-class optics and the
latest in networking technology, Canon has developed a powerful way to
transmit and record high-quality video images through the Internet or via
LAN, making top-quality video broadcasting a hassle-free reality for all.
Webview Livescope System
Network Cameras
With a wider viewing angle, the VB-C300 is
able to capture more of the image in a frame.
It also has pan, tilt and zoom functionality,
giving you more surveillance options.
ZOOM: VB-C50i/iR
The VB-C50i/iR is a versatile zoom-capable
network camera with pan and tilting
functionality that lets you zoom in on
particular areas for closer inspection.
The VB-C50FSi has a class-leading 26x optical
zoom that gives you far-ranging viewing
options from a fixed location.
The highly versatile VC-C50i/iR can be
connected to external devices such as lights,
alarms, and sensors for added security
measures, and has pan, tilt and zoom
Unlimited possibilities
Not sure of how to use the WebView system? Here are a few different
applications to address a diverse set of needs – from strictly business
to personal.
Bringing Canon lens technology to video networking
Centralised controls for easier operation
As with all Canon camera products, the advanced network cameras
feature high-end image quality, thanks to a bright 26x optical zoom
lens capable of shooting at low light levels down to 1 lux or 0 lux
in Night Mode.
Most impressively, the Canon Webview Livescope System can be
fully managed through a centralised server. The camera’s pan, tilt
and zoom, image quality and capture rate are some of the many
features that can be remotely controlled through the web browser.
Network errors and server access information are also automatically
logged in a file on the server, allowing easy maintenance.
With pan/tilt/zoom capabilities that can be remotely controlled from
a network or via the Internet, you can be sure that the images you
desire will be captured. Broadcasting live video or still images
captured with the network cameras is easy, since standard HTTP
protocols are used. With transmission speeds of up to 30 fps,
Canon’s network camera server products make live web broadcasting
a reality.
Simple installation, stylish design
Because of its sleek, lightweight casing, the discreet network cameras
are well-suited for modern business settings. Selected models can
also be ceiling-mounted, making them suitable for security and other
surveillance applications. Finally, you’ll be able to connect your
Canon network cameras through our Web-based program in minutes.
The WebView Livescope can be used for “Webcasting” which allows distribution
of live video over the Internet. Installing cameras into tourist attractions and
distributing the images from your Web pages enables you to advertise the spot
and to provide services to viewers.
Video Distributor
Video Recipient
Camera Server
The WebView Livescope can also be used for monitoring and survelliance in
offices via an intranet. Installing cameras into various places where security
measures are required allows you to monitor the status of site from remote
places in real time.
Video Distributor
Video Recipient
Viewer for Java
Viewer for PC
VB Administration Tools
VB Collector
Network Video Recorder VK-64/16 v1.3
VB-C300 Network Camera
Versatile and powerful wide-angle camera with
pan/tilt/zoom capability
PoE Compatibility
Power Source
70° Wide Angle AF Zoom Lens
Featuring a genuine Canon auto-focus lens and
a wide 70 ° horizontal angle of view, the VB300 is ideal for monitoring both tight spaces
and large sites.
Wide Pan and Tilt
With an extremely wide pan and tilt range, the
VB-C300 can provide coverage for a full 360 °
horizontal field of view with a pan range of
170°. Viewing angle can also be easily adjusted
via PC. Quick auto-focus means images are
exceptionally clear even during panning, tilting
or zooming.
Progressive Scan Video
Using Progessive Scan technology which deliver
smoother and higher quality images, the
VB-C300 is able to clearly capture details such
as facial features or licence plate numbers even
on moving subjects.
Video Distributor
Video Recipient
Superb Low Light Performance Scan Video
The VB-C300 captures clear, noise-free colour
video at 30 fps even in dim conditions thanks
to a high sensitivity CCD. Auto Day & Night
mode also allows the VB-C300 to switch
between color capture in daylight conditions
and light-sensitive black & white video capture in dark
conditions automatically.
The VB-C300 supports the IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over
Ethernet (PoE) technology. This allows it to receive both data and
power through a single LAN cable, so a separate power source is
not required.
Simultaneous 2-Way Audio
The VB-C300 can transmit audio in real-time both to and from an
authorised networked PC. Simultaneous two-way audio allows
administrators to listen in on a camera site, make announcements
to the scene of the camera, or do both at the same time.
High Performance Data Transfer
Ultra-Compact Dome Housing
Included Software
While network cameras typically experience a drop in frame rate
with increased network load, the VB-C300 can deliver smooth and
high-quality videos at a frame rate of 30fps to multiple clients.
The VB-C300 has a compact dome option that fits easily between
standard ceiling beams for hassle-free installation. Its appearance
makes it inconspicuous from the outside without impeding the
camera’s view from within. Available in clear or smokey grey options.
The VB-C300 comes with the NC Viewer software that lets you view
live video images and control camera movements, as well as the
Viewer Switcher that allows you to toggle back and forth between
different network cameras. The VB Admin Tools also help you
manage all your Canon network cameras.
Advanced fixed network camera
with built-in network server
High performance pan/tilt/zoom camera
with built-in server
Camera and Video Distribution Server Functions
Housed in a Single Unit
The VB-C50i is a compact, all-in-one solution for
network monitoring with its pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ)
capability and server function combined into one
body. By simply connecting a LAN cable and power
supply, the unit can distribute live videos from
any location where is installed, and can be
controlled remotely over the network.
Superior Optics with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control
The VB-C50i records high-quality video images using Canon’s optical
technology and superior pan/tilt control. It also includes a 26x optical
zoom, 12x digital zoom, and low-light performance from the f/1.6
lens and infrared light.
Pan 200°
Tilt 120°
Up 90° Down 30°
Pan 340°
Powerful Video Distribution
The VB-C50i is capable of capturing videos at up to 25 fps. MotionJPEG is used to compress video images. Up to 50 clients can view
any video simultaneously from a single VB-C50i using a web browser
or Canon’s monitoring software.
Connecting to External Devices
By using the optional Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50, the VB-C50i
can communicate with external devices such as sensors and speakers.
For example, you can configure picture recording based on ON/OFF
input from an external sensor, or even send your voice over the
network to a speaker connected to the VB-C50i.
Software Adds Value and Performance
Packed with the VB-C50i is a full suite of administration and
application software, providing flawless operation and user-friendly
functionality. For further monitoring usages with multiple cameras,
the optional WebView Livescope MV or MV LE software is
recommended. For recording of live images, the optional Network
Video Recorder VK-64 software is recommended.
Superior Image Quality
Image Storage Functions
Built upon extensive imaging expertise and the latest advances in
video technology, the VB-C50FSi offers unmatched image
clarity, detail, and color to meet the requirements of most
demanding applications.
The VB-C50FSi is equipped with an internal RAM disk for temporary
storage of up to 15MB of captured images, handy for timer-based
or motion- and sensor-triggered recording. You can also store a
larger amount of data using the VB Collector software.
26x Optical Zoom
Versatile mounting positions to fit your environment
The VB-C50FSi features a Genuine Canon zoom
lens with 26x optical zoom – the highest optical
zoom magnification in the industry. This high
magnification makes the VB-C50FSi the perfect
choice for monitoring large facilities.
Exceptional Low-Light Performance
Optional Multi-Terminal Module (VB-EX50)
Offering class-leading low-light performance, the VB-C50FSi is able
to capture color video with as little as 1 lux* of illumination. Noise
reduction keeps the image clear at any level of lighting.
The optional Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 can be used to connect
various types of external devices to the camera. This enables advanced
monitoring functions such as sensor-triggered image recording or
audio playback, as well as audio transmission to the camera.
*Imaging at 1 lux requires a shutter speed of 1/30 sec.
Built-in PoE Support
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows the VB-C50FSi to
receive both data and power through a single Ethernet cable. Because
a power cable is not required, this allows the camera to be flexibly
installed at sites without readily accessible AC outlets. Perfect for
hard-to-reach locations (such as ceilings or rooftops) both indoors
and outdoors, PoE eliminates the cost of running expensive power
cabling to each device, thus reducing the overall cost of installation.
Image Adjustment Controls
Tilt 100°
Up 10° Down 90°
Mounting holes on the top and bottom of the camera allow you to
position the VB-C50FSi exactly how you want it. The camera can be
installed on a ceiling or wall, or with a free-standing tripod (optional)
to accommodate virtually any room setup.
Video capture can be optimised for many different situations thanks
to a wide range of automatic and manual settings, including: exposure
control (shutter speed, aperture, and gain), manual focusing,
noise reduction, backlight compensation (3 levels), and
automatic white balance.
Audio Out:
Video In/Out:
External Sensor In/Out:
for speakers
for analog video cameras already in use
for sensors and alarms
Audio Output Capability
Using the optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module, live voice data
can be sent over the network to the scene of the camera. Users can
thus talk into a microphone connected to their PC and have
themselves heard through a powered speaker connected to the
camera (through Admin Viewer software only).
Included Software
Simple and compact network camera
for monitoring needs
Packed with Advanced Canon Optics
The pan/tilt/zoom VC-C50i camera delivers high quality video images
from Canon’s optical technology. The camera employs a zoom lens
that is compact but features the highest zoom magnification (26x
optical zoom) in its class. To further enlarge the displayed image,
the new 12x digital zoom function can be utilised. What’s more,
thanks to Canon’s expertise in optical technology, the lens delivers
the further benefits of high-resolution, high-color fidelity,
and fast auto-focusing.
By employing an f/1.6 lens that is among the brightest in its class,
1 lux minimum subject illumination is possible, making it suitable
for surveillance. In even darker conditions where objects are not
visible to the naked eye, Night Mode (built-in infrared imaging in
0 lux, black & white) can be activated.
Superior Control and Flexibility
With a precision pan/tilt mechanism that minimises shaking and
vibration, the VC-C50i’s camera angle can be used in almost any
environment. It can also be controlled by the optional remote
controller, or from a PC connection. The convenient 20-pin multiconnector has S-video, RS-232C, and other input/output terminals,
allowing one-plug connection to external devices such as lights,
alarms, and sensors.
VB Administration Tools
Maximise the number of people who can view live videos through
WebView Livescope.
Canon software provides the administrator with unrestricted control
and unprecedented ease.
Viewer for Java ( For VB-C50i/iR and VB-C50FSi )
Special Privileges
Allows video from the network cameras to be displayed on a standard
Java-enabled Web browser. It is automatically downloaded and does
not need to be installed. This viewer is perfect for any business or
educational application.
The Administration Tools software offers numerous ways to
successfully manage your network camera system. In contrast to
the Viewer for PC software or the Viewer for Java, Administration
Viewer delivers a superior level of control.
Viewer for PC ( For VB-C50i/iR and VB-C50FSi )
Those using the Administration Viewer may connect beyond preset
service times. Once connected, the administrators do not have to
adhere to the preset time limit. Any pending control requests are
temporarily suspended. Viewing restrictions set by the Viewing
Restriction Tool can also be ignored, giving administrators freedom
to pan, tilt and zoom as much as they choose. They are also informed
when the status of an external device has changed.
Viewer for PC is a pre-installed viewing
application which offers faster start-up and a
higher video frame rate than the Viewer
for Java.
VB Collector
Pan 200°
Viewer Software
Tilt 120°
Up 90° Down 30°
Automatically collect, store and manage still images.
Effortless Still Image Capture
VB Collector software is used to view pictures recorded by the
network cameras. With VB Collector, you can collect and display still
images based on inputs from an external device or schedules. It
monitors the Network Server at specific times (such as dates, weeks
or months), then downloads the recorded images to a PC.
Pan 340°
Tilt 100°
Up 10° Down 90°
Optional Software
Network Video Recorder
Monitor and record live images from up to 64 camera
servers via IP networks
Video Signal
Image Sensor
Scanning Method
Number of Pixels
Angle of view
Creates Opportunities in Both New and Established
Security Markets
Unlike tape-based recording, the VK-64 Network Video Recording
software is an advanced solution allowing video to be stored,
managed and accessed by a computer, for simplified archiving
and playback.
When used in combination with Network Cameras, a security
administrator has a powerful, comprehensive system for monitoring
and recording. Since it uses an IP network, it is easy to add/move
cameras and build flexible recording systems.
Remote Recording of Multiple Locations
Camera Unit
Hours and days of video images from multiple locations can be
monitored and recorded over a LAN / WAN / Internet, and the
recorded data is protected from accidents such as a fire or destruction.
Imaging Modes
Flexible System
Infrared Cut Filter
Night Mode
Traditional monitoring systems require a direct connection from the
camera to recorder using video cables. The advanced IP system with
VK-64 software and network cameras uses Ethernet, so it is much
more flexible to install, add or modify cameras. This makes system
building easy for small offices to large enterprises.
Video Compression Method
Output Image (Video) Size
Max. Frame Rate
Simultaneous Client Access
Camera Controlled function
Preset Tour
View Restriction
Motion Detection
Compression Method
Audio IN/OUT
Main unit
Camera Selection Area
Video Window menu
Live Events windows
Location selector
Zone selector
Connection with
External Devices
Viewing Area for
Video Windows
Audio Playback
Bundled (free)
Number of External I/O devices
Number of Audio IN/OUT
Number of Video IN/OUT
Recording Trigger
External Device Output
Operating Environment
PoE (Conforms to IEEE 802.3af)
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Jump button
Extract Video
Return to Live Video
Playback controls
Camera Name
Timeline playhead
IR Light
Effective Lighting Range
Zoom controls
Event indicator
Min. Subject Illumination
Easy-to-Use Free Layout Screen
Menu bar
drive unit
Day mode
Night mode
for VB-C300, VB-C50FSi, VB-C50i / iR, VB-C50i / iR
Conforms to NTSC/PAL
1/4-inch CCD (primary color filter)
NTSC/PAL: effective: 310,000
F=3.0~7.2mm F2.0~3.4 2.4x power zoom (shooting at infinity)
Auto/Manual: Wide-angle/Telephoto 0.3m ~ inf.
Auto/Manual: Wide-angle/Telephoto 0.6m ~ inf.
Pan Range:70.8° (W) 29.6°(T) Tilt Range:51.6°(W) 22.1°(T) Including distortion
340° (±170°)
Mounting at Upright Position: 115° (-25°~90°)
Mounting on the Ceiling
: 115° (-90°~25°)
without or with clear dome housing
Day mode: 1 LUX(at F2.0, color, 1/30 sec),Night mode: 0.25Lux(at F2.0, B/W, 1/30sec)
with smoke dome housing
Day mode: 2 LUX(at F2.0, color, 1/30 sec),Night mode: 0.5Lux(at F2.0, B/W, 1/30sec)
Day mode/Night mode (Manual · Auto Schedule-based switch
(Available with Optional Recording software VK-64/VK-16 v1.3)
Power-driven insertion/removal (Day mode / Night mode)
HTTP, DHCP, WV-HTTP (Canon original)
Motion-JPEG (for video), JPEG (for still pictures)
640x480/320x240/160x120 (Fixed Size Delivery by Video size setting)
NTSC:30fps PAL:25fps
Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Backlight compensation, Shutter speed, Focus speed, White Balance
20 positions
Not Available (Available with Optional Recording software VK-64/VK-16 v1.3)
G.711 m-law (64kbps), full duplex communication
Oversea(PAL) : Audio : LINE IN / LINE OUT (& Audio : LINE OUT)
NC Viewer (Only for VB-C300)
Network Video Recorder VK-64/VK-16 v1.3
LAN×1(RJ45, 100Base-TX/10Base-T auto-negotiation)
- (Not necessary )
IN:2, OUT:1
Audio LINE IN:1, Audio LINE OUT:1 Ø 3.5 monaural mini jack connector
Video OUT: 1 Ø 3.5 monaural mini jack connector
Not Available (No function for recording on camera unit)
Temperature: - 10~45ºC, Humidity: 20-85%RH (no condensation)
(Excluding without Rubber feet, Ceiling mounting plate)
Mounting on ceiling : 975g (Including Ceiling mounting plate, Ceiling mounting cover)
AC100V~AC240V using the supplied AC Adapter
AC24V, DC12V supported (using bundled power connector)
MAX : Approx. 13W (using AC adapter)
MAX : Approx. 10W (using PoE)
Conforms to NTSC/PAL (Output image when connected to the VB-EX50)
1/4-inch CCD
2:1 Interlaced
NTSC: effective: 340,000, PAL: effective 400,000
f=3.5-91.0mm F 1.6-4.0 26x power zoom (shooting at infinity)
Auto/Manual Wide-angle: 0.01m~inf. / Telephoto: 1.6m~inf.
(Night mode Wide-angle: 0.02m~inf. / Telephoto: 2.3m~inf.)
Pan range:42° (W) 1.7° (T) Tilt range: 31.5° (W) 1.2°(T)
Upper 90°Lower 30°
26x power zoom
Normal mode: 1 lux (at F1.6, color, 1/30 sec.)
Upper 10°Lower 30°
Upper 90°Lower 30°
Upper 10°Lower 30°
for VB-C300
Web Browser
Power-driven insertion/removal (normal mode/night mode)
LEDs (4)
Approx. 3m
TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, FTP, WebView (Canon original)
Motion-JPEG (for video), JPEG (for still pictures)
640x480/320x240/160x120 (Multi-streaming supported)
30fps (640X480)
Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Backlight compensation, Shutter speed, Focus speed, View restriction, Control time restriction
20 Positions
10 Positions (Zoom setting only)
G.711 m-law (64kbps), full duplex communication
Japan/USA : AudioMIC IN/OUT Overseas: Audio Line OUT
Yes (Sound sample files are stored on the supplied CD-ROM)
Viewer for Java, Viewer for PC, Admin Viewer
Network Video Recorder VK-64/VK-16 v1.2 (v1.3 is available as well)
LAN×1(RJ45 100Base-TX/10Base-T auto-negotiation)
Connector for Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 (optional)
- (Available with Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 (optional) IN : 2, OUT : 3)
- (Available with Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 (optional) Audio Line IN : 1, Audio Line OUT : 1)
- (Available with Multi-Terminal Module VB-EX50 (optional) Video IN : 1, Video OUT : 1 PAL : Video out x 1 only)
Schedule, Motion Detection, External Device Input Sensor
Linked with External Device Input Sensor or Motion Detection/Manual
Temperature: 0-40ºC, Humidity: 20-85%RH (condensation free)
66.2mm(W)×134.2mm(D)×97.0mm(H) (excluding attachments)
(excluding attachments)
Approx. 620g
Approx. 530g
(including mounting plate)
Approx. 700g
Camera control RS - 232C / Video Out: 2 (composite video, S-Video output)
Temperature: 0-40ºC, Humidity: 20-85%RH (condensation free)
(excluding attachment)
Approx. 490g
Approx. 420g
Standby: About 8W Max.: About 14W
Approx. 0.5W (using AC Adapter)
PA-V16, PA-V17 (for VB-C300 only)
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
DC13V 1.8A (max.)
Exterior (-) Interior (+)
(Excluding attachments)
Approx. 230g
Supported PC
Normal mode: 1 lux (at F1.6, color, 1/30 sec.)
Night mode: 0lux(at F1.6, B/W, 1/30 sec IR LED on)
Normal mode/Night mode (manual/schedule-based switch)
AC100V±10% using the supplied AC Adapter
Camera Unit: DC13V 1.8A (Max)
PoE: 12.95W or less (Conforms to IEEE 802.3af)
Terminal Type (Polarity)
Windows 2000 Professional (SP4), Windows XP (SP1a,
SP2), Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP1, R2)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1, SP2)
Built-in Network Card (10/100Mbps)
No specific requirements
Audio IN/OUT Function (Microphone, Speaker, etc.)
Supported PC
for VB-C50FSi, VB-C50i / iR
Web Browser
Windows 2000 Professional (SP4), Windows XP (SP1a, SP2),
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP1, R2)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1, SP2)
(NetScape 7.1 and 7.2 are available with Viewer for Java)
MSVM Release (Java VM provided by Microsoft)
or Java Plug-in 1.4.2 (Java VM provided by Sun Microsystems)
Built-in Network Card (10/100Mbps)
Using VBCollector: 20GB HDD or greater (NTFS formatted)
Audio IN/OUT Function (Microphone, Speaker, etc.)
Bundled Software
for VB-C300
Initial Setup Tool
VB Administration Tools
Viewer for PC,
Viewer for Java
NC Viewer
Ver. 3.0 (Available for both VB-C300 and VB-C50
Ver. 3.0 (set up first Ver 2.2 for the parallel use
with VB-C50i series)
Not available (Unable to use these 2 viewers on
VB-C300. Use Viewer switch tool (VB-C300 bundled
software) when using with VB-C50i series.)
Ver. 1.0 (Specific for VB-C300)
Not available (Function for recording pictures on
camera is not supported on VB-C300)
Bundled Software
VB-C50FSi, VB-C50i / iR
Initial Setup Tool
VB Administration Tools
Viewer for PC,
Viewer for Java
NC Viewer
Ver. 2.0
Ver. 2.2 (Current version)
Ver. 3.6 (Current version)
NO (Unable to use with VB-C50i Series)
Ver. 3.0 (Current version)
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