HP | TouchSmart 600-1000 - Desktop PC | Specifications | HP TouchSmart 600-1000 - Desktop PC Specifications

Computers can be a powerful tool for enabling disabled
people to learn, work, create and communicate in ways
might otherwise
be difficult Counselors
or impossible and
people with disabilities since 2000
US Computers, Inc.
Where the Government Goes Shopping
Customized Computers
Our customized computers are easy to use and operate. All
the user has to do, is to plug it in and turn the power on! We
go the extra mile to ensure that all programs are compatible
with the computer you are buying. All software applications
you buy are installed, tested, configured, and updated
so the client can enjoy their computer the minute it arrives.
We also carry every accessory needed for all your computing needs including surge protectors, printers, cameras,
carrying cases, printers, digital cameras, etc.
In-Home Setup & Training
We offer In-home setup, installation and training available anywhere in the US designed to serve your client’s needs. Our experienced trainers teach at the client’s pace and progress reports are sent directly to
the counselor. Our programs are from basic to advanced training. Our introductory course focuses on
the basics, such as: writing emails, using Windows 7
OS/ Mac OS and applications like MS Office. We also
offer training for any adaptive device or software installed in your client’s computer. We also carry a
large selection of self–learning interactive training
CDs to help disabled clients learn at their own pace.
Ergonomic Products
We carry an extensive line of Ergonomic Products,
ranging from electronically adjustable work stations,
ergonomic keyboards, keyboard drawers, monitor
arms, to roller, and foot mice. We can send our technician to install any ergonomic furniture right inside your
client’s home. Our adjustable desks come in a variety of
shapes and sizes. The standard, corner, adjustable and
angle desk are available in a wide range of colors.
“Our Services
are Specifically
Designed to Fit
Your Special
Assistive Technology
We provide assistive technology solutions for people
with vision, hearing, mobility, medical, communication, and learning impairments. We also offer training
for all of the assistive technology devices we carry.
We are constantly updating our assistive technology
products so that you can utilize cutting edge technology for all of your clients including: Vision Magnifiers,
iZoom software, ReadDesk, Gesture control/Operated
FlickCamera, Telecommunications Device, Teletypewriter (TTY), Dragon Naturally Speaking, and many more.
US Computers Inc.
WonderTalk System
Where the Government Goes Shopping
No more waiting around for
the best solution to adapt to
a particular disability.
Movement impairment, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision
impairment, hearing impairment, no matter what the disability is, we have an assistive technology system designed to meet the needs of
people with disabilities.
We, at US Computers go the
extra mile to help your clients
in their rehabilitation efforts.
Fax: 714-528-0530
For Speech Impairment
Text-to-Speech Software, Speech generators, Pocket communicator, talking keyboard, Interactive learning CDs for Microsoft Office & Windows 8
Intel i5 or i7 CPU, 15” screen, 4 GB memory 500 GB Hard drive for
LAPTOP or 21” Monitor, 6 GB memory, 1TB GB Hard drive for
Optional Items: Audio Book player/reader, reading Pens, Voice Amplifier,
Speech recognition and production training software, language and speech
therapy software, Communication Kit, Multi-level Communication device,
Pocket device communication software, text to speech apps for mobile devices
QuadWonder System
For Quadriplegic Impairment
Dragon Naturally Speaking w/Noise Canceling Headset, Interactive
self paced Dragon learning CD,Wireless Keyboard, Mouth Operated
Joystick, Track Ball, ergonomic keyboard tray, Arm/Elbow and Foot
Rest, Voice Recorder, Interactive learning CDs for Microsoft Office
and Windows 7/8
Intel i5/i7 CPU, 12” or 14” screen Tablet PC, 4GB memory 500 GB
hard drive for LAPTOP or 21” Screen, 6 GB memory/750 GB hard
drive for DESKTOP
Optional Items: 15” or 17” screen, TV and monitor Mount, Chin/cheek
switch, Teletypewriter, Portable Personal Amplifiers, Electronic Adjustable Desks, One Handed Keyboard, Foot Mice, Talking GPS , Eye control,
All-In-One Touch-Screen Computer/ Touch-Screen laptop, Writing software, Wireless Headsets
AudiAmp System
For Hearing Impairment
Amplified Phones, Portable personal Amplifiers, Intel i5 or i7 CPU
15” screen, 4 GB memory, 500 GB Hard drive for LAPTOP or 21” Screen,
6 GB memory, 750GB Hard drive for DESKTOP
Optional Items: TDD, Teletypewriter, Alerts & Signalers, Ergonomic Desk and
Chair, Caller ID.
Email: info@uscomputersinc.com
TransMobile System
For Movement Impairment
Dragon Naturally Speaking w/Noise Canceling Headset & Interactive self paced learning CDs, Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse, Monitor Arms for desk, Keyboard Drawers, One Handed Keyboard, Track Ball,
Wireless Headset, Electronically Adjustable sit and stand desk, Ergonomic chair, interactive learning CDs for
Microsoft Office and Windows 8
Intel i5 or i7 CPU, Tablet with 3G/WIFI internet access, wheel chair mounting arm for laptop/tablet pc, 12” or
14” screen tablet PC, 4 GB memory, 500 GB Hard drive for LAPTOP or 19” Screen , 4 GB memory, 500 GB
Hard drive for DESKTOP
Optional Items: Specialized Wheel Chair Mount, Specialized Keyboards, Talking GPS, TV and monitor Mount, ,
Foot Mice, All In One Computers/ touch screen laptop, Eye control, Touch/On-Screen Keyboard, Switches, Writing
and reading software, Foot Rest, Arm/Elbow Support, Big Keys Keyboard, Angled Work Surface, Screen reading
software, Ergonomic adjustable keyboard tray
TeachMe System
For Psychological Impairment
Interactive learning CDs for Microsoft Office and Windows 8, literacy software, Interactive Typing tutorials,
Talking Dictionary, Photoshop, Digital Camera, Tablet with 3G WiFi internet access, Intel i5 or i7 CPU
17” screen, 4 GB memory, 500 GB Hard drive for LAPTOP or 22” Screen, 6 GB memory, 1TB Hard drive
Optional Items: Games, Specialized Software, Computer desk and Ergonomic Chair, Dragon Naturally Speaking, writing and reading software, Portable Scanning Translator, Key Access, audio book player, Puzzles, Inspiration software Reader, Screen Reader, Literacy Readers, Reading and Writing support software
OptiVisual System
For Visual Impairment
Screen Readers & Magnifiers, Handheld Video magnifiers, Talking Cane, Room Reader package of five
(motion sensor room identifier) Door Chime, Talking GPS, Talking Watch, talking calculator, digital recorder,
Intel i5 or i7 CPU
18.4” or larger screen, 4 GB memory, 750 GB Hard drive for LAPTOP and 24” or larger Screen,
8 GB memory, 1TB harddrve for DESKTOP
Optional Items: Windows screen reader, Computer Desk and Ergonomic Chair, Desktop video magnifiers , CCTV
Color Flat Monitor with reader, all-in-one reading machine, Reader/ Magnifier, Magnification Software, Dragon
Naturally Speaking, Magnifying Lamp, GPS, Talking GPS, Portable Devices, Voice operated autocad controller,
rotating camera to read, write and view magnified images , Talking Products, Motion-Activated Memo Pad
Comfort System
For Back Impairment
Dragon Naturally Speaking, w/Noise Canceling Headset, Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse, Electronically Adjustable Desk, Ergo Chair, Adjustable Keyboard Drawers, Monitor arms, Electronically Adjustable
sit and stand desk, ergonomic chair, Interactive learning CDs for Microsoft Office and Windows 8,Intel i5 or
i7 CPU, Tablet with 3G Wi-Fi internet access,
15” screen, 4 GB memory, 500 GB Hard drive for LAPTOP or 21” Screen, 6 GB memory, 750GB Hard
drive for DESKTOP
Optional Items: Foot Mice, Specialized Mouse, Talking GPS, Monitor and TV Mount, One handed Keyboard,
Switches, Ergonomic adjustable Keyboard And Mouse, Foot Rest, Eye control software, Wireless Headset, Angled
Work Surface and Desk
Aurora Desktop Video Magnifier HD
24'' Widescreen Foldable Desktop Video
This new foldable desktop video magnifier integrates advanced camera technology with the needs of the user to give a
more comfortable image, and less eye
High definition image quality
Crisp clear display
Magnification: 2x - 70x
Monitor Size: 24" LED
Fashion ergonomics design
Auto-Zoom function
Line markers / Electronic
curtain function
Display Mode: 5 default color models, and 17 full mode at your option
High resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Active picture elements of the camera: 1280 x 720 pixels
Refresh Rate: 60HZ
Weight: 26 lbs. (12kg)
Size: 24" x 20" x 21.25" (Including monitor size)
Zoomax Butterfly - Handheld Video Magnifier
Pocket size electronic magnifier, Butterfly is designed for the people on the
go. Because of its lightest weight and most compact size, Butterfly can be
hung around the neck or kept in the pocket, handbag or even purse. You
may use it to read price label, menu and see things around you..
1.5x to 15x magnification
3.5-inch widescreen
Five viewing modes:
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches
Weight: 4.2 ounces
High contrast white on black
High contrast black on white
Full color photo mode
High contrast yellow on blue
High contrast blue on black
Freeze frame/image capture
Magnification level: 6 levels
Built-in rechargeable battery
AC charger, stand
Built-in tilt writing stand
Camera positioned for intuitive reading
Carrying case and wrist strap
High Definition Image
Continuous Magnification
Favorite Color Modes
Real-Time Image Capture
See Far Or Close By Switching One Button
Automatic Last Setting Save After Power Down
Power Saving After No Operation In 3 Minutes
Special Tailored Zoomax Protective Bag
Snow 7 HD - 7-inch Handheld Video
Snow 7 HD offers a crisp image on the
ergonomically designed widescreen with
ease of use. With its small book size and
only 16.93 ounce, it can be taken and
used to read at home, in school, or in the
Toll Free: 800-550-8783
Fax: 714-528-0530
5 Button Navigation
7’’ TFT Widescreen
Ergonomic Viewing Angle
Real-Time Crisp Image
Auto-Focus Camera
2.2X~ 16X Magnification
12 Viewing Modes
6.5cm ~ 500cm Viewing Distance
16.93 Ounces (480g With Battery)
Dimensions: 19.5cm X 13.95cm X
5 Hours Continuous Use
4~5 Hours Charging
Rechargeable Li Battery
Foldable Reading Stand
Support PAL/NTSC, Connect to TV
Certificates: CE; FCC; RoHS
iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader – USB
Most low vision screen magnifiers today offer a USB version, but all of them require
administrative privileges to install some software before they can run. Odds are if
you’re using a public computer, you won’t be granted installation rights. Moreover, a
computer can be a very personal possession and others won’t appreciate you installing software on it.
1 5x to 36x magnification of text on screen
Text to Speech reads text aloud to you
Customize with color and contrast options
USB version great for those who travel or use different computers
Works with your PC or laptop
ReadDesk Lite Plus Scanner-Reader-Magnifier
ReadDesk Lite Plus Scanner-Reader-Magnifier is a simple scanning, reading and
magnifying device with all the features needed to make reading easy. It has instant
text to speech capabilities. Captures magnifies and reads entire page making it easier to: Change text color to suit your needs; Crystal clear font at any zoom level; Save
text as PDF or MP3 files.
 Scan 
 Magnify
 Save
 Convert Scanned Text Into A PDF File
 Convert Scanned Text Into An MP3 File
 Listen To Your Printed Files
 Weighs Less Than 1.5 Lbs.
 Smaller Than A Sheet Of Paper
 Folds Into A Laptop Bag
 Up To 99% Accuracy
Flick Camera
Flick is the first portable, immersive, one-camera system that provides the low vision user
with a revolutionary, multi-function camera system that is suitable for home, school or
office use.
Flick is the first immersive camera system that works with touch screen technology and supports familiar gesture controls
 Connects (via USB) to desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, or any sized LCD monitor
 80x camera magnification; Includes iZoom Screen Magnifier
 Hands-free camera moves from near to distance viewing in 2 seconds
 retains previous settings
 Contrast enhancement in both text and color mode
 Rugged and stable on the desktop or work surface
 Interactive, selective OCR text reading
 Easy capture software enables users to save and retrieve images
 Exceptional low light performance for places such as lecture halls
 Portability: weighs 3.5 lbs.; folds flat into carry case; high-contrast components make setup
 Internal battery runs for 9 hours on a full charge and does not draw power from your tablet
or laptop
 2-year warranty
The Magnisight Explorer HD
The Magnisight Explorer HD is the most advanced Video
Magnifier on the market today. This flexible desktop
magnifier allows you to pivot and adjust the screen for
you most comfortable viewing position. The HD screen
easily pivots vertically and/or horizontally to better accommodate peripheral or eccentric viewing. Ideal for use
by people with low vision, macular degeneration, retinitis
pigmentosa, glaucoma and cataracts to read write and
regain their visual independence
Explorer HD Features
High Definition camera produces a spectacular, super
clear image
 Widescreen allows viewing the whole width of an 85" x 11"
page of text with 2x to 60x magnification
 Automatic focus full color CCTV system with high contrast
black & white
 Simple, easy-to-use controls in a one-piece CCTV design
 Flat Panel LCD widescreen monitor mounted to an Adjustable Arm for easy height, tilt & turn adjustments
 Wide range contrast control for ideal picture adjustment
 Variable brightness control for individual contrast needs
 24" LCD Screen for WIDE Screen Viewing
 Magnification from 4x to 70x depending on monitor size
 Mounted to adjustable arm for easy height, tilt, and turn
 Simplified controls; one piece design
The Looky+ 3.5 Inch Color Hand Held Video Magnifier 2 Hrs. of Battery Use!
The Looky+ makes any picture sharp and text perfectly clear (3-8x magnification) for easy
reading. You can see the text in color, or switch to black/white or high contrast white/
black, depending upon your preference. The Looky+ comes complete with an ergonomically designed folding handle that is comfortable to hold or fold away for placing flat on the
reading material of your choice. There is a freeze frame function that enables the user to
push a button to freeze the text or picture on the 3.5" LCD screen. It is as simple as taking
a photograph, and is small enough to carry in your pocket
The Looky+ Features
Electronic Handheld Video Magnifier
See Text In Color or Switch to Black/White
Ergonomically Designed Folding Handle
Freeze Function
Magnifies 3x-8x
AA Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charger
Carrying Case
Magnification (From 2x To 20x)
Sharp, Clear Image
5 Different Viewing Modes
LED Lights Provide Illumination For Best Image
Magnification - 4 Pre-Set Magnification Levels
Toll Free: 800-550-8783
Fax: 714-528-0530
Dragon Speech Recognition Software
Dragon speech recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You
talk, and it types. Use your voice to create and edit documents or emails, launch applications, open files, control your mouse, and more. Quickly and easily capture your
thoughts and ideas while Dragon helps you get more done faster.
Dragon is the world’s best-selling speech recognition software. It turns your talk into text
and can make virtually any computer task easier and faster. From capturing ideas and
creating documents, to email and searching
the web, to using simple voice commands to
control many of the popular programs you use every day at home, work – and beyond.
What's in the New Version 11.5
Dragon Remote Microphone
Improved Correction
New Facebook and Twitter Commands
Improved Formatting and Editing Commands
Improved speed and accuracy
Enhanced User Interface
Time-Saving Voice Commands
Make Speech Recognition Work for You
Control your computer with your voice
Talk and your computer types. It’s that simple. Thoughts instantly become words so you can get more done in less time, and with
greater accuracy than ever before.
Accurate and easy.
It’s easy to master Dragon right out of the box. You’ll be amazed at how accurately it transforms what you say into the exact
words you want to use. Up to 99% accurate, right out of the box.
Technology for everyone.
Even if you spend only a few minutes a day on the computer or you’re a power user, there’s
a Dragon for you. Status updates, reports, spreadsheets, Dragon does it all.
Faster Better Simply Smarter
With improved accuracy and faster performance, amazing technology advances, and powerful new voice commands, Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 delivered a faster, better and
simply smarter speech recognition solution. In the year since Dragon 11’s release, Nuance
has continued to explore ways to make the software even easier to use. The result is Drag-
Toll Free: 800-550-8783
Fax: 714-528-0530
Talking motion sensors. Program it to say room name in which
you are or when approaching close it states hot surface ahead,
Stair case ahead, so you know about danger even before you
come close to it. Utilizing motion sensor technology to help
you know various pre programmed locations.
The Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator sets a new standard in cost-effective, customized security
and notification for homes and small businesses. Using the latest technology in wireless PIR and digital
voice recording, Voice Alert System-6 offers:
6-Zone Monitoring Capability
Customized Voice-Recordable Alerts
All Weather, Wireless PIR Sensor Transmitters
Multiple Beam Patterns for Optimal Detection
Adjustable Mounting, Beam Sensitivity, and Delay Timer
4 "C" Relays to Trigger Additional Devices
Two packages combination possible; Can be programmed to provide voice signals at the motion sensor
location instantaneously or at a centralized location, when a zone is breached, a signal is sent up to 1000
ft (300 ft through walls) to the remote Base Unit which plays one of six user voice-recorded messages
identifying the zone. Does not matter what package you want or chose it can monitor your preselected
location and provide signals instantaneously.
Common applications include: Hot location Monitor, Steps ahead Announcement and Monitor, Wireless
Driveway Alarm, Perimeter Security, Customer and Visitor Notification, Customer Greeting, Child Safety,
Pool Security, Delivery and Supply Room Monitoring, and Annunciation of activity at CCTV Camera.
Installation is simple and can be provided at request just call US Computers, Inc.
You can record message in your own voice or we can pre program it for you.
Other features include: on/off switch, audio line output connection, adjustable volume control, missed
message indicator, missed message playback, one button message check, enable/disable PIR switch,
and low battery voice notification. Voice Alert System-6 is an excellent plug and play solution for hard-towire areas.
Desktop Computer Systems
iPad/Tablet Systems
Laptop Computer Systems
We carry a wide range of software including application specific software.
We can provide Operating Systems, Application Software for PC and Tablets
Software Licenses , etc.
For new computer users to perform basic functions like
sending emails, writing papers, and surfing the web
Computer Packages
 Intel i3 Processor, 4 GB Memory, 500 GB Hard
Drive, Monitor, All in One Printer, MS Office 2013,
Antivirus & more.
 Intel i3 Processor, 4 GB Memory, 500 GB Hard
Drive, 15” screen, All in One Printer, MS Office
2013, Antivirus and more.
Mid Range
Computer Packages
For intermediate computer users to run home
office applications & basic multimedia functions (photos & music)
 Intel i5 processor, 6 GB Memory, 750 GB Hard
Drive, Monitor, All in One Printer, MS Office 2013,
Antivirus, and more.
 Intel i5 processor, 6 GB Memory, 750 GB Hard
US Computers, Inc.
Where the Government Goes Shopping
Drive, 15” screen, All in One Printer, MS Office
Our Computer Packages are designed to fit the needs of disabled people.
For advanced computer users to run multimedia
functions like video editing & graphic design
High End
Computer Packages
 Intel i7 Processor, 8 GB Memory, 1TB Hard
Drive, Monitor, All in One Printer, MS Office 2013,
Antivirus, and more.
Purchases are delivered to any
residential address within the
United States.
 Intel i7 Processor, 8 GB Memory, 1TB Hard
Drive, 17” screen, All in One Printer, MS Office
Pro 2013, Antivirus and more.
We also offer Personalized InHome setup, installation and
Computer training. This training
is designed with the new computer user in mind.
Computer Packages
Phone: 1-800-550-8783
Fax: 714-528-0530
All packages feature:
For expert computer users to run Graphic Design, Gaming, Engineering Software, Multimedia functions like animation and more.
 Intel i7 Processor, 8 GB Memory, 2TB Hard
Drive, 2GB dedicated video memory, Monitor,
All in One Printer, MS Office Pro 2013, Antivirus and more
 Intel i7 Processor, 8 GB Memory, 2TB Hard
Drive, 2GB dedicated video memory, 17”
screen, All in One Printer, MS Office Pro 2013,
Antivirus and more
Set up & installation of computer
software, and antivirus updates
Hardware configuration testing, computer final setup & staging (burn testing)
Software support warranty for software within first year
One year unlimited technical support, virus removal, software support
Updates for shipment / warranty repair included.
All warranties are purchased & activated under the Client’s name
iMac: iMac features a flat-panel
LCD screen with 1920-by-1200 resolution (24-inch), giving you vivid colors and breathtaking high-definition
clarity. And there’s nothing quite like
seeing your life’s events on the big
screen, thanks to the new iLife ’09
built into every iMac.
With the MacBook Air, Apple has created the world's
thinnest laptop--measuring an unprecedented 0.16inches at its thinnest point. Apple also introduces its
vaunted multi-touch technology, found on the iPhone,
to its laptops with the MacBook Air .
The 15.4" MacBook Pro Notebook Computer from Apple gives
you all the power of a Macintosh computer in a portable and
attractive form. The laptop is housed in an aluminum alloy enclosure, which is designed to resist stains and scratches.
HP - TouchSmart All-In-One Desktop
Watch movies, view photos, access your favorite media and surf the Web with ease, thanks
to this all-in-one desktop's brilliant 22" touch
screen and built-in high-speed Wireless-N LAN.
The built-in webcam allows easy video chatting
with loved ones.
When space is at a premium and power is a necessity, the stunning VAIO® VGC-LV190Y HD
PC/TV combo offers everything you need in
space-saving design.
It is an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor with 6MB
L2 cache combines with an incredible 4GB RAM.
This LV comes with a wireless keyboard, mouse
and remote control.
US Computers, Inc.
Writers, Printers and Readers
Braille 'N Speak is an electronic Braille note
taker designed for use by individuals who are
blind or have low vision. The unit features a
six-key Perkins-style Braille keyboard and the
capability to provide output in print, synthesized speech, or Braille. This portable standalone data manager offers a simple command
structure; word processing capabilities and
spell check; a fully-adjustable speech synthesizer which enables the
user to control the rate of speech, tone, pitch, and more; a Grade 2
Braille back-translator for standard print output; and the capacity to
operate in two languages.
Ideal for those
who have trouble
seeing clearly or
can not see at
Take notes and
keep records.
Its also portable
for easy carrying
and use.
The ScannaR is a flat–bed scanner
that will scan any text document and
read it back to you in seconds. Unlike
other scan-and-read products, it does
not need to be connected to a PC, as
it has its own hard drive with room for
up to 500,000 pages of text, making it
one of the most portable scan-andread products on the market. ScannaR
allows you to read anything and then
save them for future reference. Control speed and volume of speech at
the turn of a dial. Store up to 500,000
pages of text at any time. Choose
from English, French, German, Italian
and Spanish language versions. Only
7 buttons are needed to perform all
functions. It includes BrailleNote and
VoiceNote direct also.
ScannaR is
perfect for
those who can
not see or have
impaired vision
as it reads out
loud for you.
Braille Sense Plus
Braille Sense Plus is the world's
most powerful and functional
notetaker and Braille display. The
all new Braille Sense has been upgraded with stronger functions and
features such as an MP3 player,
recorder, LCD display for teaching
Braille beginner, detachable battery
and infrared communication.
Braille Sense
Plus is a very
powerful tool
to learn and
teach Braille. It
makes learning
easy and fun
with all the
extra features.
US Computers, Inc.
US Computers, Inc.
Simplicity Wheelchair Mount
The New and Improved Simplicity Wheelchair
Mount Now Swings Away and Locks in the 90° and
180° Positions
The Simplicity Wheelchair Mount Fits Wheelchairs with Round, Square and Rectangular
Simplicity is a wheelchair mounting system designed for use with portable computers and
other devices. Well known for its exceptional quality and reliability, Simplicity is now compatible with round, square and rectangular tubing. This rugged wheelchair-mounting system is made of high-quality stainless steel tubing and aircraft-quality aluminum joints. All
joints are machined parts with a high-quality black anodized finish.
• Communication device exchanges easily from wheelchair to reading/work/dining or
custom table
• Provides positive, secure support for your computer/device in both the stored and
over-the-lap positions
• Fully adjustable for height, angle, lateral, forward, and back positions
• Can be used on either side of the chair or moved from one chair to another
• Adaptable to most communication and access systems and wheelchairs
• Features a warranty on all metal parts against defects in materials or workmanship
Perflex™ Gel ChArms™
Perflex™ Gel ChArms™ provide hours of
relief and improve computing comfort. Gel
covers slip over most arms and contour to
your elbows and forearms, reducing pressure
points and improving circulation to the wrists
and hands.
US Computers, Inc.
Trek No-Drill Full Swing Mobile
Desk—Heavy Duty
No Drilling required for secure installation. Attaches to Passenger seat bolts.
The Trek Desk
The Trek Desk is by far our most popular desk. Ideal for
heavy use in full-size cars, trucks and vans, the Trek Mobile
Computing Desk offers the best combination of durability and
flexibility in a mobile desk platform. Work from your vehicle
with the convenience and ease of your office. The Trek Mobile
Desk provides a mobile computing platform for your laptop or
other office equipment. Secure when fastened and easily removable, the Trek adjusts to hundreds of positions to meet
your computing and comfort requirements.
The Trek also incorporates a second ball joint, providing maximum adjustability. This system of two ball joints allows nearly any position to be achieved. This is especially important if
access to the computer is required from both the passenger
seat and driver’s seat positions.
Print Mobile
Trek Mobile Desk Features
Adjustable Printer Stand.
Mounts to Mobile Desks,
Treks, Navigators,
Xtreme Stand Alone Mount
Full Swivel Top with shock control
protects your hard drive and allows
your laptop to breath
No-Drill Base Mount
Fully Adjustable
Double ball joints allow for most any
Telescoping upright, Scopes to 28”
Removes in seconds
Perfect Fit for
Canon Portable Printers
HP 450 Portable Printers
Rugged and Sturdy
Models now available
Easy Installation
A single knob
means it’s
never in the
Way, Go Mobile
In minutes
US Computers, Inc.
Copyflex III
A steel inline copyholder designed to be placed between
the keyboard and the computer.
A clear adjustable magnifying
line guide is attached to a rubber strip on the left side of the
The Banana-Board® is a keyboard platform and palm support.
The keyboard tray and mouse pad
adjust to optimum comfort levels
without levers or handles!
Mouse slide creates MouseForward position for improved
ergonomic comfort
Rail on back of mouse surface
keeps mouse in place with negative tilt.
The Copy flex is
ideal for helping to
prevent twisting of
the spine when
referring to Documents while at the
Banana Board
allows superior
comfort while
working. It can fit
to work surfaces
which are Straight
or with diagonal or
Keyboard platform adjusts from +10° to -15° tilt and swivels 360°
Adjustable Footrest
Adjustable tilt
Black/silver, plastic material
Increases blood flow and circulation in
lower legs
 Lock into position or allow for "freefloating" tilt action
Easy to adjust for
personal comfort.
Fluorescent Professional Clamp-On
Magnifying Lamp
Height: 40"
3-diopter lens enlarges 175%
Shade with positioning handle and splash guard
This lamp offers
magnification and
light in one sleek
BerberMat, Traditional Chairmat
Best on carpets and pads up to 3/8" thick.
Gripper™ back keeps mat in place on carpet.
Bevel Track edge for easy roll-on/-off chair
US Computers, Inc.
Degi Design Pro Tools
KeyRig 25
The M-Audio KeyRig 25 turns
your Mac or PC into a mobile
keyboard workstation making
it easy to compose and perform computer-based music
anywhere you want. The keyboard also provides an easy
way to harness the power of
Apple GarageBand’s virtual
instrument collection on your
The NRV10™ is a new breed of gear that
combines an 8 x 2 analog mixer and a 10 x
10 24-bit/96kHz digital audio interface in
one convenient package—the perfect tool for
computer-based recording and performance.
Play Key Rig’s virtual
instrument sounds,
or audition loops and
compose songs with
Live Lite (included)
musiccreation programs.
The NRV10 seamlessly
your computer with
bridges the gap between studio and
stage as well
Score Your Music: The new Score
Editor lets you view, edit, arrange,
and print MIDI data as music notation, allowing you to compose music using the notation tools or transcribe MIDI data in real time.
Pro Tools 8 deepens its
ICON console, Digidesign®
control surface, and MAudio® peripheral integration, letting you map plugins directly to your controller and more.
Complete Production Toolkit
Edit and mix up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks.
Mix in up to 7.1 surround sound.
Double your Instrument tracks from 32 to up to 64
simultaneous tracks.
These tools provides many powerful editing tools
that no other recording system can
match, offering a
singletouch edit keys,
editing tools, and
features that allow
you to view, organize, and execute
edits quickly and
Highly accurate emulations of four legendary electric
pianos: The Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Fender Rhodes MK
I and MK II Stage Pianos, and the Wurlitzer A200*
Unique combination of high-definition sampling and a
proprietary dynamic modeling technique delivers the
ultimate electric piano experience.
US Computers, Inc.
Map and brainstorm
you ideas.
Use the whole page for
many ideas.
Draw links between
your ideas and points.
Inspiration is a graphic planning toll that brings the power of visual
thinking to the computer. It allows an individual to create colorful,
visual, idea maps. For create brainstorming and planning, inspiration’s diagramming helps individuals quickly record ideas and map
out concepts. An idea map can be generated within a few minutes.
With a click of a button, the maps can then be changed in to outlines or the outlines into visual maps. Inspiration assists individuals
who need assistance with organizational tasks prior to completing
writing assignments. Use inspiration across the curriculum for
brainstorming, webbing, diagramming, planning, critical thinking,
concept mapping, organizing and outlining.
is a
software program that is
word processor that enhances a student’s writing
success. This program provides auditory output to
allow the student to hear what they are writing in addition to seeing it.
The speech options can be set so that the student can hear letters,
words, and/or sentences. In addition, Write: OutLoud provides an auditory and visual cue when a word is misspelled. The student then has
the option to use the spell checker to select the correct spelling of a
word either visually or audio. (listen to how words are pronounced).
Write:OutLoud can be used to read aloud text that has been entered
(i.e. presenting a report orally)
The program will create
an outline based on
your map.
Helps you organize
information before writing.
Type you papers in to
write:OutLoud if you
want to hear the words
and letters you typed.
Having the sentences
you typed read back to
you can help you to
correct your grammar.
Also if you are unable
to talk, you can use this
to give a speech, or
have some text read
out to you.
US Computers, Inc.
On Screen Key Board
Keyboard is on the screen and you never have to look down!
Flexible writing tool
Keyboard can be edited!
Easy to type whole word
Touch Screen on Adjustable Arm
Thin Panel touch screens are lightweight and when mounted on an adjustable arm can be positioned in
many different ways for people with
vision problems or difficulty with reach
to touch a touch screen.
If you have difficuly with the regular
or adapted keyboard, an on
screen keyboard
may give you many
options that are
not available with
other keyboards.
You can try different colors and sizes
to find out what
suits you best.
Use one of these if you need to get the
screen closer to you or if you want to
quickly adjust the height of the screen.
Also, some activities work best with a
Illuminated Keyboard puts the light only where it is needed on the keyboard! Eliminating glare from task lighting, this keyboard helps prevent eyestrain and makes the keys easy to see.
It enhances your
computing environment by creating a
atmosphere, conducive to working on
US Computers, Inc.
Money Magazine hails this
product as the "Top rated
programmable, adjustable,
and separated keyboard".
Each section of the ErgoMagic Keyboard can be
separated up to 6 feet apart
and independently tilts left,
right, front and back at 0, 20, 30 and 45 degrees, allowing the user
to find the most comfortable working position.
a unique; “Comfort
structure that encourages a relaxed wrist
the standard key locations.
Adjust the keyboard to
your comfort level and
position of hands. This
adjustment helps in
minimizing the stress
experienced while
working on a normal
It allows a relaxed hand
position unlike the usual keyboards, hence
reducing the stress and
Silicon Waterproof Flexible Foldable Roll Keyboard
This keyboard is flexible and
waterproof. It is made of durable plastic and can be rolled
or folded for easy transport.
Coffee spills or crumbs can
easily be washed. This makes
it ideal for medical labs, hospitals, factories, boats, RV,
cars, or in any area where a
harsh environment can be
dangerous for computer components and electronic devices.
Its very easy to maintain.
It is highly durable.
It enhances comfort
level as compared to
the normal keyboards.
Easy to wash it and disinfect.
Ideal for in-vehicle computer systems and other working environments.
Hugging Mouse The hand-hugging design provides the comfort and support of a mouse with the
ease of use of a fingertip-controlled optical trackball. Compared to a conventional mouse, the stationary Orbit Optical Trackball requires less arm
movement and saves desk space.
US Computers, Inc.
MALTRON Left Handed Keyboard
The MALTRON keyboard has been designed for single
hand use. The fully
ergonomic MALTRON
fits the shape of
hands and the different lengths of fingers
to reduce movement
and tension, and its
available in a right
hand model, left
hand model, or executive model.
with one
hand could
never be
this easy.
Split design eliminates wrist twist and allows a central number
cluster which can be used by right or left hand as preferred.
Tilted keys and pads minimize palms downward movement
(Pronation) to further reduce muscle tension.
Straight vertical key columns eliminate tens of thousands of finger and wrist twists in a day's work.
Thumb keys for Cursors, Return or Enter, Space, Backspace and
other frequently used keys reduce hand and arm movement. Versatile thumbs are used far more effectively.
Built in palm resting pads allow immediate hand and arm relaxation during "Thinking Time".
Function keys may be
placed either along the
back of the keyboard or
directly above the number
The advanced MALTRON
letter layout is available
at the touch of a special
key. The most used letters are on the center
(Home) row reducing finger movement and learning time. Operators who
have been badly hurt by
the flat keyboard often
prefer to learn the MALTRON layout when adapting to the new shape.
The special
design of
the keyboard can
help you
do all the
any stress
or pressure.
MALTRON Right Handed Keyboard
US Computers, Inc.
The Tablet PC is Transforming...
One field that tablets are becoming more common in is the health care industry.
Here are three reasons tablets are being used as rehabilitation devices:
1. Simple, Accessible Technology
Tablets have become the perfect medium for delivering personal, easy-to-use selfrehabilitation. All tablets use an icon-based user interface that is visually appealing and
simple to understand.
2. Brain Rewards
The brain’s ability to repair itself and develop new neural connections is especially important regarding stroke survivors, whose neural networks may be damaged. A game of
Sudoku or Memory will flex your cognitive muscles in the short-term. Research continues to see if “brain training” games actually translate into long-term improved skills.
That said, there is certainly no harm in playing them so long as you are having fun.
Challenging your mind is a great way to stimulate neural activity. Games hinge on a
concept called the regime of competency; basically, the “material should not be too difficult or too easy, but challenging enough to build new neurons and strengthen the
ones that already exist,” says a professor of learning services at the University of Wisconsin.
3. Find Your Voice
One serious type of brain damage is known as aphasia, which is difficulty in speaking
or understanding phrases. The boom in medical apps has resulted in many assistive
communication apps that can give survivors a voice and help them regain their own.
One of the most popular apps is Proloquo2Go, which gives users the ability to craft
sentences using visual tiles.
The Education Industry
According to Apple, some 600 school districts have already ditched
textbooks in favor of iPads. — One principal says ”Textbooks are pretty
much outdated the minute they're printed and certainly by the time they're
Incoming UCI medical students to receive iPads loaded with first-year
curriculum Education — Traditionally, first-year medical students are
awarded white coats to signify their entry into the medical community. But at
an Aug. 6 ceremony, each member of the UC Irvine School of Medicine’s
incoming class of 2014 will find a surprise tucked into the coat’s pocket: an
iPad tablet computer loaded with everything necessary for the first year of
course work. The iMedEd Initiative calls for eliminating the classic lecturerpassive listener model and putting everything students need to succeed in
class at their fingertips.
The Tablet PC is Transforming...
The Health Care Industry
Tablet use in health care often starts with a physician buying one for personal use and then discovering health care applications. But larger-scale
efforts are under way to use tablets in the health care system:
■ Kaweah Delta Health Care District in Visalia, Calif., owns more than
70 iPads, and more than 60 doctors use their own. They are used to look
at x-rays and electrocardiogram results, and for home health care workers to access monitoring programs. It plans to have more than 300 iPads in use within a few months.
■ The Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Dept. at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois purchased tablets for all residents, and it later expanded the program to include attending physicians.
They are using iPads to access drug reference guides and electronic medical records. Some surgeons are using them in the operating room to access reference tools.
■ Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., handed out iPads to all its surgeons, who are using
them in the operating room and the hospital wards to access up-to-date patient information such as
lab data, CT scans and x-rays.
■ Stanford School of Medicine in California
started a pilot program of giving iPads to all
incoming students.
■ RehabCare, which operates skilled nursing
facilities in 43 states, deployed iPads throughout its system for use at point-of-care.
The Tablet PC is Transforming...
Paperless office is now a
dream come true!!!
The Tablet in its relatively short lifespan has managed to remove quite a
tons of paper from quite a few workplaces & and other places.
Three Easy Steps to Migrate Into a Paperless Office
Paperless communications: Use email instead of letters and faxes
Use PDFs files instead of filing cabinets, Paperless search & retrieval instead of notes on paper
The Tablet PC is Transforming...
The Paperless Office on The Road
Modern technology allows your automobile to truly become an office on wheels. Storage systems,
work stations, electrical power adapters and connectivity software can make your car as productive
as your brick-and-mortar office, and maybe even more so.
Write Notes
Up date Files
Sign Documents
Stay in Touch With Clients
Organize Folders
Technology is a wonderful thing. Now that just about every imaginable gadget is portable and affordable, your business doesn’t have to be confined to your physical location. You can create a mobile
office and take your work anywhere, with room to spare with the use of mobile broadband or cloud
computing to deploy your staff anywhere where your services are required. Stay in touch!!!!!!
Let a Tablet PC Transform Your Work Environment
Let a Tablet PC Increase Your Productivity
CLTVBT ClearTV Bluetooth TV & Audio Listening System
• Bluetooth V1.2/V2.1 (headset: V2.1+EDR)
• Operating Distance: 33 feet
• Adjustable volume control
• Cushioned ear pads
eliminate outside noise
• Headset compatible with
mobile phones
QLink Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter
• Connect to TV, iPod, MP3 Player, Media Player, Laptop and
other audio devices and transmit the audio to a Bluetooth
receiving device
• Bluetooth specification:
V2.1+EDR, Class II
• Bluetooth profile: A2DP
• Operating distance: 33 feet
QH2 Bluetooth Telephone Hub
• Bluetooth enabling device for desk phones
• Answer calls from a Bluetooth
headset and easily switch call
between phone handset and
Bluetooth headset
• Bluetooth v4.0
• Amplification up to 30 dB
QUATTRO Bluetooth Amplified Accessory
• Bluetooth receiving device
• 30 dB adjustable amplification
• Loop receiver requires T-coil(s)
• Headset jack accommodates
audio headset for non-T-coil use
(Use RS062 Earbuds)
• Compatible with standard
Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR devices
• Supports A2DP profile for streaming audio
• Built-in microphone and quick disconnect cable
QUATTRO 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System w/Personal Loop
• 30 dB adjustable amplification
• Stereo Bluetooth hands-free and A2DP profiles
• Multi-point technology
• Removable remote Bluetooth
4.0 microphone
• Call Waiting/Caller ID display
• Touch screen interface
• Stereo music playback control
• 3.5mm jack for external stereo headset
• Voicing menu prompts
— Russel E. Wioskircher
“Thank you so much. Your prompt response and
service is like the good old days. In my 87 years I
have experienced few to match your follow thru.
Thank you... I am a satisfied customer with a
phone that makes it possible for me to
communicate. Clear sounds is an apt name for
a superior product, and you may quote me!”
— H. Phillip Medghalchi
“I have just gotten my connect 360 Kit and had
trouble getting it to connect to my hearing aid.
After reviewing the manual and also going to my
audilogy office to get some help I could not get
it to work. I was finally given the phone number
to a technical expert at your company. She is the
most professional, courteous, knowlegable and
helpful Technical support that a company can
have. She is great asset for this company and
she helped me to get everything connected and
working. I am very pleased with this product
and looking forward to put it to work. Thank you
Audrey for being so helpful.”
— Frank Shiras
“My wife and I just finished talking with Margo,
your telephone service representative. She
is the best, most helpful person I have ever
received phone help from. Even more important
than her most welcome cheerfulness, is her
ability to diagnose and explain solutions. We
obtained a ClearSounds CSC600D phone
yesterday, and encountered several puzzling
problems during installation. We couldn’t make
headway with them, but Margo solved them with
clarity. Thanks!”
Clearly the Best in
Customer Service
Are Eco-Friendly (RoHS Compliant)
All Clearsounds products:
2913 Saturn St., Suite #G
Brea, CA 92821
Toll Free #: 800-550-8783
Fax: 714-528-0530
US Computers Inc.
A6BT iConnect Amplified Cordless Phone
with Bluetooth 4.0
• Up to 50 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies sound,
making words easy to understand
• Full duplex speakerphone with
adjustable amplification
• Bluetooth in handset allows you to
pair a Bluetooth headset (ClearSounds
Quattro recommended)
• 6-level ringer volume control
and 10 ring tones
• Bright visual ringer and
vibrating handset
A500 Amplified Talking Cordless Phone
with Digital Answering Machine
• Up to 40 dB adjustable
• Adjustable tone control
clarifies sound, making
words easy to understand
• Full duplex speakerphone in
handset with adjustable
• 6-level ringer volume control and
3 ring tones (10 tones in base)
• Bright visual ringer
• Talking Caller ID, keypad and ringtone
• Amplified digital answering machine
• Expandable (up to 5 handsets total – A500E)
A400 Amplified Talking Cordless Phone
• Up to 40 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies
sound, making words easy to
• Full duplex speakerphone in
handset with adjustable
• 6-level ringer volume control
and 3 ring tones
• Bright visual ringer
• Talking Caller ID, keypad and ringtone
• Expandable (up to 5 handsets total – A400E)
CSC1000 Amplified Freedom Phone™
• Up to 48 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies
sound, making words easy
to understand
• Full duplex speakerphone with
adjustable amplification
• Talking Caller ID, keypad
and phonebook
• Digital answering machine with
message playback speed
• 8 photo frame buttons for
easy one-touch dialing
• Backlit keypad and bright visual ringer
• 4-level ringer volume control and 11 ring tones
CSC500 Amplified Spirit Phone™
• Up to 40 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies
sound, making words easy to
• Full duplex speakerphone
with adjustable amplification
• 8 photo frame buttons for
easy one-touch dialing
• Big button easy-to-read keypad
• 3-level ringer volume control
and bright visual ringer
iConnect A1600BT & A1600E-BT DECT 6.0 Amplified
Cordless Phone with Bluetooth
• Up to 50 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies
sound, making words easy
to understand
• Full duplex speakerphone
with adjustable amplification
• Hybrid Bluetooth technology
allows you to choose either
your cellular line or your
landline for calls
• For cellular calls, switch between
the A1600BT and your cell phone
• Amplified digital answering
• Bright visual ringer and
vibrating handset
• Talking Caller ID, keypad
and phonebook
• 8 photo frame buttons for easy
one-touch dialing
• Expandable (up to 5 handsets total – A1600E-BT)
WIL95 Portable Phone Amplifier
• Connects to existing corded phones
for added amplification
• 30 dB amplification with volume
and tone buttons, plus
10 dB ‘Boost’ button
• Universal telephone compatibility dial
• Digital phone and VOIP compatible
• Powered by AC adapter or optional
9-volt battery (included)
CR200 ClearRing Amplified Phone Ring Signaler
• Connects easily to phone line
for added notification
• 95 dB audible ringer with
various tone levels
• Bright LED flasher
• Jack for optional vibrating pad
HD500 Binaural Hands Free Headset
• Hands-free binaural hearing
on any phone with a
2.5mm headset jack
• Lightweight headset with
hands-free functionality
• Improved sound clarity even
in noisy environments
CSC600ER Amplified SOS Alert Telephone
• Emergency dialing for safety and
peace of mind (up to 6 numbers)
• Remote call answering & disconnect
through the pendant
• Pair additional pendants
(sold separately)
• No monthly subscription
• Up to 50 dB adjustable
amplification with tone control
• Full duplex speakerphone with
adjustable amplification
CSC600/WCSC600 Digital Amplified Freedom Phone™
with Full ClearDigital™ Power
• Up to 50 dB adjustable amplification
• Adjustable tone control clarifies
sound, making words easy to
• Full duplex speakerphone
with adjustable amplification
• Talking Caller ID, keypad
and phonebook
• Backlit keypad and bright visual ringer
• 4-level ringer volume control
and 11 ring tones
• Offered in black or white
CLA7V2 Amplified Accessory
• 30 dB adjustable amplification
• Requires T-coil(s)(a feature of some
hearing aids or cochlear implant
• Use with cellular phones, home
phones, computers, personal
listening equipment and other
audio devices
• Built-in microphone
• Battery powered with
(2) AAA batteries
RS062 SmartSound Earbuds with
Reverse Sound
• Audio earbuds connect to any
audio device with a 3.5 mm jack
• Speakers are placed in a reverse
direction to reduce pressure
on the eardrums
• Ambient sound comes through
your ears to ensure safety
• 3 interchangeable ear cushions
SW200 Shake Up Wake Up Alarm Clock
• Dual alarm settings
• Alarm options: loud tones,
flashing light, vibrating pad
• Adjustable volume and pattern
• Jack for lamp connection with
lamp on/off control
• Large easy-to-read display
ANS3000 Digital Amplified Answering
Machine with Slow Speech
• 30 dB adjustable amplification
(10 levels)
• Slow Speech message playback
with 3 selectable speech
speed levels
• Big button easy-to-read keypad
Routers and Network Switches
HP Router
Charging Stations For Mobile Devices
Charging Mobile Cart
Tablet Charging & Syncing
Notebook Charge Cart
Mobile Syncing Shared
Handheld Rugged Devices
Low Volume
Under 200 documents daily
Mobile All-InOne Printers
Volume Printers
300-500 documents daily
Enterprise Color
Multi Function
High Volume
600-1,000 documents daily
Design Jet and
Over 2,000 documents daily
Heavy Duty MFP
with Sorting
Printer Supplies
Paper, Toner, and Ink Cartridges
(New & Remanufactured)
Our staff can set up a just-on-time delivery
of all your paper requirements. We can
setup a daily, weekly, or monthly delivery
We can replenish every toner and ink cartridge for you
Page 1
Corner Computer Desk
Provides stylish, practical solutions for any home office.
Features two file drawers which accept letter-size files
35-1/2"H x 59-1/2"W x 38-1/2"D
Pencil drawer with flip-down front reveals keyboard shelf
Raised side tier for office peripherals
Concealed vertical CPU storage with adjustable shelf and
rear wire access
Double Pedestal Computer Desk
Raised desk surface provides additional space where storage is needed.
Features two storage drawers plus one hanging file cab-
30"H x 48"W x 24"D
Large pullout keyboard with safety stop
Side CPU or accessory storage cabinet with large back
opening for CPU heat release
Ready to assemble
SomaComfort™ Chair, Tall-Back w/Small Seat
Specially designed back provides maximum support and
mobility. Helps reduce upper back, neck and shoulder
muscle tension Full adjustment capabilities for optimal fit.
Chair with head rest: Mid Back or high Back
Version, Optional Head Rest, Optional Adjustable Arms, Floating Synchro Mechanism, Adjustable Lumbar Support and Adjustable Back
Stylish High Back Design
Adjustable Tilt Tension with Lock
Chrome Plated Steel Frame
Washable Leatherette Seat & Back
One Touch Pneumatic Seat Height
US Computers, Inc.
Power and UPS Systems
Short for uninterruptible power supply, a power
supply that includes a battery to maintain power
in the event of a power outage. Typically, a UPS
keeps a computer running for several minutes
after a power outage, enabling you to save data
that is in RAM and shut down the computer
gracefully. Many UPSs now offer a software
component that enables you to automate backup and shut down procedures in case there's a
power failure while you're away from the computer.
There are two basic types of UPS systems:
standby power systems (SPSs) and on-line UPS
systems. An SPS monitors the power line and
switches to battery power as soon as it detects
a problem. The switch to battery, however, can
require several milliseconds, during which time
the computer is not receiving any power.
Standby Power Systems are sometimes called
Line-interactive UPSes.
An on-line UPS avoids these momentary power
lapses by constantly providing power from its
own inverter, even when the power line is functioning properly. In general, on-line UPSs are
much more expensive than SPSs.
We sell and install UPS systems of all sizes to
from individual
workstations to
We proudly feature
Liebert and
US Computers, Inc.
All of our products and services have
been carefully selected to
serve the needs of our clients.
There is no job too small or
too big for us . Call us now!
Network Security/Intrusion Detection:
Security can be achieved by proper planning and using appropriate intrusion prevention measures. Like
any large enterprise, government agencies need to
make sure that they are protected against online attacks, viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers,
and other malware.
Industry Standard Servers
US Computers works hard to provide unique solutions
suited specifically to each government organization
we work with. We provide a wide range of Industry
Standard Server solutions, among them are: HP ProLiant Servers, which are known for their reliability.
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