Liebert ® NXL™ UPS, 250kVA - 800kVA
Maximum Protection UPS For Medium and Large Data Centers
Achieving Maximum Protection:
Delivering Continuous Power During Virtually Any Input Condition
Every business has unique needs for their data center. If your needs focus on maximum protection in terms of availability,
look for a UPS designed to deliver the highest quality power at all times.
Liebert® NXL™ UPS systems from Emerson Network Power utilize
the latest power protection technology to create a new level of
reliability and performance for data center applications.
Liebert NXL UPS is the right choice for critical,
high power applications:
Listed and labeled to UL1778 fourth edition. The fourth edition is
Liebert NXL UPS systems support high power applications in
more harmonized with internationalized standards and requires
medium to large data centers that are facing growing power
testing for both safety and performance resulting in a more
demands. This Maximum Protection solution features:
reliable UPS
Handles a stack-up of multiple adverse conditions at once
without compromising your connected IT load.
Modules with input isolation transformers maintain
on-line operation without transfer to bypass during DC
ground fault conditions. In units with input isolation
transformers (500, 625, 750 kVA), battery ground fault
isolation results in normal system operation even under battery
ground fault conditions – the system does not go to bypass.
An alarm will direct the user to take corrective action, but
operation is maintained.
Fuse-less bypass design allows fault coordination of
distribution system.
The industry leader in large UPS systems, Emerson Network
Power offers the largest and most comprehensive support
network, including applications engineering, project
manangement, a witness test facility to offer proof of
performance, and the industry’s largest global service network.
Handles a wide window of input voltage and frequency, including
power from backup generators. Robust design allows operation at 100% load under a “stack-up”
of conditions that would require other systems to de-rate
their output or compromise system availability. Simultaneous
conditions such as clogged air filters, high ambient temperature,
high altitude, fan failure, and low or high line conditions have been
mitigated to ensure full rating at 100% operating loads.
High inverter overload rating allows the UPS to stay on inverter
delivering full regulated power, even in overload situations.
Continuous duty rated Bypass Static Switch ensures maximum
fault clearing capability in case of extreme overload or
downstream short-circuits.
Liebert NXL UPS—Stack Up Performance
100% Load
Low & High Line Conditions
40˚C / 104˚F Temperature
50% Clogged Air Filter
Fan Failure
High Altitude1500 Meters
Liebert NXL UPS is designed to handle all severe conditions
simultaneously and still support 100% load with no need
for derating.
Matching ancillary cabinets allow line-up
installation with internal cabling, offering
savings on installation cost and footprint.
Shown: Battery Cabinet, 250kVA UPS,
Maintenance Bypass Cabinet.
New Technology For A New Level
Of Performance
Matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinets for easy configuration.
With over four decades of the most reliable
Top or bottom cable entry.
UPS systems, and the industry’s most experienced
Front access for installation and service.
engineering resources, Emerson Network Power has
delivered the Liebert® NXL™ UPS—the latest generation
Available in single-module and multi-module configurations with both single
and multi-bus distribution.
of high availability, high performance UPS for critical
Easy, safe access for adding or changing monitoring cards without shutdown.
data center equipment.
Employs the latest generation insulated
gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and advanced inverter
logic with active harmonic control for enhanced
performance under a wide range of power conditions.
Provides high efficiency, up to 94%, but more
importantly, the efficiency is optimized with a very
flat efficiency curve that peaks at about 50% load
where most UPS systems, especially redundant UPS
systems, are operating. This results in significant
savings on the energy bill.
Digital control technology provides precise,
drift-free regulation of system operation.
Supports leading power factor loads up to 0.95
without derating, addressing the power needs of
current and future generations of computers.
The Liebert NXL UPS is Ideally Suited For:
Enterprise data centers
Higher Availability:
100% rated continuous duty bypass static switch—unfused.
Superior handling of present and future leading power factor
computer loads.
Short Circuit Withstand Rating (SCWR) withstand capability: 480V - 65kA,
100kA; 600V - 35kA, 65kA.
Color touch screen display improve user interface and reduce risk
of human error.
Built-in galvanic isolation provides proper grounding without
requiring a neutral.
Excellent dynamic performance.
Liebert ActiveStar® Digital Signal Processor (DSP) all digital controls.
Multi-module configurations provide for greater total capacity
and module redundancy.
Module level redundant components—fans and power supplies.
Generator and utility friendly with low input current distortion.
Highest documented MTBF > 5 million hours.
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
Front access for installation and service.
Reduced installation and service time.
Web Hosting
Internal bypass backfeed breaker avoids the complication of a device in the
distribution switchgear that must be controlled from the UPS but trip power
provided from a source energized when the bypass is deenergized.
Up to 98% efficiency when operating in Active Inverter Eco-Mode. Up to 94%
operating efficiency in dual conversion mode.
Optimized part-load efficiencies.
Any other application requiring high levels
of power availability and computer-grade
Improved cable access results in faster installation.
Built-in battery cabinet breaker isolates string for ease of service.
Battery cabinet with interconnecting bussing reduces site cabling.
power quality
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
More Ways To Achieve
The Level Of Protection
And Reliability You Need
Critical Bus
AC Output Critical Bus
AC Input
AC Output
Single-Module Configuration
Single-module systems provide a basic protection
configuration. The critical bus is powered by a single UPS system with bypass capability. The Liebert® NXL™
UPS is available in 250, 300, 400, 500, 625, 750 and
800 kVA single-module models.
Liebert NXL UPS Single Module System One-Line (250-800 kVA)
AC Input
AC Input
Static Switch
Rectifier Static Switch
Multi Module Configurations
Liebert NXL UPS units can be paralleled to obtain
higher total capacity or to obtain redundancy. Many
facilities have added redundant UPS modules to
their critical power systems, to meet the need for
maximum reliability. A redundant UPS system adds
fault management capability by preventing a single
module or single battery failure from taking down the
critical output bus. Use of redundant UPS modules also
improves maintainability since one UPS module at a
time can be taken off-line for service without shutting
down the whole system.
AC Input
AC Output
to Load
AC Input
AC Output
to Load
Liebert NXL UPS 1+N Multi-Module System One-Line (250-800kVA)
Distributed Static Switch
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
Liebert NXL UPS modules can be paralleled in 1+N as
well as N+1 configurations, both configurations allows
paralleling of up to 6 modules.
Integrated load sharing inductors
N+1 Parallel Configuration
Paralleling of Multi Module units, without built-in static switch
System rated static switch with bypass breaker offers
Critical Bus
fault clearing capability, and high availability
AC Output
Centralized monitoring allows good visibility and easy
control of total system
AC Input
AC Input
AC Input
UPS Output
AC Output
To Load
Liebert NXL UPS N+1 Multi-Module System One-Line (500 - 800 kVA)
Centralized Static Switch
UPS Output
AC Input
AC Input
Requires System Control Cabinet with centralized
static switch
Control Cabinet can be easily integrated into
any switchgear solution
AC Input
AC Input
Each unit has its own static switch for bypass
Provides redundant capacity without the need for a
system control cabinet
AC Input
1+N Parallel Configuration
Paralleling of single UPS units, offers easy scalability for increased capacity or redundancy
AC Output
AC Output
To Load
To Load
AC Input
AC Input
UPS Output
AC Output
To Load
AC Output
To Load
Designed For Ease Of Installation,
Operation And Service
Operator Protection
NEMA1 compliant even with the first set
of doors open, to allow safe and easy
replacement of air filters or for the addition of
Liebert IntelliSlot cards without shutting down
the unit.
Option Box
Color Touch
Screen Display
EMO Button
Interface Board
All main sub-assemblies are accessible and
serviceable from the front to allow fast
maintenance and service.
Liebert® NXL I/O Cabinet
Standard included Liebert
SiteScan interface
Removable Air Filter can be replaced while
unit is powered
Module Output
Main Input
Back Feed Breaker
Output Filter Caps
Input Filter Caps
IGTB Inverters
Air Filter- can be
replaced while
unit is powered
Continuous Duty
Static Switch
Top or
cable entry
300 kVA model shown
Input Filter
Input Series
DC Choke
Grass Filter
Input Filter
Power Supplies
Outstanding Features Make Liebert® NXL™ UPS,
The New Benchmark In Large-Scale UPS Systems
Liebert NXL UPS Standard Features:
Liebert NXL UPS Factory Installed Options:
6 pulse phase controlled SCR rectifier for 250-400kVA;
12 pulse for 500 - 800kVA
Up to two programmable relay board—8 channels of
status and alarm contacts on each relay board.
Input filter with fuses
Up to two input contact isolator boards—
8 user programmable alarm inputs each
Automatic input filter disconnect for input power
factor control
Single input bus kit (250-400 kVA)
Copper galvanic isolation transformer input and output,
500-750 kVA
Emergency Module Off (EMO)
Continuous duty static bypass with internal back
feed breaker
Withstand Current Rating 65kA, Standard 100kA
Optional (480V)
Redundant cooling fans with individual failure detection
Load Bus Sync for multi-bus systems
Two step input current limit
Power Tie™ for multi-bus systems
Display Keylock
Two step battery charger limit
Automatic retransfer
DSP controls
Back-lit color touch screen display
Temperature compensated battery charging/battery
load test
Liebert NXL UPS Field Installed Options:
Remote Alarm Status Panel
External Battery Temperature Sensor
Seismic Anchor Kits
Top and bottom cable entry
Latest UL 1778 Rev. 4 Listing and Labeling
Safe and easy replacement of air filters and addition of
Liebert IntelliSlot® cards without shutting down the unit.
Internal backfeed breaker
Liebert NXL UPS (250-400 kVA)
Liebert NXL UPS (750 kVA)
System-Matched Ancilliary Products Enhance System
Flexibility and Availability
A comprehensive line of ancillary products provide a matched, tested and reliable power line-up,
customized for your system and site needs.
Liebert® NXL™ Maintenance Bypass
Cabinet (MBC)
Allows UPS maintenance without load power down
Attached models available
Matched line-up design
Top and bottom cabling
2 breaker configuration (250 - 500 kVA)
Emergency Power Off (EPO)
Optional Key Interlock System
Liebert NXL Matching Battery Cabinet
System matched for all Liebert NXL systems
Integral thermal measurement in each cabinet for temperature
compensated charging and per cabinet thermal runaway prevention
Optional Albér integrated battery monitoring
Breaker for safe battery service without shutdown
Parallelable for extended runtime or redundancy
Internal bussing between attached cabinets to minimize site wiring.
Liebert NXL System Control Cabinet
For N+1 parallel units, the System Control Cabinet controls the
operation of the system, and also contains the system Static
Bypass Switch
Integrated into the switchgear of the customers choice
Allows control of Parallel systems with up to 6 UPS units
Draw out design Bypass Static Switch is Continuous duty type
to ensure highest availability
Advanced color touch screen display allows easy monitoring
and operation of the entire parallel system
Monitoring And Control Capabilities
That Keep You Informed And In Charge
Integrated Control And Monitoring Main
Display Screen
Liebert® NXL™ UPS has a large, color touchscreen display
that leads the user through logical menu sequences to view
needed information.
The color, backlit, micro-processor based display is autonomous
of the system control logic. The simple menu-driven system
virtually eliminates the possibility for human error.
The large touch screen display can be set to show a system
one-line diagram or mimic panel. It can also display advanced
metering information, alarms, configuration or start-up/
shutdown/transfer information.
Quickly check operational status.
Battery Cycle Monitor
The Liebert NXL UPS system firmware collects and retains
information on the last 132 events that involved discharging
the UPS battery. The battery discharges are categorized by
discharge duration, and crucial event details are stored, providing
onscreen access to information that affects battery health.
Summary information on the total number of events, cumulative
ampere hours and the total discharge time since a given date
is also stored and available for review. All information may also
be collected remotely through the Remote Service Terminal
application program.
Liebert NXL UPS
Display Screen
Monitor power flow through UPS along with all meter readings.
Menu-driven operator procedures to ensure safe operation.
Check status reports and history files.
Adjustment of programmable parameters. Password is needed
for both operations and adjustments.
Liebert IntelliSlot™ Unity Card Communications
Interface Card
The Liebert IntelliSlot Unity communications platform is the
next generation of communications interface enhancing
the enablement of Emerson software tools and services,
including Trellis™, Liebert Nform™, and LIFE™ Services, as
well as third-party customer protocols for Emerson Network
Power equipment.
Liebert IntelliSlot
Web Card
When the UPS goes into battery mode, it is vital to ensure
that your batteries have enough life to run the system until
the generators are available. The Liebert NXL UPS has the
ability to monitor the expected run time of the batteries and
provide alarms.
Battery Monitoring Options
Liebert® NXL™ UPS battery cabinets are available with factory
Liebert SiteScan® Web Centralized
Monitoring Integration
integrated Albér battery monitoring. This factory installed and
tested system continuously monitors and diagnoses battery
parameters. The reporting function keeps data center personnel
informed of battery health, and allows proactive battery
replacement at the right time—not prematurely or after a cell
failure. Battery monitoring may also be managed by Liebert
Services, ensuring proper, timely maintenance by local, trained
Customer Engineers.
Liebert SiteScan Web centralized monitoring software offers
maximum control, monitoring and visibility to Liebert NXL UPS.
All Liebert monitoring software solutions are preprogrammed
with the alarms and data recording features critical to system
oversight. The Liebert NXL UPS also comes with the ability to
output data directly to your network for integration with other
monitoring systems. Multiple communication card options are
available to deliver outputs and protocols required.
Albér BDS-256-XL monitors and reports on the health
of wet cell batteries.
Features include:
Windows-based software for real-time viewing, automatic data
collection, data analysis, and report generating.
Remote notification to third party systems via Modbus
and networks.
Scans pertinent battery parameters every 4 seconds, including
total voltage, cell voltage, current and temperature.
Automatic proactive internal DC resistance tests.
Discharges are automatically detected and data saved
for retrieval.
Liebert SiteScan Centralized Site Monitoring Provides visibility
and control of All Data Center Support Equipment.
Trend analysis provides the ability to analyze performance and
aid in trouble shooting.
Albér BDS-256XL Monitors and Reports on the Health of
Wet Cell Batteries
Albér Integrated Battery Monitoring for
Liebert NXL UPS Matching Battery Cabinets
The Quality And Service Difference
System Witness Testing
The Liebert® Adaptive Power Witness Test Center for large UPS
systems is a state-of-the-art test facility designed to provide
customers with pre-installation testing of the performance,
interoperability, and efficiency of Liebert power modules and
systems under a variety of conditions. Located in Delaware,
Ohio, the 25,600 square-foot facility, including a 2,600
square-foot customer observation station, is the largest and most
comprehensive in the industry.
Testing includes individual modules as well as the complete
power system—including large UPS modules such as the Liebert
NXL™ UPS and Liebert 610 system and associated support
systems—and is essential to the smooth, rapid installation and
commissioning of large power systems. Customers leave the
Liebert Adaptive Power Witness Test Center with documented
proof and confidence that their multi-module power system
will seamlessly operate in accordance with business-critical
availability requirements.
Typical UPS system verification, testing and
test capabilities include but are not limited to
the following:
DC functions
Transfer functions
Alarms and display verification
Parallel module tests
Module and system Internal fault testing such as component
failures or power supply failures
Module and system loading from no load up to 150% load
Unbalanced loading
Battery discharge simulation
Module and system step loading from 0 to 100%
Short circuit tests
Integrated tests with UPS, flywheels, switchboards, static
switches, power distribution, etc
Integrated load bus sync testing with multiple UPS systems
Integrated Power Tie™ testing
Integral switchgear testing
Power quality meters
High resistance ground
Power monitoring
Mimic panels
Current and voltage harmonic analysis
Key interlock systems
PLC or relay based transfer controls
Module and system level full load heat runs
Infrared scanning
Thermal scanning
Trust the Industry Leader for Your Service Needs
Protect Your Bottom Line
Turning to an industry leader with decades of experience,
integrity and exacting standards for service delivery is the
best way to ensure the availability and efficiency of your
business-critical systems. The services team at Emerson
Network Power is factory trained and authorized to service
all Liebert® power equipment, as well as provide integrated
service solutions for your entire data center infrastructure.
As organizations become increasingly dependent on IT systems
to support business-critical applications, the reliability of power
systems is paramount. Downtime is simply not an option,
especially when the average cost of unplanned downtime is
approaching $8,000 per minute.
One of the best ways to protect your bottom line is through
preventive maintenance. An Emerson study on the relationship
between preventive maintenance (PM) and UPS reliability showed
that regular PM visits performed by the Original Equipment
Manufacturer increased the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
For instance, the MTBF for a system that receives 2-4 PM visits is
23-51 times greater than a system that receives zero PM visits.
Hundreds of customer engineers are located throughout the
United States, and each receive more than 450 hours of
technical training and completes a minimum of 12 hours of
safety training a year.
Our service team has industry-leading safety ratings from the
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as
world-class customer satisfaction and loyalty scores.
Average response time to an emergency call is less than two
hours, and on average, calls to 1-800-LIEBERT are resolved in
less than three minutes. In fact, 70 percent of calls are
resolved over the phone without the need for an on-site visit.
Times Better
Seven strategically located warehouses and parts hubs with
$10 million in inventory allow our service team to get the
right part to the right place at the right time. Nearly 100
percent of emergency parts orders are delivered in less than
24 hours.
Increase in MTBF When Compared to No Preventive Maintenance
Number of Annual Preventive Maintenance Visits
Enhance Protection with Remote Service Delivery
As part of a preventive maintenance program, remote service
delivery has also proven to be instrumental in extending MTBF in
addition to improving Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). By utilizing
the LIFE™ technology embedded into your UPS, you can have the
benefit of continuous monitoring by infrastructure specialists;
data analysis by product and engineering experts; and corrective
action by highly trained customer engineers and field technicians.
Preventive maintenance on your UPS and supporting
infrastructure is essential for avoiding unplanned outages, but
by leveraging remote diagnostics and other remote services
through embedded LIFE technology, a notably higher level
of service is possible.
Liebert® NXL™ UPS Model Size
250 kVA
300 kVA
400 kVA
500 kVA
625 kVA
750 kVA
800 kVA
480, 575, 600 VAC 3-phase, 3-wire
480 VAC
480, 575, 600 VAC
3-phase, 3-wire
480 VAC 3-phase,
480, 575, 600 VAC 3-phase,
3- or 4-wire
480 VAC
3-phase, 3or 4- wire
480, 575, 600 VAC
3-phase, 3- or 4-wire
480 VAC 3-phase,
3- or 4- wire
Input AC Parameters
Input Voltage to Rectifier
Input Voltage to Bypass
Input Voltage Range
+10%, -15% (-30% battery assist)
Input Frequency
60 Hz
Permissible Input Frequency Range
55 to 65 Hz
Input THDi at nominal voltage at full load
1 to 30 (selectable) in 1 sec. Increments
Battery & DC Parameters
Battery Type
VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or FLA (Flooded Lead Acid) or Liebert FS Flywheel
Nominal Battery Bus
480 VDC
Battery Float Voltage
540 VDC
Available Recharge Power (with 100% load)
34 kW
40 kW
54 kW
67.5 kW
DC Ripple Voltage in Float
and Const V Ch. mode
30 kW
100 kW
40 kW
<1 (RMS value) <3.4% Vpp
Temperature Compensated Battery Charging
Standard (with temperature probe)
Output Parameters
Inverter Type
IGBT PWM Control
Output Power
250 kVA
300 kVA
400 kVA
500 kVA
625 kVA
750 kVA
800 kVA
Output Power
225 kW
270 kW
360 kW
625 kW
675 kW
800 kW
Output Voltage
480, 575, 600 VAC
480 VAC
480, 575, 600 VAC
Output Voltage Regulation
<1% (3-phase RMS average)
Output Voltage Regulation (50% Unb. Load)
<2% (3-phase RMS average)
Output Frequency
60 Hz
Output Frequency Regulation
± 0.1%
Output THD at Nominal Voltage (Linear Load)
Output THD at nominal voltage Including a
100kVA Non Linear Load per EN 62040-3
Trancient Recovery
® Liebert is a registered trademark of the Liebert
Up to 94%
110% for 60 minutes
125% for 10 minutes
150% for 1 minute
200% for 200ms
71.8 in
(1,823 mm)
78.5 in
(1,993 mm)
78.5 in
(1,993 mm)
111.6 in
(2,835 mm)
140.5 in
(3,568 mm)
184.8 in
(4,694 mm)
111.6 in
(2,835 mm)
125 in
(3,175 mm)
164.8 in
(4,186 mm)
76.8 in (1,950 mm)
3,965 lb
(1,798 kg)
@480 VAC
4,690 lb
(2,127 kg)
@480 VAC
5,250 lb
@480 VAC
78.7 in (1,999 mm)
9,450 lb
(4,286 kg)
13,200 lb
(5,987 kg)
16,120 lb
(7,312 kg)
9,200 lb
(4,173 kg)
12,800 lb
(5,806 kg)
15,010 lb
(6,808 kg)
Black, RAL 7021
NEMA 1, IP 20 (with and without front door open)
Standards & Conformities
ISTA Procedure 1H
UL 1778 4th Edition; CSA 22.2 107.3; FCC Part 15, Class A; ANSI C62.41 B3
SL-30600 (R06/14) Printed in USA
Emerson Network Power and the Emerson Network
Power logo are trademarks and service marks of
Emerson Electric Co. ©2014 Emerson Electric Co.
50% of nominal phase current
While every precaution has been taken to ensure
accuracy and completeness in this literature, Liebert
Corporation assumes no responsibility, and disclaims
all liability for damages resulting from use of this
information or for any errors or omissions.
2.5% (max)
120 deg +/- 1 deg (50% unbalanced load)
Width, without Static Bypass
Protection Class, UPS Enclosure
All names referred to are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners.
Physical Characteristics
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Ontario L5L 5Z7
+1 905 569 8282
© 2014 Liebert Corporation. All rights reserved
throughout the world. Specifications subject to
change without notice.
Up to 92%
Weight, unpackaged, without Static Bypass
Emerson Network Power
Up to 94%
Unbalanced loads current capacity
Weight, unpackaged, with Static Bypass
Office – United States of America
+1-954-984-3452 Phone
Within 1% of nominal voltage within 16 milliseconds for 100% step load for a single module system
Voltage Displacement
Width, with Static Bypass
1050 Dearborn Drive
P.O. Box 29186
Columbus, Ohio 43229
800 877 9222 Phone
(U.S. & Canada Only)
614 888 0246 Phone
(Outside U.S.)
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Power Walk-In
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