Item no. 2003-6
400W DC to AC
Power Inverter
User’s Manual
User’s Manual—Read before using this equipment
400W DC to AC Power Inverter by Wagan Tech
Your 400 Watt Power Inverter converts 12 Volt vehicle battery power into 110
volts of AC power. You can use the inverter in your vehicle to operate many
types of appliances that use AC power such as TVs, VCRs, portable computers,
power tools and lights for emergency or camping use.
The inverter works with your vehicle’s engine turned on or off (accessory mode).
It provides a continuous output of up to 400 watts.
• Do not operate the inverter in or around water. The voltage of the unit
makes it an electrical shock hazard if operated in wet conditions. Do not
let the cord of the inverter or any plugged in appliance’s cord get wet.
• Do not connect the AC inverter directly to another AC power source.
• Keep it away from children: The inverter produces power just like your
AC wall outlets at home and should be treated seriously.
• Allow at least 2 inches of clearance around the inverter for air flow.
• 1000W Peak Power: Allows you to power appliances that require a
large amount of initial (peak) power to work (such as many TVs and
motor-powered equipment).
• Low Battery Alarm: The inverter sounds an audible alarm then turns itself
off if the source battery becomes too low.
• Auto Shutdown/Reset Protection: The inverter temporarily shuts itself
down to protect itself from overheating.
• Overload/Short Circuit Protection: The inverter automatically turns itself
off if the connected load is too high or if it shorts.
• Fuse: The inverter comes with a fuse(s) already installed that can be
changed if damaged.
• Dual AC Outlets: Allows you to power two appliances at the same time.
• Do not use the inverter in a positively grounded vehicle.
• Do not attempt to open the inverter casing. The high voltage inside the
unit is the same type of power as your electrical outlets at home.
• If you operate the inverter in a moving vehicle, you need to secure the
inverter to prevent it from shifting around while the vehicle is moving.
• If there is anything wrong with the inverter, disconnect all of the power.
• The followings operation will damage and void the warranty of the
• Reversing polarity by connecting the wires to the incorrect terminals.
• Connecting the inverter to a power source greater than 15 Volts DC.
• Operating the inverter and battery in or around water.
• Determine the right operating voltage for both input and output of the
• Connect (+) from the inverter to (+) of battery terminal and connect (−)
from inverter to (−) of battery terminal.
• Turn ON the power switch that is located at the front of the inverter, and
the green LED light will light as indicator that the unit is working.
• Plug your appliances into AC sockets at the front of the inverter.
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User’s Manual—Read before using this equipment
400W DC to AC Power Inverter by Wagan Tech
AC Appliance
This inverter’s AC output is a modified sine wave (MSW) 115 volts AC. The
comparison of modified sine wave and household AC is shown in the figure
Sine Wave
• If the power inverter makes a beeping sound, turn OFF the power
inverter, disconnect all appliances from inverter and disconnect the
inverter from the power supply. The beeping sound is the low battery
warning, which indicates that the voltage of the battery power supply is
getting low. Please restart the vehicle engine to charge to battery before
using it to operate the power inverter again.
• When you are not using the inverter, turn the power switch to OFF and
disconnect the inverter from power supply.
• Disconnect the inverter when starting the vehicle’s engine.
If you choose to connect the inverter directly to your battery terminals, it is
important to connect with the right polarity: Connect (+) from the inverter to (+)
of battery terminal and connect (−) from inverter to (−) of battery terminal.
This modified sine wave has a root mean square (RMS) voltage of 115 volts.
Most ordinary AC voltmeters are calibrated to read “average” voltage and
assume that the AC waveform will be a pure sine wave. These meters will not
correctly read MSW voltage, and will display about 20 to 30 volts too low.
Any multi-meter identified as “TRUE RMS” will accurately read MSW correctly
Adding an Extension Cord
If you need an extension cord, we recommend the use of an extension cord
between the AC output of the inverter and the AC appliances. You may use up
to 100 feet of high quality extension cord. A long cord will result in reduced
output power.
Buzz in Audio Systems
Some stereo systems and “boom boxes” will emit a buzzing noise from their
loudspeakers when operated from the power inverter because the power supply
in the device does not adequately filter the modified sine wave produced by the
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User’s Manual—Read before using this equipment
400W DC to AC Power Inverter by Wagan Tech
power inverter. The only solution is to use a sound system that incorporates a
higher quality power supply.
Operating a Television
Picture tubes have a degaussing coil that uses a high initial surge of power to
light up the screen from a “cold start.” If the TV does not start up on the first
attempt, try to switch on the TV every 2 to 3 seconds until the screen comes on.
Sometimes, it may take 2 to 5 tries before starting.
Television Interference
Operating the power inverter can interfere with television reception on some
channels. If this situation occurs, the following steps may help to alleviate the
• Make sure that the chassis ground lug on the back of the power inverter
is solidly connected to the ground system of your vehicle.
• Do not operate high power loads with the power inverter while watching
• Make sure that the antenna feeding your television provides an
adequate “snow free” signal and that you are using good quality cable
between the antenna and the television.
• Move the television as far away from the power inverter as possible.
• Keep the cables between the battery and the power inverter as short as
possible and twist them together with about 2 to 3 twists per foot. This
minimizes radiated interference from the cables.
The inverter generates heat while it is working. This is not a malfunction.
However, if the inverter gets too hot while working it will turn off by itself.
Position the inverter where air flows freely around it to allow the heat to
disperse. The inverter’s thermal protection prevents it from operating when its
temperature exceeds 130ºF ± 10º (55ºC ± 5º).
Poor contact
Clean contact parts thoroughly
Battery voltage is too low
Start the engine to recharge the
battery. Replace the battery if
Shutdown on overload
Reduce the inverter’s wattage load
Thermal shutdown
Allow the inverter to cool down by
reducing the load or turning it off for
a while.
Receptacle has no power
Check the receptacle wiring.
Very little maintenance is required to keep the inverter operating properly.
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400W DC to AC Power Inverter by Wagan Tech
All specifications are typical at nominal line, half load and 77ºF (25ºC) unless
otherwise noted. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
12V (10–15V) DC
110V AC
Output frequency
60 Hz
Output waveform
Modified Sine Waveform
Continuous power
400 Watts
Surge Power
1000 Watts
Approximately 90%
Current drawn when no load
< 0.3 Amps
Battery low alarm
10.5 ± 0.5V DC
Battery low shutdown
10 ± 0.5V DC
Alarm and thermal shutdown
130ºF ± 10º (55ºC ± 5º)
Internal DC fuse
35 Amps
External DC fuse
AC output sockets
Two 3-prong outlets
USB output sockets
Two outlets
Power switch
DC input ON/OFF control
Dimensions (L x W x H)
5 x 4 x 2 inches
Net Weight
650 g
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