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Video & Audio Editing
Analog Editing Equipment ............202-205
Live DV Capture .............................206-207
ADS Technology..............................208-209
Adobe ...............................................210-211
Apple Computer..............................214-221
LaCie Hard/Optical Drives ............222-224
Canopus ...........................................225-233
Pinnacle Systems.............................236-241
Sony ..................................................242-244
CineForm ................................................243
Red Giant.................................................245
Section 3a
Audio for Video Editing .................246-286
10-Bit Digital Video Mixers
The MXPro is a professional four-input video mixer with powerful
features and performance. It offers unmatched 10-bit digital 4:2:2
video quality as well as a S/N ratio over 60 dB and a video bandwidth of 5.5 MHz. It has over 500 digital video effects and transitions
including dissolves, trailing effects and multiple picture-in-picture.
There are shape wipes, soft wipe edges and easy to use ‘banks’ of
effects with user-defined favorites. All shape effects can be enhanced
with soft edges, colored borders and drop shadows for 3-D like impact. Frame synchronizer and dual-field infinite-window
time base corrector (TBC) allow clean transitions, including the ability to hold an image frozen through a transition.
Unique preview screen shows miniature copies of all four inputs in your choice of formats and sizes, so you can work with
just one or two monitors. Digital effects include freeze, black and white, negative, mosaic, paint and flip. Has a chroma keyer
and a color corrector that remembers settings for each channel. Built-in audio mixer includes a special background music
feature that lets you manipulate audio tracks independent of video.
The MXProDV adds proprietary DV (IEEE1394) input/output making it a versatile, easy to use, switcher/special effects
generator for both analog and DV video signals—a real-time production tool that preserves DV signals from start to finish.
Highest Quality Video
10-bit (4:2:2) video processing for S-Video
applications, and 8-bit 4:2:2 for composite
ensures the highest quality video. S/N ratio
is 60 dB and bandwidth is 5.5 MHz.
The joystick gives you fine control over
color adjustments and positioning of PIP,
compose, and the chroma key cursor.
Four Input Switcher
Full-frame time base correction (TBC)
automatically corrects the outputs time
base (RS-170A standard)so the output
signal is stable even when the input isn’t.
Audio Mixer
Built-in audio mixer lets you can change
the sound along with the video, or play a
constant sound while the video plays. Audio
can come from a video source or from
external audio devices.
The mixers offer a video painting system
that lets you combine video stills, color
shapes, and moving video on one screen.
You can create a screen that contains a
video still of a football coach (with a surrounding red border), combined with a
moving video of the players on the field.
Time Base Correction
Four input channels make them useful in
live production settings where up to four
cameras or other sources might be in use.
MXPro and MXProDV synchronize the
inputs, so disruptions do not occur when
switching between sources.
◆ Each channel has a composite video input,
an S-Video input, and a set of stereo audio
inputs. The MXProDV adds two DV inputs.
Use all DV, all S-Video, all
composite, or any combination.
◆ Mix any two input sources together using a
variety of transitions — wipes, dissolves,
flips, etc. With the frame synchronizer you
can mix independent video signals.
◆ Multiple video/audio outputs include two
S-Video and two composite video program
outputs, one composite preview output,
one stereo audio and a headphone output
for monitoring. The MXProDV adds a
single DV (IEEE1394) output.
Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
PIP allows multiple pictures to share
the screen in various configurations.
For example, one source might take the
entire background while another image
appears inside a separate, smaller
window, both sharing the screen at the
same time. You can use up to 16 images in a
PIP configuration.
Flexible Preview
If you are using only two sources, you can
select a screen that provides two large preview screens with fewer icons. If you don’t
require the effect icons, you can
display all four sources full screen, with
each source occupying 1/4 of the screen.
Chroma Key/Color Corrector
◆ With
either of the mixer’s Chroma Keyer
you can key on any color. In addition they
have color correction capability to
compensate for minor lighting
imperfections or slight color differences
between sources. While other similarlypriced mixers only offer hue and intensity
control, they provide real manual color
correction. Apply true RGB color correction
to any or all input sources. Also features
Color bar and black burst generators.
Effects and Transitions
Over 500 video effects, including fades,
wipes, slides, dissolves, zooms, and trailing
effects. Plus picture-in-picture, multiple
picture-in-picture, picture flip, luminance
and chroma key, superimpose, movable
mosaic, strobe, picture freeze (frame and
field), strobe, posterization (paint), solarization, negative, color inverse, zoom, and
filter. Effects can be enhanced with soft
edges, colored borders and drop shadows.
GPI interface allows external controllers to
trigger transitions.
To help manage the 500+ transitions, they
are separated into five logical color coded
categories or effects “banks” User, Basic,
Edges, Trailing, and Shapes.
Managing Transitions
— Edge Transitions:
These move a curved or jagged (sawtoothed) edge across the screen when
transitioning to a different picture source.
— Trailing Transitions:
They leave a trail of images on the screen
as a change occurs. The trailing images go
away once the transition finishes.
— Organic Shape Transitions:
They occur as a wipe in the shape of
a geometric object, such as a heart,
five-pointed star, circle, binocular,
diamond, etc.
Since it’s unlikely you’ll use all of the
transitions — but will have a limited set
that you use most of the time, you can
access your favorite transitions by creating
your own personal menu — the User
menu. Select up to 30 of your favorite
effects and access them instantly by
pressing the “User” button.
Each of the effects “banks” can be easily
accessed with the press of one button.
Once you get to know the mixer’s layout,
you'll effortlessly select any effect, using the
cursor keys or the numeric keypad.
Manual transitions using T-bar or automatic transitions (10 speeds) using autotake. MXPro can even memorize a
sequence of actions and repeat them for
you, on cue.
Choose from three options depending on
your application or need. Have all 4 inputs
displayed as smaller thumbnail screens (in
addition to 30 transition options on one
screen); choose 2 larger thumbnail screens
showing you “current” and “next”, or you
can fill the screen with a “quad” view of all 4 inputs.
You can also “freeze” frames from two different sources and toggle between full screen
views of both. Preview outputs on all mixers is composite (RCA) jacks.
MXProDV Step-up Features
The MXProDV maintains the integrity of the digital signal from your DV camcorder or source
deck to your record device. And unlike non-linear video editing systems there is no rendering
time. MXProDV produces digital effects in real time, making it the ideal tool for both postproduction and live applications. For speed, quality and versatility the MXProDV is unmatched!
And now you can mix both high-quality analog and DV sources together.
Of course the MXProDV incorporates all the features of the MXPro. Over 500 eye-catching
transitions including curved and jagged edges, trailing effects, and “natural” shape effects like
circles, stars, and hearts. Effect enhancements like soft edges, color borders and drop shadows.
Real RGB color correction to compensate for minor lighting imperfections or slight color
differences between sources. Built-in chroma and luminance keying. There has never been a
more complete DV and analog production solution.
The MXProDV also produces perfectly synchronized DV audio with CD quality. Enhanced
audio mixing capability provides on-screen slide controls for volume along with level meters so
you ensure that your audio levels are properly set. MXProDV supports 32kHz 4-channel and
48kHz 2-channel digital audio with a multitude of mixing options.
DistanceDV Cables
Using breakthrough cable technology, Videonics has
achieved extension of the DV signal. Ideal for live and
studio events, DistanceDV cables use enhanced quality
cable components and a proprietary passive filter to
minimize the jitter and noise that long distances are
susceptible to. Your production will benefit from the
pristine digital signals produced by today’s DV sources.
Whether you’re running cable on location or in the production studio, DistanceDV cables
can extend your DV signal to 10 meters (33´), 20 (66´) or even 50 meters (164´) with the
best picture possible. Each end includes a locking 4- to 6-pin adapter for maximum
flexibility. Use the 4-pin adapter for connections to digital cameras and mixers. Remove
the adapter to use with 6-pin devices like converters, hubs and computers.
DDV-10 10 meter (33´) cable ...........199.95
DDV-20 20 meter (66´) cable ...........299.95
DDV-50 50 meter (164´) cable .........................................................................................519.95
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— Basic Transitions:
Include all basic wipes and fades (over
240 transitions).
The MXPro and the MXProDV both offer a
unique and powerful preview output which
allows you to view up to four sources on one
monitor. This saves you money and space,
because you don’t need a separate monitor
for each source.
Video TitleMaker
Add crisp, dazzling, professional-looking titles to your video production. A
technological breakthrough in video character generation, the TitleMaker 3000
delivers high-resolution titles in over a million colors with over 200 font/size
combinations and 27 styles. The TM-3000 offers a separate
full-size keyboard that puts everything at your fingertips including special
characters to support up to twenty one different languages. Other advanced
features include patterns, see-through video effects, multi- direction scroll and
crawl, fades and wipes. Non-volatile memory allows you to store up to 16,000
characters on hundreds of pages.
Offers over 200 font/size combinations,
including script, Old English, and many
more. Fonts are specifically designed to
look great on video. Each line of text can be
enhanced with drop shadows, several
grades of bold letters, outlines, eight-speed
scroll and crawl, and much more.
◆ When
creating your titles, outlines, backgrounds, and borders, you can select from a
palette of over a million colors as well as a
set of 32 rainbow and pixel patterns to give
your titles a unique one-of-a-kind look.
Four-direction scroll and crawl (8 speeds).
Scroll in one direction, hold, scroll out
another direction.
There are 24 special effects for transitions
between title screens, including cuts, fades,
wipes, and more. Effects can be executed in
any of eight selectable speeds.
Easy to use, separate, full function keyboard
includes special and foreign characters such
as æ, £, ß, •, ® etc.
Pages can be stored under separate projects.
You can work on pages in one project without affecting those in another.
Multiple play modes: Play a pre-arranged
program with different settings for each
page; manually (slide show); repeated
sequence (video billboard); play one page.
GPI input allows remote trigger of titles
from external controller.
preview output allows you to change
titles on a secondary monitor without
affecting video on the program output.
Superimpose titles over video or over colored or patterned backgrounds. Video can
also be used as a “color” for titles, backgrounds, or outline/shadow areas. Use
dimmed or tinted video as a background
for stunning “video-on-video” effects.
Composite and S-Video input/output
Personal TitleMaker
The PTM-1
the video
and many of
the features
found in the TM3000. Like the TM-3000 it
offers high-resolution titles in
over one million colors plus patterns,
fades and wipes. Even see-through video effects with
scroll and crawl capabilities to add credits to video or
create video message boards. The main differences
between the PTM-1 and the TM-3000 are: No
independent keyboard, only 28 font/size combinations
as opposed to over 200 on the TM-3000 and no
preview output. Last, the PTM-1 memory will only
hold 4000 characters (16000 on the TM-3000).
real-time clock/date display can be used
to trigger pages.
The Command Post is a USB-based,
hardware control panel that gives you
conventional-style control of your
multimedia applications. Controls
include pushbuttons, jog/shuttle, joystick and a T-Bar. Ideal for Adobe
Premiere, Apple Final Cut and many more.
Individual controls can be
assigned to key sequences that are
saved as application templates.
Incorporates the most popular
controls from standalone devices
like linear editors, DVEs and
Common tasks can be customized
to work the way you want with
the type of control you prefer.
Comes with templates for popular
video and graphics applications,
including Apple iMovie, Final Cut
Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After
Smaller than a standard keyboard
and ergonomically designed control surface makes it ideal for use
in your multimedia workplace.
Internally illuminated for readability in darkened edit rooms.
The television that sits at home is probably very good at what it does, but it wasn’t designed for
the office, classroom, edit room or operating room. True video monitors come in all sizes and
configurations, because there are so many specialized demands. How about function blockout for
point-of-sale or training applications? Comb filters?
Program timers? Don’t force your TV to be a monitor;
it’s not built for that. Panasonic’s CT-series monitors are
built with the same technology as their broadcast and
high-end post production monitors. 13˝, 20˝ or 27˝, there
is a monitor to fit your needs and your budget. And Easicon
icon-based on screen menu system makes adjustments to
set-up parameters very intuitive.
Control panel can be locked to prevent
unauthorized altering of settings (from the
front panel or remote).
Sleep Timer will count down a desired time
of 30, 60 or 90 minutes and then automatically turns the monitor off.
Program Timer automatically turns the
monitor on and off at a predetermined time
for one day or every day.
Instant Power-On is ideal for presentation
or kiosk applications. Monitors power up
automatically when AC is supplied.
13˝ S-Video Monitor
Ideal for industrial, educational,
surveillance and POP (Point-ofPurchase) applications, the
TM-A13SU is a 13˝ viewable
NTSC and PAL monitor with a
0.64mm dot pitch for high quality
viewing at a very affordable price.
Horizontal Resolution
420 Lines
450 Lines
550 Lines
PanaBlack Picture Tube
Comb Filter
Precise Notch Filter
Stereo/SAP with dbx NR
Stereo Watts/Channels
Video Input (Rear)
x3 (BNC)
x3 (BNC)
x1 (BNC)
Audio Input (Rear)
Screen Size (inches)
Composite and S-Video inputs, delivers over 320 lines of horizontal
resolution. Audio inputs for both sources are mono (RCA) with
Compact (121⁄4˝ high and 1411⁄16˝ deep), the shell of the monitor is
made out of a strong plastic material in order to reduce weight, and
maintain affordability.
Automatically selects between NTSC or PAL displays. It will detect
the color system that is being displayed and switch accordingly.
Built-in 8cm round speaker reduces the need for external speakers
Graphical, user-friendly on-screen menu to make fine adjustments
Circuitry stabilizes black levels so that they are maintained constantly.
Control Lock disables the control buttons on the front of the monitor,
so that the monitor is not inadvertently misaligned.
x3 (RCA)
x3 (RCA)
x2 (RCA)
S-Video Input (Rear)
Video Program Out
x1 (BNC)
x1 (BNC)
x1 (BNC)
Earphone Jack
On/Off Timer
Clock & Sleep Timer
Auto Power On
13.5 x 135⁄8
x 145⁄8˝
20.3 x 18.2
x 19.4˝
26 x 23
x 19˝
22 lbs
49.5 lbs
85 lbs
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PanaBlack picture tube delivers improved
contrast, color reproduction and detail.
Dark black screen glass provides a 40%
increase in contrast by decreasing the
amount of light that passes through the
screen and reflects back off the phosphors.
13-/20-/27-inch Video Editing Monitors
Dependable DV Video Disk Recording/Playback
Available in 60- and 120GB versions, the DV Bank is an external
FireWire hard drive that allows you to capture video from a DV
camera or deck via Firewire (IEEE1394) cable—without using a
computer. Although it's not a replacement for a tape deck, the DV
Bank and its accessories provide a number of unique capabilities,
including time-lapse photography and automated playback, and it
can reduce wear and tear on your DV camera or deck. What's
more, it gives you instant random access to all of your media, a
great time-saver when you’re on location.
The need to capture your footage is virtually
eliminated with the DV Bank. Simply record
from a DV camcorder directly to the DV
Bank via FireWire, then connect from the
DV Bank to a non-linear editing system to
import the video. This minimizes wear-andtear on your camcorder’s video head, while
preserving image quality by eliminating
dropouts and timecode breaks.
They incorporate specially formatted drives
and a self-contained processor optimized
for storing video streams. The 60 GB DV
Bank holds 4.5 hours of digital video, the
120 GB version can store 9 hours— a whole
day of shooting.
Record video to the DV Bank just as you'd
record to any other DV deck. Simply plug in
your camera via the FireWire port (either 4or 6-pin), press record a and let it rip. The
DV Bank captures and stores the video just
as your computer would if you were using a
video capture program.
Once you've captured your video, you can
quickly move to any track and play it back
without having to rewind your tape and risk
breaking your timecode. To see the footage,
you need to connect to your DV camera or
deck. Because you’re recording to hard drive
rather than to tape, you have instant random access to all of your captured footage.
Has VCR-style controls with large, illuminated buttons and a two-line, backlit LCD
display let you select play, record, REW, FF,
pause, frame advance, file selection, file
delete and loop play.
Other features include seamless repeat loop
play (for trade shows), variable speed forward or reverse play and play one frame at
a time forward or reverse.
FireWire (IEEE1394) interface lets you
capture directly from any DV camcorder,
VCR, Mixer or analog VCR with converter.
To get the captured footage into your PC
or Mac for editing, you treat the DV Bank
just like any other camera or deck and use
your editing program’s capturing facility to
grab the clips you want.
With the optional Intervalometer you can
use the DV Bank to shoot time-lapse
videos. With the Intervalometer (uses the
DV Bank as its power source) you can grab
individual frames from your camera and
move them to the DV Bank, using any
interval you want. For shooting time-lapse,
creating stop-motion animation, or shooting single frames, the DV Bank and
Intervalometer combo is an ideal solution.
Other DV Bank accessories include a DC
converter for running off a car cigarette
lighter, and converter boxes for capturing
from S-Video or YUV analog sources.
Includes AC/DC 12v Adapter, Firewire
Cable and Datavideo Easy Cut Video
Editing Software CD
ADS Technologies
Capturing digital video with your computer has
never been easier. With the PYRO DV Drive,
you can pull digital video from your camera
via FireWire and store it on the 30GB hard
drive with little more than a push of a button.
The PYRO DV Drive personifies ease-of-use. By
pressing a single button, the drive will record the video
directly from your camera.
Simultaneously record and backup. Not only does this drive capture
digital video directly from your tape, you can also capture video while you’re recording!
Simply press the record button, and you’re ready to go.
Built-in battery provides two-hours of capturing time. Great for use in the field.
Includes pocket-size, leather belt pouch
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Laird’s CapDiv 60GB is a small and reliable disk recorder that can
record and play DV video captured from a DV camcorder. This device
stores up to 4.5 hours of “edit-ready” digital footage that can be
transferred directly to your computer with faster that realtime speeds.
Its open-format recording file system is compatible with both Mac and
PC based non-linear editing systems.
Record up to 4.5 hours of digital video with
this self-contained DV disk recorder.
Capture a full day of shooting and go
straight to the editing room to review your
Connect CapDiv to your DV camcorder and
sync the camera's operating functions to the
disk recorder. Every time you press record
on your camera, the CapDiv will capture the
same video at the same time! Other camera
operating functions work as well.
The video files are stored as either Canopus
or Windows Media .AVI Type II files. The
user can then choose whether to capture the
video using their non-linear editing software, or simply import the files without the
need to recapture.
Captures video files that can be used in nonlinear editing systems like Final Cut Pro,
Avid Xpress DV and Premier Pro. It uses a
FAT-32 file format for universal computer
access, allowing use on Mac and PC systems.
Individual clips can
be marked during recording,
allowing you to keep track of the timecode boundaries of specific video clips.
Creates a new bin for every tape change in
the camcorder. Up to 99 bins can be created
to organize your video material during capture. The bin feature is fully customizable.
◆ CapDiv
hangs easily from your belt, allowing for quick access to controls and reliable
storage for your digital video.
DV to Hard Disk Drive Interface
The FireStore FS-1 is a unique, portable DV-to-HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
recorder interface. The FS-1 enables videographers to record DV video
from their video camera, deck or mixer to virtually any FireWire storage
device without the need for a computer. Recorded files can then be used
immediately in video applications on the desktop when the drive is connected to a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.
FireStore also works as a stand-alone DV record/playback device.
DTE, or Direct To Edit Technology, is the
future of digital video for ENG, field production, the desktop, and the studio because
it merges the steps of acquisition and capturing. Only DTE Technology converts the
camera's DV output to any chosen native
NLE file format, as it records to hard drives.
The FireStore FS-1 brings DTE technology
to the field or desktop. With the optional
carrying case and industry standard NP
battery kit, FireStore FS-1 is ideal for
shooting video direct to disk in the field.
Alternately, it can be used as a desktop NLE
capture station. In this use, any DV source
can be captured to disk without tying up an
NLE system or an editor’s time.
Up to four FireWire disk drives can be daisy
chained to the FS-1. Various combinations
of disk drives and capacities can be chosen
to continuously record almost any length
event. Use a combination of HDD sizes to
tailor record times to your particular needs.
Record, play and navigate using the
VCR-type controls. Navigate from clip to
clip with the push of a button. No cueing of
tapes is required. Multiple speed forward
and backward search (including single
frame) and loop playback (single clip or
entire disk) are standard. The FS-1 can be
slaved to a DV camcorder's Record/Pause
modes or controlled via AV/C commands
from NLE systems.
The ability of DTE Technology to record in
native file format such as DV OMF for Avid
Xpress DV, QuickTime for Final Cut Pro
and AVI 2 for Premier, means footage is
identical to the format your NLE captures
in. This means clips can be used directly in
the timeline without having to transfer or
convert files before use. When connected to
a DV NLE system, a drive with DTE recorded clips will appear on the desktop, and the
clips can be dragged straight to the timeline.
Only products featuring DTE Technology
record clips in native Raw DV (.dv), AVI
Type 1, AVI Type 2, Canopus AVI, Matrox
AVI, QuickTime (.mov) or Avid OMF
(.omf) file formats.
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Direct DV Recorder
A leader in i.LINK (IEEE1394) solutions, ADS Technologies’ “PYRO” line is synonymous with FireWire for the PC and
Macintosh. Built around a low-cost but high quality 100% digital IEEE1394 DV capture card, ADS offers three complete
DV editing packages to suit a range of budgets and capabilities.
PYRO DV Card – Included with all PYRO Solutions
Each system includes a 100% digital, IEEE1394 interface card—Avid approved— with three DV
ports that link your DV or Digital8 camcorder to your computer allowing you to record video to
your hard drive in real time while previewing it on your PC screen. The card also lets you control
your camcorder so you can play, fast forward, rewind, pause and record — all with VCR type
controls. When you have finished editing you can save your video into numerous digital video
formats or upload back to your camcorder. The result is 100% digital, first generation lossless
video. All systems also include a 6´ 4-pin to 6-pin IEEE1394 cable.
Includes Ulead VideoStudio 7.0 DVD SE
Beginners will appreciate
how easy it is to use
VideoStudio. Trim video,
add your own soundtrack,
create compelling titles, and
drop in stunning effects
using an easy-to-learn
interface that makes editing
videos fun. VideoStudio
includes DV SmartPlay an
intuitive video editor that offers both ease
of use and powerful editing functions. DV
SmartPlay enables you to eliminate the time consuming rendering
process and keep first generation quality video while saving valuable
Same as Pyro BasicDV plus—
Ulead DVD MovieFactory
Wizard Plug-in
Ulead DVD PictureShow
DVD MovieFactory, with its
simple wizard-style authoring
process, makes burning your
movies onto DVDs quick and
DVD PictureShow lets you use
your CD or DVD burner to
create exciting photo slide shows
that play on many standard
DVD players. Now you can easily
share your photos on TV!
Create professional-looking
scene selection menus
Use your CD or DVD burner
Exciting slideshow features
Share on DVD, VCD, or SVCD
Create your own CD labels
and case covers
Get excellent results from
inexpensive digital cameras or
scanned images.
Great slideshows in just a few
PYRO ProfessionalDV
PYRO Professional DV is the perfect marriage of the world’s bestselling 1394/FireWire card with the
industry standard in DV editing
software, Adobe Premiere Pro. To
round out the bundle, it also
includes Adobe DVD Encore for
DVD authoring & Adobe Audition
for audio editing and creation.
Adobe Premiere Pro: Real-time video and audio editing tools give you
precise control over virtually every aspect of your production. From
advanced color correction to 5.1 surround sound mixing, you have the
tools you need at your fingertips. Plus, flexible import and export
options reduce format constraints. Built for superior performance of
Windows XP, Premier Pro takes video production to an entirely new
level. In just minutes, you can capture video in this easy-to-use
capture and playback software. With Capture Wizard, preview your
video at up to 720 x 480 full screen, choose your bit rate and use
advanced settings to capture video.
Adobe Audition: Designed for audio
and video professionals, Audition
delivers advanced audio mixing, editing, mastering, and effects processing
capabilities. Mix up to 128 tracks, edit
individual audio files, create loops, and
use more than 45 DSP effects
Adobe Encore DVD: Take professional
DVD authoring to a new level of
creativity with a flexible interface and
a comprehensive set of text and menu
design tools. Import and convert source
files automatically to MPEG-2 video
and Dolby Digital audio.
The Ultimate DV Capture
and Editing Solution
A complete, fully integrated hardware/software solution, PYRO A/V Link Pro
provides the best value and the best components for capturing, editing and
exporting both analog and digital video in real time. PYRO A/V Link Pro
hardware includes the PYRO A/V Link and an external box that connects to
your computer via FireWire. With composite, S-Video and component connectors, you can capture video from any source. For video editing, it includes the
industry standard in DV editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. And to round
out this value-packed bundle, Adobe DVD Encore for DVD authoring & Adobe
Audition for audio editing and creation are included as well.
PYRO1394 Drive Kit
DVD XPress is the fastest and easiest way to get Hollywood quality video
into your computer so you can burn to disk or publish on to the Internet.
Capture video into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 (VCD, SVCD or DVD) at up to
720 x 480 pixel resolution from any analog or digital source. Capture video
in the Easy to use Capture Wizard application or VideoStudio 7.0 DVD SE and then
“Create Disk” to burn your movies on to CD or DVD disk. If you want to do more than straight
archiving to disk, DVD XPress includes video editing with an integrated DVD Authoring tool that allow you to get very creative. Use VideoStudio 7.0 DVD SE to add transitions, video filters, video overlay, fast or slow motion effects, and animated
titles, back ground music and then author your DVD disk.
Utilizes the latest in video conversion and
filtering technology (temporal and spatial
video pre-processing filters) to help reduce
noise on old VHS tapes or TV signals.
Exclusive “Audio-Lock” technology
provides perfect lip synch all the way
through the capture, edit and disk
burning process.
Capture from any analog video source in
MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video formats
including VCD, SVCD and DVD formats
via RCA (Composite) or S-Video inputs.
Capture DVD (MPEG-2) at video bit rates
from 1 Mb/sec. up to 15 Mb/sec. (up to 4
Mb/sec. for USB 1.1 connections)
USB 2.0 connection to the PC, backward
compatible to USB 1.1
Capture using Constant or Variable bit rates
and other custom settings.
Brightness, Contrast, Chroma, Saturation
and Hue controls
Use Video Studio 7 SE DVD to capture and
then burn to disk in quick, simple steps.
Instant DVD Solutions
DVD XPress: Input only with Capture
Wizard and ULead DVD 7.0 SE ......124.95
Instant DVD 2.0: Same as above plus it
adds composite and S-Video output and
additional software —ULead DVD Movie
Factory (SE) and muvee autoProducer
DVD SE .............................................174.95
USB Instant DVD+DV: Same as above
plus it adds DV input and output as well
as full camcorder control .................264.95
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Data intensive files such as digital video and multi-media projects require a tremendous amount of
storage. The PYRO1394 Drive Enclosure is the perfect external storage solution. It features an external
drive enclosure that enables you to convert an IDE Ultra DMA/33 or 66 drive, ATA-100 Drive,
CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD or DVD-RAM drive into a FireWire drive simply by plugging into the ADS
Native Bridge Board inside the enclosure. With up to 400Mpbs/sec and hot swappable, the Drive Kit is
ideal for those who need a faster bus than USB, but don’t want the hassle of SCSI devices.
Real-Time Editing for Professional Video Production
Reach a new level of productivity with the breakthrough real-time editing experience
in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. The elegant user interface and expansive feature set—
which includes multiple, nestable timelines, advanced color correction, and subframe
audio editing controls—make it fast and easy to get the precise results you’re looking
for. Whether you’re editing short- or long-format projects, you have the professional
video and audio editing tools you need right at your fingertips—plus the frameaccurate control and immediate results required to deliver outstanding productions.
Unmatched integration between Premiere Pro and other Adobe video software enables
unprecedented efficiency. Work across applications that use and recognize common
elements, such as keyframes and layers. Easily access and edit the original projects for
files you create in another Adobe application and place in Premiere Pro, or quickly
create new files in those applications with the resolution and aspect ratio from your
project automatically applied. Familiar Adobe-standard tools and shortcuts ease the learning curve. Comprehensive industry
compatibility lets you drop your Premiere Pro projects into professional online or offline video production environments.
Import and export AAF and EDL files. Enjoy full compatibility with standard and high-definition hardware, VST plug-ins,
and advanced ASIO sound cards. And deliver your output for broadcast or virtually any media, including DV, DVD, CD,
videotape, and the Web.
Real-Time Editing
Elegantly Designed Interface
See precisely how your video will look with
every edit. Full-resolution play back in real
time on NTSC, PAL, or VGA monitors.
Remove unused material from your project
and consolidate the project’s media in one
location for archiving with Project Manager.
Choose from hundreds of real-time video
and audio effects. Even create and save your
own settings to instantly apply again and
Experiment more freely and easily manage
complex projects more efficiently using multiple, nestable timelines.
Add another dimension to your projects
with new 3D plug-ins that provide instant,
amazing effects.
Create more natural, elegant-looking effects
using sophisticated, spline-based Bézier
keyframe controls.
Set your effect parameters for a keyframe,
and then save them as presets you can apply
anytime to ensure consistency from one
project to another.
Instantly apply dozens of advanced readymade effects, including picture-in picture,
pan and zoom, and many more.
Set linear- or Bézier-controlled keyframes
for individual parameters of the effects you
apply with the Effect Controls palette, which
looks and works like the one in After Effects.
Easily organize your workspace with dockable palettes that let you quickly navigate
between editing functions.
Use the interactive Project window to adjust
in and out points, create custom columns
with fields or checkboxes, and more. Choose
the List view to see file details displayed
alongside a thumbnail or use the Storyboard
view to see media in an orderly grid.
Advanced Color Control
Use color correction tools to adjust hue, saturation, and lightness for highlights, midtones, and shadows; replace a color throughout a clip with a single selection; and more.
Automatically improve image quality using
Adobe Photoshop style filters, including
Auto Levels, Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and
Preserve the color values of original source
footage and improve bandwidth efficiency
by avoiding color conversions, thanks to
native support for YUV processing.
Monitor data readouts with built-in waveforms and vectorscopes to ensure your clips
share a common color spectrum and fall
within legal broadcast limits.
Make the most of multiple processors,
advanced multi-threading technology,
hyper-threading support, and SSE2 optimization on the latest Pentium-based
Windows XP systems. Get immediate feedback during effect editing and manipulation
thanks to built-in CPU optimizations.
◆ Precise
control over ripple, roll, slip, and slide
edits using the Trim window, which opens
separately and gives real-time feedback.
See side-by-side Source and Program views
in the Monitor window, which presents
familiar tools in a sleek design that puts
more controls at your fingertips.
Capture a tape in separate clips in one step
using the new scene detection feature.
Optimized Performance
Adobe After Effects Integration
Import Premiere Pro projects directly into
the After Effects Timeline with video and
audio arranged as layers, and embed project-linked After Effects clips to edit in
Premiere Pro.
Access the plug-ins from your installed
version of After Effects directly within
Premiere Pro for even more visual effects.
Simply copy and paste between Premiere
Pro and After Effects.
Adobe Photoshop Integration
Import layered Photoshop files as a single
flattened file, or import the files as a
sequence with each layer arranged on a
separate video track.
The Video Collection 2.5 Standard Edition delivers a
comprehensive, integrated toolset for Windows-based
video production. Transform your video into an
award-winning production with Premiere Pro 1.5
software. Create stunning motion graphics and visual
effects with Adobe After Effects 6.5 Standard software.
Produce high-quality audio for any production with
Adobe Audition1.5 software, and author interactive,
multi-language DVDs with Adobe Encore DVD 1.5
software. An exceptional value, the Adobe Video
Collection pairs creative control with the ability to
deliver professional results for film, video, DVD, or the Web ..............................................799.95
Support for HD Content
Import, edit, and deliver HD productions using your choice of a wide variety of certified
third-party hardware.
◆ Encode HD Windows Media 9 Series content using the built-in Media Encoder.
◆ Edit HD content in its native resolution with support for 480p, 720p, and 1080i.
Scalable Editing Platform
Adobe Encore DVD & Audition
Export AVI and MPEG-2 files to Adobe
Encore DVD software to author multilanguage DVDs with interactive menus and
multiple audio and subtitle tracks.
Timeline markers are recognized as chapter
Import high-quality audio files from
Adobe Audition software for use in your
video productions. Easily modify these files
using the Edit Original feature, which lets
you open the original multitrack session
right in Adobe Audition.
Assign multiple input/output ports for
audio recording and playback with support
for ASIO hardware cards. Integrate with
existing studios and connect to audio editing systems like Digidesign Pro Tools.
◆ Capture the look of film with support for
Panasonic’s AG-DVX100/100A 24P format
◆ Produce content for the leading delivery
media, including broadcast formats, DV,
DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, and the Web.
Easily import and export project data with
support for Advanced Authoring Format
(AAF) and Edit Decision List (EDL) format.
Edit low-resolution digital video offline,
and then recapture and reacquire material
and finish your work in uncompressed,
high-definition resolution.
Import and export in all major industryleading video and audio formats.
Work with AI, AI sequence, PSD, PSD
sequence, JPEG, TGA, TGA sequence, TIFF,
TIFF sequence, PCX, BMP, and BMP
sequence files.
Support for the industry-standard VST
plug-in architecture allows you to work with
advanced audio filters. Jump start your
audio-filtering experience with a library of
included VST plug-ins.
Enjoy the freedom to choose with extensive
hardware support that lets you work with
everything from an impressive list of
DVCAM gear to the latest video decks and
camcorders to third-party hardware, including SD and HD boards.
Enhanced Audio Editing
Adjust audio clips with the precision of up
to 1/96,000 of a second to produce more
precise L-cuts or eliminate small pops,
crackles, and other audio problems.
Import, edit, and export high-quality 24-bit,
96kHz audio files.
Online/Offline Flexibility
Create and manipulate multichannel audio
to produce true surround sound and other
richly layered audio experiences.
◆ Watch
your sequence and easily record a
voice-over narration track to your active
Adobe Premiere Turnkey System
10-bay tower with 400w
power supply
◆ Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor
◆ 512 MB of RAM (Kingston or PNY)
◆ Matrox P650 128-bit 64MB 8X AGP
Dual Display Card
◆ 2-port Firewire Card
◆ 80GB IDE System Drive, and 120GB
Drive for A/V storage
Internal DVD-ROM/CD-RW
Combo Drive
◆ Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live
◆ Windows XP Pro operating system
◆ Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 installed
◆ 3.5˝ Floppy Disc, Microsoft Mouse,
◆ One-year warranty on parts and
labor with tech support
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Quickly create a new image in Photoshop
with the resolution and pixel aspect ratio of
your current Premiere Pro project (some
features require Photoshop CS).
Adobe Video Collection 2.5 Standard Edition
Professional Non-Linear
Editing Software
Xpress DV is the affordable, real-time DV studio from the company that ignited the
digital video revolution. Featuring more customizable real-time effects than any other
product in its class, Xpress DV combines legendary Avid ease of use with the powerful
tools that continue to define the editing industry. With Windows and Macintosh
versions for one low price, Xpress DV is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the
exciting world of digital video.
Features include over 100 customizable real-time effects, including moving titles,
picture-in-picture effects, and automatic color correction that enable you to adjust an
entire sequence with a single click. There are also powerful audio tools, extensive
import/export capabilities, DVD authoring and the award-winning user interface.
The software is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the interface and
keyboard to suit their working styles, and take advantage of customizable toolsets that can instantly re-map the interface for
basic editing, color correction, source/record editing, effects editing, audio editing, and capture. Upgradeable and 100%
compatible with the entire family of Avid editing products.
Hundreds of Hollywood films and thousands of television shows, commercials, and music video
are edited every year using Avid software. Experience the combination of speed, power and
ease-of-use that has made Avid the leading choice of professional editors for nearly 20 years.
Customizable, Professional Tools
Real-time Architecture
Xpress DV offers more customizable real-time effects than any other
product in its class, including titles, keys, transitions, and audio mixes
with multiple simultaneous streams to provide the most powerful
software-only, real-time system available.
Xpress DV allows you to personalize every aspect of the editing
interface – toolsets, timeline, keyboards, buttons, even interface colors.
Work the way you want to work.
Industry-standard Avid user interface that's easy to navigate and
Customizable menu, toolbars and keyboard commands to enhance
your workflow can be saved and transferred to other Avid editing
Unlimited video tracks via nesting for dynamic multi-layered
Best of class audio tools including real-time audio mix, punch-in,
EQ, automation gain, stereo VU meters, and DigiDesign AudioSuite
Easy manipulation of imported graphics, including Photoshop layers
– Patent-pending NaturalMatch color matching allows you to click on a
face in two shots to instantly match skin tones
AutoSave with Attic folder to revert to previous version and 32 levels
of undo
– Three-window view allows you to more easily compare color from
frame to frame
Superior title animation, effects, and 2D/3D compositing through
Boris Graffiti LTD
– Customizable real-time waveform and vectorscope for more accurate
assessment of color correction
SuperBins provide access to all media using minimal screen real
24-bit audio support
– Customizable, advanced histogram and parade monitors
DV Scene Extraction
Avid Pan & Zoom
Over 100 customizable real-time software effects and multiple
simultaneous real-time streams to create and view richly layered effects
without rendering
Real-time professional level color correction tools that increase
productivity and deliver better, more sophisticated results
Real-time performance on desktops and notebooks (Mac/Windows)
ExpertRender optimizes real-time performance
Keyframable, real-time picture-in-picture effects
Expert color correction toolset (based on sophisticated color
correction technology found in Avid Symphony)
Real-time audio dissolves and punch-in
Productivity Features
Xpress DV is easier and faster to use thanks
to Avid’s built-in software experts: Dynamic
Storyboarding, One-Step Technology,
NaturalMatch color correction, SuperBins,
DV Scene Extraction, Quick Transitions, and
Avid One-Step technology to automate
common tasks
Dynamic storyboarding with drag and
drop to the timeline
Scrub clips with JKL control in any bin
Award-winning online tutorial and
DV scene extraction instantly builds
individual clips from a single DV clip
Six customizable toolsets speed up common tasks: basic editing, source/record
editing, color correction, effects editing,
audio editing and capture from tape
JKL trim
Segment drag anywhere and user selectable
snap mode
Dual rolling trim
Highly customizable user interface
AutoSave and 32 levels of undo
Expert Color Correction
Avid’s real-time color correction tools
provide unmatched professional-caliber
functionality that’s also incredibly easy to
use. One-touch Auto Correct automatically
makes each shot look its best, or you can go
even further with color correction tools
based on Avid Symphony finishing software.
NaturalMatch expert can match skin tones
and other elements across scenes with one
OneStep AutoCorrect can fix an entire
sequence with one click
Keyframeable color effects
Three-up color correction windows
Advanced Waveform and Vectorscope
Before and after split screens
Interoperability + Workflow
Advanced Software Experts
Avid DV codec provides exceptional quality
One Step Dynamic Storyboards
Export in many popular formats, including
MPEG, Windows Media and QuickTime
Quick Transitions
OMF files for collaboration with graphics
and other systems. EDL import/export
allows finishing in tape online facilities
DV Scene Extraction
Seamless audio exchange with Digidesign
Pro Tools systems
Supports all AVX 1.5 plug ins including 3rd
party RT plug ins
QuickTime (MOV)
Every box includes both Mac and Windows
software and license. Use either or both.
Sorenson Squeeze 3
Application, projects and media identical
on both platforms
Flash, Flash Video (SWF, FLV)
Windows Media 7, 8, 9 (PC only)
Real Media (PC only)
Support for popular FireWire cards,
cameras and decks
Multiprocessor optimized
Encoding Support
Fast, Easy DVD Creation
You’ve finished your edit. Now create a DVD with only a few clicks using the industry-leading
DVD creation tool for Windows. Bundled Sonic DVDit SE automatically converts your audio to
Dolby Digital, and supports a wide range of devices and media. Mac users can also use any of
their favorite DVD-authoring applications for their Avid Xpress DV projects.
In the
Windows XP Professional and Macintosh
OS X versions in one box
Avid Xpress DV box includes software for both the Macintosh OS X and Windows XP
platforms, plus Boris Graffiti LTD for 2D title creation and animation; Sorenson
Squeeze 3 Lite for high-quality encoding to Windows Media 9, QuickTime, Flash,
MPEG-2, and other formats; and Sonic Solutions DVDit! SE for DVD authoring.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
64-bit Supercomputers
for Video and DVD Creation
The world’s fastest 64-bit personal computers, the Power Mac G5 combines rock solid
engineering reflective of the full-throttle Xserve architecture with massively enhanced
output and connectivity. Available at speeds up to dual 2GHz with a ultra-high bandwidth system architecture featuring AGP 8X and PCI-X, these turbocharged computers rip
through digital video and audio projects faster than Pentiums can say “uncle”. With the
64-bit PowerPC G5 processor supporting up to 8GB of 400MHz, 128-bit DDR SDRAM
and fast 6.4 GBps throughput, you can write large projects to memory 40x faster than to
a hard disk.
Available in three powerful configurations — 1.6GHz, and dual 1.8GHz and 2GHz
models, they each feature the legendary 4X SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW), three PCI-X
slots, one FireWire 800 and two FireWire 400 ports, three USB 2.0 ports (plus two USB 1.1
ports on the keyboard), ADC connector, DVI connector, analog audio I/O, optical S/PDIF
I/O, front headphone and speaker jack and built-in Gigabit Ethernet — as standard.
Finally, each Power Mac G5 is supported by Mac OS X’s robust foundation, which features
multithreading and symmetric multiprocessing for an additional performance boost.
Exceptional Performance
The latest in PCI technology, the PCI-X
protocol is perfect for high-performance
PCI devices, increasing speeds from
33MHz to 133MHz and throughput from
266MBps to 2GBps.
Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, USB 2.0 and
optical digital and analog audio are all
integrated through two bidirectional 16bit, 800MHz HyperTransport interconnects for a maximum throughput of 3.2GB
per second.
Ultra-high bandwidth system architecture
features a 1GHz frontside bus — one on
each processor — for maximum throughput. And a point-to-point system controller
lets data move directly between subsystems,
without affecting processor function.
Designed for whisper-quiet operation, the
Power Mac G5’s enclosure houses four discrete thermal zones to compartmentalize
the primary heat-producing components.
The Power Mac G5’s built-in handles will
come in handy the day you need to move
all your stuff into that corner office you’ve
always had your eye on.
DVD Authoring Software
The SuperDrive comes with the software needed to create your own DVDs
— faster than ever before. With iDVD
preinstalled, the Power Mac G5 is a
complete DVD production studio. And
it’s the fastest on the planet, too.
There’s no easier way to create quality
DVDs and share your photos, movies and
music with friends and family than with
iDVD. Offering tight drag-and-drop
integration with the other apps in the iLife
suite, iDVD also gives you breathtaking
themes, slideshow options, higher quality
longer length DVDs, and innovative
organizational tools.
iDVD renders video, automatically creates
submenus from chapter markers you set in
place and quickly burns your project onto
inexpensive DVD-R media that can hold
up to two hours of video.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Add transitions to the slideshows and
menus. Make the background for your new
DVD menu dissolve with a drop of water
into the movie of your latest vacation.
Don’t worry about running out of room on
the disc. Resource meter built into iDVD
keeps track of how much storage space you
have left for your movies, photos and music.
◆ Keynote
makes it a snap to create cinemaquality presentations with professional-caliber themes, razor-sharp text and beautiful
charts and tables. Make layered images with
transparent graphics and text, and adjust the
transparency of each layer as you choose.
64-bit Performance
64-bit power and high-bandwidth architecture alleviates the limitations and bottlenecks of the traditional PC — opening up
a wealth of possibilities for 2D and 3D
designers, video and audio producers, and
game developers. The industry’s fastest
frontside bus, an advanced system controller and high-speed, high-capacity memory combine to make the Power Mac G5
one of the fastest PCs ever built.
The dual 1.8 and 2GHz Power Mac G5 systems can play up to seven simultaneous
standard definition (SD) video streams.
With DV content, the Power Mac G5 can
play up to nine simultaneous streams.
Graphics and Display Support
Supports 1920 x 1200 pixel digital resolutions and 1600 x 1200 analog resolutions
and DVI connectors; DVI to VGA
adapter included
Dual display support for extended desktop
and video mirroring modes
Support for two Apple flat panel displays
Storage and Expansion
◆ Two
Serial ATA controllers supporting up to
150-MBps data throughput per hard drive
Two 3.5-inch hard drive expansion bays
with drive guides for a second drive
– One 80GB or 160GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA
drive installed in standard configurations
With iMovie 2, you can create dazzling
Desktop Movies complete with effects, voiceovers, music scores, transitions, titles, credits,
and much more. iMovie 2 is simply the best
way to make great movies on your Mac.
iMovie 2 gives you everything you need to
create your own desktop movies. There are no
complicated procedures to learn. If you can
cut and paste, and drag and drop, you can
transform any digital video footage into a
polished movie with a few simple steps:
1. Capture— With a click of your mouse,
iMovie automatically transfers video and
audio from your DV camcorder to your
Mac through a single FireWire cable.
2. Edit—Edit clips and arrange them in
any order you, then add cool effects such
as dissolves, fades, and pushes for professional-looking transitions between scenes.
3. Enhance—Spice up your flick with a
music soundtrack, voice-overs, and sound
effects; apply video effects including Soft
Focus, Sepia Tone and Water Ripple; then
polish it off with titles and credits.
4. Share—When done you can view it full
screen or transfer back to your camcorder
for recording or watching on TV.
DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive
Every Power Mac G5 comes with a SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) that lets you burn both CDs
and DVDs that can be played in most consumer DVD players. The SuperDrive reads DVD titles
at 8x and writes to 4.7-gigabyte DVD-R discs at 4x. And if you want to watch a DVD while your
work is burning, or archive material at the same time, all Power Mac G5s offer a second optical
bay. Choose a combo DVD/CD-RW to fill it up.
Power Mac G5 Specifications:
Model Number
G5 Processor
L2 Cache (per processor)
Frontside Bus
Main Memory
1.6 GHz
Dual 1.8 GHz
Dual 2GHz
1GHz per processor
256MB PC2700 (333MHz) 512MB PC3200 (400MHz) 512MB PC3200 (400MHz)
4GB maximum
8GB maximum
8GB maximum
Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
80GB (7200 rpm)
160GB (7200 rpm)
160GB (7200 rpm)
Optical Drive
Graphics Support
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
High Performance I/O
One FireWire 800 port, two FireWire 400 ports (one on front) three USB 2.0
ports (one on front), two USB 1.1 ports (on keyboard), AGP 8X Pro slot with
graphics card installed, ADC and DVI connectors for dual display support.
–8MB memory buffers on all hard drives
Optical digital audio I/O, analog audio I/O, front headphone minijack, speaker
– Support for up to two internal Serial ATA
drives; 500GB maximum system capacity
Optical drive bay with SuperDrive (DVDR/CD-RW) installed; writes DVD-R discs
at up to 4x, reads DVDs at up to 8x, writes
CD-R discs at up to 16x and CD-RW discs
at up to 10x, reads CDs at up to 32x speed.
Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet and 56K modem; AirPort ready
Each includes Apple keyboard and mouse, DVI to VGA adapter, AirPort antenna; Mac OS X v10.2 “Jaguar”, iLife (iMovie,
iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD), QuickBooks for Mac, FAXstf, Art Directors Toolkit, Microsoft Office v.X Test Drive, FileMaker Pro Trial,
OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, GraphicConverter, QuickTime, iChat, Safari, Sherlock, Address Book, iCal, iSync, DVD Player,
Mail, Acrobat Reader, Classic environment & Apple Developer Tools.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Compared with the AGP 4X interface, the
G5’s AGP 8X Pro graphics bus effectively
doubles the maximum transfer rate and
doubles the amount of data transferred in
a single AGP bus cycle. The 66MHz AGP
8X Pro bus achieves a 533MHz data rate
and a maximum bandwidth of 2.1GB per
second — ideal for the included ultrafast
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or NVIDIA GeForce
FX 5200 Ultra graphics cards.
iMovie2– Video Editing Software
The Emmy Award-Winning Tool for Editing and Finishing
in DV, SD and HD Formats
Final Cut Pro (FCP) 4 is a scalable digital nonlinear editing system built on a resolution-independent architecture. From the innovative OfflineRT and DV, up to
uncompressed 10-bit 601 or HD, Final Cut Pro 4 is perfect for editing and finishing a wide variety of programs at virtually any resolution or frame rate. Pros will
appreciate the rich editing tools — including support for asymmetric trimming —
and customization features such as fully customizable keyboards and workspace
layouts. RT Extreme, a sophisticated multi-stream real-time architecture , supports an increased number of video streams and effects. Multi-track audio mixing,
multi-channel output and real-time audio effects enhance NLE-based audio editing. FCP4 includes two additional creative tools: LiveType, a broadcast-quality
title generator, and Soundtrack, an intuitive tool for creating musical scores.
Uncompromising image quality, sample-accurate A/V synchronization and corrective finishing tools make FCP4 ideal for SD and HD broadcast applications.
Apple’s SD and HD finishing formats let online editors work with 10-bit uncompressed video, composite elements and render effects with incredible clarity and precision using HDR imaging to render video using an amazing 32-bits per channel.
XML interchange format —a new, standards-based composition and metadata interchange format, bridges the gap between
disparate edit systems and customized post-production workflows. XML interchange format, AAF support and the ubiquity
of QuickTime across professional applications give FCP4 the flexibility to fit into any production pipeline. Enhanced EDL
support and FXScript — a visual effects scripting language — make Final Cut Pro 4 the most extensible NLE available.
Sophisticated Editing, Compositing and Effects
Final Cut Pro 4 has sophisticated editing, compositing, effects, and audio tools that allow professional editors to meet
demanding post-production deadlines while maintaining their creativity and passion for high-quality results.
RT Extreme
RT Extreme leverages the strengths of Mac OS X and the
PowerPC G5 processor to support a scalable number of
video streams and real-time effects with fully synchronized
output to a broadcast monitor for DV and fully
uncompressed SD projects.
But the RT Extreme engine really comes into its own when
you use a dual-processor Power Mac G5 system — which
handles up to seven streams of uncompressed SD video. That’s
because the number of simultaneous real-time video streams
and effects scale with processor performance, delivering
greater power and speed as your processing resources increase.
And new real-time modes allow you to choose full-resolution
output for finishing or real-time preview for maximum
simultaneous streams. Final Cut Pro 4’s enhanced multistream real-time effects now include output to a NTSC/PAL
broadcast monitor for more accurate, real-time previews.
Real-time Effects
Playback and Software Effects
Final Cut Pro 4 gives you innovative features like real-time effects
playback, a high-capacity offline format for seamless offline-to-online
workflow, and powerful finishing capabilities like advanced color
Final Cut Pro 4’s software-based, real-time effects let you explore
“what-if ” scenarios — to switch effects on a whim — without
having to render them. So you can check out what a scene would
look like if you used, for example, a Ripple-Dissolve instead of a
Cross-Dissolve in real time.
Use varying combinations of real-time effects and still have real-time
playback, depending on the speed and number of processors in your
computer. Each effects operation you apply to a clip makes varying
demands on the processing capabilities of your G5 depending on the
effect. (When the total processing demands of all combined effects
exceed your system’s capabilities you’ll have to render them.
Editing and Timeline
View and Trim Media
Real Time Playback
Audio Mixer
Final Cut Pro 4 gives you a unique editing
environment that includes the tools professional editors require to cut video with speed
and precision.
Editors can now perform asymmetric and
dynamic trims, use master clips, gang playback between windows, and much more. The
Timeline supports variable track heights,
keyframe graphs, and Auto Select tools. Final
Cut Pro 4’s visual controls – like buttons and
shortcut menu commands – give you total
control of the editing process.
• Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, or 30 fps
• Source/record three-point editing model
• Insert and overwrite with or without transitions
• Replace, fit to fill, and superimpose edits
• Blade and Blade All tools for adding edits
• Extend and split edits
• Sync indicators in Timeline with automatic
correction options
• Adjacent (through edit) indicators in
• Dupe detection in Timeline
• Keyframe graphs
• Track targeting, Track locking
• Auto Select tools
• Timecode or frames in Timeline
• Clip, sequence, scoring, chapter, and compression markers
• Marker exports to DVD Studio Pro for
chapter and compression settings
• Clip and sequence marker export to
LiveType for titling
• Waveform display in Timeline
• Opacity and audio level overlays in timeline
• Custom, independent track heights
Real-Time Effects
Unlimited Audio/Video Tracks
Shortcut Buttons
Designed for Speed
Final Cut Pro 4 lets you customize the way you work by creating your own
keyboard shortcuts and shortcut buttons for many commands. Select from more
than 600 tools and commands to customize your keyboard using multiple
modifier keys and interface buttons. The Browser, window arrangements and
Timeline settings can also be customized to suit the way you like to work, and
you can save your settings and load them onto any other Final Cut Pro 4 system.
Customizing your Keyboard:
Final Cut Pro 4 lets you use your own keyboard shortcuts to perform actions on your computer
using the keyboard instead of pointing and clicking. You can customize the keyboard to override
Final Cut Pro 4’s default keyboard shortcuts individually for several commands or for the entire
keyboard layout. This way, you can set up keyboard shortcuts based on your preferred set of keys
and work habits. You can also set up your keyboard to use the same keyboard shortcuts you’ve
used in other applications. Naturally, you can clear your customized keyboard layout at any time,
removing most of the commands and their keyboard shortcuts (a feature that’s particularly
useful if you want to clear a keyboard layout you previously set up and change the commands
for another project).
• Ripple, roll, slip, and slide
Export and Import Keyboard Layouts:
• Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
Once you set up your preferred shortcuts, you can export your keyboard layout for other group
members to use. This works both ways, so you can also import layouts that others have set up
(useful options when you’re working on multiple computers or with others). What’s more,
Final Cut Pro 4 lets you save text documents that list commands and your keyboard shortcut
equivalents, so you can print out a handy guide for easy reference.
• Dynamic JKL trimming
•Trim window, Timeline trimming
•Keyboard and numeric trimming
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1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
• Edit overlay for drag-and-drop editing
The easiest way for video editors to
create original royalty-free music,
Soundtrack puts professional audio scoring capabilities right at your fingertips.
Soundtrack lets you easily create highquality, royalty-free music for your projects. As a production tool, it’s perfect for
creating 15-, 30- and 60-second original
music content, promotion spot and
bumpers as well as longer programs.
Combine and arrange audio loops and
sound effects to create original, royalty-free
music soundtracks.
Combine and match loops of different
tempos and musical keys in real-time —
Soundtrack does it for you automatically,
so you don’t need to have a background in
Automate your effects and entire mix for
complete creative control.
Import Final Cut Pro 4 video projects
complete with Scoring Markers to create
perfectly timed professional sounding
Use the powerful search engine to quickly
find audio loops and sound effects based
on instrument, musical genre or mood.
Import AIFF, WAV, and ACID format audio
files, and get access to hundreds of thirdparty, multi-genre, royalty-free loop CDs.
Soundtrack enables you to create original
music scores on your own — no professional musical experience necessary. And
by letting you develop your musical scores
in real time, Soundtrack allows you to
quickly evaluate dozens of different alternatives before you export your digital content for output.
A new on-screen audio mixer, along with an audio router and 24-channel output, raise the bar
for nonlinear editor-based audio editing. Final Cut Pro 4’s on-screen mixer supports 99 tracks.
Each track contains a fader, level meter, mute, solo and pan controls. A separate master section
in the mixer allows for adjustment of the overall level of the mix. Each output channel in the
master section includes peak hold level indicators to provide enhanced precision when viewing
your overall mix levels. You can define up to four separate views, allowing you to make quick
work of large multi-track mixing jobs.
The faders use a continuously varying log scale for more intuitive adjustment of levels and a
wider sweet spot around unity gain. Fader automation lets editors mix their audio in real-time.
Fader automation can be recorded in three ways — with all keyframes, with reduced keyframes
or as peaks only.
Any of the 99 available tracks in a sequence can be routed to 24 channels of discreet output.
Group audio channels into mono or stereo output groups and adjust attenuation values for each
channel. A stereo down-mix button lets you edit and monitor multi-channel projects easily
when working on a portable or where a multi-channel audio interface is inaccessible.
LiveType Titling
Wireframe Preview
Media Browser
LiveType revolutionizes titling with
a breakthrough new font standard
— LiveFonts, the world’s first
animated font standard, as well as
a whole new way to create effects.
Now you can create dynamic,
professional-quality animated titles
quickly and easily with LiveFonts,
an easier-to-use approach to
keyframe animation, as well as
Track Information
Customizable Effects
customizable effects, sophisticated
project templates, and royalty-free broadcast-quality animated content.
Features professionally animated font styles and a powerful FontMaker utility. So even before
you apply movement and effects to your titles, every character has a life of its own.
Includes 350 broadcast-quality animated textures and objects that you can use in your projects
royalty-free — in effect, allowing even non-animators to produce professional-level content.
Soundtrack includes thousands of professionally recorded, royalty-free instrument
and sound effects that you can start using
immediately to create original, high-quality
music scores.
Effects in LiveType are like digital building blocks — modular behaviors that include movement, transformation and timing parameters. The pre-built effects that come with LiveType
give you the power to add fades, zooms, rotations, and motion to your titles, and you can create your own styles by adjusting these existing effects within the LiveType interface. Create
your own effects dynamically on the fly, and can even save them for use on future projects.
As an added bonus, Soundtrack includes
over 30 powerful audio plug-ins like
reverb, EQ, delay and chorus, as well as
specialized effects from Emagic Logic
Platinum like SubBass, Bitcrusher and
Thanks to LiveType, creating animation is easier than ever before. Each keyframe, for instance,
contains all the parameters for an element, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of long
keyframe stacks. Powerful timing features allow you to precisely control every aspect of your
animation. And since LiveType treats every character of the word as a separate layer, sequencing gives you the freedom to move single characters within a text block with individual timing
elements, so you’re not limited to using blocks of text that fly around the screen as one image.
Import and export QTime-supported formats, including Photoshop, JPEG, TIFF and PICT.
Import clips from Final Cut Pro 4 complete with markers, so it’s easy to synchronize your
titles to important video and audio transitions in your Final Cut Pro 4 projects.
Color Correction
Color correction is one of the last steps in
the post-production workflow. If making
sure that peoples’ flesh tones on tape look
quite the same as they do in real life isn’t
enough of a challenge, wait till you
encounter the trickier aspects of lighting.
To ensure that flesh tones look the way
they do in real life, Final Cut Pro 4’s color
correction filters let you fix imbalances in
lighting by adjusting the color balance,
black levels, mids and white levels of each
individual clip in your project. That way all
of the different clips that make up a scene
can be balanced to match one another, so
they all look as if they’re happening at the
same time, in the same place, with the
same lighting.
Intelligent Codecs
Final Cut Pro 4 ships with a wide range of codecs, including 8- and 10-bit uncompressed YUV
(4:2:2) SD and HD codecs, native support for Panasonic DVCPRO50, 50Mb/s 4:2:2 video over
FireWire, and a newly optimized, high-quality MPEG-2 codec for encoding and distribution.
This lets you capture, play back and output different formats of digital video in a variety of
compressed or uncompressed formats.
When you start editing with Final Cut Pro 4, you’ll need to choose the codec that clips in your
edited sequence use. For instance, if you’re editing material captured from an NTSC DV
camcorder, you’ll need to select the DV-NTSC codec. Just be assured that whatever type of codec
you need to work with, Final Cut Pro comes with a wide range of them:
Codecs include, DVCPRO50 DV-NTSC and DV-PAL, OfflineRT using PhotoJPEG, Apple
M-JPEG , JPEG and Animation.
Cinema Tools—Advanced Tools for Film and 24P HD Video
A database that tracks the relationship between your original film and sound with its digitized
counterpart in Final Cut Pro 4, Cinema Tools provides the vital link between your original film
negative and your digital video edits.
Compressor is designed to ensure that the
highest possible quality is maintained
when encoding projects from Final Cut Pro
4 into MPEG-2 for DVD authoring .
Compressor can also be used as an integrated part of your Final Cut Pro 4-toDVD Studio Pro 2 workflow. This means
that you don’t need to create an intermediate file to be encoded by another application. And that means that you save time
(because no export time is required), save
hard disk space (since extra disk space for a
intermediate file is no longer required),
and get pristine-quality video (since you’ll
be avoiding the generational loss that
occurs when exporting to another file).
Media Management
Final Cut Pro 4 uses XML interchange format technology to give you an unprecedented level of control over integration
with other nonlinear editing systems and
production workflows through the interchange of project, bin, sequence, clip,
metadata and media data information.
The new interchange format for exchanging content with other nonlinear editing
systems, asset management systems and
broadcast servers, XML interchange format
describes every aspect of a program from
edits and transitions to effects, color correction settings, and keyframe data
Adds support to the HD off-line and
finishing work flow in Final Cut Pro.
Sudio-produced films go through multiple
versions and screenings in post-production.
If screenings are done from work-print, the
work-print reels need to be re-conformed
as changes are made to the digitally edited
sequences. Change List feature makes it
easy to generate a list of instructions for
conforming a work-print reel from any one
version of a sequence to any other version
of that sequence.
Supports 35mm (3- and 4-perf) and 16mm
film formats
24-fps EDL I/O
24-fps EDL conversion to/from 29.97 fps
Import ALE, ATN, FLX, and FTL files,
export ALE files, import/export Final Cut
Pro batch lists
Track key numbers, ink numbers, video and
audio timecode
Output following lists: Cut, Change,
Optical, Pull, Dupe, Missing elements,
Audio EDL
Link media to database
Poster frame capability
Conform clips to specified frame rate
Reverse telecine function
Check out our complete
Final Cut Pro 4 Turnkey Solutions
All turnkey systems include:
Final Cut Pro 4
Final Cut Advanced
Training DVD
Contour Design
Shuttle Pro II
Logic Dedicated
One or two Lacie 19˝
Electron Blue IV Monitor
3-Year Apple Care
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Compressor (MPEG-2 Encoder)
Supports independent filmmaker by providing affordable tools for finishing on
film while editing digitally. Now with
support for ink numbers and change lists,
bigger-budget productions can use Final
Cut Pro 4.
Professional DVD Authoring Software
Redefining the art of DVD authoring DVD Studio Pro 2 gives you unprecedented creative control over the design process. Customize the interface to suit your workflow
needs. Apple-designed menu templates let you create DVDs quickly. And you can
instantly view tracks, assets and menus, so you can see how your project looks and operates before you build the DVD. Advanced interactivity controls let you create up to 98
stories, use scripting controls for advanced playback options, define remote control functionality, create multiple language DVDs and include DVD-ROM data in your project.
Includes a world-class MPEG-2 encoder that generates stunning video at lower bit
rates, allowing you to maximize the length of video on a DVD without compromising
quality. For more control, two powerful encoding utilities are included: Compressor
provides customization and correction of compression files in real time and lets you
batch process to MPEG-2 for DVD and MPEG-4 for web streaming. A.Pack encodes uncompressed audio into highly compressed Dolby digital AC-3 streams, which can then be used for full 5.1-channel surround sound.
Three different workspaces to give you maximum flexibility
The Basic configuration enables you to quickly build a DVD, using styles and templates which you can modify. If you’re tackling a more elaborate project, the Extended configuration adds an intuitive workflow with a timeline, Asset bin and Inspector.
The Advanced configuration provides a complete set of professional features, exposing the full power of DVD Studio Pro. You
can even build your own workspace configurations to fit your particular workflow.
Everything you need to start building DVDs right away can be found in the Basic configuration . With the help of Apple-designed templates and styles,
you can quickly build menus, add assets and interactivity by simply dragging and dropping edited video, audio and graphics from the palette. There is
no need for a separate graphics application to design menus and buttons for your DVD project, but you can if you want to. Ideal configuration if you
need to put something together quickly.
◆ Apple-designed
menu templates and styles make it easy to build high-quality DVDs.
Customize these templates to suit an individual project and save them to use for future
projects, they’ll speed production time and maintain a consistent look and feel.
Quickly create menus using royalty-free templates for marketing, training and sale uses.
Additional templates offer solutions for music videos, independent films, TV and ad reels,
as well weddings and other events.
Menu Editor provides all the tools you need to create menus. The alignment guides and
onscreen title and action-safe area displays help you align elements and keep them inside
the title and action safe areas. Shapes and drop zones will help you create beautiful and
interesting menus. And you can type text directly into the menu background and format
it however you like. Studio Pro 2’s powerful compositing engine quickly renders complex
graphics and effects, allowing you to instantly preview menus. And when it comes time to
build your project, it will automatically composite your new buttons over motion menus,
eliminating the need to do the work in other programs.
Includes drop zones that allow you to add graphic elements to a menu background. Add
photos, graphics or movies – rotated, positioned and sized – and you can use shapes to
provide irregular edges and borders. With drop zones, you can transform a simple background into a highly customized and interesting canvas. Once you’ve created your drop
zones, you can quickly add content from your media tabs or even right from the Finder.
Styles control menu properties such as background assets, button highlights and text colors.
Styles work with an existing menu, letting you
change areas such as the shape of a button or its
text font. While templates affect all aspects of a
menu, styles let you customize specific areas.
Create your own styles, apply all or just selected
parts of a style to a selected part of a menu.
Use the context-sensitive Drop Palettes to make otherwise tedious connections in one
step, dramatically reducing the work required to make a DVD. Automatically assign
functionality in one gesture – for example, make a new track and link it to a button or
create slideshows and submenus by dragging one or a group of photos over a menu.
You can even create movie scene indexes based on chapter markers in one step.
The timeline can assemble nine video angles, eight audio tracks and
32 subtitles into a single track. It adds trimming and merging options
and lets you place, modify and delete chapter markers. Convert
slideshows into a track, to add subtitles and audio tracks.
◆ Just
Connections tab determines how the viewer moves from one element
to another. You make links so the viewer jumps from a starting point,
or source, to a destination, or target. The Connections tab allows for
quick drag and drop changes or keyboard commands for power users.
◆ Stories
allow you to play back content in a different sequence, just as
you might build a playlist in iTunes. Stories let you create a version of
a track that skips some objectionable content, or you may use a short
piece of a track as a preview. A story does not increase the amount of
disc space the track requires, since it simply plays track markers in a
different order. Choose which markers to include and in what order.
You can even choose to play a marker’s video more than once. Create
up to 98 stories to play back track segments in the order you choose.
The Advanced configuration is organized into four quadrants, each of which has
one or more tabs that contain the primary controls of the interface. You can select
a tab to make it active, move the tab to a different quadrant or tear off a tab to
make it available in its own window. Drag and drop tabs include Track, Preview,
Connections, Assets, Media, Outline, Log, Slideshow, Story and Scripts. You can
adjust each quadrant’s size by dragging its borders or adjust the size of all four
quadrants at once by dragging the point where they intersect. You can close a
quadrant by dragging its inside edge to the DVD Studio Pro interface edge.
Whether you have a large computer display and are able to spread out, or a
small display that limits your visible workspace, you can tailor DVD Studio Pro
to suit your workstyle. Working on more than one computer? You can save your
configurations and switch them with keyboard commands.
◆ Simulator
lets you test most aspects of a project by playing the project before it’s built. Also lets you test most connections, including
First Play, and provides the functions of a DVD player remote control.
◆ Full
access to a powerful scripting language. Add sophisticated interactivity and control with scripts assigned to buttons or attached to
the start or end of any track, story, menu or marker. The Simulator
also provides a complete display of the contents of the SPRMs and
GPRMs, letting you verify the script behaviors you created.
◆ When
you assign a video clip as a menu background, you can choose
to loop to a frame different from the starting frame. Audio assigned
to the menu automatically follows the video as it loops.
◆ Advanced
overlay graphics let you choose up to four colors or shades
of gray so that multiple highlight colors appear when buttons are
selected or activated. You can configure a menu to support up to 16
different languages. In addition to importing movie files, DVD
Studio Pro 2 maintains original chapter markers from Final Cut Pro
and iMovie and imports iDVD 3 projects.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
as you assemble video assets in the Track Editor, you can assemble still images in slideshows, with fixed or user-controlled duration,
with or without audio. Combine slideshows with video tracks on a
DVD to provide extra information about the subject, such as historical information, newspaper articles and cast biographies. You can also
create presentations with high-quality audio, and even put photo
albums and scrapbooks on DVDs. Slideshows uses images in TIFF,
JPEG, BMP, PICT and any other QuickTime-based image format.
Want more control? Just switch to the Extended configuration and you can work
with a timeline-based Track Editor that provides a linear view of a track and its
video, audio and subtitle streams. Organize your assets in the Asset Manager and
view their properties at a glance. As you select different elements in your project,
you can use the Properties inspector to change attributes to really make your
DVD stand out from the rest. Import content, automatically transcode
QuickTime files, encode to MPEG-2 and Dolby audio, design menus, assemble
tracks and polish your project using the intuitive workflow of DVD Studio Pro 2.
Data Bank (USB 2.0 and Firewire)
Design by F.A Porsche, the Data Bank is the most compact hard disk ever. Weighing less
than 5 oz. the Data Bank is barely larger than a credit card and thinner than a mobile phone
(4.4 x 2.5 x 0.5˝). A masterpiece of understated elegance, the Data Bank offers 20GB or 40GB
of storage at fast FireWire and USB 2.0 speeds, in a sleek, ingot-shaped magnesium design.
Hot-pluggable to easily share among cross-platform desktops, it features one FireWire
(IEEE1394) and one USB 2.0 port
USB 2.0 standard boasts transfer rates of up to 480Mbps while still maintaining backward
compatibility with USB 1.1 devices. The blazing FireWire interface delivers transfer rates of up
to 400Mbps.
Offers true plug and play connectivity, without the need for driver or software installation for
Windows XP and Mac OS X users.
No power supply needed. Simply connect the drive to your computer and use the power supplied by the FireWire or USB cable.
PocketDrive (USB 2.0 and Firewire)
Designed for today’s traveller, the LaCie PocketDrive family offers an ideal solution for data
exchange, backup and archiving on the road. Slender and compact, the drives are easy to
carry and feature a silicon bumper for maximum shock protection. Available in two 60GB
versions (5400 and 7200 RPM) as well as an 80GB (5400 RPM), the PocketDrive provides
both USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE1394) interfaces in one drive. With two Firewire ports and
one USB port, you can connect and disconnect any of the PocketDrives while the computer
is running with immediate device recognition.
PocketDrives weigh just 121⁄2 ounces, yet they can
easily store heavy graphic, audio and video files,
and perform complete backups of most systems.
Designed for people on the move, the PocketDrive
is small enough to fit into your pocket and features a special silicone bumper and sturdy casing
for proven shock protection
PC and Mac compatible, the PocketDrive comes
complete with USB 2.0 and FireWire cables, AC
power adapter, and Lacie’s SilverKeeper backup
software (for Mac OS X only).
SilverKeeper eliminates the time-consuming task
of manually backing up your important files,
offering you an easy-to-use backup solution.
Mobile Drives (USB 2.0 or Firewire)
The perfect companion for desktop and notebook computers, the LaCie Mobile Drive
weighs just 7 oz. to neatly fit in any travel, tote or computer bag, giving you the flexibility to work comfortably at home or away. Available in 20, 40 and 80GB capacities,
the Mobile Drive is made with a durable exterior to withstand life on the go. In addition they are bus-powered and don’t require AC adapters, providing more freedom to
roam while staying connected.
Plug and play with USB 2.0 interface, this lightweight, portable drive boasts transfer rates of up to 480Mbits/sec. — while maintaining
convenient backward compatibility with USB 1.1 devices
◆ With
FireWire interface and fast transfer rates (up to 400Mbits/s) you can download data or back up important files in no time
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
LaCie’s D2 series mobile and desktop hard drives are available in a
variety of interfaces for easy connection to Macs and PCs. While
USB is best-suited for personal backup and data sharing, Firewire is
ideal for use with high-bandwidth applications, such as video and
audio editing. All drives are plug-and-play for Mac OS X and
Windows 98SE/2000/Me and XP.
The D2 drives feature a sturdy aluminum case designed to enhance
portability, durability, and appearance. Made of a metal alloy that
dissipates heat and prolongs drive performance, the drives feature a
slender, stylish case that allows you to arrange them vertically on the
desktop, horizontally stacked in a desk rack, or mounted in 19˝ racks.
◆ Available
with up to 500GB of storage, a 250GB D2 drive can store the
equivalent of a 385 CD-Juke-Box or 50,000 MP3 songs.
Fan-free design ensures quiet operation
The drives are hot-pluggable, allowing for connecting and
disconnecting while the computer is running. They are also
compatible with Mac and Windows enabling simple cross-platform
data sharing and exchange among workstations.
◆ Available with up to 250GB capacity, these drives are capable of reaching
LaCie Desk Rack
Conveniently stack up to four D2
drives in this separate rack and
save valuable space on your desk.
When holding three drives or less,
this sturdy desk rack features an
area to neatly store media such as
CDs and DVDs .......................48.95
◆ Can be connected to any computer equipped with FireWire 800
(9-pin), FireWire 400 (6-pin) or iLink/DV (4-pin) ports.
◆ This drive is capable of reaching transfer speeds of up to 800Mbits/s for
LaCie Security Lock
FireWire 800 users, up to 400MBits/s for FireWire 400 users, and up to
480Mbits/s for USB 2.0 users. This drive’s triple interface, 7200 rpm speed
and 8MB buffer make it the fastest-possible storage solution for digital content creators.
◆ With the appropriate cable, the drives can be connected to any computer
equipped with FireWire 800 (9-pin), FireWire 400 (6-pin), USB 2.0 or USB
1.1 ports, making it the most universal drive ever.
Also available for use with the D2
design is a Kensington-type lock to
which protect your equipment from
theft or damage. This security lock can
be quickly and easily installed and
features a durable steel cable .......18.95
◆ Chained and striped in a FireWire 800 RAID 0 configuration, can reach
unprecedented sustained transfer rates of up to 100MB/s, making them ideal
for workstation and small-server environments.
◆ The LaCie Big Disk Extreme is a unique innovation that offers incredible
storage capacities up to 500GB in a 5.25˝ format. Featuring a new, faster
chipset, the LaCie Big Disk Extreme is the first FireWire 800 storage device
to achieve transfer rates that are up to 50% faster than first-generation
FireWire 800 drives. This high-performance drive also allows for native
RAID 0 speed without complicated configuration.
◆ Compatible with Mac and Windows, this drive features two FireWire 800
ports and one FireWire 400 port, making it ideal for audio and video professionals working with large DV/SD video and video RAID.
◆ Convenient, automatic on/off feature conserves energy and prolongs the life
of the drive.
LaCie Rackmount Kit
Configure your LaCie D2
drives in standard 19˝
racks with this optional
rack-mounting kit. This
kit allows for greater
organization of storage peripherals and tidy consolidation of
hardware. Kit includes two aluminum brackets and one
aluminum junction piece.......................................................38.95
Included LaCie Drive Stand
LaCie D2 drives ship with a sturdy metal drive stand that provides
stability and enables upright desktop use. When positioned vertically,
these slender drives occupy less surface area for more efficient use of
desktop space.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
transfer speeds of up to 800Mbits/s for FireWire 800 users and up to
400Mbits/s for FireWire 400 users. FireWire interfaces, 7200 rpm speed and
8MB buffer (250GB version) makes them one of the fastest storage solutions
available for digital content creators.
◆ Drives are hot-pluggable, allowing for connecting and disconnecting while
the computer is running
Mobile & Desktop Hard Drives
8x D2 DVD±RW
USB 2.0/Firewire DVD Rewritable Drive
Internal E-IDE/ATAPI
High-Speed DVD Burner
This universal drive delivers four
DVD formats in a single, slim
device. By combining
DVD+RW and DVDRW formats, the LaCie
Dual DVD±RW Drive
delivers greater creative versatility
by eliminating the need to choose one format over another.
Edit and author
interactive video
DVDs, store
music files and
archive digital photos — all on reliable DVD media. Record data,
video and MP3s on DVD general use discs and store up to 4.7GB
of data — up to 1,000 songs, more than two hours of MPEG-2
DVD video, or as many as 500,000 documents.
Drive is also capable of writing to CD and DVD formats, which are
compatible with nearly all existing DVD-Video players.
Encased in Lacie’s d2 design, this drive features Firewire and USB 2.0
(Firewire only on Macintosh version) connections and can be positioned horizontally on the desktop, stacked in a separate desk rack,
or mounted in standard racks with the optional rackmount kit.
Buffer under run protection reduces failed burns
Record digital audio, video and data or backup valuable data. Read/
write to CD and DVD media. Utilize Easy CD and DVD Creator and
Toast Lite to record professional-quality, personalized DVDs.
Bundled software incorporates easy-to-use interfaces and a range of
professional-grade tools, allowing you to create superior, high-quality DVDs to be used for storage, backup or playback
Fully hot-pluggable, simply connect the drive and start creating.
Drives can be shared between workstations for cost savings.
Ideal for storage and backup of audio, video and data in consumer
and corporate environments.
Equipped with fast record speeds
and spacious capacity, the
d2 Firewire CD-RW
drive in the d2 design
boasts an elegant new
look that was
specifically developed to
enhance mobility, functionality and versatility.
Shipped with comprehensive recording software, you’ll be able to
start burning immediately. The LaCie CD Utilities includes all of the
necessary drivers and Toast for the Mac and Easy CD Creator for
the PC, allowing you to create custom audio CDs, store files and
archive your photographs
As a “plug and play” peripheral, the LaCie CD-RW Drive is easily
configured to Macs running OS 9.x and 10.x, as well as Windows
98SE, Me, 2000 and XP. Creating data, audio, photo and multimedia CDs has never been easier.
With hot-pluggable FireWire technology, you can connect and disconnect your drive without shutting down your computer.
The LaCie CD-RW is also supported by both the Mac OS and
Windows, which means that the LaCie CD-RW Drive can be utilized by an entire department without costly down-time.
Discs can be played on most DVD players so you can easily share
your creations with family and friends.
Mobile DVD Recording
This lightweight, mobile DVD-RW
drive offers enough capacity to
store large graphic, audio
and video files, as well as
perform complete backup
of most systems on reliable
DVD media. An ideal companion for Apple
Power Mac computers and PowerBook laptop computers, LaCie’s
FireWire Pocket DVD-RW Drive delivers a complete, lightweight
DVD recording and authoring solution.
Record digital video, MP3s and data files on DVD general use discs.
Offering generous storage capacity of up to 4.7GB, DVD general use
discs are capable of storing as many as 1,000 MP3 songs, up to two
hours of MPEG-2 DVD video, thousands of digital still images, and
as many as 500,000 documents.
Ships with full-featured DVD authoring software, as well as CD and
DVD recording software for Macintosh so you can burn video, audio
or photo CDs and author exciting video DVDs - all from the road.
FireWire powered, the drive can be connected and disconnected
while the computer is running with immediate device recognition.
An external power supply isn’t needed.
The ADVC-50 lets you convert your VHS/S-VHS and 8mm/Hi8 video tapes to DV in one
simple step. The ADVC-50 is compatible with all OHCI and DV capture cards for Macintosh or
PC. No need to install drivers or any applications. Ideal companion to the Canopus
DVRaptorRT2 or any OHCI/DV capture card providing both analog input and easy cable access.
Uses Canopus’ award-winning DV Codec to convert analog video to
DV in realtime, and provide the best picture quality preservation.
NTSC and PAL compatible,
works with Mac and Windows
Supports locked audio when converting from analog to digital, assuring perfect audio and video synchronization. Capture long clips with
perfect audio sync.
Easy to install, the ADVC-50 allows convenient access to video cabling
when fitted into the computers 51⁄4˝ bay. Alternatively, it can be
installed internally as a standard PCI card.
Real-Time Analog-to-DV and DV-toAnalog Converter
Proprietary DV codec chip provides the industry’s
best picture quality preservation during A-D and
D-A conversion.
When used with Canopus DV cards, the
ADVC-100 automatically detects whether you’re
importing digital or analog video.
Outputs color bars for reference signal
Supports locked audio when converting
from analog to digital, assuring perfect
audio and video synchronization. Capture
long clips with perfect audio sync.
Front and back analog input connectors
for permanent connections such as VCRs,
which can be connected to the back while
all inputs are still available on the front.
Bi-directional Analog / Digital Video Conversion
The ADVC300 is the ultimate bi-directional analog to digital video converter. Featuring high-quality image enhancement
technology including digital noise reduction and image stabilization, the ADVC300 instantly cleans, stabilizes and preserves
old VHS and Hi8 videos in clean DV format.
Ideal for capturing and exporting analog
video from editing and DVD authoring
applications for Windows and Mac. Use as a
stand-alone bi-directional analog/digital
video converter without using a computer.
Convert VHS, S-VHS, 8mm and Hi8 tapes to
DV and back in one simple step
ADVC300’s intelligent usability allows for
easy setup and connection in any video environment. Front and back I/O connectors provide analog and DV signal pass-through and
ensure that cabling is neat and simple.
Compatible with all widely used DV and analog cameras and decks. High-quality component video output is
ideal for monitoring video using a broadcast monitor.
Features color bar reference signal output and advanced
analog input control software for adjusting brightness,
contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.
Employs advanced 3D Y/C separation, 3D noise reduction and Line Time Base Correction for perfect frame
synchronization. Poor analog source video is filtered
and stabilized prior to DV conversion. ADVC300 is also
ideal for “cleaning” old analog video and output back to
analog tape.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Ideal for non-linear editing, the ADVC-100 converts VHS/S-VHS, Hi8 and 8mm video tapes to DV in one simple step. The converted
DV streams are then transferred to your PC or Mac via IEEE1394 (FireWire) and stored on your hard drive where they can be
manipulated using any photo or video editing application.
Real-Time A-D (Analog-to-DV) Converter
Analog and DV Editing Card
ACEDVio is the world’s only analog and DV editing card that is completely
compatible with hundreds of video editing applications and all widely used
video equipment. By using Canopus’s proven DV codec technology to provide
unmatched picture quality, along with the company’s locked audio technology
for perfect audio and video synchronization, ACEDVio reflects the strong
engineering and product stability found in Canopus’s line of professional level
video products. Whether it’s a Windows or Mac computer, VHS or DV
camcorder, Final Cut Pro, Xpress DV, Premiere or Vegas editing software,
Canopus ACEDVio is the one card for all editing environments providing the broadest
compatibility, longest product life and highest return on investment. Available in three configurations: Board only (with
Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE) with Vegas Video 4.0 or in a ‘Ultra Bundle’ with Adobe Premier Pro, Audition and Encore.
Provides analog and DV input/output
compatibility for leading editing and DVD
authoring applications including Final Cut
Pro, Xpress DV, Premiere, Vegas, Edition,
MediaStudio Pro, Windows Movie Maker.
Connects to all widely used analog and DV
cameras and decks including: VHS, S-VHS,
Hi-8, Digital8, DV and DVCAM (supporting PAL and NTSC video standards)
Compatible with Windows and Mac systems. Easy one-card installation requires
no additional software drivers. Also provides easy connections for storage devices,
CD-RW drives, scanners and more.
Provides the industry's best picture quality
preservation and locked audio support
during analog-to-DV conversion and capture. Locked audio ensures perfect audio
and video synchronization at all times.
Provides video output to a monitor or television while editing.
Features adjustable brightness, contrast,
saturation, hue and sharpness controls on
analog video input.
ACEDVio (all versions) also includes Ulead
DVD MovieFactory 2.0 SE, Ulead's popular DVD creation software. Combined with
ACEDVio, DVD MovieFactory allows you
to capture directly from a camcorder into a
VCD or DVD project, as well as providing
menu, still slideshow and chapter point
creation. DVD MovieFactory supports a
wide selection of CD and DVD burners.
Vegas Video 4.0 Bundle
ACEDVio is available ina bundle with a complete, fully-functioning version of Vegas Video 4.0.
A Windows-based, integrated realtime video and audio non-linear editor with a comprehensive
feature set, Vegas Video 4.0 offers multitrack mixing, compositing, color correction, titling,
streaming media encoding and 5.1 multichannel surround sound production.
• Multitrack video editing with unlimited
• Powerful video compositing
• 3-wheel primary and secondary color correction filters
• Real-time previewing of effects and processes
• Keyframeable transitions, filters, and track
• Support for any aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc)
• Supports multiple file formats, frame rates
• Real-time non-destructive editing
• 24-bit/96 kHz audio support
• 5.1 surround mixing tools
• DirectX plug-in effects automation
• DV capture and print-to-tape tools
• Advanced streaming media tools
• Windows Media9 Series support, including
surround encoding
• RealVideo 9 support
• High Definition editing and output
• VideoCD and data CD burning
• 24p DV support with Panasonic AG-DVX100
• Imports CMX and Sony EDLs
ACEDVio Ultra Bundle
This bundle combines ACEDVio with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Adobe Encore.
• Premiere Pro is the leading editing package. From titles to graphics to fancy transitions to
realtime effects, Premiere Pro is a TV studio in a box.
• Audition's pro-class audio editing and effects tools give you the power to create a sonic canvas
as powerful and professional-sounding as your visual canvas.
• Encore brings Adobe’s easy and familiar interface to the world of DVD authoring. From
encoding to menus to interactivity, Encore allows you to make impactful, polished DVDs.
• Audio recording, editing, and mixing
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Let’s EDIT is a fast and easy-to-use video editing software
with movie-style effects including Old Movie, Blur, Pencil
Sketch and color correction. Realtime operation dramatically speeds up the editing process as there is no rendering
or waiting while creating movies with
sophisticated special effects. Combining real-time video
tracks, film-like filter effects and 2D/3D transitions with
intuitive and easy-to-use software—Let’s EDIT is the
ultimate home editing and DVD creation package.
Let’s EDIT RT and RT+ combine Let's EDIT software
with an OHCI capture card for easy capturing of video from either analog or DV camcorders, as well as realtime analog
(RT+ only) and DV output. The card features Canopus’s proprietary DV codec chip to provide the industry’s highest-quality,
analog-to-DV conversion with locked audio support for perfect audio and video synchronization.
Realtime video playback ensures there is
no waiting required to view a video project.
Realtime mixing and playback of two or
three video clips
Realtime titles and graphics layers, each
with motion and opacity controls, for
effortless creation of subtitles, captions and
movie credits
Realtime movie-style effects can be applied
to video in any combination to produce
unlimited special effects possibilities
Realtime 2D and 3D transitions such as 3D
Dissolve, Cube Spin and Page Peels with
hundreds of presets eliminate time consuming effects creation
◆ Voiceover
recording allows narration to be
added in realtime to a video project
Customizable effects include Chroma Key,
Picture-in-Picture and speed control.
Fast, intuitive, easy-to-use operation using
professional editing tools and techniques
Proprietary Media Technologies provides
the highest-quality DV and MPEG video
output. User-definable presets make creating the MPEG-1/2 files required for DVDs,
SVCDs and VCDs quick and easy.
Also includes Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE
for easy authoring of fully interactive,
professional-looking DVDs.
Realtime Video Editing with Movie-style Effects
Let’s EDIT RT and Let’s EDIT RT+
Let’s EDIT RT and Let’s EDIT RT+ are PCI analog and DV editing cards compatible with widely
used video equipment and hundreds of video editing applications. Together with Let’s EDIT
software these cards provide realtime render-free video output to ensure that there is no waiting
or rendering to playback, output and complete sophisticated video projects. Otherwise
identical, Let’s EDIT RT+ adds analog composite and S-Video and stereo audio output.
They connect to all widely used analog and
DV cameras and decks, including VHS,
S-VHS, Hi8, Digital8, DV and DVCAM
◆ DV and analog video compatibility for
editing and DVD authoring applications,
including Vegas Video 4.0, Final Cut Pro,
Avid Xpress DV, Premiere, Pinnacle Edition,
Ulead MediaStudio Pro, and Windows
Movie Maker
◆ Features adjustable brightness, contrast,
saturation, hue and sharpness controls
on analog video input
Support PAL and NTSC video formats
Compatible with Windows and Mac
Provide the industry’s highest-quality
analog-to-DV conversion with locked audio
support for perfect audio and video
Broad editing software support and video
equipment compatibility ensures a long
product life and high return on investment
Let’s EDIT RT+ provides video output to a
monitor or television while editing
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Professional Video Editing Software
Redefining realtime editing, EDIUS 2.0 lets you seamlessly edit, mix and output DV,
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and uncompressed video with true realtime render-free operation.
It also redefines video production productivity with realtime multi-format, multi-track
editing and timeline output to DVD using a standard desktop or notebook PC.
EDIUS 2.0 streamlines DVD-Video production by allowing editors to work in MPEG-1
or MPEG-2 format for realtime editing, effects compositing, keying, transitions and
titles. Canopus's MPEG codec technology maintains the highest picture quality during
every stage of the production process. EDIUS 2.0 also features DVD-Video authoring
directly from the timeline, with full chapter point support.
EDIUS 2.0 delivers unprecedented productivity and flexibility by offering unlimited
video and audio tracks, unlimited title and graphics layers, the ability to transition
between multiple video tracks, voiceover recording, three-point and four-point editing for even greater flexibility,
multi-format conversion capabilities and realtime output – all in a fresh graphical user interface that makes it easy to create
powerful, professional video and audio content.
While EDIUS 2.0 works with any OHCI-compliant system, it is optimized for Canopus' DVStorm and DVRaptor RT2 cards,
providing additional realtime, render-free operation working with DV, MPEG-1/2 and uncompressed analog video output.
◆ Integrates Canopus’s proprietary Effects Technology to offer 27 realtime video filters, including
White/Black Balance, Color Balance, High Quality Blur and Region. Also features a selection of
high-quality realtime video keyers, such as Chroma Key and Luma Key, for use in compositing
effects, as well as a fully customizable 2D/3D Picture-in-Picture effect. All effects are easily adjustable
and may be combined to produce hundreds of customizable effects.
◆ Sophisticated bin folder structure and search capabilities for enhanced clip organization and
management, the ability to remap missing or moved clips within a project for easier updating, and
enhanced timeline management features, including batch delete. Also supports 32-bit uncompressed
video with alpha channel, allowing editors to insert clips made using applications, such as Ulead
COOL 3D, directly onto the video track and play back in realtime.
◆ Includes Xplode for EDIUS and EDIUS FX, Canopus’s advanced realtime 2D and 3D video effects
engines. These effects packages harness the power of Canopus Effects Technology to create stunning,
professional-quality video transitions. With more than 40 transition groups from which to choose,
each with customizable options and numerous presets, Xplode for EDIUS and EDIUS FX provide
enough power for even the most demanding video editor.
◆ EDIUS is capable of unlimited simultaneous realtime titles and graphics layers. Its motion and
opacity controls allow users to stack multiple title layers for greater creativity. Title Motion Filter
effects include Blur, Dissolve, Slide, Wipe and Laser. EDIUS also includes Inscriber TitleMotion,
for the creation of visually stunning text, graphics and effects. In addition to award-winning CG
capabilities, TitleMotion includes professional functions such as crawls, rolls, directional blurs,
dissolves and more. Text can be fine-tuned through kerning, leading, slanting, rotating and
dynamic sizing. Editors can choose from more than 170 pre-set templates, or create a unique design
of their own.
User Interface
Floating window user interface for easy
workspace customization (customizable for
single and dual monitor setups)
Dual or single preview windows (recorder
and player)
Up to 10 user-definable workspace layouts
Customizable toolbar buttons
User-definable effects presets and folders
Re-mapping of missing media clips
Timecode and VU meter overlay display
Timeline window
Bin window
Effect selector window
Information window
Marker window
Realtime waveform/vectorscope window
(available while capturing and previewing
Inscriber TitleMotion
Realtime roll /crawl
◆ The output quality of a completed video project is just as important as the editing process. EDIUS
addresses this by providing fast, high-quality, multiple format export capabilities with technology
featured in ProCoder, Canopus’s highly acclaimed conversion software. ProCoder Express - EDIUS
Edition lets users rapidly export to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime RealVideo and Windows Media
formats, in addition to Canopus’s own DV AVI format.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
◆ Animated
titles with 3D effects and motion
Timeline Editing
Unlimited video tracks, title and graphics
layers, audio tracks
◆ Audio
◆ Audio
waveform display
Transparency track keyframe
volume / pan keyframe
Lock / Hide tracks
Three-point editing
Four-point editing (fit to fill with realtime
speed control)
Ripple editing
Slip, slide and roll editing (performed
while viewing in/out points)
◆ Video
/ audio split editing
◆ Voiceover
recording support
Realtime audio mixer
Multiple clip selection and deletion
Clip division through all tracks
Transition on same track (all tracks)
Transition between video tracks
ShuttleScrub preview window control
Unlimited undo / redo levels
◆ Auto
Full DV deck control capture
Realtime DV output from timeline
Batch capture and direct-to-timeline capture
Embedded timecode on exported video
◆ Automatic
file division capture at date and
timecode break
32-bit uncompressed video import (for video
clips with alpha channel)
MPEG video capture support from Canopus
MPEGPRO series and Amber
TGA file sequence export
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, Windows Media,
RealVideo and QuickTime export
Direct-to-DVD timeline export
Hardware MPEG encoder support for
save feature
Render-Free Real-time DV
Editing for EDIUS 2.0 or
Adobe Premier Pro
Simultaneous realtime effects for unlimited
Realtime video and audio tracks, title and
graphics tracks and filters
Realtime chroma and luma keying
Realtime 2D and 3D transitions
Realtime 3D perspective Picture-in-Picture
A total solution for realtime multi-track DV editing,
special effects, DVD authoring and Web video
publishing, the DVRaptor RT2 Max sets a new
standard in performance and price providing entry to
Canopus’s legendary realtime DV editing and special
effects capabilities. With DVRaptor RT2 Max there is
no rendering and no waiting while editing in with EDIUS 2.0 or Adobe Premier Pro.
Realtime title effects
Can process up to three video layers and 30+ moving title and graphics layers in realtime
from Premiere Pro timeline. The internal video keying process is done in YUV 4:2:2, as
opposed to the RGB, resulting in superior output quality and excellent keying results.
Includes the industry’s best DV chroma keying and realtime color correction with vectorscope and waveform monitoring. Also features a high-quality realtime speed controller,
which provides realtime speed adjustments of any value ranging from 1 to +/- 1,000%.
Powerful, customizable realtime video filters can be combined to provide endless special
effect possibilities. No limit to the number of filters that can be combined and blended.
Xplode Basics adds 2D, 3D and alpha video transition effects with an easy-to-use interface and over 160 different effects presets.
Video Clip Bin handling
Group selection of media
Multiple folder support
Detailed list folder view
Media clip search options
Clip sorting functions: File name, Clip
name, File size, Date
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1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Video Input and Output
Fast and flexible timeline editing for efficient
workflow and increased productivity.
Realtime Production Studio
DVStorm2 Pro is the professional’s video production backbone of choice.
Superior hardware and software integration allows editors to seamlessly
work with leading editing, composting, effects and transcoding applications
while benefiting from DVStorm2 Pro's highest-quality analog and digital
video processing. Combining Canopus’s proprietary technologies, DVStorm2
Pro delivers the industry’s highest-quality DV and MPEG, breakthrough
realtime performance and a professional, stable studio environment.
Bundled with EDIUS LE as well as Adobe Premier PRO (certain packages),
DVStorm2 Pro’s Premier Pro plug-in lets you preview and output both native
Premiere Pro effects and Canopus effects simultaneously in realtime. When using Premiere Pro, DVStorm2 Pro delivers five
simultaneous realtime video streams and unlimited title and graphics layers. DVStorm2 Pro also provides unmatched
realtime multi-track editing, an ample collection of realtime filters, 3D effects and realtime, render-free DV output. It also
provides realtime color correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, the industry's leading DV chroma key,
auto white balance, region filter, voiceover recording, and more.
Since MPEG capabilities are vital to today’s editor, DVStorm2 Pro includes StormEncoder, Canopus’s realtime MPEG
hardware-encoding module, as well as a frame-accurate MPEG editing tool. StormEncoder lets you encode MPEG-1/2 files
in realtime directly from DV and analog sources using the MediaCruise control software for effortless capture and encoding.
The Hardware— Capture Card and Breakout Box
Unlimited simultaneous realtime video
28 realtime 2D and 3D transition groups
with hundreds of presets
Unlimited simultaneous realtime title and
graphic layers
Realtime render-free DV and analog output
30 realtime video filters.
7 realtime audio filters
Perspective / 3D picture-in-picture
Simultaneous unrestricted combinations for
all of the above
Realtime DV and analog output
◆ Adobe
Premiere Pro plug-in
Component video output
Supports PAL and NTSC
Supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
Supports DVCAM equipment
Full YUV 4:2:2 editing and processing
Canopus Proprietary Technology
DVStorm2 Pro is the world’s most capable realtime multi-track editing system. Combining
Canopus proprietary technologies, DVStorm2 Pro delivers the industry’s highest-quality
DV and MPEG, breakthrough realtime performance and a professional, stable studio
environment. Unlike any other realtime editing system, DVStorm2 Pro is capable of
performing unlimited simultaneous realtime video filters, titles and graphics layers. This
power and expandability is made possible by Canopus’s proprietary scalable video
architecture. Pioneered by Canopus in 1998, Scalable Video Technology ensures that
DVStorm2 Pro’s realtime editing capabilities expand as CPU power increases. Scalability
ensures a greater return on investment and a long product life. To date, no other editing
system offers such scalability.
Storm Encoder
DVStorm2 Pro+’s unique hardware MPEG-1,
MPEG-2 encoder can either capture MPEG
from a DV or analog source or encode
MPEG in realtime from the timeline. Presets
for VCD, SVCD and DVD ensure fast
high-quality encoding, ready for authoring.
DVStorm2 Pro also includes a component
video output connector. Component video
output provides connectivity to Betacam
decks and broadcast monitors.
Chroma and Luma Keying
Chroma and luma keying allows editors to
make part of their video transparent. Keyed
clips can be placed over other clips to achieve
effects, such as placing a person in front of
any background video. Canopus processes
realtime effects in the YUV color space with
4:2:2 sampling. The result is a much cleaner
Chroma and Luma Key without the
compression artifacting around the edges
normally associated with a Key that works in
the RGB color space.
DVStorm2 Pro features powerful realtime
video filters unique to Canopus. All realtime filters are customizable and can be
combined to provide endless special
effects. In addition, there are no limits to
the number of video filters that can be
combined and blended. Canopus Scalable
Technology allows stacking of video filters
onto all video tracks, all in realtime.
• Anti-flicker • Blend Effects • Blur
Realtime 3D Picture-in-Picture/Pan and Zoom
Powerful 3D Picture-in-Picture
transition controls include.
Interactive preview tools for
position, orientation, scale
and shadow configuration.
Full key frame timeline control for position, orientation,
perspective, scale and transparency.
All key frame groups can be
interpolated by: Constant,
Linear or Spline.
Crop and Border controls allow separate
crop control for each border as well as color
and soft edge controls.
Extremely high quality anti-aliasing for
smooth edges and clear representation of
3D manipulated image borders.
• Chroma Key • Chrominance
• Color Correction • Combine Effects
• Emboss
• High Quality Blur
• Loop Slide
• Luminance Key
• Matrix • Mirror
• Monochromatic • Mosaic
User friendly configuration controls allow
quick configuration of complex transitions
without worrying about start and end
• Old Movie
• Pencil Sketch • Picture-in-Picture
• Raster Scroll • Region • Sharp
• Soft Focus • Solid Color
• Variable Speed Control (±10,000%)
• Strobe • Tunnel Vision
• Variable Speed Control
• White / Black balance
Easy to use presets provide perfect results
without time consuming adjustment .
• Motion Blur • Noise
The White Balance filter is ideal for
adjusting all color values within the same
range to correct problems with improperly
shot footage (typically brightness issues).
This filter features a ‘pick’ tool to allow
automatic white balance adjustment
relative to a selected color value. As an
example, the original shot was filmed at
dusk resulting in footage with a blue tint.
By selecting an object in the shot that
would normally appear white in color with
the pick tool, the footage is automatically
adjusted to correct the color information.
Realtime Title Motion Filter
DVStorm2 Pro is capable of unlimited
simultaneous realtime title and graphics
layers. Create realtime multi-layered
composites with dozens of title and graphics
layers with motion and opacity controls to
allow each layer to behave differently. Title
Motion Filter effects include Blur, Dissolve,
Slide, Wipe and Laser.
Xplode for DVStorm and 3DRT-II
Realtime 2D and 3D Transitions
DVStorm2 Pro includes Xplode for DVStorm and 3DRT-II,
advanced 3D video effect engines. Xplode for DVStorm and
3DRT-II feature proprietary Canopus effects technology and
provide the power to create stunning and professional
quality video transitions. With 28 transition groups
hundreds of presets and endless customizable options
Xplode for Storm/3DRT-II provide sophisticated power for
the demanding video editor. Xplode plugs-in to Premier
and EDIUS to execute multiple complex transitions and
effects in realtime.
Create Completely Original Effects:
• Adjust the rate of motion at any point of a
• Save keyframed effects into a preset list
• Configurable lighting allows editors to adjust
where a light source is positioned, what color
the light is, and the degree of light intensity.
• Xplode breaks the barrier of static shadows
by providing a very natural, realistic and
smooth look to projected shadows as they
are cast in reference to the direction of the
incoming light source.
• Import 3D objects from Lightwave and 3D
Studio Max. Xplode DVStorm lets users create their own customized 3D effects. Further
customization is possible through the support of AVI, BMP, GIF, Windows Media and
JPEG formats.
Transition Categories (with many presets)
• Xplode 3D Standard – Ball Bounce,
Billboard, Confetti, Conveyer, Cube Tube,
DoubleDoor, Fly Away, Page Peel, Ripple,
Twist, Wave, Zoom.
• Alpha Vapor Dissolves – Clouds, Smoke and
• 3D Object Wipes (Video B onto Video A)–
Airliner, Boom Box, Butterflies, Camera,
Card, Cell Phone, Dice, F16, Golf Ball, Heart,
Helicopter, Semi Truck, Sword.
• Over 60 Alpha wipes including: Beam Me Up,
Breaking Wave, Checker, Circles, Curtains,
Diamonds, Hearts Galore, Jaws, Layered Roll
On, Mosaic Ripple, Oil Slick, Quad Spots,
Radar, Sandblast, Spiral Burst, Wash Away
3D Dissolve, Blinds, Cube.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
30 Advanced
Realtime Video Filters
MPEG Tools and DVD Authoring
Canopus Realtime Tools
DVStorm2 Pro incorporates Canopus’s
Proprietary Media Technologies for the
highest-quality MPEG encoding at the
fastest speed. DVStorm2 Pro includes
MPEG cutting and recompressing utilities
for editing files that have already been
encoded to MPEG.
DVStorm2 Pro incorporates an impressive
array of professional tools to assist editors in
making the best creative decisions with their
projects. These include a waveform & vectorscope monitor, realtime audio filters and
realtime video out plug-ins for After Effects,
Photoshop, and NewTek LightWave 3D.
Process and maintain the video signal
quality necessary for broadcast using
Canopus’ waveform and vectorscope for
accurate color information. The waveform
and vectorscope monitors are available for
the Color Correction and White Balance
Filters. The White Balance Filter alters the
balance of color using the white or black
ends of the color spectrum.
◆ Canopus
realtime audio filters provide
tools such as Graphic Equalizer, Delay,
High Pass Filter, Tone Controller and mor.
MPEGcraft LE:
• Fast, high-quality re-encoding
• Supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 system
• Frame-accurate navigation for more precise cutting, including mouse wheel timeline scrubbing
• GOP-based editing to avoid re-encoding while cutting
• Hardware encoding support for DVStorm2 Pro’s hardware MPEG encoder
• to MPEG Tool provides additional MPEG encoding to pre-existing video files including:
– Multiplexing and De-multiplexing of MPEG files
– Re-encoding of MPEG files including upscaling of MPEG-1 to MPEG-2
– DV AVI to MPEG encoding with In/Out configurability
Bundled Software
Includes Sonic Foundry ACID Style, a powerful software and loops package that gives you
everything you need to begin producing royalty-free music.
• Choose from over 600 music loops
• Create tracks using an easy-to-use “pick,
paint, and play” style interface
• Use unlimited tracks of audio
• Fly in sound effects, samples, and rhythmic
• Save your mix in many formats, including
MP3, RealAudio, Windows Media, and WAV
Includes EDIUS LE. Packed with many of
the features of EDIUS 2.0, EDIUS LE provides DVStorm2 Pro with true realtime
editing and visual effects power. Experience
the intuitive, high-productivity workflow
that is revolutionizing video production.
EDIUS LE includes ProCoder LE for professional multi-format encoding capabilities including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Windows
Media, Quicktime and RealVideo formats.
Bundled Ulead COOL 3D Production
Studio SE lets you design and animate custom 3D titles for import into video projects. Choose from pre-made shapes and
styles or create titles from scratch
Capture and playback MPEG files without the
guesswork of when to start and stop encoding.
MediaCruise provides high-quality on-screen
display of live analog video input, MPEG
playback, easy creation of MPEG play lists and
quick control over video overlay options such
as hue, brightness and saturation.
MediaCruise directly supports DVStorm2
Pro’s hardware MPEG encoder, which provides
direct capture of either DV or analog video
into MPEG-1 /2 files, ready for authoring.
Hardware support also provides the ability to
preview MPEG files out to a monitor.
DVD Authoring
DVStorm2 Pro integrates the power of
realtime DV editing with DVD authoring in
a single system solution. Bundled
UleadDVD Workshop SE lets you output
sophisticated DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs with
features such as motion menus, special text
effects, highlight color customization and
photo slide shows with still images and
audio. Creating DVDs with DVStorm2 Pro
is a snap. Simply encode to MPEG-2 from
the timeline and import the MPEG-2 files
into Ulead DVD Workshop SE for easy and
powerful DVD authoring.
DVStrorm2 Pro—Available in three versions
• DVStorm2 Pro Real-Time DV Editing Solution —
Includes DVStorm2 board with component output module, Storm Bay, Storm Encoder,
EDIUS LE, MPEGCraft LE to MPEG Tool, Xplode for DV Storm, 3DRT-II, Sonic Foundry
Acid Style for Canopus, Ulead DVD Workshop SE, Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio
SE. Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in, video output plug-ins for After Effects, Photoshop, and
NewTek Lightwave 3D. Windows XP Home, XP Pro, Windows 2000 compatible.
• DVStorm2 Pro Ultra Real-Time DV Editing Solution —
Same as above plus it adds Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition
• DVStorm2 Pro+ Real-Time DV Editing Solution —
Same as above plus it adds Adobe After Effects 6.0 Standard,
Whether encoding MPEG video for DVD production, producing Windows Media for streaming or transcoding between NTSC and PAL,
ProCoder 2.0 makes video format conversion quick and easy. Encode a single source to multiple targets simultaneously, run multiple conversion jobs back-to-back in batch mode, or use ProCoder 2.0's drag-and-drop preset icons to start conversion with a single click.
ProCoder 2.0 features support for many popular video codecs out of the box, including Canopus' high-quality, high-speed, proprietary
DV and MPEG-2 codecs, and also supports additional codecs already installed on the system.
Simplifies your workflow, ProCoder 2.0’s powerful
manipulation tools get your sources ready for conversion.
Canopus’ DV codec provides the best picture quality preservation at the highest
speed, reducing the impact of multiple
recompressions. Canopus’s MPEG-2 codec
employs two-pass variable bitrate (VBR)
compression and advanced motion-estimation algorithms to provide the best possible encoded result.
Encode a single source to multiple targets
simultaneously, run multiple conversion
jobs back-to-back in batch mode, or use
drag-and-drop preset icons to start conversion with a single click. ProCoder provides
the streamlined workflow to convert once
and create all the output formats you need.
– Stitching allows you to link multiple sources of various
formats together to create a single seamless result, preventing you from having to combine the sources in an
– Source filters provide useful enhancement tools, such as
bitmap overlay, cropping and volume adjustment, to
ensure perfect input before encoding, while target filters
give you the flexibility to make specific adjustments for
particular output.
◆ With
Scalable Technology architecture, conversion speed
increases with the power of your system. In many cases,
ProCoder can transcode files faster than realtime.
Xplode Professional 4.0
Xplode Professional 4.0 is an advanced 2D & 3D video effects package
providing editors with powerful creativity tools to produce stunning
quality video content. With hundreds of customizable effects, transitions
and an intuitive interface, creating custom effects is a snap.
With a selection of over 100 presets, Composer Effects gives editors detailed keyframing and advanced transition customization capabilities to create stunning 2D and 3D
effects to their liking. Several Composer Effects can also be combined with an Alpha
Mask or be applied on transparent graphics to provide even more customization for
PIP and text effects.
Accessed from within Canopus editing packages or Adobe Premier, Transition
Launcher is a fast, efficient way of navigating through over 900 different effects within
Xplode. Features one-click previews, drop-down “Explorer” style interface and the ability to store favorite transitions separately.
“SmartConfig” intuitive interface dramatically reduces the learning curve by allowing
users to easily and quickly adjust transitions to their specific needs. SmartConfig panels include options for progress keyframing, positioning, lighting and shadows and
now also basic playback and scrubbing controls for finer tuning of effects.
Enhanced rendering engine provides high quality output, including superior antialiasing. Xplode Professional 4.0 is also engineered to take advantage of Direct3D compatible Video Graphics Accelerators for faster, hardware-based performance.
Global Configuration utility quickly adjusts important functions such as overscan area
handling and 3D rendering and have the settings instantly apply to all Xplode effects.
Accessed either directly or from any effect configuration panel, Global Configuration
also provides users with four different quality settings to improve preview performance
on older machines.
Xplode 3D Object Transition Group (SmartConfig Interface)
4 Groups: Props, Pull, Transition, Wipe
Xplode Alpha Transition Group (SmartConfig Interface) 7
Groups : Alpha Animated, Color Map, Custom Map Organic
Dissolves, Shape Wipes, Vapor Dissolves, Wipes
Xplode Composer Effects (Composer Interface)
6 Groups: 3D Object, Advanced Alpha Map, Box ,
Morphing Shapes, Multiple Objects, Picture Frame
Xplode Standard Transition Group (SmartConfig Interface)
43 Groups: Around We Go, Ball Bounce, Blend, Blocks, Confetti,
Conveyor, Cube Spin, Cube Tube, Curtain, Double Door, Fly
Away Flying Ball, Mirror Twist, Mosaic, Page Peel, Ripple,
Rolling Cube, Shuffle, Single Door, Twist and much more!
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The Ultimate Format Converter
Realtime Video Editing and DVD Authoring System
The RT.X10 Suite is a video editing hardware and software bundle
designed for video enthusiasts who want professional results– fast.
Consisting of a state-of-the-art video capture and realtime 3D effects
card, an audio/video breakout cable, plus the full versions of Adobe
Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, and Audition, you can easily create
home movies, business videos, and school projects that you
can be proud of. Realtime color correction makes all your
shots picture perfect. Realtime broadcast-quality titles and
customizable 3D effects such as page curls, organic wipes,
spheres, cubes, particles, 3D tiles and picture-in-picture give
your projects a high-end TV look. Realtime super-smooth fast
and slow motion lets you create dramatic or humorous effects.
Multi-track audio mixing lets you easily add soundtracks and music. When you’re finished editing, quickly deliver your finished videos on tape, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and the web.
Capture Faster
Realtime Editing
Realtime SinglePass DV scan and capture cuts capture time in half and saves wear and tear on
tapes and camcorders
Superior realtime video editing with Adobe
Premiere Pro
High-quality capture from VHS, S-VHS, 8mm and Hi-8
Single-frame capture from DV tape or a live source for easy photomontage creation
Full-quality video output on a TV, while
Realtime color correction with automatic
white balance, for picture perfect shots
Realtime, customizable Matrox Flex 3D
effects such as page curls, spheres, cubes,
picture-in-picture, etc.
Realtime super-smooth field-blended fast
and slow motion
Professional audio editing with Adobe
◆ Video
capture using OHCI and Video-for-Windows compliant applications
The Power of X
With today’s GHz CPUs, software can be made to do editing operations in realtime, using
just CPU power alone. However, they still are not powerful enough to allow software-based
realtime engines to perform all realtime operations. Compromises are necessary. Common
trade-offs include working at half- or quarter-screen preview resolution, reducing the frame
rate, and turning off processing-intensive filtering and anti-aliasing. When you're done with
your last edit, you must spend the time to render your entire project to see the actual result.
“The Power of X” takes full advantage of your CPU and harnesses the power of dedicated
hardware to give you the extra edge to enhance your editing. With RT.X10 Suite, you edit
like a pro today, and as computers get faster you'll benefit from the scalable power of the
CPU, but still be a step ahead with the extra boost you get from fully-optimized hardware.
The Power of X as implemented in Matrox RT.X10 Suite exploits the full power of the...
CPU for:
• Ultra-fast DV decoding without quality
Dedicated hardware for:
• Analog input and output
• Smooth slow and fast motion control
• High-quality bi-cubic and anisotropic
effects filtering
• Color correction
• Compositing and true 3D geometric effects
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Delivery Tools
Realtime recording to VHS, S-VHS, 8mm
and Hi-8 tape
Matrox TurboDV export engine for fast
export to DV tape
Professional DVD authoring with Adobe
Encore DVD
Hardware-accelerated simultaneous batch
encoding of DVD, SVCD, VCD, and web
Complete Software Bundle
Matrox MediaExport provides hardware-accelerated simultaneous batch
encoding of Windows
Media/RealMedia streaming formats
and MPEG-1/MPEG-2 multimedia
formats with multiple resolutions, bit
rates, and frame rates.
Matrox Video-for-Windows codec
lets you read and write RT.X10 Suitecompatible DV files using popular
digital media applications such as
After Effects, Discreet Combustion,
Discreet 3ds max, and LightWave,
with or without the RT.X10 Suite
hardware installed in your system.
WYSIWYG video output support for
standard DirectShow-based applications. As you work with standard
DirectShow-based applications, you
get instant output on your NTSC or
PAL video monitor. For example, you
can preview video files, such as
MPEG, DivX and AVI, on your
broadcast monitor using Windows
Media Player. Note that WMV and
Real Media files are not compatible.
Ligos GoMotion technology, incorporated into the Matrox MediaExport
plug-in for Matrox RT.X10 Suite, lets
you perform high-quality MPEG-1
and MPEG-2 compression. MPEG-1
is ideal for VCD and CD projects
since it allows you to put up to one
hour of video on a CD and can be
exported from Adobe Premiere Pro at
faster-than-realtime speeds. MPEG-2
is used for SVCD and DVD creation.
Pixélan Software Video SpiceRack
Lite is included with Matrox RT.X10
Suite, providing over 150 realtime
organic transition patterns.
RT.X10 Suite vs. RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Comparison
RT.X10 Suite
RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Suite
Video I/O
Analog Y/C and composite I/O
DV-1394 I/O
Editing formats
Interleaved audio/video file support
Analog + cutlist-only DV
Analog + DV + MPEG-2 IBP
for DVD authoring
Realtime output
Frame-accurate insert edit
Realtime layers
Matrox MediaTools is a frame-accurate capture and logging application
that lets you efficiently manage your
DV video footage and capture still
If you’re a serious professional concerned about getting the most from the Adobe’s digital video
applications, you need Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro. Premiere Pro becomes a full-quality, full-resolution, no-compromise powerhouse with RT.X100 Xtreme Pro. For not much more than the price of the
software alone, your editing experience is greatly improved.
The RT.X10 Suite software bundle
includes the full versions of Adobe
Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD,
Adobe Audition, plus a variety of tools
to make your work faster and easier.
Adobe Premiere Pro support
Graphics format support
Multiple formats: TGA, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc.
Title Designer support and preview to
NTSC/PAL video monitor
Audio mixer support
JKL keyboard support
Matrox effects keyframeability
Scrub preview to NTSC/PAL monitor
Realtime Matrox Flex 3D effects
Cross dissolve
Simultaneous 3D DVEs
Page curl
Native Adobe transitions (60), Motion
effect, and Opacity
Organic wipes, 3D tiles, Particle effect
Distortions, RGB colorization, Mask DVE
Blur, Ripple, Lens flare, Mesh warp, Twirl
Cubes, Sphere
Mosaic, Emboss, Pan & Scan Tool
Move & Scale (simultaneous 2D DVEs)
Soft Focus, Old movie, Corner pin
Realtime host-based effects
Color correction
18-parameters + 8
Speed control method
Alternate speed control method
Professional vectorscope/waveform monitors
Chroma and luma keying
XtremePreview for editing many layers
and effects without rendering
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Software Video Editor
The ultimate consumer software video editor, Studio 9 gives you every tool you need to easily
capture video to your computer, edit it, add titles, music, narration and special effects and then
output a finished movie back to videotape, DVD and the web.
Simply drag-and-drop your captured video footage onto the editing timeline and assemble a
movie in minutes. Take your production to the next level by adding voiceover narration,
professional-caliber titles, and background music.
You can also import CD, MP3 and WAV audio
files into your timeline, and export still frames
that can be printed out on a color printer.
Then, when you are finished editing, you can author and burn discs with
your CD or DVD burner that play in most set-top DVD players. Create
multiple linked menus, motion menus and motion buttons. Studio 9 also
features native 16x9 (widescreen) support, 3rd party plug-in support,
automated editing, and audio and video correction tools. Studio is more than
the easiest consumer video editor to use; it’s also the most powerful.
Advanced Video Editing
Audio Features and Effects
Transitions and Video Effects
Import background music as MP3 files or
rip directly from an audio CD
Capture and edit widescreen (16:9) or
standard (4:3) video
More than 100 scene transitions and
Hollywood FX 3D transitions
Capture and edit footage from your DV
Digital8 or MicroMV digital camcorder
Professional title effects with Pinnacle
TitleDeko, including drop shadows and
neon glows
Record your own voiceover narration
Create custom musical soundtracks precisely matched to the duration of your
Capture and edit footage from your Hi8 or
S-VHS analog camcorder
Capture and edit DVD quality MPEG video
from your DV or Digital8 camcorder
Import and edit MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files
Easy drag-and-drop editing lets you
assemble your masterpiece in minutes
SmartCapture saves time and effort by
instantly detecting where each scene starts
and stops
Advanced timeline features for frame-byframe editing
Preview window shows your edits
Automatic color correction to enhance
poorly lit footage and brighten dull video.
Fast/slow motion effects
Special video effects and image correction
Stereo and surround sound panning
Video Enhancement
Graphic EQ
Effect fade in fade out
Effect fade in fade out
Fix poorly shot footage using Studio’s audio
and video cleaning and restoration tools:
◆ Support
◆ Image
Stabilization to fix those shaky
handheld shots
Audio Filters let you apply professionallevel effects such as Reverb, Graphic EQ
and normalize.
Share your movies on videotape, DVD,
Video CD, and the Internet
Burn a video CD or DVD that you can play
on your living room DVD player
Output widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3)
Analog cleaning lets you restore old tapes
Noise Reduction tools for removal of
unwanted background noise such as annoying wind noise, hiss, and camcorder whine
◆ Image Filters let you create exciting video
effects, such as Old Time Movie, Ripples,
Lens Flares and more.
With all of these features and more, it’s easy to see why Studio version 9 software is the best
solution for all video enthusiasts who want to edit and output high-quality movies back to
videotape DVD and the Internet. For those who need video capture or output hardware
Studio version 9 is available with a variety of high quality hardware solutions- see next page.
for RTFx video plug-ins and VST
audio plug-ins
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Advanced Video Publishing
◆ Studio
9 can save movies as AVI, MPEG-1,
MPEG-2, RealVideo, and Windows Media
After you’ve installed Studio, attach your camcorder to your video
capture device, and capture the video clips you want to use in your
project to your computer's hard drive.
Step Two: Edit
Import your video clips, then drag-and-drop them onto the editing
timeline. From there, trim the clips, add a 2D or 3D transition and
title or two, and sync the whole project up with your favorite music
(Studio supports CD, MP3, and WAV audio). Studio even includes
SmartSound, which automatically generates music to fit entire scenes
in your movie. If you want to get really creative, try out a few of the
software’s built-in special effects features.
Use SmartMovie, an automatic movie creator, to make the process of
moviemaking even easier. Simply select raw video footage, add a
favorite song for a soundtrack, and choose an editing style for your
finished movie. With one click, Studio creates a professional-looking
movie-complete with titles, transitions and special effects-and
synchronizes it to the beat and duration of the music.
Studio MovieBox USB: This package
includes Studio 9 software and an external
box for converting video from analog camcorders to a digital signal that can be read
through your computer’s USB port.
Incorporating an F.A. Porsche industrial
design, the it connects to your computer’s USB 1 or
USB 2 port and captures video in DVD quality MPEG-2 format. The
box also includes composite and S-Video input and output.
Step Three: Output
Add menus and chapter breaks and burn a disc that can play in your
living room DVD player. Studio saves your finished movie in any
number of formats, including AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo, or
Windows Media Format. Use RealVideo and Windows Media Format
to export your video to the web, and use MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 to
export your video onto VCD, SVCD, or DVD.
Studio AV/DV: This package includes
Studio 9 software and an internal analog and
digital video card that lets you capture your
movies from any consumer videotape to your
PC. The included PCI capture card is equipped
with analog and digital I/O allowing you to
capture and edit footage from your DV,
Digital8 and MicroMV digital camcorders, or Hi8, S-VHS analog
camcorders. Unique circuitry incorporated in Pinnacle’s custom chip
ensures the highest possible video image quality.
Studio AV/DV Deluxe: Like Studio
AV/DV, this package includes Studio version 9
software, and a video capture card that
supports both analog and digital camcorders,
but it also offers a professional breakout box
and Hollywood FX Plus software. The
ultimate internal video editing solution, the
professional breakout box allows you to easily attach analog or digital
video sources, while the Hollywood FX Plus provides hundreds of
additional 2D and 3D transitions and video effects.
Internal Solutions
External Solutions
PCI + Break-out Box
video from
DV Tapes
Analog Tapes
Record final
movies onto
DV Tapes
Analog Tapes
You should look at:
USB-1 or USB-2
Studio AV/DV
Studio AV/DV Deluxe
Studio MovieBox USB
Studio MovieBox DV
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Studio MovieBox DV: This package
includes Studio 9 software and an external box
for converting video from analog camcorders
to a digital signal that can be read through
your computer’s Firewire (IEEE1394) port.
Incorporating an F.A. Porsche industrial
design, MovieBox DV is equipped with composite, S-Video and DV inputs/outputs that lets you capture your
movies in either MPEG or DV quality from any consumer videotape to
your PC or Mac (Studio 9 is not Mac compatible and doesn’t include
video editing software for Mac) via its FireWire port.
Make your video look better than when you filmed it with Studio’s
advanced audio and video correction tools. Use automatic color
correction to enhance poorly lit footage and brighten dull, unsaturated video. Experiment with the noise reduction tools to remove
unwanted background noises such as camera whine, hiss and wind.
Give your productions the full cinema treatment by editing in native
16x9 (widescreen) and mastering your audio using our built-in
surround sound editor. And lastly, fix all of your shaky handheld
shots using the image stabilization tool. And thanks to Studio’s open
architecture, third party developers will create more exciting audio
and video plug-ins that will become available in the coming months.
Step One: Capture
Powerful Realtime Video Editing with
Integrated DVD Authoring
Liquid Edition is the most powerful and comprehensive DV editing solution
available today. It combines the professional expertise and broadcast heritage of the
Pinnacle Liquid line with Edition’s plug-and-play power and ease-of use. On top of
providing the strong editing features that professionals demand and require, Liquid
Edition delivers stellar tools for impressive real-time compositing, effects and DVD
authoring, all from the same intuitive interface.
Liquid Edition is the first professional non-linear video editing application to
utilize both your computer’s CPU and GPU (Graphics Processor Unit), to take full
advantage of every aspect of your system. Effects such as chroma and luma key,
fast/slow motion, and color correction are performed by the system CPU, while
advanced 3D digital effects and sophisticated video texture-mapping effects are generated with the
The result is incredible realtime performance without the need for a special graphics accelerator. This means that however
your PC is configured, Liquid Edition will provide the best performance you can get.
World Class Color Correction
Real-Time Editing
Up to 10 streams of real-time DV and graphics previewing gives you the
freedom to explore dozens of creative options while meeting tight deadlines
Uses the throughput of the AGP bus which offers 16x more bandwidth
than competitive PCI-based solutions, to offer unequalled bandwidth
for real-time effects on multiple video and graphic streams.
Liquid Edition harnesses the full potential of your computer by driving
real-time effects from both your CPU and GPU.
Protect your future with a completely scalable architecture. The realtime power of Liquid Edition expands with faster CPUs and more powerful graphics cards.
Pinnacle Liquid Edition offers an incredible amount of real-time compositing and effects to bolster, not hamper your creative workflow. The
real-time effects
arsenal includes:
2D DVEs, true
3D DVEs,
Dissolves, Wipes,
Key, Spotlights,
Lens Flares,
Blurs, Particles
and Hollywood
FX effects and
Liquid Edition’s
unique CX Color
Correction offers
a wealth of tools
for top quality
primary and
secondary color
correction including, but not
limited to, one
and three point
tone, grey and color balance, primary and secondary selective
color correction and a full set of color scopes.
Besides Histogram and Lighting, allows you to visualize and edit
Vector Scope Waveform and the 3d-Cube display.
Has a workflow optimized and clearly arranged interface (easily
view the video clip, the scope and color settings simultaneously )
that offers all of the necessary controls with just one mouse click.
Offers a fully automated Hue and Histogram function to match
the color of a reference to multiple clips in just one easy step.
Gives you an unlimited control of selective color correction,
including precise settings for range and softness.
CX Color Correction is the most advanced secondary color corrector in it’s class.
The four major segments - primary color, six vector color, selective color, and
legalizer provide comprehensive and instant control of all relevant settings.
Workflow Optimized User Interface
Over 1000 Real-Time Effects
• 3D DVE
• Page Curl
• Page Peel
Liquid Edition’s user interface is built and optimized for a professional editing environment. Not
only does this make an editor’s life easier, it gives the new user a quicker learning curve. Uses the
same completely customizable user interface and programmable shortcuts found in the Liquid
blue, silver and chrome solutions.
All menus are context sensitive. This allows
for the minimum number of mouse movements and need for structured menus.
Has Windows style desktop storyboarding
with the complete freedom to position and
arrange clips any way you want.
Optimized for use with one or two monitors. A single mouse click can switch
between multiple optimized views.
Offers an intuitive way to set your keyboard
shortcuts by just dragging and dropping the
appropriate command on the desired key.
• Water Drop, Water Wave
• Cylinder
• Particle
• Magnify, Replicate
• Accordion, Bevel Crystal, Cracked Slab
• Falling Crystals, Curtain,
High Performance
• Cylinder, Explosion, Reflection
Dynamic Slow Motion provides exceptionally fine control over the speed of
clips and optimizes the ability to make
adjustments to speed over time.
Professionals will appreciate the greater
responsiveness and improved accuracy
of deck and device control when using
the built-in RS-422 machine control
In addition to DV and DVCAM, it supports DVCPRO 25 as a native codec.
Pinnacle offers a broadcast quality
Jog/Shuttle controller for fine control
of the tape machines and editing in the timeline.
Control sound levels in Liquid Edition’s audio editor via external faders attached by Midi.
With Sony Cliplink support, you can save time and resources by directly importing all
Cliplink cut points and picons on capture. With Sony DSR-DU1 support you can load
media without capturing therefore streamlining your workflow
Motion Effects
• 2D DVE
• Invert
• Crop
• Roll/Crawl
• MultiShape Crop, MultiShape PIP
• MultiShape SpotLight
• 2D Editor
• 3D Editor
• Cross Dissolve
• Gradient Wipe with Border
◆ Wide
Color Correction
range of software-based effects that render while you edit with sub-pixel precision.
• Base Color Correction
• Brightness and Contrast
• Black-and-White
◆ With
Liquid Edition, you can continue to drive your creativity while you are rendering high
quality DV output in the background. This dramatically speeds up the output process, because
you can continue to edit while you are rendering in the background.
• Stained Glass
Why take the risk of losing work when with Liquid Edition’s unique InstantSave technology,
every step you make is immediately and automatically protected. You can even drop back to
an earlier version of your project by using the Undo History palette.
Liquid Edition adapts to your workflow unlike other editing programs that require you to
adapt to their constrained workflow. User interface commands and keyboard shortcuts can be
customized to individual needs and can be stored on a per user basis.
Based on time code or video content, Liquid Edition’s Automatic Scene Detection divides up
the scenes into individual clips to let editors focus on creating rather than sorting through
their footage.
Liquid Edition supports a scalable UI (User Interface) for up to 1600 x 1200 resolution and
full size Source and Preview Windows to accurately check your work.
• ChromaKeyerYUV
• Luma Keyer
Special Effects
• Lens Flare
• Blur
• Spotlight
• Posterize
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3D Effects
Direct to DVD —
Integrated Timeline-based DVD Authoring
Project Sharing
Edit directly off of shared storage. Liquid
Edition's intelligent media management is
network savvy and lets multiple editors
view and access the same media. This
allows production teams to work more
efficiently by having the option to work
independently and/or together on each
and every aspect of a project.
Liquid Edition allows you to map your
networked drives so that multiple users
can view and access the same media.
Liquid is based on open networking standards and works with 100-baseT, Gigabit
Ethernet and Fibre Channel storage solutions. Double the performance of your
network by adding a Pinnacle Palladium
network storage solution.
Liquid Edition’s Palladium option provides
native support for Media Access Server
(MAS) protocol, a video over Ethernet protocol that increases bandwidth performance and reliability of Ethernet connections
for video when used with Pinnacle’s
Palladium network storage solutions.
Liquid Edition offers options such as
XSend to Pinnacle Thunder and DekoCast,
as well as communication with broadcast
servers, automation an asset management
systems. These interfaces provide for direct
exchange of media and metadata for workflow integration.
Furthermore, XSend to Macromedia Flash
Video Files lets you send clips and projects
directly to Macromedia Flash MX for
applying enhancements targeted for web
Liquid Edition’s ability to import and
export ALE files as well as export OMF
files provides an open exchange of clip, bin
and project metadata with other editing
systems, audio post production suites and
asset management databases.
Take your project on the road with your
laptop. Liquid Edition fully supports editing with real-time effects on a laptop.
Share Liquid Edition projects across the
entire Liquid product line including Liquid
blue, Liquid chrome and Liquid silver.
Produce once and distribute everywhere
(e.g. tape for broadcast, DVD, and the
Web) in the appropriate formats.
Historically, DVD creation has a been a difficult and time-consuming proposition. Liquid
Edition changes this by incorporating DVD authoring directly into the edit timeline. By
eliminating the frustrating process of exporting and importing files to a separate authoring
application, Liquid Edition makes the process of DVD authoring easier and more streamlined.
Why waste time and energy switching
between a completely different application
with an unknown interface when with
Liquid Edition you can author and burn
DVD/VCD/SVCDs directly from the timeline.
Once finalized, DVDs can be both simulated and burned directly from the Liquid
Edition interface.
Includes DVD Wizard with over 40 easy to
use templates to expedite authoring and
delivery of professional looking DVD's.
Using the familiar editing tools of Liquid
Edition, editors can create sophisticated
DVD menu structures, motion menus and
motion buttons.
Direct export to elementary or program
DVD streams as well as Super Video CD
and Video CD.
Liquid Edition Includes
• Liquid Edition v5.5 Software
• Pinnacle Hollywood FX Plus
• 1000+ Real-time Effects and Presets
• IEEE 1394 Interface Card (PCI
• Discover Liquid Edition Training CD
• Pinnacle TitleDeko RT
• 40+ DVD Templates
• IEEE1394/FireWire DV Cable (6-pin to 4-pin)
Liquid Edition Turnkey Computer Systems
• 10-bay tower with 400w power supply
• Intel Pentium 4 3GHz Processor
• 512 MB of RAM (Kingston or PNY)
• Matrox P650 128-bit 64MB 8X AGP Dual
Display Card (Liquid Edition 5.5 system)
• PNY MX400 Graphics Card for second display
(Liquid Edition PRO system)
• 80GB IDE System Drive, and 120GB Drive for
A/V storage
• Pioneer DRV-A06 4x DVD-RW Burner • Windows XP Pro operating system software and
• Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live
• 3.5˝ Floppy Disc, Microsoft
Mouse, Keyboard
Liquid Edition 5.5 or Liquid Edition PRO installed
• One-year warranty on parts and labor with tech
Liquid Edition PRO Adds
Pinnacle Liquid Edition Accelerator (AGP)
Liquid Edition PRO is the most powerful video editing, effects,
compositing and DVD authoring solution available today. Liquid
Edition PRO includes a
first-rate graphics card and
breakout box, guaranteeing
real-time analog out to tape
with effects and digital I/O.
Liquid Edition PRO also
provides top-quality VGA output to your main computer monitor
and the professional I/O necessary for simultaneous viewing of
your projects, with realtime effects, on your NTSC/PAL monitor while
going out to your analog deck.
Liquid Edition PRO Breakout Box (Composite, S-Video and IEEE 1394 I/O)
Top off your postproduction tool kit with the Liquid
Edition Productivity Pack. This comprehensive
professional software bundle includes Pinnacle’s award
winning products —Commotion Pro, Hollywood FX
Pro, Impression DVD Pro, and TitleDeko Pro.
Basically, you get every creative tool you need to do
professional compositing, paint, motion graphics,
special effects, broadcast-quality titles, and DVDs and
much, much, more.
Commotion Pro
Impression DVD Pro
Targeted at motion graphics professionals, broadcast graphics
professionals, independent film makers and editors looking for
touch-up tools for moving images, Commotion Pro delivers
integration of raster-based image editing with a comprehensive
compositing system suited to the growing base of independent
Impression DVD Pro is everything you need to create compelling,
interactive, professional DVD titles! Its as intuitive as it is complete in professional features; including eight audio tracks, 32 subtitle tracks, unlimited
menus, Hollywood-style motion menus, multi-angle titles, Dolby Digital
support and more! Impression DVD Pro – make a lasting Impression!
TitleDeko Pro
Hollywood FX Pro
Create stunning 3D transitions, titles and animation effects with
Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro version 5, the powerful creative tool
for Pinnacle Edition, Pinnacle Studio and Pinnacle Liquid
Systems. Packed with over 400 exciting 3D effects and transitions, Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro version 5 gives you more creative freedom than any other application in its class.
TitleDeko Pro is a software-based character generator for both Avid and
Adobe editing systems. TitleDeko Pro provides features designed to
enhance non-linear video productions. Controls exist to adjust color,
texture, gradient, scaling, skewing, kerning, leading, justifying and
rotation. TitleDeko Pro will create rolls, crawls and reveals. Additional
features include type on a curve, spell checker, unlimited layering and
unlimited undo.
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Professional Digital Video and Audio Production
Vegas 5 software provides an innovative and scalable non-linear editing environment
for professional video and audio production. Its intuitive interface maximizes
productivity and elegantly delivers unmatched power and performance. From
DV to HD, Vegas 5 is an all-in-one, real-time solution for digital video and audio
production, streaming content creation, broadcast production and more. Vegas 5 is the
new standard for professional media production on the PC platform.
Apply high-quality 2D and 3D transitions, filters, credit rolls and text animations;
create sophisticated 3D composites, keyframe track motion and pan/crop, and create
Bézier masks, all with unlimited tracks and unsurpassed flexibility. Vegas 5 provides
real-time playback of effects, transitions, and advanced compositing from the timeline
without rendering. Apply advanced color correction and perform scene matching,
precisely view video levels using scopes including Waveform, Vectorscope, Parade, and
Histogram monitors. Vegas 5 also supports HD and HDV editing and rendering along
with native support for 24p DV.
Vegas 5 provides the ultimate in audio flexibility, including unlimited tracks, 24-bit/192kHz audio support, record input
monitoring and on-the-fly punch-in recording, effects automation, time compress/expand, and much more. Vegas 5 comes
with over 30 studio-quality real-time DirectX effects including, EQ, reverb, noise gate, time compress/expand and delay.
Take advantage of hands-on mixing using external control surfaces and envelope automation recording. Vegas 5 is ideal for
digital video production, soundtracks, web content creation, radio and broadcast, and mixing 5.1 surround soundtracks.
Powerful Editing, Effects, Transitions and Compositing Tools
Efficiently edit and arrange events on the
Vegas timeline using drag-and-drop operations. Apply real-time effects, transitions,
envelopes, color changes, reverse, timestretching and motion effects. Expertly edit
complex SD or HD long-form projects
using mouse or keyboard trimming along
with powerful ripple editing modes.
Create spectacular 3D motion and text
effects with precise control over Z-depth,
plane intersection, compositing and more.
3D motion is real-time and instantly previewable via an external monitor. Also offers
multi-level composite group nesting, separate peer and parent motion settings, and
pre and post composite track effects.
Over 175 2D and 3D real-time transitions,
including Barndoor, Clock Wipe, Dissolves,
Linear Wipes, Page Peels, Venetian Blinds,
Zooms, 3D Fly In/Out, 3D Shuffle and
more. All transitions are customizable and
can be keyframed to change over the length
of each fade or overlap.
Transition progress envelopes provide full
keyframeable control over all transition
attributes across the length of an event overlap. Create customizable fades or reverse,
hold and repeat individual transitions.
Precise customization of transitions in Vegas
5 provides new levels of creative flexibility.
Produce keyframeable Bézier masks for
complicated objects. Bézier curves let you
closely track object outlines to mask and
keyframe shape and motion changes over
time. Create depth-of-field effects, apply
color correction to specific areas of a clip,
crop surrounding source material and create
mask overlays. Multiple animated free-form
shapes can be created in a single window,
with mask invert control for each object.
Feather and blend hard edges, set opacity
levels for each layer, and zoom the workspace to the sub-pixel level for extremely
accurate Bézier mask creation.
Choose from over 190 customizable video
effects including: Lens Flares, Light Rays,
Film Effects, Chroma Key, Timecode
Overlays, Color Gradients, Media
Generators, Credit Rolls, Text Effects and
more. Quickly recall frequently used effects
chains with new configurable packages.
Playback and edit video effects, transitions
and composites on-the-fly without rendering while viewing each change instantly on
external monitors in real-time. Vegas software takes advantage of the PC’s processing
power by caching complex processes or
effects directly to RAM for smooth framerate playback and previews.
Capture DV from a variety of sources with
automatic scene detection, batch capture,
tape logging, media bins and thumbnail
previews. Print projects to DV tape directly
from the Vegas timeline with NTSC or PAL
color bars, tone, and source file or timeline
timecode windows.
Professional Audio
Includes a powerful set of audio tools for
the most demanding productions. Mix
audio in a multitrack environment on an
unlimited number of tracks. Use on-the-fly
punch-in recording, real-time audio
effects, and take advantage of hands-on
mixing using external control surfaces and
envelope automation recording.
Connect HD is a high-performance high-definition (HD)
accelerator for Windows -based video-editing applications.
Connect HD’s editing performance is based on the same
patented video-processing technology that powers its real-time
sibling, Aspect HD. The technology is built on CineForm’s
visually-lossless high-definition editing codec, CFHD, which
provides unmatched performance and visual quality for
high-definition post-production applications. Connect HD’s file format guarantees compatibility with industry-leading video editing applications like Vegas 5, as well as other
Windows AVI-compatible applications including After Effects and Windows Media
Player. In addition, Connect HD includes HDLink, CineForm’s I/O software that connects PCs with HDV-compatible camcorders and DVHS decks.
◆ Apply
over 30 customizable, real-time
audio effects. Automate delays, reverbs,
EQs and more with envelope control for
each parameter. Use over ten automated
effects such as Track EQ, Reverb, Chorus,
Delay, Noise Gate, and Flange/Wah/Phase.
New 5.1 DirectX effects for the master bus
include EQ, Dither, and Wave Hammer
Surround compression tools.
Extensive tools for the creation of 5.1
surround mixes. Keyframeable surround
panning for tracks and busses lets you mix
the most demanding DVD soundtracks
without leaving the Vegas environment.
Apply 5.1-channel audio effects to the
master bus for enhanced control over DVD
The key to Connect HD’s
unmatched editing performance is
CineForm’s innovative technologies
including a proprietary and
symmetric, yet visually lossless video
codec. After editing, HD video is
easily exported to a wide variety of
HD, SD and web distribution formats.
Allows for on-the-fly punch-in recording
on armed tracks while playing back your
Vegas project. Record and maintain
multiple takes of audio into an empty
track, a time selection, an event, or a
combination of time and events.
CineForm’s high-performance HD
editing solutions enable wide adoption of HD in the independent film,
professional videography, corporate
and television markets by providing
real-time, multi-stream video editing on today’s fast PCs.
Perform tape style auto-input record monitoring with event ASR parameters applied
to the incoming signal. Monitor input
signal during both playback and recording.
Includes 19 new user-definable timestretch
modes that let you choose the resampling
method that best fits your audio material.
Select: change pitch, change length; change
length, preserve pitch; or change pitch and
preserve length, by semitones or cents.
Pitch change ACID loops, or any audio
event that has had ACID metadata assigned
to it, via keyboard commands and modify
your audio mix in real-time.
Connect HD
Connect HD (Standalone) ...................Call
Connect HD with Sony Vegas 5............Call
Powerful Color Correction and Matching Tools
Use 3-Wheel Primary and comprehensive Secondary Color Correction filters to adjust
differences in video from different camera setups or lighting situations; enhance dull, washed
out footage, or make specific color ranges stand out. All edits can instantly be analyzed on four
scopes: Vectorscope, Waveform, Parade and Histogram. Changes are immediately viewable on
an external monitor.
Accurately measure the color, black and whites of video, and locate illegal chroma and luma
levels so you can fix them prior to output. View levels in real-time as they play back in the
preview window or on an external monitor.
The Vegas 5 interface provides a full customizable workspace for accomplishing a wide range
of production requirements. Dock multiple windows and save layouts to fit certain tasks;
design and save keyboard commands, and use application scripting to automate repetitive
tasks. Network rendering saves time by using multiple computers and networked drive arrays
to render complex projects. Vegas 5 also supports 24p, HD and HDV editing.
Premium Encoding Tools
Vegas 5 features high-quality 2-pass VBR
MPEG-2 encoding for DVD, broadcast,
and other delivery targets. The high-quality
DV codec delivers pristine colors, incredibly sharp images, artifact-free compositing
and unparalleled recompression quality.
Optimized Workflow/Network Rendering
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Professional Video, Audio and DVD
Creation Software
The Vegas+DVD Production Suite is a powerful set of three integrated programs that
seamlessly edits video and audio, produces 5.1 surround mixes, encodes to Dolby Digital
AC-3 file formats and authors DVDs. From short-form videos to widescreen 5.1 DVDs,
Vegas+DVD software provides comprehensive video, audio, and DVD production features for
the professional media producer.
The suite includes Vegas 5, the complete solution for digital video and audio production,
audio recording, editing and mixing, streaming content creation and surround-sound
production. DVD Architect 2 software which includes an extensive set of professional DVD
layout and authoring tools for developing dynamic menu-based DVDs, movies, picture
slideshows and music compilations.When finished with your audio mix in Vegas software, encode either stereo or multichannel AC-3 files for use in surround sound DVD productions via the Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder.
Vegas 5 Software (previous page) + Professional DVD Design and Authoring
Author professional menu-based DVDs
using backgrounds, motion menus, buttons,
text and effects. Use programmable end
actions to set DVD content to loop, hold, or
timeout at the end of a scene change. Create
DVDs with subtitles, multiple languages and
running commentary.
DVD Architect 2’s project overview window
provides a hierarchical view of all the menus
and titles in a DVD project. View end
actions, quickly delete, add or rename a
menu or title, or set the DVD introduction
media. DVD Architect 2 has a fully customizable interface to optimize workflow.
DVD Architect 2 works seamlessly with the
Vegas 5 environment, providing video and
DVD professionals a complete solution for
DVD authoring. Vegas markers can be
imported into DVD Architect 2 software as
chapter points for quick scene creation.
Export text regions using Vegas software,
and import them into the DVD Architect 2.
Subtitles display on-screen during movies,
slideshows, and music compilations. Text
files can be translated for use as alternate
language subtitles in a project to create
DVDs containing multiple languages.
Subtitles can also be imported from a text
file or third-party subtitling application.
DVD Architect 2 supports up to 32 subtitle
tracks for each title (16 for widescreen).
Output surround mixes by encoding 5.1
multichannel or stereo projects with the a
Dolby Digital AC-3 encoder. DVD Architect
also imports AC-3 files for the creation of
multichannel 5.1 DVDs.
Play back DVD projects in real-time on a
virtual DVD player while simultaneously
previewing on an external monitor. Simulate
different aspect ratios including letterbox
and anamorphic widescreen.
DVD Architect analyzes source material, and
provides fit-to-disc adjustable compression
in your project on a file-by-file basis. Also
includes new recompress settings, allowing
per-asset control of bitrate estimation,
aspect ratio, resolution, frame-rate, confirmation of no-recompress and more.
Drag, drop, and arrange stills in the DVD
Architect interface. Create personalized
music compilations that display text and
images, or add background music to stills to
enhance presentations.
Import Flash (.swf) formats into a DVD
Architect 2 project and combine with other
events to create spectacular DVD motion
backgrounds and effects.
Import MPEG elementary stream MPEG-2
files. No additional conversion is necessary.
Support for 24p MPEG-2 files for the preparation of 24p DVDs
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Create customizable end actions for menus
and buttons in your DVD project. Set DVD
content to loop, hold, or timeout at the end
of a button or scene change. Set multiple
end actions for a single menu item without
rendering the file.
Produce DVDs containing multiple languages, alternate music beds and Director’s
commentary. DVD Architect 2 allows up to
eight different audio tracks for each title.
Also add multiple audio tracks to videos and
picture slideshows.
Customize the DVD Architect environment
to fit your workflow. Dock multiple windows and float them anywhere on your
workspace – especially useful when working
on a system with dual monitors.
Architect 2 lets you specify behaviors for
links, highlight masks, destination buttons,
custom color sets, remote behaviors and
much more.
Real-time external monitor preview ensures
your DVD project looks the way you wanted. View safe areas and fine-tune subtitles
and object positioning in real-time. Simulate
different aspect ratios including letterbox
and anamorphic widescreen.
DVD Architect 2 supports the latest devices
including DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW drives.
Magic Bullet for Editors is a finishing tool developed for video editors to allow them ultimate creative control over the final look of their movie, music video, commercial or video project. From the machine-green
of Neo to the bleached look of recent war epics, the results will give your video the drama and mood of
popular films and television shows. This plug-in brings the power of Magic Bullet to the editing environment, allowing film treatments to be added right on the timeline. It delivers the Look Suite technology
including film stock emulation, diffusion filter, and easy-to-use presets. Look Suite processes all images in
32-bit/pixel color space using The Orphanage’s DeepColor technology to deliver unmatched quality. The
package also includes Misfire, a film damage creation tool, with 14 different film characteristics, including
popular tools like grain, splotches, and scratches—as well as projection artifacts like flicker and gate weave.
Make any video source look like film
Includes 50 presets that mimic popular TV and film
Includes looks inspired by “The Matrix”, “Traffic”, and
“Three Kings”
◆ Create
and save your own unique looks
◆ Soften
the harsh edges and over saturated colors of
Provides 14 filters that accurately mimic damage of old
Film damage includes grain, splotches, scratches and
projection artifacts
Optimized for Power Mac G4/G5 and Pentium 4
Bundled with Magic Bullet for Editors or available
standalone, Misfire offers 14 different film characteristics, including grain, splotches, and scratches—as well
as projection artifacts like flicker and gate weave.
Misfire’s use of custom damage resources accurately
mimics damage of old film. A master plug-in with 13
categories of control, it includes individual plug-ins for
all 13 effects.
The Look Controls component is the most powerful aspect of Magic Bullet for
Editors, with 26 different controls you can start from scratch to customize your own
video Looks or tweak the included presets to create the mood you desire.
Misfire —Film Damage Software
· Includes 14 easy-to-use plug-ins for adding damage
· Lets you quickly build old film looks with easy controls
· Easy to use and extremely realistic
Offers controls for Fading, Funk, Splotches, Dust, Flicker,
Vignette, Displacement, Grain and 3 different types of
scratches: Micro, Basic and Deep Scratches. Each effect
category can be turned off individually.
Magic Bullet for Editors (with Misfire) ......................Call
The Cost of Video, the Look of Film—
Plug-in for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas
Knoll Light Factory for Editors
Lens flares are the result of photographing bright
lights either on film or video. A plug-in for Final Cut
Pro & Premiere Pro, Knoll Light Factory was created
by John Knoll, co-author of Adobe Photoshop and a
visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic
to digitally add extremely realistic lens flares. It is the
gold standard in lighting effects used by thousands of
motion graphic professionals and visual effects artists
to create light effects and lens flares like those on television and in feature films.
· Lens flare preset menu allowing you to easily apply over 40 different flares
· Apply simple glows to photon torpedo type effects
· Adjust the brightness, scale and color the flare presets
Knoll Light Factory .............................................................................................Call
Misfire ............................................................................Call
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Audio for Video Editing
Edirol .......................................................247
E-Magic ............................................260-265
MOTU ..............................................266-271
Steinberg ..........................................272-281
Cool Breeze......................................282-283
Studio Monitors ..............................284-286
24-bit/96kHz Audio Interface and MIDI Keyboard Controller
The ideal audio-interface and keyboard controller when working with limited
space, the PCR-1 offers the vast majority of options you’ve come to expect
from a high-end sound card as well as a 25-key controller that feels great
under your fingers. The PCR-1 draws its power directly from the computer,
so now you can compose, sequence, record, playback your music anywhere you
can take your computer. (Measures just 13⁄16˝ thick and weighs a mere 2 lbs. 11 oz.)
Whether working with software synths or powerful sequencing applications, the PCR-1
offers an incredible set of features and superior quality in the most tightly compact keyboard
and audio interface available. Includes a carrying case and a Kensington lock port, so it won’t
get up and walk away.
Offers standard width keys to ensure easy
play, and 128-step velocity sensitivity.
Offers 8 assignable knobs and 6 assignable
buttons. There is a shift button to change
the function of the 8 knobs and 3 of the 6
assignable buttons for a total of 25 controllable parameters per control map
Offers 16 different save locations for control maps. With 25 parameters available
per control map, the PCR-1 offers control
over a total of 400 parameters held in the
memory of the keyboard.
24-bit/96kHz for maximum performance.
USB Bus-powered, no AC adapter required
Includes PCR-Editor, a powerful program
that greatly eases the process of creating
control maps
Line-level recording & playback through
standard RCA-style connections.
1/8˝ headphone jack doubles as a S/PDIF
optical output
Low latency driver support through WDM,
ASIO2.0, and CoreAudio. Compatible with
a wide variety of audio and MIDI applications for Mac and Windows.
Direct Monitoring of your input signal lets
you hear what you're recording with
absolutely NO computer latency. Direct
Monitoring is simply a connection from
the input of the PCR-1 to the output of the
PCR-1, so the additional lag of the signal
going through the computer doesn’t affect
the monitoring of the recorded signal.
32-Note MIDI
Keyboard Controller
The most advanced 32-key MIDI keyboard
controller available. Never before has there been a better
compact keyboard for use with popular sequencers and software
synthesizers. The PCR-30 takes MIDI control to a new level with unprecedented versatility.
The PCR-30 can control a number of parameters not accessible from other controller
keyboards at this price point; such as RPN, NRPN, SysEx.
Compatible with WinXP and Mac OS X, the PCR-30 is the ideal keyboard for use with
Arturia Storm, SONAR, Cubase, Reason, FruityLoops, and most other popular
sequencers and software synthesizers. Comes equipped with templates for these and
other programs.
The PCR-30 is equipped with:
• 32 full-sized, velocity sensitive keys
• 8 assignable rotary knobs (cut off,
resonance, pan, tempo, etc.)
• 8 assignable faders (volume, EFX send, etc.)
• 9 assignable buttons (program change,
track mute, start, stop, etc.)
• Sustain and expression pedal connections
• 1x MIDI I/O
• Pitch & Modulation controls
• One Preset and 15 User Memory locations
• USB Bus powered or AC adapter
• Template sheets for controls
USB Audio Capture Interface
The UA-1X is a stylish, simple interface that easily turns your
USB-equipped computer or laptop into a digital audio
recorder. Stereo RCA I/O lets you capture audio from CD
players, keyboards or any analog device with line level output
at 16-bit/48kHz component-quality to your computer. It also has a
combination headphone output with volume control and S/PDIF optical
output. Signal indicators show when audio signals are present. Convenient
USB connection provides clean digital data transmission as well as power.
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USB Bus-Powered Preamp and Audio Interface
A bus-powered USB interface with built-in two-channel
mic/instrument preamps, the MobilePre USB eliminates the need
for an external power supply, making it ideal for field recording
and other laptop-based mobile recording situations. It features
two XLR-balanced mic inputs with switchable +48v phantom
power, 1/8˝ mini stereo mic jacks for desktop mics, and two 1/4˝ TRS
balanced instrument/line inputs. Each input channel also features a gain control knob
(+40dB maximum), phantom power indicator, and a signal presence/clipping indicator. Outputs include
two unbalanced 1/4˝ connectors, 1/8˝ mini stereo line output, and 1/8˝ mini stereo headphone output with level control.
2x2 16-bit/48kHz analog I/O
Two XLR-balanced mic inputs with 48v
phantom power
Stereo microphone input (1/8˝)
Two balanced/unbalanced 1/4˝ TRS highimpedance instrument/line inputs optimized for guitars and basses
Two unbalanced 1/4˝ line outputs
1/8˝ stereo line output
1/8˝ stereo headphone output with levels
Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
(mono/stereo) with software level control
USB/Firewire Mobile Studio Interfaces—Take your music anywhere you want
Mobility is about more than just field recording, it’s about ease and flexibility. M-Audio’s mobile audio solutions let you use your laptop or any
USB- or Firewire-compatible computer to record and play audio whenever you want. One simple connection gives you all the functionality
you need for desktop music production or making music on the go. Plus, these mobile audio solutions all include M-Audio’s legendary driver
support spanning all popular operating systems and industry communication standards.
• Mobility and simple connectivity for audio
and MIDI
• 24-bit/96kHz audio
• Highest quality components, specifications
and fidelity
• Low driver latency, zero-latency hardware
• Software-controlled internal digital mixing
and routing
• Unequalled driver support and software
About USB and Firewire
Offering excellent plug-and-play mobility compared to PCI, the USB and Firewire protocols each have their own inherent bandwidth that
dictates how much audio it can transfer. Where PCI handles 132MB/sec., Firewire delivers 30MB/sec and USB 1.5MB/sec. Greater bandwidths
allow you to record more tracks simultaneously than do lower bandwidths. USB meets the the needs of the majority of users who tend to
record one or two tracks at a time. Supplied driver control panel allows you to manage bandwidth according to the needs of each project.
USB Audio/MIDI Interface
with S/PDIF I/O
Audiophile USB is an affordable, no-hassle USB audio and MIDI interface that
delivers great frequency response, dynamic range and noise specs. AC-powered components deliver better fidelity than bus-powered circuitry and the bundled Mac and PC drivers let
you independently scale bit depth and sample rate (up to 96k) to deliver the lowest USB latency anywhere.
Two pairs of analog line-level audio inputs
(1/4˝ unbalanced or RCA)
Two analog line-level audio outputs (RCA)
with level control knob
S/PDIF in and out (coaxial)
1x1 MIDI I/O
Supports AC3 and DTS surround sound
1/4˝ headphone output with level control
◆ AC-powered
for high-performance A/D-D/A
FireWire Audiophile is a compact, IEEE1394-compatible audio/MIDI interface
that takes M-Audio’s award-winning Audiophile line to the next level. 4 x 6 audio
I/O combines with powerful on-board mixing in a mobile package that’s perfect for
home recording. Stereo headphone output with A/B switching between assignable
sources, and the assignable aux bus is perfect for creating dedicated headphone mixes
and effect sends. You also get zero-latency hardware direct monitoring, ultra-low latency ASIO software
direct monitoring, and 1 x 1 MIDI I/O. Even has AC-3 and DTS passthrough for surround sound playback.
2 x 4 unbalanced 24-bit/96kHz I/O (RCA
Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O with PCM, AC-3,
and DTS support
Compatible with ASIO 2, MME Sound
Manager, DirectX , Core Audio / Core MIDI
Flexible software-controlled mixing
Rotary encoder is assignable to control any
software-addressable level such as output
DACs, software returns or hardware input
monitor levels
Versatile mixer/router control panel provides near zero-latency hardware direct
1 x 1 16-channel MIDI I/O
Bus-powered or via included power supply
Momentary A/B source monitoring switch
4-in/6-out Firewire Audio/MIDI Interface
• Ableton Live Delta audio sequencer (a basic version of Ableton’s revolutionary Live audio
sequencer software
• M-Audio ProSession series WAV/REX samples (125MB)
• Reason Adapted, a limited edition of the world's most popular software synthesizer
4-in/10-out Firewire Mobile Recording Interface
Delivering powerful performance for Firewire
(IEEE1394) equipped computers, the 410’s 4-in/10-out
configuration is perfect for personal recording where
you build up tracks one at a time yet need multiple
outputs. FireWire 410’s ten outputs allow your computer-based recording system to behave more like a traditional analog recorder or sampler, where signals are bussed to multiple channels
of an analog mixer or to multi-channel monitoring systems. Software-controlled DSP handles all internal routing and mixing.
Two analog input channels each featuring:
– Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4˝
mic/line inputs
– Preamp with level control, signal/clip LEDs
and amazing available gain of 66dB
– 48v phantom power (globally switched)
– 20 dB pad
◆ 8-line outputs with signal/clip LEDs
(unbalanced 1/4˝ @ -10dBV)
Low-latency software monitoring
Zero-latency direct hardware monitoring
AC3 and DTS surround support via digital
Analog outs can directly drive up to 7.1
surround w/o decoder using included
software bass management
Standalone operation via AC adapter
Stereo monitor level control
Two-channel S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial
and optical, switched)
◆ 1 x 1 MIDI I/O with bypass for stand-alone
◆ Two headphone outs with individual level
controls (1/4˝ TRS)
◆ Two Firewire high-speed ports for connection convenience
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All M-Audio mobile audio solution include the Maximum Audio Tools bundle - a great
collection of software software that lets you make music immediately. Includes:
Advanced USB MIDI Control Surface
The UC-33e is the affordable, easy-to-use remote USB controller for any
computer music system or MIDI setup. It allows instant and simultaneous
control of up to 47 different parameters—and with 33 memory locations,
changing setups is fast and easy. The powerful Snapshot feature
instantly makes all controllers live for real-time, on-the-fly editing, and
the unique Control Mute function mutes the output of all controllers,
allowing you to position them before tweaking, thereby preventing
parameters such as filter cut-off or amplitude levels from jumping abruptly during
performance. The UC-33e also features a drawbar mode for the sliders, which greatly enhances
the experience of playing virtual instruments such as Native Instruments’ B4 virtual Hammond organ. Use the UC-33e
with a conventional MIDI setup, or as a remote control for your existing studio rack. 30 pre-configured presets allow immediate control of the most popular virtual instruments and host applications like Reason, Live, Logic, Cubase SX, Native
Instrument’s B4 and more. Also includes 5 color overlays for the front panel customized for programs such as Ableton Live,
Pro-53, B4 and a general Mixer Channel Strip plus a blank which users can tailor to their personal setup needs.
24 fully-assignable rotary knobs
9 full-size assignable ALPS faders with
light indicators
Independent channel assign for all 47 controllers
33 memory locations for storing your settings, including 4 one-touch access buttons
5 color overlays for popular music software
14 assignable buttons provide fingertip
control over sequencer functions and act as
numeric keypad for data entry
Controller mute function allows positioning before tweaking
Snapshot mode sends all controller values
Multi-purpose LCD display shows controller assignments
Drawbar mode for sliders allows realistic
control of classic organ sounds
Sys-ex memory dump
Global channel assign allows controllers to
command up to 16 different channels at
the touch of a button
Operates with music software or standalone with MIDI gear
Sys-ex librarian software loads, saves any
combination of setups for your studio
Sound Soap is an easy-to-use, professional-quality noise reduction
software designed for videographers and multimedia developers.
By simply adjusting two knobs,
anyone can remove unwanted hiss,
room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise from almost any
digital media file. These include DV and digital audio workstation tracks, as well as
cassette or other analog tape recordings that have been transferred to a computer.
◆ Sound Soap removes “broadband” noise
(room noise, tape hiss, road noise, or noise
from air conditioners). It also removes lowfrequency rumble, as well as hum - 50 and
60Hz electrical “buzzing” sound common in
audio recordings —without harming the
audio you want to preserve. It can even
learn the difference between the noise and
the desired audio, achieving amazingly
results. With moderate or subtle noise problems, Sound Soap makes the difference
between a project that sounds amateurish
and one that sounds professional. It can
even salvage otherwise unusable audio files.
Audio Cleaning Software
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
◆ Use as a standalone application—works
with any QuickTime compatible audio or
video file (AVI, DV, .WAV, SDII, AIFF, MP3,
MP4 & many more) or as a fully integrated
plug-in with any compatible DirectX or
VST host program — including BIAS Peak,
Vegas 5, Cubase & others.
◆ One-step Learn Noise button automatically
reduces noise (in under three seconds,
SoundSoap will profile any noise in your
signal and adjust the Noise Tuner and Noise
Reduction knobs to their ideal settings), or
fine tune the intuitive controls for even
more professional results — in just seconds.
A new breed of controller designed to meet the needs of today’s
electronic musicians, Oxygen 8 puts you in control of any 8
MIDI-assignable parameters within your favorite software
programs. Oxygen 8 is also a USB MIDI interface that speaks
directly with your computer without any extra devices. You
don’t need a MIDI interface for this keyboard interface.
The software synth is here to stay, and along
with it comes dozens of parameters to be
tweaked. Oxygen 8 puts your hands on any 8
parameters of your choice in real time.
Oxygen 8 lets you get deeper into your software programs, to get more out of them, to
experiment and push them to their limits.
Gives you more freedom on the stage than
you’ve ever had before, dynamically
increasing the possibilities available to you.
What is a MIDI
Unlike traditional keyboards,
MIDI controllers have no sound
built into them. They are optimized to control other MIDI
sound sources such as synthesizers, samplers and today’s popular
software synths. For example,
here’s how you play sounds within a software program:
Because of M-Audio’s driver
technology, your computer will
recognize your Keystation as a
MIDI interface with which it can
communicate. By playing the
keyboard, you send MIDI information to your computer, which
triggers sounds in a software
program that are played via the
audio output to your computer's
sound card.You can also send
MIDI via the Keystation’s dedicated MIDI output port to external MIDI sound modules like
synths and samplers.
Instead of taking hours to program drums
with a mouse, use Oxygen 8 to play
grooves into your program in real time.
Use the 8 knobs to manipulate the dynamics,
feel, and FX.
Synthesists can use Oxygen 8 to gain access
to, and to automate parameters that exist
deep within their hardware, making it easier
to get more out of them without having to
navigate through dozens of menus.
8 MIDI assignable knobs, one assignable slider
◆ Inputs and outputs 16 channels of MIDI to
and from your computer using the power and
convenience of your USB port.
◆ Fully functional, velocity sensitive 25 key MIDI
controller keyboard, capable of sending all
MIDI messages, such as modulation, pitchbend, MIDI volume, and more.
◆ Powered via USB port or 6 “AA” batteries, or
with the supplied power supply.
49-Key USB MIDI Controller
The Keystation 49e is the perfect USB MIDI controller keyboard for getting started with music on
your Mac. Class-compliancy with OS X means
true plug-and-play operation—and the included
Maximum Audio Tools software bundle lets you
start playing immediately. Despite it’s simplicity,
the Keystation 49e includes a 49-note full-size,
velocity-sensitive keyboard for authentic playing experience, as well as built-in MIDI interface,
pitch and modulation wheels, and sustain pedal input. Sleek, compact and USB bus-powered,
the keyboard is compatible with most educational and studio software.
Audio Features:
MIDI Features:
Built-in 16-channel USB MIDI interface
25-note keyboard with full-sized keys
Stereo out (balanced 1/4” TRS)
Eight assignable MIDI controller knobs
Pitch and mod wheels
Mic input (XLR) with built-in preamp and
phantom power
Sustain pedal jack
Instrument and Stereo aux in (bal. 1/4˝ TRS)
Two MIDI outs (one from computer, one from
Stereo headphone out
Monitor switch for zero-latency monitoring
Built-in 2 x 2 24-bit/96kHz audio interface
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25-Key Portable USB MIDI
Digital Audio Workstation Controller/USB Interface
The US-428 is a 24-bit digital audio workstation controller with the familiar
interface of Tascam’s Portastudio that professionals have come to recognize
over the years. Essentially combining a hardware interface with
computer functionality, the plug-and-play US-428 interfaces with
Windows and Mac-based sequencing platforms via USB
without any additional cards to be installed.
The US-428 offers full control over any number of software
faders through eight hardware faders, groups of eight
software faders selectable with buttons located beneath the
unit’s jog wheel. The control surface also supports transport, EQ and
control functions for sequencers and DAWs. The US-428 supports inputs of 16- or
24-bit resolution at 44.1 or 48 kHz, and stereo or mono, with four analog inputs and a S/PDIF
digital input. Two audio output channels also support 16- or 24-bit resolution in stereo or mono, and at 44.1 or 48 kHz. The
US-428 also comes bundled with a custom version of Steinberg’s Cubase VST recording/MIDI sequencing software.
Input Section
There are four analog inputs and a stereo
S/PDIF input, any four of which can be
combined to record up to four simultaneous tracks via USB
There are four Trim knobs with individual
signal present and overload LEDs (one for
each analog input) that ensure setting
proper input levels before recording.
Channel Section
The Master Section
Eight Channel Faders send continuous
controller information to the current bank
of eight faders delegated by the Bank select
buttons. Each of the eight channels has its
own Mute/Solo, record-ready and channel
select switches with status LEDs.
Master Fader controls the level going to the
stereo bus output, and/or sends MIDI
controller information to the host software.
Dedicated Transport and Locate controls
provide one-button access to the corresponding on-screen transport controls of your
host application.
Four Aux Send buttons with status LEDs
access the corresponding Aux Send in your
software and are controlled using the
The Datawheel also acts as a continuous
controller for a variety of functions such as
a shuttle wheel, moving the transport in the
direction the wheel is turned.
Dedicated EQ module controls the currently
selected channel of your audio recording
program and has continuous controllers for
level, frequency and Q as well as selector
buttons that access the four available EQ
bands (High, Hi-Mid, Lo-Mid and Low)
Two balanced XLR Mic/1/4˝ TRS line inputs
◆ Two unbalanced 1/4˝ inputs switchable from Mic/Line to HiZ
for direct connection of a guitar or bass
◆ Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O, US-428 to USB interface
◆ 1/4˝ headphone output, stereo analog monitor outputs (RCA)
◆ Two independent 16 channel MIDI inputs and output
The Pan control allows left/right panning of
the currently selected track
The left and right Bank Select keys gives you
unlimited access to successive banks of eight
faders that control the corresponding channels in the software’s internal mixer
◆ When
changing to a different bank of
faders, the Fader Null switch allows you to
move the corresponding channel fader,
using the Rec and Sel LED’s as up/down
guides until the US-428’s fader matches the
fader in the software’s internal mixer.
The Input Monitor switch allows you the
Fader and Mute switches for channel’s 1-4
to control the level of four analog inputs
A,B,C and D to the US-428’s stereo outputs.
This is useful for monitoring the analog
inputs with zero latency while recording.
◆ Variable ASIO
buffer size latency control
2.0 Direct Monitor ultra-low latency
(1.5ms) monitoring with effects
Sound Manager driver support (Mac)
allows use as main sound controller for
multimedia, video editing and games,
or any editing program that rely on
Sound Manager support including
Pro Tools Free.
Emulates Pro Tools CS-10 control
protocol, allowing use as a control surface
for any Pro Tools software (TDM and LE)
and Pro Tools Free
Cubase VST 5.0 or higher (Mac/Windows)
Nuendo 1.5 - Mac/Windows
eMagic Logic Audio 4.7 or higher
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.xx and Sonar1.xx
Provides complete control of Native Instruments’ B4 virtual organ software
Digital Performer v2.7 or higher - Mac
Sonic Foundry Vegas, ACID and
Sound Forge
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro
Minnetonka MXTracks - Windows
BIAS Deck and Peak
Tascam GigaStudio
Propellerheads Reason
Most VSTi instruments
Combining a hardware interface with computer functionality, the US-224
is a simplified version of the US-428 DAW controller and interfaces via
USB. There are no additional interface cards to install, and it is compatible with applications that accept standard MIDI controller
messages. Portable and incredibly affordable, the US-224 connects
to your laptop for a complete studio you can take anywhere.
The US-224’s cool purple control surface gives you more than
just mouseclicks for your DAW software. Like the US-428, the
US-224 gives you real tactical controls like faders, transports,
mutes and solos, panning and more. Plug in a guitar, mic or keyboard and get
two channels of audio I/O in 16 or 24 bit quality, as well as 16 channels of MIDI I/O. The
US-224 comes with a custom version of Steinberg’s Cubase VST for Windows and Mac. With eight channels of audio and
16 MIDI tracks, the US-224 is a perfect all-in-one setup for anyone getting into the world of computer audio recording.
◆ The input section comprises a 24-bit audio
(44.1 or 48 kHz) interface, capable of
streaming two simultaneous tracks of
audio into your computer.
◆ Inputs include two balanced XLR mic, two
1/4˝ unbalanced line (switchable to highimpedance for direct input of a guitar, bass
or other hi-Z source), and S/PDIF digital.
◆ Outputs include a pair of unbalanced line
(RCA), S/PDIF and headphone
◆ Also has MIDI input and output ports,
allowing you to send and receive data and
MIDI Time Code (MTC) from your
MIDI-based keyboards and other devices.
◆ The US-224 is powered via its USB
connection to the computer with no
external power supply required.
◆ The US-224 can also run in US-428
emulation mode offering users the ability to
use software already supporting the US-428.
◆ The US-224’s control surface includes a variety of controls which make working with audio
software faster and easier. The US-224 allows control over any number of software faders via
four hardware faders selectable in banks with buttons located beneath the US-224's jog wheel.
Control surface also supports transport and control functions for sequencers and DAWs.
— The channel section of the control surface consists of four channel faders (plus
one master fader), four MUTE/SOLO
buttons, a switch to toggle Solo and Mute
functions, and individual record-ready
and select switches.
— The master section features a DATA
wheel, PAN control (assigned by pressing
the channel SELect key) and dedicated
transport and locate controls, offering
one-button access to these often-used
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Digital Audio Workstation Controller/USB Interface
US-428 Compatibility Reference
2 Channel USB-powered Pro Tools LE-based Micro Studio
Mbox is a compact and affordable 2-channel USB-powered audio
interface for MacOS 9.1 and up, MacOS X 10.2.3 and up, and
Windows XP, that’s been specifically engineered to offer the
home/project studio and the pro who needs a studio quality digital recording, mixing and editing environment that can be taken
virtually anywhere. Mbox features a pristine 24-bit input-to-output signal path with two Focusrite designed (Green Range) mic
preamps accessible via 1/4˝ TRS / XLR analog inputs; two 1/4˝
analog outputs as well as 1/8˝ and 1//4˝ headphone jacks with a
dedicated volume control for monitoring. A 24-bit stereo S/PDIF
digital I/O is also provided for transferring data to and from the
Mbox entirely in the digital domain. Every Mbox includes
ProTools LE software which features 32 audio tracks and 128
MIDI tracks along with a host of RTAS (Realtime) and AudioSuite (File-based) effects plug-ins.
Two analog inputs featuring two Focusrite
mic preamps with variable gain and
switchable 48V phantom power.
XLR, 1/4˝ inputs using Neutrik combo
connectors with separate source selection
(MIC/LINE/INST) and gain controls with
peak LEDs per channel.
Two analog inserts, using 1/4˝ TRS connectors, allow you to use outboard processors while recording to disk.
1/4˝ TRS left and right outputs with 24-bit
D-to-A converters.
Support for 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sample
24-bit signal path from input to output
24-bit coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O allows
you to work entirely within the digital
Zero-latency monitoring
Inputs and outputs accept both balanced
and unbalanced connections.
1/4˝ and 1/8˝ headphone outputs with
dedicated volume control.
100% USB powered
Mbox sessions can be migrated to another
Pro Tools platform, from Digi 001 to Pro
Tools|HD, for further manipulation.
Includes a USB cable
Software Supplied
with System
Mic pre-amp: > -120 dB EIN @ > 40 dB gain
A/D Dynamic Range: 101 dB (A-weighted)
99 dB (unweighted)
Maximum Input:
+24 dBu
D/A Dynamic Range: 103 dB (A-weighted)
101 dB (unweighted)
Frequency Response: 20 - 20k Hz (±0.5dB)
Maximum Output:
+4.2 dBu
Pro Tools LE Software — 32 audio tracks,
128 MIDI tracks with powerful editing,
mixing real-time plug-in support and
DigiRack RTAS and AudioSuite Plug-Ins:
D-Verb, Dither, Dynamics II, EQ II,
Invert/Duplicate, Mod Delay,
Normalize/Gain Change, Reverse/DC
Removal, Signal Generator, Time CompExp/Pitch Shift, Trim
Digidesign ASIO Driver for Windows XP
allows you to use the Mbox with a wide
range of popular third-party audio apps
such as Cakewalk SONAR 2.2,
Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live.
DigiStudio is featured component of
ProTools software that provides a
revolutionary way to collaborate with
other Pro Tools users via the Internet.
DigiStudio participants interact from
any Net-connected location to exchange
Pro Tools session media, from raw
audio tracks to MIDI data to plug-in
information to automation.
DV Toolkit for Pro Tools LE is a software bundle that enables you to easily sweeten and augment
the audio content of your own film and video projects. With DV Toolkit, you’re able to import a
project file (OMF or AAF) from applications such as Avid’s Xpress DV on either your Windows XP
or Mac OS X-based Pro Tools LE system. You can then
record new audio such as voice-over and Foley (sound
effects you create after the fact), clean up existing audio
such as unwanted background noise, replace audio such
as compromised on-camera dialog, and even add your own music tracks. Quality
audio is crucial to good media — DV Toolkit complements Pro Tools LE’s
acclaimed feature set to give you full control over your media projects. The DV
Toolkit option includes special Time Code functions, DigiTranslator 2.0 option for
full AAF/OMF import and export, Digidesign’s AudioSuite DINR LE noise reduction plug-in and Synchro Arts’ VocALign Project plug-in for dialog replacement.
Offering some of the same key Pro Tools
TDM features used in the making of the vast
majority of hit feature films, DV Toolkit
complements Pro Tools LE's acclaimed
standard feature set to provide full control
over any projects. Included are two primary
DV Toolkit features. Time Code functions
and specialized plug-ins.
Time Code functions enable one to edit audio
to picture with frame accuracy, making it
easy, for instance, to spot sound effects.
Because Pro Tools software is inherently sample accurate, it is easy to achieve the most
difficult audio edits with the utmost precision.
Included specialized plug-ins such as Synchro
Arts' VocALign Project and Digidesign's
DINR LE (AudioSuite) complete the picture,
readily assisting in audio aligning and
clean-up chores.
Includes specialized resources designed to
accelerate and improve any media project.
DigiTranslator 2.0 manages the exchange of
AAF and OMF sequences - standardized files
that contain key project information - with
other compatible applications such as Avid’s
Xpress DV. So a project can be started in
Xpress DV, migrated with exact content
seamlessly into Pro Tools LE for audio
sweetening, and then sent back for final output or layback to tape.
E-MU 1212M
Digital Audio System
The E-MU 1212M Digital Audio System
delivers everything you need to produce
audio on a PC with professional results 24-bit/192kHz converters, hardware-accelerated
effects and mixing, and seamless compatibility
with your favorite PC audio/sequencer
software. It includes a PCI card that features
ADAT, S/PDIF and FireWire interfaces, as well as
connectivity to a family of internal and external I/O and sync options. Whether you
are recording full-blown productions or running virtual instruments on a dedicated
computer, the E-MU 1212M Digital Audio System is the perfect solution for any
application that only requires a couple channels of premium analog I/O
(i.e. mastering, remixing and running virtual instruments).
Mastering-grade 24-bit, 192kHz converters - the same A/D converters used in
Digidesign’s Pro Tools HD I/O Interface
Flexible connectivity with 1/4˝ balanced
analog I/O, 24/192 ADAT I/O and 24/96
S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O plus a FireWire
port for seamless integration with your
entire studio
E-DSP 32-bit Multi-effects
processor offers you over 16
simultaneous hardware-accelerated
studio-grade effects with no CPU
overhead - plug-in architecture
allows you to add new effects as
32 Channels of zero latency hardware
mixing/ monitoring with super-flexible
virtual patchbay - no external mixer
Full compatibility with most popular audio/sequencer applications
with ultra-low latency WDM,
DirectSound and ASIO 2.0 Drivers
Powerful software studio package
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Convert your Pro Tools LE System into a
Desktop Audio-for-Video Powerhouse
Affordable Audio and MIDI Recording Software
Based on Cakewalk's SONAR next-generation audio and MIDI technology, Home Studio 2004 provides
amateur musicians and those getting started with PC-based recording, with a host of potent features
that include: unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, 24-bit / 96 kHz recording support, audio loop construction tools, hundreds of MBs of ACID™-format audio loops, real-time effects, ReWire 2.0
support, ASIO hardware support, DXi 2.0 support for multi-out synths and automation
from synth interface, easier DXi synth integration with Synth Rack, multi-port Drum
Grid editing, Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas DXi 2.0 and Audio Simulation DreamStation
DXi 2.0 soft-synths. Home Studio 2004 XL adds plug-ins and more loop libraries.
Loop-based Composition Tools
Easily create and layer loop-based music
tracks along with live recordings. Create
entire compositions or add new sonic layers to your existing songs. The Loop
Explorer helps you find the right samples
fast. Browse the Cakewalk Loops sample
library created by leading producers, or
thousands of available sample collections.
Preview multiple loops while your project
is playing back in tempo and in key with
your song. Then just click and drag to
paint your canvas of sound. Even make
your own loops out of any MP3 or WAV
file. Opens and reads ACID™-format
audio loops.
Built-in Software Synthesizers
Add hundreds of high quality instrument
sounds to your studio with the included DXi
soft synths, while the Synth Rack makes
loading and working with the synths a snap.
EDIROL Virtual Sound Canvas DXi: A software synthesizer, modeled after the famous
Roland synth of the same name. Choose
from over 990 sounds and drum sets
Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi: A
vintage analog-style synthesizer reproduced
as a DXi plug-in. Combines physical models
of analog circuits together with mathematical models of analog oscillators. Works just
like a vintage hardware synthesizer worth
thousands of dollars today.
Home Studio is designed
to let you concentrate on
creating music, instead
of getting bogged down
with confusing software.
It’s all laid out in an
intuitive Track window
that lets you quickly
record, edit, arrange, and
mix your music.
It doesn’t matter what
you want to record—
guitars, keyboards, vocals,
live turntable scratches,
CD samples, or any
other sound source.
Home Studio puts it all
together seamlessly.
Centralized Audio and MIDI Recording
Integrate ReWire Synths
Get more synth sounds by patching
Project5 , Reason, ReBirth, and other
ReWire 1.0 and 2.0 compatible synths
right into Home Studio 2004’s Synth
Rack. Or use Home Studio to add audio
recording and editing to your Project5 or
Reason studio
Create Video Soundtracks
Home Studio 2004 provides a fast and effective
way to create, edit and dub soundtracks for digital video files. Just import and sync any
Windows AVI file to your Home Studio project.
Then export your finished project to AVI —
perfect for enhancing home movies and multimedia presentations.
DirectX Audio Effects
Sweeten your mix with Amp Sim Lite,
Chorus, Reverb, EQ, Delay, Flange and
other audio effects, or even add hundreds
of other available DirectX-compatible
audio plug-ins.
Graphical Editing Tools
Compose and edit MIDI tracks using the
Piano Roll view. Point and click to insert,
copy, move, delete or modify MIDI notes
and Controller data. View multiple tracks
or just one at a time.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Home Studio 2004 XL Adds—
DYAD DXi - (expressive SF2 sample player
with a full CD of compatible Sound Font
sample banks)
Audio Effects:
• SpectraFX (multi-effects processor)
• Audio FX 1 Dynamics Processing Suite,
which includes Compressor/Gate,
Expander/Gate, and Limiter
• Audio FX 2 Analog Suite, which includes Amp
Simulation and Analog Tape Simulation
Track View
SONAR 3’s streamlined Track View is the center of your recording and
editing environment, designed to enhance your own creative process.
Record, edit, sequence, and mix your projects-all from within one
global view—this really maximizes your creative workflow. The Ondemand Track Inspector provides convenient access to all channel/bus
parameters and plug-ins even when your channels are minimized.
No limit on the number of tracks you can record
Patch as many effects or synths as your processor can handle
Get your mix right with no limit to effects sends and busses
Unlimited undo/redo gives you the freedom to explore new directions
for your music-without having to commit to them
Edit History List allows you to instantly jump back and forth to any
point in your editing session
Create and save templates to recall routing, bussing, automation, mixer, and effects settings for new projects
◆ Assign
hot keys to instantly configure SONAR 3 with custom screen layouts for various editing and mixing tasks, and for shortcuts to the
editing commands, features, and views that you use most.
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1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Now you can produce projects faster than with any other Windows-based multitrack
recording software available today. The industry-standard for audio and MIDI production, used by thousands of musicians, composers, engineers, and producers involved in
CD recording and mastering; scoring and posting for film and television; and music for
the web, SONAR 3 Studio offers you speed, precision, elegance, and stability, providing
the complete software-based production environment. And with support for the world’s
best effects, soft synths, and hardware controllers, SONAR 3 Studio presents an open
system that places no limits on your creativity.
SONAR 3 Studio is a digital multi-track recording system, with 24-bit audio support
and sample rates restricted only by your hardware. The software is capable of recording,
editing, mixing, and delivering music and sound projects for CDs, film and video scores, the Internet, or any multimedia
project. There’s no limit on the number of tracks that can be recorded, and you can patch as many effects or soft synthesizers
as the host computer's processor can handle. Additionally, there are no limit to effects sends and busses. Unlimited
undo/redo provides the freedom to explore new musical directions without having to commit to them. An Edit History List
allows you to instantly jump back and forth to any point in a session.
Templates can be created and saved to recall routing, bussing, automation, mixer, and effects settings for new projects. Hot
keys can be assigned to instantly configure SONAR 3 Studio with custom screen layouts for various editing and mixing
tasks, and for shortcuts to the editing commands, features and views that are used most.
Effects can be patched, audio trimmed and loops rolled out without disrupting the audio stream. The program also provides
advanced MIDI routing, synthesizer layering and MIDI Groove Clips. The supplied Cakewalk VST Adapter provides support for VST effects and instruments.
Multitrack Audio/MIDI Recording and
Editing Software
Console View
A well-mixed track can be the difference between album filler and a hit
single. SONAR 3 Studio features the latest in 32-bit floating point
digital mixing and bussing technology with full delay compensation
throughout your signal path. Whether you prefer to mix in the Track
view or in the Console view— providing an alternative for mixing and
automating audio and MIDI tracks using a familiar hardware-style
mixing interface—SONAR 3 Studio has the dynamic tools you need to
suit your mixing style.
Unlimited mixing capabilities with unlimited potential audio and
MIDI channels, real-time effects and synths, effects sends, and busses
◆ Assignable
MIDI controls for access and automation of MIDI data
Mono toggle on all tracks and buses
◆ All
parameters can be automated on screen or remotely via hardware
FX bins and individual effects can be bypassed for quick A/B comparisons of your mix
Flexible metering (peak, RMS, peak and RMS, pre-fader, post-fader,
and pre-fader post effects) with peak history
Dynamic Display Filtering—see all mix parameters or only the ones
you need with option for narrow or wide strip widths
Dynamic Console view was engineered from the ground up to meet
the needs of mixing professionals
Additional Cutting-Edge
Mixing Features
Confidence recording—real-time drawing
of audio waveforms, MIDI data during
Automate with vector envelopes for precise
control over your mix
Patch effects, trim audio, and roll out
loops without disrupting the audio stream
Fast, offline rendering of soft synths,
effects, and tracks for conserving CPU
Frame-accurate SMPTE/MTC sync with
auto-detection of time code
Transmit MIDI Time Code (MTC) and
MIDI Sync to multiple output ports
SONAR also includes completely
configurable, dynamic bussing capabilities:
– Use busses for subgroups, effect sends,
master busses, output to different monitor
or headphone mixes
Integrate DXi & VSTi Soft Synths, ReWire Clients
Compose, orchestrate, and perform using SONAR 3's integrated software synthesizers, or widen
your scope with DXi and VST instruments, ReWire clients like Project5, or external MIDI
DXi (DirectX Instruments)
– Insert busses and sends on the fly, pre or
post fader
– Per-track "input monitoring" switch
Three DXi instruments are included while
additional DXi synths are available separately from leading developers including Native
Instruments, IK Multimedia and others.
ReWire 2.0 Support
– Route busses to other busses or main
– Input monitoring no longer linked to
recording and can be toggled on/off per
DXi is the open standard for soft synth
plug-ins, based on Microsoft’s DirectX
technology. DXi synths are CPU efficient
with low latency — unlimited DXi synths
can be loaded simultaneously (CPU
dependent) with full automation and multiple output capabilities
Patch Cakewalk’s own Project5, as well as
Propellerhead’s Reason, ReBirth, and other
ReWire 1.0 and 2.0 compatible devices right
into the Synth Rack.
Audio Simulation – DreamStation 2.0
DXi Polyphonic Analog Synth
◆ Accurately
reproduces analog synth sounds
by modeling analog circuits and oscillators.
Combines subtractive synthesis with FM
3 oscillators, multimode self oscillating IIR
filter, VCA, LFO, user EG for each voice.
◆ Waveforms
include sine, triangle, sawtooth,
pulse, square and noise.
Filter types include 12dB/Octave Lowpass,
Highpass, Bandpass, 24dB/Octave Lowpass
and Formant.
Up to 16 voices polyphony.
Virtual Sound Canvas DXi 2.0
Modeled after one of the world’s most popular sound modules
Route ReWire channels into audio tracks
and process with DirectX effects
Use MIDI FX, automation, and sequencing
capabilities to control Reason
16-part multi-timbral up to 128-voice
GM2/GS compatible – 902 tones plus 26
drum sets
Reverb, chorus and delay effects
◆ Add VST
instruments and effects with an
optional VST to DX converter.
Cyclone DXi
A 16-part, ACID-compatible, multi-out,
phrase sampler, loop trigger, composition
tool, and loop editor wrapped up in a single DXi synth
Rearrange, replace, combine, and tweak
loop slices to create custom grooves
Perform and record loop-based compositions in real-time using any MIDI device,
MIDI tracks, a computer keyboard, or
Loaded samples match the tempo and
pitch of your project.
Control gain, pitch, and pan of individual
loop slices
Full control over looping points: a great
way to create polyrhythmic textures and
work with loops in odd time signatures
Support for multiple outputs & key mapping
Snap to grid with assignable resolution
Export combined loops as a Groove clip
that can be used in Sonar and other apps
Features on-the-fly beat matching, and
loops follow the pitch and tempo of your
projects with no degradation of audio
Roll-out loops with click and drag ease
Find & audition audio loops in real-time
from the Loop Explorer view
Create and export ACID-format audio
loops and MIDI Groove Clips for use in
other projects
Includes loop content from KeyFax,
PowerFX, and Smart Loops
Play multiple or split synths from one MIDI
Route multiple controllers to multiple
synths or MIDI devices
Enhanced MIDI Routing and Synth Layering
Custom drum maps allow you to create and
play kits that span MIDI devices on multiple ports and multiple DXi synths
Save presets of your favorite MIDI configurations for instant recall
Complete MIDI Editing
SONAR is widely recognized for having the most complete and intuitive MIDI editing of any
multitrack recording system
Multitrack Event List
Drum Grid Editor
Paint rhythmic patterns in a single mouse
stroke using hundreds of included Smart
Loops patterns, or create your own
Custom drum maps – preview and create
kits with real-time remapping across multiple MIDI devices, multiple outputs as well
as DXi synths
Provides a list of all selected events occurring in all selected tracks
display filter lets you to specify the data
type(s) to be viewed and edited (notes,
pitch bend, controller, etc...)
Multitrack Piano Roll
The multitrack piano roll is a flexible and
intuitive display that lets you select, and edit
multiple tracks of MIDI notes and controller data simultaneously with a 64th note
grid line resolution
Includes monophonic and polyphonic
Pattern Brush tool that allows you to paint
complex MIDI parts
Create Scores Fast
◆ View
and edit MIDI events in standard
notation, then print sheet music of complete arrangements or individual parts
Print 24 staves per page, along with lyrics,
chord grids, percussion notation, dynamic
markings, and enharmonic spellings
Professional Project Management & Collaboration Tools
Control Surface Support
SONAR 3's support for control surface
hardware gives you tactile control of your
mix, audio effects, and soft synths Features
dedicated support for control surfaces from
CM Labs, EDIROL, JL Cooper, Mackie,
Radikal, Roland, Tascam, and many others.
A Global Control plug-in features a learn
mode that allows you to quickly integrate
other MIDI-compatible control surfaces.
SONAR 3 Studio includes a vast range of features that take the hassle out of project file management and collaboration with other studios
Optional per project audio directories and
intelligent file naming
Consolidate all project files for fast backup
or transfer
Enhanced asset sharing with networked
media support
Search for associated files to locate relevant
audio and to keep your projects organized
Export or bounce multiple tracks and
busses to single or separate files, with full
control over what mix elements are printed
to the output file (effects, automation, synth
output, ReWire client output, mute/solo,
mono/stereo, etc.)
Import/export OMFI & Broadcast Wave
files for cross-platform collaboration with
DP4, Logic, Pro Tools, and others
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With support for both ACID™-format audio loops and MIDI groove clips, SONAR 3 provides
total integration of loop-based composition to your studio.
Cyclone DXi presents a new, more flexible
way of working with samples, and brings a
live dynamic to loop-based music.
Loop-based Composition Tools
Computer-based Music Production
The most widely used program of its kind in professional music production, Logic Pro 6
elegantly combines composition, notation and audio production facilities, as well as
renown virtual instruments and effects, all in one complete package. Logic Pro 6
combines all of the attributes required to form the ultimate music and audio
production software for your Mac. It offers intuitive control, a freely configurable user
interface and has an envious reputation for its reliability. An all-in-one solution for
music composition, audio recording, multimedia, sound generation, movie scoring and
remixing Logic Pro 6’s comprehensive set of music creation tools include rock-solid
MIDI timing and synchronization, mixing and automation with total recall, as well as
non-destructive editing of both audio and MIDI in real time. It also offers superb
MIDI timing with 960 PPQN and sends and receives synchronized MIDI clock, MTC,
MMC and word clock signals, making it ideal for film, TV and video post-production facilities.
Whether it be comprehensive surround sound, to near publishing quality score generation, to infinitesimal MIDI
manipulation, to the integration of hardware interfaces for both audio and MIDI, Logic Pro 6 delivers and more. It is
bundled with nine software sound generators, including the EXS24 mk II virtual sampler, and the EVD6, EVB3 and EVP88
vintage sound modules. It offers five synthesizer modules, and includes Space Designer, a high-end reverb plug-in.
Audio & MIDI
Logic Pro 6 provides countless features for the seamless processing of Audio and MIDI data in a single application.
Powerful editors and the Arrange window allow extensive manipulation of sound and MIDI data. The entire
premise behind Logic Pro 6 is built around the demands of professional users for optimum workflow in the studio.
This approach allows you the freedom to concentrate on the creative part of the job - the music!
The Arrange Window: The center of your musical ideas
The Arrange window - or simply Arrange - provides you with a number of
graphical objects that can be rearranged and edited in a number of ways to
form a song in Logic Pro 6. Audio recordings and MIDI keyboard performances
are captured and displayed in a linear fashion, vertically divided into tracks. You
can even incorporate thumbnails of a QuickTime movie in this track view as
well, when scoring a movie, TV show or perhaps an advertisement.
Beyond the rearrangement of graphical audio and MIDI objects, numerous
editing possibilities are available in the Arrange. Time Stretching, for example,
allows the length of an audio object to be quickly and easily adjusted to match
a chosen number of bars - without affecting the pitch of your audio. The
Marquee Tool assists in selection of specific portions of your graphical audio
and MIDI objects, allowing precise move, copy, delete or cut edits.
The channel strip of the selected track is displayed on the left of the Arrange.
This facilitates fast access to mixing parameters directly from the Arrange, enabling you to see and graphically edit parameters of the
mixer, internal effect plug-ins and software instruments as well as those of external MIDI devices.
Freely customize the way the Arrange is displayed by selecting different zoom levels for each track plus several other visual options. This
flexibility lets you create a central interface for your projects, offering an optimized overview that precisely matches your individual
needs. This, put simply, accelerates your workflow in Logic Pro 6.
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MIDI And Score
Logic Pro 6 turns your Mac into a
professional digital audio workstation
that meets the highest demands for audio
quality. Logic Pro 6 supports audio at up
to 24-bit resolution and sample rates of
up to 192 kHz - for both audio recordings and playback of internal software
instruments. This high level of sonic
quality is maintained throughout the
project - even during mixdown to 16-bit
audio for CD release - thanks to the integrated POW-r dithering algorithm.
A powerful sample editor is integrated into Logic Pro 6, allowing precise editing of your audio
data. Beyond simple operations such as: cut, copy and paste an extensive suite of DSP processing tools are also available. These tools include; time stretching, pitch shifting and formant correction. Further processing possibilities are afforded by the option of inserting Premiere and
Audiosuite plug-ins.
The Score editor perfectly transforms
MIDI performances into notation - in
realtime - as you're playing. Elaborate
layout functions and professional notation
printout functions allow you to quickly
deliver anything from a lead sheet to a
complete orchestral score. Automatic
transposition of different instruments is
supported, as well as guitar tablature, drum
notation and rapid entry of song lyrics or
performance notes.
The Environment provides you with a
virtual representation of your physical
MIDI hardware. The entire data flow is
visible onscreen. MIDI processing objects
such as; arpeggiators, chord memorizers,
faders and delays can be inserted at almost
any point in the data flow.
The Environment provides you with the
tools to perform a range of tasks. As
examples, you could; construct dedicated
remote controllers for MIDI devices, build
a drum computer or step sequencer, or
perhaps simply fade between two audio
tracks with the modulation wheel.
No other audio and MIDI sequencing
program provides more flexibility in this
area than Logic Pro 6.
Arrange and Track Mixer Window—Producing the Mix
The virtual mixer of Logic
Pro 6 controls a maximum
of 255 audio tracks, 64
audio instrument tracks,
and a nearly unlimited
number of MIDI tracks.
Each audio and audio
instrument track can
display and use up to 15
insert plug-ins and 8
effect bus sends.
Logic Pro offers over 50
integrated effect plug-ins
and supports additional
AU format (Mac OS X)
or VST format (Mac OS 9) plug-ins. Logic Pro 6 also features an exclusive collection of software instruments as well. As with the effects, additional instrument plug-ins are integrated
via AU in Mac OS X and via VST2.0 in Mac OS 9.
The parameters of software instruments and effects, as well as the controllers of the mixing
desk, are integrated into the comprehensive automation system of Logic Pro 6 - allowing full,
total recall mixes. The mixer further supports a range of hardware controllers, spanning from
simple models for the home studio up to high-end professional control surfaces that are
deeply integrated into the Logic system.
Your final mix is written to your hard drive in industry standard formats such as: SDII, WAV,
AIFF and MP3 (in Mac OS X).
Logic Pro 6 also features support for 12 surround formats, making it ideal for those involved
with soundtrack work
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Logic Pro 6 features integrated support of ProTool HD systems. You can link the native signal
processing of the computer with the DSP hardware of TDM systems via the optional Emagic
System Bridge (ESB TDM). This combination of the native and TDM systems ensures that all
available processing power is available for your use. ESB TDM also extends the functionality of
the EXS24 by allowing it's insertion into Aux channels of the Logic Pro 6 TDM mixer.
You can freely record your MIDI melodies
and arrangements via USB MIDI keyboards
or interfaces. There are no boundaries for
your imagination as a near unlimited
number of MIDI tracks allows the creation
of vast arrangements. An extensive selection
of editors provide access to your MIDI data:
the Matrix and Hyper editors both provide
convenient edits via the manipulation of
graphical objects. The alphanumeric Event
editor provides comprehensive information
on every detail of recorded MIDI events.
Audio Recording And Editing
Sound Generation
One of the aspects that makes Logic Pro 6 a unique music and audio production system is the comprehensive collection of software
instruments that it includes. All of the instruments offer the same level of pristine sound quality, achieved through the use of 32-bit
internal processing. The utilization of modern technologies, such as component modeling algorithms, are the basis for calculating the
most complex of sounds - in real time!
A delightful side-effect of this uncompromising stance towards the technology is the brilliant responsiveness of the instruments, with
even the smallest nuances in playing style being reflected sonically. The exclusive selection of instruments offered by Logic Pro 6
features; a software sampler, synthesizer and virtual counterparts of vintage keyboards, including the Hammond B3 Organ and
Hohner D6 Clavinet. The seamless integration of these instruments into Logic Pro 6 guarantees optimal handling and processing, no
matter where you wish to use the system - on stage or in the studio. You can even use it while travelling - on your PowerBook!
The instruments are easily inserted into an audio instrument channel strip of the Logic Mixer. The integrated track-based
automation system of Logic Pro 6 allows you to graphically display and edit the parameters of the instruments, and if you have a
hardware controller, these parameters can be adjusted and recorded as well.
EXS24 mk II Software Sampler
The EXS24 mk II software sampler is the standard amongst Logicbased musicians and producers. Easily and quickly incorporate samplebased sounds into your productions - with uncompromised sound
quality of up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution! It also offers outstanding
support for a wide range of sample library formats, including: EXS24
native, Akai, GigaSampler, SampleCell II, SoundFont2 and REX2,
providing you with access to a huge number of sound libraries. The
EXS24 mk II allows the use of huge sample libraries, as memory is only
limited by the computer’s RAM or hard disk capacity.
The EXS24 mk II is a reliable and productive partner in every studio,
featuring; sample-accurate timing, total recall and an intuitive operating
concept. If desired, up to 16 individual outputs can be addressed, allowing
further processing of EXS24 mk II sounds with Logic Pro’s extensive range
of effect plug-ins.
The modulation matrix, borrowed from the ES2 synthesizer, provides
comprehensive routing possibilities, allowing countless creative sound
processing options. Sources include: the three LFOs, the two snappy
envelopes, any MIDI-Controller, or the level of the sidechain input can be
routed to Sample Select, Sample Start, Pitch, Glide, Volume, Pan, envelope
times, parameters of LFOs or filters.
A excellent sounding multi-mode filter completes the feature set, providing adjustable slopes, variable filter overdrive amount, and a fatness circuit
that ensures excellent low frequency response, even at high resonance settings.
Additionally, Logic Pro’s ESB TDM allows the direct insertion of up to 32
instances of Emagic’s Xtreme Sampler 24 Bit into the Aux channels of
Logic's TDM mixer. The stereo output signals of each EXS24 instance can
be treated via any of the processing options afforded by the TDM DSP
environment, such as TDM plug-ins.
Each EXS24 TDM is calculated by the host CPU, and places no overhead
on the TDM DSPs. The MIDI performances of each EXS24 TDM instance
are recorded on TDM Auxiliary tracks, and are controlled directly in
Logic Platinum. This eliminates the need for OMS, thereby providing the
benefit of sample-accurate playback for all instances of the EXS24 TDM.
ES1 Software Synthesizer
The ES1 has the
heart of many
classic analog
favorites, and
includes all of the
details and
facilities that fans
of this type of sound generation know and love. It is
rich with character, and elegantly combines 30 years of
synthesizer history for the Logic platform.
Offering up to 16 voice polyphony, every ES1 voice features
a main and sub-oscillator delivering the raw sonic material
shaped by the analog ES1 filter. Each oscillator features a
set of “classic” waveforms including triangle, sawtooth and
variable pulse. The sub-oscillator, with its own five
waveforms, operates one or two octaves below the main
oscillator adding a solid bass fundament. Additionally the
suboscillator provides a noise source and an input for an
external audio signal allowing audio tracks to be processed
with rhythmically changing filter movements.
ES2 Software Synthesizer
Handles the warm subtractive synthesis of classic analog synthesizers
with the same ease as it does popular digital synthesis techniques
such as Vector Synthesis, Wavetable Scanning and Frequency
Modulation (FM).
Use up to 64 ES2 simultaneously, depending on the computer power
available. Each ES2 has 32 voices, each offering three especially flexible oscillators, two filters and extensive modulation possibilities.
Select Unison, and layer up to 32 voices for huge, imposing sonic
ESM, ESE and ESP Instruments
Logic 6’s instruments combines
high sound quality, simple
handling and modest processing demands in an ideal way.
The ESM is a
monophonic Bass
Synthesizer that is ideal
for the creation of
powerful basses and
expressive lead sounds.
It provides variable
selection between sawtooth and rectangular waves. A source of particular pleasure is the resonance-capable dynamic low-pass filter, with a
biting slope characteristic of 24 dB.
One of the strengths of the eight-voice polyphonic ESP are the
characteristic 80’s pop music synthesizer brass sounds, for example. In
addition to the oscillator, sub-oscillator and filter, the ESP offers an
LFO for creating wah-wah-effects and an ADSR envelope generator
for precise level control.
The ESE is an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer designed for padsounds. The basis of its sound generation are sawtooth or rectangular
waves, that can be mixed in a near-infinite variety of base tones. The
sawtooth wave can be modulated in frequency, the rectangular wave in
impulse width. ESE further offers selectable attack and release times, a
dynamic low-pass filter and a three-step chorus/ensemble effect.
EVP88 (Emagic Vintage Piano 88) Vintage Sounds for Logic
Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer,
Hohner – the sounds of
these vintage electric
pianos have been legendary for decades. Often
criticized for being maintenance-intensive, big and
heavy, the sounds of these
original instruments can
be used in the Logic system with none of the hassle. The EVP88
is precise in every detail, with all sounds are reproduced authentically, without the use of samples. This modeling technique
results in a software instrument that not only sounds great, but
responds to every subtle playing nuance with incredible
dynamism. In addition, the deep integration of the EVP88 into
Logic guarantees stability, ease-of-use and perfect total recall
EVB3 Legendary Hammond Sound for Logic
The Hammond B3 organ
is one of the most influential keyboard instruments
of the 20th century. The
characteristic B3 sound
has been, and continues to
be heard, in a wide range
of musical styles such as
Motown, Jazz, Pop, Rock,
Funk, Reggae, Dance, Country, Blues, Soul and Gospel. For anyone working in a computer-based environment with a Logic
system, this unmistakably warm sound is an essential. The EVB3
flawlessly recreates the sound of the B3 in software. As with all
Emagic instruments, the user interface is intuitive, and offers far
more tonal flexibility than the original instrument.
EVD6 The Funkiest Instrument Alive
The Hohner Clavinet D6
is one of the classic keyboard sounds of the 20th
century. Although the D6
has always been closely
linked to funk, the sound
is used in countless pop,
reggae and dance productions. The EVD6 mathematically recreates every subtle nuance
of the original without using any samples, making it an
extremely playable instrument.
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Vintage Instruments
Rather than
recreating old analog
synthesizers with
wood-grain end
blocks, Emagic’s ES2
offers an innovative
software synthesizer
that combines the
full-bodied warmth
of subtractive
synthesis with the
unbelievable possibilities of digital tone generation systems such as
vector synthesis and frequency modulation (FM). Draw from a whole
host of sounds and an exclusive range of synthesis techniques to
create radical sounds or the most subtle of sound changes. The same
level of flexibility also extends to the huge number of modulation
Sound Processing
Given the dramatic increase in computer processing over the past few years, the potential - and reality - of digital sound processing has developed at a staggering rate. This “native” sound processing - calculated directly on the computer processor(s) - substitutes the use of external
DSP’s (Digital Signal Processors) and effect devices. Logic Pro 6 delivers over 50 realtime effect plug-ins, allowing for the most innovative
audio processing. The basic technical specifications - 32-bit floating point mathematics and support of audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192
kHz - ensure uncompromising sound quality.
The included plug-ins are precision tools for sound processing. offering a straight forward interface that enables the user to conceptualize and
realize any sound design visions with the minimum of fuss. The intuitive, ergonomic interface and professionally-oriented feature set of the
plug-ins is the result of the Emagic’s extensive studio experience and the active exchange of knowledge with countless users. A multitude of
forward looking functions have been implemented, with many going far beyond the feature sets and ideas of traditional plug-in concepts.
In addition to the built-in effect system, Digidesign’s TDM system for ProTools hardware is completely supported, including surround.
Depending on the configuration, up to 64 audio tracks and 64 busses are available. TDM plug-ins from all major developers can be used and
fully automated. I/O inserts even allow the integration of external audio effect processors.
Space Designer (Reverb)
Featuring a real-time convolution process, it
is now possible to produce a reverb in Logic
that is virtually indistinguishable from that
of a real room or hall. Using a real-time calculation process, Space Designer merges the
input signal with a reverberation sample the impulse response (IR) - taken from any
acoustic space such as, for example, a room,
hall, or cathedral. The result sounds as if the
input signal had actually been recorded
directly in the sampled room. The reverb can
be further shaped using Designer’s comprehensive parameter set. Ships with a library of
over 1,000 impulse responses. These include
real rooms and halls, as well as legendary
classic and contemporary reverb units. In
addition, you can always record your own
impulse responses.
The ability to create and edit your own custom convolution reverbs sets Space Designer
apart. In addition to the sampled reverbs,
Space Designer uses a unique reverberation
method that features specially designed
envelopes to create high-quality synthetic
reverbs. The results are dense and smooth
reverbs that complement your mix without
the need to extensively boost effects levels.
EVOC20 (Filter and Vocoder)
The EVOC20 package provides three powerful tools for sound design: A classic polyphonic
vocoder with built-in synthesizer, a formant filter bank, and a pitch tracking vocoder. Each plugin provides maximum flexibility and features pristine 32-bit sound quality.
Tape Delay
This delay recognizes the tempo of Logic. Just click on the sync button and the echo fits the
beat. The Groove slider offers smooth switching between triplet and dotted notes (this corresponds to Logic’s Swing parameter). Delay time can also be modulated with an LFO as well.
Stereo Delay
The Stereo Delay offers similar controller features to the Tape Delay, although tape saturation is
missing, to optimize CPU-efficiency. The feedback level is separately controllable for each stereo
channel, and is rounded out with a separately controllable cross feedback level. As a result,
interesting rhythmic structures can be easily created.
Distortion2 (EVB3)
Emagic’s EVB3 also benefits from the included Distortion2 plug-in. Selection “type” offers three
different simulations of tube amplifiers: a Leslie 122, a classical guitar amplifier and an amplifier with a more aggressive sound character, for drastic distortion effects.
• Compressor • Expander • Noise Gate • Enveloper • De-Esser • Multipressor • Limiter
Channel EQ
Perfect EQ-ing has never been so easy, intuitive, precise and efficient. The Channel EQ seamlessly unites two tools in one plug-in. In addition, it is possible to see a thumbnail view of the
Channel EQ displayed in the upper corner of a channel strip.
• Modulation Delay • Phaser • Tremolo • Ensemble • Rotor Cabinet (EVB3)
• Spreader • Scanner Vibrato (EVB3)
• Spectral Gate • Pitch Shifter • SubBass • Denoiser • Exciter • Stereo Spread
Logic Express recreates a complete studio environment - directly in your
computer. Record audio and MIDI (via a MIDI keyboard), and develop your
own arrangements, remixes and mixes.
Arrange and Mixer
The Arrange window, where both MIDI and audio tracks are arranged and edited via a comprehensive selection of tools, is the nerve center of Logic Express. View
your entire song arrangement at a glance, or zoom into individual regions.
Graphically enter controller data – volume and pan curves, for example – directly
into individual tracks. Even compose to a synchronized digital movie – no matter if
it’s a multimedia presentation, a film score or your holiday video.
MIDI and Score
Instruments and Effects
Logic Express allows you to work with up to
48 stereo or mono audio tracks, at up to 24bit/96 kHz resolution. A maximum of 12
inputs and outputs are simultaneously supported (dependent on your audio hardware).
The built-in stereo Sample Editor allows precise editing of your audio recordings and
incorporates creative options such as pitch and
tempo editing.
The MIDI sequencing capabilities of Logic
Express provide extensive control over internal
software instruments and external MIDI
instruments. Up to 128 MIDI in and outputs
are supported, and a virtually unlimited
number of MIDI tracks. The editors, include
the Matrix Editor, Event List and Hyper
Editor. These powerful and elegant tools make
editing and modifying MIDI data a breeze.
Express also features a comprehensive scoring
section, allowing the creation of printed
notation. It incorporates a number of
pre-defined score styles and generic guitar
tabulation facilities, plus lyric entry and
much more.
The increase in computer processing power
over the last few years has made the concept of
the “virtual studio” a reality. Logic Express 6,
combined with your Apple computer, now
plays the role of a tape machine, mixing desk
and a MIDI Sequencer. Nowadays, the external
effect racks and even instruments can also be
substituted with software equivalents.
• High-end dithering with POW-r algorithms
• 32 Bit internal processing
• Hardware independent audio scrubbing
• Up to 48 stereo tracks (depending on CPU)
• 4 band Channel EQ Plug-In
• Up to 16 audio instruments
• Supports ReWire 2
• Bouncing with realtime effects including
• Offline Bouncing
• 8 busses
• 4 inserts per channel
• 8 sends per channel
• 28 integrated high end effect plug-ins
• Transform Window
• HyperDraw in Arrange, Matrix and Score
• Score editor with easy realtime notation
including printout, steptime input window
• AMT for ultra-precise MIDI timing with
• Emagic AMT8 and Unitor8
• AutoLink with Emagic SoundDiver
Logic Express 6 perfectly fits the needs of aspiring musicians and audio engineers. It provides
all of the tools needed to write, record, edit and mix music - at a sample rate of up to 96
kHz. The included EXSP24 sample player enables you to easily integrate a huge range of
sounds, from countless sample libraries, into your projects. The critically-acclaimed EVP73
Vintage Piano and the astoundingly fat ES1 Synthesizer further expand the sound
generation capabilities of Logic Express. Logic Express offers the same flexibility, reliability,
ease of use and precision as its “big brother” Logic Pro 6, making it the perfect product to
start creating music like the pros - without breaking the bank.
Logic Express 6 features over 18 professional
effect plug-ins that process sounds in realtime.
Also included are three software instruments
to help your initial compositions.
– The EXSP24 sample player provides you
with easy access to vast sample libraries.
– Play the EVP73 with your MIDI keyboard,
and you’ll quickly realize that it really feels
like you're playing a Fender Rhodes electric
– ES1 virtual analog synthesizer invites you to
experiment with all kinds of electronic
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Audio Workstation Software with MIDI
Sequencing for Mac
An integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system, Digital
Performer provides a comprehensive environment for editing, arranging, mixing,
processing and mastering multitrack audio projects for a wide variety of applications.
Digital Performer allows you to simultaneously record and playback multiple tracks of
digital audio and MIDI data in a totally integrated, creative environment. It features
dozens of real-time DSP-effects with easy to use graphical controls, complete
automation and supports multiple processor computers. Extensive audio file editing is
also included, from the usual cut, paste and copy tools to MOTU’s PureDSP functions,
providing independent control over the duration and pitch of audio files with
exceptional sound quality. This allows for tempo-conforming drum loops, adding vocal
harmonies or even gender-bending vocal tracks. Digital Performer’s award-winning
multitrack sequencer design, combined with non-destructive digital audio editing
capabilities, provide you with unprecedented flexibility and control over the audio you create. And now, version 4 takes full
advantage of OS X’s MIDI and audio services, providing 100% compatibility and inter operability with OS X and all
CoreMIDI- and CoreAudio-compatible software and hardware.
Record and playback an unlimited number
of MIDI tracks simultaneously.
MIDI can be edited with a resolution of
1/10,000.000 PPQ (pulses per quarter).
Direct support is provided for MOTU’s
range of professional audio interfaces, such
as the 2408MKIII, as well as a wide range of
third party audio hardware using Core
Audio drivers. ProTools HD support is
expected in the near future as a free update.
MIDI timing resolution is accurate within a
single MIDI byte (under 1/3 of a ms) when
used with a MOTU USB MIDI interface.
Individually zoomable tracks, flexible
window arrangement, and navigation tools
allow for trouble-free manipulation within
even the largest projects.
Dozens of real-time 32-bit and 64-bit
DSP-effects are provided with DP to meet
the demands of today's audio production
including EQs, dynamics processors,
reverbs, modulation effects, delay, filters,
preamp simulators, mastering plug-ins
and more
◆ Audio
tracks can be mono, stereo and surround (n-channel) tracks.
The Bounce to Disk feature allows you to
combine an unlimited number of audio
tracks, along with effects and realtime
automation, into a single mono, stereo or
surround track. Need to hear 100 audio
tracks at one time? Just bounce them down.
Original tracks are always preserved, so you
can go back and tweak them if needed.
Audio Editing
◆ View
and edit all of your digital audio tracks
in a single, intuitive window
◆ Audio editing is accurate to a single sample
Unlimited audio tracks (as many tracks as
your CPU and hardware will allow) with
support for high resolution 24-bit audio up
to sample rates of 192kHz.
Everything from simple dialog editing to
complex restructuring of large compositions
is as easy as playing with Lego blocks
Everything is automatable, including
effects parameters with five advanced
automation modes and sample accurate
editing of automation data
◆ Support for control surfaces including
Mackie Control, Mackie HUI, CM Labs
MotorMix, Radikal Technologies SAC-2.2
◆ Save your fully automated mixdown for
instant recall at any time, and then create
an unlimited number of alternate mixdowns
◆ Virtually every parameter can be immediately
accessed via customized key commands or
MIDI controller. You can even save your
key command settings and import them
into a DP session at another studio.
How Many Audio Tracks?
The maximum number of tracks you can
play back at a time depends primarily on
your CPU speed, how fast your hard drive
is and how much RAM you have. Based
on a Dual 1.2Ghz G4 w/512MB RAM you
can expect to get approximately 140-150
independent tracks of audio with 8-band
EQ and dynamics on every track.
Open the various MIDI and audio
editors and other windows with a
single mouse click.
Movie track – a QuickTime movie
track displays movie frames side by
side with MIDI and audio data. DP
intelligently displays more frames as
you zoom in and fewer frames when
you zoom out, so that frames are never
obscured by overlapping one another.
Zoom in to work on fine details
or zoom out for a wide overview.
Independent vertical zooming – Both
MIDI and audio tracks can be independently resized vertically. Many
zoom shortcuts are provided, including
the ability to enlarge one track and
automatically scale all other tracks to
fit in the window.
This expanded MIDI track
uses a graphical Piano Roll
style editor to display MIDI
events and controller data
using ‘audio style’ breakpoint
Non-Destructive Audio Editing
Copy and paste regions to repeat verses
or sound effects.
Graphically draw volume and pan
automation curves.
Soundbites Window
Waveform Editor
The Tool Palette includes: arrow cursor, pencil,
waveform tool, waveform selector, rhythm brush
(for painting percussive patterns in the Drum
Editor), magnifying glass, loop insert, and scrub.
These tools operate consistently across all applicable
windows. If a tool does not apply to the currently
active window, it grays out.
The fully-integrated waveform editor provides all of the tools you’d expect from a
premium editor including:
Crossfades help you eliminate unwanted clicks and
pops when overlapping soundbites and allow you to
perform fade-ins and fade-outs of soundbites.
Crossfades (of any length you specify) can also be set
to be automatically applied any time you cut, copy,
paste, splice and otherwise edit your audio files.
– View and Edit mono and stereo audio
files and create soundbite boundaries
with single sample accuracy
– Use the pencil tool for removing clicks
– A loop tool lets you create perfect loops
for your sampler as well as mute and
scissor tools
◆ “Drag
and drop” audio regions from the
soundbites window to any editing window
for intuitive placement.
Sort by any parameter (length, bit depth
etc.) Trace the genealogy of the soundbite
by viewing it’s family tree
Many navigation tools are provided to help
you work more efficiently like scrubbing,
jumping to selection or loop boundaries, as
well as user-definable zoom levels
Re-size soundbites by dragging their edges. Split and
trim soundbites to work with smaller regions.
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1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Scale individual audio track sizes as
well as adjust the waveform height
within each track.
Record and insert volume
and pan effects.
Sequence Editor
Side-by-side display of MIDI
and audio tracks — The
Sequence Editor window
provides combined viewing
and editing of MIDI notes,
audio soundbites (audio
regions), audio automation
and MIDI controller data in
one window along a single
DP’s Mixing Board – a virtual mixing console on your computer screen
More flexible than even the
most expensive hardware
consoles ever made
Instantly create customized
board layouts: drag track strips
anywhere you like, and show or
hide any combination of
tracks - or even mixer sections
(like the inserts section) - with
a mouse click.
Save and recall any number of
custom Mixing Board
Save multiple effect presets as a single clipping and
then drag and drop them onto any track in any mix
Use Aux tracks to combine hardware instruments and virtual instruments into one mix
◆ Assign
tracks to plug-ins and
MIDI effects processors for
real-time output processing
Faders can respond to control
surfaces or any MIDI controller
such as a volume slider or pedal,
mod wheel or any data slider.
◆ View
your MIDI and audio
tracks in a single, unified mixer
Create snapshots of the entire
mixer - or any portion of it –
anywhere in your sequence
with the click of a button.
Configure up to twenty
effects inserts per each
audio channel, and the
32 stereo busses.
Solo, mute and
record enable
mode and
Ride faders and
knobs during
playback to record
automated mixes.
32-Bit and 64-Bit Fully Automatable Realtime DSP Effects
32-bit and 64-Bit realtime effects with easy to
use intuitive graphical controls
Effects can be inserted on a single channel or on
a bus and accessed via a channel send
Effects can be easily organized into folders
Multiple plug-in windows and surround
panners can be opened simultaneously
Up to 20 effects can be inserted pre or post
fader per channel
The number of simultaneous effects is limited
only to the speed of your computer
Multi-processor support of MOTU’s and third
party plug-ins provides nearly twice as much
processing power with dual processor CPUs
Compatible with effects supporting mono,
stereo or surround inputs and mono, stereo or
surround outputs
Sidechain inputs allow you to control an effect
parameter from any audio signal in mixing
environment by busing the audio to the
sidechain input.
Included Effects
2, 4 and 8 band EQ
PreAmp-1 tube-simulation and
distortion plug-in
3 reverbs
2 noise gates including the
MasterWorks Gate with real time
look ahead gating
2 compressors
synth-style multimode filter
Echo & delay effects including a
surround delay
Modulation effects including
chorus, phaser, flanger, the Sonic
Modulator and more
Everything in the mixing environment can
be automated in real time, including effects
parameters, track mutes/solos, effects
bypassing, send levels, send mutes
Automatic Audio Conversion
◆ Automation
can be recorded during
playback, or you can draw and edit
parameters in the audio graphic editor
conversion options include:
Automatic sample format and sample
rate conversion when importing audio
❧ Automatic time-stretching of audio
when placing soundbites into a track
❧ Automatic time-stretching of audio
when the tempo is changed
❧ Automatic placement of imported audio
files in a pre-designated folder, regardless
of if format conversion took place or not
Support for three types of automation
data: ramps, stare-step, one-shot (such as
waveform type - sine, square, etc.)
data is always displayed using
real-world values such as decibels and
Acid File Import
files can be imported using
standard drag and drop. If the Acid file has
a tempo and automatic tempo conversion
is enabled, it will automatically conform to
the sequence tempo when placed in a
Save your fully automated mixdown for
instant recall at any time, and then
create an unlimited number of alternate
ReWire support allows you to integrate
outputs from Propellerheads’ ReBirth and
Reason applications into DP
Sample-accurate 32-bit floating ramp
automation insures smooth automation
movements without unwanted artifacts or
zipper noise
Import and export SDII. Aiff and .Wav files
Five advanced automation modes allow
you to: Modify automation data you’ve
already recorded; Scale values up or down
while maintaining its current contour;
Overwrite automation that’s already there but only after you punch in
Effects automation can be controlled in
realtime via MIDI allowing you to add
seemingly complex sound design
elements, such as sequenced filtering
effects in minutes
Effortlessly create fader automation groups
with any fader as the master
Support for control surfaces including
Mackie Control, Mackie HUI, CM Labs
MotorMix, Radikal Technologies SAC-2.2
and more
Both PureDSP and off-line audio
processing occurs in the background so
you can continue working
The graphic time-stretching function
allows you to grab the edge of a soundbite
with the hand cursor and stretch it longer
or shorter.
Sampler Integration
The Samplers window lets you transfer
samples between your project, supported
sampler and the Mac’s desktop (hard
drive) via SCSI using simple drag and drop
Imported samples are automatically
converted into Sound Designer II files
and back to the sampler’s format when
Using the integrated waveform editor, you
can define a region of audio from your
project, edit it, trim the edges with sample
level precision, specify loop points, normalize, fade in & fade out and send it to
your sampler - without ever leaving DP
◆ Acid WAV
Using beat/tempo based automation you
can control plug-in effects to move in
perfect time with your music, from LFO
synchronization to filter sweeps that land
on downbeats to multitap delays that
create syncopated rhythms
PureDSP (time compression/expansion)
functions provide high quality, independent
control over the duration and pitch of
audio files allowing you to conform the
tempo of drum loops to your project and
add vocal harmonies or gender-bend
effects to vocal tracks
REX 2 file import allows you to conform
Recycled audio files to your DP sessions
POLAR is a unique, interactive,
RAM-based loop recording environment that allows you to layer multiple
passes of audio (limited only to the
amount of available RAM) without
having to stop recording.
Use POLAR to layer vocal harmonies;
generate mesmerizing polyrhythms;
build an entire song or just plain jam.
◆ When
going for that ‘perfect take’
POLAR can mute the previous take
for you automatically so you can
concentrate on the music not on
playing engineer.
Because POLAR records audio directly to RAM, you can overdub on the fly without
affecting your disk tracks.
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Mute and Solo automation allows you to
bring tracks in and out of the mix in real
time as you listen
Time Compression/Expansion
◆ Automatic
◆ Automation
DP can automatically convert audio data
wherever necessary to conform to the current project's sample rate, sample format
and tempo. This greatly streamlines the
process of importing audio quickly into
your projects.
MIDI Editing
DP provides a range of
environments, besides the
Sequence Editor, for editing
MIDI data including a Graphic
(piano style) Editor, an Event
List editor, a dedicated Drum
Editor and QuickScribe
(notation). This combination of
editors offers you the flexibility
of fine-tuning single MIDI
events, or make changes to
entire sections
Multiple MIDI tracks can be
edited and displayed in one
Graphic Editor window – notes
for each track are displayed in
the track’s color. A track selector
list allows you to show/hide
tracks as desired
Three freely switchable MIDI
continuous controller editing
modes provide flexible and
intuitive automation of MIDI
Notation Window
1) DP’s classic ‘points’ mode
2) ‘Vision-style’ colored bars
3) Audio-style breakpoint
automation lines which intelligently interpolates CC data
Adjustable PPQ
The display resolution can be
adjusted to 480, 960, 1920 or
any number from 2 to 10,000
PPQ and each tick value can
be displayed with up to four
decimal places. For example,
if you normally edit MIDI
data at 480 PPQ, you can set
your edit resolution to
480.000 for 1000 times more
precision. With the resolution
at its maximum value of
10000.0000, you can nudge a
MIDI event by a little as one
one-hundred millionth of a
quarter note.
Print the whole score or individual parts
Continuous scrolling moves the music
under the wiper which stays fixed to the
center of the window.
Support for five different clefs: treble,
bass, grand staff, alto and tenor clefs.
◆ You
can choose a specific instrument
transposition as well as a score transposition for each instrument.
Non-Destructive MIDI Effects Plug-ins
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
variety of MIDI processing plug-ins can be can be
inserted into the mixing board window and applied to
your MIDI tracks non-destructively in real time
Bundled MIDI plug-ins include:
Arpeggiator; Echo; Remove Duplicates (gets rid of
duplicate events on the same tick); Transpose; and Shift
can all be applied non-destructively and in real-time
Plug-in settings can be saved and recalled for use on
other tracks or in other sessions
Realtime MIDI Effects can be ‘printed’, (destructively
applied) to the track. This allows you to add effects to
certain portions of a track, instead of the entire track
Surround Sound
complete environment is available for
creating surround recordings from start to
finish including support for quad, LCRS,
5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 10.2 surround formats
Four panner plug-ins are provided including
a localizing room simulator – support is
also provided for third party panners
The desired surround panner can be
controlled with the panning dish available
for each track’s channel strip in the Mixing
Board. Panners can also be opened as
separate windows (just like a plug-in)
MacOS Input Sprockets support allows
you to connect a compatible USB joystick
to your Power Macintosh and use it to
control any MOTU or third-party
surround panner
Record, edit and apply effects to multichannel tracks as easily as mono and stereo
tracks – master the multichannel mix
using a wide range of channel effects,
including the MasterWorks Limiter and
bounce the surround submix to disk or
record the output of a multichannel mic
setup or print a multichannel reverb
The included Auralizer effect is a room
simulator that allows you to localize a
sound in space using psychoacoustic cues
– design the size and absorptive
characteristics of the space you wish to
place your audio, then place a sound
precisely in that space.
Universal compatibility and interoperability
with Mac OS X and all CoreAudio- and
CoreMIDI-compatible software and
hardware. No special drivers or wrappers —
just install your software, plug in your
hardware, and go.
◆ Operate multiple audio hardware systems
simultaneously with Digital Performer —
use your MOTU 828 FireWire audio interface together with your MOTU 2408mk3
PCI audio interface - or use any combination
of CoreAudio-compatible interfaces.
◆ Mac OS X’s Audio MIDI Setup utility
delivers universal MIDI system management.
DP4 shares a common studio setup with all
of your Mac OS X MIDI applications.
Easy device remapping from FreeMIDI to
CoreMIDI when you open a project created
in an earlier version of Digital Performer.
Mac OS X’s MIDI device patch lists and
drum note names allow you to view the
sounds in your MIDI synthesizers by name
in Digital Performer’s patch lists. Build drum
kits with instrument names like “808 kick”
and “sizzling hat” rather than note numbers.
All of FreeMIDI's of patch lists have been
ported to Mac OS X, where they can be used
by any CoreMIDI-compatible software.
Support for interapplication MIDI - Digital
Performer can publish an unlimited number
of MIDI inputs and outputs, allowing it to
transmit and receive a virtually unlimited
number of MIDI data streams to and from
other CoreMIDI-compatible software.
Mac OS X’s MIDI Time Stamping achieves a
12th of a millisecond MIDI timing accuracy
on input and a 3rd of a millisecond on output when used with a MIDI Time Stamping
compatible hardware including MOTU’s
rack-mount MIDI interfaces.
ReWire 2.0 support provides
compatibility with Propellerhead
Reason 2.0, Rebirth and all other
Rewire applications. Direct MIDI
I/O support allows you to
sequence MIDI tracks in Digital
Performer using your ReWire
instruments as virtual synths.
Enhanced QuickScribe notation
transcription engine - display and
print unquantized MIDI tracks as
beautifully engraved music scores,
instrument parts and lead sheets.
Digital Performer Version 4
features that are on the way - to
be supplied as a free update soon:
◆ Support for Audio Units plug-ins
for effects and virtual instrument.
◆ Support for Pro Tools hardware
running under the Digidesign
Audio Engine (DAE) including
ProTools HD hardware.
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Each audio track can be assigned to any
surround sound format and have its own,
independent surround panner
Panning movements are fully automatable
Music Creation and Production
The Cubase legacy continues with Cubase SL and Cubase SX — the most
advanced and powerful versions of Steinberg’s renowned Virtual Recording
Studio software to date. Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the
latest breakthroughs in processor and operation systems technologies including
WindowsXP and Mac OSX, both Cubase SL and Cubase SX provide the
potential for recording and playing back an unlimited number audio tracks
(up to 96kHz) and MIDI tracks and feature a comprehensive suite of
advanced editing facilities, realtime effects, mixing and automation
facilities. Both applications support realtime VST 2.0 effects plugins and virtual instruments, and low-latency, multi-channel ASIO
2.0 compatible audio hardware allowing you to outfit your computer-based recording studio to suits your specific requirements. VST
System Link functionality allows several computers to be linked
together and actually perform as one fully integrated system.
Cubase SX adds comprehensive 5.1 surround sound support, complete score layout features and a wider range of automation modes.
Mixing and Automation
Native audio – no expensive additional
outboard equipment is required to record
and playback audio. Plus ASIO soundcard
support for low latencies.
Up to 200 or more simultaneous playback
of Audio Channels (cpu dependent)
Recording multiple channels of audio
Support for 16-Bit, 24-Bit and 32-Bit float
audio files at sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48
kHz, 88.2 kHz, and 96 kHz.
Record of AIFF, WAVE and Broadcast
WAVE files, (Sound Designer II for Mac)
Non-destructive Part Editor
Destructive rendering of virtual effect
processors into parts from the Project
Window (with process history).
◆ Very
◆ Adaptive
and configurable track mixer
selectable (wide/narrow) views.
Unlimited MIDI tracks and multiple MIDI
recording modes: Cycle, Mix, Overdub,
Step, Punch.
Sample-accurate timing for MIDI-events.
For ease of use the displayed musical resolution is set to 480ppq. If you need a higher resolution for your editing needs you
can simply switch to sample resolution.
Sample accurate automation with automation tracks for every audio, group track
and plug-in.
wide range of MIDI editors are provided
including: Key (piano keyboard); Drum;
Event List; SysEx and Logical. Cubase SX
adds professional Score editing.
VST Effects and Instruments
Includes a wide range range of professional
real-time VST effects and (VSTi) virtual
◆ Supports virtual instruments with multiple
outputs (VST 2.0 standard)
Sample Editing
Supports high-precision MIDI timing
when using an LTB compatible MIDI
interface such as Steinberg’s Midex 8.
Tempo Track allows you to control song
tempo using a graphic editing interface.
Destructive Sample Editor with offline
process history.
Sends MIDI clock and send/receive MIDI
timecode (MTC).
Sample accurate zoom and in-place editing
of audio directly in the Project window.
Extensive control surface support including Steinberg’s own Houston, Mackie
Control, Yamaha Digital Mixers, Radikal
Technologies SAC-2.2 and more.
quick and efficient parts bouncing
Simple ‘Drag-and-Drop’ functionality
means allows objects to be moved quickly,
not just within projects, but also between
multiple projects.
Up to 64 Group Channels with access to
the same audio effects and EQ as normal
audio tracks.
◆ Automatic
tempo matching of audio loops
with integrated Slice and Stretch functions.
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Point and click on
these icons to access
the five most common
editing windows
within a project –
the inspector pane,
project overview,
object parameter list,
audio pool window
and project console
The Project Window – provides an overview of the entire project area and allows real-time recording,
playback placement, editing and automation of audio and MIDI. You can move, nudge, fade in, fade
out, change volume, or crossfade parts directly from the Project Window with great ease and efficiency.
These tools allow you to edit and arrange single or multiple objects within the project window:
• The Arrow Tool – Sizing, Time Stretch, Sizing Moves content
• Range Tool (both A and B selection)
• The Pencil Tool lets you draw controller and automation data (freehand or grid based) using
5 Modes – Draw, Line, Sine, Triangle, Square
• Scrub Tool has 2 Modes – tape-style Scrub and position Play
• Other tools include – • Glue Tool • Erase Tool • Magnifier Tool • Mute Tool
The most common
Transport Controls – stop,
play, record and loop
The Grid and Quantize is adjustable down to
single sample resolution
There are 5 Grid modes to choose from –
Grid, Event, Magnetic, Cursor and Shuffle
Timeline Ruler
Option Positions and
lengths displayed as:
Bars+Beats –
Bars|beats|sixteenth notes
and ticks
(120 per 1/16 note)
Seconds –
Hours, minutes, seconds
and milliseconds
SMPTE Frame (Hours,
minutes, seconds & frames)
– 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps as
well as 29.97 and 30 dfps
Samples – Samples
Track Inspector
Provides instant access
to any parameter of the
currently selected audio
or MIDI track.
Each component of a
channel’s mixer is
displayed as a folder
that can be expanded to
reveal that components
parameters – add
insert-effects, adjust aux
sends, pan and volume
and more, without
calling up the mixer
Supported Audio Formats
Import of AIFF, AIFC, WAVE, Broadcast
WAVE, WMA, MP3, REX files as well as
SDII on Mac.
◆ Export audio to MP3, RealAudio G2, AIFF,
Broadcast Wave and WAVE, as well as
Windows Media Audio and Real Audio V5
on PC and SDII on Mac.
◆ Import/export files with sample rates of up
to 96kHz depending on format.
Supported Video Formats
editable crossfades
Video Functions
As working in sync with the picture is an essential demand for film scoring, Cubase does not only
allow playback of video files within a video window, it also provides you with a thumbnail video
track for fast and easy composing to the picture and placing musical events at takes and frames.
Unlimited Undo/Redo with Offline Process History
Off-line processing of individual audio files
allows effects to be ‘stamped’ onto them
layer after layer. The off-line process history,
allows you to jump back to any individual
process such as the reverb and edit it,
remove it or replace it with another effect.
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1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
All Event based
information such as
Part Name, Start and
End Points, Length,
Offset, Snap, Volume
and Fade-info is
shown within the
object parameter
Project Overview
Provides quick and easy
access to any location
within the project window
– the smart cursor allows
you to click and drag on
the bottom of the overview
to navigate to the specific
area of the project you
want to access or click and
drag at the top of the
overview to zoom select a
new zoom value of the
project window.
EQ, Insert, Aux sections of
Channel strip can be bypassed
fast and individually
Each channel within the mixer has 4bands of parametric EQ, 8 insert points
for plug-in effects and 8 aux sends
The Master Section features 8 insert
slots plus dithering using Apogee’s
UV-22 HR algorithm
The extended view adds a top
zone to the standard size mixer
that adds an upper zone where
you can switch between views for
EQ and aux-send or insert effects
per channel or globally.
Global Solo/Mute and automation
Read/Write buttons
Complete channel setups can be
copied and pasted between
channels or even saved to disk and
loaded into new projects – a great
way to create a custom library
of multiple effects or virtual
instruments with effects.
Select the type of channels you
want to view in the mixing
console – audio, group, virtual
instrument, ReWire and MIDI
Click the Edit button to open
the Channel Settings window
(detailed below)
Mixer channels can
be switched between
mono or stereo
Any combination of mixer channels can
be freely grouped or sent to one (or
more) of up to 64 sub group channels.
Hardware Control
Surface Support
Channel Settings Window
4-band fully parametric EQ with variable frequency (20 to 20k
Hz), gain (±24db) and Q per band–
Bands 1 and 4 are switchable between Shelf, HPF, LPF and Bell
Bands 2 and 3 has a Bell curve
These 8 Aux Sends can be routed
to the FX rack, Groups or Bus outs.
Of course,
Cubase is
fully compatible with
surface which
allows you to
grab hold of the virtual world of Cubase
with physical knobs, buttons and faders.
Features such as transport control, scrub,
fast forward, rewind, track muting, track
arming, control over plug-in parameters
and full moving-fader control over your
mix are just a few of the possibilities.
Pan control
volume faders
with 15-bit
and 2 decimal
Up to 8 effects inserts are available for each audio channel
The response time of the meters
is adjustable (fast/slow/hold)
Save and load EQ presets
wide number of 3rd Party remote controllers are supported including devices
made by Mackie, JL Cooper, CM
Automation, Radikal Technologies, Roland,
Tascam, and Yamaha.
VST Realtime Effects Processors
Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology (VST) interface allows the seamless integration of virtual effect processors and instruments into your
digital audio environment. These processors run the gamut from software emulations of classic hardware effect units and instruments to
never-heard-before creative processors. All functions of a VST effect
processor or instrument are directly controllable and automatable.
A complete suite of Steinberg VST effect processors is included with
Cubase SL and SX and because VST is an open standard, new virtual
effect processors and virtual instruments are constantly being
developed by Steinberg as well as numerous third party companies
including Antares, Waves, Waldorf, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia
and many more.
DirextX plug-in support is also available on the PC
Included VST Effects Processors
Reverb 32
Ring modulation
SMPTE Generator
6 to 2 Mixer
Multitap Delay
Classic Delay
DeEsser by SPL
MIDI Plug-in Effects
VSTi (VST Instruments)
Instruments are software synthesizers and sampler that are
loaded into Cubase just like standard VST plugins.
instruments can be triggered via MIDI, just like their hardware
counterparts, and their audio outputs appear on separate channels in
the Mixer, allowing you to add effects or EQ, just as with audio tracks.
Included VST Instruments
number of realtime MIDI effect plug-ins are included for
transforming and generating MIDI events in a variety of ways.
MIDI effects can be applied in real time to the MIDI data played
back from the track or can be inserted while playing live on your
MIDI keyboard - an inspiring performance tool
Just like any other parameter in the Cubase mixer, MIDI plug-ins
can also be fully automated.
MIDI Plug-ins Effects Include: Arpache (Arpeggiator), AutoPan,
Chorder (create chords from single keys), MIDI Echo, Microtuner,
Quantize, Step Designer (step sequencer), MIDI Compressor, and
many more.
ReWire 2.0 Support
Three VST instruments are included and numerous others can be
purchased separately from Steinberg and third party manufacturers.
A1 – Analog Synthesizer Unit developed by Waldorf
VB1 – Bass Emulation Unit
LM7 – 24- Bit Drum Sampler Unit
Stream up to 64 audio channels between ReWire compatible
applications, such as Propellerhead’s Reason and Rebirth, and
Cubase with sample accurate synchronization. Audio outputs from
the ReWire compatible application are connected via Rewire to the
VST mixer, allowing VST Effects, EQ and Dynamics to be applied
in real time. MIDI-streaming between applications — the ReWire
application shows up in Cubase as a MIDI out port, ready to
trigger. Use Cubase to control the ReWire apps transports.
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Sample Editor
Even though you can do most of your editing directly within the Project window, an integrated Sample Editor is included for editing mono
and stereo audio files. The Sample Editor allows viewing and manipulating of audio data at the Audio Clip level. Functions such as cutting
and pasting, removing or drawing audio data is fully “non-destructive”, in the sense that you can undo changes or revert to the original versions at any point, using the Offline Process History. Any audio clip can be permanently edited and changed with full backup, plus multilevel undo and redo. A number of integrated non-destructive audio processes are provided for optimizing and even resynthesizing audio
files: Acoustic Stamp, Crossfade, Envelope, Fade-Ins and Outs, Gain Change, Normalize, Phase Reverse, Pitch Shift and Timestretch, DC
Offset removal, Reverse and Stereo Flip.
Sample Editor tools include: the selection tool for creating regions within an audio clip; the magnifier tool;
The Pencil tool allows you to to manually edit out a spike or click; and the Scrub tool which allows you to
locate positions in the audio by playing forwards or backwards at any speed.
The Thumbnail
display provides
an overview of the
whole Clip.
All regions created from an
audio clip are shown with
their name, start and end
positions in the Regions List
display. You can audition
regions and drag and drop
them directly from this list
into the Project window.
Regions can also be exported as audio files
Regions allow you to define
important sections within
an Audio Clip. Regions can
be dragged into the Project
window from the Editor or
the Pool.
The Info Line shows all
relevant information
about the edited
Audio Clip.
The Loop Editor allows you to
automatically match the of an audio
phrase or loop to your song’s tempo
by applying time compression and
expansion to short audio-segments
contained with the audio file.
◆ Audio segments can be created
automatically or by manually — the
phrase or loop is analyzed and then
segments are generated using the
audio file’s transients as markers.
◆ You can then make tempo changes to
your song in real-time and your
audio playback will follow.
Use odd meters and loops of
unlimited length when mixing.
◆ You
can combine a number of loops
with different feels and tempi and
conform them to your song’s tempo.
Match the groove of MIDI tracks to
looped audio or vice versa. Quantize
the groove of looped audio.
Re-arrange grooves by exchanging
single samples inside your loop.
The Loop Editor is also provides an
easy auto cutting and match quantizing of single words from vocals takes.
The Drum Editor features standard editing
functions (Draw, Move, Copy, Delete,
Mute, Size, Transpose note-events, Velocity
and Controllers) as well as Drum Map
support allows you to assign sound names
(eg. kick, snare) to notes.
Each sound or notepitch can have its own
settings for Quantize, Output and Channel.
The Drum Editor also provides access to
the same Multi Lane Controller Editing,
Mathematical Curve and Step Recording
functions found in the Key editor.
The Key Editor / Piano-roll Editor features
many standard functions for manipulating
MIDI note and event data. You can Draw,
Move, Copy, Delete, Mute, re-Size,
Transpose and change Velocity for noteevents.
The Multi-Lane Controller Editing functions allow simultaneous editing of various
controller data sets at the same time.
The Mathematical Curve Function (such as
parabola, sine, triangle, square) allows you
to draw precise Controller data curves
quickly and easily.
Step Recording allows recording events offline by inputting notes via MIDI-in at the
start position and automatically stepping
these to the next Grid point (e.g. 1/16th).
This allows the easy creation of musical
lines that are difficult or impossible to play.
The List Editor allows all data (MIDI,
Audio events, Automation, etc.) to be
edited numerically.
It provides an overview of the whole
project so that you can easily browse
through all of the project’s tracks. This
allows very precise control when adjusting
the ‘fine detail’ like sample-accurate
positioning of multiple data types.
The event display shows the events
graphically while the value display shows
the “value” of each event, allowing for easy
viewing and graphical editing.
The information available in the List
Editor Includes: Event Type; Start and End
position; Length; Data 1 and Data 2 (eg.
pitch and modulation); Channel and
Single and multiple events can be muted
and unmuted using the dedicated Mute
Logical Editor
The Logical Editor allows you to find
certain MIDI events, based on defined
criteria and conditions. You can then
manage and edit this data using the list of
available actions.
◆ Applications
range from simple MIDI
event filtering to complex tasks such as
changing the scale of a piece of music from
minor to arabian.
Steinberg Technology
VST System Link
(Audio Stream Input/Output) is a
high performance, low latency audio driver
architecture that forms the backbone of
Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology.
ASIO was developed to deliver a truly
professional audio recording solution —
one that supports variable bit depths and
sample rates, multi-channel I/O and
synchronization — all within a native
computer environment.
is a supported standard by many
leading audio hardware manufacturers
including MOTU, M-Audio, Tascam,
Edirol, Steinberg and many more.
VST System Link is a platform independent
communication protocol that provides
sample accurate networking of several
computers running VST System Link-compatible host applications including Cubase
SX, Cubase SL and Nuendo. It enables synchronization, transport control and audio
data between two or more workstations
over standard digital audio cabling systems
such as ADAT, TDIF, AES/EBU or S/PDIF.
Expandability, Flexibility and connectivity
for your virtual studio — exploit the DSP
resources of multiple computers within a
single project.
Accurate MIDI Timing
with LTB
LTB (Linear Time Base) is a multi-channel
communication protocol which offers
sub-millisecond MIDI timing accuracy.
LTB is a MIDI Time Stamping technique
that bypasses the computer’s operating
system and thus significantly reduces latency.
LTB is utilized by the MIDEX series of
hardware MIDI USB interfaces to offer the
lowest latency of any MIDI interface
Supported by Cubase SL and SX as well as
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List Editor
Drum Editor
Key Editor
MIDI Editing
2-Track Digital Audio Editor for Windows
Professional audio editing and mastering software for Windows, WaveLab 5 can handle
almost any audio editing task—be it internet audio, multimedia applications, and
preparing audio for broadcasting. With its unique Audio Montage window, you can create
audio montages and carry out precision edits in real-time. Use fades, crossfades, volume
envelopes or effects without having to wait. The full implementation of multitasking allows
editing and processing in the background during playback. Even save or record while
working on a different file.
WaveLab 5 features drag & drop and a customizable user interface, and you can freely
scale all windows. Comprehensive CD burning capabilities, real-time audio file analysis and batch processors add to the
functional depth of WaveLab 5. Also supports samplers, ASIO, WDM, a range of file formats, up to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution
and real-time input and output monitoring. Finally, the latest version includes a complete set of DVD Audio mastering and
authoring tools. The DVD Audio burning capabilities also include video data, DVD Audio extraction, conversion, and
archiving. There is support for up to eight audio channels throughout the entire signal chain for surround recording, editing,
processing and mastering, a “Smart” Video Thumbnail Track for editing audio for video, track-based insert effects,
multi-channel metering, and support for Steinberg Surround Edition plug-ins.
Highest Quality Sound
Audio Montage
WaveLab 5 offers outstanding sound quality. The
internal 32-bit floating processing depth with a
sample rate of up to 192 kHz offers superb audio
clarity. Apogee’s renowned professional UV22HR
dithering algorithm converts your audio into other
bit rates at the very last step in the mastering process.
Powerful Real-Time
Analysis Tools
The Audio Montage window is the heart of
WaveLab 5. Here, audio files and sections of
audio are defined, arranged and edited.
Open as many clips on as many tracks as
you want simultaneously in the audio montage and place, move, cut, fade or crossfade
them any way you like. Crossfades, panorama, volume edits and effect send levels are
calculated in real-time. You can change the
“rubber band” curves with the mouse: hear
and see the changes you make straight away
- without creating fade files that have to be
calculated first.
The Audio Montage is absolutely non-destructive, as the clips are only references to the
original audio files. This gives you the flexibility of being able to move, cut or delete clips.
Each clip can be processed using up to ten VST effects. The sum of all the tracks then
passes through the Master Section, where another eight real-time effects (VST, WaveLab,
Direct X) are available. Unlimited undo/redo lets you take back any edits or changes you
have made.
WaveLab 5 features a broad palette of professional
analysis tools. Thanks to newly developed highprecision level indicators, you can visually monitor
playback audio input and even each single sample
position - in real-time, of course. Also included
are a new version of the Peak/VU Meter (now
free-floating), a 60-band spectrum analyzer and
Phasescope, a correlation meter with
integrated goniometer. With the FFT meter, you
can also, for example, test rooms or PA systems.
WaveLab 5 offers everything you need to give your audio the finishing touches it deserves:
a graphic, editable, fully parametric equalizer, a top level reverb algorithm, comprehensive
dynamics section as well as special high-end loudness optimization algorithms. Also builtin are two plugins for restoration of audio recordings, Declicker and Denoiser. Using virtual effect processors in the Master Section couldn’t be easier - you can drag & drop the
plug-ins around and place them into the desired position in the processing chain. To help
you compare results of different effect combinations easily, you can open several instances
of WaveLab 5 at the same time.
Integrated Mastering Studio
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Burn Your CDs
Steinberg Studio Case
With its integrated audio database and batch
processors, WaveLab 5 takes care of routine
tasks. Organizing sound archives or databases
is simple. These versatile tools can edit and
convert audio files automatically. Using them
couldn’t be simpler - just select your audio
files, choose the editing functions and set
your destination folder. Meta Leveler can be
used during batch processing to compensate
undesired volume fluctuations.
Beginners, crossgraders, hobby musicians and users of Cubase SX and/or VST System Link
alike will be stunned by this complete music production package, which includes a highperformance sequencer and five fantastic-sounding VST instruments. The package
includes Cubase SE (the new music production software based on award-winning Cubase
SX technology and featuring 48 audio tracks as well as full VSTi support), and SE versions
of 5 great VST instruments: HALion, The Grand, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, D’cota
and Groove Agent, all of which can be upgraded to the full versions at an time. This software collection is available for Mac and PC users at an unbelievable price.
Audio file formats
Supported file formats include WAV, AIFF,
Ensoniq Paris 24-bit, RAW (8/16/20/24 bit),
AU, Sound Designer II, ulaw, MP3, Sun/Java
and many more…
Additional Functions
• ASIO, WDM and MME driver support
• Analyze audio signals in real-time:
Level/Pan, Phase, Spectrum Analyzer, FFT
Meter, Wave Meter, Bit Meter
The Complete Music Producers’ Collection
Cubase SE
The complete music production suite for
your studio! Cubase Start Edition combines
powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects.
Start creating your own music with a system that is fully compatible with the
Cubase family of products that are used in
high-class studios around the world.
Halion SE
• Full real-time input and output monitoring
• High-quality virtual effect processors Q
(parametric 4-band mastering EQ),
Multiband Compressor, Spectralizer
(Enhancer), Denoiser, Declicker, Voice
Attenuator, 192 kHz Resampler
• Backup function, data CD burning, CD
copy, CD label creation
• OSQ (Original Sound Quality) - lossless
audio file compression
• Save several audio files in the background
while you continue working
• Apogee UV22HR Dithering
• Automatic pitch recognition and pitch
• Autosplit function splits audio files into
segments with a range of different criteria
Steinberg’s next-generation multiple
synthesis VST instrument supplies punchy
basses, biting leads and massive pad
Groove Agent SE
Forget about
tedious drum programming. Groove
Agent is your personal virtual drummer, providing you
with ready-to go
drum tracks, live feel and extraordinary
real-time control.
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE
The backing part specialist. This 4-way
timbral version of Steinberg’s HALion
Sampler includes the Wizoo Composer
Library and features HALion and
Soundfont import, letting you play literally
millions of sampled instruments.
The Grand SE
The Grand SE is a great-sounding
acoustic grand piano with 4 characters
(Natural, Soft, Bright and Hard) to suit
any musical style.
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE is a
professional electric guitarist ready to play
perfect funk, pop and rock styles with
unbelievable sound and playing technique.
Best of all - he’ll never argue...
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Transparent File Management
Studio Case is Steinberg’s complete music
producer’s software collection. It includes
Cubase SE, HALion SE, Virtual Guitarist
Electric Edition SE, Groove Agent SE, The
Grand SE, and D’cota SE.
Cubase SE, a powerful music workstation
software application that’s based on the
successful Cubase SX, offers all of the essential features found in Cubase SX and SL.
WaveLab 5.0 makes burning CD masters easy.
You can set track and index markers directly
in the waveform, including extremely accurate settings for codes and pauses. The integrated Label Editor lets you make your own
CD labels and covers. The backup tool lets
you archive your audio files to hard drives,
CDs and JAZ. Also features audio-in-pause
function for creating hidden tracks, 1:1 CD
copying, ISO import and export, PQ sheet
import, export and printing.
Professional Digital Audio Recording, Editing
and Mastering Software for Windows
The industry-standard for audio recording, editing, effects processing and streaming media
creation, Sound Forge is used worldwide for production in leading recording studios,
post-production houses, broadcast facilities, radio stations and home studios. It includes over 35
realtime audio effects and processes with more than 200 presets for manipulating audio, and
supports a wide range of audio and video file formats, including Windows Media, RealMedia,
QuickTime and MPEG 1&2. Version 6.0 expands on a decade of leadership by adding features
that make it faster and more powerful than ever.
From non-destructive editing to new formats for import and rendering, Sound Forge 6.0 provides the most intuitive and
efficient digital audio editing environment available for media professionals worldwide. Features include realtime
non-destructive editing, modeless audio plug-in chainer, multitask background rendering, 32-bit/64-bit float/192kHz file
support, enhanced time zoom, fully customizable tool bars, tabbed docking windows and DirectX plug-in manager.
Fast, Powerful Audio Editing
Sound Forge provides the power and flexibility you need to create a clean, professional final
product—cut, paste, and delete audio with extreme speed and accuracy — down to the sample
level. Sound Forge 6.0 combines fast and powerful non-destructive editing with simple drag and
drop operation, allowing you to focus on your project and not time. And a fully customizable
interface allows you to build projects the way you want. Also supports standard Windows
keyboard commands and mouse shortcuts.
Edit, record, process, and encode audio on
your PC
Cut, paste, move, mix, delete, mute, reverse,
fade, and cross fade audio
Drop markers during playback or while
editing. Create custom marker names and
use them for creating regions and loops.
Edit files down to the sample level. Sound
Forge has a 24:1 zoom ratio, allowing you to
perform more precise, sample accurate
editing. View, select, edit, and snap to
sample selections. You have more control
over your audio editing than ever before.
Import and save 32-bit files (record them if
your hardware supports 32-bit recording)
Multitask background rendering lets you
work on one file while Sound Forge processes
another—saving you valuable production
time. Open, play, preview, cut, copy, paste,
and delete files while other project files
render in the background.
Customize your toolbars to create the interface you want for quick access to commonly
used functions.
Audio Effects and Processing
Dock floating windows, including, regions
list, playlist, keyboard, play meters, and time
display, individually or on top of each other.
Choose from 35 audio effects (including
Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Dynamics,
Delay/Echo, Flange/Wah-Wah, Distortion,
Envelopes, Gapper/Snipper, Noise Gate,
Pitch Bend/Shift, Reverb, Vibrato and
more) and processes with over 200 presets,
including 18 DirectXAudio Plug-Ins from
Sonic Foundry's XFX1, 2 and 3 series.
Customize your toolbars to create the
interface you want for quick access to
commonly used functions.
Use the Audio Plug-In Chainer to chain
multiple plug-ins together and hear the
results immediately.
Use an unlimited number of undos/redos to
restore a file to any previously edited state.
Use the DirectX Plug-In Manager to customize folders and rename audio plug-ins.
Synchronize audio and video, frame by
frame for streaming media productions and
multimedia presentations.
Apply acoustic responses of real environments such as concert halls, caves and
stairways with the Acoustic Mirror plug-in.
Create and edit ACID loops. Permanently
assign root notes, number of beats, and
tempo to ACIDize new loops.
Wave Hammer mastering tool limits
dynamic range, adds punch to recordings,
and boosts signal levels without clipping
Trigger audio playback via MIDI commands
from any MIDI software or hardware device.
Audition effects before applying them and
make "before and after" comparisons
Use the Spectrum Analysis tool to analyze
waveforms by frequency and help identify
noise problems.
Use Time Compress/Expand to easily turn
33 seconds of narration into a 30-second
spot without altering the pitch.
Use the Preset Manager to back up, transfer,
and organize your favorite presets (even
ACID presets). Save time in accessing most
commonly used settings.
Use the Spectrum Analysis tool to perform
precise FFT analysis, and display resulting
data in two graphical formats. Use the
Spectral Graph to monitor input or playback in real-time.
Protected Work Environment
Monitor audio levels
in realtime
Time display
Synchronize audio and
video frame by frame
Video preview
Powerful Encoding Tools
Encode your audio files for the Internet in
RealAudio, Windows Media, and MP3 formats. You can even encode video, insert
metadata command markers, launch web
sites, display captions, and embed URL
flips into your audio and video streams.
Render audio to just about any file format
including WAV, ASF, RM, MP3, WMA, and
AVI, eliminating the need for another program to perform file conversions.
Sonic Foundry’s Batch Converter 5.0 utility
allows you to apply the same process across
multiple files automatically
Rip audio from CDs, transferring music to
your hard drive, and save files in MP3,
WAV, and WMA formats.
CD Features
Dock and
undock toolbars
Create your own audio CDs. Sound Forge
includes track-at-once CD burning, allowing you to take your audio projects with
you and share them with the world.
Video render options include fast video
resizing, source video resampling, and
video stretching.
Sync audio with video at sub-frame accuracy. With external monitor previewing
through IEEE1394 devices and more render options than ever, Sound Forge is the
perfect companion to your video editor.
Perform precise
sample-level editing
DirectX plug-in
manager to
customize and
arrange effects
history to restore
previous edits
Incorporating much of the award-winning technology found in Sound Forge, this
streamlined version makes it easy to record, edit, and process audio using your PC.
Record from a CD, microphone, LP, cassette, or musical instrument, and then edit your
recording using a wide range of tools and effects. Liven up presentations, recordings, and
music using over 30 digital audio effects and processes, including 1001 Sound Effects.
Create your own “Best Of ” audio CDs using track-at-once CD burning.
If you’re new to the world of digital video,
Sonic Foundry’s bundled Vegas Video LE
3.x provides the perfect introduction to
professional DV and audio production.
A professional digital video and audio
multitrack editor, Vegas Video LE 3.x lets
you add up to eight tracks of video, apply
effects and transitions, and time-stretch
audio and video. Perform edits in real-time
and hear the results immediately.
Tabbed docking
Sound Forge Studio
Video Features
Sound Forge includes crash recovery tools,
which allow you to recover lost work after a
power failure or system crash. Also includes a
powerful undo/redo history feature, which
allows you to see your entire work history at
a glance and undo edits.
Edit files in real-time and hear the changes
immediately. Sound Forge Studio
includes dozens of editing tools including:
cut, paste, move, delete, mute, reverse,
crossfade, trim, normalize, fade, resample,
pan, enhance, insert silence, and more.
Studio supports many popular audio and
web formats, including WAV, Windows
Media Audio and Video, QuickTime,
RealAudio, and MP3. It is perfect for
creating streaming media for the web.
Sound Forge Studio includes a 10-band
EQ, reverb, delay, distortion, mute,
reverse, fades, crossfade, pan, volume,
normalize, and more.
Free sound effects library lets you
enhance your audio with over 1,000 professional-quality sound clips - from
explosions and flying saucers to animals
and spooky noises. This royalty-free
library is perfect for presentations,
PowerPoint productions, and web sites.
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Software and Hardware Media Systems for the Creative Mind
Cool Breeze’s CSI (Cool School Interactus) series of CDs provide an easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment. The structure
of the CSI CD allows the user to go at his own pace. A flexible interface encourages each user to customize his learning path depending on his personal needs and desires. The novice through the veteran will find great benefit in using these CDs. Made up of system
designers, engineers, acousticians, programmers, musicians, composers and graphic artists, Cool Breeze offers over 20 years of combined experience in digital audio operations, training, sluggin’ brews and systems design.
SONAR 3 CSi Starter
Digital Performer
If you’re ready to use SONAR to
create amazing music but aren’t
sure where to begin, this interactive
CD will give you the hands-on tips
you need to get up and running
quickly. Cover a basic production
from start to finish as you develop
the skills you need to get down to
the business of producing a song.
Movie tutorials include not only
functionality, but also production
techniques, special shortcuts, key
commands, and before and after audio examples. Offering an
easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment, sit back and
watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs and then switch
over to your own DAW to try out each concept yourself! Use
the quizzing feature to test your skills along the way.
Get ready for a comprehensive
introduction to the many features of
Digital Performer 3 as well an
overview movie tutorial of new features DP 4. Sit down with a DAW
pro and learn operational techniques and feature options. The CSi
Browser interface includes screen
element definitions with click-state
pop-up simulations for the Control
Panel, Tracks Window, Sequence
Editor, Mixing Board, Graphic
Editor, Soundbites Window, and Menus. There is a massive
glossary of DAW-related terms and numerous movie tutorials.
The CSi movie tutorials are designed to include not only basic
functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts,
key commands, and before and after audio examples.
Desktop Audio
Digital Performer 4 CSi Master
A powerful guide covering the basics
of sound production on a computer,
whether you’re into music, postproduction or multimedia. Learn
the many concepts, elements, products and possibilities - and gain the
knowledge to put together the system that’s right for you. Topics covered: goals (where the authors help
you state your mission, and explain
& categorize the different types of
software and hardware), sound,
computers & operating systems from the audio perspective,
MIDI, digital audio, DAWs, plug-ins, synchronization, system
set-up & upkeep, even studio furniture, and much, much more.
Includes a searchable glossary of over 1,200 digital audio related terms, and is packed with swingin’ music, top-notch graphics, excellent interactive examples, flow charts, pictures, animations, before and after audio examples, video, diagrams, and
info-packed movie tutorials!
If you’ve been using Digital
Performer and want to get more
out of your rig, then Digital
Performer 4 CSi Master is the
product you’ve been searching for!
Get ready to master the key
operational techniques and cool
features of Digital Performer 4
with this interactive CD- ROM.
If you’re a new user, the
Introduction topic will take you
through set- up, first record, edit,
and mix. The CSi movie tutorials include not only functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. Digital Performer
4 CSi Master offers an easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment. Sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and
outs and then switch over to your own DAW and try out each
concept yourself. Use the quizzing feature to test yourself along
the way!
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Pro Tools 6 CSi Master
Get ready to master the key operational techniques and cool features of Pro Tools 6 with Pro
Tools 6 CSi Master. This handson, interactive CD-ROM includes
a multitude of movie tutorials that
include not only functionality, but
also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and
before and after audio examples. If
you’re a new user, the
Introduction topic will take you
through set-up, first record, edit,
and mix. The CSi Movie Tutorial interface offers an easy-to-use
and intuitive learning environment. View a movie tutorial in
CSi, then instantly switch over to Pro Tools and try it yourself.
It’s the ideal way to jump right in and put Pro Tools to work
for you!
Audio Plug-Ins CSi Master
Logic Audio
Get more out of EMAGIC’s
Logic Audio - the interactive way!
Get hip to the basic concepts,
operational ins and outs, and
new features. CSi vol. 4 combines
the Cool Breeze vibe with the
practical expertise of Logic Audio
pros. CSi tutorials are designed
to include not just basic
functionality, but real-world
production techniques as well.
You’ll get coverage of Logic Audio
applications, system requirements,
hardware and software configurations and set-up, concepts of
Logic Song, Audio Objects, Instruments, Ports, Screen sets, and
much more!
Are you ready to master the functionality and operation of virtual
effects processors? Then Audio
Plug-Ins CSi Master is the product
you’ve been searching for! This
interactive CD-ROM is full of
movie tutorials covering basic concepts and production techniques
to help illustrate the effective use
of today’s most commonly used
plug-in products. You’ll cover
plug-ins from Bomb Factory,
Digidesign, Drawmer, Focusrite,
IK Multimedia, Line6, McDSP, Metric Halo, MOTU, TCIWorks,
Waves, and Universal Audio. CSi movie tutorials provide an
easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment. You’ll quickly
master each concept as you watch a DAW pro show you the ins
and outs of driving plug-in processors in sound production.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
Waves Plug-Ins CSi Master
Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, Waves Plug-Ins CSi Master will help you understand the functionality and operation of key Waves plug-in processors. This training and tutorial CDROM covers basic concepts, button and element definitions, and production techniques, and includes
before and after audio examples.
If you prefer the “show me” style of learning, then CSi Movie Tutorials are for you. Sit back and watch
a DAW pro show you the ins and outs of driving plug-in processors in sound production. Cover plugins from the Waves Gold, Platinum, Native, Renaissance, Broadcast, Maxx, Transform, Masters, and
Restoration bundles.
Pro Tools LE CSi Starter
Are you ready to jump in and learn
the basics of Pro Tools LE? This
interactive tutorial CD-ROM is the
ideal tool for hands-on learning!
Pro Tools LE CSi Starter takes you
through a basic production from
start to finish and shows you how
to get down to the business of producing a song. Sit back and watch
a DAW pro show you the ins and
outs and then switch over to Pro
Tools and try it yourself. The CSi
Movie Tutorial interface provides
an easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment, as well as a
title bar that allows you to position it on your screen and easily
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Tuned Reference Bi-amplified Direct Field Monitor Systems
Like their names intimate, the TR (Tuned Reference) 5 and 8 monitors are precision tuned
to provide flat frequency response and uncolored sound, giving you a true sonic reference
for mixing. So when you mix on a Tuned Reference monitor, you
know your mixes will translate accurately to other playback systems.
However, you might think that this level of mix precision comes at a
high price. But thanks to a powerful new ultra-efficient amplifier
(actually two of them, since these are biamplified systems), they are
able to bring you high definition,
non-fatiguing monitoring at prices so low they’re downright silly. But
don’t let the cost fool you: The TR series monitors are filled with
time-tested Event technology, and designed by the same engineering
team behind their full line of critically-acclaimed monitors.
Active Studio Monitor
The Tapco S·5 is a compact, bi-amplified monitor that features
dual high-precision internal amplifiers providing a total of 120
watts RMS (60 watts for the woofer and 60 watts for the
tweeter). A 5.25˝ woofer delivers punchy bass output and
extremely detailed midrange, while a 1˝ waveguide-loaded silk
dome tweeter provides smooth, non-fatiguing high end. Rear
panel controls on the S·5 allow for acoustic tailoring with
low-frequency boost and high frequency cut/boost switches.
Inputs include 1/4˝ TRS/XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced.
Flat frequency response (64 Hz to
60-watt HF and 60-watt LF power
1-inch silk dome tweeter, fully
magnetically shielded
Front panel clipping indicators
High-density adiabatic foam absorbs
internal reflections
Full magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors
Balanced XLR and 1/4˝ TRS, and
unbalanced RCA input connectors
24 dB/octave crossover at 4 kHz
5.52-inch polyproylene cone woofer,
fully magnetically shielded
Ported, bass reflex design for enhanced
bass performance
High strength cabinet constructed with
5/8˝ MDF composite and 3/4˝ front
board with radiused edges
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
◆ Adjustable
sensitivity control
LF equalization provides +2dB or +4dB
at 65Hz
HF equalization provides ±2dB at 5 kHz
and above
Rear panel power switch with front
panel indicating LED
Small footprint, perfect for desktop
◆ Wave
guide technology matches the high
frequency dispersion pattern to the bass
transducer for a seamless midrange transition. Furthermore, the high frequency transducer is recessed, providing acoustic alignment of high and low frequencies.
1˝ high-frequency aluminum dome driver
with ferrofluid-cooled voice coil.
6.7˝ (HR624) or 8.75˝ (HR824) RCF
Precision low frequency transducer with
mineral-filled polypropylene cone, die-cast
magnesium frame and extra-long-throw
voice coil are servo-coupled with a
dedicated 100-watt or 150-watt amplifier
Cutaway of the HR824
1˝ MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
front board. Internal cavity is filled with
high-density foam to absorb the internallyprojected midrange before it can exit
through the low frequency transducer cone
High frequency shelving control adds or
attenuates frequencies above 10kHz by 2dB
40-watt (HR624), 100-watt (HR875) high
frequency amplifier. Proprietary Fast
Recovery circuitry prevents latching when
the amps are driven at their maximum.
Low frequency switch with 49Hz (full range)
and 80Hz roll-off settings (HR624); 37Hz
(full range) 47Hz and 80Hz roll-off settings
Magnetic shielding
Input sensitivity control, ideal for dealing
with sensitive artists or insensitive clients
◆ Acoustic
space switch allows bass
optimization when placed freestanding (full
space), against back walls (half space), and
corner placement (quarter space)
Overload LED indicates when protection
circuitry kicks in
Three mode power switch:
On, Auto On (with front panel clipping
LED and a signal present/power indicator),
and standby
XLR and TRS jacks accept virtually any
line-level input from a mixing console
Power cord and all inputs (balanced XLR
and 1/4˝ TRS, unbalanced RCA) are
mounted on a downward-facing, vertical
panel. This allows speaker placement
close to walls and eliminates strain on the
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5010 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-947-5525 • www.bhphotovideo.com
One of the most accurate near-field monitors ever built, thousands of recording studios and
post-production facilities rely on the HR824 to reveal details that comparable monitors simply cannot resolve. Frequency response is an astonishing 38Hz to 20kHz ±1.5dB. To achieve
such a sweet spot and smooth response, the HR824 uses technology
not found in typical vented-box near field monitors. A cast zinc
exponential waveguide disperses
sound evenly and integrates the output of the HF and LF
drivers. Its servo-coupled LF transducer works in conjunction
with a rear-firing passive transducer to extend low octaves and
eliminate vent noise. The HR824 uses two separate high-current
amplifiers with discrete circuitry. And it is fully stuffed with dense
foam to fully damp internal vibrations before they can escape
through the LF transducer.
Employing the same acoustic technology as the HR824, but in a
compact version, the HR624 is deal for rear surround sound
channels in existing HR824 front left/right systems or as a main monitor system in control rooms and editing suites where
space is at a premium. When using the HR624 as the primary monitor in project rooms or off-line editing suites, mixes will
flawlessly transfer to an “A” room that employs HR824’s. The HR624 is flat ±1dB from 55Hz to 20kHz.
6.7˝ and 8.75˝ 2-Way Active Near-Field Monitors
Reference Monitors
The latest in the popular Studiophile series , the BX5 and BX8 deliver exceptional quality and professional sound. They offer 5.25˝ (BX5) and 8˝ low-frequency drivers
(BX8), 1˝ high-frequency drivers, and 75 or 130 watts of bi-amped near-field technology at a fraction of the cost of other monitors of this quality. The 1˝ natural silk
high-frequency drivers employ a flush design and electronic time alignment with the
low-frequency driver, resulting in controlled dispersion for superior three-dimensional imaging. The tooled rear Sub-Frequency Ports reduce low-frequency turbulence
and optimize driver excursion for amazing bass in a small footprint.
Monitors that adapt to your needs
Your monitors should be able to adapt to any changes in placement or work environment. That’s just what the BX5 and BX8 do. Since a
monitor’s bass response can change depending upon proximity to walls, their Acoustic Space control
section allows you to optimize their performance—no matter whether you need to put them on stands,
on a bookshelf or in the corners. You can also adjust the high-frequency response to compensate for
Acoustic Space Control Section
reflective surfaces like glass. The presence control gives you an automatic mid-range boost for added
flexibility. There’s even a variable low-frequency roll-off to optimize response at crossover points when adding a subwoofer like the SP-8S.
2.1 Monitoring System Easily Expands to 5.1 Surround
Consisting of the Studiophile LX4 2.1 System and Studiophile LX4 5.1 Expander,
together they comprise the Studiophile LX4 Surround Sound System.The
Studiophile LX4 2.1 System offers two satellites and a subwoofer for
high performance 2.1 monitoring. The subwoofer contains the
active crossover matrix for both the 2.1 system and the completely
expanded 5.1 system. The integral 125-watt power amp houses
enough power for the full surround system—60 watts for the
subwoofer and 27 watts for each of the 5 satellites in the full LX4
Surround Sound System. The ported design of the subwoofer
cabinet combines with the 8˝ woofer for a formidable bass
experience. The passive satellites contain a 4˝ polypropylene woofer and 1˝ mylar high-frequency drivers.
The Studiophile LX4 5.1 Expander is a separate package
comprised of three additional LX4 passive satellites. These
simply connect to the subwoofer of the LX4 2.1 System to
complete the LX4 Surround Sound System. Combined with their
compact size, the passive design of the satellites is also a plus
because many people find it challenging to route AC from the
same circuit all over a room for active surround environments.
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