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ear and forehead thermometer
User’s Manual
ver. 1.0
►As with any thermometer, proper technique is crucial
to getting accurate temperature readings. Please
read this manual thoroughly and carefully before
►Always store the thermometer in a cool and dry
place: temperatures between -4ºF(-20ºC) and
122ºF(50ºC); relative humidity less than 95%. Avoid
direct sunlight.
►Avoid dropping the thermometer from a height or
strongly hitting it with a hard object.
►Do not touch the lens.
►Do not disassemble the thermometer.
►Basic safety precautions should always be observed,
especially when the thermometer is used on or near
children and disabled persons.
►The use to this thermometer is not intended to be a
substitution to consulting your physician.
The forehead temperature is served as a reference
only. It cannot be a judgment on fever.
This thermometer is clinically proven to produce
accurate temperature measurements. However,
please be advised if you have the following
►The accuracy cannot be ensured for a person who
has deformity in the ear such that the thermometer
probe cannot be properly inserted into the ear
►The accuracy cannot be ensured when blood or
drainage is found in the ear canal.
►Take temperature from the other ear if ear drops or
medications have been placed in an ear.
► For a person who wears ear plug or hearing aid,
remove the device and wait for 15 minutes before
taking temperature.
Never try to clean inside the ears. You may accidentally
damage the ear drum or its surrounding tissues.
Remove excess ear wax only when you can reach it
with a clean cloth. Consult a physician if you suspect
the presence of excess ear wax.
Thank you for choosing Clever Ear& Forehead
This innovative medical device leverages on advanced
infrared (IR) technology to measure temperature
instantly and accurately in two convenient ways: in the
ear or on the forehead. An additional function is while
resting on a table, an elegant clock displaying room
temperature will be presented. Set-up with a color
LCD backlight, Clever is an elegantly designed infrared
thermometer meant for your family.
The thermometer measures the infrared heat generated
by the eardrum and its surrounding tissue, or the
forehead skin surface over the temporal artery. The
thermometer then converts it into a temperature value
shown on LCD.
The thermometer does not send out any infrared signal.
►Provide two body temperatures: ear or forehead.
►Fast and accurate: meet the accuracy requirement
specified in ASTM E1965-98.
►Non-contact measurement that is no lens filter
required, thus saving cost of replacement.
►Clock and room temperature inter-display.
►A splash-proof probe that can be wiped using a
clean cloth slightly damped with alcohol or water.
►Automatically power down or back to the CLOCK/
RT mode if left unused over 30 seconds.
►Big cool button improves handling and activation.
►Nice backlight improves visibility especially in a
dark environment.
►Memory recall function allows you to check
previous results up to 20 measurements.
Clever Ear & Forehead
You will need t o set time and unit for first-time use or
after replacing the battery.
Set button
Step1 Press the Set Button.
" " and the flashing hour appear first.
Step2 Set hour&minute
Press the On/Scan button to select the
correct hour.
Press the Set button and t he f lashing
minute then appears.
Press the On/Scan button to select the correct minute.
Step3 Select °F or °C
Press the On/Scan button and °F/°C is
displayed next.
Press the On/Scan button to select.
Step4 Select Beeping sound
Press the On/Scan button to select on/
off the Beeping sound.
Step5 Select LCD backlight
Press the On/Scan button to select on/
off the LCD backlight.
Setting is all completed. Select either of the following
two modes to exit setting.
OFF mode: Just leave the meter without pressing. It
will be automatically off after 30 seconds.
CLOCK/RT mode: Press the Set button after Step3.
Without pressing any buttons over 30 seconds, the
meter will automatically turn off.
Although the meter works when " " appears, we still
recommend that you change the battery to obtain an
accurate result.
The body temperature can vary with the individual. It
also varies at different parts of the body and different
time of the day. The following table1 shows the
statistical normal ranges from different sites. Please
keep in mind that temperatures measured from different
sites, even at the same time, should not be directly
Fever means that the body temperature is higher than
normal. This symptom may be potentially caused by
infection, overdressing or immunization. But some
people may not undergo fever even when they are
ill. These include, but are not limited to, infants not
more than 3 months old, persons with compromised
immune systems, persons taking antibiotics, steroids
or antipyretics (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen), or
persons with some chronic illnesses. Please consult
your physician when you feel ill even if there is no fever.
Body Site
Normal Temperature Range
95.9°F - 99.5°F (35.5°C - 37.5°C)
94.5°F - 99.1°F (34.7°C - 37.3°C)
97.9°F - 100.4°F (36.6°C - 38.0°C)
96.4°F - 100.4°F (35.8°C - 38.0°C)
1. Chamberlain, J. M. Terndrup, T. E., New Light on
Thermometer Readings,Contemporary Pediatrics,
March 1994.
The meter does not require any costly lens filters.
The meter will automatically return to its initial mode
(OFF or CLOCK/RT) if left without use over 30
Ear Temperature Taking Hints
1. As with any type of thermometer, you may observe
slight variations in consecutive measurements. It is
recommended that you take 3 temperature readings
and use the highest one for the following situations:
Infants not more than 3 months old.
Children not more than 3 years old and have a
compromised immune system and the presence/
absence of fever is critical.
When you are learning to use the thermometer.
2. Please free from the following situations at least for
15 minutes before taking a reading.
When you have your ear covered.
After exercising, swimming, or taking a bath. When
expose to extreme temperature
During eating and talking.
3.To take accurate readings, the ear must be free from
excess ear wax buildup.
4. Please wait at least for 1 minute before next readings
because consecutive measurements will increase the
ear canal surface temperature.
Step2 Press and hold the
On/Scan button. Put
the probe on the
temple. Make sure the
probe is flat on the
temple, not at an
As the forehead temperature is likely to be affected by
sweat, oil and t he surroundings, the reading shall be
taken as a reference only.
If the probe is placed at an angle on the forehead, the
reading will be affected by surrounding temperature.
You can scan at 3 cm distance from the forehead.
After measurements, the meter will back to its initial
mode after unused over 30 seconds. That is, if the meter
is started from the OFF mode, it will be automatically
off after measurements. Likewise, if the meter is started
from the CLOCK/RT mode, it will be back to that mode
after measurements.
To exit the CLOCK/RT mode, you have to turn off the
To turn the thermometer off, press the Set button until
the hour or minute is blinking. Leave for 30 seconds
without pressing any button. The thermometer is then
automatically off.
Your thermometer stores 20 recent readings in the
memory. Be sure the thermometer is in either "OFF" or
"CLOCK/RT" mode before recall.
Step1 Press the M button to enter
the memory.
Step2 Press the M button to review
the result.
Each time you press the M
button, a result will be displayed
in the order of dates (latest result
shown first together with M and
number ( from 0 to 19).
When the memory is full, the
oldest result is deleted as the
new one added.
Step3 Press the On/Scan button to exit the memory.
When using t he t hermometer at f irst t ime, number o f
memory will f lash. I t indicates that t here are no test
results in memory.
Keep the probe clean, as build-up of ear wax and
grease may affect the measurement.
The probe is splash-proof and can be wiped by a
clean cloth damped with water or alcohol.
The body of the thermometer is not water-resistant.
Please never put the thermometer under a running tap
or submerge it into water. Use a soft and dry cloth to
clean it. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Store the thermometer in a cool and dry location.
Please be free from dust and away from direct
What it means
When the measurement is below 100.4°F(38°C),
is shown together with the result.
When the measurement is equal or over 100.4°F(38°C) ,
Hi is shown together with the result.
What it means
Room temperature falls
outside the operating
What to do
Put the thermometer under
operating temperature range of
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C) at
least for 20 minutes.
Battery is low and "
is shown on LCD.
Please change to a new
battery as soon as possible.
measurement falls
outside the displayed
temperature range:
32-122°F (0-50°C)
Please follow this manual to
take a reading again.
105mm(L) x 32mm(W) x 35mm(H)
Displayed temperature range
2°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Display resolution
0.1°F /0.1°C
Meet the accuracy requirement specified
in ASTM E1965-98
Temperature unit
±0.4°F (±0.2°C) for the range of 96.8°F
to 102.2°F (36.0°C to 39.0°C)
±0.5°F(±0.3°C) from 34 to 35.9°C and
from 39.1 to 42.2°C
°F or °C
Operating temperature range
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Operating humidity
95% RH or less
Storage temperature range
-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Storage humidity
95% RH or less
Memory capacity
20 measurements
The specification may be changed without prior notice.
1.Simple Diagnostics warrants this product to be free of defects
in workmanship and materials for a period on TWO years
from the date of purchase.
2.During the warranty period, if this product is found to be
defective, you may bring it together with the purchase
receipt and Warranty Certificate on a carry-in basis to
Simple Diagnostics’s office during normal business hours
for warranty service. We will then repair or replace defective
parts or exchanging the whole product as we may choose,
at no charge to the original owner. After such repair,
replacement or exchange, the product will be warranted from
the date of purchase.
3.This warranty is valid only if the Warranty Certificate and
Warranty Registration Card are duly completed with date
of purchase, serial number and dealer’s stamp, and if the
Warranty Registration Card is sent to Simple Diagnostics’s
office not later than 14 days from the date of purchase.
4.This warranty is void if this product has been repaired or
serviced by unauthorized person. This warranty does not
cover defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, tampering,
lack of reasonable care , fire or any other acts beyond human
5.Except as stated in the above paragraphs, Simple Diagnostics
disclaims all other warranties, implied or expressed, including
the warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular
purpose with respect to the use of this product. Simple
Diagnostics shall not be liable for any direct, consequential or
incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use
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