Bosch GREENSTAR PLUS Datasheet

Bosch GREENSTAR PLUS Datasheet
Technical and Specification Information
Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid System
Worcester and you, making a difference
As part of the Bosch Group, Worcester
an experienced award winning technical
products are designed and manufactured to
services team which is able to provide
provide customers with the highest levels of
comprehensive support and advice
quality and reliability which are synonymous
from designing system layouts through
with the Bosch name throughout the world.
to installation.
As part of Europe’s largest supplier of
Worcester is dedicated to providing energy
heating products, Worcester, Bosch Group
efficient gas- and oil-fired condensing
has the UK-based resources and support
boilers, as well as an extensive range of
capability to offer you the value-added
renewable technologies. All of our products
solutions needed to drive your business
have been developed and introduced
forward. Worcester employs a nationwide
with the aim of reducing climate change,
network of Service Engineers and technically
helping the UK to achieve the Government’s
trained Field Sales Managers supported by
efficiency targets.
The reception and main entrance
at our Worcester headquarters
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
Features and benefits of the
Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
“At Worcester we recognise the vital role you
Principles of operation
play in the specification and installation of
System layouts
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme
10 - 11
energy efficient appliances in homes across
the UK. We will continue to invest in our
products, people, facilities and support
Greenstar Plus Hybrid External Unit and technical data 12
services to ensure you can continue to deliver
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager and technical data
only the best solutions to your customers’
Greenstar Plus Hybrid FW200 weather
compensation controller
Functional description of the
Carl Arntzen,
Managing Director,
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
Is a Greenstar Plus Hybrid system suitable
for the property?
Worcester Greenstar boilers compatible with a
Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
Installing a Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
18 - 19
Installation and maintenance
20 - 22
Commissioning considerations
Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
components and accessories
Worcester training courses
25 - 27
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
As part of the Bosch Group, Worcester is committed
About the Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
to innovation and environmental protection. Product
The new Greenstar Plus Hybrid System, that works in
development is prioritised in the interests of people’s
conjunction with selected Greenstar EMS gas-fired or LPG
safety, the economical use of resources and
condensing boilers, consists of a 5kW external heat pump
environmental sustainability.
and an indoor Hybrid manager. In combination with the
FW200 intelligent control provided, the Worcester Hybrid
Worcester, Bosch Group has taken the lead in developing
System calculates which is the most efficient ratio between
heating and hot water solutions that reduce the impact on
the external heat pump and the Worcester Greenstar
the environment by reducing harmful CO2 emissions, while
gas-fired condensing boiler for reducing heating costs,
continuing to satisfy the demand for domestic heating
CO2, or a combination of both.
and hot water comfort – not only for today, but also for
the future.
The Hybrid system is particularly suitable as a retrofit into
a wide variety of property types and sizes, for homeowners
With this in mind, Worcester is proud to offer an efficient
seeking a cost-effective heating solution that can be
renewable Hybrid system that combines advantages of both
combined with their existing Worcester, Bosch Group EMS
a gas boiler and split air to water heat pump.
(Energy Management System) natural gas or LPG boiler.
Overall, the Hybrid system provides an easy to install
solution for integrating renewable energy within an existing
heating system and can also be combined with Solar.
System components
Outside temperature
Greenstar Plus Hybrid
external heat pump
Greenstar gas-fired
condensing boiler
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
How does the Greenstar Plus Hybrid System work?
The FW200 strategy consists of the following:
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid System aims to reduce running
• Strategy 1: Cost optimised
• Strategy 2: CO2 optimised
• Strategy 3: Changeover temperature
• Strategy 4: CO2: cost mix.
costs and increase CO2 savings. Once the fuel tariffs have
been inputted into the control unit, the Greenstar Plus
Hybrid System calculates and controls the optimal fuel
efficiency between the Worcester gas-fired boiler and the
electric air to water heat pump.
Greenstar Plus Hybrid External
heat pump
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
The external heat pump collects and
The intelligent Greenstar Plus Hybrid
transfers the available heat from the
Manager combines the Worcester EMS
outside air to inside the property. As
gas-fired condensing boiler and external heat
well as being fuelled by the free and inexhaustible supply
pump. This innovative software within the
of latent energy, the external heat pump offers a number
Hybrid Manager automatically ensures, at
of advantages, such as ease of installation and siting, while
all times, the most efficient operation mode
being suitable for a wide variety of property types and
between both energy sources depending on the chosen
sizes. At a time when fuel costs are rising, the external heat
strategy from the FW200 weather compensation controller.
pump gives the homeowner the opportunity to help reduce
their heating bills. For more information on whether this
system is suitable for your property, see page 16.
Please note: The heat pump must be installed by a
qualified refrigerant engineer.
Greenstar Plus Hybrid System at a glance
Greenstar Plus Hybrid package
Part No. (see page 24 for individual components)
Maximum boiler heating
output 1)
Mains power supply
Refrigerant mass
7 716 162 025
230V, 1PH AC 50Hz
Pipe for liquid refrigerant, external diameter
Pipe for gaseous refrigerant, external diameter
1) At 20 K (ΔT) between the heating system flow and return relative to a system pressure drop of 200mbar. Please note larger boiler outputs can be fitted.
2) GWP100 = 1980
Features and benefits of the
Greenstar Plus Hybrid System
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
External heat pump
Homeowner benefits
Installer benefits
• Future proof – fulfilment of proposed future legislation
• Simple to install and maintain – as little as 4 new
and possible future subsidies to be gained
components needed to upgrade to a renewable system
Easy integration of renewable energy – new or existing
(external heat pump, Hybrid manager, 50l buffer
EMS boiler can quickly and easily be upgraded
cylinder and an FW200 controller to an existing
Solar solution – can be combined with solar
Worcester EMS boiler)
thermal technology
• Easy installation for a high
CO2 reduction – Both internal and external units operate
efficiency system – time
in optimised mode
saving compared to other
• Reduction of annual running costs – the Hybrid system
renewable technologies
is based on two different energy sources and operates
and does not require any
through an intelligent control strategy
complicated installation
• Reduced energy costs – the external heat pump is fitted
with a low energy circulation pump (LECP)
• Quiet operation – 46dB(A)
• Weather compensation control
for improved heating control
• Bosch quality and reliability
• Two years' parts and labour
• Compatible with a range
of Worcester gas-fired NG
or LPG boilers – can be
combined with different
Greenstar EMS boilers
• Compact in design for both
the indoor and external unit
• Flexible design options – suitable for a wide variety of
property types
• Easy to maintain – quick access to components
• Annual servicing not required on heat pump – only 2.5kg
of refrigerant
• Technical support and training from Worcester –
comprehensive knowledge and facilities from the market
leader in domestic heating and hot water systems.
*Terms and conditions apply.
Principles of operating the
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
➊ Data is inputted into the FW200 controller
➌Boiler: (the higher temperature heating option)
• Calculation of system flow set temperature
• The appropriate strategy is chosen
• Supports central heating up to the calculated flow
– Strategy 1: Cost optimised
set temperature for the system or supports all DHW
demand. Alternatively it can remain turned off.
– Strategy 2: CO2 optimised
– Strategy 3: Changeover temperature
➍ Heat pump: (the lower temperature heating option)
– Strategy 4: CO2: cost mix.
• Supports central heating up to the calculated flow
• Enter energy price ratio electricity/gas
set temperature for the heat pump (boiler turns
on to reach peak demand) or supports 100% of
➋ Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager:
the central heating up to the required system flow
• Calculation of flow set temperature for the heat pump
• Calculation of flow set temperature for the boiler
set temperature (so the boiler remains turned off).
Alternatively the heat pump can remain turned off.
Based on required system flow set temperature, ambient
temperature, energy price ratio and/or primary energy
factors the overall highest possible system efficiency
is calculated.
Interaction between the Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
FW200 Weather
Compensation Controller
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
Greenstar EMS gas-fired
or LPG condensing boiler
Greenstar Plus Hybrid heat pump
Examples of system layouts
system boiler with serial buffer tank, bypass valve and unmixed heating circuit
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid has been developed to allow installers flexibility with a range of
heating systems. The diagrams below illustrate a few examples of this.
Internal diverter valve required in the boiler.
Greenstar Plus Hybrid with system boiler, DHW cylinder, serial buffer tank, bypass valve and unmixed heating circuit
DHW cylinder
Greenstar EMS
condensing boiler
pole fuse
Greenstar Plus Hybrid
External Unit
50l serial
buffer tank
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
(internal unit)
with hybrid control unit
valve for
Greenstar Plus Hybrid with combi boiler, serial buffer tank, bypass valve and unmixed heating circuit
Greenstar EMS
condensing boiler
Programming unit
pole fuse
Greenstar Plus Hybrid
External Unit
50l serial
buffer tank
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
(internal unit)
with hybrid control unit
valve for
system boiler with serial buffer tank, bypass valve, unmixed heating circuit and independently controlled mixed heating circuit
Greenstar Plus Hybrid with system boiler, DHW cylinder, serial buffer tank, bypass valve, unmixed heating circuit and
independently controlled mixed heating circuit
DHW cylinder
Greenstar EMS
condensing boiler
pole fuse
No 4
Greenstar Plus Hybrid
External Unit
50l serial
buffer tank
No 4
valve for
No 3
No 2
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
(internal unit)
with hybrid control unit
No 1
No 3
No 2
No 1
Underfloor heating (independently controlled)
Greenstar Plus Hybrid with combi boiler, serial buffer tank, bypass valve, unmixed heating circuit and independently
controlled mixed heating circuit
Greenstar EMS
condensing boiler
Programming unit
pole fuse
No 4
Greenstar Plus Hybrid
External Unit
50l serial
buffer tank
valve for
No 4
No 3
No 2
Greenstar Plus
Hybrid Manager
(internal unit)
with hybrid control unit
No 1
No 3
No 2
No 1
Underfloor heating (independently controlled)
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme
for Domestic Properties
Who is eligible?
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for industry,
The domestic RHI scheme applies to both off-grid and
business and the public sector was introduced by the
on-grid properties in England, Scotland and Wales.
Government in November 2011 as part of its commitment
to reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 20% by 2020.
The scheme covers single domestic dwellings and is open
to owner-occupiers, private landlords, registered providers
The scheme is now extended to domestic users who
of social housing, third party owners of heating systems and
are able to generate and use renewable energy to heat
their properties.
The scheme is open to all of the previous who have
This provides installers with an opportunity to inform
had applicable renewable technologies installed since
homeowners of the RHI scheme and the money they can
15th July 2009. However, applications will be dealt with
expect to receive by switching, even in part, to approved
on a phased basis over a period of time by the scheme
renewable energy sources instead of using fossil fuels.
administrator, Ofgem.
Who isn’t eligible?
Housing developers are excluded from the scheme although
it is possible that they could be eligible under the existing
non-domestic scheme.
When discussing the RHI scheme with your customers, the
first question you’ll probably be asked is “how much will I
get and for how long?”
What criteria are required to
apply for the scheme?
All installations must be carried out by an MCS approved
Tariffs have been calculated by The Department of Energy
installer and meet the relevant standards for each
and Climate Change (DECC) and will change annually in-line
technology. Worcester runs MCS, Green Deal and individual
with the previous year’s Retail Price Index.
renewables product courses at each of its training
All payments are made directly to the homeowner
academies. For further information visit
retrospectively every quarter over a period of seven years. or call 0330 123 0166.
The tariffs are per kilowatt hour of renewable energy
Green Deal Assessment (GDA)
produced by each of the following technologies:
Renewable product
Air Source Heat Pumps
Price per kWh
7.3p per kWh
LECP Ground Source Heat Pumps
18.8p per kWh
Solar thermal
19.2p per kWh
Heat pumps and solar tariffs can be jointly claimed
providing they are in the same property.
How will the payments
be calculated?
Air and ground source heat pumps
All applicants for the scheme, including those who have had
renewable technologies installed since 15th July 2009, will
need to have a Green Deal assessment carried out on their
property to determine which renewable technologies are
the most cost-effective. Where recommended by the GDA,
properties must meet the energy efficiency requirements of
a minimum of 250mm of loft insulation together with cavity
wall insulation.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
In situations where the loft and cavity wall insulation have
not been installed, the property’s EPC will need to be
updated when the work has been carried out. In properties
where installation is not feasible, an EPC will also be
required as proof.
The amount of renewable energy qualifying for payment
The only exception is for self-builders whose properties
is based on a deemed estimate of the heat demand from
will meet Building Regulation requirements for energy
the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This
efficiency and will therefore already qualify for the scheme.
is combined with an estimate of a heat pump’s efficiency
They will, however, require an EPC to enable Ofgem to
minus the energy required to run it.
calculate payments.
Solar thermal
The amount of renewable energy qualifying for payment
is based on a deemed estimate of the solar thermal
performance completed as part of a Microgeneration
Certification Scheme (MCS) installation.
Metering and monitoring incentive
Heat pump installations should be meter-ready wherever
possible. To help improve the performance of renewable
heating systems, there is an additional incentive for
selected properties to have metering and monitoring service
packages installed. For heat pumps this is £230 a year.
Space heating
Applications for space heating systems where there is
already a back-up fossil-fuelled heating system in place, for
example with a gas-fired condensing boiler, are required to
install metering systems on which their RHI payments will
be based. This also includes hybrid systems.
Payments for energy from renewable products
to householders will be made until 2021.
Please note: Renewable Heat Premium Payments or other public funds previously claimed
for a system will be deducted from RHI payments.
Greenstar Plus Hybrid External Unit
Service cover,
refrigerant pipes
and electrical
Protective grill
Technical data
Greenstar Plus Hybrid External Unit
7 716 160 021
Part No.
Weight – lift
230V, 1PH AC 50Hz
Mains power supply
Maximum heating output (A2W35)1)
4.61kW/2.78 CoP
3.85kW/3.14 CoP
Rated heating output (A7W35)1)
4.70kW/4.42 CoP
Rated heating output
Maximum heating output
Rated heating output
Maximum current
Recommended MCB/fuse rating
IP rating
Refrigerant filling
Air flow rate
Sound pressure level to EN 121022)
6.08kW/4.11 CoP
2.99kW/2.31 CoP
16A MCB type D
Outside air temperature operating range
-9 to +21ºC
Water flow temperature operating range
+20 to +50ºC
Maximum line length/height difference
Pipework for liquid refrigerant external diameter
Pipework for gaseous refrigerant external diameter
1) Reference conditions: to EN 14511-2:2007
2) Measured at a horizontal distance of 1m and a height of 1.5m taken from the appliance bottom
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
Boiler flow
Heating system flow
Boiler return
Heating system return
Liquid refrigerant pipe
Isolation valves
Hydraulic separator
Gaseous refrigerant pipe
High efficiency pump
Heating water temperature sensor
(at the condenser outlet)
Flow switch (hidden)
Liquid refrigerant
temperature sensor (hidden)
Drain valve (hidden)
Heating water temperature sensor –
at the condenser inlet (hidden)
Interface to the external unit
Hybrid control manager
Technical data
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
Part No.
Maximum power consumption
7 716 160 030
Weight – lift
Mains power supply
IP rating
Water content
Water flow rate range
6 to 20 l/min
Greenstar Plus Hybrid FW200
weather compensation controller
LCD display
DHW heating
advance button
Central heating
advance button
Menu button
Info button
Mode selector
Delete/reset button
Return to next
menu button
Selector dial
Current room temperature
Holiday mode
Flashing segment:
current time (09:30 to 09:45)
Burner operation on display for heating circuit 1
Solid segments: Time set for operating mode
= Comfort today (1 segment = 15 min)
Scroll menu/info text up or increase value
Empty segments: Time set for operating mode
= Economy today (1 segment = 15 min)
Scroll menu/info text down or decrease value
No segments: Time set for operating mode
= Frost today (1 segment = 15 min)
Open menu, confirm setting/value or switch
heating circuit
Operating mode Comfort for heating circuit
Return to next menu up
Operating mode Economy for heating circuit
Delete/reset value
Operating mode Frost for heating circuit
Brings forward the next switching time and the
associated operating mode
Automatic mode for heating circuit
Activate DHW heating immediately
Functional description of the
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager monitors the heat
High efficiency pump within the Greenstar Plus
pump, the condensing boiler and the FW200 weather
Hybrid Manager
compensation controller. Subject to outside temperature,
An integrated high efficiency low energy circulation pump
heating water flow and return temperature and the primary
(LECP) provides the heating water circulation through the
flow temperature set point, the Hybrid control manager
Hybrid Manager. The hydraulic separator also enables the
determines what proportion of the total energy demand
high efficiency pump operation in the Hybrid Manager when
should be covered by the condensing boiler and the heat
the pump inside the condensing boiler is not running.
pump respectively. This process optimises the efficiency of
the heating system.
The pump inside the condensing boiler and the high
efficiency pump in the Hybrid Manager run simultaneously
if the condensing boiler operates on its own or at the same
time as the air to water heat pump.
If only the air to water heat pump is in operation, then only
the high efficiency pump in the Hybrid Manager runs.
The heat exchange between the refrigerant (R410A) and the
heating water takes place inside the condenser.
The filter, which should be checked regularly, protects
the condenser inside the Hybrid Manager and the heating
system from contamination through small particles with a
diameter larger than 1mm.
Magnetic reed flow switch
A magnetic reed flow switch ensures that the external
unit operates only if the water flow rate is adequate for
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
the condenser.
Temperature sensors
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager delivers the control
Temperature sensors are located at the plate heat
signal at the interface to the air to water heat pump. This
exchanger inlet and outlet to protect the heating water from
modulates the output of the heat pump subject to the
excessively high temperatures during heating operation by
current heat demand.
the heat pump and against freezing when the heat pump is
being defrosted. The heat transfer between the refrigerant
Hydraulic separator
(R410A) and the outside air takes place inside the heat
A hydraulic separator is integrated into the Greenstar Plus
exchanger of the external unit (evaporator).
Hybrid Manager and separates the condensing boiler and
heating circuits. Thus, the heating water, after flowing
Buffer tank
through the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager, can be either
The 50l buffer tank provides two functions: Firstly, the
routed through the condensing boiler or returned into the
buffer tank ensures that there is always sufficient heat
heating system.
energy within the heating system in order to support the
Heat Pump Defrost operation. Secondly, the buffer volume
prevents excessive heat pump cycling during low heat load
conditions. This optimises system efficiency and reduces
excessive wear on heat pump components.
Is a Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
suitable for the property?
It is essential that Hybrid systems are designed to operate
However, estimates may be made on the basis of the
efficiently in order to meet the building heating needs and
existing energy consumption of the space to be heated.
the expectations of the customer. In order to achieve this,
the following design activities must be completed prior to
This brochure does not cover all the necessary details
the installation:–
to calculate the heat loss. The information given here
• Pre-design assessment
is provided to remind the heating system designer and
Pre-requisite: Determining the suitability of a Hybrid
installer of the process and considerations.
system for the building based on the customer's
Worcester design service
Detailed design
Worcester’s design team offers design support across all of
Complete building heat loss calculations and domestic
the Worcester, Bosch Group product range. The design
hot water usage assessment.
team produces technical drawings and provides
• Specification
specification advice for a range of customers; all of our
Select the Hybrid system based on the detailed design.
team are authorised SAP assessors and hold an IDHEE
Calculate and communicate the predicted energy use and
Domestic Heating Design Certificate. Worcester
running costs of the system to the customer.
provides a range of indemnified design solutions
Heat loss
and oil-fired boilers, Greenfloor heating and a
The total heat loss of the property is calculated from the
growing portfolio of renewable technologies – including
addition of fabric and ventilation heat losses. Fabric heat
Greenskies solar thermal panels as well as Greenstore
loss is the transmission of heat by conduction through
ground source and Greensource air source heat pumps.
the building structure, i.e. windows, walls, roof and floor.
Ventilation heat loss is heated air escaping from the
property and being replaced by cold air from the outside.
Calculating the heat loss of the property
It is essential to accurately calculate the heat loss of the
property to ensure correct sizing of the Hybrid system. The
heat loss is dependent on the construction of the building,
room sizes, external and internal design temperatures and
air change rates. The heat loss calculations should satisfy
the requirements of BS EN 12831.
Estimating heat loss
Estimating the heat loss of the building is useful in
The design service for Worcester Greenstar Plus Hybrid
determining the suitability of a Hybrid system. However,
System includes calculations for:
assumptions based on floor area (e.g. 50 W/m for
new build etc.) and SAP (the Government's Standard
Assessment Procedure) should not be used for the detailed
Estimated annual running costs
Estimated annual CO2 savings
Estimated annual cost savings.
design and specification stage. It should be noted that the
heat loss for non-standard properties i.e. buildings with
For more information on the suitability of hybrid for your
large areas of glazing, high ceilings, log burners etc. or
property visit
properties in exposed locations may deviate significantly
For information and guidance on planning permission
from any rules of thumb.
for split air to water heat pumps visit
In existing properties, boilers are often oversized and
should therefore not be used to determine the actual heat
requirements of the house.
in support of our core range of Greenstar gas-
requirements, expectations and building type.
Worcester Greenstar boilers compatible
with a Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
Greenstar Si
& i System
CDi Classic
Greenstar 29CDi Classic
Highflow CDi
CDi Compact
Boiler type
Hot water output Heating outputs
Part no.†
7 738 100 216
Greenstar 34CDi Classic
7 738 100 218
Greenstar 38CDi Classic
7 738 100 222
Greenstar 42CDi Classic
7 713 331 019
Greenstar 28CDi Compact
7 716 130 234
Greenstar 32CDi Compact
7 716 130 235
Greenstar 36CDi Compact
7 716 130 236
Greenstar 25Si
7 716 130 139
Greenstar 30Si
7 716 130 140
Greenstar Highflow 440CDi
7 715 330 041
Greenstar Highflow 550CDi
7 715 330 040
Greenstar 30CDi Classic System
7 712 331 893
Greenstar 12i System
7 716 130 143
Greenstar 15i System
7 716 130 168
Greenstar 18i System
7 716 130 170
Greenstar 24i System
7 716 130 144
*Boilers exceeding 25kW can be fitted to the Hybrid System. However, System ∆T will be effected.
†All part numbers listed are for NG only. However a Hybrid can also be used with LPG.
For further information on our range of Greenstar boilers, including specification and
installation requirements, please refer to our dedicated Technical and Specification
brochure or call our literature line on 0330 123 9119 to order a copy.
Installing a Greenstar Plus Hybrid system
Siting of the external unit
External unit casing dimensions and pipework connections
Correct siting, assembly and installation of the individual
External unit dimensions
components are the fundamental requirements for safe
and economical operation of the Hybrid system. Installation
• The installation surface must be level, firm and of
MCS/MIS 3005 & MCS 020 Planning Standards.
the weight and absorb the vibrations of the external unit
• Wooden bases are unsuitable installation areas
• Requirements for concrete foundations:
appropriate load-bearing capacity. It must be able to bear
– Thickness of concrete: ≥120mm
Installation clearances – external unit
• Length of fixing screws: ≥70mm (subject to foundation).
– Load-bearing capacity: ≥320kg
1,000mm min.
from front
Please see the installation manual for further installation
clearances when in different locations.
of the heat pump should be carried out in accordance with
Siting of the indoor unit
Indoor unit casing dimensions and pipework connections
Rooms where the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager or
Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager indoor unit dimensions
the refrigerant lines are installed must have an internal
volume of at least 5.7m3, if the room is to be occupied.
• Ensure minimum clearances are maintained
• Mount the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager on to a fixed
rigid wall capable of supporting the weight of the unit
• To reduce the installation effort we recommend the
installation of the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager below
the boiler
• Flow and return pipes can be routed vertically from the
top or bottom into the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
• Refrigerant lines can be routed vertically from the top into
the Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
• If refrigerant lines are to be routed downwards, allow for
adequate space to route the pipes downwards alongside
the unit, preferably on the left hand side.
Refrigerant pipe gas/liquid, to external unit
½" and ¼"
Flow/return, heating system and additional heat
Pipe dimensions
Installation clearances – Greenstar Plus Hybrid Manager
indoor unit
800mm for
800mm for
Installation and maintenance
Designated use
The Greenstar Plus Hybrid is filled with R410A refrigerant.
The appliance may only be installed in sealed central
Only qualified and authorised refrigeration engineers
heating systems to BS EN 12828. Any other use is
may work on the refrigerant circuit. For all work with
considered improper. Any damage that may result is
refrigerant, wear suitable safety gloves and goggles.
excluded from liability. The commercial and industrial use of
the appliance for generating process heat is not permitted.
Maintenance of the external heat pump
• Use the appliance exclusively for the stated purpose
The external unit should be checked regularly for leaves
whilst adhering to the specification and environmental
and debris, especially on the evaporation fins and water
tray. To prevent damage these must only be cleaned using a
watering can with a rose attachment and a soft cloth.
• The following gas condensing boilers can be used with
the Hybrid system:
– Greenstar 29, 34, 38 and 42 CDi Classic combi
– Greenstar 25 and 30Si combi
– Greenstar Highflow 440CDi and 550CDi combi
– Greenstar 28, 32 and 36CDi Compact combi
– Greenstar 30CDi Classic System
– Greenstar 12, 15, 18 and 24i System
• Operate the appliance exclusively with R410A refrigerant.
• Take into account the data on the system component
data plates.
• Maximum output of the system is 25kW at ∆T of 20K.
Correct use includes adherence to maintenance and
inspection intervals.
Maintenance on the indoor unit and boiler
The Hybrid system must not be used for purposes other
These should be serviced annually. If a cylinder is fitted
than those specified. Worcester accepts no liability for
this would have to be serviced annually in accordance
losses arising from improper, incorrect or unreasonable use.
with G3 Building Regulations.
General information on energy use and heat production
Heat emitters
Buildings can be heated efficiently with condensing
• It is important that a Hybrid system is installed on
boilers and air to water heat pumps. However, these two
a system with the appropriate heat emitters for the
technologies have different performance characteristics.
combination of a heat pump and boiler
• It is recommended a pre-design assessment is carried out
Condensing boilers as well as air to water heat pumps use
to determine the suitability of the system and heat loss
energy gained from fossil fuels. In condensing boilers, gas is
calculations for the property are carried out to determine
burnt directly inside the appliance.
the system design requirements
• If under floor heating is installed the system should be
correctly sized to work at lower temperatures.
Heat pumps use electrical energy which has been obtained
from a number of different sources. This includes fossil
fuel burning power stations. These are typically around 40
% efficient in converting fuel to useful electricity. Although
an air to water heat pump is far more efficient than a
condensing boiler at converting its input energy (electricity)
into heat, the electricity used has a larger amount of fossil
fuel consumption attached. This consumption of fossil fuels
is referred to as the primary energy factor (PEF).
The PEF of electricity is generally 2.3, the PEF of oil
Windy location
and gas is 1.1, the PEF of mixed electric power is 2.6.
If the heat pump is sited on a roof or other exposed site,
The Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of the heat pump
ensure that the air discharge is not directly exposed to
is, subject to outside air temperature and water flow
strong wind.
temperature, between 2 and 5.5.
Possible preventive measures to safeguard against
Depending on the current situation and heat demand, either
strong wind:
the condensing boiler or the air to water heat pump may
• Direct the air discharge towards the nearest wall. The
offer a more favourable energy-to-cost ratio.
minimum clearance must be 1,000mm.
The Hybrid package integrates both technologies in one
Control strategy: CO2 optimised
system and thereby offers the opportunity to use either
The CO2-optimised mode (factory setting) uses fuel factors
heat source optimally at any time. Users can decide for
to determine when the heat pump or boiler is to be
themselves whether the emphasis should be on CO2
operated to achieve the greatest CO2 reduction.
emissions or whether costs take priority, alternatively,
a combination of CO2 and costs can be used.
The fuel factors for fossil fuel and electricity must be
set. The fuel factor indicates the fossil-fuel consumption
Expansion vessel
incurred until the energy (electricity/gas) is available at
An additional expansion vessel must be installed on the
the corresponding heat appliance. A heat pump uses the
heating system return between the bypass valve and the
input energy more efficiently than a boiler. However, the
Hybrid Manager. Size the expansion vessel according to
electricity used generally involves a larger amount of
BS EN 1282
fossil-fuel consumption. The following statement applies
to both fuel factors: the lower the values, the better this is
Installation site in general
for the environment.
Installation must be in line with MCS MIS 3005 and
planning guide MCS 020
• Select an installation site (floor standing or wall
Electricity from a gas-fired power station that runs at 45%
mounting) where the heat pump creates no noise
efficiency has a fuel factor of:
nuisance for other occupants or the neighbourhood
• 1/45 % = 1/(45/100) = 1/0.45 = 2.2
• Select an installation site where wiring and pipe work
to power source and Hybrid Manager can be easily
Natural gas, which is supplied with a loss of 12%
(88% efficiency), has an fuel factor of:
• The heat pump produces condensation during the heating
• 1/88 % = 1/(88/100) = 1/0.88 = 1.1
operation. Ensure suitable drainage is provided around
the heat pump if such condensation is likely to cause risk
The actual fuel factor for the available energy (electricity/
of injury or damage
gas) must be checked with the energy supplier.
• It is important that flue products or condensate do
not drip onto or enter the air intake of the heat pump.
Therefore, never locate the heat pump in immediate
proximity or directly below the boiler flue outlet.
• Recirculation of the discharge air can severely affect
the output
• We recommend a floor standing installation
where possible
Installation and maintenance continued
Control strategy: cost optimised
With the cost-optimised mode, the system control decides
The energy:price ratio for electricity and fossil fuel must be
on the basis of current energy prices. Rising gas prices
adjusted regularly to the actual price ratios.
result in longer operation of the heat pump, whilst rising
electricity prices result in longer operation of the boiler.
The Installation, Commissioning and Servicing Instruction
Manual includes the weighting factors for different
The cost ratio is the difference between Gross electricity
electricity and gas prices.
and gas prices converted to Nett.
Spare parts
Only genuine Worcester, Bosch Group spare
• Cost of electricity: 14p/kW
• Cost of gas: 4.5p/kWh
parts can be used with these products.
Cost ratio (net): (14/14.5) x 0.902 = 2.8
Visit your nearest Profile stockist or visit
This is the ratio which must be inputted to the
system controller.
Building Regulations and standards
The Hybrid System must be installed and serviced only
The Construction (Design and Management)
by a competent person in accordance with the current
Regulations 1994
IEE Regulations, Building Regulations, Building Standards
(Scotland) (Consolidation), Building Regulations (Northern
The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment
Ireland), local water byelaws, Health & Safety Document
Regulations 1998
63S (The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989), IS 813
(Eire) and other local requirements.
Where no specific instruction is given, reference should be
made to the relevant codes of practice
The relevant Standards should be followed, including:
BS7074:1: Code of practice for domestic and hot
Potable water: all seals, joints, compounds (including flux
water supply
and solder) and components used as part of the secondary
domestic water system must be approved for use with
BS EN:12828: Central heating for domestic premises
potable water supplies
BS7593: Treatment of water in domestic hot water central
This is to certify that the above ranges of products
heating systems
manufactured by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. have been
tested and found to comply with:
BS EN 14511: Requirements for heat pumps for
space heating
• the requirements of the (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999
for England and Wales, the Water Byelaws 2000, Scotland
BS EN 378: Safety and environmental requirements for
and the Water Regulations Northern Ireland
heat pumps
• the requirements of the UK Building Regulations:
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
The Building Regulations 1991 (England & Wales)
Requirements G3, L1 and Regulation 7.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work
Regulations 1999
The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990.
Regulation 10 (B2), 22 (J3.3a and J3.4), 27 and 28
(P2.6 and P3).
The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare)
Regulations 1996
The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000.
Commissioning considerations –
system flushing and care
Flushing the system
• Fill the system with cold water and check for leaks
• Open all drain cocks and drain the system
• Close drain cocks and add a suitable flushing agent
If the system is exposed to freezing conditions, add a
suitable inhibitor or combined inhibitor/anti-freeze in
accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.
compatible with aluminium at the correct strength
for the system conditions and in accordance with the
manufacturer‘s instructions.
The Worcester Greenstar
System Filter
The pH value of the system water must be in line with
BS 7593.
Modern boilers and heat pumps are precision engineered
• Circulate the flushing agent before the system
and designed to run with a clean water-heating system.
is connected
• Run the system at normal operating temperature as
directed by the manufacturer of the flushing agent
• Drain and thoroughly flush the system to remove the
Over time, dirty system water will develop, damaging the
system and its components, causing failures, shortening
the life of the overall system and dramatically reducing
its efficiency.
flushing agent and debris
• It may be necessary to use a power flushing machine to
aid the cleansing procedure in some circumstances
• Close the drain cocks and refill with fresh water and a
suitable inhibitor
• Clean the particle filter.
A highly effective solution
The Worcester Greenstar System Filter has been specifically
designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris
and pollutants, protecting the system for a fraction of its cost.
Vent any air from the boiler and system
At the centre of its innovative design is a powerful magnet
that removes the magnetic debris that is present in the
Filling the heating system
heating system water. The central location of the magnet
First flush the heating system. If the water heater is
ensures that the debris is collected quickly and retained.
connected to the system, it must be filled with clean water.
Any non-magnetic debris is caught by the twin-action
The heating system is then filled.
cyclonic trap, maximising overall protection.
Filling the heating system with clean water
Greenstar System Filter features and benefits:
Worcester recommends fitting the Greenstar System Filter
• Highly effective – safeguards the system against damage
to help ensure that the heating system can perform at its
optimum level.
• Set the pre-pressure for the expansion vessel in the
premises according to the heating unit's static height
• Open the heating system's valves
• Top up the heating water in the system and fill system to
and can save up to 6% a year on energy bills*
• Prevents blockages in radiators – a warmer home and
quieter system
• Twin action – effective against magnetic and non-magnetic
system debris.
appropriate operating pressure
• Vent the heating system by opening the shut off valve.
This may have to be repeated a couple of times and
is very important to ensure the correct operation of
the system
• Also bleed via the heating system's other bleed valves
The filter can be
fitted under or away
from the boiler and
heat pump.
(e.g. radiators)
• Refill to the correct pressure. Normal pressure is
1.0-2.5bar, but depends on the expansion vessel's
pre-pressure and the height of the building
• Shut the heating water filling valve when the correct
pressure is reached.
*Independent research.
Product info
Part number
7 716 192 609
Greenstar Plus Hybrid system components
Greenstar Plus Hybrid package
Worcester Part No.
7 716 162 025
Greenstar Plus Hybrid system accessories
Trace heating cable
15mm bypass valve
Remote control
for service
Wall mounting frame
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 067
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 058
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 051
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 064
Anti-vibration mounts
External unit drain pan
External unit drain kit
Floor mounting kit
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 068
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 066
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 043
Worcester Part No.
7 716 161 065
The total training experience
Worcester expertise that will build your skills
Worcester has always placed great emphasis on technical
Mobile training
support and training for installers and service engineers.
To complement our training venues across the country,
Advances in heating technology, including the increasing use
we can also bring training to you.
of renewables, make the need for training greater than ever.
We have mobile vehicles fully equipped with operational
To ensure the highest levels of competence and expertise
Greenstar gas-fired boilers, dry strip-down models and even
in the installation of all Worcester products, we run
a Greensource air to air heat pump, ensuring that quality
intensive training courses for installers, commissioning
training in a comfortable environment can be achieved on
engineers and operatives involved with servicing and
your doorstep!
fault finding.
If it’s oil training you require, our 7.5 tonne mobile oil
Courses available
vehicle is available throughout the country for hands-on
Our training facilities offer a number of courses suitable
product training and OFTEC assessments.
for the installer and commissioning engineers, and more
in-depth courses for the servicing and fault finding engineers.
Distance learning/web based learning
Worcester has produced a selection of Distance Learning
Training centres throughout the UK
CD ROMs/DVDs which are packed with information.
To enable us to meet the growing demand for training we
Call 0330 123 9119 for your copies, or visit
have invested in additional facilities at the award-winning for information
training academy at our Worcester headquarters. In addition
on Web Based Learning.
to the original academy there is now a new 400m2 unit, 25%
of which is devoted to an open-plan domestic training area
Get on course for a more profitable future now.
with life-size single-storey brick buildings. These feature
working Greenskies solar thermal systems which enable
Training centres
installers to get up onto the roof of the building to get more
College links
training centres
realistic training. There are bays full of all Greenstar gasfired appliances, so installers can really get to grips with
the importance of system design. The additional space
also contains dedicated training areas for our renewable
and future products. The training centre also runs certified
domestic and commercial ACS training and assessment.
Further academies are located at West Thurrock in Essex,
Wakefield and Clay Cross in Derbyshire, all offering our full
suite of courses. Please phone 0330 123 0166 for more
information about a course near you. Each course is run
by specialist trainers and is superbly equipped to deliver
a combination of classroom theory and practical hands-on
Clay Cross
experience that’s second to none.
College-linked Learning
As well as offering training at our own centres, Worcester
has established close partnerships with many colleges
West Thurrock
around the UK, equipping them with our latest products.
Call us on 0330 123 0166 to find out when we will be
running the course of your choice at a college in your area.
Call now for more information 0330 123 0166
Heat pump product courses
All academies allow customers to gain hands-on experience with our entire range of renewable products and inform
installers about the true benefits of installing heat pumps and underfloor heating. The introduction to heat pumps
course is designed for installers and heating engineers who have no experience in installing heat pumps. The various
one day heat pump courses are designed for those with more practical experience in heat pump technology.
Renewable courses
• Greensource air to air heat pumps.
• Greenstar Plus Hybrid heat pumps.
• Renewable range overview.
• Introduction to heat pumps.
• Greenstore LECP ground source heat pumps.
• Greensource split air to water heat pumps.
• Greensource air to water heat pumps.
Intro to
heat pumps
Split AW
1 Day
1 Day
1 Day
1 Day
1 Day
1 Day
1 Day
College Links†
Training course covers
Product overview
System design
Course locations
Clay Cross
West Thurrock
*A holding fee of £65 applies to free courses and is refunded on attendance of the course. If a booking is cancelled more than 10 working days before
the course date, the fee will be fully refunded. The fee is non-refundable if a cancellation is made less than 10 working days before the course date.
†Please contact Worcester Training for specific colleges and mobile dates.
To complement the above courses, Worcester also runs the Hot Water Systems and Safety course, IDHEE domestic
heating design, QCF Level 3 Award, MCS Made Easy and Green Deal courses. For more information turn to page 27.
Please note: it is recommended that unless you have experience installing/commissioning/servicing heat pumps or have worked previously
with heat pump technology, that the one day introduction to heat pumps course be attended before commencing with any specific heat
pump product courses.
Additional product and
industry training courses
The diversity of products in today’s heating industry gives
We are here to provide you with training and assistance for
you the opportunity to expand your expertise, whilst
all areas of your business, not just product training. Call us
offering more choice to your customers. Worcester
on 0330 123 0166 to order a full course training brochure
provides comprehensive training from all its academies
or to book yourself onto a training course, alternatively,
on its entire range of technologies.
you can visit
Gas-fired condensing boiler courses
Worcester commercial product courses
• Greenstar CDi Classic gas-fired condensing
• Greenspring CWi47 water heater.
• GB162 overview.
• GB162 domestic.
• GB162 commercial.
• Greenstar Heat Distribution Unit.
• Commercial ACS training and assessment – CODNCO1.
combi boilers.
• Greenstar CDi Compact and NEW Greenstar Si Compact
gas-fired condensing combi boilers.
• Greenstar i Junior gas-fired condensing combi boilers.
• Greenstar system & regular gas-fired condensing boilers
(covers NEW Greenstar 27Ri & 30Ri, Greenstar 12Ri-24Ri,
Greenstar CDi Classic Regular, Greenstar FS CDi Regular,
Bosch commercial product courses
Greenstar 30CDi Classic System, NEW Greenstar 27i &
• LPG Changeover.
• GB312 & GB402 overview.
• Solar thermal product overview.
• GWPL Gas Absorption Heat Pumps overview.
• CHP overview.
• Commercial controls overview.
Oil-fired product courses
Industry focused courses
• Oil advanced fault finding.
• OFTEC 50.
• OFTEC 101 & 105e.
• OFTEC 600a.
• OFTEC 101/105e/600a.
• Hot water systems & safety.
• Chemical water treatment.
• Construction skills F-Gas training/
Accessories training courses
30i System and Greenstar 12i-24i System boilers).
• Greenstar Highflow CDi & FS CDi Regular floor standing
gas-fired condensing combi and regular boilers.
Greenstar oil-fired products.
assessment certification.
• IDHEE domestic heating design.
• Domestic ACS training and assessment – reassessment.
CCN1 + 3 appliances.
• Worcester controls.
QCF Level 3 Award
– Air source and ground source heat pumps.
– Air to water and split air to water heat pumps.
– Solar thermal.
• Green Deal.
MCS Made Easy.
A complete after-sales service
As part of the worldwide Bosch Group, Worcester strives to
maintain the highest possible standards of after-sales care.
All the technical advice
you need
In addition to the no-nonsense parts and labour
guarantee applicable to all Worcester products, you and
Genuine replacement parts for all supported Worcester
your customers have the assurance that every Worcester
products are readily available from stock, or on a next day
product is manufactured to both the appropriate British
delivery basis. Visit our website www.worcester-bosch.
and European standards. to find your local stockist.
Worcester Contact Centre
Customer Technical Support
Should you require support, our award winning Contact
The Worcester Technical Helpline is a dedicated phone
Centre team, based at our head office in Worcester, are
line – committed to providing a comprehensive service to
ready to take your calls. Whatever your query our contact
complement the brand name and quality of our products.
centre operators along with our nationwide team of
Our experienced team of technical experts provides
engineers are ready to help you.
answers to queries of a technical nature across the entire
Worcester range.
Tel: 0330 123 9559
Worcester also has a pre-sales department, which provides
Opening times
assistance in selecting a heating system to suit a particular
Monday – Friday: 7.00am – 8.00pm
application, along with full guidance on installation. For
Saturday: 8.00am – 5.00pm
more information please contact the Technical Helpline
Sunday: 9.00am – 12 noon
or alternatively visit our website where literature can be
Bank Holidays: 8.00am – 4.30pm
Tel: 0330 123 3366
Fax: 01905 752 741
Email: [email protected]
Opening times
Monday – Friday: 7.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 4.00pm
Bank Holidays: 8.00am – 4.30pm
Useful numbers
Customer Service
Engineer Appointments
Tel: 0330 123 9669
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 01905 456445
or telephone 0330 123 9339
[email protected]
Spare Parts
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0330 123 9779
or telephone 0330 123 9559
Fax: 01905 754620
Guarantee Registration
[email protected]
To register your Worcester guarantee,
Technical Helpline (Pre & Post Sales)
please visit our website
Tel: 0330 123 3366
Fax: 01905 752741
or telephone 0330 123 2552
[email protected]
Renewables Technical Helpline
Email: [email protected]
or telephone 0330 123 9229
Tel: 0330 123 0166
Fax: 01905 752535
[email protected]
Email: [email protected]
or download instantly from our website
or telephone 0330 123 9119
Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and must count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls.
These rules apply to calls from any type of line, including mobile, BT, other fixed phone line or payphone. Calls from mobiles and some other networks may vary.
Calls to and from Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.
In partnership with
This leaflet is accurate at the date of printing, but may be superseded and should be disregarded if specification and/or appearances
are changed in the interest of continued improvement. The statutory rights of the consumer are not affected.
Part No. 8 716 116 639 B 05/14
Worcester, Bosch Group is a brand name of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
Worcester, Bosch Group,
Cotswold Way, Warndon,
Worcester, WR4 9SW
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