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Genuine Zebra ®
Mobile Accessories
Enhance your mobile printing solution with
Genuine Zebra Accessories.
Zebra mobile printers add efficiency and convenience
to a variety of applications. When you complement
them with Zebra mobile accessories, you can
maximize the benefit of your mobile printing solution.
From chargers to cases, you’ll find Zebra quality in
everything we offer.
Accessories for Zebra Mobile Printers
• Batteries
• Carts
• Cases/Boots
• Chargers
• Holsters
• Radios
• Stands
• Vehicle Mounts
Zebra offers a variety of chargers and batteries,
cases and boots, cables and radios, and carts and
mounts to meet the needs of multiple applications.
Use Zebra accessories to add to the convenience,
durability, and efficiency of your mobile printing
applications. Ask your sales representative for more
details on accessories for your printer.
Power Management
Efficient power management for your mobile printer.
QL Series and TR 220 (PGP
1000) Lithium Ion Batteries
Cameo and Encore Series
Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
PA/PT Series Nickel
Cadmium Batteries
Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile
battery technology. They offer higher power-tovolume and power-to-weight than their nickel metal
hydride and nickel cadmium counterparts. Zebra
utilizes Li-Ion technology in its newer QL series and
TR 220 printers.
Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery technology
was chosen for the Cameo and Encore printer lines
because they efficiently supply the widely variable
power requirements of thermal printers. NiMH
batteries offer a higher energy density (favorable
ratio of capacity to size) than NiCds.
Nickel cadmium (NiCd) cells have been used in
mobile printers for many years and offer high power
battery technology. Zebra utilizes NiCd technology in
its PA and PT series of mobile printers.
QL 220
≥ 2.1
QL 320
≥ 2.1
QL 420
≥ 4.2
TR 220 (PGP 1000)
≥ 1.9
Cameo 3, 3N, or 3SC
≥ 1.6
Cameo 2 or 2SC
≥ 1.6
Encore 2
≥ 1.6
Encore 3 or 3N
≥ 1.6
Encore 4 or 4SE
≥ 2.2
PA/PT Series
Extended Life Battery
PA/PT Series
Standard Battery
QL Series and TR 220 (PGP
1000) Lithium-Ion Chargers
Cameo and Encore Series
Nickel Metal Hydride Chargers
PA/PT Series Nickel
Cadmium Chargers
QL 220/QL 320/QL 420
Fast Charger: Charges a single QL series Li-Ion
battery at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.
Cameo/Encore Series Chargers
Fast Charger: Charges a single Cameo or Encore
series NiMH battery at a time in approximately
2–3 hours.
PA/PT Series Chargers
Universal Charger (and power cord): This brick
charger comes with a separate cord for customization
to international requirements. The universal charger
charges PA/PT batteries while in the printer in
approximately 2.5 hours.
Quad Charger: Charges up to 4 QL series Li-Ion
batteries at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.
TR 220 (PGP 1000)
Single Bay Charger: Charges a TR 220 (PGP 1000)
battery in about 4 hours.
Quad Charger: Charges up to 4 Cameo or Encore
series NiMH batteries at a time in approximately
2–3 hours.
Multiple Charger
Base Kit: Order the external battery charger base
kit to charge one PA/PT battery in about 2.5 hours
while replacing the battery in the printer with a
charged spare.
Additional Charging Station Module: Up to 4
additional charging stations can be attached to
the base kit for charging up to 5 PA/PT batteries
at one time.
120VAC: This basic charger can be ordered for US
applications to charge a PA/PT battery in 2.5 hours.
Options and accessories for simple connectivity.
PS 2100 Series’ Terminal
and System Batteries
Bluetooth ® /Zebra Portable
Radio (ZPR)
QuickLink™ Modules
The PS 2100 series features a dual battery design.
Lithium-ion battery technology is used for the
control module, and the system base utilizes nickel
metal hydride battery technology. If a replacement
is needed during the product’s lifecycle, it can be
ordered with the part numbers below.
Add the Bluetooth option to your Zebra mobile printer and you can communicate with one or more computers (e.g. PDAs, PCs) enabled by a Compact Flash
(CF) card or embedded Bluetooth radio chip. For
Symbol® terminal users, it’s as easy as clipping on a
Zebra Portable Radio (ZPR) with Bluetooth!
The QL series’ QuickLink modules offer the flexibility
to adjust to a wide range of connectivity needs with
built-in secure encryption. As needs change, so can
QuickLink modules.
Zebra Portable Radios clip onto Symbol SPT
1700/1800 or PPT 2700/2800 to add Bluetooth
functionality, for communicating to your Bluetoothenabled Zebra mobile printer.
Bluetooth: Add mobile printing to your work group
or piconet.
PS 2100T
Control Module
Bluetooth radios can be configured in the Zebra
Cameo®, Encore® and QL™ series printers.
802.11b: The latest and greatest WLAN connectivity
(Symbol Compact Flash or Cisco® PCMCIA).
Cable-ready: Not ready for wireless? Select from
cables to connect to a wider variety of terminals
than any other mobile printer vendor.
Vehicle Power Supplies
Wireless LAN Options
You won’t have to worry about keeping a charge
on the road with Zebra vehicle power supplies.
Zebra printers offer flexible wireless and wired
connectivity. Our selection of cables meets the
needs of mobile users to connect with the most
popular handhelds and scanners on the market.
As new terminals are introduced, Zebra adds
new cables to keep options open for our mobile
printer users.
Zebra mobile printers offer the latest in wireless
connectivity, from Bluetooth to 802.11 to 802.11b
wireless LAN. Configure your printers with these
wireless options today, or purchase a QL series
printer and upgrade to wireless connectivity later.
Cameo/Encore Series
Charge your printer while on the road with the
trickle charge vehicle adapter, which charges
Cameo/Encore NiMH batteries in about 10–14
QL Series
Use the QL series running charger in your vehicle
to maintain a charge while en route.
PA/PT Series
Plug the PA/PT vehicle power adapter into
your cigarette lighter or connect directly to your
battery with our high power DC/DC converter,
thus eliminating the need for a battery.
PA/PT Cables: Zebra offers a variety of cables
to connect from the PA/PT RJ-45 connection to
your handheld unit.
Cameo/Encore/QL Series Cables: For our 8 pin DIN
printers, Zebra offers a variety of cables to match
the pin outs of your data collection device.
802.11 Wireless LAN: Purchase the QL 320, QL 420,
Cameo 3N receipt printer or Encore 3N label printer
for your 802.11 wireless printing needs.
802.11b Wireless LAN (Symbol Compact Flash
or Cisco PCMCIA): QL series printers offer the latest
connectivity trends today and are flexible enough
to offer a migration path for when future standards
are developed. PS 2100 series transportable printers
offer integrated 802.11b radios for communication
to the central server.
Handling Options
Enhance the convenience of your mobile printer.
Add dust and rain protection to your mobile printer with an environmental case. By adding an extra
layer of protection, your printer will be well prepared for the harshest environmental conditions.
Cases are available for the:
Expand the impact resistance of your mobile
printer by adding a boot. The rubber boots can
be put on Zebra Cameo and Encore mobile
printers for heavy-duty environments.
Add to the convenience of your TR 220 (PGP
1000) by providing users with a holster to wear
when the printer is not in use. The holster
comes standard with a shoulder strap, waist
strap, and leg strap, to meet the comfort needs
of any user. By adding a holster, the TR 220 (PGP
1000) can be tucked away to free the hands for
other aspects of the application.
• Cameo series
• Encore series
QL series and PA/PT series printers come
standard with rubber-infused housings for extra
• QL series
Vehicle Mounts
PS 2100 Series Carts
QL Stand
Using Zebra vehicle mounting kits, users can
place a mount in their forklift or truck to provide
convenient storage for their mobile printer while
on the move. Mobile mounts are available for the
PA/PT series, QL 420, and Encore 4. Fanfold
media bins are included in the mount kits for the
QL 420 and PA/PT.
The PS 2100 series of transportable printers
integrates up to 2 printers and a control module
into one unit. This system can be mounted to
a retail shopping cart or to a 5-wheel utility cart
to roll printing functionality throughout your
Users of the QL series of mobile printers can
purchase a resting spot for their printer while not
in use. These convenient printer stands also are
a useful spot to place the printer while toggling
through options or programming the printer.
These stands are designed to accommodate any
QL series mobile printer.
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Cart options
Shopping Cart Mounting Kit: This kit allows
retailers to add the transportable functionality
of the PS 2100 series to their operation by
using their own carts.
QL printers also can be configured with a kickstand option, as can be seen above on the QL 220,
which props the printer on a flat surface. The kickstand flips upward for use as a carrying handle.
5-Wheel Utility Cart: The 5-wheel utility cart offers
users a simple way to put their printer on wheels.
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