One Machine Control
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Sysmac automation platform
One Machine control
To bring a new level of harmony between people
and machines, Omron introduce a new platform in
Machine Control: Sysmac. As a major part in
Omron’s ten-year plan, Sysmac will strengthen a
dominant position in machine automation.
With a new machine automation controller
(Sysmac NJ), the Sysmac platform integrates:
motion, logic & vision.
A brand new integrated development environment
‘Sysmac Studio’ gives the machine creator total
control to configure, program & monitor, and a
fast machine network (EtherCAT) connects motion,
vision, sensors and actuators. Thus the Sysmac
platform achieves accuracy, predictability and the
robustness expected from an Omron solution.
Industrial automation
Sysmac automation platform
Motion & Drives
TJ2-MC64 Trajexia motion controller with kinematics
Automation Systems
NS HMI series
Vision portfolio
TechnoGR Safety Service
RX inverter
LX inverter
MX2 IP54
SX (400V) inverter with IP54
NQ HMI series
Xpectia FJ vision systems
FQ-M vision sensor
FQ-CR1 code readers
Xpectia-Lite vision sensor
FL series lighting for image processing
Control Components
E5CC/E5EC temperature controller series
Switching Components
G3PH high-power solid-state relay
Industrial automation
Sysmac automation platform
One Machine Control
One machine control through one connection and one software is how we define
the new Sysmac automation platform. The new NJ machine automation controller
integrates motion, logic sequencing, vision and networking under one software:
Sysmac Studio. This one software-suite provides a truly Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) that includes a custom 3D motion simulation tool. The NJ controller comes standard with built-in EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP. The two networks
with one connection is the perfect match between fast real-time machine control
and data plant management.
NJ-Series: the ONE machine controller
• Fast PLC tasks in 500 µs
• Motion controller supporting up to 64 servo axes
• 32 axes/1 ms cycle time
• EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT ports embedded
• Up to 192 EtherCAT slaves (64 axes)
• Standard IEC 61131-3 programming
• Certified PLCopen function blocks for motion control
• Linear and circular interpolation
• Electronic gear and CAM synchronisation
• Works with most of the CJ-Series I/O units
• Global standards CE, cULus, NK, LR
EtherNet/IP: the ONE factory automation network
• Peer-to-Peer controller communication
• Interface with NS HMI series or SCADA software
• Interface to Sysmac Studio
EtherCAT: the ONE machine network
• Up to 192 slaves
• Fastest machine network on the market
• Noise immunity to stringent Omron standards
• Embedded in Omron servo drive, inverter,
vision sensor and I/O
• Uses standard STP Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors
SmartSlice I/O
FQ-M vision sensor
MX2 inverter
Accurax G5
servo system
Sysmac Studio: the ONE software
• One design and operation environment for configuration,
programming, 3D simulation and monitoring
• Data logging and trending for tuning and debugging
• Supports Ladder, Structured Text, Function Block and
in-line ST programming with a rich instruction set
• CAM editor for easy programming of complex motion
Motion & Drives
TJ2-MC64 Trajexia motion controller with kinematics
Features and benefits:
Perfect control of 64 axes
Each axis can be programmed
using linear, circular, helical or
spherical interpolation,
electronic cams and gearboxes
Control of SCARA and Delta
Multi-tasking controller capable
of running up to 22 tasks
Open communication – Serial
and EtherNet/IP built-in,
PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet and
CANopen options
Support for servo, inverter,
vision system and I/O in a single
EtherCAT network
Total freedom in robotics and motion control
The Trajexia TJ2-MC64 stand-alone motion controller represents the core of this system architecture
and is based on the EtherCAT network, providing
the highest motion performance for demanding
The centralized motion control system is able to
keep control of all motion devices in the machine,
including single axis, simple groups of axes and
robot control, by providing independent or synchronized movements.
Thanks to a common programming structure, you
can control the robot in Cartesian coordinates in
the same way as you would program a single axis
in the Trajexia. Synchronization with conveyors
can be fully programmed thanks to a powerful
command developed specially for pick and place
applications that use a Delta robot.
Motion & Drives
RX inverter
Features and benefits:
range up to 132 kW
EMC filter
and vector closed-
loop control
starting torque in openloop (200% at 0.3 Hz)
rating VT120%/ 1 min and
CT 150%/ 1 min
torque at 0 Hz in closed-loop
application functionality
voltage suppression
Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus,
Componet, EtherCAT and ML2
Customised to your machine
Omron realises that you need quality and reliability, plus the ability to easily and quickly customise
your inverter to the application in hand. With the
new RX, you have the perfect tool for the job.
Drive programming enables you to make your own
programs to suit your machine, e.g. for an unwinding application.
Built-in RS485 Modbus communications and the
possibility for integration in standard industrial
networks, such as DeviceNet , Profibus, CompoNet
or EtherCAT, makes the RX ideal for machine integration.
Free to program
Up to 1000 lines of code and 5 tasks running in
parallel in 2 programming modes:
• Intuitive Flow Chart programming
• Text Editor programming, including code
completion and user defined aliases
Motion & Drives
LX inverter
Features and benefits:
range from 3.7 to 37 kW
vector control with or
without PG
starting torque
(200%/0.3Hz sensorless vector,
200%/0Hz close loop vector
motor control
& rotary advanced auto
ripple suppression
•Anti-rollback function
•Quick floor
by UPS or battery
embedded: IEC 61508
•Clock and
Born to drive lifts
Born with Omron’s know-how and experience in
lift market, the LX is able to control any kind of
motor for any kind of lift controller. Designed for
more than 5 million starts, it offers all the benefits
of Omron’s high quality standards, including
noiseless operation and energy saving functionality. A built-in clock and calendar ensure silent and
efficient control.
Advanced, dedicated lift features include: static
tuning, full lift profile control, anti-rollback function, quick floor function, rescue operation, floor
position auto learning and drive programming.
calendar function
motor & drive operation
parameter dynamic tuning
language (Hz, m/s, rpm...)
logic programmability
functionality with 40
floor memory & auto learning
encoder option board
lift functionality
(brake control, lift sequence...)
cULus, RoHS
Motion & Drives
MX2 IP54
Features and benefits:
Born to drive machines
The MX2 IP54 inverter is designed in a robust housing for stand
alone installation. Its easy opening cabinet and wiring access
make installation and commissioning simple. A built-in class 1
EMC filter and freedom for users to customize their hardware
by adding accessories provides the user with hardware flexibility, whilst the Drive Programming functionality embedded
within all MX2 units provides application flexibility by adding
logic programming within the drive itself, which can be a useful
addition when considering decentralized projects.
Power range from 0.1 to 15 kW
Built-in Class 1 EMC filter
Ready to add hardware
USB port for PC programming
200% starting torque
Double rating VT 120%/1 min and
CT 150%/ 1 min
Comms: EtherCAT, Modbus,
DeviceNet, Profibus, Componet,
ML-II and EtherNet/IP
Motion & Drives
SX (400V) inverter with IP54
Features and benefits:
to 800 kW
full range
filter C3 Class
Force & flow in harmony
Designed to drive any high power application from 0.75 kW up
to 800 kW, the new SX series (400V) of compact inverters features embedded application dedicated functionality, plus logic
programming and customizable LCD information to give you all
the control flexibility required for applications ranging from
high torque to smooth flow and pressure control. Housed in
robust IP54 cabinets and with EMC C3 Class filters and fuses
(from 200 kW) as standard, the SX series protects your process
while reducing downtime.
according EN13849-1 and
EN62061 standards
curve control
Crane I/O, PTC/PT100
and I/O option boards
DNet and Profibus
Automation Systems
NS HMI series
and vivid colours with
new LCD
Your application will look even better
After the NS5 last year, Omron has made the same important
improvements to the NS(J)8, NS(J)10 and NS(J)12 HMI series. All
colour models now feature an enhanced LCD with LED backlight, resulting in improved brightness and contrast, sharper
colours and improved viewing angle from all sides.
With the new LED display, the brightness can now be controlled easily via an internal memory. You can choose from a
range of values to balance brightness against the surroundings light. In addition, you can link this memory address to
automatically change the brightness at a specific time, or by
using a sensor connected to an analogue input.
The CX-One auto-update with CX-Designer v3.3 and higher,
supports these new features.
brightness with LED
control function
for brightly lit
environments, for instance
outdoor areas
Automation Systems
NQ HMI series
for 3.5 and 5.7 inch
brightness TFT LCD
conversion function
USB file transfer in runtime
Connect, Create and Operate
In addition to the NQ HMI equipped with serial
ports, Omron now offers Ethernet connectivity for
the 3.5 and 5.7 inch TFT touch screens, which use
LED backlight to ensure high brightness and sharp
colours. Communication to several Omron PLCs is
supported, as is up-/down-loading of project data.
Using the default settings like the IP-address, you
can immediately connect with Ethernet to quickly
download your created project.
NQ-Designer version 2.0 supports the new NQ HMI
with Ethernet and also brings some new functionality, e.g. a function to convert an NQ project from
one model to another, thus making it easy to convert an existing project from serial to an Ethernet
NQ type with just a few clicks. Other features
include improved workspace and easier file transfer to a USB stick in runtime.
The Omron Ethernet FINS protocol even makes it
possible to read and write data memory inside the
NQ HMI from PC applications so that any data can
be shared with ease.
Vision portfolio
FL Lighting
FQ Code Reader
Xpectia-Lite Vision Sensor
FQ-M Vision Sensor
FQ Vision Sensor
FlexXpect Picking
FlexXpect PV
FlexXpect Pharma
Simplicity and intuitive user guidance
Omron offers a complete portfolio of vision solutions. Ranging from application-specific vision
sensors up to PC-based vision systems, the portfolio has one common design rule: keep it simple.
The built-in monitors or touch screens are easy to
use and avoid an additional PC for setting up
while delivering immediate
feedback on results.
Moreover, users are shielded from the complexity
of a vision application by intuitive user guidance
that navigates them through the application without the need for expert knowledge on lighting,
lenses, filtering, etc.
Xpectia FJ Vision System
FlexXpect Glue Bead
FlexXpect Labellig
Xpectia FJ vision system
Drag and drop with image processing
You can create new measurement and
inspection flows quickly and easily with our
ready-made modules. Simply choose from
the 60+ modules and drag and drop them to
define your required image-input,
measurement and other sequences –
as well as building your processing flows.
Time-saving Macros
We also offer a wide range of macros to
further accelerate your development process
– especially for your calculation functions.
Simply drag and drop the required macros
into your flow.
Own developed algorithms
If the item you need is not included in the
new FJ Series software suite, you can easily
create your own item using Microsoft® Visual
Studio® and the “Application Producer”.
Creating programs, including those for your
GUI, is always quick and simple.
Tailored to your needs
The new customisable Xpectia FJ Series Vision
System combines the benefits of a compact system with the power and flexibility of an industrial
PC platform. The system will enable you to
develop tailored vision solutions quickly, no matter if you are creating a totally new application or
modifying an existing one. Start with the proven
Xpectia platform and follow our golden rule: configure where you can and program only where you
need to. Easy HMI creation, unique flexibility and
fast integration define this new class of vision system. The Xpectia FJ Series is available with a range
of controllers and cameras, suitable for every
application. This eliminates the time needed to
integrate components and delivers a platform with
the highest quality and reliability.
Highly flexible development
Imagine how much money you could save by
reducing your current development time by 50%.
With the FJ Series you can do just that. That’s
because you can build processing flow simply by
listing the processing items for each measurement. Other features that accelerate development
include: sample GUIs, options to re-use existing
software, built-in touchscreens and more.
Proven reliability
All the hardware and software components are
completely compatible. In addition,the controllers
use flash memory – not hard disc drives – so they
always remain highly reliable even in a hostile factory environment.
Features and benefits:
Quick customisation:
from a complete system
drag and drop programming
of ready-made GUIs
Seamless integration:
component compatibility
selection of intelligent
Stable, high-speed processing:
Stable and high-speed inspection
The Halcon* library of algorithms provides highspeed processing and measurement.
In addition, the FJ Series’ High Dynamic Range and
Real Colour sensing techniques ensure robust and
stable operation.
*HALCON is a registered trademark of MVTec Software GmbH.
FQ-M vision sensor
Smart camera to guide your robot!
The new FQ-M series is a vision sensor designed specifically for pick & place
applications. It comes with EtherCAT embedded and can be integrated easily
into any environment. The FQ-M is compact, fast and includes an incremental
encoder input for easy tracking calibration. Omron’s Sysmac Studio software is
the perfect tool for configuring the FQ-M and is complemented by the
TouchFinder console for on-site monitoring.
Easy set-up & integration
With intelligent wizards for calibration and communication integration into
your machine is easier than ever. The FQ-M communicates with all devices via
EtherCAT, or standard Ethernet. The communication wizard lets you easily configure any robot protocol both as a server or as a client without complex programming.
Fast detection & high stability
The FQ-M can detect up to 32 pieces at once and more than
5000 pieces per minute. The new contour based search algorithm ensures the highest reliability.
“On-the-fly“ tracking
Synchronized control is even easier, because the FQ-M vision
sensor has built-in encoder input for accurate conveyor tracking and easy calibration. The FQ-M is able to output position
coordinates and the correlative encoder values and is able to
manage the object queue, so that no object’s coordinates are
Features and benefits:
specifically for pick &
place applications
input for conveyor
tracking and calibration
based object detection
calibration wizard
Studio software for
vision system operation and
FQ-CR1 code reader
Features and benefits:
control via simple
icon-driven menu
image quality
colour processing (16
million colours)
via PC or handy
touchfinder screen
All codes with one touch
The new compact FQ-CR1 code reader from Omron
enables accurate, reliable and easy reading of barcodes and 2D codes, thanks to superior crystalclear imaging technology, which it shares with the
other products in Omron’s highly regarded FQ
family of vision sensors.
Designed specifically for reading codes printed on
paper or labels, the FQ-CR1 features integrated
high power LED lighting and HDR imaging technology, enabling it to provide dependable code reading even in challenging applications.
It automatically recognises nine different barcode
formats and eight different 2D code formats without the need for setting, making it exceptionally
versatile and simple to configure.
Four versions are available covering operating distances from 32 mm to 970 mm, and fields of view
from 7.5 x 4.7 mm to 380 x 300 mm.
Xpectia-Lite vision sensor
Features and benefits:
image quality
colour processing (16
million colours)
and smart cameras
and guided set-up
results on any surface
platform for any application
Simple, flexible & crystal clear
The new Xpectia-Lite integrates the benefits of a
smart camera and a powerful vision system in a
single platform. The unique image clarity achieved
by using an intelligent camera enables simple setup, fast installation and enhanced optical performance.
In combination with the powerful Xpectia-Lite controller it takes you into a new dimension of image
processing. Highest performance, simplicity and
unique flexibility are defining a new standard for
compact vision sensors.
FL series lighting for image processing
Features and benefits:
brightness ODR lighting
illumination across a
wide field of view
control and adjustment of
the lighting
Omron delivers four times the light required for image processing
Up to four times more light is generated using LED
lighting. Our new FL series enable sharp and stable
images to be captured by vision inspection systems in even the most demanding of applications.
The new light sources, which feature innovative
ODR (optical double reflection) technology, provide powerful uniform illumination over a wide
field of view and are complemented by an intelligent lighting controller that makes setting up fast
and straightforward.
TechnoGR Safety Service
risk assessment
and update service
test and inspection
of products
components supply
CE marking
and documentation
Protect your business with tailored
safety solutions
Accidents in the workplace can cause major problems for your
business, ranging from possible legal action through to lost
production. This impacts on staff morale, corporate reputation
and profitability. Omron’s TechnoGR Safety Service supports
safety over the entire lifecycle of your machines and helps you
to protect your business.
Network of specialized partners
In order to offer the full range safety solutions for diverse
branches and areas of specialization, Omron works together
with selected, accredited system integrators and Omron safety
service partners who help you to achieve your safety objectives by providing clear and practical advice.
Single point of contact
TechnoGR Safety Service is your single point of contact, coordinating all the work needed in a project to help you achieve
your safety objectives.
Subsidiaries: 39
Employees: 2,200
Control Components
E5CC/E5EC temperature controller series
Features and benefits:
white LCD display
are visible from a distance and
any angle
to set up without power
supply and operate intuitively via
CX-Thermo software
ms sampling period for fast
and precise regulation
for diagnosis for
secure operations (see note 1)
The new standard in temperature control…
Omron has been an active innovator in temperature control since introducing its
first temperature controller in 1967. Now temperature control has taken a giant
leap forward with Omron’s next generation of controllers – the E5CC/E5EC,
which set new global standards in the crucial areas of precision, user friendliness and control performance. The E5CC/E5EC series will save you time and
effort in setting up and operation, while enabling faster and more accurate
monitoring/control of your process. The high-visibility display of the new series
is extremely easy to read and virtually eliminates any possibility of human error.
Note 1: Alarm for loop break or PV change rate, heater burnout or sensor burnout detection
Switching Components
G3PH high-power solid-state relay
Features and benefits:
or 150 A; 240 or 480 VAC
and non-zero-cross
models available
surge-pass circuit for
utmost reliability
operation indicator
output module
lowers maintenance costs
to RoHS and cULus,
TUV, CE safety standards
Impervious to power surges
SSRs are known to be susceptible to (power device) damage. Omron has
greatly improved the endurance and reliability characteristics. Omron’s new
G3PH SSR offers the highest resistance to damage even in the most testing situations. A key feature of the G3PH’s exceptionally tough performance is an
original surge-pass circuit that gives outstanding surge endurance and protects the semiconductor device against surge voltages in excess of 30kV.
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Although we strive for perfection, Omron Europe BV and/or its subsidiary and affiliated companies do not
warrant or make any representations regarding the correctness or completeness of the information
described in this document. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice.
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