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Vigor2600 Series introduction
The Vigor2600 series is an Internet access solution for your LAN which not only provides shared web surfing but
countless other value-added features such as security, VPN and multimedia support, all in a reliable one-box
LED Indicators and
Back Panels
Each of the Vigor2600 series router has different front and rear panels. Before you begin to
install, please take a moment to become more familiar with the LED indicators and rear
panels. The following sections describe the models individually.
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Safety Instructions
. Read the installation guide thoroughly before you set up the router.
. The router is a complicated electronic unit that may be repaired only be authorized
and qualified personnel. Do not try to open or repair the router yourself.
. Do not place the router in a damp or humid place, e.g. a bathroom.
. The router should be used in a sheltered area, within a temperature range of +5 to +40
. Do not expose the router to direct sunlight or other heat sources. The housing and
electronic components may be damaged by direct sunlight or heat sources.
. Keep the package out of reach of children.
. When you want to dispose of the router, please follow local regulations on
conservation of the environment.
We warrant to the original end user (purchaser) that the router wil be free from any
defects in workmanship or materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of
purchase from the dealer. Please keep your purchase receipt in a safe place as it
serves as proof of date of purchase. During the warranty period, and upon proof of
purchase, should the product have indications of failure due to faulty workmanship
and/or materials, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective products
or components, without charge for either parts or labor, to whatever extent we
deem necessary tore-store the product to proper operating condition. Any
replacement will consist of a new or re-manufactured functionally equivalent product
of equal value, and will be offered solely at our discretion. This warranty will not
apply if the product is modified, misused, tampered with, damaged by an act of God,
or subjected to abnormal working conditions. The warranty does not cover the
bundled or licensed software of other vendors. Defects which do not significantly
affect the usability of the product will not be covered by the warranty.We reserve
the right to revise the manual and online documentation and to make changes
from time to time in the contents hereof without obligation to notify any person of
such revision or changes.
European Community
Hereby, we declare that the router is in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC.
Be A Registered
Web registration is preferred. You can register your Vigor router via http://
www.draytek.com.tw . Alternatively, fill in the registration card and mail it to the
address found on the reverse side of the card.
Firmware & Tools
Due to the continuous evolution of DrayTek ADSL & Router technology, all
routers will be regularly upgraded. Please consult the DrayTek web site for more
information on newest firmware, tools and documents.
Vigor2600 Series Start Guide Quick
Aim of this
Quickly connect your router to the Internet
Delivery check
Check your router package for the following items :
The Router
1 printed Quick Start Guide with warranty/ registration card
1 CD includes detailed User Manual in electronic form, released firmware and
1 AC/DC power supply adapter (black)
1 Ethernet LAN cable (blue) for connection to a computer or hub
1 ADSL line cable (RJ-11, black)
1 ISDN line cable (RJ-45, black) for Vigor2600X/ Vigor2600W only
2 external antennas for Vigor2600W/ Vigor2600We only
Identify your variant
Your router package should contain all these items. If any item is
missing or damaged, contact your dealer or our Customer Service
Department immediately.
The Vigor2600 series all contain Annex A/Annex B models,
please check if the package is suitble for your using.
You can get the information from bottom of Vigor2600
series router.
Annex A : connecting to an analog POTS line
Annex B : connecting to a digital ISDN line
What you
need from ISP
DSL line
Depending on the variant Vigor2600 series you purchased, the following DSL
service must be available at your local premisses:
ADSL over POTS [Annex A] :
ADSL service must be enabled on your POTS telephone line.
ADSL over ISDN [Annex B] :
ADSL service must be enabled on your ISDN telephone line.
DSL Parameters
It should provide at least the following information from ISP :
1. The VPI/VCI of the virtual channel to use on the DSL line
2. Protocol : PPPoE, PPPoA or MPoA (RFC1483/2684)
3. Encapsulation Method : LLC/SNAP or VCMUX
4. Modulation Method : T1.413, G.lite, G.DMT
(Vgior2600 series provides multimode which can automatically detect)
VPI/VCI = 0/33
Protocol = PPPoA
Encapsulation Method = VCMUX
Modulation Method = G.DMT
Only for PPPoE/PPPoA mode users
Fixed IP Address/ Subnet Mask/ Gateway IP Address
Only for MPoA mode users. Some ISP will use DHCP method to provide IP
address for MPoA mode users, then users do not need to know the fixed IP
If you do not know these information in detail, please contact your ISP to get
these informations.
What you need
in your side
Local networking
To use the Ethernet port(s) you need at least:
One PC with an Ethernet Card installed.
TCP/IP protocol suite
For TCP/IP, your PC can set either static IP or DHCP to ask IP from router. The
default gateway of router is If static IP is chosen, you can set
192.168.1.x for your PC.
A Web browser
The wire installation
Ethernet port (between router and PC), DSL port and Power port as below:
Install ‘ Router Tools ‘ This tool which provides ‘Smart StartWizard’, ‘Firmware Upgrade Program ’
and ‘TFTP client’ is in the attached CD. It supportsWindows, Mac OS 8/9 and
Mac OS X. Moreover, it provides ‘Syslog Tool” for Windows system. For
Vigor2600X and Vigor2600W models, there is vitual TA program for the usage of
Turn on your router
Once all previous steps are completed, turn on your router. After Power is on,
the ‘ACT’ LED and corresponding LAN port LED will light.
If the LEDs do not light normally, please refer to section A, ‘Trouble Shooting’,
for furthur information.
Connect to router
If the PC is set to obtain IP address automatically (recommended), you can
useWindows winipcfg.exe or ipconfig.exe to check if it has obtained an IP address
from the router. If not, please reboot PC and ensure that it has obtained an IP address
from the router.
Then you can use ‘Smart StartWizard’ to confige router or connect to router viaWeb
browser directly. The default IP of router is
The default password is null. You can press ‘OK’ to skip it.
Enter Router
Once past the password prompt, you will now see the router’s main menu:
(Example: Vigor2600)
Set DSL Parameters
Click on ‘Internet Access Setup’ on the right-hand menu.
You will find two items : PPPoE/PPPoA and MPoA (RFC 1483/2684).
Then You can continuely enter setting menu according to the protocol which ISP
Enter your allocated username, password and DSL parameters according to the
information provided by your ISP.
If you want to connect to Internet all the time, you can check ‘Always On’.
1483/2684) Users
Enter your allocated WAN IP address(or enabling DHCP client to get IP from
ISP) and DSL parameters according to the information provided by your ISP.
Auto detect ATM/
DSL Setting
You can also use this function to detect ATM/ DSL setting. Please follow the
instructions to operate. If your country is not in the list, it may take longer time to
Surfing Internet
Once all previous steps are completed, you can surf Internet now. You can also
monitor the connection condition via router management function.
(Example: Vigor2600)
Wireless LAN
Wireless setting is for Vigor2600W and Vigor2600We only.
If you want to connect your wireless supported devices to Vigor2600W or
Vigor2600We, you need to configure the router before you start to use it.
Wireless LAN
The Vigor2600W and Vigor2600We are equipped with a wireless LAN interface
compliant with the 11Mbps IEEE 802.11b protocol. The features of wireless LAN
capability enable high mobility of several simultaneous users accessing all LAN facilities
just like on a wired LAN as well as Internet and WAN access.
The Frequency Domain is set as Europe and the MAC address will show as above. Click
General Settings, you could configure the SSID and wireless channel.
Scheduler: You can set wireless device to work at some time interval only. These are 4
internals you can choose: schedule1, schedule2, schedule3, and schedule4. The default
setting is always working. You can set the schedule under Advanced Setup >> Call
Schedule Setup. (Please refer to detail manual on the attached CD)
SSID(Service Set Identification): You should set the SSID same as your note book
wireless card to allow the client PCs to access the network via the wireless LAN interface.
The default SSID is "default".
Channel: To select a wireless channel for Vigor2600W / Vigor2600We. The default
channel is 6.
Hide SSID: To check it to hide SSID when the wireless clients sniffing radio.
WEP Security of
Wireless LAN
WEP Encryption:
To improve the security and privacy of your wireless data packets the WEP encryption
feature can be used. The WEP encrypts each frame transmited from the radio using one of
the keys entered from this panel. WEP encryption can be enabled by selecting 64 bits or
128 bits from pull down menu. These are 4 key sets can be entered and only one key can
be selected. The key can be entered by ASCII or Hexadecimal.
Disable: Turns off the WEP encryption mechanism.
WEP 64 Bit: For 64bits WEP key, either 5 ASCII characters or 10 hexadecimal digitals
leading by 0x can be entered. For example, ABCDE or 0x4142434445.
WEP 128 Bit: For 128bits 13 ASCII characters or 26 hexadecimal digits leading by 0x
can be entered. For exmaple, ABCDEFGHIJKLM or
Access Control of
Wireless LAN
For additional security of wireless access, the Access Control allows your to restrict the
network access rights by the wireless LAN MAC address of client. Only the valid MAC
address which has been configured can allow to access the wireless LAN interface.
Enable Acces Control: To check the Enable Access Control to enable the MAC
Address access control feature.
MAC Address: To type the specific MAC Address which could be added on, removed
from or edited from the access list above.
ADD: To add a MAC address on the list.
Remove: To remove the selected MAC address on the list.
Edit: To edit the selected MAC address on the list.
Cancel: To cancel the MAC address access control setup.
Clean All: To clean all of configured MAC address on the list.
OK: To save the access control list.
Trouble Shooting for
‘ Can not get on to the Internet’
Check if the
hardware is OK?
Check if the power and LAN line are connected correctly. After power is on,
the ‘ ACT ‘ LED will blink once a second, and the correspondent LAN port
will light.
Can you ping the
router from your
The default gateway IP of router is
Please check if you can ping router correctly.
For Windows
For Mac(Terminal)
If not, please check the IP address of your PC. We suggest you set ‘ get IP
automatically ‘
For Windows 98/Me user
1. Enter “Control Panel” and double
click “Network”.
2. Choose “TCP/IP of LAN device” and press “
3. Choose “Obtain an IP address automatically”
For Windows 2000 user
1. Enter “Control Panel” and double click
“Network and Dial-up Connections”.
4. Select ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’
2. Right click “Local Area Connection” and
choose “Properties”.
3. Choose “TCP/IP” and press “Properties”.
For Windows XP user
1. Enter “Control Panel” and double click
“Network Connections”.
4. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically”
2. Right click LAN icon and choose
3. Choose “TCP/IP” and press “Properties”.
For Mac OS9.x user
Control Panel —> TCP/IP
For Mac OSX user
System Preferences —> Network
settings Ok?
Connect to router Web Configurator.
(Example: Vigor2600)
Check if the setting of DSL is ok. (For MPoA users, please refer to the MPoA
explanation on page 14 )
—> VPI/VCI/Modulation mode:
T1.413, G.Lite, G.DMT, Multimode
—>Encapsulation mode: VCMUX or LLC/SNAP
For PPPoE/PPPoA user, please check if user name/ password provided by
ISP are correct or not.
For MPoA (RFC1483/2684) mode users, please check if the WAN IP/ Gateway/ Namemask is set or ISP requires you to use DHCP client to get WAN IP.
Check DSL Status
You can know the DSL status via status monitor.
(Example: Vigor2600)
Report to people
who concerned if
still can not work
If the router setting is OK and your PC on the LAN can also talk to router
successfully, there may be wrong settings on DSL (eg. VPI, VCI, modulation
etc...) when there is still no ADSL Internet connection. Please contact local
ISP representatives to help you for configuration. If the router does not work
correctly, please contact your dealer for help. For any further questions, please
write email to support@draytek.com.tw.
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