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PowerLite D6150
Multimedia Projector
Dust-resistant design. Cutting-edge technology.
Boasting a robust design, advanced features and networking capabilities, the PowerLite D6150 is the perfect
solution for lecture halls and corporate conference rooms alike. With its unprecedented exhaust vent shutter,
dust-resistant design, cable locks and long filter/lamp life, the D6150 gives you added peace of mind that your
investment will last longer. This innovative projector gives you the performance you want at a price that won’t
break your bottom line.
Robust design — dust-resistant body, 10,000-hour recommended cleaning cycle1 and up to
6000-hour lamp life2 mean less down time and a low cost of ownership
Bright, sharp presentations — true-to-life color with 3500 lumens of color and white light output3
and XGA resolution
Cutting-edge technology — split-screen function; HDMI, USB, LAN and 2 VGA inputs
plus optional wireless
Advanced networking features — remote monitor and control functions, message
broadcasting and Crestron RoomView® enabled
Additional benefits — easy setup tools such as our innovative horizontal keystone
correction and Quick Corner®, built-in closed captioning, a 5 W speaker and more
The best-selling projectors in the world.
Epson offers a wide range of high-quality projectors to meet most any need. Built with image quality
and reliability in mind, Epson projectors enhance communication and inspire collaboration, while
offering a low total cost of ownership. From ultraportable projectors designed for educational
settings to boardroom-ready business projectors, Epson has the model made for you.
3LCD technology — for quality and
color that’s beyond amazing
Amazing color and white light output
The PowerLite D6150 delivers 3500 lumens of color light
output and 3500 lumens of white light output3
for true-to-life, vibrant, colorful images. For
today’s color-rich, multimedia content, users
want a projector that delivers both optimum
white and color imagery. That’s why the industry
has developed a new metric called Color Light Output.
•3 chips for full-time, vibrant color
•25% less electricity required per lumen of brightness
when compared to 1-chip DLP projectors4
•Over 20 years of road-tested reliability built into
every projector
Always look for Color Light Output
when choosing a projector
Dichroic mirror
Dichroic mirror
3LCD chips
3LCD, 3-chip technology
Award-winning Faroudja DCDi® Cinema for
advanced video
The PowerLite D6150 features Faroudja DCDi
Cinema chipset, a video enhancement technology
that produces exceptional image quality without introducing
artifacts. Faroudja DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing)
was developed to eliminate jagginess, using a unique algorithm.
This technology, in combination with decoding, deinterlacing and
enhancement technologies, won an Emmy Award from the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2001.
•For optimum image quality and performance, the projector you
choose should offer equal levels of color and white light output
•When the two measurements are not identical, images do not
look balanced. Whites may be brighter, making the colored
areas look dull and flat
•The combination of color richness (color light output) and
brightness (white light output) is as critical as the combination
of bass and treble would be when purchasing audio equipment
High color light output
Low color light output
How is CLO measured?
The Color Light Output spec measures Red, Green and Blue,
each on a 9-point grid, applying the same method used in
the ISO 21118 standard for measuring White Light Output.
White Light Output
Color Light Output
Eco Features
For more information on Epson’s environmental
programs, go to
• Energy-efficient 3LCD light engine
• Energy-efficient E-TORL® lamp
• Low power consumption of 0.3 W in
Standby Mode (network
communication off)
• Designed to be recycled5
• RoHS compliant
• Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWaySM
Transport Partner6
Cutting-edge technology
Split-screen feature
Innovative horizontal keystone correction
Project two images (video or still) side-by-side from two
different sources simultaneously. Choose from three layout
options including a 50/50% split-screen, a layout with the main
image on the left and a layout with the main image on the right.
You can swap the images, chose the source for the audio and
even display closed captioning if the source signal includes it.
•New, innovative horizontal keystone allows for unique
positioning of the projector
•Horizontal (+/- 30 degrees) keystone correction for
the ultimate in positioning flexibility
•Project images from a u-shaped tabletop, without having
to move the table or put a stand in the center
•When the projector is placed off center, the presenter can
stand in front of the screen without blocking the image
Monthly Forecast for Sales
Equal size layout option
HDMI for high-definition video and audio
•HDMI digital connectivity — delivers both audio and brilliant
HD video content with just one cable
•Compatible with the latest laptops, Blu-ray® and media players
•Future proof for digital content
Without horizontal keystone
With horizontal keystone
Quick Corner
Fit the image to your screen perfectly. You can move any
of the four corners of an image independently at setup,
using the remote control to adjust each corner for a
perfectly rectangular picture.
Optional wireless connectivity with 802.11n
•Quickly connect to a wireless infrastructure (network) via the
wireless LAN module
•Make wireless presentations with an adhoc (peer-to-peer)
wireless connection using the Quick Connect Key
1.6x optical zoom
• Enlarge images 40% more than competitive models
that have 1.2x optical zoom
• Maximizes space by enabling closer positioning
of the projector to the screen
Robust design
Dust-resistant design to protect your investment
The PowerLite D6150 features an innovative design with a glass cover in front of the lens and dust-resistant seals around
the lens levers, offering added protection against dust and reduced maintenance costs. It also features exhaust vent shutters
for protection against dust or bugs when not in use. In addition, a cable cover is included to protect the cables and prevent
anyone from tampering with them.
World’s first vent shutter
Projectors typically don’t have exhaust
vent shutters, so dust and bugs can enter
into the projector, reducing the life of the
equipment. With the D6150’s vent shutter,
your projector is protected.
Two cable locks
For added security, the D6150 includes
two cable locks that allow you to secure
the power and HDMI cables to the
projector, thereby preventing others
from tampering with the equipment.
This high-efficiency filter was designed
to protect the optical engine, lamp and
electronics from small dust particles that
can enter any projector. It has a recommended 10000-hour
filter cleaning schedule1 and can capture 99.5%7 of dust
particles, thanks to its electrostatically charged, pleated,
expanded design.
Cable cover
The D6150 protects connectors from
dust and other harmful elements with
its convenient cable cover. And, it
provides a sleek, finished look by
hiding unsightly cables.
Long-life E-TORL® lamp
The innovative E-TORL lamp lasts
up to 6000 hours.2 The special E-TORL
design minimizes both light diffraction
and light leakage, providing you the
ultimate in lamp longevity.
high-efficiency filter
Covered lens
The glass cover in front of the lens
protects it from being broken and
from dust and other elements.
Lens lever cover with seal
Offering added protection from harmful
elements, the D6150 offers a unique
design, with no gaps around the
focus and zoom levers.
Advanced networking and more
Monitor and control
Easily monitor and control up to 1024 networked Epson projectors
using the RJ-45 connector and included EasyMP® software
•Schedule remote power on/off functionality; saves energy,
money and time
•Check the status of each projector as part of your
maintenance routine
•Access maintenance alerts for connected projectors,
right from your office
•Crestron RoomView enabled — monitor and control your
projector with RoomView software, without the need for
an A/V control box
PowerLite D6150 multimedia projector
Added features
•Built-in 5 W speaker — engage your audience
without the cost of external speakers
•A/V Mute button — pause your presentation; it’s right
at your fingertips
•Sleep Mode — set from 1 to 30 minutes to save energy
when the A/V Mute Slide is closed or no signal is detected
•Direct Power On/Off — power the projector on and off
with the flip of a wall switch
Dual computer inputs and a monitor output
The PowerLite D6150 features two computer VGA inputs
and 3.5 mm audio connectors, which allow you to connect
two computers at the same time and switch from one input
to another. The monitor and audio output connectors will
transfer the video and audio from the first computer, so you
can connect an external monitor or a second projector and
show the same image.
Built-in closed captioning
•Essential for education — helps meet ADA508
requirements for students with hearing impairments
Network presentations
•Present in up to four rooms from one networked location
•Ideal for remote meetings and distance learning applications
•Use for multi-display configurations to create a panoramic image
•Also works wirelessly with the optional wireless LAN module
•Helps save money — no need to pay for an additional
decoder and its installation
•Effective and easy to use — easily enabled or disabled
through the projector remote or menu
 Network presentations
 Multi-screen display
Message broadcasting
Broadcasts customized and scheduled alerts/messages
over the network for announcements or instructions
•Sends messages to up to 1024 projectors at the same time
•Sends ordinary messages as JPEG files, so you can create
•Create a slideshow by using multiple files within a folder
>>>Phase one projected to be early.
PowerLite D6150
Audio L/R
Multimedia Projector
Product Code V11H395020 V13H010L61
Projection System
Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology
Projection Method
Front/rear/ceiling mount
Driving Method
Epson Poly-silicon TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Number
786,432 pixel x 3 LCDs (1024 x 768)
Native Resolution
1024 x 768 (XGA)
Aspect Ratio
Color Light Output3
3500 lumens
White Light Output3
3500 lumens (ISO 21118 standard)
Contrast Ratio
(High Brightness, Dynamic Mode)
Brightness Uniformity (typical)
Color Reproduction
16.7 million colors
Size (projected distance)
30" – 300"
Keystone Correction
Vertical: ± 30 degrees - manual
Horizontal: ± 30 degrees - manual
Lamp Type
Lamp Life2
4000 hours (Normal Mode)
6000 hours (ECO Mode)
Effective Scanning
Frequency Range
Pixel Clock
13.5 MHz – 162 MHz (up to UXGA 60 Hz)
15 kHz – 92 kHz
50 Hz – 85Hz
Video I/O
Display Performance
NTSC: 480 line
PAL: 576 line
(depends on the observation of the
multi-burst pattern)
Input Signal
USB (Type B)
USB (Type A )
Trigger out
Product Name PowerLite D6150 Genuine Epson Lamp Replacement Air Filter Computer 1
Computer 2
0 10343 88321 5
0 10343 88052 8
0 10343 88383 3
HDMI x 1
Computer: D-sub 15 pin x 2
Monitor-out: D-sub 15 pin x 1
Video: RCA x 1
S-Video x 1
Network: RJ-45 x 1, 100 Mbps
Wireless LAN: Optional 802.11 a/b/g/n
Serial: RS-232c
USB: Type-A x 1, Type-B x 1
Audio-in: Mini stereo x 2
Audio-in: RCA (L and R)
Audio out: Mini stereo x 1
Trigger out: 3.5mm x 1
Projection Lens
Powered focus/Manual zoom
1.51 – 1.99
Focal Length
18.2 mm – 29.2 mm
Zoom Ratio
Optical zoom 1.0 – 1.6
Throw Ratio Range
1.38 – 2.24
5 W (mono)
Operating Temperature
32 ˚ to 104 ˚F (0 ˚ to 40 ˚C)
Power Supply Voltage
100 – 240 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz AC
Power Consumption
328 W (Normal Mode)
242 W (ECO Mode)
6.0 W Standby (Communication On)
0.29 W Standby (Communication Off)
Fan Noise
39 dB (Normal Mode)
33 dB (ECO Mode)
Security cable hole, Kensington® lock provision
Monitor out
Audio out
Security Cable Bar
Audio 2
Kensington® Lock
Audio 1
Accessory Part Numbers
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Including feet: 17.72" x 10.78" x 5.16"
Excluding feet: 17.72" x 10.78" x 4.49"
Weight: 9.7 lb
Remote Control
Power, input signal selection, computer,
video, A/V mute, freeze, user, ID num, auto,
aspect, color mode, page up and down,
E-zoom, volume, help, menu, enter, esc
and pointer functions
Operating Angle
Front: ± 60 degrees
Rear: ± 30 degrees
Front: +10 to +80 degrees
Rear: -10 to +70 degrees
Operating Distance
19.6 ft
The Epson ConnectionSM
Pre-sales support
U.S. and Canada 800-463-7766
Internet website
Service Programs
Two-year limited warranty, Epson Road
Service program, PrivateLine® dedicated
toll-free support (U.S. and Canada only)
and 90-day limited lamp warranty
What’s In The Box
PowerLite D6150 projector, power cable,
computer cable (VGA), projector remote
control with batteries, user manual CD,
EasyMP software CD, password protection
sticker, cable cover, cable locks (x2)
Accessory Part Numbers
Genuine Epson lamp
Air filter set
ELPDC05 High resolution
document imager
DC-06 Document Camera
(PC / Mac®)
DC-11 Document Camera
PixiePlus control system for
Epson projectors
Belkin Pro Series VGA / SVGA
cable, 6 ft
Belkin Pro Series VGA / SVGA
Cable, 10 ft
Belkin Pro Series VGA / SVGA
Cable, 25 ft
Belkin PureAV HDMI audio video
Cable, 3 ft
Belkin PureAV HDMI audio video
Cable, 6 ft
Belkin PureAV HDMI audio video
Cable, 12 ft
Universal ceiling mount
Duet™ 4:3, 16:9 portable screen
ES3000 Ultra portable projector
Portable projection screen 50"
Structural round ceiling plate
False ceiling plate kit
Adjustable suspended ceiling
channel kit
Adjustable extension column
(Pipe) 8"-11"
Kensington Microsaver
Security Lock
BrightLink Solo™ Interactive
Module (IU-01)
BrightLink Solo Interactive
Module (IU-01) with RM
Soft carrying case (ELPKS64)
Packaging Specifications
PowerLite D6150
Dimensions 19.53" x 21.46" x 10.4" (W x D x H)
Weight 16.40 lb
Genuine Epson Lamp
Dimensions 6.3" x 5.6" x 5.6" (W x D x H)
Weight 0.7 lb
Master Carton
Dimensions 28.4" x 13.1" x 6.8" (W x D x H)
Weight 9.5 lb
Units Per Master Carton 10
Replacement Air Filter
Dimensions 4.9" x 3.9" x 1.2" (W x D x H)
Weight 0.1 lb
Master Carton
Dimensions 12.7" x 5.2" x 4.6" (W x D x H)
Weight 1.1 lb
Units Per Master Carton 10
1 Recommendation based on normal room conditions. Cleaning requirements may vary depending on use, environment and other conditions. Cleaning intervals may be adjusted to accommodate
the environment in which the projector is used.
2 Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.
3 Color and white light output will vary depending on mode selected. White light output measured using ISO 21118 standard.
4 Data source: Jan. 2011. Average of 1038 shipping models for which manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels.
5 See our website for convenient and reasonable recycling options at
6 SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.
7 Tested with JIS Z 8901 Type 8 Dust (size: 6.6-8.6 micrometers, density: 2.9-3.1g/cm3) with wind speed = 0.25m/sec.
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Products for a Better Future is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. PrivateLine is a registered trademark, BrightLink Solo andd Duet are trademarks and Epson Connection is a service mark of Epson
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