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Product Brochure
High Performance Signal Analyzer
100 Hz to 8 GHz
...Now with WCDMA, HSDPA / HSUPA, and WiMAX Modulation Analysis
Anritsu Signature High Performance Signal Analyzer
Drop-down Menu
Structure modeled after Windows XP
Context Sensitive Help
Simplifies learning
Customizable Toolbar
Measurement buttons, including
“Smart” measurements, can be
placed on the toolbar
as needed
Large Display
26.7 cm touch-screen
(10.5 inch)
CD-R/W+DVD-ROM Drive and USB interfaces
For enhanced connectivity
WiMAX Measurements
Measures both Mobile and Fixed WiMAX devices
Complete suite of Node B measurements for verifying
base station transmitters and handsets
Front-panel Keys
Back-lit when activated to facilitate easy
Front Panel
Logical and clear layout provides intuitive and
easy-to-use interface
Collapsible Menus
Optimized for touch-screen operation. Menus
can be minimized to facilitate easy operation.
Improved Engineering Insight
for Advanced RF and Communications
Engineers developing the next generation of communications
technology need test solutions that do more than just measure
signals. New communications and modulation formats require
powerful analysis capabilities. Engineers can optimize designs
more efficiently when they have simulation and analysis tools
integrated with their test equipment. Insight and discovery occur
sooner when the instrument is easy to use. The Signature High
Performance Signal Analyzer can help make tomorrow’s
communication systems a reality today.
Anritsu Experience
Anritsu’s legacy as a leading provider of communications solutions
extends back more than 100 years. Always striving for continued
excellence, Anritsu merged with the microwave instrument expert
Wiltron Company in 1990. The combined product lines have earned
many new product awards. The Signature High Performance Signal
Analyzer continues Anritsu’s legacy of high performance microwave
and communications test solutions.
Designing for Customer Needs
Engineers wanted a more powerful, complete and synergistic signal
analysis solution. Anritsu developed Signature to meet this need,
seeking the advice of leading customers throughout the design process.
At each planning and prototype phase, the Anritsu development team
gathered extensive feedback from customers around the world. The
resulting Signature High Performance Signal Analyzer facilitates the
communications technology development process from simulation
through signal analysis in a single, easy-to-use, high-performance
The New Plateau for Performance Signal Analyzers
Signature brings performance signal analyzers to a new
plateau. No other signal analyzer matches the spectrum
analysis performance of Signature’s unique architecture.
Simulation and analysis tools such as MATLAB and Simulink
operate seamlessly with analyzer measurements in the first
open Windows environment for a signal analyzer. Built-in
“Smart” measurements and personalities for Phase Noise,
Modulation Analysis ease measurements on complex signals.
Engineers can now easily move between simulation,
measurement and analysis to support development of new or
proprietary communication systems.
• Fundamentally mixed, single band architecture covers 100 Hz to 8 GHz.
• Capture and analyze complex modulated signals with up to 50 MHz bandwidth.
• Use the touch-screen display to perform “smart” measurements by
pressing a single button on the front panel.
• Access any function in the intuitive Windows XP Professional environment.
Reduce design cycles and improve
Elevate product quality and accelerate time
to market.
MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks Inc.
Next-Generation Measurement Performance
New RF components and communications
systems are stretching the limits of today’s
spectrum analyzers. Seeing the power in
adjacent channels requires better dynamic
range. New communications and modulation
formats require greater bandwidth.
Signature is designed to provide
exceptional performance as an RF
spectrum analyzer and as an ultra-wide
bandwidth vector signal analyzer.
Anritsu’s leadership position in high
performance microwave signal
generators provides the technology to
choose a higher frequency and wider
span in the first local oscillator (LO).
This 9.5 to 17.5 GHz LO allows the
100 Hz to 8 GHz measurement
frequency range to be covered in one
sweep, without switching bands or
requiring preselection.
Signature’s advanced RF block
diagram contributes to the exceptional
performance: +22 dBm TOI, –157 dBm
DANL, and 0.65 dB amplitude accuracy.
Signature’s RF Block Diagram
(L.O. frequencies are nominal values)
100 Hz to 8 GHz
9.5 GHz IF
1.1 GHz IF
75 MHz IF
8 MHz BW
Digital IF
First L.O.
9.5 to 17.5 GHz
30 MHz BW
Digital IF
Second L.O.
8.4 GHz
Third L.O.
1.025 GHz
Measurement Performance Specifications
Measurement Performance Specifications Summary
Frequency Range
Resolution Bandwidths
100 Hz to 8 GHz
0.1 Hz to 8 MHz
1 GHz Phase Noise
<–116 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz
<–142 dBc/Hz at 5 MHz
Amplitude Accuracy
<0.65 dB over 100 Hz to 8 GHz
>+22 dBm
<–167 dBm at 1 GHz (0.1 Hz RBW)
WCDMA and HSDPA/HSUPA Modulation Composite EVM
Analysis (Option 30 required)
Link Direction
QAM/PSK Digital Modulation
(Option 38 required)
Floor: –50 dB
Uncertainty: 0.1 to 0.3 dB
Modulation Measurements
EVM (RMS, Peak, and Peak Position)
Magnitude and Phase Error
IQ Offset, Carrier Frequency Offset
Scramble Code (automatically determined)
Channel Power (with or without RRC filtering)
Primary, Secondary, and Total
Sync Channel (SCH) Power
Peak Code-Domain Error (PCDE)
Modulation Graphs
Constellation, Vector Diagrams
Power, EVM, Magnitude Error, Phase Error,
all versus Time
Eye Diagrams
Code-Domain Power (with and without Zoom)
Code-Domain Error (with and without Zoom)
RF Measurements
Channel Power
Multi-Carrier Power
Occupied Bandwidth
Spectrum Masks
1.25% 0.1 to 6 MHz
2% 6 to 15 MHz
2.5% 15 to 20 MHz
Phase Noise Measurement
(Option 52 required)
Remote programmable interfaces
Design and Analysis Software
User Interfaces
1 See the MS2781B Technical Data Sheet for more detail.
Downlink and Uplink
Code-Domain Power
WiMAX and WiBro Modulation Analysis Mobile and Fixed RCE (EVM)
(Option 41 and Option 22 required)
Operating System
Floor: 1%
Uncertainty: 2%
46 dB
10 Hz to 100 MHz
Windows XP Professional
GPIB / SCPI commands
Ethernet (1000BASE-T) with
Web Services
Interoperability with Microsoft Office, and MATLAB
Touch-Screen, mouse, keyboard
Phase Noise Measurements
A key performance metric of oscillators is phase noise.
1. Measure the phase noise at one offset frequency
using markers in Spectrum display.
2. Measure phase noise versus offset frequency with
a graphical display using Option 52, Phase Noise
Measurements. The offset range, sweep type (FFT or
swept), and amount of averaging are all adjustable by
decade. Multiple measurements can be overlaid, in
color, to help compare device performance under
various conditions such as carrier frequency, bias
voltage, or temperature.
Operating System
Signature is the first high performance spectrum analyzer to fully exploit the power of an
open Windows XP Professional operating system. The benefits are clear: faster results for
both design and manufacturing teams.
Familiar drop-down menus supplement hard keys
for mouse-driven or remote operation
A familiar language such as Visual Basic™
can be installed on Signature to customize
the instrument
Customizable windows toolbar
optimizes your workflow
Use Microsoft Office software to easily
prepare reports
Screenshots reprinted by permission from Microsoft Corporation.
Accessible Insight
Never has a Signal Analyzer with this much power been this simple to use!
Performance alone does not lead to engineering insight.
Signature offers a more modern user platform to make its
performance readily available when and where it is needed.
Microsoft Windows plus Touch Screen Look and Feel
The menu structure in Signature is modeled after Windows XP
Professional to facilitate learning. Menus are also optimized for touchscreen operation with single-click activation.
Front panel keys are back-lit to indicate that an entry is needed. A menu
can be activated simply by touching the annotation.
For rack mount and remote applications, a user can access and operate all
functions with the mouse.
‘‘Smart” Signal Analyzer Measurements
“Smart” one-button functions are available for many commonly needed
measurements, e.g. Channel Power, ACP, CCDF, and OBW
Customizable Toolbar
The Windows toolbar may be customized to include frequently used basic
measurements or functions.
Advanced Analysis
Engineering insight often requires further analysis.
MATLAB & Simulink from The MathWorks provide an
easy way to do this analysis, even directly on the instrument.
Applications such as measuring chirp frequency
linearity, or EVM versus power can be addressed
with just a few lines of MATLAB code.
Signature setup information and measurements (including traces
and IQ vectors) are automatically available in MATLAB when
installed on the instrument. Up to 10 million I/Q vectors can be
captured and transferred to MATLAB in a few seconds.
Deeper Insight into Digitally Modulated Signals
In addition to high performance spectrum analysis,
Signature can analyze a wide variety of digitally
modulated signals without the need for a separate
computer. Gain insight into your transmitter with the
powerful analysis in Signature.
Code Domain Power with Zoom
Gain insight into your WCDMA device by making modulation quality measurements.
With Option 30, you can make Code Domain Power, EVM versus time, Constellation
Diagram, Composite EVM and many other measurements at the touch of a button.
A simplified interface gives accessible insight, while retaining all the power you
expect in a high performance signal analyzer. RF measurements of Channel Power,
ACLR (Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio), Multi-carrier Channel Power,
CCDF (Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function), and Spectrum Masks
are also available to help you understand the RF performance of your device.
QAM/PSK Modulated Signals
WCDMA Composite EVM vs. Time with
Composite Summary
Option 38, General Purpose QAM/PSK Modulation Analysis, allows you to select
the symbol rate, modulation type, and filtering methods to demodulate captured signals.
Symbol table, constellation, and vector diagrams allow viewing of the data stream.
Standard measurements are available to measure EVM, carrier leakage and
I/Q imbalance.
WiMAX and WiBro Measurements
Insight into your WiMAX or WiBro device is just a few button pushes away.
With option 41, you can make modulation quality measurements such as Relative
Constellation Error (RCE), IQ Offset and Carrier Frequency Offset, as well as display
Constellation diagrams and RCE versus sub-carrier or symbol.
Constellation Diagram of an HSDPA Code with
Code Domain Power Overview
Simplified user interface for WCDMA Measurements
Vector Diagram of QPSK modulation
Constellation of Mobile WiMAX signal showing
multiple modulation types simultaneously.
Advanced Connectivity to Today’s Environment
Signature offers an unprecedented range of connectivity
options to support modern design and manufacturing
environments. Signature is the first high performance
spectrum analyzer to fully exploit the power of
Windows XP Professional. The benefits are clear:
faster results for both design and manufacturing teams.
Signature offers a GPIB interface and SCPI command set for
classic ATE environments. Signature can also act as a GPIB
controller to drive other instruments in a system.
USB host ports on both the front and rear panels allow easy
addition of Windows-compliant accessories such as a mouse,
keyboard, disk drive, barcode reader, memory stick, WLAN
interface, printer, or camera.
USB Power Sensor
Computer-specific driver software is no longer needed. GPIB &
SCPI commands can also be sent via Ethernet, without need for
Option 3. Signature is VXI-11 compatible and LXI ready.
Web Remote Operation
Web-based remote operation is easily accomplished
using Windows NetMeeting, remote application software like
pcAnywhere™ or a web conferencing resource like WebEx™.
Easy access to trace information
All Signature displays, including live traces, are created in the
Windows environment, simplifying incorporation of test results
into Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
The built-in printer port supports hard copy needs.
Signal Generation and Analysis for Complete Testing
The MS2781B with full
functioning CPU and USB connectivity fully supports USB
accessories, such as Anritsu’s MA24106A USB Power Sensor.
Supporting software and drivers are preinstalled on MS2781B
Signature Signal Analyzers. The Signature is “Plug and Play”
ready for highly accurate power measurements.within frequency
range of the power sensor.
For further information on the MA24106A Power Sensor, see the
Anritsu product brochure “USB Power Sensor MA24106A” part
number: 11410-00424.
The 1000BASE-T Ethernet interface allows remote access to all of
the resources in Signature via LAN/Internet. The Windows XP
Professional operating system allows your network to configure
Signature the same way as other Windows clients on your LAN.
Web-Based Automation
LAN/Internet remote command automation is facilitated by
Signature’s use of Web Services. This platform and softwareindependent interface provides access to all Signature hardware
and software functionality via the Ethernet connection. A web
browser can view and control Signature settings functionality.
SCPI commands can be used to provide a GPIB-like remote
program control. Web Services compatible development software
such as c#.NET can operate with Signature Web Services to
greatly simplify the development of remote programs.
Signature and the Anritsu MG3700A Vector Signal Generator
make a powerful combination. Together they give ultimate
flexibility for making measurements with proprietary or new
modulation types, such as 802.11n or Software-Defined Radio
A signal captured with Signature can be downloaded to the
MG3700A. This provides a way to replay a signal for
troubleshooting or interoperability testing. Then for margin
testing, impairments can be added – either in software or directly
on the generator.
Proprietary or new modulation types can be created using a
software tool such as MATLAB. Waveforms can then be
downloaded to the MG3700A for receiver testing. Impairments are
again easily added. These modulated waveforms can then be
captured and analyzed using Signature and MATLAB. This
combination of Signature, MG3700A and MATLAB allows easy
testing of transmitters and receivers, as well as verification of
software transmitter and receiver models in a real-world
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Ordering Information
Order Number
100 Hz to 8 GHz High Performance Signal Analyzer
GPIB Interface
Options (See the MS2781B Technical Data Sheet for more detail.)
External Hard Disk Drive
30 MHz Demodulation Bandwidth
(includes baseband differential I & Q inputs)
WCDMA and HSDPA Modulation Analysis
QAM/PSK Modulation Analysis
Connectivity to MATLAB
WiMAX Modulation Analysis
Supports IEEE 802.16d/e OFDM/OFDMA
with compliance to WiBro (requires Option 22)
Phase Noise Measurements
Standard calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540
Extends warranty to 5 years
Please Contact:
Premium calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540
®Anritsu All trademarks are registered trademarks of
their respective companies. Data subject to change
without notice. For the most recent specifications visit:
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