The 32MP Gateway II integrates a centrifugal chiller into
the Carrier communicating network and can be utilized
with Carrier’s CHILLERVISOR family of products. The
32MP Gateway II can be used with any single or dual
compressor chiller that is equipped with a 3200MP
Controller and an Expanded Services Panel (ESP-II).
The 32MP Gateway II consists of a communication
module equipped with the specialized software for its
functions. The module may be installed in an existing
chiller enclosure or in a field-selected enclosure.
As part of interfacing a chiller to the Carrier communicating network, the 32MP Gateway II’s functions include:
• Shutdown and communication alarms
• Network variable access
• CHILLERVISOR System Manager (CSM) support
Any Carrier user interface can access the 32MP Gateway II. Once the gateway configuration data has been
added to the interface's database, an operator at a Carrier
user interface can:
• display a list of 32MP Gateway II points, showing
chiller status information and the last five shutdown
• TeLINK or CCNWeb to provide remote monitoring and
servicing capability
• Data Collection to gather data from the chiller for the
generation of history, consumable, and runtime reports
• Data Transfer to transfer data to or from selected 32MP
Gateway II points
• start and stop the chiller.
• Chillervisor System Manager to coordinate the operations of 32MP Gateway II-equipped chillers in multiple
chiller systems
• configure temperature and demand limit setpoints.
• BEST++ access to facilitate chiller plant control
• modify the value or status of selected points.
• interface with a Carrier user interface.
The following Carrier communicating network devices
and software options can be used to optimize the
performance of a chiller connected to the Carrier communicating network:
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Book 4
Tab BC1d
3-wire removable 32MP controller bus connector
3-wire fixed screw terminal CCN connector
2-wire fixed screw terminal Power connector
Red Processor Status LED
Yellow Carrier Communicating Network Communication Status LED
• Green 32MP Communication Status LED
© 2006, Carrier Corporation
Printed in U.S.A.
11-808-367-01 12/06
Power Requirements ................ 3VA @ 24 Vac + 25%
Dimensions ......................... 2.1 in H X 5 in W X 4 in D
(53.3 mm X 127 mm W X 101.6 mm)
Operating Temperature .......................... -40°F - 158°F
(-40°C - 70°C)
Storage Temperature ............................. -40°F - 185°F
(-40°C - 85°C)
Operating Humidity ........... 10 - 95%, non-condensing
CCN Communications ......... 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K baud
32MP Communications ............ EIA-485 at 1200 baud
Conforms to guidelines for radiated and conducted emissions for a Class A device as stated in FCC Rules and
Regulations Part 15, Subpart J.
UL916 and CE MARK (industrial listed).
Specifications subject to change without notice.
© 2006, Carrier Corporation
Printed in U.S.A.
11-808-367-01 12/06
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