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Made in West Virginia
Larry Cadle, Luthier
DW-2 DREADNOUGHTS--Most things in life are a bit of a compromise, and
choosing a guitar is no different. The secret is to choose compromises that
temper small sacrifices with large advantages. That is the story of the
dreadnought guitar body. The shallow bend in the waist of a dreadnought makes
the guitar top, or soundboard, easier for a builder to control, since it wants to
vibrate as a unit without competing sections, or chambers of vibration; and
control of the top means control of the tonal characteristics of the guitar. The loss
of front and rear bout independence compromises the clarity of the mid-range
and treble response of the instrument to some degree: but the choice of tone
woods, thickness of sides and back, layout and mass of braces, body dimensions,
and other factors are used to minimize the sacrifice and maximize the sound of
this wonderful design.
The unique "ray" layout of top bracing makes the mellow sound and powerful
volume of these guitars virtually free of overtones. The instruments respond well
to flat pick, to fingers and to light or heavy touch.
The J-3 JUMBO (not shown) is the largest and most powerful guitar in the
Cadle line. You can literally feel the boom of the bass and the power of
the guitar in your lap. At the same time, the multiple elements in the "ray
bracing" pattern enhance and coordinate the vibrations of the top so that
the treble is loud and clear. It's exceptional volume and balance make the
J-3 truly unique amoung SUPER JUMBOS.
Cadel C-Series guitars, cutaway models
(not shown),are not designed just for the
studio. They are great guitars for
recording, to be sure, but they were also
designed for playing in the front seat, for
picking on the back porch, for packing in
the car when a Jumbo case won't fit, and
Fret'n Fiddle
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for confort. But these guitars were not
designed for small sound; they have distinctive volume and clarity, with bass response well beyond their
If the studio's your thing, though, this is your guitar. The small size and the thin body minimize
overtones and the standard 25.4" scale with a slightly decreased neck angle are perfect for light set-up
and fast action. A variey of body woods and standard "ray bracing" combine to make this a little guitar
with many personalities.
The first thing Guitar players notice about the J-1 Model (not shown) is
its exceptional clarity and balance. Each note is clear and distinct, and
the sound is remarkably balanced. This instrument has the overall
volume of a large Jumbo with the crisp sound of a much smaller guitar.
The unique "ray bracing" adds a subtle warmth and control to the natural
power of the large tight-waisted design. The J-1, in flamed maple and
western red cedar, is the most popular of all Cadle guitars.
All of the Cadle guitars are available as 12-string models. Dreadnought
and Jumbo models are available with either 12 or 14 frets clear of the
J and C series guitars, including 12-string models, are available with a
beautiful venetian cut-away to fully expose 18 frets and to make all 20
frets accessible.
Larry Cadle only makes 35 to 40 guitars per year. There are always some
of his beautiful guitars on display at the Fret'N Fiddle. If you are looking
for a very special instrument come in and play on a Cadle....
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