Experience Design

Experience Design
Experience Design
Unique design consulting for a people-centric healthcare environment
Philips has a rich history of leadership in healthcare technology.
Over the last decade, we have expanded our strategy and investments
to reach further – to truly become a health and well-being company.
With one of the world's largest corporate
research organizations, supported by an
award-winning global design team, Philips
delivers solutions with a people-centric
approach to the care cycle.
By evaluating how people feel, move and
interact with each other, we’ve identified
ways to enhance the healthcare experience.
We’ve created Ambient Experience.
Reach further
Resources for change
We believe that medical and technical expertise can be
enhanced and patient satisfaction significantly improved
when consideration is given to the overall experience.
Cold, sterile environments are not conducive to the
emotional well-being of patients. Cluttered workspaces
and poorly designed workflow patterns are a hindrance
to clinicians.
To affect change, we draw upon experience analysis and
design methodologies as well as the diverse talents of
our human factors specialists, sociologists, psychologists,
interior designers, innovation consultants and visual
trend analysts. The task of this multidisciplinary team
is to facilitate the healing process by creating a better
healthcare experience.
A holistic approach
Ambient Experience moves beyond architectural design
to Experience Design, a service unique in the world
of healthcare. Through Experience Design, we evaluate
the clinical environment from a holistic perspective.
By defining the needs, hopes, anxieties and concerns
of the various stakeholders (patients, clinicians and family
members), we learn to improve their environment.
Design recommendations combine architectural
elements, enabling technologies (such as dynamic
lighting, images and sound), and storage solutions
to simplify surroundings and create a more comfortable
experience – an Ambient Experience.
The Experience Design team documents insights
from various stakeholder groups to formulate
recommendations for the physical space.
Experience Design process
The goal of Experience Design is to document behavioral
insights and use those insights as the basis for change.
We employ proven methodology to assess the current
situation, pinpoint areas we can positively influence and
then offer recommendations for implementation.
Insights are prioritized and translated into design drivers
to create and build clinically and emotionally meaningful
environments that will enhance patient satisfaction, increase
staff productivity, optimize workflow, and establish a unique
brand differentiator for the healthcare facility.
Achieving a balance
Understanding the dynamics that exist among the
requirements of different stakeholder groups provides
a basis for defining the experience qualities of the hospital
environment. Success comes when a sensible balance
results in clinical effectiveness, personal satisfaction
and revenue generation.
Philips has redefined the healthcare experience.
Take advantage of our expertise in developing peoplecentric environments that capitalize on the emotional,
operational, and fiscal opportunities associated with
innovative design strategies.
Experience Design offerings
Experience Flow Assessment
(for existing facilities)
•Patient and staff insights gathering
•Stakeholder needs analysis
•Experience flow mapping
•Definition of hot spots and areas for improvement
Experience Flow Design
(for new construction)
•Patient and staff insights
•Stakeholder needs analysis
•Floor layout evaluation
•Experience flow mapping
•Experience narratives
•Floor layout optimization
•Design drivers
Experience Design Consultancy
Consulting with hospital staff on:
•Patient-centric and evidence-based design
•Needs and pathways visualizations
•Stakeholder positive engagement
•Floor layout optimization
•Way finding
•Identity and brand experience
•Concept design
•Interior design specifications
•Cultural change management
•Sensory clutter reduction
•Interactive installations
•Patient positive distraction
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How to reach us
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+49 7031 463 2254
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+49 7031 463 2254
Latin America
+55 11 2125 0744
North America
+1 425 487 7000
800 285 5585 (toll free, US only)
Please visit www.philips.com/ambientexperience
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