X20 Calibration

X20 Calibration
X20 Monitor Training
Module 4: Calibration
Step 1
• Once your tanks have been filled, click
on the ‘Cal.’ button located in the topright corner.
• Note that in this case, tank 1 has been
selected, so it appears as ‘Cal. 1’
• Make sure that the collector box is
prepared to collect the metered
product under the cart
Module 4: Calibration
Step 2
• Once selected, the window
on the right will change to
the calibration operation
Module 4: Calibration
Step 3
• Check to make sure that there is a
manual speed set which displays to
the left of the calibration window.
• Also make sure to set the
appropriate gear ratio of either:
• 2 for Direct Drive (wheat, cereals)
• 16 for Slow Speed Drive (canola, etc.)
• In this case, we have used 2.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 4
• The ‘P. Valve’ button acts as
the on/off switch during
• Click it to turn it on/off,
allowing product to be
metered into the collector
Module 4: Calibration
Step 4 Continued
• For Air Carts equipped with
a ‘Run-Reset Switch’, that is
used as the on/off switch
located directly on the cart.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 4 Continued
• It is recommended that you
turn the meter on for a
short duration in order to
prime the meter wheels so
that they are full of product
for calibration.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 5
• Watch closely in the ‘Check
Weight’ box as the product is
metered in order to get the
desired good sample of
about 15-17 pounds.
• Then hit the ‘P. Valve’ or
‘Run-Reset Switch off to stop
Module 4: Calibration
Step 6
• Measure the actual weight
by weighing the amount
metered into the collector
• Enter that weight into the
‘Enter Weight’ box using the
number pad, then click enter.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 7
• The monitor will then bring up a
window with your calculated
‘percent difference’.
• The goal is to be as close to 0 as
possible, or what ever your desired
percent difference is.
• Continue by clicking ‘accept and
save to file’.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 8
• It is important to click accept and
save to file as this allows the
monitor to continue using that cal.
factor in order to get a more
accurate percentage difference.
• Repeat the process 3-4 times as is
necessary to achieve the desired
percentage difference.
Module 4: Calibration
Step 9
• Always remember to empty out the collector box
back into the tank after each sample is weighed in
order to keep an accurate measurement.
Module 4: Calibration
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