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Tune in on
life with
A new fm receiver from Widex
Meet your new buddy
The latest member of the Scola FM family
The successful Widex SCOLA™ FM product series has
acquired a new family member: SCOLAbuddy, a smart,
body-worn FM receiver designed to wirelessly deliver
clear, easily intelligible speech to any hearing aid equipped
with a telecoil.
SCOLAbuddy seamlessly integrates with the other members of the Scola FM family to provide high quality sound
anywhere hearing impaired children or adults may need it.
Clarity in the classroom
with SCOLAbuddy
For children to thrive in school, they need to clearly hear what the teacher is saying.
Rendering speech intelligible for persons with impaired
hearing, especially in a classroom or similar setting, is not
just a matter of amplifying the sound. The problem with
relying on hearing aids in such environments is often not
so much what users don’t hear, as what they do hear: all
the ambient noise and reverberation that people with normal hearing can usually screen out.
SCOLAbuddy gets the message across by supplementing
hearing aids with a telecoil.
Tune in to the teacher
SCOLA is a complete wireless fm system designed to accommodate most of the varied listening challenges that
hearing aid users will encounter in an educational context.
SCOLA alleviates the problem of background noise and
greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the transmitted sound by picking up the sound close to the mouth of
the speaker and relaying this to the user’s hearing aid by
means of wireless FM transmission.
Now, SCOLA buddy makes this system even more flexible and useful by adding a further possibility:
• A body-worn FM receiver which can deliver the signal to
any hearing aid equipped with a telecoil via an inductive
loop worn around the neck.
The result is a simple and cost-effective solution which is
ideal not just for schools, but for the many social situations
that make up life.
Various options are available in the SCOLA system for
both the transmission and reception of the signal, depending on the specific needs of the users.
These include:
• SCOLAtalk is an FM transmitter with a built-in multidirectional microphone system
• SCOLAteach is a robust microphone/transmitter designed particularly for teachers in school environments
• SCOLAflex is a wireless, miniature FM receiver which
attaches to the hearing aid using a slide-on ‘shoe’ or
3-pin Euro plug.
Cool for kids
SCOLAbuddy is designed to be appealing to children as
a smart-looking, attractive unit that comes in range of
Most young people are accustomed to wearing MP3
players and other gadgets, and a device as tiny and
classy looking as the SCOLAbuddy looks really cool.
SCOLAbuddy comes with three different covers in the familiar SCOLA blue, as well as white or black, so that the
user or educational institution can choose for themselves
which colour they wish to use. Children can also personalise their own SCOLAbuddy devices with stickers, etc.
SCOLAbuddy is also supplied with a jack-to-jack cable
for connection to an MP3 player or similar, so when class
is over, users can enjoy their favourite music via their
SCOLAbuddy – wirelessly! What could be cooler?
sound solution
SCOLAbuddy is specially designed for use in
schools and educational institutions, where it provides a number of advantages.
The SCOLAbuddy unit is worn on a neck loop (available in
two different lengths), and delivers the signal via induction to the telecoil of the user’s hearing aid. As a result,
SCOLAbuddy will work with any make of hearing aid that
uses a telecoil, including both BTE and ITE types, as well as
with cochlear processors or bone anchored hearing aids,
using the MT or T setting.
Selecting the correct channel can be done in one of several ways. The user can for example scan for the correct
channel by pressing the scan button once – SCOLAbuddy
will then search for the channel being used. When the
channel is found, the FM-LED lights up, and an audible
signal sounds in the hearing aid. The correct channel can
also be automatically assigned by the SCOLAclassmate
channel synchroniser as the pupil enters the room, or by
the teacher’s SCOLAteach transmitter.
SCOLAbuddy is programmable for many different
usage situations and user requirements. Using the
scolaprogrammer , the jack connection can be configured for use with headphones for non-hearing aid use –
for example in the case of children with various auditory
Using SCOLAbuddy is simplicity itself. The user just slips
the loop around his or her neck, turns it on, and as soon as
the transmitter is ready, they’re ready to go. SCOLAbuddy
is operated using a simple, intuitive three-button system
with two indicator LEDs. It’s that simple.
SCOLAbuddy uses tried-and-tested FM and teleloop
technology. Like the rest of the SCOLA product family,
SCOLAbuddy’s stylish but rugged construction is built to
cope with the wear and tear of everyday classroom use. As
a result, SCOLAbuddy should give years of problem-free
SCOLAbuddy is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable
lithium-ion battery. The unit’s power consumption is very
low, which means that it can be used for around ten hours
without needing to be recharged. SCOLAbuddy’s battery
is recharged either via its own battery recharger, or by
simply plugging SCOLAbuddy into the USB outlet of any
computer, using the cable supplied. Recharging the battery takes a couple of hours.
Benefits for the users:
Benefits for the teachers:
• Simple and intuitive three-button system, with LED
indicators for battery/charging status and FM reception
– easy to operate
• 3 individual, software controlled volume controls for
telecoil signal setting, audio input setting and headphone output setting - all in one mechanical control
• Audio frequency range up to 7.5 kHz
• One receiver for both monaural and binaural solutions
• Manual channel selection, intuitively done by operating
the channel scan button
• Neck loop in two different lengths, 55 and 75 cm to
match different body size
• Long-life lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via the
charger or from the USB outlet of a computer
• Charger plug adapts to the new mini USB standard
which also mobile phone uses. When travelling you only
need one adaptor to charge various devices
• Cool design and changeable colours
• 50-channel memory, where more than 300 receiving
channels covering frequencies from 169 MHz to 217 MHz
can be selected. The broad selection of channels secures interference free reception, for example
• Manual channel synchronisation done from the
• Automatic channel synchronisation done with
• Easily readable LED indicators show correct function of
the equipment
Benefits for the hearing professionals:
• Can be used with any telecoil hearing aids, both BTE
and ITE – no audio ‘shoes’ required
• Flexible programming and fitting options to match individual needs and requirements. Can be programmed
by the professional: customisable gain setting, beep
sounds, LEDs, FM compatibility with other suppliers, etc.
• As standard the jack connection is configured as an
audio input, to which an MP3 player or similar can be
connected, allowing music to be heard directly via the
MT or T program,
• The jack connection can furthermore be configured as
an output for headphones
• Simulator program for PC available for instruction purpose
Easy to use
Like the rest of the SCOLA FM system, SCOLAbuddy is designed to be largely automatic in use, requiring minimum
intervention by the user.
Synchronisation of the user’s reception channel with the
teacher’s transmission channel may be performed in different ways:
• The user can manually scan for the teacher’s channel
by pressing the channel button on the SCOLAbuddy
• The teacher can wirelessly remote synchronise the
user’s SCOLAbuddy, using the SCOLAteach transmitter.
• A SCOLAclassmate can be installed in the classroom.
Then the user’s SCOLAbuddy will automatically be synchronised and switched to the correct channel as they
enter the classroom.
SCOLAbuddy has a range of 10 to 15 metres, making it
suitable for use in auditoriums as well as classrooms. The
risk of interference from FM systems in other rooms is
eliminated by using different channels in different rooms.
For simplicity, SCOLAbuddy uses just three buttons: one
to turn the unit on or off and scan for the correct channel,
and the other two to adjust the volume level up or down.
Two LED lamps provide a simple and intuitive indication of
battery strength and channel reception. When the LED´s
are green, SCOLAbuddy is working as it should.
Red indicates that the unit needs attention.
Two green lamps assure the teacher that the signal is being received and that battery power is sufficient.
The LED lamps can be switched off if desired.
Technical data:
Beep sounds in the hearing aid provide an audible indication of volume level changes, battery level and channel
scanning. The volume level of the audio indicators can be
• Signal format: FM analogue
• FM frequency range: 169 MHz – 217 MHz
• Up to 50 channels stored in memory
• Reception range: Typically up to 15 metres. The range
can vary, depending on the location.
• Audio frequency range: 100 Hz – 7.5 kHz
• Battery: built-in lithium battery, rechargeable
• Battery capacity: approx. 10 hours
• Battery charging time: 2 hours
The audio indicator settings can be changed to alter the
pitch of the beep tones.
Each SCOLAbuddy unit is supplied with the following accessories:
• Three alternate covers in black, white and blue
(SCOLA blue)
• Battery charger
• Audio cable (jack-jack)
• USB cable
Inductive neck loop
Battery LED
Removeable colour covers
front and rear
On/off and scan button
Volume up
Charging jack, mini USB
Audio jack 3.5 mm
Volume down
It is our mission, through originality, perseverance and
reliability, to develop high quality hearing aids that
give people with a hearing loss the same opportunities for communication as those with normal hearing.
WIDEX and SCOLA are trademarks of Widex A/S.
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