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V-Synth GT
A New World of Power and Expression
Sounds That Have Never Been Heard Before
So powerful, so unique — Roland's V-Synth GT is unlike any synthesizer that has come before
it. This is not only the birth of a new synthesizer, it's the arrival of a bold new form of sonic
expression unknown to musicians until now. Elastic Audio Synthesis has already captivated
artists the world over. Now the V-Synth GT's multi-core engine supercharges your expressive
power, and enables sounds to go even deeper. The power of AP-Synthesis and other innovative
synthesizer technologies will give you the tools to break through into new realms of creativity.
Delve in and explore unknown dimensions with the V-Synth GT!
Roland's V-Synth GT Represents a
Significant Stride Forward
Through a fusion of Elastic Audio Synthesis, VariPhrase,
COSM ®, and other pioneering technologies, Roland's awardwinning V-Synth brought new potential to the synthesizer.
All over the world, on stage and in studios, top artists have
been empowered to create dramatically new sounds. Today,
with the V-Synth GT, Roland has infused the phenomenal
Elastic Audio Synthesis engine with even more advanced
technologies, enabling musicians to stretch beyond
previous limitations in sound design and expression. With
the V-Synth GT, Roland once again delivers a synthesizer
that takes musicians to new, unexplored dimensions.
Two V-Synths in One, and Beyond!
Multi-Core Processing For
Powerhouse Performance
The sound engine of the V-Synth GT has been completely
revamped with powerful multi-core technology for amazing
depth and creativity. Imagine having the creative power of
two combined V-Synth units, with multilayered VariPhrase
and COSM ® processing along with Vocal Designer ® and
other features!
In addition to its raw synthesis power, the V-Synth GT also
features dual multi-effects processors, independently
optimized control of both upper and lower tones. Freely
shape your effects for an even greater diversity of sounds
and textures.
World's First! Behavior Modeling of Musical-Instrument
Articulation — Revolutionary AP-Synthesis Technology
for Microsoft
Windows XP
for Mac OS X
AP (Articulative Phrase) Synthesis is a revolutionary technology that, for the first
time, enables a synthesizer to have the kind of organic nuance and expression of
an acoustic musical instrument. Based on modeling of the responsive changes that
occur when musicians play actual instruments, Roland's AP-Synthesis is a great
advance over simple PCM sound sources and physical modeling. With integrated
behavior modeling and synthesizer processing, the V-Synth GT lets you freely
manipulate various waveforms from acoustic instruments to synth sounds. This
technology has fundamentally revolutionized the synthesizer.
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V-Synth GT
Sound Shaper II Facilitates Speedy
Creation of Original Sounds
AP-Synthesis Models the “Performance”
of Acoustic Solo Instruments
Serious sound designers will love the complexity and
editing depth of the V-Synth GT, but there are many
instances where musicians need fresh
sounds fast — and that's the beauty
of Sound Shaper II. Based on the
original Sound Shaper, this enhanced
mode lets you choose a patch, and it
brings the most relevant parameters
directly to the surface.
� Screen of Sound Shaper II
By simply turning knobs or using the
� Dedicated
onscreen touch buttons, Sound
buttons also
Shaper lets you create pro-quality
sounds in seconds!
AP-Synthesis is a groundbreaking technology that models the
behavior of four instruments (sax, flute, erhu, and violin),
recreating the expressive response characteristics of actual
playing techniques. Directly from the keyboard, the V-Synth GT
lets you effortlessly produce authentic trills, glissandos, vibrato,
crescendos, and other expressive nuances. The essence of
AP-Synthesis is its ability to be used with the synthesizer sound
source, such as an “analog lead synth” that provides the
expressiveness of violin playing.
AP-Synthesis brings organic, emotional expression to synthesis.
Moreover, in the V-Synth GT, these sounds undergo processing
in the COSM® section as well as VariPhrase layering and other
effects. Going beyond the mere reproduction of the sounds
found in existing instruments, a whole new world of sound
creation has been opened.
High-Quality Color Touch-Panel LCD
User Interface Further Refined
*AP-Synthesis can be used with either upper or lower tones.
Elastic Audio Synthesis:
Amazing Expression and Creative Control
Roland has integrated its leading technologies in the V-Synth GT. One
of the key components is VariPhrase, which let you control the
elements of sound in flexible, creative ways. As well as providing
analog-like control over the PCM oscillator, it controls SUPER SAW,
feedback, and other high-quality analog modeling oscillators that
generate 16 very different types of waveforms. The configuration also
comprises a COSM® processor that drives a powerful modulator, sideband filter, resonator, and effect types for
a total of 16.
Through the mic and line input jacks,
external waveforms can also be processed
by the V-Synth GT's engine. All this
functionality is accessible via a section
structure that allows instant selection,
� VariPhrase & COSM
layering, and editing.
� Control structure enables direct selection of diverse synthesizing processes.
Vocal Designer Built-In
Roland's acclaimed Vocal Designer ® has also been
included as one of the core components of the
V-Synth GT. With the press of a key, live vocals from a
mic can be altered as they are input. Imagine a single
voice transforming into a large-scale choir, for example,
or a backing chorus for a pop tune. You can also use an
audio phrase or other sampled waveform as a carrier
for a vocoder sound. Whatever the application, Vocal
Designer provides unrestricted control and modeling of
the human voice.
But that's only where the creative possibilities begin.
It's now possible to combine Vocal Designer with
VariPhrase functions, analog modeling, and
AP-Synthesis. Create complex multicore sounds that can be
manipulated organically in ways
unlike anything ever heard from a
*Vocal Designer can be used with
either upper or lower tones.
� Screen of Vocal Designer
The V-Synth GT's high-resolution TFT—LCD color touch
panel uses vivid graphics to display large amounts of
information in a friendly format. The display offers a wide
viewing angle, and provides greatly enhanced readability
compared to its predecessors. Since the display is touch
sensitive, editing is as simple as pointing to and touching
the onscreen menu items and icons. In addition, there are
eight control knobs below the LCD touch panel with
companion onscreen monitoring. In addition, jog dials and
cursor control buttons are
logically integrated, and the
D-Beam and other real-time
controllers are grouped in the
same area. Tasks are quick and
easy since the controls are
concentrated in one area,
which improves speed and
convenience during real-time
� Color touch panel and logically
positioned knobs offer fast,
friendly control.
� Rear Panel
Equipped for USB Memory and
Audio/MIDI Interfacing. File Transfer
Upgraded to High-Speed USB 2
Compared to its predecessor, the V-Synth GT offers greatly
enhanced USB functions. For starters, USB 2.0 is now
supported, which allows significantly faster transmission
speed. In addition, two USB ports are now provided: one
port for USB-memory devices (which can be plugged in
directly for data storage and retrieval) and another port that
enables audio/MIDI streaming and file transfer for direct
connection to computer-based DAW applications.
V-LINK Support for
Images and Sound
The V-Synth GT fully supports Roland's pioneering V-LINK
protocol, which allows real-time manipulation of music
and images. Using the V-Synth GT's
expressive controllers, you can connect
compatible Roland/EDIROL video devices
and add a new level of visual expression
and excitement to your performances.
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Empowered by VariPhrase, the V-Synth XT provides an amazing
synthesis engine comprising analog-modeling oscillators, a PCM
oscillator, modulators, a COSM ® processor, external-audio inputs,
and other creative elements. Even though the XT is a full-blown
V-Synth, all of the features from its keyboard counterpart (plus
more!) have been squeezed into a 4U body. To complete the
package, Roland equipped the V-Synth XT with a perfect simulation
of the legendary D50 synthesizer as well as the acclaimed Vocal
Designer, a new dimension in vocal processing. Without having to
add VC cards or power the unit on and off, a single V-Synth XT is
able perform three different roles through live switching.
V-Synth XT
VariPhrase-Powered Synthesis plus
Vocal Designer ® & D-50 Simulation
� Through live switching, a single V-Synth XT
can function as three synthesizers.
An Amazing New Collection of Built-In Patches
Use the Sound Shaper Function For Fast Sound Design
The V-Synth XT comes with a custom collection of unique sounds created by an A-list group
of star artists and producers. Many of the patches are programmed to sound like familiar
classics at first touch, but they explode to animated life when modulated.
When you want to create your own sounds, the XT's Sound Shaper function allows you
create new sounds with the virtual “know-how” of professional sound designers.
By selecting your desired category — whether a pad, bass, lead sound, etc. — this friendly
function guides you quickly through relevant parameters while editing. Complex editing is
made fast and easy.
� With Sound Shaper, sound design
is fast and fun!
Innovative Rackmount/Tabletop Design
Incredible Convenience and Ease of Use
The V-Synth XT can be mounted in a rack, where it can be positioned flush or
tilted and locked at an angle that best suits your working environment. Or, if
you prefer, you can take the XT out of the rack and place it on a flat surface.
The large, color touch-screen display provides luxurious navigation, and its
row of eight universal edit knobs makes using the synth fast, friendly, and
expressive. Also noteworthy on the front panel is the Hi-Z input, which allows
the XT to function as a unique and powerful effects rack for guitar or other
instruments, while the XLR input (with phantom power) allows the XT to be
utilized as a full-blown vocoder via the built-in Vocal Designer feature.
The Creativity of Elastic Audio
Synthesis in a Module One Unit
Provides Three Roles with
”Live Switching“
Roland's flagship V-Synth XT was honored at
the 2007 Musikmesse International Press
Awards (MIPA) in the Best Synthesizer/
Hardware category. The Musikmesse
International Press Awards are chosen by
editors from 107 magazines around the world.
� Mic jack
conveniently located
on front panel
� Innovative multi-use body and
tilt mechanism
*When tilt is used
during rackmounting, one
rackspace must be left empty
directly above.
� Edit by simply touching the color LCD
Audio/MIDI Interfacing & File Transfer Via USB
As well as offering MIDI communication via USB, the V-Synth XT's USB port can also
be used as an audio interface. Support is provided for various computer-related
tasks, including data backup to computer, audio-data transfer, and compatibility
with computer-based DAW applications.
� Full-featured USB for easy connection to computers
� Rear Panel
PC Card Slot
for Microsoft
Windows XP/2000/Me
for Mac OS
V-Synth XT
V-Synth GT
61 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
Sound Generator
Dual-core (2 Tones per Patch: Upper, Lower), Sections per Tone: Oscillator
(envelope x 4 + LFO x 1) x 2, Modulator x 1, COSM (envelope x 2 + LFO x 1) x 2,
TVA (envelope x 1 + LFO x 1) x 1, Multi Step Modulator x 1, Tone-FX x 1,
AP-Synthesis (Articulative Phrase Synthesis) x 1*, Vocal Designer x 1*
* Usable on either upper or lower (not both)
Oscillator (envelope x 4 + LFO x 1) x 2, Modulator x 1, COSM (envelope x 2 + LFO
x 1) x 2, TVA (envelope x 1 + LFO x 1) x 1
OSC1/OSC2 (Oscillator 1, 2)
Analog Modeling: 14 waveforms (SAW, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, SINE, RAMP, JUNO,
HQ-SAW, HQ-SQUARE, NOISE, LA-SAW, LA-SQUARE, SUPER-SAW, FEEDBACKOSC, XMOD-OSC), PCM/VariPhrase (Preset waveforms + Sampling waveforms),
External Input
Analog Modeling: 14 waveforms (SAW, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, SINE, RAMP, JUNO,
X-MOD-OSC), PCM/Variphrase (Preset waveforms + Sampling waveforms),
External Input
MOD (Modulator)
Upper Tone: 16, Lower Tone: 16
Multi Step Modulator
Provided independently for the Upper Tone and Lower Tone
Tracks per tone: 4, Maximum number of step: 16, Tempo: 20 to 250 BPM
Tracks: 4, Steps: 16,Tempo: 20 to 250 BPM
Source Waveforms: 38 types, Phrase Models: Violin, Erhu, Sax, Flute, Multifade
Vocal Designer
Carrier: Oscillator x 2, Modulator x 1, COSM x 2, TVA x 1, Multi Step Modulator x 1,
Vocoder: 4 types (Stereo, Mono, Vintage, Enhance), Formant: 7 types (Maximum)
Switchable from the standard system while the power remains on.
Patterns: User programmable (supports use of control change messages),
Motifs: 8 types, Tempo: 20 to 250 BPM
Patterns: User programmable (support use of control change messages),
Motifs: 8 types, Tempo: 20 to 250 BPM
MIDI Parts
16 (normally), 12 (when using a rhythm kit)
Maximum Polyphony
28 voices (varies according to the sound generator load)
24 voices (Varies depending on the load placed on the sound generator.)
Internal Memory
Project: 1, Patches: 512, Tones: 896, Waves: 999, Wave Memory (RAM): 64 MB
Project: 1, Patches: 512, Waves: 999, Wave memory (RAM): 50 MB (When the unit
ships from the factory, 32 MB of this is taken up by the preset waves.)
Internal Storage
Internal Flash Memory: 49.5 MB
Internal Flash Memory: 23.3 MB
External Storage Device
USB Flash Memory
PC CARD slot (Microdrive, SmartMedia or CompactFlash can be used with PC card
Tone-FX: 41 types, Chorus: 8 types, Reverb: 13 types, Input Effects (Mic/Sampling)
MFX (Multi-effects): 41 sets, Chorus: 8 sets, Reverb: 10 sets
System EQ
4 bands
4 bands
Pre-Installed V-Cards
(system expansion)
VC-1: D-50 Simulator, VC-2: Vocal Designer
(Switchable from the standard system while the power remains on.)
Sampling Frequency
Internal: 44.1 kHz, DIGITAL IN/OUT: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
Internal: 44.1 kHz, Digital Audio IN/OUT: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
Signal Processing
Internal Processing
Sound Generating Section: 32 bits (floating point), Effects Section: 32 bits
(fixed point), DA Conversion: 24 bits, AD Conversion: 24 bits
Internal Processing
Sound generating section: 32 bits (floating point), Effects section: 24 bits
(fixed point), DA Conversion: 24 bits, AD Conversion: 24 bits
Nominal Output Level
MAIN OUT: +4 dBu, DIRECT OUT: +4 dBu
MAIN OUT: +4 dBu, DIRECT OUT: +4 dBu
Nominal Input Level
INPUT (L, R): -10/-20 dBu, MIC IN: -50 to -10 dBu
INPUT (Rear Panel): -10/-20 dBu, MIC (Front Panel, XLR type): -50 to -10 dBu,
MIC (Front Panel, 1/4 inch TRS phone type): -36 to +4 dBu
320 x 240 dots backlit TFT full color touch screen
320 x 240 dot backlit color LCD with touch screen
Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever, Time Trip Pad, D Beam Controller (Twin Beam),
Assignable Control Knobs (C1, C2), Assignable Switches (S1, S2), V-LINK Button
Assignable MIDI Control Knobs (E1–E8)
Headphone Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), Main Output Jacks (L/MONO, R)
(1/4 inch TRS phone type), Direct Output Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type),
Input Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type), Mic Jack (1/4 inch phone type/XLR type,
phantom power), Hold pedal Jack, Control pedal Jacks (1, 2), MIDI Connectors
(IN, OUT, THRU), USB Connectors, COMPUTER (supports USB 2.0 file transfer,
USB 1.1 USB, MIDI, and USB Audio), MEMORY (supports USB 2.0 Flash Memory),
Digital Audio Interface (24-bit, IEC60958), COAXIAL (IN, OUT), OPTICAL
(IN, OUT), AC Inlet
Headphones Jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), Main Output Jacks (L/MONO, R),
Direct Output Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type), Input Jacks (L/MONO, R)
(1/4 inch phone type), Mic Jack (1/4 inch phone type / XLR type, Hi-Z, phantom
power), MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT, THRU), USB Connector (supports USB MIDI,
file transfer, and USB Audio), Digital Audio Interface (24-bit, IEC60958),
Power Supply
AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption
30 W
16 W
1066 (W) x 411 (D) x 125 (H) mm,42 (W) x 16-3/16 (D) x 4-15/16 (H) inches
When placed on top of a table: 482 (W) x 179 (D) x 165 (H) mm/19 (W) x 7-1/16 (D) x
6-1/2 (H) inches
When mounted in a rack: 482 (W) x 172 (D) x 177 (H) mm/19 (W) x 6-13/16 (D) x
7 (H) inches
* EIA-4U size: A vacant rack space immediately above is required in order to utilize
the V-Synth XT's rotation feature.
13.8 kg / 30 lbs 7 oz
4.4 kg / 9 lbs 12 oz
Owner's Manual, Quick Start, Driver Installation Guide, CD-ROM (USB Driver),
Power Cord
V-Synth XT Owner's Manual, V-Card Owner's Manual, Sound List, CD-ROM
(USB Driver, Librarian), PC CARD Protector, Rotation Lock Hardware, Power Cord
(0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
Keyboard Stand
Keyboard Stand
Pedal Switch
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Expression Pedal
USB Memory
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