Akai | MPC2500 | MPC2500 - Release Notes

Version 1.24
Version 1.24
New Features / Changes
Added support for Chop Shop 2.0 file saving and opening.
Bug Fixes
1. Fixed issue where large hard drives are not formatted properly in the MPC 2500
2. Fixed "Directory Error" when overwriting files on 80 gig drive.
3. Fixed issue where a "Directory Error" would occasionally occur when replacing project on hd after reboot
4. Fixed issue where the sequence name doesn't appear on MAIN screen after Load Folder is executed.
5. Fixed issue where MIDI clock sync would drift when MPC2500 was slave.
6. Fixed issue where installer hangs at 98% when installing from the load menu.
7. Fixed issue where when in track mute and next seq - second press would not return user to main screen
8. Fixed issue where it was impossible to format a CF card in windows.
9. Fixed issue where Total Hard drive space could not be accessed if a large drive is formatted in the MPC
10. Fixed issue where track mutes do not work for midi tracks when "mute/stop of one-shot samples" was set to
11. Fixed issue where Creating/saving Program would sometimes give 'Wrong File!!' error message when
attempting to re-load.
12. Fixed issue where a program could not be set to 'off' from startup
13. Fixed issue where Sample Trim - if the end point is moved past the start point, the start point value changes.
Version 1.23
New Features / Changes
Added support for up to 128 programs.
Pad On threshold reduced.
Improved error messages.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Bug: WAV file size was misreported under certain conditions.
Fixed Bug: MTC will not start MPC2500 without MMC_Start
When slaved, MPC2500 will now start when valid MTC code is detected.
Fixed Bug: Stopping MIDI CLOCK or MTC code transmission does not stop MPC2500
Fixed Bug: Pressing [PLAY] with 'Sync in' set to MTC stutters play start.
Version 1.22
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where Note Repeat quantization settings would not be correctly selected from the Main screen.
Fixed bug where Q1 and Q2 Slider position would affect Q3 and Q4 under certain conditions.
Fixed bug where MMC_Pause messages would disable transport control when slaved to MIDI Timecode.
Version 1.21
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where "SYSTEM TEST" would appear on startup.
Version 1.2
New Features / Changes
1. Added support for midi time code
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.2.pdf" page XXX for further information)
Added support for midi machine control
Added the ability to auto chromatically assign samples to a program
Added MTC time display option to NOW in Main mode
Added two new view modes in Grid Edit
Quantization: Shift Timing is accessible from the Timing Correct window.
Tap tempo now works when a pad is being pressed
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.2.pdf" page XXX for further information)
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.2.pdf" page XXX for further information)
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.2.pdf" page XXX for further information)
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.2.pdf" page XXX for further information)
Bug Fixes
1. To avoid data loss, 'Save entire memory' / 'replace same files' now defaults to 'yes'.
2. Fixed issue with USB implementation where drive would not dismount, allowing for possible file corruption.
3. Fixed bug where the unit could not record midi notes beyond notes assigned to pads.
4. Fixed bug where grid edit measure display does not update properly after looping
5. Fixed bug where [<< BAR] does not back up to previous track in CD record.
6. Fixed bug where edit exclusive event window changes values while setting EOX at byte-21 or above.
7. Fixed bug where samples with names longer than 8 characters could not be read from CD
*Note* the MPC2500 supports names up to 16 characters in length. Names longer than 16 characters will be
Fixed bug where Pitch shifting stereo samples would play out of phase under certain circumstances.
Fixed bug where Recording exclusive event with 11 bytes or more erases all data after exclusive event, when
recorded in same the session.
Fixed bug where SYSEX string was not registered in step edit mode.
Fixed bug where unit would display an error and crash when inserting exclusive events.
Fixed bug where Grid Edit event and step edit counter was not accurate
Fixed bug where [NEXT SEQ] was not working properly.
Version 1.1
New Features / Changes
1. Added ability to record audio CD R/RW.
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 2 for further information)
Added the ability for the MPC2500 to load ALL_SEQ and ALL_PGMS files made by MPC2000XL.
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 9 for further information)
Added ability to record track mute events.
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 5 for further information)
Added the ability to immediately stop long samples.
Changed DISCARD/EXTRACT behavior.
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 8 for further information)
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 10 for further information)
Made Improvements to USB connectivity
(See "MPC 2500 Manual Addendum V1.1.pdf" page 7 for further information)
Remount function of USB added with “MOUNT [F6]” key in the USB page of save/load mode.
Step > buttons now move according to TC value
In 'slider' mode, when slider or knob is moved, screen is automatically changed to the moved controller's q-link
Added ability to route assignable mix outs in mono
Added the ability to read 16 character names of samples from the MPC 2000XL. NOTE: 16 character MPC
2000XL names are only supported from CF cards made using MPC2000XL MCD.
Folder load function loads sequence files when .ALL file is not found.
Windows system files are now hidden on the SAVE/LOAD page. Deleting these files causes the system to crash
or show a system error.
Bug Fixes
1. Fixed bug where MPC2000XL .APS mixer settings are not being seen by the MPC25k.
2. Copy event data is now kept between step edit and grid edit.
3. Fixed bug where grid edit did not properly update with TC setting of 1/32(3)
4. Fixed bug where last step in grid edit does not show content
5. Fixed bug where GRID edit view does not follow cursor when bar end lies outside of Display range.
6. Fixed bug where Entering GRID edit from step edit, with 1 BAR loop OFF, after recording note at bar end,
reboots unit automatically.
7. Fixed bug where GRID edit PAD view does not stay at same PAD with 16 levels on
8. Fixed bug where TC window cannot be closed in GRID EDIT.
9. Fixed bug where Availability of edit functions in GRID EDIT mode during playback causes instability.
10. Fixed bug where COPY PASTE selection in grid edit mode misses last NOTE.
11. Fixed bug where no new bars were created when moving events out of the sequence in grid edit and step edit
12. Fixed bug where midi output would not function on midi output C and D
13. Fixed bug where note on were recorded in erase mode when notes are erased from external midi controller.
14. Fixed bug where “SYSTEM ERROR" would occur when pressing undo after NEXT SEQ.
15. Fixed bug where Overdub and record LED would not work when recording after sequence change.
16. Fixed bug where Sequencer bogs down when playing a lot of simultaneous events
17. Fixed bug where track 64 velocity % defaults to 0
18. Fixed bug where songs larger than 999 bars can be converted via “CONVERT SONG TO SEQ" window.
19. Fixed bug where a hanging note would occur in seq edit transpose, for MIDI type track assigned to internal
20. Fixed bug where Next Sequence function jumps in time when Next Sequence is stopped halfway ON last
21. Fixed bug where Bars/Beats display was out of sync with click.
22. Fixed bug where Note Erase doesn't work when note repeat is on
23. Fixed bug where sequencer would crash when entering seq edit mode while playing, after copying bars in seq edit
24. Fixed bug where user can not hear count–in if track is soloed.
25. Fixed bug where pressing Go To + Bar Button, does not go to Start/ End of sequence.
26. Fixed bug where if you play sequence, mpc transmits program change#1(0).
27. Fixed bug where tempo slows when increasing tempo via data wheel
28. Fixed bug where sound could be heard when "Pad to Internal Sound" Is Off, Then Press Note Repeat + Pad.
29. Fixed bug where pads would sound in Next Seq and Tr Mute mode when pressing note repeat.
30. Fixed bug where the MPC2500 would crash when a user inserted real time and poly pressure events in step edit
mode, then went to song mode, then to main.
31. Fixed bug where unit would crash when playing back after taking the following steps: change bars on Main Mode.
-> Undo-> Delete All Seq –> Undo.
32. Fixed bug where in step edit mode, if a user inserts 10 note events, then press "undo", extraneous characters
appear on LCD.
33. Fixed bug where Clearing track Mute SOLO unmutes all tracks.
34. Fixed bug where note repeat plays other than selected sound in trim mode
35. Fixed bug where Sample Trim Mode plays random audio when end is set shorter than loop point.
36. Fixed bug where Extracting LOOP for second time, after editing LOOP in loop fine window, erases first extracted
37. Fixed bug where sampling from AUDIO CD track listing doesn't change
38. Fixed bug where pressing play in Trim Mode brings you to main page
Fixed bug where UI does not indicate the MPC is recording while AUDIO CD is playing in RECORD mode .
Fixed issue where discard edit function would not work
Fixed bug where the Delete Sample edit function doesn't update screen properly, causes partial lockup
Fixed bug where an attempt to delete edit in the trim mode, mpc will crash.
Fixed bug where user couldn’t edit a patched phrase sample, using q1 and q2.
Fixed bug where sound would not stop when stop is pressed three times when continuous playback is turned on.
Fixed bug where overwriting a sample when editing would overwrite the wrong sample.
Fixed bug where Bypassed delay output was not balanced properly
Fixed bug where FX2 compressor gain adjusts left and right output differently
Fixed bug where delay time can be set beyond 6.00.
Fixed spelling mistake - Hf Dump -> Hf Damp (Effect Mode).
Fixed bug when selecting fx 1 or 2 in the input page. (input thru). Q-link parameter is reset.
Corrected limit display to properly limit to -12dB on the compression
Fixed bug where extra midi note sent in 'slider' page
Fixed bug where slider reset was not working properly.
Fixed bug where Moving Q1 on L/Out mixer page changes pan when switching to L/Pan Page.
Fixed bug where Directory error occurs when replacing project on HD after reboot
Fixed bug where mpc will crash when going to utility (f3) of save/load mode, with no CD in drive.
Fixed bug where sequence change by program change incorrectly moves cursor in other modes than main
Fixed bug where record time changes when recording is discarded after pressing Retry
Fixed bug where screen icon does not appear in the "Load Directory Window".
Fixed bug where display would not update after pressing Pad Bank button until Mode Program was pressed.
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