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Before installing your new CAD-1610-SE, please read this manual carefully as it will inform you
of the CAD-1610-SE's specifications, proper installation and operation procedures. Also
included in this manual are guidelines on how to properly service and care for your new CAD1610-SE.
The new CAD-1610-SE single-ended triode mono-blocs are equipped with the
new KR Enterprises T-1610 triode tube. This vacuum tube has been specifically
engineered and manufactured for the Cary Audio Design CAD-1610-SE
amplifiers. By all indications, this tube will last up to five years or more in the
Cary Audio mono-bloc amplifiers. The basic design of the new CAD-1610-SE is
a time proven circuit used in many of the Cary Audio triode single-ended designs.
These circuit topologies contribute to incredible reliability and enjoyment.
For the technically minded, a review of the circuit is in order. The new CAD1610-SE mono-blocs operate in pure class A single-ended. The output stage
features the new T-1610, low-mu audio power triode. The T-1610 low-mu
design allows for very low distortion in single-ended designs. The CAD-1610-SE
amplifiers have two special high and low impedance bias supplies. There is no
need to ever worry if the lower amplifier section that contains the T-1610 triode
tube is inadvertently turned on without the bias voltage supplied from the top
300B section. There is a high impedance bias supply that automatically controls
the T-1610 plate current. The actual operating bias is supplied from the driver
section (top unit) to the T-1610 vacuum tube. The output power of the CAD1610-SE amplifier is over 100 watts peak envelope power. The steady state
continuous sin wave power is 55 watts into either an 8 or 4 ohm load. The class
of operation is pure class A single-ended. The output transformer in the new
CAD-1610-SE is an air gap design with full bias running on a continual basis.
The output transformer in the CAD-1610-SE is the most important component in
the amplifier and has been specifically designed by Cary Audio Design for use in
the CAD-1610’s. We have taken the approach in the output transformer design
the use oxygen free copper wire. The primary and secondary windings on portions
of the output transformer are wound in a bi-filer process with the two inductors
interleaving twenty six times. The bi-filer wind (two conductors wound at the
same time) will yield the closest balance and coupling of any design currently
utilized in vacuum tube output transformers. The E/I laminents used in the
special output transformers on the CAD-1610-SE’s are silicone impregnated
hipersil steel contributing to the extremely low loss and a seductive midrange. The
above process is similar to the single-ended design air-gap transformers found on
all the Cary single-ended output transformers.
An audio drive signal is applied to the control grid of the input 6SN7 dual triode
tube. The second 6SN7 triode is functioning as a anode current device supplying
operating voltage and current to the first 6SN7 triode gain stage. After the signal
is amplified by the 6SN7 the output anode of this section is directly coupled to the
grid of the 300B triode gain stage. The direct coupling eliminates the need for a
coupling capacitor along with supplying bias for the 300B tube. The 300B gain
stage is supplied voltage on the anode by a high inductance voltage choke. This
choke takes the place of a conventional resistor used in most amplifiers. The
choke allows the 300B to swing a much greater amount of amplified AC audio
signal to the output T-1610 tube. The amplified signal from the 300B triode is
coupled through an oil filled .22 at 600 VDC capacitor to the grid of a dual
section low mu 6BL7 triode. The 6BL7 performs two functions. One is to
provide the proper low impedance bias voltage to the T-1610 output tube. The
other function is to couple the amplified AC audio signal directly to the control
grid of the T-1610 output triode. The T-1610 output tube is fed B plus voltage
through the air gapped output transformer.
The power supply in the CAD-1610-SE’s actually consists of eight different
supplies. The power transformers are designed to operate at a 200% continuous
commercial service at the full rated output power. The high voltage power supply
section for the T-1610 output tube is a full wave center tap configuration (not
some cheap voltage doubler as used in many competitors amps) to a PI network.
All filament voltages in the CAD-1610-SE amplifier are DC. The DC filament
supplies will prevent AC ripple from capacitively being coupled to the electrodes
of the input and output tubes.
A great deal of attention during design of the new CAD-1610-SE’s was
concentrated on the “overload recovery” ability of the amplifier. The ability of an
amplifier to instantly recover from clipping is much more important than is
commonly believed. In the power war of amplifier manufacture’s, the mentality
is focused on high and then even higher power output to solve the clipping
problem. When in reality the most critical aspect is how fast a
recovery an amplifier can achieve after overload. With the incredible dynamic
range of live and in turn recorded music, even 2,000 watts of power is not
enough. Most of the music being listened to in an average home listening room is
only requiring about 3 watts of power. It is on the transients of loud low
frequency program material that tremendous signal voltages will appear at the
input of the amplifier. It is in this situation that the overload recovery ability of
an amplifier is of critical concern. The CAD-1610-SE extols its merits in the
ability to handle transients and instantaneously recover from brief or even
extended over loads. The CAD-1610-SE’s will overload symmetrically at any
frequency in the audio bandpass.
The CAD-1610-SE will also yield faithful reproduction of extremely low
frequencies at full output levels. Power transformer, power supply regulation and
output transformer design and careful shaping of the overall frequency response
curve all play a very important part in the ability of the CAD-1610-SE to recover
quickly when over loaded. If one were to monitor the high voltage rail voltage
(550 VDC) at the anode to cathode of the T-1610 output tube during soft and also
loud music passages it would be found there is no more than a volt or so change
from soft to loud passages.
Another technical feature of the new CAD-1610-SE amplifier is stability. The
CAD-1610-SE’s may be operated with no load (without speaker) without damage
to the amplifier, output transformer or tubes.
The CAD-1610-SE mono amplifiers are built from machined aluminum on all
parts of the structure. The amplifiers are built to perform year after year with
trouble free operation. The CAD-1610-SE’s are a classic example of the
“CARY” sound.
Serial Number: _____________
The operation of the CAD-1610-SE mono block amplifier is a simple procedure since each unit is
designed for long term stability in virtually any home operating situation. Therefore, if the unit is
operated outside the parameters outlined in the Operating Manual, damage may result. Please read
the Operating Manual carefully before operating the CAD-1610-SE amplifier.
When the following cautionary terms are used in this manual, these definitions apply:
WARNING: Electrical hazard! Misuse or failure to follow instructions properly
may result in personal injury or death!
CAUTION: No risk or personal injury; however, misuse or failure to follow
instructions may result in damage to equipment.
No risk of personal injury or equipment damage; however, misuse
or failure to follow instructions may prevent proper performance
to the equipment.
This section describes the basic specifications of the CAD-1610-SE at the time of printing.
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
: 130 lbs.
: 22-1/2”H x 13-1/2”W x 18-1/2”D
: Class A Single-Ended, Shunt Feed
: 55 watts RMS (Steady State Continuous)
: 100 watts PEP (Peak Envelope Power)
: 2 Volt for Full Output
: -85 dB below Full Output
: 15 Hz-23khz +/- .75 dB
: 200% Duty Cycle EI Laminate - 8 separate
: 1 - KR-1610 output
2 - 6SN7 input
2 - 6BL7 driver
2 - 5R4 rectifier
1 - WE 300B driver
: 200% Duty Cycle 100 watt special custom
design for 1610 tube
: 1% Metal Film
: Oil Filled Coupling
: EI Laminate PI-L Configuration
: 12 ea. 1200uF @ 450V
: IEC Detachable
: 117/234 Volts
: 120 watts - Stand-by
400 watts - Operate
: 100 hours
: Black Epoxy Coated Machined Aluminum
Chassis, Clear Anodized Machined
Face Plate & Knobs
The CAD-1610-SE is designed for use inside homes. It must be protected from the elements and
temperature extremes. For example, avoid placing the amplifier in extremely hot locations such as
near radiators or other heating units. Its location among the user’s audio components is not critical;
however, certain precautions must be taken.
The CAD-1610-SE is designed to operate from house current mains. The design voltage is 117 VAC
at 50/60Hz (Foreign units 234 VAC at 50/60Hz).
The speaker cables from the output posts of the CAD-1610-SE to the speaker system can be any
convenient length your set-up requires. Select speaker cables of sufficient size to preserve the
outstanding performance capabilities of your CAD-1610-SE. Heavy gauge #16 wire is suitable for
distances up to 10 feet; #12 for 25 feet. Most audio dealers will have proper speaker cable in stock
for this purpose. See Initial Setup Instructions (opposite page) for Speaker Out.
Signal input connect is made via the input jack on the rear of the CAD-1610-SE. See Initial Setup
Instrucctions (opposite page) for Interconnect input. The interconnect cables from the output of
the preamplifier can be any convenient length your set-up requires. The choice of a high quality
interconnect cable is important. Once again, your audio dealer will have the proper cables in stock
for this purpose.
If you were the original purchaser of this amplifier and it was purchased in the United States, the
enclosed warranty registration card should be completed and returned it to Cary Audio Design within
10 days of the purchase. Cary Audio Design also suggests that the original packing cartons be
maintained in the event it is necessary to ship the amplifiers at a later date. Warranty restrictions
apply. Consult the warranty section of this Operating Manual for details.
The tubes, capacitors and output transformers take approximately 100 hours of music playing to
fully settle in for peak performance. The CAD-1610-SE may seem sterile or thin sounding out of
the box. After the first couple of hours, you will notice increased depth and tighter bass. This break
in period defies all engineering theory, but is true with most audio amplifiers.
The CAD-1610-SE chassis may be cleaned with a soft towel and Windex® (or a similar window
cleaner. The frequency of cleaning will be governed by the number of hours the CAD-1610-SE is
operated and by operating environmental cleanliness.
Careful consideration has been given to the design of your CAD-1610-SE to keep maintenance
problems to a minimum; however, it is possible that some problems may arise which cannot be cured
by tube substitution. After reading the Troubleshooting Guide at the end of this manual, we suggest
that you contact our Customer Service Department at phone number (919) 481-4494 to describe
your problem in detail. Do not return the CAD-1610-SE to the factory without a Return
Authorization Number from the Customer Service Department. Cary Audio Design will
assume no responsibility if the transportation company refuses to pay damage claim due to your
improper packing or lack of insurance should the unit be lost in shipment.
Cary Audio Design will provide repair service for its products charging on a time and expense
basis for the repairs.
Make no attempt to put the CAD-1610-SE in service outside of the cabinet - Contact
with high voltages found in the unit can be fatal!!!
Completely remove AC power plug from the wall and allow 30 minutes for the high
voltage capacitors to discharge through bleeder resistors before attempting to
change tubes or clean the inside to the amplifier.
Never remove/insert AC plug when the unit is on or the
AC power switch is in the “ON” position
Obstruction of the top portion of the CAD-1610-SE will result
in tubes overheating
Cary Audio Design has proprietary right in the design and components of its products. While
the purchaser is entitled to use the product for its intended purpose, use of the products for its
intended purpose, use of the product for copying, imitation, or reverse engineering is a violation
of these proprietary rights and is forbidden.
Hum or “Buzzing” through
-Ground loop
-Install 2-pin adapter on A.C.
cord to float the ground.
-T1610 tube with high plate
-Check bias of T1610. If
high, readjust to proper bias
-Intermittent or poor
connection of interconnect -Replace interconnect
“Popping” or “Spitting” noise
through the speaker
-Noisy tube
-If noise is in one
swap one section of tubes at
a time until the noise swaps
channels. Replace noisy
-Check bias of output tube.
If high or fluctuating rap
idly, swap 6BL7 tubes to
see if it swaps channels.
AC fuse blows
-Line voltage surge
-Replace fuse and
T1610 bias current
Tube fuse blows
-Shorted tube (T1610)
-Replace fuse first, then if
tube is shorted replace tube.
Low T1610 bias or cannot
adjust bias
-Open BNC Cable
-Replace or repair cable
-Poor connection
No Power to Level 2
-Open Power Con Cable
-Replace or repair cable
-Poor connection
Cary Audio Design, Inc. warrants to the original United States purchaser for use in the United States, that
this product shall be free from defects in material (except tubes and AF output transistors) or workmanship
Amplifiers and Preamplifiers, Three (3) years from the date of the original purchase.
Digital Products, One (1) year from the date of original purchase
During the warranty period, Cary Audio Design, Inc. or an authorized Cary Audio Design, Inc. service
facility will provide free of charge both parts (except tubes and AF output transistors) and labor necessary
to correct defects in material or workmanship.
To obtain such warranty service, the original purchaser must:
Complete and send in the warranty Registration Card.
Notify Cary Audio Design, Inc. as soon as possible after the discovery of a possible defect:
(a) The model number and serial number;
(b) The identity of the seller and the approximate date of purchase;
(c) A detailed description of the problem, including details on the electrical
connection in the associated equipment and the list of such equipment.
Deliver the product to Cary Audio Design, Inc. or the nearest authorized service facility,
or ship the same in its original container or equivalent, fully insured and the shipping charges
Correct maintenance, repair and use are important to obtain optimum performance from this product.
Therefore, carefully read the Operating Manual. This warranty does not apply to any defect that Cary
Audio Design, Inc. in its sole discretion determines is due to:
(1) Improper maintenance or repair, including the installation of parts or accessories that do not
conform to the quality and the specifications of the original parts.
(2) Misuse, abuse, neglect or improper installation.
(3) Accidental or incidental damage.
Except for the express warranties stated herein, Cary Audio Design, Inc. disclaims all other warranties
including, without limitation, all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the purchaser's exclusive remedy for any breach of warranty, express or
implied, is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective unit or the refund of the purchase price, at
the option of Cary Audio Design, Inc. Under no circumstances is Cary Audio Design, Inc. liable for
incidental or consequential damages. Any implied warranties imposed by law terminate one (1) year from
the date of purchase.
Cary Audio Design, Inc. warrants its merchandise to purchasers in the United States for use in the United
States. It provides no other warranties. If you are a foreign purchaser, consult with your dealer to
determine whether your dealer provides any warranty.
The foregoing constitutes Cary Audio Design Inc.’s entire obligation with respect to this product, and the
original purchaser and any user or owner shall have no other claim for incidental or consequential
damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so
the above limitation and exclusion may not apply to you.
This warranty gives legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.
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