Shielded CATV Balun 500306 ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Shielded CATV Balun 500306 ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Shielded CATV Balun
The Shielded CATV Balun (500306) allows RG6 coaxial
cable to be replaced by Cat 5e/6/7 STP or UTP cable in
the terrestrial RF environment.
Used in pairs, the
Shielded CATV Balun allows broadband CATV equipment
to be integrated into a structured cabling system thereby
allowing CATV equipment to be moved or added to any
convenient modular wall outlet. When used with Cat
5e/6/7 shielded twisted pair cable, the connection
supports greater RF ampliflication and therefore greater
distance with less EMI/RFI egress versus other UTP
CATV baluns. The Shielded CATV Balun also works in
conjunction with MuxLab’s CATV Hub (500300/303) for a
total cabling solution.
Schools, government, offices, hospitals,
institutions, hotels and residential complexes.
Bandwidth up to 900 MHz including Internet, digital cable
Supports Cat5e/6/7 STP and UTP
Fits side-by-side on most RF splitters
Lower EMI /RFI egress when STP is used
Cast aluminum enclosure for maximum EMI/RFI shielding
Low insertion loss
Private and public broadband CATV, VHF and FM networks.
Terrestrial CATV, satellite receivers, DVD players, RF modulators, splitters, cable
modems and other broadband video equipment.
Transparent to the user
3dB bandwidth:
5 MHz to 900 MHz.
Video Channels Supported:
CATV 2-142, VHF channels 2-13, FM broadcast band.
Insertion Loss Per Pair:
<3 dB: 5 – 295 MHz, 510 – 725 MHz.
<4.2 dB: 295 – 510 MHz, 725 – 900 MHz.
>10 dB: 5 – 245 MHz, 493 – 900 MHz.
>9.6 dB: 245 – 493 MHz.
-20dB or higher at 5 MHz to 900 MHz.
Return Loss:
Common Mode Rejection (CMMR):
Cable – Coax:
24-AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair.
Impedance: 100-120-ohms
Impedance: 75-ohms at 1MHz (RG6)
Connector – Input:
“F” connector – male
Connector - Output:
RJ45S – female
RJ45 Pin Configuration:
RJ45 Pins 7&8.
Maximum distance:
Up to 100m (330ft) via Cat 5 UTP depending on channel frequency and input power.
Maximum 100m at CATV Channel 2. May require tilt amplifiers at higher frequencies.
Operating: 0° to 40°C. Storage: -10° to 70°C.
Aluminum cast.
Maximum 95% (non-condensing)
0.8” x 1.85” x 1.05” (2 x 2.6 x 4.7 cm)
1.5 oz (44 gms)
Regulatory Approval:
Order Information
Cable – UTP:
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L x H x W + extended F conn.
Shielded CATV Balun
Shielded CATV Balun
Shielded CATV Balun
Typical Application
In a point-to-point scenario for CATV (superband and hyperband), VHF and FM, cable lengths of up to 50 meters may be
achieved without amplification if the nominal input is about 15dB. In some applications, a “tilt” amplifier may be required
since the STP/UTP losses are higher than coax at the higher frequencies. Linear gain compensation of up to 20-25dB at
750MHz is usually adequate. Conversely, if amplification is used to compensate for losses at higher frequencies and long
distances, it may be necessary to attenuate the lower frequency, shorter distance signals to avoid over-driving the TV
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Shielded CATV Balun
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