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ScanMaker 8700
Unsurpassed Speed
and Quality for
the Power User!
February 2001
ScanMaker 8700
Your Design Choice for the
21st Century
Meeting high-end graphic design, Web design and photographic needs, Microtek
presents the ScanMaker™ 8700 with both USB and FireWire technology built-in to
one unit. A powerful, dual-media, 42-bit scanner, the ScanMaker 8700 scans legalsized documents at 2400 x 1200 dpi optical resolution in a single pass using a
high-quality CCD with 10,600 elements.
As impressive as its speed and imaging quality, the ScanMaker 8700 adds something more to the mix: its patented Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.).
This unrivaled design feature lets you make quality scans from a range of film positives and negatives – in essence, providing the many benefits of a professional
drum scanner at a fraction of the price.
Speed, Quality and Range
With its swift scanning, high-quality imaging, accurate OCR and dual-media
input, it’s obvious: The ScanMaker 8700 is your graphic design and business
choice for the 21st century.
Incredible FireWire Speed:
Fasten Your Seat Belts!
A versatile scanner, the ScanMaker 8700’s dual port design offers USB
and FireWire connections, providing flexibility between PC and
Macintosh systems. For the PC, Macintosh, or even the Mac G4 Cube,
the FireWire-equipped ScanMaker 8700 provides speed. A lot of
speed. Tap the power of the FireWire’s IEEE 1394 chip and the
ScanMaker 8700’s built-in PDF file format feature (which
downsizes graphic-intensive files for greater storage and
transfer efficiency), and the time saved is incredible.
Finally, the ScanMaker 8700 is simple to set up. The
USB and FireWire connections demonstrate true plugand-play simplicity, and installation of the hardware and software is a breeze. With the ScanMaker 8700’s hot-plug
capability, you can connect up to 62 other devices — plug in
and get to work within minutes.
ScanWizard 5 Doubles Your
Scanning Power
ScanWizard 5 is the software that transforms the ScanMaker 8700 into a
multi-function wonder. Designed specifically for Microtek’s newest scanners,
it boasts two unique control panels — one for automated, on-the-fly scanning
(with pre-set controls), and the other for custom scanning (with advanced settings). ScanWizard 5 doubles your scanner’s power — letting you choose
the options that best meet your needs and level of scanning expertise.
Integrated scan-to-web, email, copy, and OCR
Automated transfer of scanned images to printer, email, file, Web site or image editing software
Customizable resolution, color schemes, selection options, and scaling
Descreening function for correcting images scanned from books, newspapers, magazines, and
other printed material
Effects and filters, including unsharp mask, emboss, rotation, contrast, and hue saturation
Batch scanning of multiple images
Automated saves of batched images to individual files
Support for all popular file formats, including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, PSD, EPS
Zero Reflection Design Technology™ (for eliminating image artifacts)
Advanced Image Correction (AIC) tools for enhancing scanned images
Layout options for right-or left-handed preferences
Customizable floating tool palettes
Step-by-step tutorial
Reflective, Multi-Format Film
and Emulsion-Direct Scanning!
Traditional Scanning
Microtek Patented
Newton Rings
With an 8.5" x 14" flatbed (for scanning reflective media) and a revolutionary
internal transparency bay with SnapTrans™ film templates (for scanning multi-for-
mat transparent media), the ScanMaker 8700 brings digital imaging into the 21st
century. Whether scanning photographic prints or transparencies up to
8" x 10", the ScanMaker 8700 captures and delivers true 42-bit color informa-
tion, delivering scintillating images that leap from the page.
In short, the ScanMaker 8700 delivers incredibly realistic images
from the widest range of sources — photographic prints as
well as multi-format film including 35mm mounted
slides and filmstrips, 2 1/4" film, 4" x 5"
and 8" x 10" transparent originals.
Microtek's patented E.D.I.T. technology delivers a much clearer
picture. Note the enhanced clarity and overall color quality. Because
the film is scanned directly and not through a glass pane, those
annoying Newton Rings and distortions are nowhere to be seen.
Single-step OCR: Getting It Right
the First Time
Beyond its range of graphic design features, the Scanmaker 8700 offers corporate
offices automated OCR and PDF capabilities. With one click of the mouse, you can
launch the ScanMaker 8700’s integrated OCR application, scan a document, save it
to text or to PDF format, and automatically transfer it to Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Excel, or to any user-specified word processing or spreadsheet program.
Microtek’s integrated OCR retains multi-column formatting, tables of mixed
alphanumeric text, columns of numbers, and distinguishes between text and
color graphics. The bottom line: eliminate re-typing pages of documents.
The ScanMaker 8700 offers swift, accurate, and easy-to-use Optical
Character Recognition for convenient text editing.
ScanMaker 8700 shown with
optional 25-page Document Feeder
(ScanMaker 8700 & ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design)
Single-pass, dual media, dual plate, color flatbed
ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design
CMYK & Lab Color Space Controls Plus Resolution on Demand
2400 x 1200 dpi
The ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design scanner combines powerful, advanced software and imaging
features that meet the demands of professional print publishing. With an IEEE 1394 connection
and chip onboard, it provides the blazing-fast speed that only real FireWire can deliver. You have
the freedom to work in CMYK or CIE-LAB color spaces, using either Microtek ScanWizard™ Pro 6
or SilverFast® Ai 5 professional-level scanning software. With an extensive menu of ICC profiles and
two professional Kodak calibration targets for reflective and transparent originals, the ScanMaker
8700 Pro Design gives you unbelievable color matching from input to output. And for resolution
on demand, the ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design comes with Genuine Fractals™ Print Pro.
Unlimited, up to 1.9GB file
Microtek ScanWizard Pro 6
8.5" x 14"
Reflective: Up to 8.5" x 14"
Transparency: 35mm; 4" x 5", 2 1/4" and up to 8" x 10", positive and negative
PC and Macintosh
42-bit color input and output; 14-bit grayscale; 1-bit black & white
Up to 3.4
FireWire IEEE 1394; USB 1.1
Single 10,600-element Charge-Coupled Device (CCD Technology)
Cold-cathode lamp
22.3" x 15.25" x 6.3"
25.5 lbs
100 - 240V; 1.0A, 47-63Hz
Temperature: 50˚-104˚F (10˚-40˚C); Humidity: 20% to 85% Relative
Safety: UL 1950,CSA 22.2, EN60950; Emissions: FCC Class B
Acoustics: 55 dBA max.per ISO 7779
Hardware: FireWire host adapter (PC) & 6-to-6-pin cable; USB cable;
power cord
Software: Adobe Photoshop LE 5.0; Microtek ScanWizard 5; Genuine
Fractals 2.0; ABBYY FineReader Sprint OCR; Kodak Digital Science Color
Hardware: FireWire host adapter (PC) & 6-6-pin cable; USB cable; power
cord; Kodak Q60E1 Transparency Target; Kodak Q60R1 Reflective Target
Software: Microtek ScanWizard Pro 6; Genuine Fractals Print Pro;
LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 5; Adobe Photoshop LE 5.0; ABBYY FineReader
Sprint OCR; Microtek Scanner Profiler Software with Kodak Digital
Science Color Management
Microtek’s ScanWizard Pro, an advanced scanner controller program, includes many powerful
color correction features such as editable, downloadable gamma curves; editable CMYK profiles;
multilevel unsharp masking; automatic, manual and programmable settings. Productivity
features include batch scanning with individual image settings; real-time monitor soft proofing
of CMYK or RGB color values; and networkable distribution of preview or scan context files.
LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 5
SilverFast® Ai 5 from LaserSoft sets a new standard for ease of control and sophistication for the
ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design. SilverFast® Ai 5 combines an intuitive user interface with high-level
professional tools for predictable color imaging. You will appreciate the unique real-time
controls, intelligent automatic functions, permanent CMYK soft proofing, freehand mask function
for selective color correction, and optimization of a wide variety of negative film types. Working
within 16-bit color spaces, SilverFast® Ai 5 and the ScanMaker 8700 deliver maximum color information and dynamic range.
Genuine Fractals Print Pro (w/ CMYK & CIE-LAB color support)
This award-winning Photoshop plug-in is ideal for graphic designers, pre-press professionals, photographers and printers who need high-resolution photo enlargements from lower resolution originals. Whether working with CMYK, CIE-LAB, RGB, Multichannel or Grayscale images, you
can encode a file for high resolution output, yet work with a small, manageable file for real-time
editing; through lossless compression, condense an image for efficient use of local storage or for
fast image transmittal. Since Genuine Fractals™ Print Pro-encoded images are resolution independent, you can render to any image size or resolution, giving you unparalleled flexibility.
Scan once, encode, and render to suit your needs.
SnapTrans™ Templates for 35mm slides & filmstrips, 4" x 5"; 2 1/4" film
and glass tray for scanning film transparencies up to 8" x 10"
ADF-600EL (25-page automatic document feeder)
PC USB: 64MB RAM; (128MB recommended); Pentium PC or later;
USB port and Windows 98/2000, Windows Me
PC FireWire: 64MB RAM; (128MB recommended); FireWire IEEE 1394
port or available PCI slot; Windows 98 SE/2000; Windows Me
Mac USB: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended); iMac/G3/G4; built-in
USB port and Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x
Mac FireWire: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended); iMac/G3/G4;
built-in FireWire port and Mac OS 9.x
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