Cadillac | 2011 Cadillac SRX | System information | Cadillac 2011 Cadillac SRX System information

Review this guide for an overview of some important features in your Cadillac SRX. Some optional equipment (denoted by ✦) described
in this guide may not be included in your vehicle. More detailed information can be found in your Owner Manual.
Instrument Panel
Folding Mirrors
Turn Signal Lever/
Driver Information Cruise Control
Center Controls
Steering Wheel
Audio Steering
Wiper Lever
Audio System/
Shift Lever/
Cooled Seat Parking Brake Driver Shift
Hazard Warning
Flashers Button/
Power Door Locks Button
Mode✦ Buttons
Traction Control/StabiliTrak Off
Low Tire Pressure
Electric Parking Brake Service
Antilock Brake System Warning
Airbag Readiness
Brake System Warning
StabiliTrak/Traction Control
Engine Oil Pressure Warning
Cruise Control
Lights On Reminder
Charging System Warning
Low Fuel Warning
Safety Belt Reminder
Adaptive Forward Lighting
Electric Parking Brake Set
Check Engine Warning
Traction Control Off
Note: Refer to your Owner Manual to learn about the information being relayed by the lights, gauges and indicators of the instrument cluster, as well as
what to do to ensure safety and prevent damage.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter
Keyless Access System✦
Press to lock all doors.
To change the lock setting, press the
CONFIG button on the audio system,
select the Vehicle Setting > Power Door
Locks menu. See page 15.
The Keyless Access System enables operation of the doors,
ignition and liftgate without removing the transmitter from a
pocket or purse. The system will recognize the transmitter when it
is within 3 feet of the doors or liftgate.
Keyless Unlocking/Locking
• With the transmitter within
range of the vehicle, pull the
driver’s door handle to
unlock the driver’s door or
pull any other door handle to
unlock all doors.
• With the ignition off, the
transmitter removed from the
vehicle, and all doors
closed, all doors will lock automatically after a short delay.
Press the lock sensor (A) on a front door handle to lock all doors
To change the unlock/lock settings, press the CONFIG button on
the audio system, select the Vehicle Setting > Remote Locking,
Unlocking, Starting menu. See page 15.
Press to unlock the driver’s door only or
all doors.
To change the unlock setting, press the CONFIG button on the
audio system, select the Vehicle Setting > Remote Locking,
Unlocking, Starting menu. See page 15.
Press and hold the Unlock button for 5 seconds to lower all
windows. This feature will not raise the windows.
Remote Vehicle Start✦
Use to start the engine from outside the vehicle. See page 5.
Vehicle Locator/Panic Alarm
Press and release to locate your vehicle. The turn signal lamps
flash and the horn sounds.
Press and hold for two seconds to activate the alarm. The turn
signal lamps flash and the horn sounds until the button is
pressed again or the ignition is turned on.
Keyless Liftgate Opening
• With the transmitter within range, press the liftgate release
button above the license plate.
Note: Cell phones may interfere with the operation of the Keyless Access
System. If the transmitter is not recognized by the system when within
range, move the transmitter away from a cell phone.
Liftgate Release
Press and hold to unlock the liftgate or open/close the power
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Keyless Start
Remote Vehicle Start✦
• With the vehicle in Park or Neutral,
press the brake pedal and then press
the START/STOP button to start the
engine. The green indicator on the button
will illuminate.
During a remote start, the automatic climate control system will
default to a heating or cooling mode, depending on the outside
temperature, until the ignition is turned on. Once the ignition is in
the On position, the automatic climate control system will operate
at the same setting as when the vehicle was last turned off.
Starting the Vehicle
1. Aim the keyless entry transmitter at the vehicle. (Transmitter
range depends on operating conditions.)
2. Press and release the Lock button on the transmitter.
3. Immediately press and hold the
Remote Start button for at
least two seconds. When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps
will light and remain on while the engine is running. The
engine will continue running for 10 minutes.
4. Repeat these steps for a 10-minute time extension. Remote
start can be extended only once.
After a remote start, press the brake pedal and then press the
START/STOP button to turn on the ignition before driving.
Only two remote starts are allowed between ignition cycles.
Note: The transmitter must be in the vehicle to turn on the ignition. If the
transmitter battery is weak, place the transmitter in the depression below
the Accessory Power Outlet in the center console lower storage area to
enable the engine to start.
Cell phone chargers may interfere with the operation of the
Keyless Start System and should not be plugged in when starting
or turning off the engine.
• Shift to Park and press the START/STOP button to turn off
the engine.
Power will be available for 10 minutes to operate the audio
system until the driver’s door is opened and to operate the
windows and sunroof✦ until any door is opened.
Canceling a Remote Start
• Press and hold the
Remote Start button until the parking
lamps turn off.
• With the engine off and the brake pedal NOT depressed,
press the START/STOP button to place the ignition system in
the Accessory position. The yellow indicator on the button will
• Press the button again to return to the Off position.
Note: Several conditions will cause the Remote Start feature not to
operate, see your Owner Manual for more information.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Note: The battery may drain and the vehicle may not start if the ignition
is in the Accessory position for an extended period of time.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Power Door Locks/Rear Door Safety Locks
Power Liftgate with Adjustable Mode✦
• Press the power
door Unlock/
Lock button on
the center of the
instrument panel to
unlock or lock all doors.
• Pull the inside door handle to unlock a locked door; pull the
handle again to open the door.
• Press the rear door Safety Locks button on the center of
the instrument panel to prevent the rear doors from opening
from the inside.
Power Liftgate Switch Locations
• Power liftgate mode button on the driver’s door (liftgate must
be unlocked)
• Touchpad on the outside liftgate handle
• Button on the bottom trim plate of the liftgate
• Liftgate release button on the transmitter
Power Liftgate Modes
Fully open the liftgate.
3/4 (Adjustable Mode)
Open the liftgate to a desired
height of 3/4 open or more.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Power Folding Mirrors✦
• With the power mirrors selector switch in the middle
position (A), press the
arrow (B) on the control
switch to fold or unfold the
Operate the liftgate manually.
Setting the 3/4 Mode
(Adjustable Mode)
1. Turn the power liftgate knob to the 3/4 position.
2. Power open the liftgate. Manually adjust the liftgate to the
desired height. More effort is required when adjusting the
liftgate manually.
3. Press and hold the button on the bottom of the liftgate,
adjacent to the latch, until the turn signals flash and a beep
sounds, indicating that the setting is stored.
4. Confirm the setting.
Note: Power fold the mirrors when
entering an automatic car wash. If the
power mirrors are manually folded/unfolded, reset them by folding and
unfolding them one time using the power mirror controls.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
Exterior/Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
AUTO Automatic Light Control
Activates the Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) in the daytime and the headlamps and
other exterior lamps at night or when necessary.
Parking Lamps
Manual operation of the parking lamps.
Manual operation of the headlamps.
Fog Lamps✦
Press to turn the fog lamps on or off.
Instrument Panel Lighting
Instrument Panel Brightness
Rotate and hold to brighten or dim the instrument panel lights and ambient lighting.
Adaptive Forward Lighting✦
The Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) system adjusts the headlamps in various
driving situations. The headlamps pivot left or right in the direction of travel. While
continuously traveling straight, headlamp range increases or decreases based on
vehicle speed. The AFL system operates only when the exterior lamps control knob is
in the AUTO position, at speeds greater than 2 mph, and after driving a short distance
to calibrate the system.
Dome Lamp Settings
Dome Lamp Override/Off
Door Open (Default position)
See Lighting in your Owner Manual.
Wipers and Washers
2 Fast wipes
1 Slow wipes
Rainsense Sensitivity✦
Rotate the band to adjust the delay between wipes. The wipers activate more often
as the band is moved up.
Windshield Wipers and Washer
Washer Fluid
Pull the lever toward you to spray washer fluid on the windshield.
Slow wipes
Press the top of the switch (A) on the end of the lever.
Rear Wiper and Washer
Press the bottom of the switch (B) on the end of the lever.
Washer Fluid
Push the lever away from you to spray washer fluid on the rear window.
To set the rear wiper to activate automatically when the vehicle is in Reverse and the
windshield wipers are on, press the CONFIG button on the audio system, select the
Vehicle Setting > Comfort and Convenience menu. See page 15.
Note: When entering an automatic car wash, turn off the automatic Rainsense windshield
wipers✦ and rear wipers. If Rainsense is active, the transmission is in Neutral and vehicle
speed is very slow, the windshield wipers will stop at the base of the windshield to protect the
wiper arms.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Climate Controls
Heated Seat
Fan Control
Cooled Seat
Air Conditioning
Link all climate
zone settings to the
driver’s settings
Outside Air
Air Delivery Modes:
Rear Window
Defogger Control
Seat Control✦
Heated Seat
See Climate Controls in your Owner Manual.
Audio System
Tune radio stations or select
CD tracks or files/Display
available information
Select the radio source
(AM, FM, XM✦)/
Change the band
Open the Phone menu
Displays the
favorites pages
Move back one level
Next or previous radio
station, CD track or file
Open the Settings menu
Open the Tone menu
Select CD, DVD✦,
HDD✦ or a connected
external audio source
Record audio
Delete current file
Open/Select menu items
Play/Pause a CD or file
Audio system with Navigation✦ shown
See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.
Audio System Features
Note: Avoid engaging in extended searching for specific items or
configuring system settings while driving.
Compatible devices connected to the USB port can be controlled
by the audio system. Not all devices may be supported. Use the
MENU/SELECT knob and the audio steering wheel controls to
access various functions.
Setting the Time (Navigation System✦)
1. Turn on the system.
2. Press the CONFIG button, select the Time menu.
3. Use the MENU/SELECT knob to adjust the time, date and day
settings; press the knob to confirm the set value.
4. Press the BACK button to exit the menu.
Mass Storage Media (MEM) or Hard Drive Device (HDD)✦
MEM or HDD storage is able to record music from CDs, MP3s
and USB storage devices. The MEM or HDD player also can time
shift audio from AM, FM and XM radio stations.
Press to record the current song or all songs to memory.
Storing Favorite Stations
Radio stations from all bands (AM, FM or XM✦) can be stored in
any order on up to six pages of favorites.
1. Tune in the desired radio station.
2. Press the FAV button to display the page where the station is
to be stored.
3. Press and hold one of the six numeric buttons until a beep is
heard, indicating it is stored.
4. Repeat the steps to store another favorite station.
Turn to view the recorded files; then press to select the
desired file.
Time Shift Live Radio✦
When listening to the radio (AM, FM and XM), content is buffered
to the MEM or HDD.
Press to pause radio audio. Press again to resume playback of
time-shifted audio.
The Time Shift buffer status bar shows the amount of stored
content. When the radio station is changed, the buffer is cleared
and restarted for the new station.
Portable Audio Devices
A 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and a USB port are located in the
center console.
A portable audio device connected to the auxiliary input jack
can be controlled only by using the portable device controls. To
optimize speaker volume, fully increase the volume level of the
portable device.
See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.
DVD Entertainment System✦
Bluetooth® System✦
Play a DVD Video
1. Press the release buttons on the seatback consoles to raise
the screens.
2. Insert a DVD into the audio system. It will play automatically.
3. If the DVD is already loaded in the system, press the
CD/AUX/HDD button to select the DVD source. Sound will
play through the vehicle speakers.
4. To use the wireless headphones, press the On/Off button on
the headphones, select Channel 1, and adjust volume using
the headphone volume control.
5. To control DVD playback, use the audio controls or the
remote control. Aim the remote control at the driver’s
seatback console for proper operation.
Users with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone can make and receive
hands-free calls using the vehicle’s audio system controls. The
Bluetooth-enabled cell phone must be paired with the in-vehicle
Bluetooth system before it can be used in the vehicle. Not all
phones will support all functions.
Visit for pairing instructions and to
determine if your phone is compatible with the Bluetooth system
in your vehicle.
See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.
Accessory Power Outlets
Changing the Source on the Video Screens
Continually press the AUX button on the remote control to play a
DVD or an auxiliary device such as a video game on both
screens, or a different source on each screen.
Four accessory power outlets are available in the following
locations: in the storage compartment below the climate controls,
in the center console lower storage area, on the rear of the
center console, and in the rear cargo area.
All outlets turn off when the ignition is off except for the outlet in
the rear cargo area.
See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Navigation Audio System✦
A. NAV Screen Up/Down
Press to raise or lower the navigation screen.
B. NAV Navigation
Press to view the vehicle’s current position on the map screen.
C. DEST Destination
Press to access the Select Destination menu to plan a route.
Note: When the vehicle is moving, various on-screen
functions are disabled to reduce driver distraction.
D. RPT Navigation Repeat
Press to repeat the last voice guidance prompt.
To select various system functions, touch the highlighted touch screen buttons in
the on-screen menus.
Entering a Destination
1. With the vehicle in Park, press the DEST hard key.
2. The Select Destination menu displays several options to plan a route. If you
know the specific address, touch the Address Entry screen button.
3. Enter the State/Province, City and Street name. Touch the List screen button
to select the desired name from the generated list for each entry.
4. Enter the house number.
5. Touch the OK screen button.
6. A confirmation screen displays the address. If correct, touch the Go screen
7. Select the route preference and touch the Start screen button.
To plan a route using another method, select one of the other options from the
Select Destination menu.
See your Navigation System Owner Manual.
Cruise Control
Audio Steering Wheel Controls
Setting Cruise Control
1. Press the
button. The
Cruise Control
symbol will illuminate
in white in the
instrument cluster.
2. When travelling at
the desired speed,
press the –SET button to set the speed. The
Control symbol will illuminate in green in the instrument
Left Control
SRCE Source
Press to select an audio source.
Adjusting Cruise Control
+RES Resume/Accelerate
Press to resume a set speed.
When the system is active, press to increase speed.
Right Controls
to select the next or previous favorite radio
station, CD track, DVD chapter✦, or MP3 file.
–SET Set/Coast
When the system is active, press to decrease speed.
+ – Volume
Press + or – to increase or decrease the volume.
Press to cancel the cruise control but retain the set speed in
The cruise control set speed is erased when cruise control or the
vehicle ignition is turned off.
Push to Talk
Press to interact with the OnStar, Bluetooth, or Navigation
End Call/Mute
Press to mute the speakers or to end/reject an OnStar or
Bluetooth call.
See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Driver Information Center/Vehicle Personalization
DIC Controls
The Driver Information Center (DIC) on the instrument cluster displays a variety of vehicle
system information and warning messages.
Press to display the:
– Vehicle Information menu (units, battery voltage, remaining oil life, tire pressures).
– Trip/Fuel menu (trip odometer, fuel range, instantaneous fuel economy, average
fuel economy, fuel used, average vehicle speed, timer, turn-by-turn navigation,
speed and curve assist✦, digital speedometer).
Rotate the switch to scroll through the items of each menu.
Press to set or clear the displayed menu item or warning message. Some urgent
messages cannot be cleared from the DIC display.
Vehicle Personalization
Some vehicle features can be customized using the controls on the audio system. Menu
items may include Climate and Air Quality; Comfort and Convenience; Language; Lighting;
Power Door Locks; Remote Locking, Unlocking and Starting; and Factory Settings.
1. Press the CONFIG button (A) to enter the Configuration menu.
2. Turn the MENU/SELECT knob (B) to highlight a menu or setting, press the knob to
select it. On the Navigation system✦, you may also touch the on-screen buttons.
3. Select the Vehicle Setting menu.
4. Select the desired menu item.
5. Select the desired feature and setting.
6. Press the BACK button (C) to exit each menu.
See Instruments and Controls in your Owner Manual.
Automatic Transmission Features
Driver Shift Control
Driver Shift Control allows the driver to shift gears manually. This feature can be used to
drive the vehicle in a sportier manner or to downshift when driving on a downhill grade to
provide engine braking.
• Move the shift lever to the left of the Drive (D) position. Tap the shift lever forward (+) to
upshift or rearward to downshift (–) (A). The currently selected gear will be displayed on
the left side of the instrument cluster.
If vehicle speed is too high or too low for the requested gear, the shift will not occur. When
coming to a stop, the transmission will automatically shift to 1st gear.
Sport Mode✦
In the Sport mode, the suspension control and steering effort are enhanced and the
automatic transmission has firmer shifting.
• Move the shift lever to the left of the Drive (D) position to engage Sport mode. Sport
Mode On will be displayed in the Driver Information Center.
Fuel Economy (Eco) Mode✦
The Fuel Economy (Eco) mode (on turbocharged V6 models only) can improve the
vehicle’s fuel economy by changing the transmission shift points and making several
other fuel-saving adjustments. Driving performance is more conservative when the Eco
mode is active.
• Press the ECO button (B) by the shift lever to turn the Eco mode on or off. The ECO
light will illuminate in the instrument cluster when active.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Ultrasonic Parking Assist✦
StabiliTrak®/Traction Control Systems
The traction control system limits wheelspin
and the StabiliTrak stability control system
assists with directional control of the vehicle
in difficult driving conditions. Both systems
turn on automatically every time the vehicle
is started.
Turning the Systems Off/On
• Press the Traction Control/StabiliTrak
button (A) to turn off traction control.
Traction Control Off light in the
instrument cluster will illuminate.
• Press and hold the button to turn off
StabiliTrak. The StabiliTrak Off light in the instrument
cluster will illuminate.
• Press the button again to turn on either system.
Ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear
bumpers help you to avoid colliding with
objects when parking the vehicle. The
system operates only at speeds less than
5 mph.
Detected objects are indicated by audible
beeps. The interval between the beeps
becomes shorter as the vehicle gets closer
to an object. A distance display in the
instrument cluster also indicates when
objects up to 4 feet in front of the vehicle
are detected.
• To turn the system on/off, press the
Parking Assist button (C) next to
the shift lever. The button illuminates
when the system is on.
Note: The system may be disabled if dirt, snow or ice builds up on the
sensors. Keep the vehicle clean for proper operation.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Electric Parking Brake
• To apply the parking brake, pull up the
parking brake
switch (B) by the shift lever.
• To release the parking brake, turn on the ignition, press the
brake pedal, and then press the
See Driving and Operating in your Owner Manual.
Memory Seats✦
Cargo Management System✦
Set Memory Positions
1. Adjust the driver’s seat, power outside mirrors and adjustable
pedals✦ to the desired position.
2. Press the Memory button on the outboard side of the
driver’s seat.
3. Press and hold button 1 until a beep sounds.
4. Repeat the steps using button 2 for a second driver.
The Cargo Management System features front and rear storage
compartments under the partitioned cargo floor cover.
• Press the rear part of the
handle, and then lift up the
handle to unlatch the cover.
Storage Compartment
• A prop rod locks into place
when the front cover is
opened. To close the cover,
press the red button on the
middle of the prop rod (A).
• Use the hooks on the cover to
secure small bags.
Recall Memory Positions
• Press and hold button 1 or 2 until the memory position is
reached. Releasing the button before the memory position is
reached cancels the recall.
See Seats and Restraints in your Owner Manual.
U-Rail System
• Align the Unlock symbol
(B) with the button arrow (C)
to install/remove the fence.
• Align the Lock symbol (D)
with the button arrow (C) to
lock the fence in place.
• To move the fence on the
track, remove one side from
an adapter, then press the
buttons to move the adapters
to the desired locations.
• To store the fence, place it in
the clips under the storage
compartment cover.
Open/Close the Sunshade
• Fully press the rear or front of the
sunshade switch to
express-open or express-close the sunshade.
Open/Close the Sunroof
• Press the rear of the
sunroof switch to the first detent to
open the sunroof to the vent position.
• Fully press the rear of the
switch to express-open the
sunroof to the comfort position.
• Fully press the front of the
switch to express-close the
See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual.
See Storage in your Owner Manual.
Cooled Glove Box Storage
The air conditioned
glove box can be
used to store items at
a cooler temperature.
• Move the slide
control on the leftfront side of the
glove box across
the small opening to turn the cool air flow on or off.
Close the opening during cooler weather to keep cold air from
entering the vehicle.
Tire Pressure Monitor
The Tire Pressure Monitor alerts you when a significant reduction
in pressure occurs in one or more of your vehicle’s tires by
illuminating the
Low Tire Pressure warning light in the
instrument cluster. The warning light remains on until the tire
pressure is corrected. Current tire pressures are displayed
in the Vehicle Information menu of the Driver Information
Center. The proper tire pressures for your vehicle are listed on
the Tire and Loading Information label, located below the driver’s
door latch.
During cooler weather, the low tire pressure warning light may
appear when the vehicle is first started and then turn off as the
vehicle is driven. This may be an early indicator that tire
pressures are getting low and the tires need to be inflated to
the proper pressure.
See Storage in your Owner Manual.
Engine Oil Life System
Note: The Tire Pressure Monitor can alert you about low tire pressure,
but it doesn’t replace normal monthly tire maintenance. It is the driver’s
responsibility to maintain correct tire pressures.
The Engine Oil Life System calculates oil life based on vehicle
use and illuminates the
Change Engine Oil light in the
instrument cluster when it’s necessary to change the oil and filter.
Reset the system to 100% only following an oil change.
Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit✦
The tire sealant and compressor kit can be used to temporarily
seal small punctures in the tread area of the tire. The kit is located under the trunk floor. Refer to the kit instructions for complete
operating information.
Resetting the Oil Life System
1. Turn the ignition to the On position, but do not start
the engine.
2. Press the MENU button to display the Vehicle Information
3. Rotate the
switch to view Remaining Oil Life.
4. Press and hold the SET/CLR button until 100% is displayed.
5. Turn off the ignition.
See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.
See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.
Owner Privileges™
TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438
Roadside Assistance provides every Cadillac owner with the
advantage of contacting a Cadillac advisor and, when appropriate, a
Cadillac-trained dealer technician who can provide on-site services:
• Towing service
• Battery jump-starting
• Lockout service
• Fuel delivery
• Flat tire assistance
Trip Interruption: If your trip is interrupted due to a component
failure covered under warranty, incidental expenses may be
reimbursed, including hotel, meals and rental car.
Courtesy Transportation: You may be provided with courtesy
transportation for warranted repairs, including shuttle service for
same-day repairs and loaner transportation for overnight repairs.
Roadside Assistance and OnStar✦: If you have a current OnStar
subscription, press the OnStar button and the vehicle will send your
current GPS location to an OnStar Advisor who will speak to you,
assess your problem, contact Roadside Assistance and relay your
exact location so you will get the help you need.
For more information about OnStar services, press the OnStar
button, refer to the OnStar Owner Guide, call 1-888-466-7827 or
Should you need to ask a question, make a comment, or request
additional information, Cadillac Customer Service is available anytime.
For more information about your Cadillac, including access to the
Cadillac Owner Center — which features online service reminders,
vehicle maintenance tips, online owner manual, and more — visit
Always demand genuine GM Parts
Certain restrictions, precautions and safety procedures apply to your vehicle. Please read your Owner Manual for complete instructions. All information contained herein
is based on the latest information available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010 by General Motors. All rights reserved.
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