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EH series
Notes : This picture includes optional Dual ladder system, with upper staircase.
Model Code : EH5000AC
Nominal Payload with Standard Equipment : 287 tonnes (316 tons)
Target Gross Machine Operating Weight : 500 000 kg
Engine : MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C23R
Rated Power 2 014 kW (2 700 HP)
Refined engineering and New Generation
AC Drive system technology has created
hauling capability well recognized in the
surface mining industry.
The EH5000AC continues to prove itself
as an exceedingly capable and reliable
solution to mine applications worldwide.
AC Drive Proven Performance & Economic
Siemens "state of the art" IGBT AC Drive
System makes your hauler a more valuable
asset in your mining operation. Better
performance, higher availability, and
significant reductions in maintenance and
operating costs - result in a lower cost per
tonne and a higher return on your investment.
High-Powered Engine
The U.S. EPA Tier 2 certified MTU Detroit
Diesel 16V Series 4000 engine with 2 014 kW
(2 700 HP) and 11 307 N·m torque provides
excellent reliability and unparalleled fuel
efficiency. Additionally, optional higher power
setting of 2 240 kW (3 000 HP) and 12 582 N·m
is available.
New Comfort Cab
The new HI-TECH ROPS/FOPS Cab has been
newly equipped with a Hitachi controller and a
large color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which
clearly details machine functions similar to
those used on large sized Hitachi excavators.
Long Frame Life
A fabricated box section and rectangular
frame rail construction provides superior
resistance to bending and torsional loads.
One-piece top and bottom flanges eliminate
cross tie member tie-in joints and provide
a larger exposed center area for access to
major components.
Note: Photos in this brochure may include optional equipment.
They may also include custom-made options to meet specific user needs.
Well Matched: EH5000AC & Excavators
40.0 m3
LD: Loading shovel BH: Backhoe * : SAE, PCSA heaped capacity
AC Drive Advantage
Hitachi IGBT AC drive technology,
developed in conjunction with Siemens,
provides superior performance with
higher top speeds, better gradeability
and stronger retardation due to the
higher switching frequency and better
component cooling in comparison to the
conventional GTO system.
These features increase productivity and
availability, and reduce operating and
maintenance cost.
Lower maintenance costs are achieved
with the use of a brushless alternator,
brushless cooling* and drive motors, dual
channeled air flow through wheel motors
and water cooled components such as
IGBT inverter modules, alternator rectifier
and blower motors.
The Siemens AC motors do not have
commutators, reducing costs and
allowing the truck to achieve higher
speeds. Less downtime and higher
speeds result in more production and
lower cost per tonne.
* Channeled Air Flow through the AC Wheel Motors is a
Siemens Patented Design.
Full Retarding Capability
The AC Drive Traction Motors
Grid Box & Siemens Control Unit
AC Drive
DC Drive
Hitachi AC drive systems provide more
rimpull than a comparable DC system.
Full retarding capability means the truck
can be almost fully stopped without
applying the service brakes.
The Hitachi Dual Path Epicyclic
Planetary design provides high
efficiency and easy maintenance.
Allowing the 1st (outer) planetary carrier
to travel at wheel speed provides
lower operating temperatures - longer
lubricant life, better component life.
A low profile grid box arrangement has
been designed in consideration for
operator visibility.
The new control cabinet is compact
yet accommodates blower assemblies
that cool the IGBT cabinet, drive system
alternator and wheel motors.
Ease of Operation
Superior Suspension
The Hitachi ACCU-TRAC suspension
system delivers excellent maneuverability,
even at higher speeds. The trailing arm
layout offers greater ease of servicing
while improving truck performance
compared to suspended king-pin
designs. The pivot mounting of the trailing
arm design allows only axial input to the
strut and allows wheel movement to the
vertical plane only.
Both Struts at normal height
The ACCU-TRAC suspension design
allows the front struts to be removed
and installed without removing the
trailing arms, brakes or tires. This
relates to fewer tools and less labor
required to perform this service, which
aims to reduce the amount of hauler
• Lateral forces that act on the front
wheels are minimized, resulting in
reduced tire scuffing.
• Dynamic friction (side-wall force) within
the strut is low due to the features of
the ACCU-TRAC design, allowing the
use of a lighter strut engineered to a
smaller diameter and longer stroke.
• The necessary frame bulk (horsecollar structure) needed to mount a
suspended king-pin is non-existent.
• The elimination of the “horse-collar”
member provides greater engine
• The NEOCON strut used with the
ACCU-TRAC suspension, improves
operator and component isolation,
provides better hauler stability and
predictable operational control.
• Locating the king-pin close to the wheel
assembly and at a slight angle results in
low “Dry Park Steering” effort.
• Development of the compressible
media, NEOCON- E TM fluid (proprietary,
silicone based, environmentally
friendly) for use in the suspension
strut with helium gas, results in an
improved energy absorption (isolation)
system and an improved energy
release (stability) system that responds
favorably whether traveling empty or
with payload in a wide range of ambient
This is the latest mining truck cab developed
by Hitachi. A new Hitachi LCD has been
engineered onto the dashboard of the
EH5000ACII to eliminate separate lights and
gauges. The LCD is positioned slightly to the
right of center, allowing for a lower dashboard.
This concept prevents the steering wheel
from obstructing the operators' view of the
LCD and results in better operator visibility
of the ground area immediately ahead of the
An analog display has been mounted to the
overhead console to display the view of up
to 4 cameras simultaneously. Three cameras
mounted to the rear, right side and front of the
truck are available as standard for improving
1. Speedometer with
2. Tachometer with shift lever
3. Engine oil pressure
4. Engine coolant temperature
5. Wheel motor temperature
6. Steer / brake supply
7. Load weight indicator
8. Fuel gauge
9. Body angle indicator
Engine Indicators
Hydraulic Filter / Seat belt
Central warning
Traction control indicator
Hydraulic indicators
Lamp indicators
Service brake / lubricant
10 11
12 13
14 15 16
Both struts in compression
Drivers Side Strut in compression,
other strut in extension
With no horizontal deflection
Each controlled by a hydraulic steering cylinder,
rotates around the king-pin and the outer end of the
trailing arm to position the wheels for steering. The
spindles are attached by one simple tie-rod.
Retains the spindle to the trailing arm. Spindle
rotates around the king-pin, which is locked in position. The Neocon-E strut attaches to the top. A bolt
on clevis allows ease of servicing.
Trailing Arm
Main suspension member to which other suspension
components are attached. The trailing arms hinge
on a cross shaft that is clamped to the front of the
Neocon Strut
The energy absorption and release component of
the ACCU-TRAC suspension system. Pinned to ball
bushings at the frame and at the top of the king-pin
to prevent bending movements from transferring to
the strut. Receives only axial input.
Right side
trailing arm
Input Force
Resultant Force
NEOCON Strut (Front/Rear)
Helium gas
Auto-Lubrication System
A pump fed system automatically
applies grease to lube points via
plumbing. The lubricant is automatically
delivered in time controlled and
metered quantities to all connected
lube points in the system.
Emission Certification���
Rated power
SAE J1995, gross��
Maximum Torque
(SAE J1995)���������������
No. of Cylinders ���������
Bore & Stroke �����������
Displacement ������������
Standard Grade Application:
MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C23R
4 Cycle Diesel w/ ADEC
Turbocharged & low temperature aftercooled
U.S. EPA Tier 2
min-1 (rpm)
2 014 kW (2 700 HP) at 1 800
1 896 kW (2 542 HP) at 1 800 min-1 (rpm)
11 307 N·m (1 153 kgf·m) at 1 700 min-1 (rpm)
170 x 210 mm
76.3 L
24 Volt Electric
Emission Certification���
Rated power
SAE J1995, gross��
Maximum Torque
(SAE J1995)���������������
No. of Cylinders ���������
Bore & Stroke �����������
Displacement ������������
MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C23
4 Cycle Diesel w/ ADEC
Turbocharged & low temperature aftercooled
U.S. EPA Tier 2
2 240 kW (3 000 HP) at 1 800 min-1 (rpm)
2 119 kW (2 842 HP) at 1 800 min-1 (rpm)
12 582 N·m (1 283 kgf·m) at 1 700 min-1 (rpm)
170 x 210 mm
76.3 L
24 Volt Electric
Emission Certification���
Rated power
SAE J1995, gross��
Maximum Torque
(SAE J1995)���������������
No. of Cylinders ���������
Bore & Stroke �����������
Displacement ������������
MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C21L
4 Cycle Diesel
Turbocharged & low temperature aftercooled
U.S. EPA Tier 1
2 014 kW (2 700 HP) at 1 900 min-1 (rpm)
1 939 kW (2 600 HP) at 1 900 min-1 (rpm)
10 930 N·m (1 115 kgf·m) at 1 500 min-1 (rpm)
165 x 190 mm
65 L
24 Volt Electric
Control System����������� Siemens IGBT Liquid Cooled Single Inverter
Wheel Motors�������������� High Efficiency Standard AC Motors with
channeled air cooling*
Optional - Medium Grade Application:
Control System����������� Siemens IGBT Liquid Cooled Dual Inverter
Wheel Motors�������������� High Efficiency Intermediate AC Motors with
channeled air cooling*
Optional - Deep Pit Application:
Control System����������� Siemens IGBT Liquid Cooled Dual Inverter
Wheel Motors�������������� High Efficiency High Power AC Motors with
channeled air cooling*
* Siemens Patented Design
Alternator�������������������� 3-Phase Brushless AC Generator, Direct
Mount to Engine
Standard Planetary Ratio����������������������������������������������������
Maximum Speed (standard)��������������������������������������������
Optional Planetary Ratio�����������������������������������������������������
Maximum Speed (optional)����������������������������������������������
66.4 km/h
58.3 km/h
Front and Rear
Rim Width
53/80 R63 ������������������������������������������������������������������ 965 mm (38 in)
Certain job conditions may require higher TKPH (TMPH) in order to
maintain maximum production. Hitachi recommends evaluating the
job conditions and consulting the tire manufacturer to make proper tire
Twenty-four volt system. 260 ampere engine driven alternator. Six G31, 12 volt, heavy duty maintenance free batteries
connected in series/parallel.
Struck (SAE) �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 156 m3
Heap 3:1�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 190 m3
Heap 2:1 (SAE)���������������������������������������������������������������������� 206 m3
Body capacity and payload subject to change based on customer
specific material density and application.
Closed-center, full time hydrostatic power steering system using
two double-acting cylinders and a variable displacement piston
pump. Hitachi accumulators provide supplementary steering in
accordance with ISO 5010 (SAE J1511), supplying a constant
steering rate under all conditions. A tilt/telescopic steering wheel
with 35 degrees of tilt and 57 mm telescopic travel is standard.
Turning Diameter (ISO 7457) �������������� 31.9 m
Steering Pump Output������������������������ 249 L/min at 1900 min-1(rpm)
System Pressure��������������������������������� 20 685 kPa
A dual tank assembly prevents cross contamination between
the steering/brake apply system and the hoist/brake cooling
system. Two (2) Hitachi three-stage, double-acting cylinders,
with improved control in extension, containing dual rod seals and
urethane energized scrapers, inverted and outboard mounted. The cylinders are connected to a tandem gear pump through a
four position electronically piloted hoist control valve. An electric
controller is mounted to operator's seat.
Body Raise Time�������������������������������
Body Down Time (Float)�����������������������
Hoist Pump Output Total���������������������
System Relief Pressure������������������������
23 s
22 s
1 002 L/min at 1900 min-1(rpm)
21 030 kPa
Brake system complies with ISO 3450 (SAE J1473).
The all-hydraulic actuated braking system provides precise
braking control and quick system response. The system is
pressure proportioned, front to rear, for improved control on
slippery roads.
These specifications represent a standard equipped EH5000AC .
Chassis with Hoist ������������������������������������������������������������ 171 300 kg
Body������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 42 060 kg
Net Machine Weight �������������������������������������������������������� 213 360 kg
The Net Machine Weight specification includes operator and 100 % fuel.
Nominal Payload��������������������������������������������������������������� 287 tonnes
Target GMOW ����������������������������������������������������������������� 500 000 kg
Note 1:
The optional engine and drive system cause a slight increase in
Net Machine Weight.
Note 2:
The Nominal Payload specification is calculated using the Hitachi
Loading Policy. Specific job site requirements may result in an
adjustment to the Nominal Payload weight. Consult your Hitachi
dealer for a truck configuration which will match your haulage
Weight Distribution
49-51 %
33 %
49-51 %
67 %
Front Axle – Dry Disc
Number of Discs per Axle��������������������������������������������������
Number of Pads per Axle��������������������������������������������������
Disc Diameter ������������������������������������������������������������������
Lining Area per Axle ����������������������������������������������������������
Brake Pressure (Max.) ������������������������������������������������������
Braking Surface Area per Axle�������������������������������������������
132 cm
6 194 cm2
20 700 kPa
18 548 cm2
New Hi-Tech ROPS / FOPS Cab
ROPS and FOPS comply with ISO3471, SAE J1040-May 94 and ISO3449. A three-point rubber iso-mount arrangement to the high-arch cross
member minimizes vibration transfer to the operator compartment.
Drive Monitoring System
Rear Axle – Oil-cooled Wet Disc
A new color LCD has been engineered onto the dashboard of the
EH5000ACII. All lights, gauges and indicators are provided in one location,
bringing ease of operation to the operator. Brake Surface Area per Axle���������������������������������������������� 180 741cm2
Brake Pressure (Max.)������������������������������������������������������� 15 856 kPa
Camera Monitoring System
Dual independent hydraulic circuits within the service brake
system provide fully modulated reserve braking capability. Both
front and rear brakes are automatically applied when loss of
supply pressure is detected.
Comfort and Ease of Operation
Lining Surface Area��������������
Number of Heads per Axle���
Dry Disc - Spring Applied, Hydraulic Off
Wheel Motor
63 cm
211 cm2
Superior retardation to zero speed on grades is achieved
through AC wheel motors in conjunction with the Hitachi silent
resistor grid packages. Maximum dynamic retarding with continuous rated blown grids:
Included as standard visibility equipment, an analog monitor has been
mounted to the upper console to display live camera information of the
rear, front bumper, and right front tire area.
The enlarged cab adequately fits a full size trainer’s seat and provides
more overall comfort. Ample visibility is provided by large glass sections
in doors and windows. An ergonomic shift lever that is positioned for
ease of operation also increases operator comfort. Heating capability
of 40 000 BTU/hr, and cooling capability of 30 500 BTU/hr to provide
comfort in a wide range of ambients. Improved cab air flow has increased
pressurization. The cab air filter element is easily accessible from behind
the front cab cover. The heating/air conditioning system provides an LCD
display with push button control. A new parking brake alarm will sound
if the parking brake switch is not in the applied position while the engine
is running and the operator is not sitting in the drivers seat. Optional
electric windows are available for both cab doors. The window control
is available to the operator and rider as the switches are mounted to the
center console. Cab interior sound pressure level measured according to
ISO6394:1998 is 79.3 dB(A).
Medium dynamic retard setup��������������������������������� 3 562 kW
Maximum dynamic retard setup������������������������������ 4 612 kW
Load/Dump Brake Apply
Through activation of a switch by the operator, a solenoid is
energized, sending full brake pressure to apply the rear wet disc
brakes. For use during the load and dump cycles.
Front Suspension
Independent trailing arms make up the front axle. NEOCON struts
containing energy-absorbing gas and compressible NEOCON-E™
fluid are mounted between the trailing arms and frame. Inherent in the
Neocon strut design is a variable damping and rebound feature.
An extended canopy protects service deck area. High tensile strength
400 BHN abrasion resistant alloy steel is used in thicknesses of:
19 mm (0.75 in)
Front ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 12.7 mm (0.50 in)
Sides �����������������������������������������������������������������������
10 mm (0.39 in)
6 mm (0.24 in)
19 mm (0.75 in)
Rear Suspension
An "A" frame structure, integral with axle housing, links the drive axle to
the frame at a point forward of center using a pin and spherical bushing. A track rod provides lateral stability between the frame and drive axle. Heavy-duty rear-mounted NEOCON struts containing energy-absorbing
gas and compressible NEOCON-E™ fluid suspend the drive axle from
the frame. Integral variable damping and rebound feature included.
High strength 690 N/mm2 (100 000 psi) alloy steel is also used for the
canopy side members and floor stiffeners. The body is rubber cushioned
on the frame.
Engine Oil Pan (includes filters)
Standard 2 700 HP Engine��������������������������������������������������� 240 L
Optional 3 000 HP Engine���������������������������������������������������� 240 L
Cooling System������������������������������������������������������������������������ 734 L
Fuel Tank��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 732 L
Hoist System������������������������������������������������������������������������ 965 L
Steering System������������������������������������������������������������������� 291 L
Planetary Drives����������������������������������������������������������������������� 223.2 L
Front Wheels ���������������������������������������������������������������������������
27 L
Windshield Washer ������������������������������������������������������������������
7.6 L
Full fabricated box section main rails with section height tapered from
rear to front. Wider at the rear to support the loads and narrower at the
front to allow for engine accessibility. One piece top and bottom flanges
that eliminate cross member tie in joints and provide a large exposed
center area for access to major components. Large radii minimize stress
concentrations. Welded joints are oriented longitudinally to the principal
flow of stress for greater durability and more strength.
unit : mm
15 220
8 990
14 300
7 870
7 110
6 210
7 540
4 150
Note 1: Dimensions shown are for an empty machine with 53/80 R63 tires.
Note 2: Overall height of 14 460 mm is default dump height.
Note 3: Overall height with body up when propped is 14 830 mm.
2 190
4 880
1 180
1 780
6 490
8 000
14 420
3 100
9 360 (mirror to mirror)
8 280
9 910
6 750
4 320
2 530
5 490
8 460
Accu-Trac front suspension
Air conditioning
Air cleaner protection
All hydraulic braking
Arm guard, mounted to left side of
Auto-lubrication system
Batteries, 6 x G31series,
maintenance free, right front
mounted for ground level access
Battery boost receptacle
Battery isolation switch
Body down indicator, mechanical
Body prop pins
Centralized "fast fill" service panel w/
fast fuel, panel mounted under
hydraulic tank
Continuous heated body
Cruise control, propel/retard
Diagonal stairway, right side escape
Electric horn (4)
Electronic hoist control
Electric start
Engine access ladders (2)
Engine oil spinner filters
Engine pre-lube
Engine self load test
Engine water blanket
Extended body canopy
Fan and belt guards
Fast fill fueling, tank side
Fuel tank, 4732 L
Fuel water separator
Grid box guard, mounted to right
side of canopy
Ground level engine shutdown switch
Guard rails around platform
Haultronics III loadweighing system
HID headlights
Hoist kickout, adjustable
Mirrors, left and right
Mud flaps
NEOCON suspension struts
Operator and service LCD
information panel
Propulsion interlock, body up
Radiator grill guard
Retard speed control
Retarder grid package, 14 element
Reverse alarm
Reverse light
Rock ejector bars
Stairway lights
Supplementary braking system,
Supplementary steering system,
Thermatic fan
Tow hooks, front
Two-position handrail
Video cameras (3) mounted to view
the front, rear and right front tire
Acoustical lining
Air filtration/replaceable element
Auxiliary outlet, 12 volt
Cab interior light
Camera monitor, 4 quadrant view
Cigar lighter
Dashboard mounted connectors for
PC interface
Door locks
Engine start/shutdown switch
Extendable sun visor
Heat and defrost
Integral ROPS/FOPS cab
ISO driver envelope
LCD operators display
Load and dump switch
Modular instrumentation
Roll down windows
Rubber floor mat
Safety glass
Seat with 75 mm lap belt
Air suspension seat, 6 position
Trainer’s seat, full size mechanical
Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
Windshield washer
Windshield wipers, dual arm
Hitachi monitoring and alarm system,
multi-display using LCD monitor
Operational View
Air filter restriction
Autolube failure
Battery, 24 V charge condition
Body up indicator
Blower loss
Brake pressure
Brake temperature
Central warning
Engine coolant level
Engine coolant temperature
Engine oil pressure
Engine stop
Fuel level
High beam indicator
Hoist filter restriction
Hoist lever in HOLD
Hoist oil temperature
Parking brake indicator
Payload amount
Retard limit exceeded
Seat belt, disconnected
Service brake application
Steering and brake supply
Steering filter restriction
Steering oil temperature
Traction system fault
Turn signals/hazard
Wheel motor temperature
Service View
Electronic monitoring fault
Systems information for
Access Ladder lights (3)
Back-up lights (2)
Clearance lights, LED (4)
Deck light (1)
Dual combination stop and tail
lights, LED (2)
Dynamic retarding light, LED (1)
Engine compartment lights (2)
HID headlights (4)
Payload monitoring lights, LED (2
locations of 2 lights each)
Rear axle light (1)
Turn signals and 4-way flashers
Work lights, halogen (2)
Air conditioning condenser located
on top of the cab
Auxiliary dump connections
Auxiliary steering connections
Auxiliary steering, using powerpack
Auxiliary tire/work lights
Batteries, 6 x G31series,
maintenance free, left front
mounted for ground level access
Batteries, 6 x 8D, maintenance free,
right or left front mounted for
ground level access
Body, custom designed for
Body mounted signal light kit
Body prop cable
Body prop cable with pin system
Circuit breakers, 24 volt
Cold weather package
Extreme cold weather package
(to -40 deg. C) includes
a Wabasto heater for the
engine and drive system
coolant with deep draw deck
mounted batteries, synthetic
wheel bearing grease, cold
temp. brake seals
Mild cold weather package
(to -20 deg. C) includes
a Wabasto heater for the
engine, synthetic wheel
bearing grease, cold temp. brake seals
Conduit enclosed harness
(per MDG-15)
Custom exterior paint
Diagonal stairway, left side escape
Diagonal stairway, left and right side
Dual ladder system, with upper
Electric windows
Engine power rating choices
Engine idle/shutdown timer
Extended front bumper
Fluid sampling ports
Fog lights
Fuel level sensor, ultrasonic
Fuel tank, 3 785 L
Heated mirrors
High altitude grid box
High pressure auto-lubrication
Hydraulic oil level sensor, ultrasonic
Hydraulic tank shut-off valves w/
disable switches
Keyless starter switch
LED Headlights
Liner kits
Loadweight indicators (numerical
display x 2)
Operator/trainer seat choices
Air ride seat with 50 mm
shoulder and lap belts,
heated cushions
Semi-active seat with 50 mm
shoulder and lap belts,
heated cushions
AM FM receiver, with CD and
auxiliary input
No radio, speakers with
antenna only
Rear exhausting mufflers, nonheated body
Rims, speedwheels
Sound attenuation (meets Australia's
NSW, Hunter Valley regulation)
Spare rims available on request
Tinted side and rear windows
Tire valves, megabore
Tool kit
Tow package
Trolley assist configuration
Various drive system configurations
Video camera for the left side
Wheel chocks
Work lights, HID
Standard and optional equipment may vary from country to country. Special
options provided on request. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.
Illustrations and photos show the standard models, and may or may not include optional equipment,
accessories, and all standard equipment with some differences in color and features.
Before use, read and understand the Operator’s Manual for proper operation.
12.01 (SA / KA, FT3)
Printed in Japan
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