Abbakka | Range Hood & Hy-Ex Ventilation System | Update Bulletin No. 914
Update Bulletin No. 914
covers. If it is located
fan which is noisier. If you want the very
on an outside wall
highest quality, handmade range hood, you
with a very short vent
cannot beat Abbaka (but you will pay for it).
pipe run, you may get
The Broan Allure model is excellent
by with 40 cfm/foot.
quality for its reasonable price and it is very
If your range has a
quiet. The Allure III model by Broan has
Hideaway by Broan grill, you will have to
very convenient electronic controls.
double or triple this amount.
The range hood should not be more
Imperial offers a large array of
than 30 inches above the range or
blowers and designs to meet your
you will have to install one with
budget and noise level requirea higher air flow capacity. For
ments. The Stor&Spice is a
very wide ranges, use a dual
neat idea. Vent-A-Hood uses
unit system and make sure it Custom Design by Abbaka a unique blower for
extends about six inches over the range
fire safety (see page four). They
There are literally hundreds
on each side.
are a durable commercial quality
of styles and models from
that works well in home kitchens.
Low sound levels are a primany manufacturers, large
Some typical suggested retail prices:
mary selection consideration.
and small. I have reviewed
— prices start at $2,700 and can
many of them and, on the
as $15,000
following pages, I included
Best - $950 to $5,000 •
refrigerathe ones I would consider
Belle-Aire by Abbaka
- $690 to $2,100 • Allure tor.
using in my own home. You
may find some small local manufacturers
Imperial Range Hoods — Stor&Spice —
that vary exponentially). The sone levels I
who make good units (most manufacturers
30” - $240 to $280 • 36” - $260 to $290 •
use similar blowers/motors) I was unable to
42” - $270 to $300 • 48” - $310 • Flush
listed unless otherwise
track down.
Mount — 30” - $230 to $280 • 36” - $240
noted. Keep in
As a rule of
to $640 • 42” - $260 to $650 • 48” - $320 to
mind a higher
thumb, a
$660 • Slime Line Island — 36” - $900 to
cfm rating is
r a n g e
$950 • 42” - $950 to $1,000 • 48” - $1,050
Vent-A-Hood — Wall-mounted hoods —
hood should
louder even if
Enamel - $674 to $2,453 • Stainless Steel have an air flow
the unit is
$953 to $2,874 • Brass or Copper Overlay
capacity of about
properly designed.
- $1,470 - $3,554 • Under Cabinet Hoods
50 cubic feet per
I recommend
— Enamel - $421 to $1,480 • Stainless Steel
minute (cfm) for
range hoods with squirrel
- $563 to $1,659 • Brass or Copper Overeach lineal foot
lay - $910 to $1,947
cage-type blowers, not a cheaper
of the range it
hank you for your
interest in writing to me about kitchen
range hoods. It is very
important to use your
range hood whenever you
cook. Cooking most
foods on your range proJim Dulley
duces steam, grease and
odors. Of all of these, grease is probably the
worst problem. Without a range hood, all the
grease vapor ends up settling on your walls
and furniture. It also carries a lot of odors
with it.
Rangemaster Encore 64000
from Broan-Nutone
from Vent-A-Hood
The Best Downdraft
from Broan-Nutone
• Select from 500 cfm or 850 cfm interior blowers, or from 600 cfm or 900 cfm exterior blowers.
• Made of durable heavy-gauge stainless steel.
• “Heat Sentry” automatically turns blower to high
speed when excess heat is detected. Once temperature has decreased sensor returns motor to
original speed.
• Infinite, speed control with blower memory remembers last setting selected.
• Two infrared food warming lamps hold one dish
while you finish preparing other dishes.
• Two 50-watt
lamps for
• There is an
stainless steel
backsplash with fold-down wire shelves for
food warming.
• Easy to pull out and close, models blends in with
kitchen cabinets.
• All motors and wiring are protected from any
steam and grease
• Unit can be either
top or back
vented. For top
venting an 8” diameter transition
is supplied. For
back venting a 6”
x 81/2” transition
is used.
• Hidden canopy,
fronted with your cabinet material provides visual continuity in your kitchen.
• The housing snaps apart for easy cleaning and
grease removal. Remove housing and wash in
it in the kitchen sink.
• Widths include 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48.” Custom
sizes are available.
• Installed directly behind the cooktop, when activated, the chimney rises 91/2” to vent steam,
grease, etc. from pots and pans.
• Multi-speed, electronic controls have push buttons with individual speed indicators.
• Includes a remote control that provides activation from another location.
• Many exterior blowers are available to give
higher exhaust options. Ranges from 600 to
1500 cfm.
• Allows for ducting to be to the left, right or
• Stainless steel finish.
• Includes “Heat Sensory” that will adjust the
blower speed when it detects excessive heat.
l i g h t
flashes to
remind you
when to
clean the
Update Bulletin No. 914
page 2
Selected Manufacturers of Efficient Kitchen Range Hoods
Capacity (CFM)
ABBAKA, 1500-A Burke Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124 - (800) 548-3932 (415) 648-7210
canopy or island
36" • 42" • 48" • 54" • 66" •
78" • 90"
9 sones
600 • 1200 • 1400
Features - The range hoods are made from quality materials, such as 16-gauge or thicker stainless steel, polished copper, polished brass, powder coated
enamel finishes in white, black and computer matched colors or metallized colored finishes such as oxidized copper or pewter. The hoods are free of
visible seams, individually built by hand. The hoods come in eight standard lines — Original, Arc Form, Barrel Form, Belle-Aire , Cylindra, Facets, Trim
Form and Underlines. Can modify standard length or depth as needed — custom hoods are also available. Standard hoods will go in kitchens with
ceilings up to nine feet high, can be built in one piece for very high ceilings (26 feet is the highest they have built so far. ) In-hood or remote mounted
exhaust motors.
BROAN-NUTONE, PO Box 140, Hartford, WI 53027 - (800) 558-1711
Best Models
30" • 36" • 42" • 48" • 54" •
12 sones
500 to 1500 cfm
varies by model
Features - Many models available with metal or glass canopies, island or wall-mounted. The Best K30 has a seamless design with two-level halogen
lights that have a low nighttime setting. Flue can accomodate ceilings form eight to nine feet. There is also an extension available for ducted applications.
There is a delay timer control that shuts off after 10 minutes. The filters are dishwasher safe and the unit has lights that flash to let you know when the
filter need to be cleaned. K30 is available in 36" and 48" widths and stainless steel, black or white. The K7388 has a hand-formed glass canopy curving
surface that works well to remove smoke, steam and odors. The Best Downdraft is installed behind the cooktop and rises over ni ne and a half inces when
activated. It has a heat senor to activate the high speed blower and a control light that flashed when it is time to clean the filter.
Rangemaster 62000
12 sones
450 cfm
Features - Stainless steel finish with glass canopy. The seamless underside has two halogen light bulbs. The electronic touch controls have delay off
and a filter maintenance indicator. Flue fits ceiling eight to 10 feet. Other "Range Master" hoods available including a downdraft model that has a thin
profile to save under cabinet space. The ducting capacity allows the internal or remote blower connection to be ducted tot he left, right or downward. This
model is available in 30", 36" and 48."
30" • 36" • 42"
7.0 sones
100 to 400 cfm
two or three speed
Features - Available in three models. Allure I — rocker controls, 2-speed operation with LED on indicator, two light setting. 4.0 sones, 200 cfm. Allure II
— covered push button electronic controls, 3-speed operation with LED indicators for each speed, three light settings. 0.9 to 3.5 sones, 250 cfm. Allure III
— covered push button electronic controls, 3-speed operation with boost mode, LED indicators for each speed, delay-off operation, three lights settings,
filter cleaning reminder light. 0.4 to 3.5 sones, 250 cfm with a 400 cfm boost mode at 7.0 sones. Five finishes — white, biscuit, almond, black and
stainless steel. Has dual halogen flood lights to provide full burner illumination for cooking and a soft night-light glow for safety. All have dishwasher safe
filters. Uses cyclonic action to draw smoke and odors from the cooktop below.
4.5 sones
360 cfm
Features - This range hood is inside the cabinets. Expandable 24" to 30" height accommodates 30" face frame with cabinet doors. The blower and light
automatically turn on when hood is pulled out. It automatically turns the blower to high speed when excess heat is detected. "Hideaway" has flourescent
cooktop lighting.
30" • 36"
4.5 sones
300 cfm
Features - Fit under kitchen cabinets, and slides out of sight when not in use. When glass visor slides out the blower turns on; slides in to turn off. 24"
fluorescent light with prismatic glass lens provides bright cooktop lighting. A special heat detector automatically turns the blower to high speed when
excess heat is detected. Available in white, biscuit or black.
30" • 36"
8.0 sones
500 or 900 cfm
Features - Stainless steel cover standard. White , buscuit, or black optional. The blower control is easy to reach on top of the hood. Speed controls are
flush to the side of the unit. The blower discharges to right, left or down and side-to-side to avoid floor joists. An acces panel allows for easy cleaning.
DACOR, 1440 Bridge Gate Dr., Diamond Bar, CA 91765 - (800) 772-7778
30" • 36" • 42" • 48" • 54"
600 or 1200 cfm
Features - Trim finishes available in black, chrome, brass, or copper. There are halogen lights with dimmable controls that light up the cooking area.
Remote mounted blower systems are also an option. Hoods come in either 9" or 18" for higher ceiling accomodations.
FABER USA (AMCO), PO Box 435, Wayland, MA 01778 -(508) 358-5353
Egysia Angola
6.5 sones
600 cfm
Features - Designed for installation in the corner of the kitchen. It has a disappearing control panel — out of sight when not needed. Fluorescent light with
tempered glass diffuser provides optimum illumination. Dishwasher-safe grease filters made from several layers of aluminum metal mesh which remove
grease and airborne particles from the air — filters pop in and out. The chimney fits ceilings from 8 to 9 feet high. Can also be installed without the
chimney for an interesting floating canopy design. Can be installed ductless without the chimney by adding charcoal filters. Stainless steel backsplash,
utensil bars and wire racks are optional.
24" • 30" • 36"
6.0 sones
230 cfm
Features - Can be attached to any type of cabinet construction. When opened, the front strip of the unit tilts out using a patented hinge system to increase
capture area, and when closed, aligns completely flush with the cabinets. For a totally integrated look, the front strip can be replaced with custom material
to match the cabinets. Opening the front reveals a hidden control panel and activates a microswitch which turns on the blower and the light. This hood
also converts for ductless installation. White or black finish. Dishwasher-safe grease filters. Fully enclosed fluorescent light with tempered glass diffuser.
Axia Plus/Axia Isola
canopy/ island
36" • 48"
6.5 sones
600 cfm
Features - Integrated control panel blends into the top of the hood. 6" round duct and halogen lighting. Dishwasher-safe grease filters. Vent system
provides ducted or ductless installations — require an optional ductless kit. Utensil bars for hanging utensils under the sides of canopy available.
Stainless steel finish.
Update Bulletin No. 914
page 3
Selected Manufacturers of Efficient Kitchen Range Hoods
Capacity (CFM)
IMPERIAL RANGE HOODS, 425 Apollo St., Brea, CA -(800) 851-4192
Stor & Spice
30" • 36" • 42" • 48"
7.5 sones
360 to 660 cfm
Features - Concealed storage area for the convenience of the cook — a shelf is behind the hinged door to store spices or other items. Colored front panel
in stainless steel, white, almond, biscuit, or black. Dishwasher safe full coverage filters. Variable switches give you full control for both power and lights.
Five-year warranty covering parts and labor. Models available with air-ring fan or single blower. Air-ring motors or single balanced centrifugal blowers are
recommed for standard cooking with a four or five burner cooking surface. Dual balanced centrifugal blowers are recommended for a six burner profession
type range. Twin centrifugal blowers are recommended for larger professional style ranges.
Slim Line
36" • 42" • 48"
4.6 sones
740 cfm
Features - Control switches give you full control for both power and the lights. Dishwasher safe full coverage filters. Available stainless steel, white
almond, biscuit, or black finishes. The stack is custom and made to your specific needs and determined by the individual kitchen — ceiling height,
counter height and distance from cooktop to range hood. This unit comes with balanced centrifugal blowers but two single blowers are optional.
Flush Mount
30 " • 36" • 42" • 48"
7.5 sones
350 to 650 cfm
Features - This hood is hidden from view, it is flush with the cabinets when not in use. Available in black, white, biscuit, or almond finishes. A wood panel
can be placed on the front to match your cabinets — supplied by cabinet maker. The metal filters are dishwasher safe. Equipped with dual blowers, also
available with air-ring motor.
JENN-AIR, 403 W. Fourth St. North, Newton, IA 50208 - (800) 536-6247
not available
350 cfm
Features - Available in black or white finish. It is equipped with an auto-start fan and it has memory settings — when you turn it on the blower returns to
the last speed setting. Has a two-level work light to help illuminate the cooking area.
Pro-Style Series
30" • 36" • 48"
not available
600 or 1200 cfm
Features - Stainless steel with dual level flourescent work area lights and two infared warming lamps. Automatic blower operation.
VENT-A-HOOD, PO Box 830426, Richardson, TX 75083 - (800) 331-2492
tilt-out canopy
30" • 36" • 42" • 48"
not available
300 or 600 cfm
Features - Easy to pull out and close, this model blends into the cabinet wall. Custom sizes available. Single or dual exhaust unit. The tilt-out hood has
snap on-off latches so it is easy to keep clean. Simply remove the housing and wash it in the kitchen sink.
under cabinet
30" • 36" • 42" • 48"
not available
300 or 600 cfm
Features - Special lengths are available from 21" to 120". Hood should be mounted so the lower edge of the hood is 24" to 27" above the cooking surface.
There are many other models available for wall mount, under cabinet or island installations.
Optional/Standard Features for units — The “Magic Lung” blower system liquefies cooking grease and vapors in the blower and exhausts purified air into
the duct. The centrifugal blower prevents flames from passing through into the exhaust duct. See page four for detailed description and features of the
"Magic Lung." The exhausters have an 18" fluorescent light mounted under the front lip of the hood. Also offer halogen lighting on cetrtain models.
Number of halogen lights directly correspond to the width of the hood. Halogens include 50 watt halogen bulbs, switched together on a two step dimmer
switch, giving two different light intensity choices. A warming lamp is also available on certain models. Remote blowers are also available. One or two
inch decorative bands are available in copper, brass, textured finishes, standard finishes, or stainless steel. Textured enamel finishes are available in
many colors. Special size bands are also available — choose rivets or hex nuts for attachment. Lip treatments in a color or material of your choice —
attached with rivets or hex nuts. Overlay that completely covers the lip is available in copper, brass or stainless steel. 5/8" diameter brass or chrome rails
with hooks can be added to one or more sides of the lip. An inset lip can be added that can be used to inset tiles, wood, etc. "SensaSource" heat sensor
monitors cooking activity and if the heat reaches an unacceptable temperature inside the hood it will switch the motor to full power. When the heat
decreases the sensor will return the blower to the original setting. This is available on halogen light models only.
The Guardian III Residential Range Top Fire Suppression System
75038 - (800) 786-2178 (972) 252-6201
• A fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing system for stove top cooking.
• Can be used in connection with all residential
ranges, wherever located.
• Cylinder assembly concealed in kitchen cabinets above or to side of stove’s range hood.
• Designed to detect and extinguish stove top
cooking fires on an electric or gas range. The
system will activate quickly to prevent excessive damage to the range hood and kitchen cabinets.
• Automatically sounds an audible alarm when a
fire is detected. Sonically activates the electric
or gas shut-off stopping the flow of electricity
or gas to the stove top.
• An audible chirp will warn of possible trouble
on the electronic circuitry including heat sensors.
• A red power light will blink every 45 seconds
to show the unit is operating.
• A 106 decibel alarm sounds once the system
has been activated.
• The audible alarm chirps every 45 seconds when
a low battery condition exists.
• The Guardian III system can be connected to
automatic telephone dialers, monitored security alarm systems or other warning/protective
• Easy to install — no hardwiring is required.
The extinguisher system is totally self contained
within its own enclosure and comes complete
with a 9-volt DC battery. The system enclosure is placed in the cabinets above the stove
top. No fasteners required. The entire discharge assembly, including heat sensors and
nozzles are held underneath the range hood out
of view by magnetic force. Period cleaning is
• No adjustment required — sensitivity level is
preset and factory sealed/tested for protection.
• Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed.
• Fully assembled subcomponents
Guardian III Fire Supression System
Update Bulletin No. 914
Cooking Efficiency Tips
• Try to avoid opening the oven door a lot as
you cook. Every time you open your oven
door, you lose 25 degrees or more. This can
add up to a 20 percent heat loss. Food takes
longer to cook and you waste energy. Use
your oven light and inspect through oven
door window.
• Foods cook quicker and more efficiently in
ovens when air can circulate freely. Do not
lay foil on racks. Stagger pans on upper and
lower racks to improve air flow if you are
baking more than one pan at a time.
• Keep the burner pans clean and shiny so they
will be more effective at reflecting heat up to
the cookware. Blackened burner pans absorb
a lot of heat, reducing burner efficiency. The
cleaner they are, the better they’ll reflect
heat. The best reflectors on the market can
save as much as 33 percent of the energy used
when cooking on top of the stove.
• Whenever possible, clean oven manually.
Clean self-cleaning ovens after you have
cooked a meal — the oven will still be hot and
the cleaning feature will require less energy
and additional heat.
• Inspect the seal on the oven door for cracks.
Even a small gap allows enough room for a
lot of heat to escape.
• When using conventional ovens, keep your
preheating time to a minimum. Unless you
are baking pastries or breads, you may not
need to preheat. Most dishes do not require
it. If they do require preheating, use a max.
of 10 minutes.
• Try to cook as many things as possible at one
time in your oven. Cook double portions
when using your oven, and refrigerate or
freeze half for another meal. It does not take
as much energy to reheat the food as it does
to cook it — plus you will save preparation
• With electric burners, choose pan sizes that
match the element size. For example, a 6”
pan on an 8” burner will waste more than 40
percent of the heat produced by the burner.
Use the smallest pan possible when cooking.
• Use flat-bottomed cookware that rests evenly
on the burner surface. An electric element is
significantly less efficient if the pan does not
have good contact with the element. Dirty
pans won’t attract electric heat as fast as clean
ones. Consider copper-bottom pans. These
heat up faster than regular pans.
• With electric burners, you can turn off the
burner just before the cooking is complete.
The burner will continue to radiate heat for a
short while.
• When using gas burners, make sure you are
getting a bluish flame. A yellow flame indicates the gas may not be burning efficiently.
If this is the case in your home, have your gas
company check it out.
• Use the minimum amount of water possible,
especially when cooking frozen vegetables.
Bring the water to a boil quickly in a covered
pan at high heat and then turn the heat to a
lower level.
• For a 20 percent savings you should boil
water in a covered pan.
• Try lower heat for oven roast, 325 degrees.
This can reduce meat shrinking,spattering
grease, and your energy bills.
• Use meat thermometers and timers to avoid
overcooking. Overcooking not only wastes
energy, it can spoil the taste and reduce the
nutritional value.
The “Magic Lung” by Vent-A-Hood
Filter-less system separates the grease from the vapor. With no filters the unit is quiet. The housing
and grease plate snap out so they can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.
Constant-level blower speed maintains pressure
to liquefy grease vapor, gives maximum removal
of heat-polluted air.
Ring guard collar
allows space for
ductwork to fit inside,
prevents grease from
collecting between top
of unit and bottom of
cabinets. Contains automatic damper which
prevents back draft.
Blower housing snaps apart
with suitcase latches for easy
Fire safe. Centrifugal action of spinning squirrel cage separates grease from heated vapors,
spinning the by-products into reservoir. Pressure created by squirrel cage centrifugal
exhauster prevents entry of fire into
by-product reservoir or ducting.
Parabola design provides sealed
housing where cooking byproducts gather. Engineered to provide best surface separation of grease
from centrifugal action of
spinning cage.
Shield guard for added safety balances
vapor intake.
page 4
Stor & Spice Range Hood
from Imperial
• Concealed storage area — 6” high, 18” deep.
• 360 cfm to 740 cfm. Choose air-ring fan motors, single blower or balanced centrifugal blowers.
• Variable switches give you full control for both
the power and twin 75 watt lights.
• Three way control for power and lights on the
“SD2” model.
• Colored front panel — stainless steel, white, biscuit, almond, or black.
• Dishwasher safe full coverage filters — a simple
cleaning system.
• Suggested distance from cooking surface: 18” to
outer air ring
air ring
side intake for
Air-Ring fan motor — light lens in center panel. A
combination fan blade motor with an orifice ring
installed in a 7” round vent. 360 cfm to 430 cfm.
Dual centrifugal blowers with free-air chamber.
Light lens is center panel. 710 cfm.
Best IS502 by Broan-Nutone
• Combination of glass and stainless steel offers a
modern, sleek look.
• Flue accommodates ceiling heights from eight to
nine feet.
• Extension flues for higher ceilings are also available for ducted applications.
• Filters are aluminum/stainless and dishwasher safe.
• Delay timer control automatically shuts off range
hood after 10 minutes.
• Control light flashes when it is time to clean the
• Filters are aluminum/
stainless and dishwasher safe.
• Two 20-watt halogen
lamps are included.
• Also has a low nighttime setting.
blower with efficient
motor that produces
450 cfm of exhaust.
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