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Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Crestron Toolbox Release
Thank you for installing the Crestron Toolbox. The following sections are
available in the release notes:
NEW Changes Since Last Version
NEW Known Issues
Toolbox Change Log History
System Requirements
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit with Service Pack 2 or 3 Only (XP
and XP with SP1 are not supported due to .NET 3.5 requirements)
Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit platforms supported when
installed and run on an account with administrative privileges and
XP Compatability mode turned OFF. XP Compatability mode may
cause hangs, crashes, or impoper operation.
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit platforms supported when installed
and run on an account with administrative privileges and XP
Compatability mode turned OFF. XP Compatability mode may
cause hangs, crashes, or impoper operation.
Minimum required PC configuration…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Windows XP: 400MHz Pentium II w/256MB RAM
A display setting of "256 Colors"
Recommended PC configuration
Windows XP: 1GHz Pentium 4 w/512MB RAM
A display setting of "High Color (16 bit)" or higher
Special Note for Windows XP Service Pack 2 Users
It has been discovered that Windows XP Service Pack 2 causes a
memory leak with applications that use the Microsoft Foundation
Classes (MFC). This can be seen by using Task Manager to watch
the allocation of GDI objects by the application when child
windows are created and destroyed. Since Crestron Toolbox uses
MFC it is affected by this issue and may eventually crash after a
large number of windows are opened and closed. Microsoft is
aware of this problem and has issued Hotfix KB319740 to address
it. For more information and to download the patch, please see:
It is not neccessary to install this patch, unless you feel you are
seeing this issue as it is not likey to come to the point of crashing
the application due to the limited use of these resources by
Crestron Toolbox.
Changes Since Last Version
These are changes that have been made since the last numerical version
unless a different version has been noted. Note that the version is
consistent accross all Toolbox tools and thus all are listed here. While
there may not be any explicit Tool changes, Core Toolbox changes may
affect device specific support and general stability.
Toolbox 2.26.111 (05-16-2011)
Core Toolbox
Bugs Fixed
Fixed progress monitoring after firmware loads to
InfiNetEX devices.
System Info Ethernet pane now shows correct
effective DNS servers.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed IP Table support for TPMC-8X-GA
Fixed "Unknown device" errors when connecting to
Changes to improve stability of program
management aspects of 3-series (stopping,
restarting, erasing, loading)
Device Discovery Tool sorting by IP now sorts
Fix MC3 SB system uploading to wrong program
location even though NSW sets up IP Table in the
correct location.
Fix for TPMC-9/9L ethernet settings confirmation
dialog cancellation.
Fix for DNS settings not being properly applied in
some cases from System Info.
Fix in shared modules that resulted in incorrect
values in many tools with certain regional settings.
Fixed crash when pasting long text in address book
Fixed crash when connecting to a USB device with a
very long hostname (63 characters or more).
Fixed bug related to sending multiple XPanel projects
to different locations on CF on 2-series.
Fixes for Device Configurations (DM Tool and others)
which was preventing files from being saved if any
errors occured (including trivial or meaningless ones)
PUF Tool
Fix certain dependency processing that
allowed some devices to get into a bad state
Fix to improve stabilty and eliminate a case
that could cause the tool to hang while
DM Tool
TX-300-F - DM fiber output shows no info of
the DM switcher.
Copy Display warning bottom line missing
bottom half
Unable to unlock EDID config after switching
source type
TX-400-3G DMTool can't be started from 6X1
Hide input 2 for Audio Formats on Input EDIDs
- Test Report
RMC-150-S has no text title for output…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Test Report does not append .xml when period
used in save name
"No 3D Support" should not be in EDID list of
Supress "No Connection" string at the DM Out
of TX until Toolbox have capability to detect
the correct connection
DM-RMC-200-C looks at wrong output
resolution info
RX1-1G USB selection is available when USB
Breakaway is enabled for DM swticher
Info window is cut off at the screen boundary.
Tooltips: Info box do not remain active long
enough to read the contents
EDID Configuration: Display EDID Make and
Model in the tooltip for the output
"cannot edit EDID" warning is too aggressive
Clearly indicate HDCP/non-HDCP on all video
Dialog for saving configuration does not follow
the save dialog for windows.
TX-300 DVI input says HDMI even when DVI
source is present
Add warning message to image adjust page of
HDMI Deep Color Enabled selection is not
being preserved for the Output cards.
Network Setup Wizard
NSW fails on a PSPHD Crestron device in
Prodigy Connection Diagram cut off
Add more specific instructions for keypads
PMC3 (and other system types)- Instruction
link for acquire dialog does not go to specific
enough help topic
Recall previous control system address to
speed up initial detection step
New Features
GLPAC support to load programs and firmware via master
cresnet port.
Allow multiple Web and Mobility projects of the same type
to be loaded with automatic cleanup of old projects.
CLCI Mode setting via System Info and Network Tree
Functions menu.
TPMC-9/TPMC-9L support for loading project using 16-level…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox:
Rele… project using 16-level
anti-aliased fonts.
3-Series authentication logon support for username and
Identify Transmitter Support for 3-Series
System Monitor supports 3-Series control systems
InfiNetEX Diagnostics tool
New Device Support
CEN-RGBHVHB12x8 - Including New Configuration Tool
Before uploading projects to the PLX3, verify that the
remote is awake and communicating with the
gateway. If the PLX3 is asleep, pressing any button
on the remote will wake it and reconnect it to the last
gateway it used.
Fix for issue where some configuration changes are not
reflected in the tool without restarting the tool
Audio Adjustments Tab - compression setting gets
saved/updated after reboot
Fix for issue where Mixer 3 Post Monitor Level control did
not work properly
Fixed issue where the first input compensation level change
gets saved but the ones after do not
Speaker Adjustment Tab - delay unit ranges are now
No Tool Changes
BPC-8 Tool
No Tool Changes
No Tool Changes
ProSound Tools
No Tool Changes…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Prodigy Tools
No Tool Changes
Known Issues
The following are items which may differ than what might be
expected but are by design and are not planned to change.
Serial HW Handshaking (RTS/CTS) is stricter than the
Viewport was. If a device has RTS/CTS on and Toolbox does
not, you will not be able to communicate.
The following issues are known and will be addressed in future
NEW Before uploading projects to the PLX3, verify that the
remote is awake and communicating with the gateway. If
the PLX3 is asleep, pressing any button on the remote will
wake it and reconnect it to the last gateway it used.
When naming addresses in the address book, do not start
those names with "tcp", "ssl", "usb" or "rs232" as these
while they will work for direct connections will not work
properly if used in indirect connections.
X Generation Processors do NOT support Touch Settable ID
operations. Therefore when there are conflicting TSIDs on a
cresnet network on an X Generation System, The Network
Tree will show these conflicts and not allow any operations
on those devices. In addition there is no way to resolve the
conflict on the X Generation Processor. A work around is to
address the device specifically in the address book and
connect to it using the System Info Tool. Using this tool you
will be able to perform all the same operations you would
have through the Network Device Tree.
Transfer dialogs restrict transfers to one at a time. Use a
script or multiple instances of Toolbox for simultaneous
Some error messages leave much to be desired.
USB driver is Unsigned and thus may cause Windows to
attempt to find a better one online or show warnings upon
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
While using the QM Audio Config Tool, if you have a text
cosnole open to the same device over cresnet, some
operations and updates may be slower than usual. To
correct this, close all text consoles while using the QM Audio
Config Tools.
Regarding the "Allow 16-level fonts to load" check box on
the Touch Panel Project Dialog. VTPro uses this standard
project dialog so the setting WILL be in effect. The only
stipulation is that VTPro can be set to auto-load the project
in which case the dialog does not give the user a chance to
change settings and just starts loading immediately. In this
case it may be missed, or they will have to turn off the
auto-send to have a chance to change the setting. The
setting will be persistent in this case. So if they uncheck
then turn auto-send back on, it will continue to send only
the 4-level fonts. Loads through System Builder and D3Pro
do NOT use this standard dialog and therefore will always
attempt to load 16-level fonts if the panel supports them,
regardless of the state of this check box. To specify this
setting in scripting see the command
ability_functions_DisplayListSetSpecialLoadBehavior. Also
note that some models of touch panels have a command to
disable 16-level font support wchich if done, will override
any Toolbox setting and prevent the 16-level fonts from
loading. See the release notes of the latest FW for your
Touch Panel for details.
Regarding DM Tool for DigitalMedia. While the DM Tool is
running, if the connected device (DM Switcher) experiences
a reboot for ANY reason The DM Tool will no longer show
correct status updates. In this case you should close all
Toolbox tools and Apps (including SIMPL Windows, System
Builder, VTPro-E) and then relaunch the DM Tool.
All Tools: if multiple instances of a tool are opened, then
one is closed, all other open instances will not work
correctly. If this occurs, close down all open tool instances,
then open a new tool instance to have full functionality
The following issues involving Toolbox have work arounds or
posted fixes, and therefore will not be fixed.
The SMW Program Tree may not show proper menu items
for certain devices which cannot be programmed in SIMPL
windows. This includes but is not limited to the AES. A fix
for this issue has been included in SIMPL Windows 2.07.21.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
The following issues involve interactions between Toolbox and
some third party applications which may be installed on a
computer. There are no plans on resolving these issues beyond
updating or uninstalling the noted application.
Regarding PROCISE Tools and Sonnex Tool. Computer may hang,
crash, and/or be unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input while
using the Parametric Equalizer in these tools. This issue is caused
by NVIDIA drivers and programs that NVIDIA installs during the
driver install. To resolve this, go to the NVIDIA website
[] and install the latest drivers. During the install,
be sure to check “Perform Clean Install”, and remove (uncheck)
ALL components other than the “Graphics Driver”.
Stardock WindowBlinds is an application related to customizing
the user interface of windows. This application causes the Toolbox
menu items to incorrectly show as disabled, and causes the action
taken when an item is selected to be something other than what is
expected. Like launching the System Info Tool when you try to
start logging in the text console.
Toolbox currently does not support the following.
Most X Generation control System Operations. Detection,
and support for loading through an X Generation Processor
IS supported starting with Toolbox v1.06.23.
MS Style Control Systems
ST-CP Control Systems
CNX-RMCLV, CNX-RMC - Direct Connections. You can
change network IDs using the newtrok device tree when
connected to a 2-Series processor.
CNXTA cards
Specific Functionality
Set Transmitter ID
iLux with slave iLux(s) connect on local cresnet using
Network Tree takes excessive CPU time. ~1 min per slave.
Toolbox Change Log History
Toolbox 2.25.069 (3-16-2011)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Bug Fixes
Various fixes for Network Setup wizard related to:
"Upload type not supported" message seen in upload
Crash when launching upload dialog in
Getting stuck at "Connecting..." to PMC3-XPs
Several fixes related to multiple programs on the
Fixed crash when going from Prodigy Composer to
SystemBuilder in some cases
Fixed timeout during firmware upgrades to newer Digital
Media devices.
Fixed DM Tool lockup when connecting to a 6x1 switcher
Toolbox 2.25.061 (2-11-2011)
Bug Fixes
Many fixes in DM Tool for various device specific issues.
SVideo not shown on Input page of TX-200-2G
RMC-200-C - DM Tool Output Setup Video Controls
don't respond when video is 3D
TX-100 Incoming stream does not show 3D
information if the source is 3D
No Audio Reported on RGBHV input page for Analog
Audio In: TX-200-2G
RMC-200-C - Output User Resolutions disappear in
list in DM Tool
Changing key count manually causes incorrect save
dialog to pop up
DMC-CAT: In DMTool show signal info connector even
if no DM device detected
Add displaying the TCP/IP config on all "switches"
Input Compensation Wording on DVI card is
incorrect, says SPDIF
DMC-CO-HD Card - Deep Color setup issues
Input Settings Signal Type /Decoding Mode is
missing entries for DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1
EDID Copy Display on output 2 not working for TX300N-F Inputs
When or VGA is plugged into TX-300, must block
EDID write until after cable removal
Fixed bug which was causing issues changing Cresnet IDs
using the following method.
Assuming you have three cresnet devices with the
same ID. Plug in the first one, use Network Device…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
ID. Plug in the first one, use Network Device
Tree to change it. Plug in the next device, refresh the
tree, you will see both correctly. Attempting to
change the second devices ID will fail.
Fixed many bugs related to loading bootloaders to DM
endpoints. Required for next Bootloader PUF.
Adjusted file transfer timing to help with aborted file
transfers to TPMC-9/9L and TPMC-3X
Fixed bad file transfer timeouts for DM endpoint firmware
Various fixes and changes to Network Setup Wizard to aid
in stability and reliable setup of devices.
Status icons in Network Device Tree now render properly in
16-bit graphics mode.
Fixed bug in Network Analyzer which would give false
negatives for a TX line initially floating.
Fixed bug seen when loading directly from VTPro-E, the
dialog may have gotten hung at "Initializing..."
Fixed bug when sending a program which has no IP table
entries, any existing entries on the control system would be
Changed behavior of USB connections. Previously once a
device was found, Toolbox would latch on to that device,
only allowing a different device to connect using that
address if all tools using it were closed. i.e. now you can
have System Info open to "usb" working with one device,
unplug it, plug in another USB device, and Refresh without
Significant changes to improve general stability and
memory consumption. Fewer hangs and Switch-To/Retry
In the PUF tool when a load is not performed due to failed
dependent loads, show different status. Was showing
general Failure.
Toolbox now checks some specific network behavior
regarding name resolution and adjusts which resolution
protocol is used first, network DNS or Crestron Discovery.
New Device Support
Direct iPhone and iPad project loads (requires updated app)
VPG-24 support
Toolbox 1.24.046 (12-07-2010) - NOT Released
Bug Fixes…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed error detection during project loads on some TPMC
Fixed bug loading firmware to PTX3 and TPMC-3X.
Minor changes to the USB driver. This may trigger a onetime, once-per-port 'Found New Hardware' message.
Fixes to Upload dialog erroneous messages (Program Tree
and System Builder / D3Pro)
Fixed issue with wrong failure message to be shown when
attempting to load a non-existent program.
Fixed issue with System Builder reporting a false
StopProgram failed.
Fixed many issues with TPMC-9L including Ethernet
settings, setup and calibrate mode, and progress
monitoring during reboot cycles.
Fixed issues with SWAMP and NSW interactions.
Fixed issues with Device Upload in system Builder and
Updates to the Digital Media Test Report
New Device Support
SWAMP-E - Simultaneous loads to multiple extenders now
BPC-8 and BPC-HPLIR, including new onCue BPC-8 Tool for
configuration and Device Learner for learning IR
Toolbox 1.23.058 (11-23-10)
Bug Fixes
Added Warning messages in A/V Config Tools before
possible hang due to software conflict.
Fixed escape sequence parsing in some script commands.
\x02 for example did not result in the proper output
Fixed ethernet setting support for TPMC-8L.
Fixed count of devices reported in the Network Device tree
Corrected uninstall application
Added downgrade warning for IM-RX.
Fixed bug in Network tree where clearing an InfiNet(ex) id
would cause it to fail further operations until refreshed.
Fixed some timeouts when loading firmware to DM-TX-300.
Fixed some TPMC-4SM support for ethernet settings
Fixed intermittent crash when exiting Procise tool
Fixed selecting outputs for EDID groups not working…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron
Fixed selecting
for Toolbox
groups not working
properly for TX-300N-F
Fixed general race condition which could cause some
Audio/Video Tools and the Upload dialog to miss feedback
from the device.
Fixed IP Table support for devices when a Device ID was
System Info panes reordered with some default collapsed
states to allow for faster load times. Especially for AMS-AIP.
Updates to the Digital Media Test Report
New Device Support
SWAMP and SWAMP-E including the Sonnex Tool for
DM-RMC-150-S, DM-RMC-200-C
Toolbox 1.22.109 (10-20-10)
Bug Fixes
DM Tool - Added support for automatic EDID confirguration
for several HDMI Sources.
Program Tree
Identify option has been re-instated.
Fixed erroneous error messages remaining in System
Builder Upload dialog.
Fixed pot`ential crash if selecting an item with no
address set.
Fixed timeout in DM-TX-300 devices during Firmware load.
Fixed problem loading touch panel projects compiled with
very old versions of VTPro-E
Added support for VPG-12 / VPG-15 PUF loading.
New Device Support
Added support for changing Cresnet ID for TPMC-9/9L
Toolbox 1.22.062 (9-16-10)
Bug Fixes
Fixed the Device Discovery Tool to ensure all discovered
devices are shown
Fixed TPMC-10 not properly detecting failures, and
continuing without indication of a problem.
Fixed issue related to how ethernet devices were shown in
the network device tree when there were multiple CIP
connections on a single IP ID.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed bug with TPMC-3X which caused project loads to
report a failure.
Fixes for VPG-12/VPG-15 firmware loads.
Fixed improper rounding for negative numbers in many A/V
configuration tools.
Fixed timeout when sending larger Web and Mobility
Projects to some Adagio control systems.
Fixed infiNetEX devices showing in the Network Device Tree
Views after they stop communicating with the gateway.
Better error checking in IP Table dialog to enforce proper
entry selection.
File Manager - Added a "Copy files from..." menu item
option to address broken drag and drop functionality in
Windows 7.
System Info - Fixed initial state of expand/collapse icons.
Program Tree - Cleaned up Device Setup dialog, like column
sizes, ordering, labeling...
DM Tool - Various usability and small technical bugs fixed.
General fix for configuring touch panels when device IDs are
System Monitor
Fix for a crash when closing the tool while still
Fixed issue preventing this tool from working with
the Pro2
QM Audio Tool
Speech 1 and Speech 2 Mixer dialogs now read
"Program L/R"
Fix for QM-AE4 feedback in Audio config tool,
especially for the fourth channel.
Fixed issue where some dialogs could fall behind
Toolbox, resulting in Toolbox appearing to be
Various usability improvements
Prodigy Tool
Fixed issue where some dialogs could fall behind
Toolbox, resulting in Toolbox appearing to be
Now included in the Full Toolbox install. (Still
available individually as well)
Procise Tool
Fixed bug preventing Source Names from being
Now included in the Full Toolbox install. (Still…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
available individually as well)
Added warning when downgrading IM Control System
firmware due to memory mapping changes.
New Device Support
DM Tool Commissioning Report
Able to set ethernet settings for TPMC-9, TPMC-9L and
TPMC-V12 and TPMC-V15
Toolbox 1.21.049 (8-9-10)
Bug Fixes
Fixed Project loads to TPMC-3X
Fixed DM Tool for HD-DA-2-QUAD
Fixed bugs un Ethernet configuration dialog where some
settings were not always sent.
Fixed some flakiness in device detection using Setup Wizard
or Program Tree.
Fixed issues to keep Toolbox and device in sync regarding
feedback in Device Configuration Tools like Procise, Prodigy,
DM Tool etc...
Fixed crash in Text Console if scroll was locked and enough
data came in to trim the buffer twice.
Fix which should resolve many switch-to retry messages.
Especially when changing address while Toolbox is trying to
connect to a vacant IP address.
Fixed some general memory leaks and performance issues.
Fixed auto-baud detect for detecting 115200
Fixed Serial settings showing in System Info
Fixed issue loading multiple Web Mobility projects.
Fixed issue in Device Discovery tool that prevented
discovered devices from being shown in subsequent
Fixed crash when launching Audio Settings from the Finish
View of Prodigy Composer.
New Device Support
Added EDID configuration support for QM-FBCC-1, QMWCC-1, QM-WCC-2, QM-WMC-VCC, QM-TX2-CC, and…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
WCC-1, QM-WCC-2,
DM-MD8x8-RPS, DM-MD16x16-RPS, DM-MD32x32-RPS
Toolbox 1.20.049 (6-22-10)
DNS Management dialog has been redone to show (if
possible) which servers are static and which are dynamic as
well as an 'effective' list showing which servers are actually
in use.
During file decompression show a progress bar.
USB driver is no longer installed every time.
Network Setup Wizard has been changed to allow USB
connection to the PMC2 processor, even if the Prodigy
project includes XPanel, iPhone/iPad, XPanel for MAC
interfaces. It still requires an Ethernet connection to set up
PTL4 and P-IDOCV, which are Ethernet devices.
General Performance enhancements.
Bug Fixes
File Decompression performance issues have been resolved.
Mostly noticeable with large Touch Panel projects,
decompression could have taken excessively long.
Bringing up the address book or address dialog in Toolbox is
now immediate after the first time. This was taking 5
seconds or so each time.
When closing Toolbox at the prompt asking you to save
your workspace, the Cancel option did not work and closed
Many Various DM fixes for specific device functionality.
Linking the program and network trees within Toolbox is
Loading Web projects to subfolders on external media was
not working. This has been corrected as well as the help file
updated to better describe the functionality and rules.
Improved refresh time for Network and Program Trees. This
will speed up System Builder and D3Pro refresh
performance as well.
Fixes for Windows 7 display related issues.
New Device Support…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
New Device Support
ADMS - Project Loading
IPAD project support.
PROAMP-7x250, PROAMP-7x400
Toolbox 1.19.146 (approx 5-1-10)
Updates to Network Setup Wizard to support Adagio devices
and general reliability.
Improved initial load time.
Reorganized Network Device Tree to move out of system
Ethernet devices into their own separate tree node.
Bug Fixes
Digital Media - DM Tool - Fixed a number of operational
Fixed MT-1000 support
Fixes for MP-BXX System Info
Fixed problem loading web pages and mobility projects.
Some process would report an error regarding the command
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.19.023 (3-16-2010)
Updates to Network Setup Wizard to support Adagio
Enabled Network Setup Wizard in standalone Toolbox.
Bug Fixes
Fixes to PSPHD firmware loads related to PUF Tool
Fixed crash when saving configurations.
Digital Media
DM Tool - Fixed a number of operational problems.
Fixes to a number Digital Media component firmware loads.16/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixes to a number Digital Media component firmware loads.
Fixes to Program tree to resolve long load times on larger projects
Fixes to Program tree to reoslve issue loading programs with '.'
character(s) in the name.
Fixes to Program tree related to disappearing cursors.
Fixes to Network tree verification calls.
Fixes to Toolbox to prevent icons for tools that are not actually
installed (or that have been uninstalled) from appearing.
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.18.013 (2-22-09)
Updates to Network Setup Wizard to support Adagio
Bug Fixes
Fixed USB driver installation issues.
DM Tool
Fixed some card detection issue.
Fixed missing audio ouptut level control.
Fixed bug reading DIP format IP Table files.
Fixes to Web Page management such that a single iPhone
or MAC project can be loaded to external media and work
Fixes to TPMC-3X Firmware Loads.
Toolbox 1.17.032 (1-25-09)
Updates to Network Setup Wizard
Bug Fixes
Fixed COM Sever crash when queries are posted to the user
such as asking for a password or device type mismatch
when sending a project.
Fixed some issues relating to closing device sessions which
could potentially cause problems for other tools connected
ot the same device.
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.16.045 (12-31-09)
Special Notes - Changes in Behavior…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Special Notes - Changes in Behavior
Workspace file format has changed slightly. This means any
existing workspaces which had certain tools loaded will
report that the plugin could not be found when loading
them. Relaunching the tool and savingthe workspace again
will resolve the issue.
Installations and incompatabilities - If you are coming from
a Toolbox version prior to 1.16, then your old Toolbox
installation has been automatically uninstalled for you. If
you had Pro Sound Tools or the DVPHD tool also installed,
you will need to reinstall these with the new versions
available that are compatable with Toolbox 1.16. This is a
one-time inconvienence neccesary to move forward with the
latest development tools and thus provide the best product
USB driver - Due to several changes that have occurred
recently we were forced to implement a rather inconvenient
fix in order to make things as stable as possible. The result
of this is that after installing Toolbox 1.16 and each time
thereafter installing 1.16 or above (until further notice) you
will be asked to reinstall the USB driver. Allowing Windows
to automatically select ( not to search ) should work, but
you will see a popup warning. We are working hard to make
this more convent and eliminate this step which we hope to
have complete within the next few versions.
Significant Bug fixes
Fix for Project File Spec for MLX-2
Digital Media - Many fixes. This version may require a FW
update. The DM Tool will prompt you if this is the case.
Fixed link duplex warning
QM tools annoying popup dialog on startup removed
MP-B10 / MP-B20 IP table support fixed
TPCM-4X, TPMC-4XG, and TPMC-3X - Fixed Firmware Loads
and connectivity over USB.
Fixed Crash or hang related to closing certain tools such as
System Monitor and DM Tool.
New Features
Web Project Management Feature - You can now manage
web and mobility projects individually. See Web and
Mobility Project Management dialog in System Info for new
features and updated help.
System Monitor Tool - Fixed several crashes related to
closing the tool, various program situations and time
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
New Device Support
TPMC-4SM Firmware Loads
TPMC-3X - Operating System Loads
PSPHD - Including Audio Configuration Tool available as a
separate installer.
DGE-1 and VPG-12, VPG-15 - Basic Support only for VPGs
PAMP4x100 - Basic Support Only
Toolbox 1.15.341 (10-28-09)
Significant Bug fixes
Fixed Serial COM port setting shown in System Info for 2Series Control Systems.
Normalized IP address such that and would be treated as the same connection.
Network Device tree - In Update All XXX Firmware, allow
multi-select and file assignment to all selected. Also fixed
filespec filters.
Fixed filespec filters on Address Book import dialog.
Fixed some problems when devices reboot or after loading
Firmware where the TSID may not be reported. This would
be flagged as an error and the tool would have to be close
to recover.
Many updates and fixes for the Digital Media Tool (DM Tool)
New Features
System Monitor tool - Task Manager like tool for 2-Series
Control Systems
New USB driver with support for 64-bit Operating Systems
including XP and Vista.
PUF Tool will now support some simultaneous firmware
loads via Ethernet for DM Systems
Context Dialogs (Program, Firmware, Projects...) now
change from "Send" to "Send Again" to indicate the project
has been sent once. Reset on change of filename or dialog
Implemented RGB Passthrough option on the MPS-100,
MPS-200, MPS-250 and MPS-300
New Device Support
CEN-RGBHV32x32 - Configuration via Media Tools. Master
and Slave mode setting via System Info Functions menu.
TPMC-3X Operating System Update
DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F
Other Changes
Microsoft .NET library dependencies.
.NET 2.0 libraries removed from installer.
.NET 3.5 Bootstrap application added which will
download on demand what is needed.
Standalone install posted on Crestron Website
for offline installations.
Toolbox 1.15.143 (8-14-09)
Significant Bug fixes
Many stability and reliability fixes to the Network and
Program Trees.
IP Table Support completely reworked. All status fields now
shown. Support for Touch Panel Peer type entries.
PUF tool enhancements related to Digital Media.
DM Tool
New Video Diagnostics tab for DMC-VID and DMCDVI cards.
Performance optimizations.
Many usability enhancements including updated Help
New Excel example with VBA code showing how to run any
console command on a list sof devices and show the
respons ein the spreadsheet.
Reworked Network Analyzer analysis algortihms to properly
analyze devices with low voltage tranceivers like the MP
Button Panels.
New Features
Automatic Hostname resolution using Crestron proprietary
protocol allows resolution in all DNS and non-DNS
environments of Crestron equipment.
New Device Support
TPMC-3X and TPMC-4XG - Ethernet settings (read only)
PMC2 and Prodigy Line…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.15.071 (7-6-09)
Significant Bug fixes
Many stability and reliability fixes to the Network and
Program Trees.
IP Table Support completely reworked. All status fields now
shown. Support for Touch Panel Peer type entries.
Corrected some script examples in the help, added
reference docs for SNMP support, added Excel example for
running console commands on a list of devices.
DM Tool
New KSV management tab.
Performance optimizations.
Reliability fixes mainly for DM Firmware loads but may help
in other areas as well for indirect connections (like cresnet)
Made infiNet device detection faster in Network Tree.
Fixes to help keep DM Tool and other A/V config tools
properly in sync with the device through disconnects and
Enabled SNMP support accross all current control systems.
New Device Support
DM-MD16x16, DM-TX-100, DM-TX-200, DMCI
HD-MD8x1, HD-MD8x2
Toolbox 1.14.062 (5-28-09)
Significant Bug fixes
Automatically adjust SIMPL+ memory limits when needed
and support on Adagio Control systems.
This affects AES, AMS, AMS-AIP, AADS, and AADSXM
Many small incremental fixes for System Builder. Including
many improved and mre detailed status and error messages
Fixed bug with the MPC-M50 which cause a popup error
notification during Network Tree usage or SIMPL Windows
New Device Support
QM-RX1-2G - Full support including Audio Config Tool (No
Help, will be in next release)
Toolbox 1.14.054 (4-20-09)
New Features…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
New Features
Device Discovery Tool now shows Crestron Ethernet
devices with System Info Pane.
Significant Bug fixes -Fixed bug where Functions Menu on
Network device tree was not appearing on the right click
menu of many devices.
DM Tool
Improved progress reporting during load.
Fixed display internationalization issues.
Added popup notifications for several situations
where settings on touch panels may be lost during
FW downgrade
IPAC - Added deletion for old display projects (.bin
and .hex) when uploading a new one (Send).
Fixed server crash which could occur on large
systems with duplicate IDs.
Program Load - Addded a check to ensure sufficient
SPLUS memory is available. Will warn if not.
iPhone interface
Fix for web page loads (including iPhone
projects) where sibling folders may be sent as
well causing a prompt stating the project will
not fit.
Fix where sending Xpanel would erase an
iPhoneProject and vice versa.
Added Help button to every 'Functions' menu dialog.
Fixed several bugs related to false negatives when
loading 2-series firmware. Mainly to be more lenient
on dropped connections after the file was sent and
increased timeouts.
New Device Support
MP-BXX - Full Support.
CEN-NVS-100 - Basic support for tree controls.
GLS-SIM - Basic Support
DM-MD16x16, DMC-FO, DMC-VID-BNC, DMC-DVI Full Support including DM Tool
DM-TX-100, DM-TX-200, DM-TX-300 - Basic Support
MPC-M50 - Full Support
HD-MD8x1, HD-MD8x2 - Full Support including DM
Toolbox 1.13.325 (2-25-09)
Significant Bug fixes
Some usability fixes in the new Network and Device Trees
When loading a program, the query for loading the default…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
When loading a program, the query for loading the default
IP Table now has a 'Cancel' option.
File Manager will now compact the file system when
sending a file if needed. Will also show error if the file will
not fit.
Fixed erroneous 'Insufficient Flash Memory" error from
SystemBuilder during System Upload.
New Device Support
SW-MOB-AI - Crestron Control App for iPhone(tm)
This support includes the NEW DM Configuration Tool
which connects to the DM-MD8x8 for full system
Additional Support in the Package Update Tool For
the CUZ 4.001 deployment.
Toolbox 1.13.223 (1-21-09)
Changes to note
In the address book dialog, the 'meshnet' indirect type has
been replaced by the 'infiNET(EX)' type.
Web Pages dialog is now titled "Web Pages and Mobility
Network and Program Tree controls have been rewritten.
When installed they will remove the old device trees from
the toolbar. They will be available from the Tools menu, but
will no longer be supported. The new trees will be required
for some new device support such as the MLX-2.
Significant Bug fixes
Workspace Management fixes for Toolbox.exe. Prompt to
close windows when loading a new workspace and fixed
issue when loading workspaces from the File Menu MRU list.
Added a hard project limit warning for TPMC series
Fixed intemittent problem of infiNET dimmers not showing
up in the network tree.
Removed TSID errors in the Network tree for slotted
CNWMBG2-34 was showing in network tree as NULL device.
File Manager now checks for available space and
automatically compacts if needed.
Some stability fixes to address stalls and failures when…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Some stability fixes to address stalls and failures when
reconnecting to devices.
New Device Support
New Display Project Assignment allowing load and
assignment of multiple projects before MLX-2
remotes are acquired.
Toolbox 1.12.133 (7-30-08)
New Features
SIMPL Debugger
Added goto next/prev time stamp in trace with +/key shortcuts.
Added analog time format.
Added Signal Format to context menu.
Significant Bug fixes
Added better protection in cresnet Slave dialog against
invalid cresnet IDs.
Fixed pop up window in text console when shift is pressed.
Only shows when shift is help and the mouse is moved.
Fixed IP table error on the TPMC-4XG when the IP Table is
Fixed saving of expanded states of System Info sections.
Improved detection reliability, especially for heaviliy loaded
Improved performance of ethernet communications. Should
reduce stalls, and greatly improve text console and SIMPL
Debugger performance and reliability.
Fixed TSID errors reported for CEN-TRACK tuner cards and
some AMS / AMS-AIP internal cards.
SIMPL Debugger
Fixed Items to Trace on context menu.
Fixed filtering of SIMPL+ trace messages from being
traced as console data as well.
Fixed bug with auto-negotiation setting on QM-RMC(RX)
Fixed bug with Compact File System on some Touch panels
Fixed several possible crashes of the server
Fixed SSL certificate management.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed SSL certificate management.
Fixed save files from System Info on some devices like the
Fixed TPMC-8X docking station issues. Whas giving erorr on
ethernet dialog when not docked.
Fixed crash in CEN-TIA Menu Builder when adding audio
New Device Support
Added Support for TPS-6X and CEN-HPRFGW.
Added support for reporting TPMC-8X dock ethernet
Added support for the TPMC-4XG.
Added support for legacy CLI-DxxxN and CNWMBG-10
Added support for MPC Control System line
Added support for the DIN Rail lighting line including DINAP2 processor.
Toolbox 1.12.027 (5-27-08)
New Features
Significant Bug fixes
Fixed Timing issues with AMS-AIP
Fixed some stability issues with device detection and added
rejection and retry mechanisms
Fixed communications issue with the TPMC-4XG over USB
Fixed Touch Settable setup with the TPS-6L
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.11.011 (5-16-08)
New Features
Significant Bug fixes
Fixed problem with some devices staying in passto mode
after running the System Info tool.
Several fixes to support Roomview and the CEN-UPS.
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.11.008 (4-24-08)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
New Features
Significant Bug fixes
When connecting to an indirect cresnet device using
System Info, updates were very slow.
Several fixes to support Roomview.
Fixed some missing dependencies which would cause
installation issues on some new PCs.
Fix for SIMPL Debugger where reloading a changed
program, all signals began tracing, not just what was
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.10.024 (4-09-08)
New Features
System Info now shows sub-devices as separate sections in
the main display, e.g. AMS-AIP OSD projects
In Program Info areas, show the program version for SIMPL
programs if available. (Parsed from filename currently)
Text Console - Added menu selection "Transmit Arrow
Characters" which will TX character codes for arrow keys.
Significant Bug fixes
New Device Support
Toolbox 1.09.015 (2-22-08)
New Features
Help -> About dialog now shows variations of Vista as well
as some new HW info (CPU, memory etc..)
Server Notification message dialog now has sort and copy to
clipboard functionality.
Significant Bug fixes
SIMPL Debugger
Trace time display for TRACE messages from SIMPL+
Fixed logging of most events when saved to file.
Better startup from SIMPL Windows.
Improved defaults to help promote use of debug…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox:
promote use of debug
profiles that save all debugging settings.
Fixes for AMS-AIP include OSD transfer progress reporting
and Network Device tree support
Fix for crash when loading large (>520KB) HEX file type
projects to touch panels.
C2ENET-# cards now hidden from Program Tree / System
bulder since they cannot be verified currently.
General fixes for Saving / Loading Device Configurations
from the Audio Tools, most importantly for the MPS200/300
New Device Support
Read-only access to ethernet parameters on TPMC series
panels. Must still be set via Setup pages on the panel.
Toolbox 1.08.083 (1-29-08)
New Features
Added support for multiple contexts (e.g. MPS/AMS line) Context Dialog support
Added Notification Messages on server popup based on data
file directives
Added data file change monitoring and monitoring of local
toolbox data path and also the new device database path
given in the registry.
Only load APADs and C2I-ADG-FPANELs if the project is
Added Buffer Management to Text Console and optimized
drawing. Also added scroll lock feature.
Added SIMPL+ TRACE support to SIMPL Debugger
New Power Management Tool for CEN-UPS
MPS-300 configuration added to Audio Config Tool.
Significant Bug fixes
Fixed problem setting Rf settings on RFGWX gateways
Added DNS support for TPS-4 / 6 variants
Fixed issues in SIMPL debugger dealing with large amounts
of data crashing the tool.
Fixed Live Firmware Update Dialog to work better.
Many TJI/RJI fixes
Fixed NAT configuration on 2-series control systems
Added workaround for Touchpanels where there are
commas in the filename.
New Device Support
CEN-TRACK - Basic support…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CEN-TRACK - Basic support
AMS-AIP - Basic support, compressed loads, other
TPMC-8X docking/undocking dialog
HTT-B10X - check for power supply before FW load.
Program tree
AAS - try to verify, but may not be able to. Program tree
MPS-300 with tool support
CEN-RGBHV shows if the internal switcher is in the loader
INET-CBD and INETI-CB - Basic support
C2NI-CB - Basic support
CEN-UPS with tool support
Toolbox 1.07.062 (10-31-07)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32 (1.07.062)
Media Tools (
QM Tools (
Bugs Fixed:
AMS.ini (35)
AMS-AIP (1) - Enabled Pro Sound Tools for AMS-AIP.
CmVptLib32 (1.07.062)
Fixes to realtime serial join updates.
Media Tools (
Fixes for realtime event updates broken in 1.07.015.
Fix for parametric EQ graph.
QM Tools (
Fixes for realtime event updates broken in 1.07.015.
Added New driver for MT-1000 Vista support.
Toolbox 1.07.015 (10-26-07)
Modules affected:
VptAddressBook.dll (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
VptAddressBook.dll (
CmVptLib32 (1.07.014)
Bugs Fixed:
AMS.ini (34)
C2I-AMS-AIP-OSD (3) - Increased timeouts,
TimeoutFastQuery=5000, TimeoutSlowQuery=20000
Keypads_CameoSeries (2)
C2N-CB-TS (2) - Fixed Bargraph timeout join value
conversion type.
CEN-UPS,CEN-UPS1250 (3) - Added system clock
VptAddressBook.dll (
(Bug 16591) - Fixed bug "invalid direct communications"
msg when using address book iconon Toolbox.exe footer.
(Bug 16630) - Fixed bug where you would be unable to
change an ethernet address using the pencil icon.
CmVptLib32 (1.07.015)
Many fixes and additional checks for TJI support.
Added final reboot of CEN-RGBHV after FW load where
internal firmware had changed.
Added a force re-detect of control system support after
firmware load.
Added "Examples and Tools" folder currently with two
Excel/VB examples.
One sheet which loads a list of programs to a list of
addresses from the spread sheet and shows status as
it works. Loads are done simultaneously if possible.
The other generates a Toolbox ADR file give a list of
IP addresses.
Added script example page in HTML reference docs with
three basic examples showing some common script
operations including deferring reboots, and loading via
Toolbox 1.07.05 (10-22-07)
Modules affected:
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.07.05)
CmVptGui (
Script Manager (
MediaTools (
QM-Tools (
VptAddressBook (
CmPeq2.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
MPS-200.ini (18)
MPS-200 (1) - Added cresnet slot override.
CtrlSys_PAC2MLine (2)
$CrtlSys_PAC2MLineFamily - Added cresnet slot
$CEN-RGBHVSwitcherFamily (2) - Added direct TJI
Keypads_CameoSeries.ini (1)
Initial version includes C2N-CB(v1) and C2N-CBTS(v1).
CmVptLib32.dll (1.07.05)
Fixed bug detecting cresnet slot on MPS-200 and PAC2M.
Some FW did not report.
Fixed bug for rebooting a device on a slot while in passto.
Added checking for existing file for FirmwareUpdate with
appropriate error.
Fixed problem canceling which was causing a canceled
XModem to take excessive CPU time.
Fixed timing issue with RGBHV FW. Was not waiting long
enough for progress indications for internal FW.
Added code to ComSpecParser to parse preserved labels
using secondary address fields.
Added code to show better messages for when TJI is not
Added bounds checking for invalid analog incoming packets
and report error accordingly.
Added ServerClientAtomicCheckAndSetProfileValue ability
Fixed bug when canceling transfers which sometimes would
not get cleaned up properly and lead to further failures on
subsequent operations.
CmVptGui (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed crash on new installs for Firmware Dialog. Lack of file
history caused this.
Script Manager (
Added stripping of pipes from constant values when used.
Added a check and message box when loading a script if
any constant is defined a value that included a pipe.
MediaTools (
Display Horz freq in kHz
Added check for proper device support, show error
QM-Tools (
Fixed Parametric EQ crash upon opening dialog
Added check for proper device support, show error
VptAddressBook (
Fixed bug for recursive address entries. If found, the
recursive portion is removed leaving an address which is
probably invalid but prevents a crash.
Preserve 'Through' selection from address book.
Seed proper values for passthru params and make sure the
popup shows them correctly when initialized.
Hide the passthru settings dialog when appropriate.
CmPeq.dll (
Fixed crash in release builds.
Toolbox (10-03-07)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.07.04)
SmwTreeControl (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.07.04)
Fixed bug in sending projects to panels related to fix for get
max file transfer size.
Added method for TPS Protected projects (specifically for
the AMS-AIP video board OSD projects)
SmwTreeControl (
Fixed bug uploading XPanel projects via System Builder.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Same dispatch problem as before
Toolbox 1.07.03 (10-03-07)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (133)
SC_Lib.dll (
VptComServer.exe (
CmVptLib32.dll (
CmVptGui.dll (
CmVptCom.dll (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Toolbox.exe (
SMWProgramTree (
System Info (
Scripter (
Text console (
TIA Menu Builder (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (133)
TouchPanels_TPSB.ini (2)
Increased reboot timeout for al TPSB panels to 45s,
from 30s.
MPS-100.ini (8)
MPS-100 (1)
Set min FW version to 3.157.0289 for correct
SC_Lib.dll (
Fixed bug where using passto via a serial auto-detect
connection to a processor not running at 115200 would not
get out of passto correctly.
VptComServer.exe (1.07.03)
Added top level exception handling to main Activate call to
prevent full crash. Adds error to the log.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.07.03)
Fixed bug which led to the 16-level fonts to not be loaded.
Fixed range of settings for interlocked digital attribs.
(DVPHD Test Patterns)
Added checks in ParentRequestPassTo to prevent a crash if
called on a session with a direct address.
Fixed typo in config save progress dialog.
Fixed updating of IP address when changing. It was not…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed updating of IP address when changing. It was not
seeing the change correctly and thus not connecting to the
new address. Also not posting the OnComParamChange
Event for clients.
Fixed "cards" command showing in response to
EAfnRptDeviceInfo_Cards ability.
Fixed parsing of e-control activation responses to detect
other failures.
CmVptGui.dll (
Fixed e-Control menu item text.
Error Log dialog, Added "Retrieveing error log...." text while
retrieving the data.
Fixed Switch-to/Retry when setting IP address via Ethernet
settings dialog.
Program NVRAM : Checking for selected file when clicking
retrieve was checking wrong combo box.
Fixed "Allow 16-level fonts to load" text on Project dilaog.
CmVptCom.dll (
Crash on right click of device from Finish View of D3Pro /
System Builder.
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed 'Through' drop down on indirect box. Was missing last
Fixed crash when opening empty address book. Added
IsEmpty call to CAddressBook class.
Files of Type drop down had illegal entries.
Fixed bug where you could use the indirect ID drop down to
select a passthru port > F
Toolbox.exe (
Fixed bug on exit with intro mode enabled, but save on exit
to not prompt, still showed the info message.
SMWProgramTree (
Fixed "Error getting VTPro Dispatch" error.
System Info (
Fixed bug where after setting ethernet parameters through
system info, the tool would not completely refresh.
Fixed lingering - N/A - on memory usage in Internal and
Compact Flash sections.
Scripter (
Fixed crash on results > 4095 byte slong.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed crash on results > 4095 byte slong.
Text console (
Fixed crash for translating high characters in HEX
(translated) mode.
TIA Menu Builder (
Fixed typo in warning msg.
Toolbox 1.07.02 (9-13-07)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (
Package Update Tool
System Info
Bugs Fixed:
TPS-4/4L, C2N-FT-TPS-4, QM-FTCC-TPS_TPS-4 Device Version set to 1, fixed DHCP support. Had
"EthernetDHCP" typo.
CmVptLib32.dll (
Fixed bug causing RMCRXs on cresnet to show as unknown
in network tree.
Fixed bug which was sending all files every time for any
TPSB family device.
Fixed bug so that Project menu item is available for AMS.
Fixed bug which would sometimes show unsupported items
in the Functions menu.
Added code to ensure consistent output format for MAC
Fixed crash when retrieving ethernet settings.
Fixed crash when copying version info to clipboard.
Help->Crestron Toolbox Help now brings up main help page
regardless of what tool is open/selected.
Fixed inconsistent list in IP address drop down.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed inconsistent list in IP address drop down.
Fixed slotted addressing > 10 decimal. Was being taken as
Hex from drop down which is in decimal.
Package Update Tool
Fixed Status field typos.
System Info
Clear context menu on each new connection.
Fixed LED controls, were not drawing.
Fix to allow clearing the context menu when no longer valid
Fixed timeouts and update crashes.
Toolbox 1.07.00
Modules affected:
VptAddressBook.dll (
Devices.zinis (131)
ComServer (1.07.00)
CmVptlib32 (1.07.00)
CmVptGui (
Toolstub.exe (
SIMPL Debugger (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (131)
Devices.ini (87)
Removed QM device to place them in thier own file.
QM_Devices.ini (1)
Moved all cresnet QM devices from Devices.ini to
apart to set indepenent FW requirements. Also set
device versions.
Added QM-FTMC/FTCC/FTDC device as loader for QM
AMS.ini (29)
Changes for Pro Sound Tools
AMS.ini (30)
Changes to allow an EQ Preset to be assigned to the
"Multi-Channel Stereo Input" Decoding Mode
VirtualDevices.ini (2)
Added SW-WMC with VerificationMethod=None and 35/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added SW-WMC with VerificationMethod=None and
ComServer (1.07.00)
Added auto purge to disk of debug logs. Polls once a minute
for no session activity, when this occurs it checks the
current memory allocated for logs and if greater than the
limit specified (100MB currently) it dumps them to disk and
frees all memory.
Added "Open Log folder" menu item.
CmVptlib32 (1.07.00)
In FollowProgramRestart, prompt was being asked for which
was disrupting the data stream. This was changed to only
get it from the result cache. Also added a call to get the
prompt (top populate the cache) at the start of program
Fixed Switch-To/Retry problem. Cancel mechanism was
working correctly, but dynamic timeout evaluation was
sometimes try to evaluate timeouts even if it was not
connected. Added condition to only perform this is the com
state is connected. Also default enabled state was true.
Fixed Dynamic Timeout evaluation to not re-evaluate
timeouts while in passto or passthrough mode.
Added diagnostic info on reconnect and redetct after loss of
ethernet connection with error 10053. Checks, error log,
uptime and proguptime.
Fixed bug in FileSystemIsFile which would cause a failure
for files with an embedded comma. A paramater was being
passed as a string causing a reparse which split the
filename in two.
Added devices section versioning so that multiple device
sections will not get merged.
Fixed bug in FileSystemInitialize - uninitialized variable.
Possibly causing the code to exit prematurely. Same bug in
both 2-Series and TPS methods.
FileSystemInitialize for TPS method changed to handle a
possible confirmation prompt. Will work either way. This is
to handle the 3.XXX FW series of the legacy TPS panels.
Added ZipFileXXX abilities to compress, decompress, and
get file lists from zip files.
Extended timeout for "cards -force" command to
Extended timeout for "progcom" command to
ProductVerifyPresence for ML-500/600 was not working all
the time. Extended wait time to 200ms and retures to 15 *
3. Seems it takes the remote ~5s to wake up.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
3. Seems it takes the remote ~5s to wake up.
(8/24) Fixed crash in parsing ts device response in 2Series
(8/27) When GetError is called and there are no messages,
changed text to "No Error Messages Logged."
(8/29) CommunicationsWait now returns the data receieved
while waiting. SendAndWait Also.
(8/31) (bug 15533) Fixed a bug in CComChannel which in
calls to SendCommandWaitXXXX, if no data was available
or received, it would return SUCCESS.
CmVptGui (
Added a CComModule _Module to the main App object with
a single Init and Term call. This removes the individual for
each dialog call which was causing problems in the
conversion from VC6 to VC8.
(8/31) VptAbilityGUI - Fixed possible crash if a client called
with a NULL ptr for any parameter.
Toolstub.exe (
Fixed bug which was causing all tools to use the global
address book. This was a parameter to
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed crash for signal names >= 128 characters.
Fixed crash if no SMW was present.
Fixed recurring prompts to reload due to changed SMW file
when the SMW file does not exist.
Fixed several crashes when signal states for serials of ~200
characters or more would crash the debugger, incoming or
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed crash when loading a new address book. May have
been caused by 2005 conversion.
Toolbox 1.06.24 (8-21-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Devices.zinis (132)
AMS.ini (32)
Changes to support Pro Sound Tools - Fixes to
decode mode trim channels.
CmVptGui.dll (
Project Dialog - Changed text to "Allow improved antialiased fonts (16-Level) to load."
Toolbox 1.06.23 (8-20-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.23)
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (131)
GenericDeviceTypes.ini (2)
Added XGen type.
AMS.ini (31)
Changes to support Pro Sound Tools
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.23)
Added dectection verification using challenege acknowledge
Bypass TBINFO check if internal device profile setting set.
Added XGen implementations of Product, CresnetMaster,
PassToMode groups.
CresnetMaster - Moved some report parsing and packet
broadcast abilities from 2Series method to base class to
allow use by XGen method as well.
Added a check in subnet detect code to only call secondary
detect ability if the session supports it. this was done to
handle the XGen correctly.
Added cancel detection in device class to kick all the way
out when initial detection is canceled. This was generating
switch-to retries.
CmVptGui.dll (
Project Dialog - Added "Allow improved anti-aliased fonts
(16-Level) to load." check box to prevent 16-level fonts
from loading to the touch panel if desired.
Toolbox 1.06.22…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.06.22 (8-10-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.22)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32 (1.06.22)
Fixed a bug which was causing a majority of the SwitchTo/Retry popups.
Fixed a bug which when loading touch panel projects with
the new anti-aliased fonts could hang or crash the server
due to an uninitialized buffer.
AMS.ini (29)
Additions and fixes to support PST 1.00.25.
Toolbox 1.06.21 (7-20-2007)
Modules affected:
QM Audio Config (
Bugs Fixed:
QM Audio Config (
Fixed warning message added for MPS-200 to indicate
correct versions.
Toolbox 1.06.20 (7-18-2007)
Modules affected:
Device.zinis (130)
Bugs Fixed:
Device.zinis (130)
AMS.ini (28)
Fixed EQ Active join info.
Fixed Dialog Type keys
Added clipping indications for Dolby adjustments.
QM Audio Config (
Added a warning about possible volume oscillations.
Toolbox 1.06.19…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.06.19 (7-12-2007)
Modules affected:
VptAddressBook.dll (
QM Audio Config (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.19)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.19)
Fixed DNS management functionality for newer CUZ version
which report static vs dynamic entries. This caused failures
with existing parse format.
QM Audio Config (
Fixed an intermittent issue where when loading preset, the
parametric EQ graph may not have updated.
VptAddressBook.dll (
This DLL was actually not included with 1.06.18 as stated.
Toolbox 1.06.18 (7-10-2007)
Modules affected:
VptAddressBook.dll (
Devices.zinis (129)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (129)
TPMC-8L - Fixed calibration mode error.
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed a bug where changes to cresnet or meshent IDs were
not saved in the address. Introduced in the previous
Toolbox 1.06.17 (7-09-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.17)
Text Console (
System Info (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Bugs Fixed:
Added QM-MD8x8-HB support.
Adagio_Devices.ini (3)
Removed custom DevReset support for APAD - Was
"-*,9". Should be left as standard cresnet for proper
follow reboot.
Renamed "Multi-Channel Stereo" to "Multi-Channel
High Definition Audio"
Macros.ini (35)
Fixed DHCP support for TPS panels. Had incorrect
group string.
TPS-6.ini (5)
Fixed DHCP support. Had incorrect group string.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.17)
In CSession::StartAutonomousAction, added a call to
ProcessMessages(0) just before the wait to allow processing
of any pending messages prior to waiting.
For TJI, fixed rounding to the resolution specified in the
data file. Was always rounding down and also could have
left some floating precision artifact.
Fixed bug in TJI which could send multiple requests to the
same device without waiting for each to complete. This
violates the TJI spec which states an new request will abort
the current request being procesed on the device. This was
seen on the MPS-200 Save config with parametrics. This fix
is to wait for all requested values before requesting more.
Added new tree control engine to module list in version
Fixed timestamp conversion in ThirdPartyAudioConfig again.
removed all CTime and CTimeSpan use and use FILETIMEs
and SYSTEMTIMEs only.
Fixed a bug where if a string activation contained an invalid
ability code, the results from the previous call were actually
Fixed SSL connections. Was stuck in a loop in reading data.
Introduced a version or two ago in the fix for hanging
ethernet due to a difference in the way SSL and normal TCP
read calls return.
Fixed crash in TJI if an empty serial join came back.
Text Console (
Fixed issue with com parameter changes (specifically SSL)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed issue with com parameter changes (specifically SSL)
resulting in the loss of incoming data events. Handle this to
call SetSessionParamater() to setup the parameters again.
System Info (
Prompt to refresh all data when saving the file or emailing
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed indirect slot addresses. Was mixed up between
decimal and hex.
Toolbox 1.06.16 (6-25-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.16)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.16)
Fixed timeouts for
EAfnDeviceConfiguration_RestoreFactoryConfig - 2Series
console command method and also added task events
during restore.
Fixed bugs in EAfnThirdPartyAudioConfig_GetConfigState to
correctly return the time and also to handle the timestamp
from the AMS as UTC if the MSB is set.
Toolbox 1.06.15 (6-20-2007)
Modules affected:
VptComServer (1.06.15)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.15)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.15)
Increased timeout for generic file transfer get operations.
Was too short(1s). Fixes DVPHD USB connections among
VptComServer (1.06.15)
Added crashed client detection and shutdown code. If a
client crashes, when events are sent to it and they fail due
to specific errors, we shutdown that client and terminate
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Greatly optimized debug data and logging. 4x (or more)
faster on load time for TJI tools.
Bug was fixed which was sending debug info to all
clients whether they asked for it or not.
only convert to a BSTR to send to clients if we need
made one global string ppol for all client debug data.
Toolbox 1.06.14 (6-15-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32 (1.06.14)
Text Console (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32 (1.06.14)
Fixed crash in recursive progress event calls triggered from
inherited sessions which normally request event from thier
parent. (AMS / AES front panels)
Text Console (
Fixed timestamps in text files (were some amount of days
Toolbox 1.06.13 (6-15-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.13)
Devices.zinis (127)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (127)
DVPHD.ini (35)
Added SystemReady attribute and join info
Changed text posistion text from "Mid XXX" to
"Center XXX" to match the other.
CmVptLib32 (1.06.13)
fixed crash and bug in TJI where a really fast response may
come back before we have the transaction ID mapped and
cause a crash. Also protected against the crash at another
Changed the fix for hangnin ethernet communications to…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Changed the fix for hangnin ethernet communications to
only happen in the TCP comm class and to call OnRecieve
instead of ProcessDataReady to eliminate possible
Toolbox 1.06.12 (6-14-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.12)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.12)
Fixed bug where ethernet communications could get hung
due to lost(or not sent) notification from the socket layer
that new data is available.
Toolbox 1.06.11 (6-12-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (126)
CmVptLib32 (1.06.11)
VptAddressBook.dll (
SMW Tree Control (
Network Tree Control (
Text Console (
ToolStub (
Help file
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (126)
DVPHD.ini (34) - Excluded ClearAnnotation attribute from
being saved.
CmVptLib32 (1.06.11)
USB - Increased general buffer size to 4K at low level read
from the USB driver.
In Crestron Device recursion limiter code, now return
FAILUREE as was originally intended.
Implemented Dynamic timeout evaluation code.
ThirdPartyAudioConfig timestamping, fixed bug which could
add 1hr for DST which is not needed.
Fixed bug in Auto response parser which could cuase it to
miss messages for cases where the start sequence was > 1
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed max cresnet ID to be FE. Get changed to FD in
passthru set of changes.
Changed reference to "Passthru" mode to "Passthrough"
Added "(infiNet)" to "Meshnet ID" text on indirect address
SMW Tree Control (
Fixed memory leaks and possibly VB crash issue.
Network Tree Control (
Fixed Update Firmware. No devices "CanUpdateFirmware"
flag was being set.
Text Console (
Fixed bug where special characters showed as '?'
ToolStub (
Fixed sizing issue. If initial call to GetWindowSizes had min
== max, then the sizing window style was removed but
never added.
Help file
Added Passthrough mode info.
Toolbox 1.06.10 (6-07-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.10)
File Manager (
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (125)
DVPHD.ini (33) Tool related fixes.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.10)
Fixed problematic FW upgrade path version checking. Was
< and needed to be <=.
Following the OOTBF load progress now detects the
progress info about loading the front panel files and shows
proper task progress.
Fixed bug in timestamp for Third-party audio config. was…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed bug in timestamp for Third-party audio config. was
missing byte 0.
Added code to amake use of the new PROGREADY command
to determine the boot state of the control system. If we
think it's done, but didn't see a program restart, we verify
with this command and wait longer if it is still loading.
Added in AMS FW v3.158.0007 (Jun 05 2007).
Added FolowReboot after loading a project to a device
exposed on a slot.
Added call to aid in preserving cutsom front panel projects.
File Manager (
Fixed crash on startup due to change in Toolbox.exe in
CmVptGui.dll (
Changed Erase Program Dialog to be asynchronous to follow
progress better. Disallow erase attempt when OOTBF is
running. Call ProgReset if the system supports an OOTBF
when the program is erased. Refresh running program info
when the erase dialog is closed.
Set default file extension for biometric data dialog.
Toolbox 1.06.09 (5-31-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (124)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.09)
VptComServer.exe (1.06.09)
Toolstub.exe (
Toolbox.exe (
Package Update (
VptAddressBook (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (124)
CtrlSys_QMRMCRXLine.ini (5) - changed bottom limit of
problematic upgrade info for RMCX (non-BA) back to 3.150.
Bumped minimum Toolbox version to 1.06.04 to
support specialized FW load method.
Adagio_CtrlSys.ini (3)
ATC-AMFMSR - Added Sirius Tuner support for
pulling Radio ID from report string.
CEN-RGBHV (2)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added all various derivatives with basic support.
TouchPanels_TPMC.ini (3)
Added TPMC-8L and corrected filespecs for other
TPMC panels.
CtrlSys_IMLine.ini (3)
Added -M versions of IM-RXV# models.
Corrected FW file specs to include a trailing
underscore (_) This is so models that have name that
is a portion of another model, are not shown.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.09)
Added EAfnThirdPartyAudioConfig_CheckDSPVersion call to
get DSP version. Currently only for AMS.
Fixed typo in problematic firmware upgrade chec. Changed
text to state "any verison higher than"
Added ~.LoadLogic.ini file processing to the TPSB display
project load code.
Added SiriusReceiver ability group with ability function
SiriusReceiverGetHWID implemented for crenset and slots.
Fixed possible crash in HexFile parsing code if there is an
error loading the image.
For confirming firmware version post load against the, allow key text to work as if the field was empty.
(TPMC packs).
VptComServer.exe (1.06.09)
Changed multi-byte to wide char string conversion from
using the MultiByteToWideChar API to a manual conversion.
The API was doing some conversion on international
Toolstub.exe (
Added manifest file to enable XP themes.
Toolbox.exe (
Made changes so tools will know if they are running in
Toolbox or not. Was implemented but broken due to when
certain calls were being made. OnGetInPlaceMenu in the
tool was being called before the dispatch was sent into the
tool for it to call back out.
Package Update (
Show "NO devices found" for action status.
Added execution logic type
"RunningOOTBFProgramMismatch". Same as OOTBF
mismatch logic but OOTBF must also be running.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
mismatch logic but OOTBF must also be running.
VptAddressBook (
Exposed Passthru Mode on indirect tab.
Toolbox 1.06.08 (5-22-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (123)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.08)
VptAddressBook.dll (
Package Update Tool (
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (123)
DVPHD.ini (25)
Added "Enable Background Graphic Link" Attribute
Added new resolution table for 3.000.0078 and
For CNLFDB-4 - changed ID string parsing.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.08)
In CAbilityProduct::GetProductIdentificationString when we
get a string trim whitespace and non-printables from the
beginning and end.
VptAddressBook.dll (
For indirect tab, populated drop down with appropriate IDs.
Package Update (
If no package is loaded, and you click "select" and then
cancel, the tool will crash.
Added Queries settable for when the user attempts to
bypass the default logic.
Removed LinkedItem processing when validating execution
CmCoolCtrls (
Improvements to Slider Controls - Clicking within the
Slider's Channel didn't change position reliably.
Toolbox 1.06.07 (5-16-2007)
Modules affected:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (122)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.07)
Toolstub.exe (
Package Update (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (122)
CtrlSys_QMRMCRXLine.ini (v4) - Fixed problematic version
range lower boundry for RMCRX. Now reads 3.137 as the
lower boundry.
TouchPanels_TPMC.ini (v2) - TPMC-8X - removed serial port
support. It was never supported.
AMS.ini (v26)
Added PureEQActive, AudysseyEQActive, and
CurrentEQPreset attributes.
Added "Refresh Signal Detects" atteibute for audio
bd FW 1.03.15 or better.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.07)
Corrected message for problematic FW version. Was stating
to downgrade to lower boundry OR lower when it needs to
be lower.
Fixed cresnet slot detection. Was too strict on number of
chars for the cresnet slot line.
Changed TSID response terminator character to be rather
than . If there are duplicate TSIDs all responses come back
with one 04 terminator.
When loading FW to 2-Series processors, gather uptime,
proguptime, progcom, and OOTBF progcom before loading
for diagnostic purposes.
Toolstub.exe (
Changed Communications->Choose Address menu item to
Fixed bug when there is a splash screen, tool would not
auto connect.
Package Update (
Added capability for prompting the user when certain items
are going to be executed.
Changed "item" terminology to "task"
Added "SelectionDependency" capability to script.
Added Pre load text for detecting running program type.
Fixed call where "ValidateSelections" was not actually…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed call where "ValidateSelections" was not actually
Toolbox 1.06.06 (5-10-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (121)
VptComSever (1.06.06)
CmVptLib32 (1.06.06)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (121)
AMS.ini (v24) - fixed joins for room mutes. were trying to
use aan analog range type on a bool join.
VptComSever (1.06.06)
MAde a change so the debug log root path will not be saved
if it has not been changed from the default. This allows
users to change the install path and the debug log folder
will follow as long as they have not manually changed it.
CmVptLib32 (1.06.06)
Fixed SubNetworkSlotReportDevice(s) to reject lines that do
not make sense. Also made changes to correctly find
reports. Was just looking for the key like "14:" but if that
was found elsewhere like at the end of a device report, it
would parse it as teh device report. Now it has to be at the
beginning of the line along with other factors.
Toolbox 1.06.05 (5-08-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (120)
ToolStub.exe (
Package update (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.05)
CmCoolCtrls (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (120)
CtrlSys_IMLine.ini (v2) - Added IM-RXV1-M support
CtrlSys_MP2Line.ini (v2) - Changed upper limit of
problematic upgrade versions so both lower and uppper are
inclusive. Now "3.139","3.155.1143"…/toolbox_2_26.html
CtrlSys_PRO2Line.ini (v2) - Changed upper limit of
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CtrlSys_PRO2Line.ini (v2) - Changed upper limit of
problematic upgrade versions so both lower and uppper are
inclusive. Now "3.137","3.155.1142".
CtrlSys_QMRMCLine.ini (v2) - Changed upper limit of
problematic upgrade versions so both lower and uppper are
inclusive. Now "3.141","3.155.1236"
CtrlSys_QMRMCRXLine.ini (v3) - Changed upper limit of
problematic upgrade versions so both lower and uppper are
inclusive. Now "3.125","3.155.1237" for non-BA and
"3.150","3.155.1237" for BA versions.
ToolStub.exe (
Added processing of /PluginCmd: command line options.
Package update (
Added Dispatch call to allow loading of a package from the
command line.
fixed some bugs with the tree sizing and saving of the last
used advanced setting.
Re-arranged menu items and added a few to match the
buttons available.
Added logging of the normal log to the server as void
Now show detected device model in the target string
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.05)
Added Windows Vista detection to the OS version report.
CmCoolCtrls (
Tweaked slider grabber size.
Toolbox 1.06.04 (5-03-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (119)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.04)
Audio Config (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (119)
DVPHD.ini (23)
Specialized FW loads to method 60 to follow progress
Added new resolution table info for FW v3.000.0073+
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added QM-MD4X4 support.
AMS.ini (23)
Added C2I-ADG-VIDEO1 as an alternate name for
C2I-AMS-VIDEO. Some older loaders report as this.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.04)
Fixed crash on AbilitJoinMonitoring. Fix to force support in
1.06.03 broke the usual checking via the info command.
Added DVPHD specialization method and an implementation
for the Frimware group to follow post load progress better.
Fixed bug in initial device detection which could cause >
60s of unneeded delay if the conneciton was made while
the processor was loading the program. The
ConsoleGetPrompt was triggereing recursive calls into the
FollowProgramRestart when trying to build the support
map. Only try to get the console pormpt when there is
already a valid support map.
Added complete versioning to JoinInterfce and
AttributedObject code when loading data from the data
files. Require changes to the CVersionedProfileFile (base of
CDeviceDataProfile) to get a fully resolved version.
Audio Config (
Added QM-MD4X4 support.
Toolbox 1.06.03 (5-01-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (118)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.03)
Pro Sound Tools (1.00.04)
Package Update (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (118)
DVPHD.ini (21) - Added keys to force TJI and RTJI support.
Devices.zinis (117)
DVPHD.ini (21)
Moved FreezeVideo attribute to Inputs from
Windows. Same join info.
Adagio_CtrlSys.ini (2)
AES - Added inherited ability support to AES control
system to inherit from the front panel, and therefore
removed the AlisToSlot method of DisplayList…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
removed the AlisToSlot method of DisplayList
support. This should be handled like this now.
C2I-ADG-FPANEL - Changed Display list support to
46 (Adagio method to support limited project info).
Adagio_Devices.ini (2)
APAD - changed display list support to 46 to give
GetInfo support.
AMS.ini (18)
AMS and AMS-AIP - Added inherited ability support
to AMS control system to inherit from the front panel,
and therefore removed the AlisToSlot method of
DisplayList support. This should be handled like this
Changed some ProgramSupportedOp tags.
Macros.ini (33)
Added JoinInterface:34 JoinMonitoring:34 to
Macro2SeriesCtrlSysMinimal to support TJI and RTJI
Devices.ini (82)
Added Object model to C2N-CB and ability support.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.06.03)
For Adagio method, added cresnet and slot as valid com
Program for Adagio method, added ProgramOOTBGetInfo
ability support
For ThirdPartyAudioConfig ConsoleCommand method,
validate the time code first (make sure it's not 0xFFFFFFFF)
and return an empty timestamp string if invalid.
For ThirdPartyAudioConfig ConsoleCommand method,
Added a Set call to set the first flag.
Made new DisplayList Implementation for Adagio panels
(Frontpanels and APADs) to get display lists info.
Implemented ProgramOOTBFGetInfo to get OOTBF program
info even if it is not running.
Added CompileDateTime as something you can get from an
SPZ file.
Detection of cresnet slot changed to use SHOWHW report.
cresnet slot is hidden in CARDS report.
Added code for detecting TJI and RTJI support based in
INFO command response. This is mapped as the
ConsoleCommand method, NOT auto-detect since autodetect handles cresnet, meshnet etc...
Fixed bug in JoinInterface Cresnet method to correctly form
the slot address. Was missing 0x
Added additional debug and erorr messages to join info…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added additional debug and erorr messages to join info
Fixed bug in Join Monitoring ability init which could cause
recursion crash. Was not calling base to map abilities.
Added code to parse hex files for Adagio APADs and front
panels. FileDisplayListGetInfo now works for those hex files.
Added code to allow forcing of TJI and RTJI support w/o
requireing the info command.
Several bugs from bugzilla fixed.
Pro Sound Tools (1.00.04)
Bug fixes.
Package Update (
Added support for separate funcitonal and order
dependencies in script.
Package Update (
Initial Version for beta testing.
Toolbox 1.06.00 (4-19-2007)
Modules affected:
ToolStub.exe (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.00)
Bugs Fixed:
ToolStub.exe (
Removed Exit menu item and change Address to
Shows splash screen if included as a resource in the tool.
Implemented about dialog with TB and Tool version (with
splash screen if available)
Moved address prompting to after splash screen goes away
or after tool is loaded if no splash is available.
Remove Size and Maximize options on the caption bar if tool
cannot be sized.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.06.00)
ProgramGetInfo - When it fails, the prompt may be
returned in the outputs due to an internal call. Results are
now cleared after this internal call.
Toolbox 1.05.02 (4-18-2007)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (116)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.05.02)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (116)
CtrlSys_QMRMCRXLine.ini (v2)
changed lower limit of problematic upgrade path for
QM-RMCRX modesl to 3.125 at ER's request.
Touchpanels_Legacy.ini (v1)
added, initial version.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.05.02)
Fixed join monitoring code for transaction IDs above 10.
Would start failing and loosing updates.
Toolbox 1.05.01 (4-12-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (115)
CmVptlib32.dll (1.05.01)
DVPHD Tool (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (115)
DVPHD.ini (20)
Renamed "Source" to "Input"
Renamed "Layout" to "Page"
Set DVPToolMinFWVersion=3.000.0072
DVPHD Tool (
Added z-order options, "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back"
Renamed "Layout" to "Page"
Renamed "Source" to "Input"
Added separate DVPHD help file.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.05.01)
Added code in the DevReset_FollowReboot for 2-series, to
re-autobaud detect if the follow reboot fails at the current
baud and the original baud rate was auto-detect.
Toolbox 1.05.00 (4-10-2007)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (114)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.05.00)
DVPHD Tool (
QM-Tools (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (114)
AMS.ini (v13)
Fixed subslots for volumes and mutes for RTJI.
Macros.ini (32)
MacroTPSBSerisTouch - Added EthernetDHCP:-*,4,5
to support DHCP properly.
MacroTPSSeriesTouchEthernet - EthernetDHCP:-*,59
to support the HOSTNAME command
MacroTPMCSeriesTouch - Changed support for setup /
calibrate : SetupMode:14,16 CalibrateMode:14,16
TPS-6.ini (3)
Added EthernetDHCP:-*,4,5 support
Devices.ini (81)
Added EthernetDHCP:-*,4,5 to TPS-4L, QM-FTCCTPS4, C2N-FT-TPS4
CmVptLib32.dll (1.05.00)
Added device configuration support for inherited support
Added TPSCommandLimited(59) method to support
Hostname only for legacy panels.
DVPHD Tool (
Fixed Input Source Selection - right-click popup menu
didn't work
Fixed Video Window Properties - some fields did not load
QM-Tools (
Fixed bug where EQ Bands within Mic Settings Dialog failed
to load
Fixed bug where available Presets for Mixer, Graphic and
Parametric failed to display
Toolbox 1.04.24 (4-7-2007)
Modules affected:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Devices.zinis (113)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.24)
DVPHD Tool (
Toolbox.exe (
ToolStub.exe (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (113)
DVPHD.ini (19)
(v18) Fixed Window 7, SizeY attribute write join.
(v19) Changed all window joins to use current, rather
than the OOTB custom.
(v19) Added IsInSetup, ExitSetupWOReboot, and
CanExitSetupWOReboot attribs.
(v19) Added ConvertCurrentToCustomPage attribute
Meshnet.ini (v2)
changed catagory of C2N-MNETRPT to Wireless
REceiever (same as the GW).
AMS.ini (v12)
(v11) Added ThirdPartyAudioConfig support.
(v12) Added DeviceConfiguration:58 support to
support the commit and revert calls.
(v12) Added Theater Volume, Theater Mute, and
Selected Source attributes
(v12) Added Volumes and Mutes for Rooms 1-6
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.24)
Added ThirdPartyAudioConfing ability group and
ThirdPartyAudioConfigGetConfigState Ability.
Added AMSAudio Specialization implementation of the
DeviceConfiguration to suppor tthe commit / revert calls.
For EAmConsoleDirectRconAndPassto method, added
EComIndirectType_Slot as a valid type for this method.
While erasing protected area for OOTBF loads, changed user
task text to "preparing" > less scary.
Fixed "units_s" join interface. Was properly using it as a
SubnetDetectPhysicalDevices call - added more ability
support flags for Analyze, Firmware, and EnterSetupMode.
Added StandardPulsedDigital operation template for
attributed object model. Read-only, no "get" operatio
Fixed bug with Joinmonitoring where any time ANY slot
started being monitored StartPAsringResponses was called
and any time ANY slot was stopped, StopParsingResponses…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
and any time ANY slot was stopped, StopParsingResponses
was called.
Fixed crash when a device that was monitoring joins is
reset. The UninitializeAbilities call was recursing infinitely
due to a lack of transaction. Added Start/Complete
Transaction calls around the UninitializeAblities call.
Fixed possible crash when loading malformed
~.ProgramBootData files.
Fixed possible crash on unparsing ParamLists which contain
Empty params.
DVPHD Tool (
Fixed Load Preset functionality (was setting wrong
Fixed Z-order issue
Fixed multiepl update issues when something is set to one
value, but updated before the original set comes back.
Toolbox.exe (
Added Toolbox_CloseTool call for tools to call.
ToolStub.exe (
Added Support for the Toolbox_CloseTool call for tools to
Fixed possible crash when Help is clicked.
Toolbox 1.04.23 (3-27-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (112)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.23)
CmVptGui.dll (
QM-Tools (
MediaTools (
DVPTool (
SIMPL Debugger (
Help file
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (112)
Split up Main Devices.ini to many individual catagorized
files with includes.
Macros.ini (31)
MacroTPSSeriesTouchEthernet - Removed DHCP
MacroTPMCSeriesTouch - Removed method 16…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
MacroTPMCSeriesTouch - Removed method 16
support for Firmware, FileSystem, GenFileXfer.
(cresnet passto) This is due to flow control issues
internal to the TPMCs on USB. Bug #12505
CtrlSys_*.ini (1)
Added SNMP support for v4.000+
Devices.ini (80)
Added alternate case for QM-MD16X16 for
bootloaders (capital X).
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.23)
Fixed possible crash for TPSB/G DisplayListSend if no
manfiest file is found in the VTZ.
SNMP - Fixed command format adding monitoring rules.
(Needed a space between comparator and value).
Fixed Sending a break when shutting down USB and serial
communications. Had to add an ChannelShutdown call in
the base ComChannel Class.
Ethernet for TPSCommand method - Removed WINS
Change TPMCVersion2 method to be selected for only direct
communications. Removed cresnet. This is due to flow
control issues internal to the TPMCs on USB. Bug #12505
Fixed CmVptParameters unParsing code to NOT show
cmplex data types by default with a parameter to specify to
do so if desired. Old System Builders are NOT expecting to
see these and will break.
Added support for MDBGSIGNAL command when device
supports it. This will enhance the debugger and System
Builder / D3Pro realtime modes.
CmVptGui.dll (
Added proper help IDs for SNMP and Biometric Data
Changed Manager address field to an IP edit control.
Limit the number of managers to 10.
Changed Test value range for rules to signed 32-bit
Biometrics - Added confirmation when retoring a data file.
FileSystem - Disable buttons for items that are not
Changed VptDialog to place a transparent window over the
main dialog while loading instead of disabling and then reenabling the dialog which caused focus problems when
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed bug in which if No signals were being debugged on
startup, a sync all was issued.
Fixed a bug with the "relative since last event" time format
where some events could be reported with a timestamp of
49 days +
QM-Tools (
MediaTools (
DVPTool (
Fixed key mapping and protection against possible lockup
on certain keys.
Help file
Updated to include Biometric Data and SNMP dialog help.
Toolbox 1.04.22 (3-19-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (v112)
CmVptGUI (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.21)
VptComServer (1.04.21)
System Info (
SIMPL Debugger (
Text Console (
Audio Config (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (v112)
Devices.ini (v79)
QM-16x16 - Fixed parsing format for switchers.
QM-AE - Fixed Parametric preset config save.
ReadPreset command format was incorrect.
QM-AE - Added specfic preset parse format.
QM-MD7x2 - Fixed Mic Mixer Preset Saving in
configuration file.
CEN-TIA - added EtherDHCP:16 support to allow
DHCP configuration over cresnet.
C2N-TXM - Added console support for v1.15.00 or
MPS-200.ini (v14)
(v14) Fixed bandwidth range for all parametric
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
(v15) Fixed Speech Graphic EQ joins, both input and
out were shifted by 4 due to hidden joins.
(v16) Fixed Speech Graphic EQ Recall Preset digital
(v17) Added Global Audio.QM Trasmit ID attribute
and join
(v17) Fixed Master volume device range.
CmVptGUI (
In general all context dialogs are now disabled (not visibly,
but cannot click buttons / edit fields etc..) Also , " Loading..." is appended to the window caption during this
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.21)
Implemented RTJI.
Implemented Information Update events for the Attributed
Obj abilties using RTJI.
Implemented SaveConfiguration calls for AttributedObjects
using TJI.
For setting Meshnet IDs, if the device is a sleeping one,
wake it up first to make confirmation reliable.
Make sure Results are presevred if a deferred reboot occurs.
Fixed bug in VerifyParameters where insufficient parameters
in a repeated sequence could hang in an infinite loop.
FileSystem for USBActiveSyncConsole method - changed
base to TPMC10 method from 2-series.
FileSystem for TPMC-10 method - removed compact and
initialize abiliity support.
ParametricEQs for QM Devices - Fixed bug in which filter 12
(2 from the GUI) was not being saved in the device's
configuration file.
General QM Audio structure - Added an optional preset
parse format string which can be used, right now only
Parametrics make use of it if available. Also added
"devid2dig", and "band2dig" constants.
Fixed bug in join monitoring for single subslotted devices
(was issueing "joinmonitorslot #." and the dot should not
be there.
ProgramGetInfo - Now we try to detect the prompt of the
device, and look for that for response completion. This fixes
the probolem when a user enters a ">" as part of the
System Name or something.
Fixed VptParser for enumerated parsing so it will match the
longest enum value, not just the first it sees. (QM-MD16x16
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added "units_s" for Join interface and
EVptRangeType_Seconds to idl file.
AttributedObj Op Templates - Added
InterlockedDigitalEnum and InterlockedPulsedDigitalEnum
JoinInterface - AnalogRangeWithEnable operation template
now forces the digital back to the inactive state, low, high,
low or high, low, high based on enable type. Features
Added EthernetCIPEnable command and support for TPS /
TPSB series panels.
Added ActivationControlBatch call to allow multiple calls to
be processed as an atomic operation.
Added CustomClientFiles ability group to allow custom files
to be included in a device's configuration. Configurations
are now zip files and can include multiple files.
Added abilities AttributedObjGetAttribDeviceValue, and
For Serial and USB connections, when shutting down and
we are still connected, issue a break for good measure.
VptComServer (1.04.21)
Optimized debug string recording to use a memory pool
object rather than allocating multiple std::string objects.
System Info (
Added CIPEnable status to the Ethernet section and show /
hide based on device support.
Added architecture to check for ability support within each
group to taylor GUI.
Now show " - N/A -" under Internal Memory usage if
something is not supported.
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed bug in parsing incoming text in which we could hit an
infinite loop. If an 01 came in a packet with the 03, we
would get stuck.
Text Console (
Fixed Sequence Key setup dialog caption (was "Shortcut
Audio Config (
Added QM-16x16 Support
Added MPS-200 Support
Toolbox 1.04.21 (3-8-2007)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.21)
TIAMenuBuilder.ocx (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.21)
For DisplayListGetInfo for TPSB series, make sure we are in
"\DISPLAY" before issueing the projinfo command. Was
reporting "No project loaded" if the current directory was
not correct.
TIA Menu Builder (
Fixed crash when loading / and reloading projects.
Toolbox 1.04.20 (2-23-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.20)
CmVptGui.DLL (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.20)
Reworked DisplayListGetInfo for all panels to separate code
bases for each. This fixed a problem with TPMCs that broke
in 19 and also should lead to more stable code in the
CmVptGui (
Fixed Currently Loaded Project display... Was not updating
correctly after init, load, and reboot.
Toolbox 1.04.19 (2-20-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.19)
CmVptGui.dll (
Devices.zinis (111)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (111)
Devices.ini (79)
TPMC-4X - Increased all timeouts due to slow WiFi…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox:
Crestron Toolbox
all timeouts
due to slow WiFi
CmVptGui.dll (
Meshnet Master Dialog - disable Start Acquire button until
finished initializing. Also disable close after clicking start
until we are fully started.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.19)
DisplayListGetInfo - TPMCs have an issue where they
support the TYPE command but do not list files with binary
data correctly. We now detect this and do an xget if the
type does not work.
Fixed bug dealing with opening temp files in
GenericFileXferGet for USB ActiveSync devices. Change to
native Windows API (was MFC CFile).
Fixed bug reading local info file resulting in 'No Project
Toolbox 1.04.18 (2-20-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.18)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (111)
Devices.ini (78)
Added ProblematicFWUpdate keys to appropriate 2
series processors.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.18)
Improved Error detection for the GetDirListing ability where
certain errors should be considered "folder not found". And
not actually errors. (bug #12270).
FirmwareUpdate for 2Series processors - Added check when
updating for interim versions which may hang during
upload to certain other versions.
Toolbox 1.04.17 (2-15-2007)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.17)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.17)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.17)
FileSystem - ensure any dir <folder>\ has the trailing
backslash. TPMC panels fail if it is not there. 2 series control
systems take it either way so we put it in for all. Issue
resulted in "Error retrieving prohect info" for display
Toolbox 1.04.16 (2-13-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (110)
TIA Menu Builder (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.16)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (110)
Devices.ini (77)
Corrected entry for C2N-IRGWF.
DVPHD.ini (10)
Added attributes for default page, default preset, and
ootb enable
MPS-100 (7)
Set Relays attributed obj to exclude from save config.
Macros.ini (29)
TPMC family - Removed Ethernet config support.
Console commands removed in FW due to bugs.
TPS-6.ini (2)
Changed to TPS-6L device. Removed
MaxDisplayListSize key.
TIA Menu Builder (
Fixed possible crash when an unresolved node change is
detected after downloading a project.
Fixed bug with saveing global events.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.16)
TIA Menu Project - Verify availability of MMC before
Generic File Transfers were reporting an incorrect remote
filename in the progress events.
Generic File Transfer bug - Possibly clipping or appending
NULL data to files. When finding the entry in the file listing,
the first line that CONTAINED the filename was used. The
size reported on the line was then the size used to set the
file size once retrieved.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
file size once
Toolbox 1.04.15 (1-29-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (109)
QM Audio Config
TIA Menu Bulider (
SIMPL Debugger (
File Manager (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.15)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (109)
Devices.ini (75)
Made description for Device Type for TPMC-4X specify
USB since ethernet is auto-detected.
QM Audio Config (
Fixed key and mouse support for test patterns when in full
TIA Menu Bulider (
When uploading, you will be asked if you would like to save,
with a check box to not show this again.
When exiting in all cases (or loading a new project) if any
changes have been made, you will be prompted to save.
One event still referenced joins 1-4000 in the properties
Updated help file with correct join range and a link to the
sample file.
Fixed - After opening a project, the first time saving, user
was prompted for the file (like a Save As...)
F1 was not bringing up the correct help page.
Show an asterisk after the project name in the caption if
there are changes that have not been saved.
TIA Menu Bulider (
Serial Join # is set to - Would crash if more than 230 chars
were entered.
Adding a "Get user input as serial and send would prompt
to add "accumulate and match" events.
Only allow joins 1 through 1000 to match new symbol spec.
Fixed dialgo resources to show (1 to 1000) for joins edit
Fixed bug that would allow out of rangevalues for events
when editing (not a new entry).…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
when editing (not a new entry).
Disallow double quotes in join value for "Serial Join is set to
" events.
Password Protection dialog didn't fully create the DTMF
Accumulate command resulting in PW never matching.
Fixed problem where on some systems, the "Play Audio"
button didn't work.
Fixed problem were a "Clear User Input" command was not
being added when using the Add Menu wizard.
Fixed Comments to come on the line before the command
so as to not mess up the FW.
Fixed a problem where the PW wizard would generate the
same name for a different swicth and possibly mix up
passwords. Enforce each generated Pw menu to be unique.
TIA Menu Bulider (
Corrected text on Switch To Menu command property page,
referred to 'Update' which is no longer there.
Fixed bug with SetSerial command which was not putting
quotes around the string.
Protect against user entering quotes in the string field of
the set serial and get serial and match.
For Send Digital command, 'Pulse for' radio would not clear.
Fixed bug were first time after openeing a project, all files
would be sent. Will still send all menu files, but audio files
work correctly. This will be fixed completely later.
Fixed tree where bottom of the tree was getting cutoff due
to the window being too big.
Fixed bug where audio files played from events within the
global node, were not flagged as in use.
When adding a Check XX Join command, prompt the user
to add associated events unless an event for that join is
already present. Previously only checked type so once one
digital was checked, the user would not be prompted any
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed bug which would sometimes incorrectly not filter out
signal state data and it would therefore show as a console
text event.
File Manager (
Fixed bug where if the transfer failed, the transaction was
never completed, thus locking the device.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.15)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
For GenericFileXferGet. Fixed problem cleaning up on
failures. Also added a more textual error code description
for xmodem failures.
Toolbox 1.04.14 (1-9-2007)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (108)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.14)
Toolbox.exe (
TIA Menu Builder (
DVPTTool.ocx (
SurroundSoundTools.ocx (
SC_Lib.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (108)
Devices.ini (74)
Fixed category for CHV-TSTATRF
Fixed EQ ranges for QM audio devices
Fixed Mixer data for QM devices. Some were using
strings and some were using numbers which messed
up parsing sometimes.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.14)
Added error checking to NVRAMDisk enable to show any
error reported by the device (like insufficient NVRAM.
Fixed bug so read-only ini device files still get loaded.
Toolbox.exe (
Removed "New..." from File menu since it doesn't do
TIA Menu Builder (
Save last used audiofile path in registry.
Save "Apply to all files" check box state in the registry.
Increased buffer size for browsing for audio file to 8k to
allow more files to be selected.
Fixed bug dealing with downloading a project. Current
working folder not set so audio files were lost.
Removed Flush Command Queue as a command and
instead exposed it as a check box for each event. This
enforces it to be first which is the only it was intended to
Do not force save to file before sending to device.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
SC_Lib.dll (
Fixed bug so access to COM ports 10 through 255 works.
Toolbox 1.04.13 (12-29-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptlib32.dll (1.04.13)
Devices.zinis (107)
CmVptGui.dll (
SIMPL Debugger (
TIA Menu Builder (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (107)
MPS-100.ini (6)
Moved all MPS related cards into this file.
CmVptlib32.dll (1.04.13)
DisplayListGetInfo for TPS method was always using "type"
command (ListFile ability) which was not always supported.
Now check for this and use FileXFerGet as a backup means.
FileSystemListFile for 2 Series method- Added chack for
"Bad or Incomplete Command" response and return
ABILITY_NOT_SUPPORTED error accordingly.
Fixed crash where malformed ID strings could crash the
server. Found a device reporting version as "[v]".
Fix in Join interface for negative vlues (balance on MPS100).
CmVptGui.dll (
Project Dialog - Fixed timeouts due to longer "Get Current
Project Info" time.
Fixed bug causing "Error retriveing info" to always appear.
TIA Menu Builder project dialog, change "Cancel" button to
Address Book dialog - added workaround for TIA by waiting
10s after reboot before sending address book file.
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed formatting for serials. Was showing some printable
ASCII chars as hex.
TIA Menu Builder (
Fixed bug where changes are not sent to the device unless
you first save the project. Now we call save to force a svae…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
you first save the project. Now we call save to force a svae
and project name before sending.
Fixed bug where new commands were shown in the correct
order, but saving and reloading does not preserve that
Added Prompt To Save If Changed on closing.
Toolbox 1.04.12 (12-18-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (106)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.12)
SIMPL Debugger (
QM Audio Config Tool (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (106)
Devices.ini (73)
CHV-TSTATRF - Set max sleep time to 60000ms (1
C2N-MNETGW - Versioned support to add the
WakeUpDevice ability for v2.00.00 or better.
QM-MD7x2 - fixed Output 1 & 2 Mic Mix preset
QM-MD5x1 - fixed Output Mic Mix preset information
Added ML-600 device based exactly on the ML-500
MPS-100.ini (5)
Fixed channel mode. Was using wrong join.
Fixed inverted amp control.
Changed balance range to be consistent with OOTBF
+/- 20 steps.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.12)
Added EAfnMeshnetMaster_WakeUpSleepingDevice ability.
Added meshent wake up support for CHV-TSTATRF.
Added CustomClientData ability group.
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed time error in trace, would loose 8 minutes at a time
due to arithmetic truncation.
QM Audio Config Tool (
QM-MD7x2 - Added presets for Output 1 & 2 Mic Mix
QM-MD5x1 - Added presets for Output Mic Mix
Toolbox 1.04.11 (12-04-2006)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.04.11 (12-04-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (105)
Program Tree (
SIMPL Debugger (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.11)
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
QM Audio Config Tool (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (105)
Devices.ini (73)
QM-MD7x2 - fixed mic graphic eq band info.
MPS-100 (4)
Initial support for all audio via TJI
Added support for QMTxmitID.
Program Tree (
Fixed endless loop via Post Message, when a project w/o an
address has an XPanel in it certain operations are
Fixed bug where if a device type was specified in the
address, product info always came back and the tool was
not checking the result status and verifying anyway even if
it was not present.
SIMPL Debugger (
Added Text Console Events to trace showing incoming text
data for use in debugging.
Added Signal Transition Reporting Rate measurement text
display above trace.
Fixed bug where some data was being displayed incorrectly
(namely 0x8F was showing as 0x3C).
Keep last known signal state separate from event vector so
the last known state is maintained after clearing the trace.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.11)
Added initial TJI support for MPS-100 audio related items.
Fixed rounding such that 0 is really 0 and is not
affected by single / double precision math.
Added a ProgramSupportedOps ability group for interacting
with the program via user prog commands.
Added support for ~.LoadLogic.ini in VTZ files.
Added setting of error, but returning success when
EAfnTIAMenuProject_Send is sending modified only and…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
EAfnTIAMenuProject_Send is sending modified only and
there are none that are modified.
Added registry key to disable the auto pause resume
bracketing file xfers.
Default setting is now to pause resume only for
internal (disable for external).
Fixed problem with crashes when dealing with double
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
Disabled "Manage Audio Files..." menu item and "Save" and
"Save As..." buttons above tree when there is no project
Fixed column width sizing bug of Audio File Manager
dialog's list control.
Fixed bug where files added through the Audio File Manager
dialog do not get added to the Play Audio command dialog's
file combo box.
Bug in Project Send dialog, where user is not alerted when
there are no modified files to send, fixed by change in
CmVptLib32.dll above
Changed style of Audio File Manager dialog's list control so
that a user can select a row instead of just the filename.
Added Help via F1.
Added Help button to Audio Manager Dialog and removed
'Missing' Column since it does not apply now.
QM Audio Config Tool (
Added MPS-100 support.
Added additional connection message stating there has to
be a realtime connection.
Toolbox 1.04.10 (11-17-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (104)
SIMPL Debugger (
Program Tree (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.10)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (104)
Macros.ini (28)
Added USB support for all control systems if
connected over USB for DevReste and PassTo Groups.72/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
connected over USB for DevReste and PassTo Groups.
Devices.ini (72)
TPMC-4X - Fixed Display list load bug over ethernet.
Was missing GenericFileXfer Support using normal
commands. Only had USB.
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed bug where embedded NULLs in debug serial data was
incorrect. Actually a fix in the server.
Fixed several points of crashes when no connection is made.
Program Tree (
Fixed crash when image list was being created in the SIMPL
interface thread. Now images are loaded on demand in
correct thread.
Fixed crash in Refresh Item when non-existent tree handle
is passed in.
Fixed bug where XPanels compiled as EXEs would never fire
any upload status events so System Builder showed
"Uknown" for status.
Fixed crashes due to CWnd objects being passed amongst
Uninstalled devices no longer appear in the upload list.
Fixed "No physical device found message when uploading to
a set of devices including one or more xpanels.
Fixed live update FW current version retrieval, broken since
subnet decect code changes. Cresnet / Meshent devices
would not work properly.
Fixed live update FW device type matching to find FW. Was
using SIMPL name which may not match actual FW model
name which is what is in the XML. Now we use the actual
retrieved model name.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.10)
Added special handing for cases on ethernet where we
connect and immediately get kicked out with 10053. This is
a problem with devices that only support a single active
console connection. When we disconnect it takes it a
secoond to clean up and if we try to connect tool fast, it
thinks it is still alive and kicks us out. For cases where we
are waiting for a connected state, if we connect but get
kicked out with 100ms with 10053, then try to reconnect.
DisplayListSend for Cresnet hex file loads, added a call to
follow the device through reboot after the load. Some may
take 500ms or and occasionaly timeout verification when
done through System Builder. Making sure we're ready to…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
done through
System Builder. Making sure we're ready to
go is the correct thing to do anyway.
ComChannel_TCP, in OnConnect, reset the last detect
timeout timer to 0 so we can redetect immediately.
Added new ability ProgramRetrieveFileOfType.
Toolbox 1.04.09 (11-08-2006)
Modules affected:
Program Tree (
SIMPL Debugger (
Bugs Fixed:
SIMPL Debugger (
F1 help fixed when running from SIMPL Windows.
Added "Trace Items..." button with a drop down to select
what to show in the trace asa global override. Digitals,
Serials, timestamps etc....
Program Tree (
Fixed issues when "Cancel All" is used durin System Load.
Items would cancel but one further upload attempts, all
items would always come up as 'canceled' stating 'never
Fixed problem where XPanels would sometimes no load due
to "There is no open session" error.
Toolbox 1.04.08 (11-03-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.08)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.08)
Xmodem - Added a Flush before sending any block. This
should help ensure that the single byte we get back the
actual response to the block just sent.
Serial Communications - Fixed a bug where bogus timeouts
could occur at lower baud rates.
Toolbox 1.04.07 (10-31-2006)
Modules affected:
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.07)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.07)
Fixed crash related to graphic EQ info being loaded from the
data file.
Toolbox 1.04.06 (10-31-2006)
Modules affected:
Program Tree (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.06)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.06)
TPMC - Reported on TPMC-8X, fixed lingering error, post FW
load. "Unable to identify device".
Added code so that errors generted while additions to the
stack are disabled are still logged.
Disabled error additions to the stack during a follow reboot
over ethernet while trying to reconnect.
Program Tree (
Fixed bug where XPanels would not load in a system upload
until they were uploaded individually first.
Fixed bug where "An Unsupported operation was
attempted" message box appeared at program load start.
Fixed bug where "No physical device was found" message
box appeared when the Upload Dialog came up if an XPanel
was in the list.
Fixed Cancel all to cancel pending program load also.
Toolbox 1.04.05 (10-27-2006)
Modules affected:
Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Program Tree (
Fixed bug where ethernet touch panels would not be loaded
through System Builder.
Toolbox 1.04.04 (10-26-2006)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
1.04.04 (10-26-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (103)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.04)
SIMPL Debugger (
Program Tree (
CmVptGUI.dll (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (103)
Devices.ini (73)
TPMC-4X - Fixed device type com spec to include
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.04)
Signal Debugging, fixed task limit settings for debug. Sync
and Monitor were using the limit set for ignore.
Added an dditional error message for "COM port not found"
in CComChannel_RS232.cpp.
Fixed parsing bug where link status for Port B on C2ENET-2
cards was incorrect if Port A had no link.
Extended All timeouts for SSL connections by a factor of 2,
4 for fast queries.
SIMPL Debugger (
Reset Task Event limit for signal operations back to defaults
when closing a session. Prevent System Builder from
showing all task events if it is using the same session.
Program Tree (
Fixed bug with load ordering which was causing programs
to be loaded multiple times.
CmVptGUI.dll (
Display List dialog - Mask common parse errors. This can
occur if a tag is not present such as PNG required. This isn't
an erorr, it's just not relevant so don't give the user an
Features Added:
VptAddressBook.dll (
Added comment field for each address book entry.
Toolbox 1.04.03 (10-19-2006)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.04.03 (10-19-2006)
Modules affected:
SIMPL Debugger (
Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed up some menu items and dialog descriptions for
signal display format.
Program Tree (
Fixed bug where "Upload..." menu item would not show or
show incorrectly for various devices.
Toolbox 1.04.02 (10-17-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.02)
Devices.zinis (102)
Program Tree (
Network Tree (
MediaTools (1.00.04)
QM-Tools (1.01.04)
System Info (
CmVptGui.dll (
SIMPL Debugger (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.02)
Added case for hex files in FileDisplayListGetInfo and return
a specific error.
Program Tree (
Fixed logic for when to show "Update this XXXX Firmware"
menu item.
Network Tree (
Fixed Firmware Update dialog to show proper status for
failed uploads.
MediaTools (1.00.04)
Fixed bug where Parametric EQ filters were not appearing
on graph…/toolbox_2_26.html
on graph Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed bug when performing firmware updates where
multiple dialogs were opened
QM-Tools (1.01.04)
Fixed bug when performing firmware updates where
multiple dialogs were opened
System Info (
Added SSL type (when enabled) to ethernet area.
CmVptGui.dll (
Ethernet Addressing dialog - Changed "IP Mask" to "IP
Subnet Mask".
Fixed call to FileDisplayListGetInfo for hex files.
SIMPL Debugger (
Added menu separator before Start/Stop Sending signal
menu items
Added ITBLoadProgramFile for client integration (SIMPL
Fixed activations on large signal groups, properly not
continueing if not confirmed by the user.
Enabled cancel button on Task dialog.
Fixed bug where the first signal defined in the program
would not show up in the tree.
Changed selected signal color scheme to be white text on
dark gray background.
Changed Start/Stop sending signals to Start/Stop
debugging signals and all references to it.
Added warning when changing the Include Module Signals
setting since you will loose your trace. Also on program
Clear Events, Clear All events changed to Clear Trace to be
Fixed Status tree display after a "Sync All on program load"
Fixed Reload program to re-init all debug signal states on
the device and prompt for sync all.
Toolbox 1.04.01 (10-05-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (101)
VptComServer.exe (1.04.01)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.01)
CmVptGui.dll (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptGui.dll (
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
Program Tree (
SIMPL Debugger (
QM-Tools (1.01.03)
MediaTools (1.00.03)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (101)
Devices.ini (68)
TPS-4 / QM-FTCC-TPS_TPS-4 -Bumped reboot
timeout to 45s from 15s to accomodate ethernet
startup time.
Removed Cresnet Slave Support from AADS and
Removed Serial Comm support from the MPS-100
Added Bandwidth along with BandMode's center
Added XPANEL device to support new verification
method in Program Tree
Added DNS Management Support.
VptComServer.exe (1.04.01)
Implemented queued message posting from sheduler to
event thread. This prevents lost messages when things are
flooded (signal debugging).
CmVptLib32.dll (1.04.01)
Changed "progcom" to the full command "progcomments"
in order to disambiguate it from any future commands.
Fixed bug that caused crash when disconnecting USB in
PASSTO mode.
Fixed bug where ability macros are not resolved until device
info is loaded. Exhibited by a TPMC-8X which reports
TBINFO with a macro. The ExpandAbilityMacros call was not
loading the macro file due to changes in the previous
Added extra check for MT-1000 firware zip files to ensure
they are a valid zip and gives a proper warning. Bug #
Fixed bug in Follow Program Restart code to properly detect
"Program Initialized" and complete the program restart
Fixed bug where text console mode could be lost after the
device reboots while a text console is open and is then…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
device reboots while a text console is open and is then
closed after the reboot completes.
Reworked DNS Management abilities.
Depracated add/remove/list calls.
Declared new Set/Get Primary/Secondary abilities.
Implemented these new calls for 2 series control
systems and added a method to implement for
TPSB/G panels.
Changed spec for AudioGraphicEQGetBandInfo to return
bandwidth also. Req. data file and tool changes.
CmVptGui.dll (
Changed Ethernet DNS config dialog around to match new
bility spec with setting primary / secondary DNS servers.
Changed Sync calls to Async in DisplayList dialog to fix
intermittent timeout errors from calls timing out before
being able to start.
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
Fixed bug that added "Unkown" events to an existing menu
that is password protected via the context menu.
Changed behavior so that user isn't prompted to save a
New Command or Event when a type hasn't yet been
Removed ellipsis marks from menu items that do not bring
up another dialog.
Program Tree (
Changed how XPanels are verified. Now the new
"VerificationMethod" is checked and the control system's
status is used..
Added catch all case to VerifyXPanelTarget exception
handling to fail gracefully.
Fixed ordering of system loads such that the program is
always loaded after all other components using the
processor are complete.
SIMPL Debugger (
Fixed multiple points of crashes from the main menu and
context menu when no program is loaded.
Find Signal dialog had several points of crashing. Also made
it easier to expand the list by double clicking or hitting
enter or clicking OK. Also added text when no signals are
Better text messages when changing send all/send except
Changed wording from Start/Stop Monitoring to Start/Stop…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Changed wording from Start/Stop Monitoring to Start/Stop
Fixed menus to work when integrated with SIMPL.
Added prompt to synchronize all signals after loading a new
QM-Tools (1.01.03)
Fixed bug where incorrect Parametric EQ filter was being
modified. Devices affected were QM-MD5x1, QM-MD7x2 and
all derivations of QM-RMCRX.
Modified software to automatically set all unused Parametric
EQ filters (filters 1-10) to have gain of zero and filter type
of Peaking EQ upon connecting to the device and upon
recalling presets. Devices affected were QM-MD5x1, QMMD7x2 and all derivations of QM-RMCRX.
MediaTools (1.00.03)
Removed 'zero' button from Volume slider
Made the Balance control a horizontal slider
Fixed bug where Mixer values were set to -80 upon opening
Mixer Dialog
Set the bandwidth for the EQ filters when switching Band
Toolbox 1.04.00 (9-12-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.zinis (100)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.38)
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
CmVptGui.dll (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Toolbox.exe (
Program Tree (
System Info (
QM-Tools (
MediaTools (
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
SIMPL Debugger Tool (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.zinis (100)
Added PNG always supported to TPMC-4X.
Removed Cresnet Slave support for the PAC2M.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox:
for the PAC2M.
Changes CalibrateMode support for TPMC-4X to use
TPMC-10 method.
Added Media Tool Support info to C2N-VEQ4 and
MP2, MP2E and slaves.
Added QM-MD4x2, QM-MD8x8, and QM-MD16x16
Added C2I-TPI card from the DVP4-DI.
Added CHV-TSTATRF basic support.
CEN-TIA - Fixed Reboot over cresnet support.
CEN-IDOC - Added DNS management support.
Added TPMC-8X initial support.
AES - Removed Cresnet Slave support.
Fixed Program support for ESlaveRMCs
Changed ESlaves over to use
Macro2SeriesSlaveCtrlSysMinimal macro
C2I-MPS-AUDIO1, VIDEO1, and FPANEL - added
Firmware update support.
Macros.ini (27)
Changed CalibrateMode support for TPMC10 series
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.38)
Fixed cancel mechanism over USB active sync file transfers.
Added TPMC-10 method for CalibrateMode ability group.
Added SSL certificate management abilities.
Added SIMPL+ max size checking when loading programs.
Fixed bug for MT-500C where it would come back with
correct model name even if it did not verify.
FirmwareUpdate for 2SeriesMonitor - Changed final
command from "quit" to "reboot"
Changed progress text in subnet detect from "Detecting
duplicate..." to "Checking for duplicate..."
Fixed bug in GenFileXferPutBatch/GetBatch where the root
path was not always used as the starting reference.
Fixed ASCII transfers again. Line pacing/formatting was not
Fixed problem with Text Console mode where ref counts
were not being used properly. Would result in loss of
console mode when close one of multiple consoles to the
same device.
Re-organized data files into a single zip which can be
splitup and portions included with an include type
Fixed crash in TPSB/G display list transfers if the VTZ file
does not contain a manifest file.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox:
Crestron Toolbox
does not contain
a manifest
file. Rele…
Added XModem Interface call to flush receieve buffers.
When an unknown character comes back as the start of a
packet, we now flush the recieve buffers and the pipe and
retry, this should help with recovery wehn unexpected data
gets into the stream.
Generic Crestron USB devices - If there was an erorr getting
the string descriptors it assumed things were ok and would
match empty fields thinking a device was there when it was
not. Fixed to assumed NOT matched if errors when getting
string descriptors.
Exported a call to get the Master Device Profile. Used by the
address book DLL.
Fixed bug in task settings for signal debug stuff.
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
Fixes for Static and Slider Control.
VptAddressBook.dll (
Changes to support new ZINIS data file.
Delay Comm port detection until radio 'Other' radio is
selected on RS232 dialog since there is some lag when
Toolbox.exe (
Fixed Window Title update when changing address book
Program Tree (
Added exception handling and logging on all dispatch calls.
Upload Dialog
Fixed bugs which might allow upload button to be
enabled when one or more checked devices are
If one item is selected and you double click the check
of another an incorrect warning may appear.
Made the SetParentHWnd actually set the parent of all
modal dialogs (upload etc...)
System Info (
Fixed bug which would not allow a full device redetect when
clicking "Refresh".
Better error reporting when no device is found.
Better progress reporting during detection phase.
QM-Tools (
Renamed from Audio Config Tool
Fixed loading of configuration for the QM-TX…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed loading of configuration for the QM-TX
allow .1dB increments on gains
Added "Clear Filters" button to Parametric Filter Graph
Bass and Treble Shelf filters slope range is 1-3
Features Added:
CmVptGui.dll (
Added SSL Certificate management ops to SSL context
Added current display list info to Project dialog.
QM-Tools (
Added support for 4x2, 8x8.
MediaTools (
Initial release - Audio coniguration for non QM devices such
as MP2 and VEQ4
CEN-TIA Menu Builder Tool (
Initial Release - Menu Builder Tool for CEN-TIA
SIMPL Debugger Tool (
Initial Release - Test Manager Replacement
Toolbox 1.02.37 (8-03-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.37)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.37)
Toolbox.exe (
Network Tree (
Program Tree(
Text Console (
CmVptGui.dll (
VptAddressBook.dll (
USB Driver (1.01.04)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.37)
Fixed bug in Audio base class where if an channel
parameter was not even a string, we could continue setting
the previous channel with it's parameters.
Added some additional error messages to USB connections
when they fail due to the device being locked by another
Added additional error messages to ethernet connections 84/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added additional error messages to ethernet connections
when they fail in an attempt to make them more
For connections made the failure to connect detection work
a bit faster in a particular case, especially for ethernet
Reversed order of error messages so last added is first to be
Changed Insufficient memory message to add "Please
expand this memmory if supported by the device."
VptComServer.exe (1.02.37)
Disabled part time logging and always force full time
Toolbox.exe (
Modified intro message if System Info is going to be
launched telling them because of intro mode they are being
connected to COM 1 using System Info.
Network Tree (
Fixed error reporting when we cannot connect.
Program Tree( -Fixed bug which would cause multiple
devices to not verify or show with the 'Question' icon is an AAS or
other devices which could not be verified were found in the
Text Console (
If we are disconnected and the user enters text, trigger a
redetect so errors connecting will be shown again.
CmVptGui.dll (
Fixed Enable Web Server check box on the Web Pages
dialog. Was not working.
VptAddressBook.dll (
Fixed bug where after selecting a device type, changing the
main connection type, would clear this selection.
USB Driver (1.01.04)
Made access to read/write pipes exclusive to enforce only a
single shared connection to each USB device.
Toolbox 1.02.36 (7-28-2006)
Modules affected:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.36)
CmVptGui.dll (
VptComServer.exe (1.02.36)
Program Tree Control (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.36)
Added additional error chacking when setting ethernet
hostname to verify the new setting.
Added missing TaksStart/Complete calls for deleting files
before sending web pages.
Added debug asserts for events to help flag invalid event
sequences while debugging.
Added MP2Specialization method and implementation for
VideoSwitcher group
Modified AudioEQConfig to allow band info based on
EQConfig setting.
Added caching of band config setting.
CmVptGui.dll (
Added checking for invalid characters in Ethernet dialog for
VptComServer.exe (1.02.36)
Fixed problem in the scheduler where it could get hung in
PumpMessage while requests were waiting in session
queues. Add a max time poll time limit (def to 1s) in which
if no messages come in within this time, we drop through
and check for requests. Overridable via registry.
Program Tree Control (
Fixed TransferStatus events being posted to parent app
(System Builder) incorrectly.
Problem fixed where XPanel EXE projects would not be
compiled by the tree.
Added Verbose status log strings for all status and upload
status changes. Also added debug strings to UploadDialog
m_bIsUploading logic.
Fixed progress bar overwrite issues.
Made warning messages when changing upload address to
be modal to the dialog which shows them.
Fixed problem causing System Builer to get stuck in an
'Uploading' state. This would occur after sending scheduler
data file.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.02.35 (7-21-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (66)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.35)
VptComServer (1.02.35)
CmVptGui.dll (
Network Tree (
Program Tree (
Help File.
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (66)
Change PAC2M ethernet card name to C2PAC2MENET-1
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.35)
Fixed some hangs in MT-1000 connection code in CeRapi.
Added Cancel handling in MT-1000 connecting task.
Changed timeout for retrieveing HW info from fast to slow
VptComServer (1.02.35)
Fixed possible crash if worker thread gets busy and Open
messages from scheduler timeout.
we now set a flag and let the worker cleanup if a
timeout occurs.
CmVptGui.dll (
Display List dialog - changed "Not supported" for Display
Directory to "Not applicable to this device"
Network Tree (
Added better progres indicators when trees are linked by
posting progress info back and forth. Normally the first to
be scheduled would get progress and the second would not
due to cached info.
Program Tree (
Changed XPanel EXE upload message to reference just the
project folder as a relative path instead of the absolute path
to the temp folder.
Fixed a bug related to the SMW tree sometimes not
populating itself. An internal message was being posted
before a message queue was created sometimes.
Added better progres indicators when trees are linked by…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added better progres indicators when trees are linked by
posting progress info back and forth. Normally the first to
be scheduled would get progress and the second would not
due to cached info.
Added a couple points of checking for crashes on
DispInterface calls to RefreshItem.
Help File Updated
Includes update icon descriptions for Program tree
Toolbox 1.02.34 (7-18-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (65)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.34)
Program Tree Control (
Network Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (65)
Added card names.
Changed Passto support to work for USB.
Changed DevReset support to work over USB.
Removed SerialCom support.
Added "VerificationMethod=None" to AAS device.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.34)
Added method for Generic USB support.
Mapped USB method of Passto to serial implemenation to
properly send the break.
Mapped new USB implementation of FollowReboot.
Program Tree Control (
Changed message when trying to edit the session address
of the contorl processor to use the main application.
Added checking of "VerificationMethod" from Toolbox Data
file for "None".
Changed icon for unable to verify devices to the same as
"Not Installed".
Fixed bug where device info posted to linked tree wasn't
formatted properly. In Setup ID dialog under Type for C2IADG-FRONTPANEL was showing "DeviceType:25"
Poperly detect XPanel EXE projects and show appropriate
message. Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed some file transfer status posting.
Network Tree (
Fixed crash if control is closed while in the "Connecting..."
Toolbox 1.02.33 (7-14-2006)
Modules affected:
Macros.ini (26)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.33)
Program Tree Control (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Macros.ini (26)
Macro2SeriesSlaveCtrlSysMinimal - Removed SignalDebug,
NVRAM, and NVRAMDisk abilities.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.33)
Fixed MT-1000C which broke since 1.02.30.
EthernetWebPagesSend - Pause program moved to the very
beginning to help with program startup issues. Specifically
rcon prompts coming back from System Builder QM
Program Tree Control (
Added protection for "Edit Session..." for those devices
which do not appear to support alternate upload addresses.
If the user wishes to continue, the address will not be
VptAddressBook.dll (
For RS232 added Other for COMports which lists detected
Toolbox 1.02.32 (7-11-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.32)
CmVptGui.dll (
SMW Tree Control (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Bugs Fixed:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.32)
Fixed insufficient memory error message text.
Added better debug infor for async data reads.
Extended device timeouts by 3x (min 15s) for 60s after a
program finishes starting up.
Added deletion of IPTable file in sys folder if it was sent, but
then later in the load failed or was canceled.
Added a fix for some Crestron USB console devices to help
them work through hubs.
CmVptGui.dll (
Added crash protection when empty connect strings are
passed in.
SMW Tree Control (
Fixed handling of upload address. Was not being used after
being set due to the new subnet detection code.
Fixed Display project paths. In System Builder, the tree
could rarly find the display projects due to the interface
path not being set, or getting lost.
Removed pop-up error message box when verify is called
when no address is set. This happens sometimes in System
Builder through the composers.
Fixed problem where upload address was not always being
used properly.
VptAddressBook.dll (
Only add IP addresses to the history if it is not empty.
Toolbox 1.02.31 (6-30-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (63)
CmVptLib32D.dll (1.02.31)
CmVptGui.dll (
VptAddressBook (
Network tree (
SMW Tree Control (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (63)
TPMC-4X - Changed FileSystem group support to 49,1 to
support USB better.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
support USB better.
CEN-TIA - Added CompactFlash Support for MMC method.
Added Product:39 support to GenericConsole to overide
ProductGetInfo calls.
Added AADS cards support.
Added 2-Series Control System Monitor device type. Not
Auto-detected, but selectable.
CmVptLib32D.dll (1.02.31)
Added implementation for TPMC-4X for file System Group
based on 2Series, and overrode GetDirListing to work
Added calls to CeSetFiletime in the CERapi interface to
ensure timestamps of project files are correct.
Added code to calculate appropriate timeout after sending a
generic file based on file size for GenericFileXFerPut to allow
the device sufficient time to write to the flash.
Added a forceful redetect when USB handles are closed to
ensure device info is redetected if the device changes.
Added EAmManual method implementation for Product
Added additional program startup code in an attempt to
properly follow full program restart even with heavy
processing after CUZ initialization. This is used for program
restarts and also on initial device detection if we see that a
program is loading. Also handles cancels and even if we do
not get a prompt back.
Added System Tick count as second parameter to signal
debug events.
Added debug text to all task events to know when task
events are being posted to clients.
Consolidated debug output for program restarts.
Added a 2SeriesMonitor method and an implementation for
Fixed crash in subnet detection (reportcresnet) where signal
debug statements could come back before the prompt and
attempt to be parsed as cresnet device reports which could
crash the server. Extra rejection protection added.
Added better auto-repsonse parsing where additional
matching starts (but without ends) would trigger events
that won't parse correctly. e.g. signal debugging and
ppndiscover both use start chars.
Added parameters to USB comm spec in CComSpecParser
class and parsing for it.
Added additional code in initial device detection to detect
signal debug statements and to assume the device is ready
for commands once it sees any of these. Checks for…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
for commands once it sees any of these. Checks for
"\x03\x01\x0D" sequence.
Fixed bug in GenericFileXferGetBatchFrom and PutBatchTo,
where the device path was incorrectly appended to the
storage location. i.e. CompactFlash,"\NewFolder" would
translate to "\NewFolder" instead of "\cf0\NewFolder"
Added Pause and Resume Program Bracketing Xpanel loads,
and all GenericFileXfers. Bug #8975.
Disallow cross-loading of OOTBF programs.
CmVptGui.dll (
Ethernet dialog, ip mask was being set to calculated mask
too often. Only sets it when the ip address looses focus and
the mask is 0.
VptAddressBook (
Added IP address history in a combo box.
Added search fields to USB connection type dialog. First
device matching specified parameters will be connected to.
Empty fields will match anything.
Network tree (
Fixed multiple redraw issues to make display faster.
Fixed Cancel All in Upload Dialog.
Fixed bug when changing IDs and cancel is clicked, would
say "Error Changing".
Moved progress indicator to error node.
Added alert message box when user tries verifying, but
comm setting hasn't been set
SMW Tree Control (
Fix to update UI project file name on refresh. Also updates
device model changes.
Moved progress indicator to error node.
Added alert message box when user tries verifying, but
comm setting hasn't been set.
Ellipsis marks removed from UI items that do not bring up a
dialog; i.e. "Reload Program..." context menu choice.
Toolbox 1.02.30 (6-23-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32D.dll (1.02.30)
Toolbox.exe (
File Manager (
QM-Tools (1.00.10)
SMW Program Tree (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
SMW Program Tree (
Network Tree (
CmVptLib32D.dll (1.02.30)
Added 2SeriesMMC method and a version for CompactFlash
ability Group.
Changed 2SeriesCommand method of CompactFlahs to use
the root path and tag for status from memeber variables so
they could be easily overridden in derived methods.
GenericFileXfer for 2Series, modified
DoesSystemNeedHeader to check for "\\MMC" too.
Fixed bug where USB was not shutting down properly which
led to communications stopping.
Added better cancel recovery in SubNetowork Detection.
Fixed cancel recovery in CresenetMasterReportDevices , and
added it into TSDeviceMasterReportDevices.
Fixed ASCII transfers to handle <CR> <LF> pairs better.
Fixed up USB to check product IDs, string descriptors for
Prod ID4 and to have better debug output.
Changed timeout for file system compaction to really slow
query from slow query to accomodate possible ethernet
Don't cache subnet detection results if it was canceled.
Toolbox.exe (
Fixed crash when focus changes. Various tools and various
File Manager (
Set to be shown as a drive if detected.
QM-Tools (1.00.10)
Fixed bug where Attack and Decay values were not being
set correctly on QM-WMC, QM-MD7x2 and QM-MD5x1.
SMW Program Tree (
Fixed problem where if a device is not found, and re-verfied
in the upload dialog, it would never complete verifying.
Changed behaviour of upload dialog such that even if the
file is not found, the device is still added to the list.
Changed verification of model against program to be case
Fixed bug in Device Upload dialog, where the "device not
found, check connection" was shown from System Builder
Adagio Composer. System Builder calls 'Check' which
cehcked status and if status != Verified. It should be status
== NotVerified.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
== NotVerified.
Network Tree (
Fixed several bugs dealing with canceling detections and
show proper stats.
Toolbox 1.02.29 (6-14-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (61)
Macros.ini (25)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.29)
CmVptGui.dll (
Text Console (
Network Tree Control (
SMW Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (61)
Corrected FW filespec for CslaveMC2W
Enabled Xmit ID for QM-TX (missed in the previous build,
WML 6/5/06)
Increased reboot timeout for TPSB panels to 30s from 10s.
Added CEN-IDOC as an alternate name for the IPod and
changed FW file spec.
Initial Support for TPMC-4X all functional.
Macros.ini (25)
Added DeviceMonitor:10 support to
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.29)
Fixed Timing Issues with MT-500C (Pronto) causing load
Added additional error checking on
EAfnSubNetworkSlot_ReportDevices to make sure slot
number is valid.
Added an error in initial device detaction if we could not
Fixed bug where a control system could get stuck in passto
for a period if text console was open.
Added better error message when changing cresnet device
which needs a broadcast packet.
Added BasicDisplaySetPassword, BasicDisplayGetPassword
Added DeviceMonitorEnter ability to boot into the monitor.
Fixed bug in BasicDisplayGetFrontPanleLines which left a…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed bug in
which left a
prompt in the input buffer unread.
Fixed crash post TPMC-4X FW load. This was due to MFC
crashin on Year 2099 file timestamps.
Extended timeout after XPUT for generic File Xfers (2Series
method) to accomodate possible ethernet lags. Bug #8645.
CmVptGUI.dll (
Removed "retrieve" button from web page dialog since it is
not implemented yet.
Text Console (
Changed initial detection around to show error messages
from initial device detect.
Network Tree Control (
Changed all change ID stuff to be asynchronous.
Fixed a bug where clearing a cresnet ID would cuase the
device to show it's TSID instead of 01 for cresnet ID.
New Features:
CmVptGui.dll (
Added 'Clear' button to Identify Transmitter ID dialog.
Added Button on Basic Display dialog for setting Front Panel
Network Tree Control (
Added top level error node to show errors persistently.
SMW Program Tree (
Added top level error node to show errors persistently.
Toolbox 1.02.28 (6-02-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (60)
QM Audio Tool (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.28)
SMW Tree Control (
Network Tree Control (
Help File
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (60)
Enabled Xmit ID for QM-TX…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Enabled Xmit
for QM-TX
Added cards for IM line, previously listed as Unknown.
QM Audio Tool (
Renamed tool from QM-Audio Configuration to QM-Tools
"Save" button on Preset Dialog for Mixer, Graphic Eq,
Parametric Eq, Video Settings Presets (for all devices) are
disabled if no changes have been made.
QM-RX - renamed "LINE OUT" on overview dialog to "Video
QM-TX - renamed video inputs from "Computer", "Video",
"S-Video", "Composite", and "none" to "Pr/Comp/R", "Y/G",
"Pb/C/B", "H", and "V"
QM-TX - Removed "Mute All" button from overview dialog
Added QM-MD8x8 and QM-MD4x2 console commands to
Help File
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.28)
Added method for USB ActiveSync devices which support
the pseudo-console interface (block mode console
Added Product and GenericFileXfer ability groups for the
new USBActiveSync method.
Added a new ComChannel_USBActiveSync com channel
which provides a SendCommandWaitToken call only.
FileXferGet would fail if filename case did not match that of
the remote device.
SMW Tree Control (
Fixed multiple crashes apparent in System Builder and
Network Tree Control (
Fixed refresh problems for error cases. Apparent in Program
Help File
Minor updates and corrections
Toolbox 1.02.27 (5-25-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (59)
Macros.ini (24)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.27)
SMW Tree Control (
Network Tree Control (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Network Tree Control (
Toolbox.exe (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (59)
Fixed parametric save and recall for serveral QM devices.
Fixed graphic EQ preset save for QM-DM7x2.
Changed reboot timeout for TPS-4L from 15s to 45s
Added Max Project Size as 7Mb for TPS-4L.
Macros.ini (24)
Changed IPTable support from 14 to 13 for TPMC10 macro.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.27)
Added TMPC-10 implementation of IP Table parsing.
Re-worded and added error code descriptions for XModem
transfer failures. (Bug 8496)
Fixed - SubNetDetection would return error "Ability
ConfigFileSend not supported" if an CLS-C6s are on the
network. (Bug 8498)
Fixed 2-series program restart timeout watchdog to be 20s
from 10s.
Network Tree Control (
Fixed crash if changing a device with childeren and the
trees are ilnked and you tell it to refresh for you.
SMW Tree Control (
Fixed logic in Tree Node flags
SMW Tree Control (
Added OnPreUpload event for System Builder to be able to
do stuff when the user clicks upload but before the uploads
Fixed bug that caused a device to verify if any device was
Fixed bug which if still verifying, would ignore any address
Fixed bug to show 'Verifying' status when tree is first
Toolbox.exe (
When address is updated in address book from changing a
cresnet ID, the title of the window was not updated and still
had the old address listed.
Features Added:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
SMW Tree Control (
Added status field to each device showing why it was not
Toolbox 1.02.26 (5-12-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (58)
CmVptGUI.dll (
CmVptLib32 (1.02.26)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (58)
Fixed parametric presets for RMCRXs
CmVptGUI.dll (
Protect better against non VTPro projects since users son't
have a good understanding of this. Warning added when
de-selecting VTPRo Project check box. Also force a file spec
to send.
CmVptLib32 (1.02.26)
Fixed AES program sending to reboot after
Toolbox 1.02.25 (5-08-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.25)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.25)
Program Tree (
Network Tree (
QM Audio Tool (
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
Devices.ini (57)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (57)
Added CEN-IPOD in loader mode to have basic support.
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
Fixes for Slider Control
QM Audio Tool (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
QM Audio Tool (
Fixed bug where Linking Graphic Eqs caused tool to hang
Update Delay value upon hitting Enter (RMCRX, 5x1, 7x2)
Fixed bug which caused multiple update requests to the
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.25)
Fixed System Error Log retirval. Large programs cause
delays which triggered the old end of log code Now we wait
for a PROMPT. A '>' on a line with nothing else but alpha
numerics, hypen, and underscore. We need to do this since
there can be embedded '>' chars in the error log.
VptComServer.exe (1.02.25)
Cleaned up work thread clean up to possibly fix crash.
Program Tree (
Fixed to refresh both trees on F5 when linked.
Network Tree (
Handles messages from linked program tree to do a refresh.
Fixed bug when changing cresnet IDs from duplicate to
valid, would reconnect to the control system.
Toolbox 1.02.24 (5-05-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.23)
VptComServer (1.02.23)
SMW Program Tree (
Network Tree control (
QM Audio Tool (
Devices.ini (56)
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (56)
Fixes for CEN-IPOD v1.00.000, IPTAble, firmware over
cresnet etc...
Fixes for QM-RX/AE AUTOCOMPEN commands.
Fixed file specs for ST-1700C and ST-1700CIR firmware.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.23)
For cresnet/slot uploads, if the file transfer fails due to
timeout, we now call SafeXModemCancel to do a proper
cleanup and get back to a prompt.
VptComServer (1.02.23)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
VptComServer (1.02.23)
Added error messages and checking for device type
conflicts with addresses.
Changed message for COM port conflicts.
SMW Program Tree (
Fixed hang on load of SIMPL program (dues to temp toolbox
sessions being created)
Fixed bug which for newer versions of SIMPL, would cause
the icons (or device category) to be incorrect.
Fixed bug which caused web project to fail to upload to
devices with a display project and a Web project. This is
due to incorrect logic in determining the file to load.
Network Tree control (
Sending of Abort request during file transfers is immediate
in both controls
Firmware tasks are now shown in upload dialog.
If a device ID is changed that has childern, all it's childeren
are shown with the red X icon since they are really no
longer there.
QM Audio Tool (
Toolbox 1.02.23 (4-28-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptCom.dll (
CmVptGui.dll (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.23)
Devices.ini (55)
Network Device tree (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptCom.dll (
Fixed bug in recalling last used settings in
TBClientAppCommunications object.
CmVptGui.dll (
Fixed IPTable dialog to make it read-only if running the
OOTBF program.
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.23)
Reworked initial detection and follow reboot calls to follow
progress better to ensure the deivce is completely up and
ready to go in all cases.
Added ETagSIMPLProgram_Type to get program Type using
ProgramGetInfo ability. Will return one of "User", "OOTBF",
or "None"
Changed timeout for base audio abilities to SLOW_QUERY.
Was failing on rcon of parametric eqs.
Changed timeout after program load of following program
reset to match ProgramReset code.
Added delay to fix timing bug in FileXferGet.
Devices.ini (55)
Fixes for Audio Config Tools.
Added C2Y-HUB8 to the data file as a plug in card. From a
Network Device tree (
Change handling of program restart to allow it to completet
he restart and use the ServerClientMessage to close and
delete the session.
Migrated fixes to upload dialog from program tree.
Toolbox 1.02.22 (4-26-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (55)
Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (55)
Added RemoteConsole:3 support to CSlave and ESlave
RMCRX/BA devices.
WMC and variations, the XMITID was parsing incorrectly.
Program Tree (
Added additional checks when assigning a file selected for
upload to a device and warning dialogs.
Save Firmware Upload dialog coordinates and device list
column widths to the registry.
Browse opens to last browsed path, also saved in registry.
FirmwareUploadDialog now shows TaskStart and
TaskComplete messages.
Fixed file filter spec format for browse file dialog.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.22)
Fixed VptParser for x where it would not advance to the
proper character. Mainly affects audio abilities.
Toolbox 1.02.21 (4-21-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (54)
System Info (
CmVptLib32 (1.02.21)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.21)
CmVptCom.dll (
SMW Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (54)
QM-AMP3X80 - fixed 'x' to be upper case to match device
FW name.
Fixed audio extries for MD7x2 and 5x1 (DS)
Fixed parsing for currently linked transmit ID, wouldn't
parse hex ids correctly.
System Info (
Card Info, SW cpaabilities, and HW info now only shown if
those specific abilities are supported.
CmVptLib32 (1.02.21)
ProgramStop for 2Series method, Changed timeout to 15s /
45s. Also report error if we don't get a pormpt.
ProgramSend for Adagio method, after sending ootbfload or
progload, changed program stop timeouts to 15s/45s and
carry failures through.
For DisplayListSend for cresnet and viaSlot methods,
checking hex file for target panel type header. If valid and
does not match, query the user to send anyway?
Upped timeout for SafeXModemCancel to 50s from 30s and
added task progress
Fixed VptParse for hex numbers where it would not
adavance the target string past alpha chars in the hex
VptComServer.exe (1.02.21)
Added timestamp to filename of each individual session log.
Also set the time of the file within the zip to the time the…/toolbox_2_26.html
Also set the
of the
the zip to the time the
session was opened.
CmVptCom.dll (
Added CTBClientAppCommunications object for use in apps
like VTPro and SIMPL.
SMW Program Tree (
Fixed verification of meshnet devices.
If multiple devices are selected and not all are of the same
type, then query the user to assign all or only of like types.
Fixed Browse filter spec.
Toolbox 1.02.20 (4-14-2006)
Modules affected:
VptComServer.exe (1.02.20)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.20)
Devices.ini (53)
Macros.ini (23)
SMW Program Tree (
Sctipter.ocx (
Network Analyzer (
CmVptGui.dll (
Text Console (
Bugs Fixed:
VptComServer.exe (1.02.20)
Removed "Never Mind" menu item form notification icon
context menu.
Devices.ini (53)
Added TimeoutReboot to RMCRX and variations to be 45s.
Macros.ini (23)
MacroTPMC10 - Fixed Parsing of IPTables on TPMC-10s
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.20)
Changed ethernet followreboot to initiate a conneciton
immediately. Reconnects over ethernet are done as fast as
the device reboots now.
In FirmwareName parsing we now trim embedded hex
characters that may appear like
EAfnTSDeviceMaster_ParseDeviceResponse - If TSID did not
convert to a proper serial, then the full ID string came back
as the serial.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
as the serial.
Made a SafeXModemCancel which repeatedly sends
XModemCancels and CR until we see a prompt then
attempts to flush the buffer so we are back to a known
SMW Program Tree (
Adagio fixes and new verification methods implemented.
Sctipter.ocx (
Fixed bug which caused the first line of each section to be
executed twice an dthe last line to start but be immediately
Network Analyzer (
Fixed bug in Network analyzer which caused crashes and
double analysis on checked devices.
CmVptGui.dll (
MeshnetMaster dialog - ignore errors from TSID parse
reposnse ability code. If reconnect msgs come in we show
tons of errors. We should just ignore.
Text Console (
Fixed Sequence Key Dialog Browse open file dialog to show
as "Open"
Features Added:
VptComServer.exe (1.02.20)
Added "Mark Problem in Logs..." menu item to server to
allow users to tag problems with description and additional
Toolbox 1.02.19 (4-06-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (52)
CmvptLib32.dll (1.02.19)
Network Analyzer (
Network Tree (
Program Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
Moved script reference off main page. Made main page links
to script ref, abilty func ref, and release notes.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
to script ref, abilty func ref, and release notes.
Devices.ini (52)
Added added SysErrLog AbilitySupport to CEN-TIA and
Added C2N-IRGW1G, C2N-IRGW, C2N-IRGWT with basic
cresnet and firmware support.
Removed Crenet Analyzer support from AES.
Added AADS with initial support same as AES.
APAD - Added SetupMode, Console, RemoteConsole, and
DevReset support.
CLF-DIMRF - Added initial support.
CmvptLib32.dll (1.02.19)
Added sending of UPG files to folder for Adagio
ProgramSend ability.
Fixed directory listing parsing bug in FileSystem group
base. Would try to parse the "Directory of" line as a file
which if the dir had spaces would actualy work and return a
bogus file.
USB support - fixed. Reconnect also working better. Broken
for 1.02.18.
Updated DetectPhysicalDevices call to use
AbilityGenericFileXFerPut - post xfer wait for prompt
timeout extended to 2 * ReallySlowTimeout. 1.6Mb file to
an RMCRX-BA running a pgm was timeing out.
AbilityFirmware_ViaSlot - fixed to allow unknown file types
and to use post load verification.
Firmware for TPS implementation, we now check for
BAsicDisplay Support before trying to call it for progress.
Changed watchdog timeout for Program Restart to really
slow query from slow query. Also added an error if we
timeout during the restart progress.
Fixed IPTable comparison bug for Control Systems with
OOTBF support since we need to compare ~.iptable.dip
instead of what IPT reports.
Network Tree (
Rolled many calls into initial detection to improve
performance and reliability.
Program Tree (
Several fixes for Adagio support.
Delete toolbox_release_notes.html in install folder.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Delete toolbox_release_notes.html in install folder.
Added USB driver installation.
Toolbox 1.02.18 (3-16-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (51)
Network Tree Control (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.18)
SC_Lib.dll (
Script Tool (
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (51)
TPS-12 - fixed ip table format parsing. Was using new
format for 1.002 and up instead of the proper 1.002.0008.
CEN-IPOD - changed IP Table method to be 45 (based on
Network Tree Control (
Fixed timeout on Network tree for large systems, especially
when used in "Set Ids" in System Builder and D3.
Added additional error messages when a deivce cannot be
detected over serial if HW handshaking does not match
current state of the line.
TPMC-10 Display List loads fixed in certain cases. Was
causing erractic behavior.
Implemented Firmware support for C2N-ANLZ.
Fixed bug with Serial Auto-detect. Would fail until a baud
rate was specified or Viewport was used after a reboot.
Would work correctly after that.
Fixed IPTable parsing for IPOD using new method so all
entries are master.
SC_Lib.dll (
If HW Handshaking is disabled, DTR line is now still enabled
(was disabled as was CTS line).
Script Tool (
Empty sections would hang a script since they never started
or ended.
If a device never connected, the script would not timeout…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
If a device never connected, the script would not timeout
and fail since it started executing on OnSessionReady
event. Now we start immediately after openeing and let
things timeout if they need to.
Missing pipe on variables would hang in while loop forever.
CmVptGui.dll (
Ethernet dialog. Fixed speed to be Mb/sec. Change default
non-autoneg speed to 100 instead of 10.
Toolbox 1.02.17 (3-06-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.17)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.17)
Network Analyzer
Devices.ini (50)
CmVptGui.dll (update version)
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.17)
Fixed bug in TPMC/TPMC-10 FW update where it may not
find the csz file within the zip if it happens to be the first
file in the zip.
FirmwareUpdate for TPMC - changed timeout for waiting for
rebooting message to 3min from 90s to accomodate larger
VptComServer.exe (1.02.17)
Race condition fixed. Exhibited by System Info. If the first
server session was opened as indirect and a transaction was
started right away, indirect sessions would be processed
incorrcetly as using the direct worker session.
Network Analyzer
Anlysis fixed. pre-alpha anlysis accidentally included.
Devices.ini (50)
Added CEN-iPod as an alternate name for the CENIPOD since we are case sensitive.
Change IPTable parsing to be same as 2Series to
match latest FW.
Corrected: C2I-MP2-VID4x2 and C2I-MP2-AUD7x1…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptGui.dll (
Set Password char for password query dialog.
Toolbox 1.02.16 (3-01-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (49)
File Manager
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.16)
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
SC_Lib.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Devices.ini (49)
Added IM-RXV1 and IM-RXV3. Same support as IM-RX1/3
Added CEN-TIA initial support.
Corrected CEN-IPOD name to match latest FW.
Added APAD initial support. Firmware, Display Project,
cresnet ID, TSID, and console support functional.
Added AES initial support.
Added C2I-ADG-FPANEL initial support.
Added C2I-ADG-AUDIO initial support.
Added ATC-AMFMXM initial support.
Added ATC-AMFM2 initial support.
QM7x2/5x1 changed Vol channels from "Input X" to "AUD
IN X" to match HW labels.
File Manager
If password was requested, would get "No File System
Peesent". Changed order so windows only init'd after it is
verified there is a device there.
Added AM/PM to time in file list since the hour is 12 hour
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.16)
Added EAfnGenericFileXfer_PutBatchTo and
EAfnGenericFileXfer_GetBatchFrom abilities to xfer batches
of files.
Enabled EthernetConnectivity group for iPodSpecialiation for
rcon and pass to as specified in methods table. This was
done to be able to use this for the CEN-TIA also.
Changed Ethenet Connectivity for iPod Specialization to
match FW 1.000.0002
Fixed bug in file listing parsing which incorrectly converted
to four digit year from two. May cause incorrect times to be108/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
to four digit year from two. May cause incorrect times to be
Fixed bug in verifying changed cresnet IDs. If the first
check fails, we check again, however, the errors from the
first check remain on the error stack and caused the
network tree to report errors. Now we clear the error stack if
the second check passes.
Fixed bug in NVRAMDISK code which did not clear the
GetNVRAMDisk result after setting a new value.
XMReceiver group modified to work in general by calling
ProductGetIdentificationString. Then mapped via slot
method to it for the ATC-AMFMXM.
Removed huge overhead in RemoteConsole text processing
which was cauing timeouts in getting responses such as
audio stuff and meshnet gateway.
Added min Toolbox version required for a device when
detecting it's info in EAfnTIOFile_GetPRoductInfo.
Added min Toolbox version checking in
SubNetworkDetectPhysicalDevices such that the errors
come back to the tree and are shown.
CmCoolCtrls.dll (
Fixed bug where some of the dialog text would be clipped if
using Large Fonts within Windows.
SC_Lib.dll (
Fixed bug where HW flow control settings could be lost if
the cable was not connected. Library overrode settings but
never set them back until the port was re-opened.
Toolbox 1.02.15 (2-08-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.15)
CmVptGui.dll (
Devices.ini (48)
Scripter Tool (
Text Console (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptGui.dll (
Serial Comm dialog - removed error and disabled local echo
box if not supported.
Made Task dialog larger allowing for more text without
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Devices.ini (48)
Fixed ST-1550C support. Device reports as ST1550C and
was incorrectly added as alternate for ST-1500C.
Set proper max project size for TPSB/TPSG panels.
CEN-IPOD - changed ethernet method support to CEN-IPOD
Added ST-1700CIR, same as ST-1700C.
Added AAS-1, AAS-2, and AAS-4 with Device category only.
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.15)
ComSpecParser - fixed to be more forgiving with spaces in
between direct / indirect com specs.. "tcp
: cresnet 13" will now work.
Fixed SSL communications. Problems connecting and failed
Re-instated and fixed max project size checking for TPSB
method of DisplayList group. Also check for CF and if
present uses second max project size if available. Allows for
expanded project size if CF is present.
Added query type EVptQueryType_SizeLimitExceeded ->
Fixed CEN-IPOD ethernet settings
Created new method for Ethernet Group.
Relaxed parsing for EthernetDHPC group for TPMC
TPMC method for Firmware group - Added supplemental
reboot message indicating the process will take along and
not to cut power or reboot the device.
Scripter Tool (
Load default address book in initial insert address dialog so
through selection is populated.
Save Last loaded script filename in registry and use as
default path if no current file is loaded.
Text Console (
Fixed crash when copying large amounts of data to
Fixed bug causing timestamps to always appear in saved
logs in text files.
Added "logging" status to window caption when logging
using quickname.
Toolbox 1.02.14 (1-26-2006)
Modules affected:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (46)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.14)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.14)
DisplayList for TPSG - Fixed bug where if only manifest file
was missing, it would not be sent reporting "No files need
to be updated".
Signal Debugging code, extended initial timeout to Slow
Query from FAst Query.
CompactFlashGetUsage for 2Series - As a result of free
command timeout on TPSG panels with 4GB CF changed
timeout to 15s from 5s. Shown to take just over 5s.
Added EAmMeshnetGW method and an implementation for
ResetReboot. Derived from Cresnet method so follow reboot
sitll polls cresnet as it should, but the reboot command
watches the progress "15..14.." etc... until it is done.
Relaxed parsing for EthernetGetPorts to work for CEN-IPOD.
Devices.ini (46)
Fixed entry for ST-IO to correct parsing.
Added many Plug-in control cards.
Change parametric audio command to "filter" from
"filter |devid|" since that does not work properly in
Extended fast query timeout to 4s so the filter
command above will not timeout.
CEN-IPOD - Added DHCP support.
Toolbox 1.02.13 (1-20-2006)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (45)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.13)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.13)
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.13)
Fixed crash in TPSB/G display list loads if there was no
manifest file or core compoentns were not selected to load.
Added SPZ component for Roomview Info files (*.rvi) and
made then be sent to the SIMPL path on the device if…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
made then be sent to the SIMPL path on the device if
ComChannel.cpp : SendCommandWaitString/Token - If
these failed due to timeout, the buffer was not being
returned as read. Now even if we fail we return whatever
the device returned back. This was causing Real-time mode
failures in System Builder.
VptComServer.exe (1.02.13)
Fixed CR/LF in debug files to be Notepad friendly.
Toolbox 1.02.12 (1-13-2006)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.12)
Toolbox.exe (
CmVptGUI.dll (
Devices.ini (41)
Scripter Tool (
Test Pattern Tool (
Program Tree (
Network Device Tree (
Bugs Fixed:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.12)
Fixed old TPMC10 Version 1 method for firmware to handle
zips if given.
Fixed crash using rcon console and hitting backspace too
much. #6644
Fixed TPSB display list load problem. If CF already had the
latest manifest, it would not be sent to internal even if
there was no manifest there. Panel would reboot and erase
internal, trying to copy the now incomplete project from CF.
Changed TPSB/G Display list load process to always delete
manifest from internal and CF before starting transfers.
Then always send the manifest as the last file to both
internal and CF to ensure it is always updated.
Fixed bug in exiting passto mode when connected serially
where prompts could get out of order.
Toolbox.exe (
Added a warning when the address book is automatically
CmVptGUI.dll (
VptGUIShowHelp now appends given filename to Toolbox
install folder.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Web Page dialog
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Web Page dialog
Added "Set User Password..." button.
Added tooltips to help explain what the options are
Relabled buttons which were "..."
Devices.ini (41)
Fixes for QM devices in preparation for QM Audio Config Tool
Initial CEN-iPod support.
Fixed PNG support for UPX 1GB and MSO builds by forcing
always supported.
Scripter Tool (
Fixed Query handling via keys in script file. Broken virtual
Test Pattern Tool (
Default test pattern changed to color bars.
Program Tree (
Bugs fixes and re-structuring.
Network Device Tree (
Bugs fixes and re-structuring.
Toolbox 1.02.11 (12-19-2005)
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (40)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.11)
CmVptGUI.dll (
Script Tool (
Meshnet Diagnostic Tool (
Bugs Fixed:
Was attempting to get device model info even if device type
was specified. Fixed.
FirmwareUpdate for TPMC method - added handling of zips
with info ini file.
Made Serial to TSID conversion case insensive. Conversion
would ignore all lower case characters and result in an
incorrect conversion.
FileSystemDeleteTree - Was blindly deleting all files under
the path specified even if it didn't exist which casued some
devices (TPMC-10) to report an error and thus kick out of
Display list…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
make sure display list directory exists before
sending files
For new method, if there is insufficient space
for vtz and it's contents to co-exist, then we
must send individual files regardless of how
long it will take.
Fixed bug in completeing sending individual
files if chosen for new method.
Added additional task progress events for
better feedback including progress for deleting
individual files.
Even if sending whole package we now
properly check for proper panel type and
Now estimate which is faster given all factors
and decide on that rather than just file count.
Removed query at the end directing the user
to reboot the panel. Could cause problems in
certain clients not expecting a query.
Added ~info.ini support (but without post
Added additional task message for better user
Changed cresnet load start checking for XModem. We now
must see four consecutive "C"s without any other text
between. If we see anything else, we reset our count to 0.
We also flush recieve between each check, so it also wants
to see nothing until a space is sent, triggering another "C"
COMPACT command for 2-Series method now will work if
there is no progress ever given like in the case where
nothing needs to be done.
Added Preset capability to AudioVolume ability group
Fixed Preset capability in AudioMixer ability group.
Changed AudioGraphicEQGetBandInfo to use doubles and
also to return the channel ID in the first parameter.
CmVptGui.dll (
Three stage file MRU for firmware loading. Master ->
Category -> Model. Bug #5591
Display list dialog "Send Modified only" could get unchecked
when it is not supported instead of just disabled.
Script Tool (
Added new key per section: RunAsSingleTransaction. This
starts a transaction to allow all deferred reboots to hold off
until the end amongst other optimizations. See reference
docs for full details.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
docs for full details.
Meshnet Diagnostic Tool (
Better eror messages on initial connection if fails for various
Toolbox 1.02.10 (11-30-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace one time to convert
these workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.10)
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed unbounded recursion in Reconnect Delay
determination. This caused crash / disappearance of Server.
CmVptGui.dll (
Fixed browse to file type list termination for IP Table dialog.
FirmwareDialog - View ReleaseNotes did not always show
the correct file.
Toolbox 1.02.09 (11-29-2005) since Toolbox 1.02.07
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace one time to convert
these workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Toolbox.exe (
Devices.ini (38)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.09)
VptComServer.exe (1.02.09)
CmVptGui.dll (
Program Tree Control (
Bugs Fixed:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Devices.ini (38)
Added reconnect delay timeouts for touch panels.
DisplayListSend - Fixed bug which filed to give "File not
found" error when the file was missing. Resulted in "No file
need updating" message.
Fixed bug which if could not connect to tcp connetcion and
a text console was open, it would stick for a long time
waiting for a connection, locked in a transaction.
FirmwareUpdate for EAmTPSCommand method
Added code to check for device reported errors such
as "Firmware not intended for..."
Added code to do additional zip file checking.
ComChannelTCP - Added optional delay based on data file
"TimeoutReconnectDelay" key.
Changed timeout for "cards" command to slow query to
avoid timeouts.
FirmwareUpdate for MT-1000 - added zip file handling and
~info.ini checking.
Added OS version info to Full Install Info
Added Debug settings to saved logs.
CmVptGui.dll (
ProgramSend / Erase dialogs - Corrected saved Internal vs.
CF selection.
Toolbox.exe (
Fixed Main Menu -> Help to launch with no parent window.
Program Tree Control (
Fixed crash noted in System Builder.
Toolbox 1.02.07 (11-22-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Toolbox.exe (
Network Analyzer (
Text Console (
CmVptGui.dll (…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptGui.dll (
VptComServer (1.02.07)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed another deadlock situation which would never
Fixed bug which did not allow sending of NULLs as
embedded in text.
Context Dialogs
Added some shortcut keys.
Text Console
Fixed sequence key mappings which did not translate "\\"
correctly or allow "\x00".
Remove double icon on installation where applicable.
Network Analyzer
Added Context menu to device ID list to make selections
more accessable and apparent.
Added Tooltips to frame footer for address.
Toolbox 1.02.06 (11-21-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
VptComServer.exe (1.02.06)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.06)
CmVptGUI.dll (
Toolbox.exe (
File Manager (
Text Console (
System Info (
Network Analyzer (
Meshnet Diagnostics Tool (
Network Device Tree (
Program Tree (
Devices.ini (37)
Macros.ini (22)
Help File…/toolbox_2_26.html
Help File
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Features added:
Added Right click to server icon directly so you don't have
to bring up the dialog.
Added "Other Crestron SW" to Full Install info so it is put in
the logs/about dialogs.
Added Tile Horizonatlly and Vertically to Window menu.
System Info
If no program loaded... show 'No program loaded'.
Network Device Tree
Show loaded project name on root node.
Give functions menu for top node.
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed internal deadlock which caused, mem leaks, 10s lag
on switching connections and server hanging around after
all apps closed.
In all OpenSessionXXX derivitives, call CloseSession if there
is currently an open session. This allows a client to
successfully call OpenSession multiple times w/o Closing.
Added new Rackname chacking in VTZ files.
DisplayList for TPSB series panels causing failures.
Fixed bug which would cause failure if filename in
display list contained a "comma".
If manifest had to be sent to CF, was incorrectly
flagged to TX to internal but was not deleted first.
Removed error messages for duplicates devices at ID 0x01
for DetectPhysicalDevices.
Context Dialogs
If release notes file is not found in the zip, show a message
box stating such.
Meshnet Dialog
If Channel 11 is current, would not be selected in
drop down.
If no devices were acquired, dialog always reported
IP Table dialog, incorrectly had Load From Device
designated as a button that will cause a reboot.
Compact Flash now checks to see if auto-run is supported
before querying for it. Disable check box if not supported.
File Manager Tool…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
File Manager Tool
Fixed crash on startup.
Text Console
Fixed 'other char' and 'high char' rule matching bugs.
Would never match either.
Fixed Alt-K for sending a break.
Fixed bug which would not let you type while the text info
window was open.
Fixed "Make THIS my default". Did not work.
Network Analyzer
Fixed bug canceling pending items. Could possibly get in a
state where it would start each and cancel immediately
resulting in a whole bunch of analyze requests sent w/o
waiting for a prompt.
InfiNet Diagnostics Tool
Fixed bugs related to tool not functioning.
Network Device Tree
Fixed some bugs in heirarchy view display and formatting of
node text.
Fixed help buttons on setup and identify dialogs.
Fixed some status indicators when verifying against
Program Tree.
Program Tree
Upload session not always rememebered fixed.
Better status on Upload dialog after changing the address.
Tree now has a folder icon.
Device Nodes now display Name filed from tio file in
preference to short firmware name.
Icon legend added to help file on main page.
Fixed some status indicators when verifying against
Program Tree.
Data files
Added missing CslaveCP2E.
Updated TPS-4 Variations and TPSG for true PNG support.
Corrected Firmware Filespecs for infiNet devices.
Corrected Support for Compact Flash for TPSB macro.
Help file updated.
Toolbox 1.02.05 (11-02-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (36)
Macros.ini (21)
CmVptGui.dll (
VptAddressBook.dll (
CmVtpLib32.dll (1.02.05)
Script Tool (
Text Console (
File Manager (
Network Analyzer (
System Info (
Network Tree Control (
SMW Program Tree (
Features added:
SMW Program Tree
You can now set a project path for the tree. It will look in
this path for all touch panel projects without the need to
browse individually for each.
Network Analyzer
Added a Cancel All Pending button to cancel batch analysis.
Unchecking an item does this too.
Added "Select IDs based on currently loaded program. No
SMW required. Info is from control system.
Text Console
Added "Normal (Local Echo)" default scheme.
Script Tool
Added "ConcurrentSectionLimit" key to header to limit
number of sections to run concurrently. Set to 1 to
garauntee execution order.
Added change notificaiton and auto-reload when the loaded
script file changes.
Address Book Dialog
Added "Import from Viewport Address book" option.
Ethernet Addressing dialog - Added HTTP port config.
Bugs Fixed:
SMW Program Tree - fixed placement of CLW-DIMS4RF in the tree.
Network Tree
Show better message when done detecting devices.
Fixed false positive result when loading scheuler file in
System Builder.
System Info…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
System Info
After changing cresnet ID, refresh and context dialogs
would not work until the tool was re-loaded.
File Manager
Fixed file sorting on column click.
Fixed issue when opening it when the previous window is
Fixed missing icon when item is selected.
Added extra checking so if the port can't be opened, the
correct message is given.
Text Console
Added an additional call after OpenSession to show any
errors such as COM port usage.
Script Tool
Fixed <CR> <LF> issues and matching with other editors
such as notepad.
Standard UI dialogs (context, error, task)
Fixed get supported abilities timeout value. Was 1s which
caused it to timeout sometimes resulting in disabled
"Upadate Firmware" button among other things. Now uses
"GetTimeoutValue" call defualts to 5s.
Firmware dialog - after selecting a new item from the dropdown, it was not moved to the top of the list.
In Task dialog, once Cancel is clicked, change text to
"Canceling..." and disable to ensure that we can clean up
whatever we can.
CVptQuery class now looks at the default button type and
sets it appropriately.
Ethernet dialog - Fixed when initialized with auto-negotiate
enabled, duplex and speed not greyed out.
Firmware Dialog - Fixed bug which caused info fields to not
Context menu is now alpha sorted given like priorities.
Standard error dialog - If only one single error, disable
"More Info..." button.
Program Dialog, made Stop and Restart call asynchronous
to provide better user feedback.
Made generic file transfers to more robust by watching for
"XMODEM" then 'C'. Same for crenset master devices when
uploading to slaves.
Made cresnet master to slave uploads more robust by
waiting for "XMODEM" then "C" for 2-series method, or just
multiple "C"s for console method (iLux). Also enforce
waiting and XmodemCancel if something fails or is canceled
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed bug in ability group detection and mapping cache.
Was not updating with new ability group class it so
detected. Also led to memory leaks which are now fixed too.
Added default button to QueryType table. Set more
appropriate defaults for all queries, and fixed 2 spelling
When building ability support map, also load timeouts at
that point so they are loaded for whenever we need them.
Not doing this was causing a request after sending firmware
for FollowReboot but the device is not there at that point.
Force 128 byte CRC X-Modem packets when uploading to
mnet gateway for mnet dimmers.
Added error checking in CheckAbilitySupport call so if not
actually connected to a device, an error is given rather than
just that it does not support the abilities requested.
Added error checking in ProductVerifyPResence so an error
is returned if the communication cannot even be setup.
Updated docs to reflect this.
Changed Subnetwork detection task text from "Detecting
problems" to "Checking Device IDs"
Added work around method for TSTATs Firmware. Ref online
Answer ID 3277. This workaround is done automatically and
Added check in TPS/TPB ProjectSend implementaiton for
PNG support. If file / panel don't match, query user before
TPMC FirmwareUpdate - Extended timeout waiting for
"Rebooting" message.
IPTable for TPMC
Table parsing was incorrect.
Confirmation after adding/removing entires was
reporting an error incorrectly.
Removed deferred reboot since a reboot is not
Added SetupMode implementation for TPMCVersion2
method to use "loaddisplay" to exit setup mode so it
doesn't reboot.
Toolbox 1.02.04 (10-26-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Devices.ini (35)
CmVptGui.dll (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.04)
VptComServer (1.02.04)
Test Pattern Tool (
Text Console (
Network Analyzer (
Script Tool (
System Info (
SMW Program Tree (
Network Tree (
Help File
Bugs Fixed:
Script Tool
When an item is canceled show cnaceled instead of failure.
Fixed bug which cause garbage at the end of the drop down
in the browse dialogs.
Network Analyzer - Fixed bug which cause garbage at the end of
the drop down in the browse dialogs.
Text Console
Fixed bug which cause garbage at the end of the drop down
in the browse dialogs.
Added "Select Folder..." button for logging and save that
folder in the profile (workspace or deafults).
Clicking off Command History Dialog cancels it.
Test Pattern Tool - Fixed F1 Help link.
Context dialogs
Fixed some dialog text on the e-Control 2 activation dialog.
Re-arranged buttons on IP Table dialog to be more logical.
Added "will reboot" notes.
Program - Erase dialog, swapped position of Internal and
compact flash radio buttons to be same as main dialog.
Meshent Master dialog, sort items when header clicked.
SMW Program Tree
Fixed major memory / resource leaks.
When right clicking an item, leave selected item
Fixed bug in Uplaod dialog which left the upload button
reliablity fixes for keeping status up to date between trees…/toolbox_2_26.html
when linked.
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
when linked.
ensure refresh when linked.
Network Tree
Fixed major memory / resource leaks.
reliablity fixes for keeping status up to date between trees
when linked.
fixed bug on individual TSID process which could fail
Handle events to update FW verion and TSID/Serial number
when they change.
Added progress dialog when starting and stopping the
program for TSID setup.
Corrected all firmware filespecs to match zips on FTP server.
Corrected TPSB/TPSG panel IP Table handling. Data file and new
Corrected Loader detection for C2N-TTVFM
Embelished some error messages
Added additional text to Web Project config file not found
error. "Project does not contain a config file and one cannot
be created because no default file was specified. Make sure
you've selected a folder containing a valid compiled VT-ProE
web project."
description easier to understand.
SystemErrorLogGet - fixed bug which would only get up to the
first ">" character so if that was in an error message, the whole
log would not be retrieved.
Bug in low-level "ReadUntilNoDataTimeout" function which garbled
data by not clearing the buffer between each channel RX call.
Fixed bug with sending large programs using defaults for
components parameter due to not properly defaulting to all
components in one portion of code. Would result in "Not enough
internal flash memory" error since it was not considering that it
would delete the current program.
Made TSDevice for TPSCommand method more genric. It works
with responses such as "Touch Settable ID: " and "TSID ".
Made Method detection for TSDevice use TPSCommand method
when connected directly and a TSID is detected in the ID string.
Added capability to search for multiple strings for Bootloader state
in FirmwareLoaderGetRunningState ability.
Added information update events for firmware and tsid/serial.
For Touch Settable setup, removed all artificial delays in code.
Also changed parsing to catch all presses even if they come while
we are still getting things into light and poll mode.
Fixed Ethernet IP Address, Mask and Default router parsing when
the ethernet card is disabled since it is different.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
the ethernet card Crestron
is disabled
since it is different.
For Ethernet link status abilities - if ethernet is disabled, these
fields are not reported so default to no link and 100 full for all
For E-Control 2 activation code, if ethernet card is not enabled it
was failing the parse. We now detect this and report a Hardware
Not Available error which is more appropriate.
Fixed bug in File decompression code which could result in a file
being deleted on vector re-allocation and since we think it is still
extracted we do not re-extract and it's gone. Added extra check to
make sure if we think it was extracted, that the file is actually
there. Resulted in "file could not be found" error when sending a
program with 7+ files.
DisplayList for TPSB, TPMC, and TPMCV2 methods - Changed to
disallow loading of projects whose compiled panel type does not
match the panel.
Cache TBINFO response in ReportAbilities class to it's not quried
more than once.
Changed device detecion when the ability support map is built to
allow versioned overrides from data file.
Map is built once to allow version parsing. Then Report
Abilities is called again which then sees that there exists a
support map which means it can query for the device's
version. Using the version the support is retrieved again
and the map is rebuilt if all is ok.
Added TPSB method for EthernetIPTable which uses basic 2-Series
parsing but forces all master entries.
Fixed bug in ActivateThroughParent which added errors regardless
of m_bEnableAdditions flag.
Fixed bug with DevReset which added an error each time the
device could not be found which is normal during reboot.
Features added:
System Info Tool - BAsic Information update when FW or
TSID/Serial # changes.
Script Tool - Added Cancel Remaining feature.
Added "Compact NVRAM Disk" button to NVRAM Disk dialog. Also
un-hid reclaimable space and added tooltips to buttons.
For loading firmware, if the file specified doesn't match the spec,
AND nothing within it could be found matching a spec, then ask
the user if they want to load it as is. Uses new
New Abilities
Added NVRAMDiskCompact ability to reclaim space on the
NVRAMDisk. See ability_functions_NVRAMDiskCompact…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added FileXFerPutTo and FileXferGetFrom abilities to
replace Get and Put. These two take a StorageLocation
parameter to be more device independent. See
ability_functions_FileXferPutTo and
New Query Type - added
EVptQueryType_AllowUnknownFileTypeLoad query type
Toolbox 1.02.03 (10-14-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Toolbox.exe (
CmVptGui.dll (
SC_Lib.dll (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.03)
Text Console (
Scripter (
Test Pattern Tool (
Help File
Bugs Fixed:
Help File Updated for New Text Console and Meshnet Diagnostics
Test Pattern Tool
Vertical Lines Test was too fine. Corrected to be 1 on 3 off.
Text Console
Fixed bug with keysets where they may not get defaulted
correctly when upgrading from older TB versions.
Made several optimizations in the logic to keep lag down.
MeshnetMasterGetAcquireMode - fixed possible flakiness in parsing
which could return incorrect results.
Fixed bug in TSDeviceMasterReportTSDevices ability which could
leave a prompt in the incoming buffers which would foul up
additional commands.
Added a 2SeriesCommandViaCresnetPasstoMethod for…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added a 2SeriesCommandViaCresnetPasstoMethod for
EtherIPTable to support the QM-FTCC-TPS_TPS-4.
Fixed FirmwareUpdate for TPS command method. Now we wait for
"ebooting." before call follow reboot. This ensures we eat anything
coming back before trying to identify with the device is again.
Fixed some bugs in server transaction ID tracking.
Changed low-level serial port read timeoutes to read more data at
a time. This fixes buffer overrun problems with large amounts of
fast data.
Toolbox Framework - If footer is hidden (as in the Script tool), do
not append address to window title, still append whatever the
client passed in if anything.
Added QM-FTCC-TPS4 as an alternate name sinc ethis is what is
put in the VTZ.
Added QM-FTCC-TPS_QM-FTCC as an alternate name for the QMFTCC so it will be categorized correctly and have the correct
Features added:
Firmware Context Dialog
Made to look more like the program load dialog where the
filename is shown with separate browse and send buttons.
Show Target device, version, and release notes if ~info.ini is
found in firmware package selected.
Added button to view release note which loads the release
notes file specified in the ~info.ini file.
Text Console
Added (F1) help for style editor and log dialogs.
When viewing a loaded log, show filename in window title.
Script Tool
Added filename of loaded script to window title.
Most FirmwareUpdate methods now check and validate against
~info.ini file in the firmware package.
Added FileFirmwareGetInfo ability to get target, version, and
release notes filename from zip packages from Crestron's web site.
Added FirmwareUpdateConditionally which updates only if the
version is greate, or if specified lower. Never updates if the same.
Toolbox 1.02.02 (10-11-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Toolbox.exe (
Text Console (
Meshet Diagnostics (
SMW Program Tree (
CmVptGUI.dll (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.02)
Devices.ini (33)
Bugs Fixed:
Meshent slaves - increased reboot timeout to 90s.
Changed Ethernet IP Table method for TPS-4 series devices to be
like control system.
Increased reboot timeout for TPS-4 devices to 15s.
Optimized verification in PRogram Tree to be MUCH quicker.
Changed all timeouts in Program Tree to infinite.
Text Console
Fixed bug which cased incoming/outgoing nulls in the data
stream to not be shown.
Fixed moving LFs. When re-sizing windows would eat some!
Use CR for
and ignore LFs
Fixed corruption and missing data when switching styles
and loading log files.
Fixed default sequence keys were if "edit" was not selected
the defaults would not be active. Force to an initial file in
this case.
Fixed bug which "Make THIS my default" would be done
when a workspace was saved.
Fixed bug where CTRL+F1,CTRL+F4,CTRL+F6 did not work.
Fixed Tooltips for Save/Open/Close Workspace
Changed File->Close to File->Close Workspace and made it work
like that.
Fixed Bug - For TPSB display lists, was not verifying panel type.
Fixed bug - Was loosing "LOADER" state in version report.
Fixed bug which was causing memory leaks (300+ MB) and calls
to not return.
Fixed bug in Cresnet device reporting which would re-query for
specific IDs if they were not found in the cached report.
Fixed bug in server which truncated incoming/outgoing data at
the first null.
Fixed references to old text console in various tools/menus.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed references to
old text console in various tools/menus.
Features added:
Added EAfnMeshnetMaster_GetAcquireState
(MeshnetMasterGetAcquireState) ability REQ GW FW 1.10.14+
Added EAfnMeshnetMaster_ResumeAcquireMode
(MeshnetMasterResumeAcquireMode) ability.
Meshnet Diagnostics
Save/Load data of Cumulative and History views, to and
from files
Browse, Zoom in/out of data in History view.
Meshnet Acquire Dialog - Now detects current state of gateway
and automatically resumes acquire mode with message to user.
Toolbox 1.02.01 (10-04-2005)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Text Console (
Network Analyzer (
Network Device Tree (
SMW Program Tree (
Toolbox.exe (
CmVptGUI.dll (1.02.01)
CmVptLib32.dll (1.02.01)
VptAddressBook.dll (
Devices.ini (32)
Bugs Fixed:
Meshnet Gateway Dialog - Force exit of acquire mode when exiting
Fixed crash in Device Info Context dialog.
Network Analyzer - Fixed main F1 help link.
Toolbox Main Application
Set default Hot Key for Identify Transmitter to ALT-R to
match Viewport.
Fixed help link in File->Preferences Dialog.
Removed irrelevent Print items from File Menu.
Fixed wrong descriptions in Tools->Quick Function Access 129/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed wrong descriptions in Tools->Quick Function Access
Fixed crash when detecting C2N-TTVFM and other devices
especially devices in Loader.
Fixed Cancel Mechanism for Auto-Baud Detect.
Fixed data file key for C2N-VEQ4 which cause System Builder to
not allow it to be touch set.
Fixed default address book file on clean installs to referenced
"DefaultAddressBook.adr" was Using MyAddressBook.adr
Text Console
Corrected some text and descriptions of various items.
Fixed crash on Text Console Menu highlight.
Hide text info window when SHIFT is released to give focus
back to the console.
Changed name back to Text Console.
Fixed general Cancel mechanism. For Transfers and tasks.
Fixed main help link. Also sequence key setup help link.
If no keyset files are available to be listed on the Select
Keyset menu, show "No files found"
SMW Program Tree Bugfix for for showing location in node.
NetTree - Bugfix for Setup when program is already stopped.
Features added:
Added "meshnet" as an indirect type in the address book dialogs.
Added TSID to Serial Conversion dialog to functions menu on
devices supporting TSIDs
Text Console
If a selection is made, the text info shows a Delta time for
the data selected.
Added a short field to name each sequence key if so
Toolbox 1.02.00 (9-30-2005)
Changes since last version (1.01.12)
Important Notes
This install replaces the old text console with a new much better
tool. Workspaces saved with the old text console will be loaded
without any text console windows. You will have to open new text
console windows and re-save the workspace once to convert these
workspaces to use the new text console.
Modules affected:
Network Tree Control (
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.13)…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.13)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.13)
Toolbox.exe (
File Manager (
Network Analyzer (
Devices.ini (30)
Bugs Fixed:
Corrected TPSG firmware file specs.
Devices running in thier "loader" or "monitor" are now noted with
a "(Loader)" appended to the device version in all GUIs.
Fixed bug regarding Cancel which was broken in the last several
Fixed potential crash in server which also cause occasional
garbage in the text console.
Fixed bug which cause Clear Cresnet ID operations to fail.
Fixed bugs in the FollowReboot functionality for meshnet devices.
Fixed premature timeout on cresnet device uploads. Was leaving
ontrol system in passto.
Clarified duplicate ID messages on subnet detection for third tier
Fixed debug log to include debug info from all parent/childeren all
the way up/down the chain.
Changed ITW extension to CTW for new workspaces.
Features added:
Added general Loader detection and reporting for all devices. A
device in loader shows it's version as "XXXX(Loader)"
File Manager - Added "New Folder" capability on the "Send To"
Network Analyzer - Made result LEDs into one with the inactive
color as grey. Also added Pass/FAIL text above.
Super Text Console Tool replaces old text console.
Fixed most bugs from old text console.
Styles to format your data including font and color based on
many match conditions.
Three logging formats including the ability to load a log and
reformat offline.
Timestamp and data translation via tooltip window while
holding <SHIFT>.
Multiple sequence key files
InfiNet Diagnostic Tool added.
Toolbox 1.01.12 (9-22-2005)
Modules affected:…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.12)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.12)
CmVptGui.dll (
Devices.ini (29)
Macros.ini (20)
Program Tree Control (
Network Tree Control (
Reference Documentation
Bugs Fixed:
Macros.ini - fixed meshent repeater support for proper tree
Added TPMC-10-DSW support
Added CNX-RMC/LV support for reporting version properly
Added CLW-xxx support as CLW boot laoder
Added L versions for TPS-12, 15 and 17.
Added key for program tree set id methods for CLS-C6(M)
Changed GenericConsole device type so no <CR> is sent
In Subnetwork detection
If duplicate IDs were found, then further sibling networks
were not checked. This is almost correct, but should be
child networks rather than sibling networks.
If duplicate IDs are found on a subnetwork of an indirect
session, add an additional 'error' message noting the
indirect type and id of that parent.
Added a call to GetValidIDRange instead of assuming 03-FE
when checking for invalid IDs.
TSDeviceMasterParseDeviceResponse - Added converted serial
number as an extra parameter to outputs.
TSDeviceMasterSetCresnetIDByTSID - Added a range check for
valid cresnet ids of 02 to FE. We allow 02 since at this
Added a EAmManual method for Console mode which does not
send a CR.
Meshnet related
MeshnetMasterReportDevices for Subnetwork detection Filter out anything at id 01 since it should not be referenced
by that id anyway. This should cause reference by TSID.
MeshnetSlave_MeshnetNoID method added with
GetValidRange returning 01,01 for min,max, and unmapped
support for SetID. ClearID, GetID, and GetIDRange all still…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
support for SetID. ClearID, GetID, and GetIDRange all still
supported. This method to be used for repeaters.
MeshnetMasterParseAqcuireResponse - Added converted
serial number as an extra parameter to outputs.
MeshnetMasterSetMnetIDByTSID - Changed so we enter
passto, then send command to GW. This is required in GW
FW 1.09.06+ to see the reconnect reponse we use for
validation of new ID.
MeshnetMasterReportDevice - changed to use directed
query request if full rerport is not already stored in the
Documentation - Added notes to all abilities which use S_CMVPT
structures that they are not available through VB or scripting with
alternatives where appropriate.
Features added:
Meshnet Master Context Dialog
Call to scroll newly added devices into view addded
whenever a device is added.
If acquire reposnse comes in for existing listed device,
update current item with newly acquired designations.
Show Serial instead of TSID in second column.
Show message boxes when entering and exiting acquire
mode to be more obvious.
Network Tree Control - Changed the way Setup Dlg work. Now you
can invoke setup on devices belonging to multiple indirect types
as well as multiple infinet gateways.
Program Tree Control
Added Reload functionality.
Changed code for the root node to display path and file
name of the SMW file currently shown in the tree.
Toolbox 1.01.11 (9-08-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.11)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.11)
CmVptGui.dll (
Devices.ini (27)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed crash on certain timeouts. Noticed during iLux slave testing.
Fixed parent device snooping in passto so we don't see garbage
from file tarnsfers.
Ethernet IP Table context dialog now has *.ipt as a selection for 133/147…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Ethernet IP Table context dialog now has *.ipt as a selection for
file types.
Added bootloader firmware names to data file so support basic
firmware tarnsfers.
Added [LOADER,Loader], [XMBLM], and [BIPAD] as devices
which support only reporting and firmware appropriate for
each. Loader takes care of at least C2N-MMS, C2N-SDC,
C2N-SDC-DC, C2N-SSC-2, C2N-SPW300. This will cause
them to be detected as cresnet control modules and
support a firmware update.
Toolbox 1.01.10 (9-07-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.10)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.10)
CmVptGui.dll (
SystemInfo.ocx (
Network Analyzer (
Network Device Tree (
Toolbox.exe (
Devices.ini (26)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed crash in subnet detection when more than one device
uses passto.
Changes for iLux FW changes (Requires iLux FW 1.01 or
Added ReqConfigVersion and ReUserVersion to
ConfigFile for iLux.
Removed reboot after config file send and added task
Fixes for infiNet RF Energy scan for C2N-MNETRPT ( req FW
00.004 +)
Added MNetRFScanResumeRealtimeScan and
MNetRFScanGetScanMode for meshnet energy scan.
Changed parsing for realtime results to parse time
remaining correctly.
Removed "duration" from storescan and outscan
Improved cancel mechanism reposnse time.
Enable infiNet Firmware loads on TSID connections.
Server Serial Communications…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Server Serial
Fixed FileXferGet over serial where an extra <CR> is
needed to clear the device command buffer before
sending the next command.
Fixed serial communications where they could get
stuck. Sometimes (after large flows of data?) the
message handler would be flooded with messages
telling it data was ready. Now when we ready data
from the port, we fluch any remaining "Data Ready"
Fixed serial communications where serial port could
get locked due to a lost port handle. Had to kill
server to resolve.
Server SSL communications.
Would not work. Period! Read code was broken in a
ethernet communications fix.
Fixed redirection to remove long delay between
Context dialogs
Fixed Meshnet Acquire Dialog and Identify Transmitter
dialog due to invalid virtual overrides from
CViewportSession2 change.
Fixed update connection params interface back to
Toolbox.exe. Now correctly shows crenset ID changes and
SSL redirection.
Fixed initial update. Was causing an extra transcation ID in
list which caused dialogs to not go away after hitting OK the
first time.
Network Analyzer - Traces Loaded from Files were not analyzed
after opening.
Toolbox - Fixed Toolbox_ShowFooter() to repaint the tool after
hiding/showing the footer.
Devices.ini Data File
Added *.cuz for firmware filespec for QM-RMC and
ESlaveQM-RMC devices.
CLS-C6 - Extended slow query timeout to 15s and really
slow query to 20s.
Set reboot timeout for all infiNet dimmers to 40s. Several
did not specify timeouts which would default to something
too short.
Features Added:
Added a m_bParentDeviceSnoopMode variable to the…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Added a m_bParentDeviceSnoopMode variable to the
PasstoMode class which allows parents to snoop on data
intended for childeren in passto.
Added more debug for ReceieveUntil functions when not
called from SendCommandWait functions.
Network Analyzer
Limited Analysis length to valid device response time. Was
seeing a <BREAK> from control system as device reponse
and giving false positives. Also show post response region
as gray (like rack tx)
Meshnet Acquire Context Dialog
Filter duplicate TSIDs so only one message from each
device is counted
Added "X device(s) found" at the top of the list.
System Info
move CF insertion LED to the right so it is NOT lined up with
the expand/collapse buttons.
Added individual group refresh after goto dialog is
Toolbox 1.01.09 (8-26-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.09)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.09)
CmVptGui.dll (
Toolbox.exe (
Network Analyzer (
Program Tree (
Network Tree(
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed crash in server on exit.
Fixed bug in ConfigFile Receive for iLux.
Various fixes for infiNet setup.
EthernetNATEnable command fixed. Would fail immediately due to
parsing bug.
Fixed IP Table comparison bug causing false negatives with
particular IP addresses.
Fixes in DetectPhysicalDevices for new tree controls.
Network Analyzer
Added "Highlighted ID is shown on the right.
Will show all data received from device. X-Axis length
determined by sample count returned from the device.
General GUI - Fixed bug in Firmware dialog where last selected file…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox
Rele… where last selected file
General GUI - Fixed
in Firmware
could get corrupted and thus cause the dialog to not come up any
Added scroll bars to standard error dialog and made top portion
Fixed missing Tools Menu bug.
Removed Escape, CTRL-X, V accelerators since they were
interfering with the text console keyboard handling.
Fixed bug with clearing hot keys for tools.
Fixed Firmware File Spec for most 2-series control systems to
allow any .cuz file to be loaded.
Fixed firmware update support for C2N-RTHS
Toolbox 1.01.08 (8-16-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.08)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.08)
CmVptGui.dll (
SystemInfo (
Script Manager (
Network Tree Control (
Devices.ini (24)
Macros.ini (19)
Reference docs
Bugs Fixed:
ST-VS, ST-PC, ST-VC - Removed Firmware support since they are
not firmware updatable.
CNAMPX-2X60 was not classified correctly by category.
Improved reliability of Network Analyzer functions. Fixed the bug
where sometimes analysis failed.
Added additional checking of invalid TSID.
Fixed some parsing bugs and a crash in subnetwork detection via
Network Tree Control
Fixed bug when using auto-baud rate detect.
Allow changing of IDs to create duplicates if both are TSID,
otherwise warn or disallow as appropriate.
Hierarchy view shows devices in the correct hierarchy.
Script Tool
Fixed duplicate last line bug.
General Context Dialogs
Fixed vrash in several including, erase program, test dns,…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed vrashCrestron
in several
including, erase program, test dns,
and wep page dialogs.
System Info
Adjusted ethernet address and MAC address to allow for
larger fonts.
Features added:
e-Control 2 Activation Support. Added to Functions menu for
Control System which support it.
Added a page to the reference docs describing how to interface
with Visual Basic. Also added full reference for the COM interface.
Toolbox 1.01.07 (8-11-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.07)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.07)
CmVptGui.dll (
Text Console (
NetworkAnalyzer (
Network Tree Control (
Program Tree Control (
Devices.ini (23)
Macros.ini (18)
Reference docs
Bugs Fixed:
Server crash and possible hang on exit fixed.
Added new detection process for detecting all subdevices
(SubNetworkDetectPhysicalDevices). Currently only available to
C++ clients.
NVRAMDiskSetSize now uses vnvramdisk to fix bug where over
serial connections the confirmation prompt never takes the "\r".
Fixed TCP socket bug where it could get temporarily stuck and end
up timeing out for data that is available in the socket pipe.
Added cancel checking in more places to make it more responsive.
In GenericFileXfer send, if after sending the command one of the
verify for 'C' calls fails, call xmodem cancel to ensure we don't get
stuck in Xmodem.
Many fixes with cresnet master/slaves and Touch settable
master/slaves to enable iLux slave operation and proper mnet
Implemented getting TSID/Serial from touch panels when
connected directly.
Changes for ilux console ocmmand changes in FW 1.00.03.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Changes for ilux console
ocmmand changes in FW 1.00.03.
Fixed cresnet id verification after change for ST-CS and devices
which do not show firmware version.
When an item is checked and no other ID is selected, select
that item.
Network Tree Control
Changes made to show third tier devices like meshnet
gateways under thier respective gateways.
Many fixes for touch settable process.
Detection moved to server, MUCH more reliable and speedy.
Shows standard error dialog showing all errors encountered
during detection process.
If connected to one device, then select a different device
with no child devices on it, would show old system.
Program Tree Control
changes made to show third tier devices like meshnet
gateways under thier respective gateways.
Reference docs - Fixed Basic Display and Generic File Xfer groups.
Updated help file with script scheduling and a fix in the script
Features added:
General Dialogs
Added a standard error dialog which shows full error stack,
more like System Builder does. First step in showing better
error descriptions.
Program, Display List, IP Table dialogs on successful
sending, set default button to Close.
Error Log dialog - set default to close after retrieving from
File System - after compact or initialize set default to close.
Text Console - Added use of standard error dialog.
Toolbox 1.01.06 (8-01-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.06)
CmNetTreeXCtrl2.ocx (
Bugs Fixed:
Net Tree Control (
Fix for not drawing tree when CNet devices fail.
Stop Program on TSID process start added.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Toolbox 1.01.05 (7-29-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.05)
CmNetTreeXCtrl2.ocx (
Bugs Fixed:
Optimized GetDeviceSection in CAbilityTIOFile to use a map built
once to find devices.
CComChannel_TCP::Receive - Only call into ring buffer if there is
at least 1 data available.
EthernetWebPagesSend - Was sending newer files. Now sends
differnet files correctly.
Net Tree Control - For touch settable setup, the program is now
stopped before anything is put into light and poll mode.
Toolbox 1.01.04 (7-26-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.04)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.04)
CmVptGui.dll (
TextConsole.ocx (
Toolbox.exe (
VptAddressBook.dll (
SystemInfo.ocx (
Network Analyzer (
Devices.ini (22)
Macros.ini (16)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed possible crash in server, rare.
Various bug fixes for Meshnet compatability.
Verificaiton of new changed cresnet ids made more robust.
DisplayListSend for TPSB panels
Fixed bug where transfer would now compact if display list
size was between 50% to 100% the size of internal flash.
If manifest was on Cf only, but was correct for the project
being sent, it would not be sent to internal flash.
Fixed Ethernet Auto negotiate and default router error detection
and parsing for TPS and TPSB panels.
Password protected processors.
Save password once it is accepted for the duration of the…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Save password
once it is accepted for the duration of the
Fixed bugs related to remote consoles.
Fixed error chacking for FileSysInitialize for TPS panels.
Fixed EthernetWebServerPassword ability over serial connections.
Fixed possible ethernet communications stall.
Maximized toosl are now sized properly.
Removed error message if a workspace is opened with a
tool with no address book selection.
Context dialogs - set default buttons to ease use.
Address Book dialogs
Fixed bug which did not allow hyphens in tcp hostnames.
Adding a new address now uses the current selection as the
default for the new address.
Fixed UPX Display List Sending
TextConsole - Made default for F4 sequence key show tsid devices
in the cresnet report.
SystemInfo - Cresnet report shows tsid devices at 01.
Network Analuzer - If analysis failed, showed no problems found
in trace analysis in some cases.
Toolbox 1.01.03 (7-20-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.03)
VptComServer.exe (1.01.03)
CmVptGui.dll (
TextConsole.ocx (
Toolbox.exe (
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed buffer overrun which was causing the infamous System Info
Fixed secondary possible hange. Resulted in TCP connections to be
more efficient.
DisplayListSend for TPSB panels - always send latest manifest to
CF is available.
Fixed a possible hang when canceling during a query request.
Toolbox 1.01.02 (7-13-2005)
Modules affected:
CmVptLib32.dll (1.01.02)…/toolbox_2_26.html
VptComServer.exe (1.01.02)
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
VptComServer.exe (1.01.02)
CmVptGui.dll (
TestPatterns (
Scripter.ocx (
NetworkAnalyzer.ocx (
SystemInfo.ocx (
VptAddressBook.dll (
Toolbox.exe (
Devices.ini (21)
Macros.ini (15)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed multiple bugs reulting in crashes or server hangs.
Fixes with Sending Display Lists
fixed multple time comparison issues. Send only changed
files properly.
fixed component selection, was deleting components not in
the selection.
Added additional task information for more feedback.
Fixed false errors on file deletes.
Fixed cresnet device parsing when ST-IO is on the network.
Fixed device detection bug. was possible to swap an ethernet
device at the same IP without a redetect.
Fixed bugs with getting / setting ethernet settings.
Fixed bug with TCP connections that could get stuck in a
"Connecting..." state and never disconnect and try reconnecting.
Added task events to ProgramStop
Fixed parsing for Identify Transmitter funcitonality. Was showing
button info wrong.
Fixed file transfer status bug. Transfer rate would drop to several
kb after send a total of 4Mb or more.
Fixed bug with password queries. Was not directed to the proper
client. System Info to a cresnet device on a processor that has a
password would fail.
Removed debug info events for clients by default.
Added Wait cursors when initializing context dialogs.
Fixed Ethernet Settinsg dialog issues.
Text console - fixed backspace on serial connections.
Fixed bug which allowed invalid IP address to be entered in
address book.
Fixed crashes in Toolbox.exe when trying to load tools not
installed correctly.
Features Added:
Test Pattern Tools - Added EBU color bars.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Test Pattern Tools - Added EBU color bars.
Network Analyzer - Complete rewrite!
TPMC series support.
TPS-12/15/17 support.
Toolbox (6-24-2005)
Modules affected:
SystemInfo.ocx (
Toolbox.exe (
Scripter.ocx (
TestPatterns (
CmVptGui.dll (
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed IP address, mask and default router to always return correct
address even when DHCP is enabled.
System Info - Fixed bug DHCP and SSL status to show properly.
Fixed install package bug that mangled the system path. System
Path is no longer touched at all.
Data Files - For DVP4 and DVP4DI in slave modes, added nonslave name as alternate to fix display list panel type mismatch
Features Added:
Test Patterns and Script Tool - Removed Bottom status bar since it
is not applicable.
Toolbox (6-16-2005)
Modules affected:
System Info (
Toolbox.exe (
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug in IP Mask setting where would be set
instead of desired mask.
Fixed bug, where the port was not being compared on tcp
connections. If there are ANY connections to an ip address all
additional connections to that address (regardless of port setting)
would use the same port as the first.
Fixed install package bug that mangled the system path.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Features Added:
Server - Implemented ProgramGetUpTime ability.
System Info - Change Software Info to Firmware Capabilities.
System Info - Implemented Program Up Time field.
System Info - Filtered failures so incorrect info doesn't show...
TSID and serial in particular.
System Info - Implemented selection and arrow keys for
navigation, also Enter launches dialog.
System Info - Changed Colors to be higher contrast making it
easier to see selected group.
System Info - Added Keyboard navigation shortuct menu item.
Toolbox.exe - Fixed some focus issues.
Toolbox (6-15-2005)
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed hang on invalid paths when setting defaults for browse to in
various dialogs.
Fixed redetection bug where it would actually never re-detect
devices when they changed!
Fixed loading and save of IPTable to file, was converting ip id and
dev id to decimal..
Fixed setting default port for IP Table entries.
Fixed typo in CF warning query msg.
Removed option to hide Tools from the menu. Can only hide/show
on toolbar.
New Tools when order has not been assigned, put in the
Features Added:
Added "For Viewport Users..." to Help menu.
New System Info tool implemented with meny new features...
check it out!
Added TPSB, iLux, IM, and Meshnet devices to distributed data
Updated Help File.
Toolbox (6-07-2005)
ProgramRetrieve implemented.
DisplayList, Program, Firmware, validate file / paths still exist…/toolbox_2_26.html
Toolbox: Crestron
Toolbox Rele…
DisplayList, Program,
file / paths still exist
when browsing. Default to most sepcific that is still available.
Fixed crash on re-detection process.
Address Book - Added sort by name functionality to address list.
Address Book - Added right click menu with move up/down,
Added Quick Function Setup dialog to manage quick functions
available on each window. Toolbox.exe - "Tools->Quick Function"
Toolbox (6-02-2005)
Modules Updated:
Toolbox.exe (
CmVptLib32.dll (
Network tree Control (
CmVptGui.dll (
Devices.ini (17)
Macros.ini (14)
Fixed "Unknown direct communications type" when changing
address book entries.
File->Preferences - Auto load settings fixed to be more clear.
Fixed a bug with zipped files that would keep them open after the
Fixed some server stuff related to properly re-detcting devices,
especially cresnet and also a possible hang.
Network Tree - Better Firmware version updating.
Made somthing a littler neater ( long file paths in transfer dialog,
Basic Display dialog).
DVP4 - Fixed up some funcitonality (master and slave modes).
C2N-TAMWX - Fixed update after firmware update.
Toolbox (5-27-2005)
Change Log:
Fixed program sending for system w/o ethernet.
Reworded serial port errors.
Added EtherWebServerPassword ability. Takes one optional
parameter, the password.
Added CommunicationsSend, and CommunicationsSendAndWait
Added general ethernet support for TPMC panels.
DisplayListSend - Drastically improved per-transfer performance,
also shows more status on what it is doing.
Made About Dialog re-sizable and fixed System Close button.…/toolbox_2_26.html
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Made About Dialog
re-sizable and fixed System Close button.
When sizing tool frames, auto hide / show connection status and
address boxes when too small to do so properly.
Scripting - Allow Create New Script all the time.
Scripting - Added global report file showing status of all session
run, timestamped and any errors that occur. Optionally show all
commands with elapsed time. New file template has entry
commented out by default but filename is set to
"|$scriptpath||$scriptfilename| - Report Log |$date| |$time|.log"
Scripting - Added Load Web Pages script template.
Network Analyzer - Sometimes trace would not show.
SystemInfo - Fixed initial timing issue. Sometimes control
systems / touch panels would not show all info.
Network Tree Contol - Added Network View.
Text Console - Fixed destructive BS. Must have Settings->Low
Char Display->Always Interpret CR,LF,BS,TAB checked.
Device Configuration context dialog. Fixed labels and position of
reloaded information.
Documentation - Dramatically improved organization of ability
Toolbox (5-13-2005)
Modules Updated:
Change Log:
MT-1000C - Added Firmware Update and Version checking
TPS panels no longer taken out of sleep mode when sending
projects / firmware.
Added Full install Version info in About dialogs in Server and
Toolbox. Also attached to debug logs.
Text console falls back to generic type automatically if device
cannot be detected.
Fixed MT-1000C related crashes.
Fixed TSID to serial conversion. Some TSIDs came up as invalid
Crestron Toolbox: Crestron Toolbox Rele…
Fixed multiple hangs in the server code.
System Info - Added Touch Panel project info.
Program Tree fixes for overriding non-verified devices.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
Tel: 800.237.2041/ 201.767.3400…/toolbox_2_26.html
Download PDF