How To Replace Your John Bunn Nebulizer Filter

How To Replace Your John Bunn Nebulizer Filter
How To Replace Your
Nebulizer Filter
Replacing the filter on your nebulizer is one of the most important aspects of nebulizer
maintenance. It is just as important as replacing your neb accessory set, since without the filtered
air coming from the compressor, you cannot take a nebulizer treatment. Replacing your
nebulizer’s filter is easy, and should be performed regularly.
1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
2. Place your nebulizer on a flat surface and
make sure that the ON/OFF switch is in the
OFF position.
3. Remove the filter cap located next to the
ON/OFF switch, sometimes a coin may be
4. Remove the dirty filter with your hand
and throw away-DO NOT wash it!
5. Insert new filter and reattach filter cap.
You are now ready to use your nebulizer for
A good way to remember to change out your nebulizer filter is to check it before each treatment.
If the filter is grey, it is time for a new one. By doing this you will always have a good filter
when taking your treatments, reducing the possibility of an infection.
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