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comfortable, too. Shockles also safely absorb sudden shock loads,
such as those at the end of a tow line or loads created by a dinghy tied
on deck or held at the stern, suspended by davits.
On land or at sea, the Boeing Insitu ScanEagle drone is retrieved by
flying it into a catch-line system. Their drone program utilizes Shockles
to diffuse the forces created when retrieving ScanEagle drones.
Shockles are most commonly found around boats. They are often used
as shock absorbers on dock lines and anchor lines to reduce loads,
minimize chafe, increase safety and generally make life at the dock or
at a mooring safer and more comfortable.
On a dock line or mooring line, tensions and loads change as tidal
surges, wakes, winds and currents change. Shockles absorb shock
loads on mooring lines, making the lines last longer. Putting an end to
jarring and snapping at the end of the line makes time aboard more
See Shockles being used to catch drones on these You-Tube ® videos:
Shockles are also used by the U.S. Navy to retrieve
drones and launch vessels from moving ships.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute uses
Shockles while exploring the Monterey Bay National Insitu Scan Eagle
Launch and Capture
Marine Sanctuary.
Minimizes stress on ALL lines—
for use on any boat!
LineSnubber features a patented stretch limiter and progressive tension design to safely and effectively reduce shock loads. Two 316
stainless steel carabiners offer simple and secure attachment. Adjust
or remove in seconds. One size fits all—tie a simple clove hitch in line
up to 3/4" (19 mm) diameter or use a pair of LineGrabbers for a working line range from 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter (13–25 mm). Use two
LineSnubbers side-by-side on very large boats. Available in blue or
Tie Down
Progressive tension design means the further LineSnubber stretches,
the greater its return force. The result is smooth action and moderated
stress. The patented internal line limiter is made from 2500 pound test
(1140 kg) nylon webbing. LineSnubber’s outer sheath is 3500 pound
test (1590 kg) tubular nylon webbing that is UV resistant to protect the
internal parts.
For marine applications:
• LineSnubber reduces shock
to any line, cleat or ground
tackle, including bow rollers
and rigging
• Attaches, adjusts or removes
quickly; use a simple clove
hitch or a pair of Davis #2460
• Reduces or eliminates all
noise from creaking, groaning
dock lines or ground tackle—
jarring is minimized, too
• Compensates for tidal surge
and chop from wind and
• Rigged properly, LineSnubber
keeps boats centered in the
Shockles are strong, but they need to be rigged in-line so they never bear
the full load alone. Six to twelve inches (15–30 cm) of in-line slack is recommended. Increase line slack between attachment loops to a maximum
of 12" (30 cm) as loads increase. The slack in the line can be wrapped
around LineSnubber to “neaten it up” as shown in the docking photo above.
20" (51 cm)
#2400 LineSnubber, blue
011698 01055 4
#2410 LineSnubber, black
011698 01956 1
Proud member of. . .
 2014
Look for the World Pak symbol indicating language translations printed
on packaging and instructions.
Some of these Davis products feature up to 17 languages in addition
to English.
LineGrabber has hundreds of uses onboard:
Add a strong attachment point to any line up to 1" diameter (25 mm)
with LineGrabber. Made of 1/4" (5 mm) Ultra High Modulus Fiber and
holds 2000 lbs. (900 kg). Use a basic Prusik hitch that ties or adjusts
in seconds. Make a strong
loop to grab a dock cleat,
pulpit, handrail or attach
LineGrabber. UHMP fiber is
tough enough to grab chain
and strong enough to help
unload a fouled sheet. Very
handy to keep aboard!
Toe rails
Rail or pulpit
Vehicle racks
#2460 LineGrabber, PAIR 9" end to end (23 cm)
Create an Attachment
Unload a Sheet
Grab a Railing
Secure a Chain
011698 01079 0
DockShockle utilizes the same patented stretch limiter and progressive tension design as LineSnubber to safely absorb shock loads on
smaller, lighter boats up to 40 ft. (12 m). Comes with two 316 stainless
carabiners, and includes a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers for easy attachment to braided or twisted lines up to 3/4" (19 mm). Webbing is 12"
(31 cm) long.
These are like bungee cords on steroids! Take MiniShockles boating,
camping, biking, motorcycle riding—anywhere you want to be sure
your load is held in place solidly, securely, safely. UV resistant nylon
webbing is sewn over marine grade
elastomer. 316 stainless steel snaps will
hold up to 300 pounds (136 kg). That’s
ten times the capacity of most standard
bungee cords. Three sizes available.
MiniShockle 12"
#2430 MiniShockle 12" (31 cm)
Mini-LineGrabbers create
quick, secure attachments
using a basic Prusik knot.
#2415 DockShockle, black
011698 01057 8
011698 01059 2
#2440 MiniShockle 18" (46 cm)
011698 01063 9
#2445 MiniShockle 24" (61 cm)
011698 01067 7
Stainless steel
wire gate snap
MiniShockles—strong, tough, secure
AnchorSnubber safely absorbs shock loads and helps keep your
anchor set. Attaches directly to chain, rope anchor rode, or anchor
snubber line. Comes with two 316 stainless captive key pin shackles.
Fits most anchor chain. Webbing is 20" (51 cm) long. AnchorSnubber
helps your boat ride comfortably at anchor, even in rough anchorages,
adverse currents, or strong winds. No more chain noise keeping you
awake! Patented stretch limiter and progressive tension design.
AnchorSnubber, black
011698 01058 5
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Adjustable Boat Hooks
3/4" (19 mm) Acme Thread
accepts brushes, mops, etc.
The Most Dependable
Twist Lock and Strongest
Boat Hook End
A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching, docking,
mooring or retrieving your favorite hat. Team telescoping boat hooks
adjust to 8' or 12' (240 and 370 cm). The threaded end accepts a deck
brush, mop, squeegee and other accessories. A highly visible, soft vinyl
orange tip covers the threads and protects the boat’s finish when
fending off. All Team boat hooks float. The hook of unbreakable Lexan is
lighter than (brittle) metal alloy ends. Durability GUARANTEED to last a
lifetime. Don’t settle for less!
to replace most 1" (25 mm) boat poles.
011698 00169 9
Extra Thick Neck
and Body for
added durability
Curved Head for
fending off stanchions
and lines
Ribbed Hook
and unbreakable Lexan–
tougher by
Hole Molded in Tip
for securing hook or
attaching small line
for use with tarps or
011698 41220 4
011698 41320 1
011698 41520 5
Adjusts from 53 in. to 8 ft. (140 to 240 cm)
2 sections: 1" and 11/8" (25 and 29 mm) tube diameter
Adjusts from 38 in. to 8 ft. (100 to 240 cm)
3 sections: 1", 11/8", and 11/4" (25, 29, and 32 mm) tube dia.
Adjusts from 54 in. to 12 ft. (140 to 370 cm)
Paddles are required by law in many states aboard PWCs and small
boats. Team adjustable paddles stow easily and telescope to 3'9" (50
to 115 cm). Our Paddle/Boat Hook combination is great to have on
board and at the launch ramp. The bright orange paddle end doubles
as a signaling device. Made tough for years of hard use.
3 sections: 1",
(25, 29, and 32 mm) tube dia.
$ 36.99
“Davis proves to be the best pole… the best value as well.”
“If you often use your boat hook to get a line to a dock or piling, the
more complicated hooks (like on the Davis poles) would be preferable.” “Some sink like stones. The best floaters are the Davis
poles.” Out of ten poles tested, “five went without failure up to 500
pounds (of straight line pull force)… two of them Davis Team.” “It’s
rare to find the best product is also the best buy.” “They float,
they’re light to handle, the twist-lock joints withstood a lot of pressure, and we couldn’t break the heads.”
“Tug Tests Take 10 Boat Hooks to the Limits,” Practical Sailor
011698 43300 1
Adjusts from 20 in. to 3 ft. 9 in. (50 to 115 cm) 2 sections: 1" and 11/8" (25 and 29 mm) tube diameter
$ 43.99
011698 43720 7
Adjusts from 32 in. to 5 ft. 6 in. (80 to 170 cm) 2 sections: 1" and 11/8" (25 and 29 mm) tube diameter
$ 48.99
Protect Your Lines
with Removable/Adjustable Chafe Guards
Chafe protection is critical at the dock, at anchor or on a mooring. Davis
offers a great solution to prevent chafing over a cleat, cap rail, where two
lines cross or at the anchor roller. Dock lines can be expensive—extending
their life with good chafe protection is not!
Velcro ® hook fasteners along ENTIRE
interior grip the line—no need
for additional strings
or ties
Secure Removable Chafe Guards offer the most flexibility and can be
installed anywhere along lines from 3/8 to 7/8" (10 to 22 mm) and some 1"
(25 mm) line as well. Great for anchor lines or mooring pennants, where
chafing through a line could cost you the boat. Velcro® brand hook
fasteners on the inside of the guard grip the line
securely. The outside cover is made of marine-tough
nylon for years of use. #395 Secure Removable
Chafe Guards, pair
011698 03950 0
FenderFriend is a fender whip, hanger and adjuster—all
in one! Features Shockles ® built-in shock absorber to
reduce shock loads generated by fenders grinding
against the hull and the dock or piling. No more torn
fender eyes or bent stanchions and rails!
• Allows anyone to quickly and easily set the fenders
• Stretches when fenders get pinched between the
hull and the dock
• Minimizes loads on stanchions, lifelines, rails, cleats
• Attaches almost anywhere: lifelines, stanchions,
winches, cleats, grab rails, workboat rails, toe rails,
• UV resistant strap adjusts from 16 to 72" (0.4–1.8 m)
• Sturdy, marine grade Nexus ® nylon buckle makes
attaching fenders a snap
shock absorber
stretches 12 inches
(30 cm)!
FenderFriend keeps fenders in place while docking or
when the boat is unattended. Surges and wakes can
cause your boat to grind against the dock—a little bit of
stretch helps keep fenders in place. Choose from twineye or center-tube models. Made of black, UV resistant
webbing with Nexus ® nylon buckle.
Tighten or loosen strap
to adjust fender height.
#2450 FenderFriend, Twin-Eye,
011698 01071 4
#2455 FenderFriend, Center-Tube,
011698 01075 2
Attaches almost anywhere
to almost anything
The original Fender Tender grips all!
Use this Davis accessory to clip your fenders to rails,
lifelines, side wing windows or cleats. Fender Tender
II simplifies the handling and relocation of boat
fenders. “Railing Lock” firmly grasps rails from 7/8" to
1" (22 to 25 mm) diameter. “Lifeline Lock” provides
added safety. Use 1/4" to 3/8" (6 mm to 9 mm)
diameter nylon line. Made of tough, sun-resistant
plastic for many years of use.
Helps tidy up your boat.
Lifeline Lock
Railing Lock
grasps rail
$ 99
Fender Tender II ,
011698 03930 2
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Precisely Sets
Your Trolling
Turns over and
surfaces when
fish strikes
Great for SALMON,
Slows even big motors
down to that “ever-so-slow”
fish tantalizing speed
A significant advancement for the sport of troll fishing, Happy Troller
mounts on the anti-cavitation plate to allow fine control of trolling
speed. Your boat’s stability is enhanced at cruising speed, too.
Trolling at 2 MPH with Fish Seeker, you can choose any trolling depth
from 5 to 80 feet (1.5 to 25 m). Simply choose the right setting for
desired depth, let out enough line and troll at slow speed. For salt or
fresh water fishing and 6–25 pound test line. A good replacement for
outriggers or heavy lead ball sinkers. Not for use with deep diving
How Fish Seeker’s depth is controlled: Using a chart supplied with the
Fish Seeker, chartreuse product, attach your rod line snap
011698 00188 0
swivel to a lettered hole and your
leader snap swivel to
a numbered hole.
Fish Seeker, hot pink
011698 00189 7
Release the amount
of line specified, and
Fish Seeker will dive
Fish Seeker, clear
to the desired depth.
011698 00190 3
$ 99
Locks in “down” position for trolling, “up” for cruising
Happy Troller reduces troll speed in “down” position. In “up” position,
acts as a stabilizer, smoothing out ride in rough water and reducing
porpoising and cavitation. Made of highest quality stainless steel and
marine aluminum; with clear anodized aluminum finish. Installs in 15
minutes. Use year-round in all boating activities, salt or fresh water.
Two Models:
Large fits inboard / outboards plus all outboard motors
50 h.p. and larger.
Small fits outboard motors from 20 to 50 h.p.
#460 Large Happy Troller
011698 00635 9
#461 Small Happy Troller
011698 00636 6
ing P
• Fits all outboard
motors up to and
including 25 h.p.
• Locks “down” for
trolling, “up” for cruising
• Made of highest
quality polycarbonates with stainless
steel hardware
#462 Lil’ Fella
Trolling Plate
011698 00637 3
Little brother to
the Happy Troller ®
Aluminum Stabilizer
and Ski Boat Fin
The Whale Tail XL unique hydrodynamic design extends behind the prop to
utilize prop wash energy which is normally lost.
Whale Tail transforms this energy into lift for
immediate response when the throttle is
applied. Use Whale Tail XL in fresh or saltwater.
Improves performance in any I/O
or outboard motor
• Pops skiers up in less time
• Flattens wake for waterskiing;
creates positive, skid-free turns
• Stabilizes bow-light boats
• With bow lowered, visibility and
safety are improved
• Smooths out ride in rough
• Reduces porpoising & cavitation
• Increases top speed and fuel
savings in most applications
#448 WHALE TAIL XL Stabilizer & Ski Boat Fin
011698 00639 7
• Mounts on the anti-cavitation
plate of all inboard / outboards
and outboards
• Installs in 15 minutes with
stainless steel hardware
• Marine grade
aluminum with
durable anodized
Enjoy the ride! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Over three decades of testimonials and 1,000,000 customers agree that Doel-Fin delivers!
Fits all motors except Volvo Penta ® 280 and 290 outdrives.
Balanced Performance
Improved performance on boats of
all sizes, from small
dinghies to large
ocean cruisers!
Doel-Fin is the original hydrofoil developed by an aeronautical
engineer to improve overall performance on boats with outboard motors or outdrive units. Molded in 2 pieces of guaranteed unbreakable, high-strength plastic, each foil is designed to
flex independently to absorb shock. The positive effects include
greater stability, consistent planing at lower RPM, faster out-ofthe-hole performance, steadier turns, higher top-end speeds and
lower bow rise at all speeds.
Doel-Fin was designed to produce maximum lift while minimizing drag. Creating lift
in the stern compensates for motor weight
for smoother turns, better gas mileage and
less stern drag.
•Doel-Fin improves overall performance– even on
boats with well-designed hulls
• Save up to 30% on fuel consumption
• Faster out-of-the-hole for happier water-skiers
• Maintain lower planing speeds without constant throttle
adjustments for wakeboarding, tubing or beginning skiers
• Less bow rise for better visibility and increased safety
• Simple 15-minute installation; hardware included
Doel-Fin is designed for use with small motors, big motors, and
inflatable dinghies. Boats with small motors no longer “porpoise”
with the bow-up when the throttle is applied and achieve planing
at lower engine speeds. Big motors benefit from less stern suction, faster planing times and steadier turns. All these features
add up to increased fuel efficiency.
#440 DOEL-FIN Stabilizer,
set of left and right fins, black
011698 00185 9
The Safe and Easy Way to
Move an Outboard Motor
Rudder Position
Fits 4-stroke motors
up to 15 h.p.
Rudder Position Indicator
Motor Caddy is sized to be quickly attached to most outboards from
2–15 horsepower. This improved design features a longer strap to fit
4-stroke motors and an added security strap for today’s streamlined
engine cases. Made of UV resistant materials that will endure the
marine environment for those who prefer a semipermanent installation. Glass filled Nexus ® nylon
buckles insure easy installation and removal. Makes
lifting and moving cumbersome motors safer, simpler.
#430 Motor Caddy Outboard Hoisting Harness
011698 04300 2
011698 03850 3
Avoid Veering—and Collisions!
29 99
Awareness of the rudder angle is a most important safety factor. This
is especially true while moving in and out of your berth, drawing alongside another boat, picking up a skier, mooring, or any other “close call”
situation. Davis’ Rudder Position Indicator gives instant visual reference of rudder angle. The pointer swings a full 30° with each revolution of the wheel. Mounts easily with its self-adhesive pad directly to
your hub. Indicator is approximately 2" (5 cm) in
diameter. Rugged, hermetically sealed, weatherproof
and sunproof housing ensures long life. No cables,
adjustments, or electricity required; gravity power
makes it simple and service-free. Suitable for boats
with mechanical and single station hydraulic steering
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Carry it in your boat!
• Powerboats • Fishing boats
• Sailboats • Seaplanes • Jet skis
No cleat or ring in place? Rings in
wrong place? Then use Portable
Dock Rings as a convenient way to
tie up your boat. Made of heavy
duty steel (5/16", 8 mm), tested to
hold even in wave action. Zinc
plated to resist rust for years.
A hydrodynamic device
scientifically designed to
stabilize a boat moored,
anchored, or drifting.
The more wind and
waves, the better
#387 Portable Dock Ring
011698 03870 1
With engines off or sails
down, you feel the sea as
you stop for meals, fishing,
rest or sleep. Rocker
Stopper is the solution—
efficiently dampening the
effects of waves and wake
on a stationary boat.
Designed for rugged use.
Length of Boat
Up to 26 feet (0 − 8 m) 3
27 to 36 feet (8 − 11 m)
37 to 42 feet (11 − 13 m)
43 to 50 feet (13 − 15 m)
011698 03520 5
14" (36 cm) diameter
Weight 1 lb. (.45 kg)
TIP Many
boaters carry
a Dock Ring
and line in
their tenders.
For sailboats, powerboats,
fishing boats, too!
Number of Rocker Stopper Units
Needed on Each Side of a Boat
#352 Rocker Stopper,
individual unit
Lightweight and molded of
high-impact, virtually indestructible styrene. Can be
deployed or retrieved in
seconds. Salt water resistant, gentle to the sides of
your boat. Units “nest” within each other, so storage is
a breeze.
TIP Rocker Stoppers are
excellent for slowing drift
while fishing, and can also
be used as a dock stabilizer.
A Shock Absorber for Your Lines
The Safe Solution
to a Slippery Situation
For fishing lines, too!
Swim Stirrup
011698 00649 6
The Swim Stirrup provides
safe, easy access to small
boats for swimmers or water
skiers. Durable, reliable
design attaches to gunwales,
transoms, or open bows.
• Perfect for rowboats, ski boats, dinghies, sailboats
• Adjustable length to fit your boat
• Complete hardware and instructions
• Easy to install, easy to use—it even
Line Snubber helps reduce stress and wear on your lines and cleats.
They’re available in 22" length (56 cm). Molded of highest quality rubber for years of service. Packaged in pairs.
Sailors, fishermen and other boaters will find many uses for Line
Snubber, from anchor snubbing to trailering. Using them on parallel
lines maximizes their effectiveness. Sailors can use them to lash a
tiller, tie down a halyard or rig a boom preventer. Snub docking lines
and mooring ropes. Reduce shock on fishing lines, too. Line Snubbers
will secure a dinghy in place or keep one steady while being towed.
Protect your lines, cleats, boat components and surfaces from wear
with Line Snubber.
#1468 Line Snubber 22, PAIR 011698 00651 9
Polished 316 stainless steel hardware stands up to the toughest
marine and outdoor environments. This is the same hardware used in
our Shockles ® product line, so volume purchasing allows us to offer
our customers very competitive prices.
No more looking for the right
tool while refueling or filling a
water tank
19 99
#2470Carabiner. Captive, 3/8" stock (10 mm) by 3 7/8"
long (10 cm). Safe working load 1200 lbs.(500 kg).
#2480 Key Pin Halyard Shackle. Captive, 5/16" stock
(8 mm) by 3 1/16" long (8 cm). SWL 1500 lbs. (700 kg).
#2490 Wire Gate Snap. 1/4" stock (6 mm) by 2 3/8" long
(6 cm). SWL 415 lbs. (188 kg).
$ 99
#2500 Wire Gate Snap. 5/16” stock (8 mm) by 3 1/8"
long (8 cm). SWL 968 lbs. (438 kg).
$ 99
011698 01080 6
17 99
011698 01081 3
011698 01082 0
011698 01083 7
$ 99
When it’s time to lower your sail, you can rely on Davis’
SAIL TRACK STOPS to hold your sail and its slides in place on the
mast and boom. Large knurled wheels are released with ease. Made
of heavy-duty,
black anodized
aluminum and
marine grade
nickel plated
brass. Flat
stops come
with lanyard
#2350ROUND .50" dia. × .875" (13 × 22 mm)
011698 23500 1
#2351FLAT .42 × 1 × .125" (11 × 25 × 3 mm)
011698 23510 0
#2352FLAT.75 × 1 × .125" (19 × 25 × 3 mm)
011698 23520 9
7/16" Hex
(11 mm)
5/16" Hex
(8 mm)
This handy pocket-sized tool fits
all deck plate caps: slotted,
raised lug, spaced hole, and star
(winch handle) type caps. The
tool also has common hex sizes:
5/16" (8 mm) for hose clamps
and 7/16" (11 mm) for 1/4"
(6 mm) bolts. Other designed-in
features include a shackle key, a
super tough flat screwdriver, and
a bottle opener. A wide, flat edge
gives good hand leverage when
using the shackle key. The hexes
are close to the edge for ease of
use, and the screwdriver stands
out in relief for working in tight
Constructed of specially hardened stainless steel. Will not
corrode or break… ever!
Don't Accept
Much stronger
and more versatile than all
One Key
011698 03810 7
TIP Attach a Key Buoy
Look for this
display at your
favorite retailer
self-inflating key ring
#530 to the shackle key
slot to avoid losing your
favorite tool!
Deck Plate Key
countertop easel
TIP Removes
rust stains from
clothing, sail cloth,
and other fabrics.
FSR is a unique stain absorbing gel that serves a variety of
purposes both ashore and afloat. It's ideal for removing oil,
rust, exhaust, waterline and transom stains, yet it can also be
used anywhere else fiberglass stains may crop up—shower
stalls, furniture, etc. Use for removing road soil from trailered
boats and recreational vehicles. Its nonabrasive quality means that it's safe to use on
white painted surfaces as well as on gel-coat.
Requires no sanding or compounding. Simply
apply with a brush, sponge or cloth. Wait a
few minutes and then wipe off or rinse.
Rust stains on fiberglass—gone!
• Great for exhaust and waterline stains
TIP: Test a small area first to be
sure FSR will not damage finish.
• Removes rust from stainless steel stanchions and railings
• Excellent for removing “rust bleeders” from hull or deck 16 fl. oz. • 1 pint
0.47 liter
• Removes road dirt from RVs and trailer boats
• Safe on white painted surfaces
011698 07900 1
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
10 99
#792 FSR Big Job
67.8 fl. oz.
2.0 liters
011698 07920 9
29 99
All SolLight products feature a solar cell and internal battery engineered
as a system to capture and store the sun’s energy. Makes light available
when and where you need it. U.S. designed, rugged enough to survive
all outdoor adventures. SolLight units have been to the top and bottom
of the world and points in between. Solar LED innovation for everyday
use: “Simply brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?”
Illuminated Water Bottle Cap
Solar Lantern and Water Bottle
2" (51 mm) cap
2.6 oz. (74 g)
Take the light with you!
LightCap 200 turns any 2" (51 mm) bottle into a solar lantern. Four
white LEDs light up the night. Built-in light sensor switches cap off
during daylight hours while battery charges. A waterproof switch turns
light on/off. All electronics are fully sealed for use in the field (not dishwasher safe). Stores up to 15 hours of light on a full charge.
LightCap 200, 2" (51 mm) bottle cap,
011698 01084 4
LightCap 200, 2" (51 mm) bottle cap,
smoke 011698 01085 1
BPA-free plastic water bottle complete with solar cell and internal storage battery built right into the 3" (76 mm) cap. Automatic light sensor
turns unit off in daylight. Manual on/off offers 4 bright white LEDs or a
single red LED. The bottle opening is 3" (76 mm) and holds 32 ounces
(.94 liter). Bottle shape offers ergonomic grip with two flat sides to
prevent rolling. Measures 9.5" tall (24 cm). Weighs just 10.5 oz. (298
g). Bottle doubles as a waterproof storage container for personal items.
LightCap 300, 3" (76 mm) cap and
bottle, red
011698 01086 8
LightCap 300, 3" (76 mm) cap and
bottle, smoke 011698 01087 5
Waterproof storage for
important items, and it floats!
RailLight comes in two models,
Premium and Mini. Both feature
FastSolar™ charging system to
replenish the internal storage battery. Both switch on automatically at
night and off during the day. Manual
switch allows RailLight to be turned
off when you’re not there. Both
RailLights are fully marinized and
feature stainless steel cap and post,
UV resistant polycarbonate lens,
nylon mount fittings, waterproof
switching and fully sealed electronics. Rail Clamp fits railings from
.65 – 1.25" diameter (17– 32 mm).
RailLight Premium has 4 bright white LEDs and can be switched
between 2 and 4 LED function. Stands 14" tall (36 cm). Comes complete
with the QuickMount System (pictured below), offering several installation
options. Stores up to 8 hours of light on a full charge.
RailLight Premium
Most marine tubing measures either 7/8" or 1" (22 or 25 mm).
FastSolar™ Panel
Sealed epoxy coated,
charges in various
lighting conditions
Hood and post
resist corrosion
Fresnel Lens
Amplifies light
up to 10 times
UV Resistant
Resists cracking, clouding,
Replaceable Battery
"Key-type" system snaps together
for secure connection or easy
removal for storage
Most marine tubing measures
either 7/8" or 1" (22 or 25 mm).
Switch (under hood)
RailLight Mini
Three positions:
"on high," "on low," "off"
Push once for 4 LEDs,
again for 2 LEDs, and
once more to turn off
Solar cell continues to
charge the battery even
in the "off" position
Sturdy Nylon
Post Clamp
1 inch I.D. (25 mm); adjusts
up and down for optimum
RailLight Mini has 2 bright
white LEDs and is 11" tall (28
cm). Includes nylon Rail
Clamp that fits .65 –1.25"
diameter rail (17– 32 mm).
Sealed on/off switch. Stores
up to 8 hours of light on a full
Secured under
weatherproof hood
Sturdy Nylon Rail Clamp
Pivots 90° for right angle or
off-angle mounting; adjusts to rail
diameters .65" to 1.25" (17–32 mm)
with three shims provided
#3450 RailLight Mini, solar light with 2 LEDs
011698 01089 9
QuickMount System
Offers three distinct mounting options:
Rail Clamp, Threaded C-Clamp, or
Wall Mount. Fits RailLight Mini, or use
to securely fasten small electronics
such as a camera, GPS, GoPro ® or
monitor. Also ideal to hold a hose,
extension cord, rescue buoy, etc. All
parts molded of tough, UV resistant
Included with RailLight Premium.
Marine grade construction
Provides up to 8 hours of light
on a full charge
System 1 Watt LED output
1800 mA NiMH storage
011698 01091 2
200 mAh solar panel output
#3440 RailLight Premium, solar light with 4 LEDs
011698 01088 2
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Portable Solar/LED Interior Light
LightShip is perfect for boats, cars, RVs or home. Three
powerful suction cups allow mounting with the solar cell
facing the sun. Three bright white LEDs provide enough
light for reading. Or switch to one, single red LED for night
light function. Unit can also be switched off to store up
energy for future use. Built-in light sensor switches
LightShip off automatically during daylight hours. Made of
tough polycarbonate with clear, molded
lens and reflector to maximize LED intensity. For interior use only.
#3460 LightShip
011698 01090 5
Campers, RVs, fishing boats and sailboats all face the same challenge when
nighttime comes: limited battery capacity for general lighting. LEDs developed in
recent years provide a solution. Mega-Light uses an energy efficient LED bulb
that draws just 30 milliamps (a mere 1 / 30th of an amp). On a fully charged car
battery, Mega-Light could run continuously for 2000 hours or more. Your battery
will hardly know it’s there!
Both Mega-Light Utility and
Mega-Light Masthead include
a light sensor that automatically switches the light on at
night and off at dawn. Both
models feature a dual-function
Fresnel lens that projects light
for up to two nautical miles (3.7
km). Hung upside down, the
clear top of the lens provides
area lighting in the cockpit or
around the campsite.
Boating • Fishing • Travel • RVs • Camping
Mega-Light #3300 components…
lighter plug
Comes with LED bulb
installed, plus spare
Comes with two easy-to-change
1 1Amp
fuse inside
inside plug
hanging Bracket
1:1 lens
1:1 lens on
on bottom
bottom of light
of light for
for area lighting
area lighting
100% waterproof
and base
sealed lens and base
Both Mega-Lights now come with two easy-tochange light bulbs. A bayonet-type LED draws 30
milliamps and can be seen for up to two nautical
miles (3.7 km). The other bulb, incandescent, is
more than twice as bright. It draws 0.32 amp (320
milliamps). Other improvements include 100%
waterproof O-ring sealed lens & base, and energy efficient circuit board design.
#3300 Mega-Light Utility
011698 33000 3
#3310 Mega-Light Masthead
011698 33100 0
#3330L Replacement Bulbs for all Mega-Lights.
LED bulb is energy efficient, drawing less than 30 milliamps
(1/30 amp). Lasts up to 10,000 hours. Also includes #1893
incandescent bulb to provide “soft” lighting; draws 320 milliamps.
011698 33300 4
Mega-Light Utility
Mega-Light Masthead
Mega-Light Masthead comes mounted to a stainless bracket for easy installation to a masthead, interior wall or bulkhead. Use as a masthead light to mark
your boat on a mooring, at anchor, as a nighttime security light or a marker light
to light stairways and entryways. Stainless steel bracket with (6) #10 holes and
two key-way slots provides multiple installation options. Includes mounting hole
for use with Davis Windex ® mounting base. Comes with 12" (30 cm) lead wire.
On-off switch and fuse holder for hard-wire installation not included.
Ranked One of the World’s Best Radar Reflectors!
Giving ships a chance to see you in fog and low visibility conditions is
a must for serious boaters.
Echomaster’s full 12.5" (32 cm) diameter circular reflector plates provide 13.2 square yards (12 sq. meters) of maximum effective radar
cross section in the X or 3 cm band (9-9.6 GHz frequency), based on
optimum orientation between the reflector and radar. Offers equivalent
radar cross section of conventional triangular plate reflector with
approximate 17" (43 cm) diagonal dimension.
Robust, marine-grade aluminum plates are sufficient thickness to
minimize flexing; dimpled to minimize angular distortion. Tough injection-molded, captive corner latches assure minimum angle error. The
11/4" (32 mm) windage holes reduce aerodynamic drag and allow
assembly of the reflector around a backstay. Easily assembled or
demounted. Stows flat.
ECHOMASTER with MarineGrade Anodized Plates
12 square meters of radar cross section. Plates are made of sturdy,
stamped 1.3 mm thick aluminum with
riveted nylon corner latches for quick
assembly or disassembly. Install
around a backstay using corner
blocks from #156 Mount System, or
make your own hanging bridle as
described in the 16-page Radar
Reflector Booklet included with
Echomaster meets U.S. Coast Guard
requirements for lifeboat and liferaft
#152 011698 01520 7
radar reflectors under SOLAS 74/83.
HANGING MOUNT SYSTEM (no reflector) Use the hanging mount system to suspend your Echomaster unit from a mast or
rigging in the perfect “catch rain” position.
#156 011698 01560 3
Echomaster’s proven superiority:
• Ranked one of the best radar reflectors and one of the top ten
sailing products by Practical Sailor.
• Rated “superior” by SRI after the most rigorous tests ever
conducted on radar reflectors, some costing 10 times as much.
• Performance diagrams from the Admiralty weapons test, England, showed Echomaster’s high response to incoming radar at all angles:
Make your boat visible to other vessels.
Find your way home in less than perfect conditions. Mount a radar
reflector on a buoy or piling to help identify your dock or mooring.
Mark hazards to navigation to supplement official channel markings.
Install radar reflectors on specific hazards—bridges, rocks, submerged trees, sunken boats.
Echomaster, use the corner
blocks from the #156 Hanging
Mount System with five pipe
fittings commonly found in
hardware stores.
To order the Radar Reflector
Booklet separately, contact customer service and ask for
#R155E ($3.00).
Strong peaks, narrow valleys, and 360°
returns are desirable.
Excellent as a back-up aboard larger
vessels or primary reflector on smaller
boats that might not normally carry a
radar reflector. Made of plastic-metal foil
laminate. Opens in seconds and is very
lightweight. 11.5" (29 cm) in diameter.
Performs almost as well as Echomaster
(see performance diagrams above).
Economical enough for any boat. Stows
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Recommended “Best Buy”
by Practical Sailor !
011698 01510 8
Securing your equipment just got a whole lot easier!
Two Sizes Grip Anything
from 7/8 to 7 1/2" (22 – 191 mm)
Quick Fist is a rubber clamp that mounts easily to keep
tools and equipment firmly in place. Ideal for boats, offroad trucks, military equipment, ATVs, or any vehicle.
Quick Fist clamps are made of heavy duty transportation
grade rubber. They’re UV resistant and withstand extreme
heat or cold. Mount easily with #10 (5 mm) bolts or
screws. Terrific for marine use—Quick Fist will not rust or
corrode. Available in standard or super sizes. PATENTED
Standard Quick Fist is ideal for stowing or
transporting tools. Can also be used as a pipe
stand-off (do not use on exhaust pipes). Mounts
easily with one #10 (5 mm) bolt or screw (not
included). Can be mounted with strap facing
any direction. To clamp, pull strap through jaw
and lock into place. Sold in pairs. Multiple
Quick Fists can hold larger tools.
• Holds objects from 7/8–2 1/4" in diameter
(22– 57 mm)
• Each clamp supports approximately
22 lbs. (10 kg)
#540 Quick Fist Clamp Package includes 2 clamps
Mounting base measures 7/8 x 2 3/4" (22 x 70 mm)
011698 00821 6
Like having
an extra crew
Super Quick Fist is ideal for holding fire extinguishers, oxygen
cylinders, CO2 tanks, and other equipment. Mounts easily with
three #10 (5 mm) bolts or screws (not included). Can be mounted with strap facing any direction. To clamp, pull strap through
jaw and lock into place. Strap can be trimmed off for neat installation.
• Holds objects from 2 1/2 – 7 1/2" in
diameter (64 –191 mm)
• Each clamp supports approximately 50 lbs. (23 kg)
#544 Super Quick Fist Clamp
1 clamp
Mounting base measures 7/8 x 6"
(22 x 152 mm)
011698 00822 3
DeckHand is a convenient
carrying caddy that attaches
to rails, lifelines, or almost
any horizontal bar. Simple to
install, removable and adjustable. Made of strong, marinetough polyportex; won’t
scratch surfaces; sun and mildew resistant. Securely holds
drinks, suntan lotion, sunglasses, keys, I.D., pliers,
tools, etc. Deck-Hand leaves
your hands free.
4 3/4" W × 15 3/4" H
(12 x 40 cm)
Tiller-Tamer maintains cruising course with no hands, in any weather
or wind conditions. The tension is smoothly adjustable from fully
locked to fully free. Tiller-Tamer gives improved control and feel to the
tiller handle. Does not interfere with automatic steering systems. No
loss of cockpit space. No need to lash the tiller when boat is moored or
trailered. Equally adaptable to inboard rudder tillers, too!
#2205 Tiller-Tamer
011698 22050 2
33 99
011698 02650 0
• Works in all water • Skin pH neutral • Biodegradable
Formulated for salt water, hard water, brackish water, or chlorinated water.
Ideal for swimmers, boaters, fishermen, campers, travelers, fitness enthusiasts.
Unique Formulation: Aqua Lather's exclusive
blend cleans, freshens, and counteracts salt,
sun & wind damage. Works up a rich lather—
even in hard water or salt water—that removes
all dirt and grease. Leaves skin feeling smooth
and hair tangle-free. No annoying curds or
residues. Aqua Lather is pH neutral: won't harm
hair or skin, no matter how often used. Light,
natural fragrance.
Biodegradable: Breaks down into nature's own
elements. Leaves no pollution.
Convenient: Dispensing spout flicks open and
closed. No lost cap or messy spills. Compact,
tuck-away bottle contains the right amount for
travel. Great for dishes and clothes, too!
Economical: Each bottle contains enough
concentrate for scores of baths and shampoos.
You can wash in salt water and
follow up with a fresh water
final rinse in places where
fresh water is scarce.
5 fl. oz.
Aqua Lather
150 ml
$ 99
(not for use
on topsides)
Slick Seam is a remarkable caulking compound made
of fine waxes, pure mineral products and silicate fibers.
This combination makes Slick Seam not only effective,
but easy to use for any underwater seam application.
It requires neither mixing nor priming. Once in place,
Slick Seam stays put no matter how much wood flexes
or swells. It adheres to most solid surfaces whether wet,
dry, or even oil stained. Applies easily—cleans up fast. Cures ready for
painting in half an hour.
Net Weight
16. oz. • 1 lb.
454 g
011698 07210 1
•Protect sails and sheets from
•Tough, durable plastic with
more ultraviolet absorber
•Keep sails clean, prevent wear
than other brands—last
•Covers split for quick “snap-on”
011698 02520 6
011698 02530
011698 02540
011698 02550
011698 02560
011698 02570
1/8" (3 mm)
5/32" (4 mm)
3/16" (5 mm)
1/4" (6 mm)
5/16" (8 mm)
3/8" (10 mm)
$ 1.99
011698 07300 9
•Prevent sails & sheets from
•Give low sheet friction.
•Allow for easy inspection,
adjustment and lubrication
of turnbuckles.
• Easy to install
Cap can be
cemented to boot
for permanent
Boot Size
Spread end of cable cover and snap cover over cable
Cable Cover
Install in three easy steps:
1.Unpin turnbuckle, then slip
boot over turnbuckle.
2.Spread cap and snap onto
3.Press cap into boot.
Fits Cable Size
Slick Seam
Turnbuckle Price
3/4" ID × 13" (19 mm × 33 cm)Barrel
11/8" ID × 17" (28 mm × 43 cm)
811/2" ID × 20" (38 mm × 51 cm)
713/4" ID × 24" (44 mm × 61 cm)
011698 02410 0
011698 02420 9
011698 02430
011698 02440
EXTRA Turnbuckle Boot CAPS
011698 02450 6
011698 02460 5
011698 02470
011698 02480
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
(19 mm) Boot Size
11/8" (28 mm) Boot Size
11/2" (38 mm) Boot Size
13/4" (44 mm) Boot Size
Quick Reference Cards
Make your outing safer,
easier… more fun!
This complete family of professionally
prepared Quick Reference Cards are great
for all types of boaters, boat racers,
navigators, cruise ship passengers,
naturalists, weather buffs, safety-minded
sportsmen, electronics owners, school
students and classes, or anyone interested
in the great outdoors.
All cards feature:
•Full color both sides
•Punched for binder or bulkhead
•Weatherproof high strength plastic
•Full 81/2 × 11" (22 × 28 cm) size
U. S. Power
Look for these
displays at your
U. S. Coast Guard
Quick Reference Cards have been designed in
close cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard
Auxiliary and U.S. Power Squadrons. They are
standard equipment on many U.S. Coast Guard
and state boating administration patrol boats.
For quick decisions, get quick answers with
Quick Reference Cards!
Dealers: Get free displays with purchase of cards.
Your choice:
DIS-15 Display Rack DIS-15T Carousel Display
A Must for
Safe Boating
in an Easy
to Use
The Latest
Covering the
Oceans &
of the World
011698 01250 3
011698 01270 12
$ 99
A proven navigation tool used by the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Power
Squadrons, and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Navigation Rules feature
U.S. Buoyage System, inland and international rules, right-of-way,
lights, sound signals, and bridge signals. All presented in graphic
summary and easy to read. Complete, precise, accurate.
A comprehensive guide incorporating the International Maritime Buoyage
System and COLREGS. Clarifies differences between Cardinal and Lateral
buoyage systems and buoyage regions, key to reducing confusion and danger when entering unfamiliar waters or busy harbors. Complete details on
right-of-way, sound signals, entering and clearing a foreign port, lights and
day shapes, collision prevention procedures, signal flags.
It's easy to
forget the
find yourself
lost or in
Small Craft
011698 01280 0
011698 01260 2
$ 99
All the piloting information you need at your fingertips: dead reckoning
basics, true and magnetic compass relationships, position finding, estimating distance off, current and leeway corrections. Helpful hints on chart
reading, preparations and checklists, fog navigation, and depth soundings
without a fathometer. Includes time, speed & distance calculator, relative
bearing gauge for distance off calculations, common chart symbols.
$ 99
$ 99
Covers all the basic procedures and equipment. Includes predeparture
checklist, recommended equipment & spare parts, fueling procedures,
engine troubleshooting, radio use, trailering, launching, anchoring, water
skiing hand signals. Gives rules of the U.S. Buoyage System and right-ofway. Helps in emergencies by covering distress signals, fire proce­dures,
towing, weather warnings, first aid (hypothermia & CPR).
Covers Key
Modes of
Boating Safety & Procedures Made Simple!
011698 01290 9
$ 99
Comprehensive information. NAVIGATION: GPS, LORANC, RDF, radar,
Includes procedures, rules, tips, and problem solving. “Marine electronics
are vital to the safety and enjoyment of your boat. This card removes any
confusion about the proper use of the electronics. Concisely written and
easy to understand.” — Clyde Kirlin, marine electronics consultant
Methods for
Own Signs
Designed in close cooperation with the U.S. Coast
Guard Auxiliary and the U.S. Power Squadrons
U. S. Power
011698 01310 4
$ 99
Shows the use of wind direction, barometric pressure and cloud type to predict the weather. Includes full listing of radio weather stations for official
broadcasts. Has key information on navigation in fog, hazardous wave and
surf conditions, storm warnings, hurricane avoidance, and more! "Time tested methods. . . easy to understand. This is a complete guide for becoming
'weather wise.”’ —Ken Lilly Jr., CDR. NOAA (ret.), marine meteorologist
U. S. Coast Guard
“These cards are a handy reminder for boaters to rely on in almost any
boating situation.” — John VanOsdol, director of U.S. Coast Guard
Auxiliary's department of education
Predeparture Check
Fueling Procedures
U.S. Buoyage
Rules of the Road
Navigation Lights
Radio Use
In Case of Fire!
Navigation Information
Navigation Rules
Sound Signals
Hypothermia and CPR
the Sun &
011698 01320 3
$ 99
A simplified, yet complete Celestial Navigation system. Makes it easy, proving that lengthy instruction is not necessary to master celestial navigation.
Includes everything you need: sextant use and corrections, starfinder for
18 stars, data entry form and step-by-step sight reduction and plotting procedures. May be scored and separated; large portion fits in sextant case
for quick reference and small part acts as a waterproof data reduction card.
The set of six 3 × 4" cards (7.6 × 10.2 cm) are
easy to read, printed on plastic in full color, and
built to withstand the elements. Joined with a
steel ring.
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
011698 00373 0
7/8" × 14 pitch threads fit U.S. and
Japanese outboard motors
Max-Lube oiling-tube method
(Lube II shown)
Cable Buddy is a complete
steering cable lubrication system. Includes the stainless steel
Cable Buddy nut with plug and
sealing washer, oiling tube assembly, and MaxLube, the ideal lubricant for steering cables.
Works on inboards, outboards, and inboard/outboard steering cables. Fits all major U.S. and
foreign motors (7/8" × 14 pitch threads). Seals
moisture out, puts lubricant in. Prevents corrosion and freezing down to −40°F (−40°C). Cable
Buddy lubricates and virtually eliminates all wear
in the inner cable, where most problems occur.
Easy to install (if you can take the cable off, you
can install the Cable Buddy). Install the Cable
Buddy now… or deal with the hassle and
expense of replacing your steering cable later!
#420 Cable Buddy
with 1 lube nut & Max-Lube 011698 04200 5
Lube II allows sticky, hard to
move steering rods to be properly and easily lubricated for
smooth, easy steering action.
The system includes a stainless steel lubricating
nut with an oil seal and a grease (zerk) fitting.
This lubricator’s unique design keeps moisture
and contaminants out while enabling you to pour
or pump several types of lubricant in. Your
choice: (1) Max Lube (#422) synthetic lubricant
with high water separation qualities and anticorrosion protection. This is the best lubricant
available for the purpose. (2) A high grade 90w
synthetic gear oil. (3) High quality white lithium
grease. Lube II helps correct and prevent steering problems. For both mechanical and hydraulic
systems. Fits all major U.S. and foreign motors
(7/8" × 14 pitch threads). Easy, 10 minute installation. Marine grade stainless steel for salt and
fresh water use.
#425 Lube II
011698 04250 0
Max-Lube excels under
sure— anywhere oil
is required. This proprietary synthetic film has
many advantages over other synthetic and
premium oils: superior rust and corrosion
protection, rapid separation from water,
greater stability at temperature extremes,
10−20% reduction in operating temperature, and 5 times greater load carrying. The
net result is smoother, quieter, cooler and
longer operation. Max-Lube is recommended for steering cables (all boat motors,
fresh or salt water), sporting equipment
(fishing reels, guns, bike chains), all gears
regardless of type or size, and all metals.
#422 Max-Lube
3 fl. oz. • 90 ml
011698 04220 3
$ 99
Never Lose Keys in the Water Again!
•When keys fall in the water, Key Buoy pops
open and its air tube inflates to 14" (36 cm)
Tube carries keys to the surface for easy retrieval
Stays afloat for over an hour
A great gift!
There’s nothing like the Davis Key Buoy! Featured in
Time magazine as a great new outdoor product for the
adventurer. Sold worldwide.
Suitable for items weighing up to 2.8 oz. (80 g)
•Small tools
•Deck plate key
Key sets
Winner of the National Marine
Manufacturers Association
Innovation Award
The Key Buoy unit measures 2.4 x 1.6 x 0.6"
(61 x 41 x 15 mm).
Weight 1.1 ounce (31 g).
Recyclable PP plastic shell and PE plastic tube.
Key Buoy is for single use only. Activator is
sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid, a mild
irritant. Not a toy. Prevent contact with eyes
and skin; avoid inhalation. Activated product
should be promptly disposed.
#530 KEY BUOY self-inflating key ring
011698 00877 3
$ 99
Look for this display
at your favorite retailer
Key Buoy
display rack
Fight the unpleasant effects of travel!
The “Tummy Tamer”
Queaz-Away, PAIR
011698 04000 1
$ 99
Queaz-Away is a non-drug aid for active people.
Relieves the unpleasant effects of bumpy flights,
choppy seas, winding roads, rocking trains, and
spinning Ferris wheels. Queaz-Away wristbands
exert gentle pressure on points on each wrist to
minimize or eliminate the miserable effects of
nausea. Made of tough, long-lasting, washable
materials. Safe and easy to use. Simply slip onto
wrists, position, and enjoy your trip or outing. No
complicating buckles or adjustments. One size
fits all! Handy carrying case included. Used
throughout the world by yachtsmen, pilots, divers,
physicians and hospitals.
Look for this display
at your favorite retailer
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
display rack
• Boating
• Camping
• Food storage
• Wet swimsuits
• Travel
• Car
• Garbage
• Diapers
• Recyclables
• Laundry
• Gardening
• Pets
Plastic Bag Dispenser
The most conven­ient
plastic bag— anywhere!
Roll length
32.5' (10 m).
Bag circumference
24" (61 cm).
0.36 mil.
Blend of high
and low density polyethylene for strength.
Dispenser is 4" (10
cm) high and weighs
only 3 oz. (100 g),
roll included.
Just pull it, cut it, knot it, bag it
Knot-a-Bag is absolutely waterproof when tied. Suitable for food storage.
Dispenser clips to belt, backpack, dog leash, wherever needed.
Make plastic bags of any length!
#480 Knot-a-Bag Dispenser.
Dispenser with two 32.5' (10 m) rolls of polyethylene film.
Knot-a-Bag’s unique dispen­­
ser holds 32.5' (10 m) of
tightly wound polyethylene film, yet fits in the palm of your
hand. Knot-a-Bag is simple. Pull plastic bag material from
center of dispenser, take the length you need, cut with
built-in safety cutter, and tie a knot in the end.
011698 00823 0
#485 Knot-a-Bag Plastic Bag Refills.
Three 32.5' (10 m) rolls of polyethylene film.
011698 00824 7
Protection for
Propellers and People
Handi-Mate extends handle from 30 to 47"
(.76 to 1.19 m). Easy to install—tough polycarbonate head quickly clamps over existing
handle grip. Does not affect throttle tension
adjustment. Depress button & align proper
hole for desired length. Non-slip comfort
grip, access hole for kill button.
• Lightweight—only 16 oz. (454 grams)
• Turn-locking knob makes secur­ing &
removing easy
• Anodized aluminum—no parts to rust or
• Stainless steel hardware
Fits Virtually All
Twist Grip
Outboard Motors!
Handi-Mate extension handle
Straight steering unit.
0 11698 00641 0
#450 Prop Sox Set of 3
011698 00186 6
$ 99
Prop Sox are socks for
your prop. They protect your expensive
propellers from road
kickback when towing.
Reflective hot dots
alert drivers following
too closely behind.
People walking by a
boat on a trailer can be
cut without Prop Sox
in place. The bright,
molded plastic socks
simply slip over each
propeller blade and are
held in place with a
rubber shock cord
strap. For use on boats
out of water only.
$ 99
Say Goodbye to Mold, Mildew and Moisture
Air-Dryr is an inexpensive and effective way to fight moisture problems, cold drafts, and corrosion. Designed to operate anywhere, 24
hours a day. Place Air-Dryr on the floor in any damp, enclosed space
and plug into a 110/120 volt outlet. Damp air is heated to the point
moisture is held in suspension (above dew point), then released
through the top vents of the device. As warmed air rises, cooler
damp air is drawn in, where it too is heated. Natural convection circulates the air.
Air-Dryr fights the humidity problem with a different (and simpler)
strategy than a dehumidifier that drains into the sink—with the same
result! Costs no more to operate than burning a light bulb. A thermal
cutoff turns the unit off should air flow be impeded.
Features of all Air-Dryr models:
• Attractive, neutral beige housing made of polycarbonate for
strength and durability
• Slim and stable; can be placed out of the way in
confined spaces
• Handle a high volume of air
• Low operating cost; designed to be left on 24
hours a day
• Silent in operation, safe to the touch
• Trouble free—no switch, fan, or thermostat
• Safe for marine use—no components
which cause sparking
Use at Home or Office Basements, closets, under desks,
storage units, tack rooms, pump rooms, gun cabinets, pianos
Use in RVs and Airplanes Motor homes, trailers, cars,
Use in Boats Cabins, bilges, engine rooms, V-berths
Two models
#1459 Air-Dryr 500. Handles up to
500 cubic feet of living space. Draws
only 0.6 amps, 70 watts. Rectangular
unit measures 13.5 x 5.5 x 4.25" high.
011698 00643 4
The Original
Ventilating Sail
#1458 Air-Dryr 1000. Handles up to
1000 cubic feet of living space. Draws
only 1.1 amps, 130 watts. Circular unit
measures 13.5" in diameter, 4.25" high.
011698 00642 7
Put an end to hot, stuffy cabins and sleepless
nights. The Windscoop Ventilating Sail is aerodynamically designed to force the slightest breeze
into your cabin to keep you cool and comfortable.
The versatile Windscoop can be hung from a halyard boom or roller furling sheet. Fits any hatch or
companion-way up to 4 feet (120 cm) wide. Nothing
to install. Since the Windscoop has no tie-downs,
once you put it up, it will follow a variable wind.
Works with most screens. Colors vary.
Added material
and strengthening
in stress areas.
Two battens are
sewn in place. All
seams are doublestitched.
Windscoop is packed in its own protective
nylon storage bag.
011698 00176 7
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
It’s easy and inexpensive
to adapt WINDSCOOPS for powerboat use. Click
“Instruction Manuals” on the Marine Support menu
at our our website.
You Need for
Chart Work!
011698 02710 1
Measures Wind Speed from 0–99.9 MPH (0–44.8 meters/sec)
Accurate to ±3% of Reading
This handy kit makes chart work easy. A choice selection of
navigational tools for cruisers and racers as well. Kit includes:
All are conveniently organized in a 5 3/4"
• One-Arm Protractor
× 16 1/4" (15 × 42 cm) heavy gauge plas• Course Plotter
tic carrying case. An excellent gift idea!
• Protractor Triangle
• Parallel Rules
#083 Charting Kit
• Professional Dividers
011698 00830 8
• Instruction Booklet
Highest Quality
Davis plotting tools
feature sharp printing
process, high gloss
finish on front and back,
and overlamination for
The most basic plotting
Davis Parallel Rules are completely transparent with a clear optical
finish for exact plotting. Each 15" (38 cm) blade features large, easy-togrip handles. Smooth instrument action, non-slip cork pads. Precision
molded for the most accurate straight line plotting money can buy!
#061 Parallel Rules
011698 00610 6
All-Purpose Storage Container
Ideal for charts, documents, prints, papers, fishing rods, parts.
40" long × 3" diameter (1.0 m × 7.5 cm). Made of clear, unbreakable
polycarbonate for total protection and long life…guaranteed! Tubes
are large enough for most marine charts, yet stow easily. Special
identification label provided for quick cataloging of contents. Molded
end caps ensure maximum security.
#086 Chart Holder
011698 00860 5
• Responds to Lightest Winds
• Four Scales
• Easy to Read Day or Night
• Weather and Shock Resistant
The rotation of Turbo Meter’s freely
turning turbine, suspended on sapphire
jewel bearings, is sensed by an infrared
light beam. The resulting signal is
processed electronically. The display
has been made larger, brighter for
excellent viewing in full sun or dark
conditions. Auto Power-Off. Compact
size (2.6 × 4.7 × 1.2", 7 × 12 × 3 cm)
and lightweight (3 oz., 85 g). Wrist
lanyard, protective case included.
Knots Feet Per Minute
Meters Per Sec.
Miles Per Hour
0.1 Knot
10 FPM
0.1 m/s
0.1 MPH
0.9 Knot
90 FPM
0.5 m/s
For intermittent use only above 12 MPH (1000 FPM).
Requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not icluded). Redesigned for even longer battery life.
Davis wind speed indicators are useful in many fields
• Yachting • Boating • Windsurfing • Aviation • Sky Diving • Hang Gliding
• Hot Air Ballooning • Track & Field Events • Skiing • Mountaineering
• Archery • Shooting • Model Flying and Sailing • Kite Flying
• Meteorology • Air Flow Testing • Crop Dusting • Ventilation
• Wind Sensitive Construction and Spraying • Anywhere wind is a factor
011698 02810 8
Measures Wind Speed from 0–60 MPH (0–26.8 meters/sec)
• Reads in Miles Per Hour,
Meters Per Second, and
• Direct reading dial card
supported on sapphire jewel
• Sturdy, corrosion-resistant
• Unique folding handle makes
unit shirt-pocket size
• No batteries required
The Wind Wizard is a rugged,
precision instrument. The direct
reading dial features sapphire jewel
bearings and gold-plated balance
spring. A special magnetic damping
system uses two rare earth
magnets to steady the dial card, greatly reducing the
tendency of the readout to “jump around.” High impact
plastic case; all metals corrosion resistant. Measures
3.6 × 2.9 × 1.0" (9 × 7 × 3 cm) with handle folded. Wrist
lanyard and vinyl leather-like carrying case included.
Vantage Vue ® Wireless Weather Station
Compact. Rugged. Accurate. Reliable.
The Vantage Vue weather
station combines legendary
Davis accuracy and rugged
durability into a compact
station that’s easy to set up
and use. Vantage Vue includes
a sleek but tough outdoor
sensor suite and distinctive
LCD console. Its unique
Weather Center function
provides additional information
on each weather variable.
In addition, Davis has made
the Vantage Vue radio compatible with our flagship Vantage
Pro2 stations, so you can mix
and match most components.
Sensor suite and console
not shown to scale.
#6250 Vantage Vue Station
011698 00912 1
Multiple features affordably priced.
The Vantage Vue’s compact outdoor sensor
suite measures current weather conditions,
including inside/outside temperature, humidity,
barometric pressure, wind speed and direction,
dew point, and rainfall. Sets up in minutes and
starts sending data wirelessly to the indoor
console. You’ll also get weather forecast icons,
moon phase, sunrise / sunset times, graphing
of weather trends, alarms and more. The innovative Weather Center button displays additional data for today and over the last 25 days.
The fully-integrated, corrosion-proof sensor
suite was subjected to cyclic corrosion tests
simulating extreme marine weather environments. Sealed electronics provide protection
against the elements. Vantage Vue withstands
freezing winters, high winds and blistering sun.
Vantage Vue is perfect for marinas, vacation
homes, gardens, schools, universities, businesses, firefighting and emergency response
Displays indoor and outdoor conditions.
Temperature and humidity, barometric
pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall
and more.
Reliable data transmission. Frequencyhopping spread spectrum radio. Radio
compatible with Vantage Pro2.
Quick and easy installation. Mounting
hardware kit included.
Durability in extreme conditions.
Corrosion-resistant cover on sensor suite;
radiation shield on temperature/humidity
sensor prevents false readings from radiated
and reflected heat.
Bubble level. Allows more accurate installation and better data collection.
Easy-to-read display. Backlit LCD screen
measures 3 x 4 3/8" (8 x 11 cm). Glow-in-thedark keypad for night viewing and domed
buttons for better feel.
Graphs. 50 on-screen graphs for comparing
current and past weather.
Alarms. 22 alarms to warn of dangers such
as high winds, possible flooding and high
Forecast icons. Let you know to expect sun,
partly cloudy, clouds, rain or snow.
Optional WeatherLink ®. Data logger and
software offer extensive weather analysis and
data storage. PC, Mac and Internet versions
Wireless frequency-hopping spread spectrum
radio offers transmission up to 1000 ft.
(300 m)—three times farther than the competition. Optional repeaters extend the range
even more.
Wind Direction in compass points or
Rain Collector measures rainfall with 0.01"
resolution or 0.2 mm resolution with metric
Barometer’s five-position trend arrow shows
whether barometric pressure is rising, falling
or stable.
Relative Humidity, inside and outside, given
in 1–100% range, ±3% accuracy.
Variable display options. See updated
variables every 10 seconds for heat index and
wind chill to get a better “feel” for the outside
Solar Powered. Lithium battery provides
backup when needed.
Compact Console. Size 7 1/2 x 6 x 4 1/2" (19 x
15.2 x 11.4 cm). Weighs only 1.2 lbs. (0.5 kg).
Integrated Sensor Suite. Size 131/8 x 6 x 15"
( 33.4 x 15.2 x 38.1 cm). Weighs 2.2 lbs. (1.0
Vantage Vue mounts on top of poles 1 to 1 3/4"
in diameter (2.54 x 4.45 cm). Pole sold
separately. Tripod also available.
Updates every 2.5 seconds—up to ten times
faster than the competition.
Outside Temperature readings from –40° to
150° F (–40 to 65° C). Inside temperature
readings from 32 to 140° F (0 to 60° C).
Wind Speed as low as 1 mph (1 km/h) and
as high as 200 mph (320 km/h).
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Vantage Pro2 ™ Wireless Weather Stations
Professional and Rugged—Ultimate Versatility and Options
Vantage Pro2 offers the professional weather observer and
the serious weather enthusiast rugged performance and a
wide range of options and sensors. You’ll get your own local
forecast, highs and lows, totals or averages, and graphs for
virtually all weather variables over the past 24 days, months
or years—all without using a PC. Vantage Pro2 uses
frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio to transmit and
receive data up to 1,000 feet (300 m) line-of-sight. Fast updates every 2.5 seconds (10 times faster than the competition).
Vantage Pro2 is also an excellent choice for emergency
professionals, farmers, schools, researchers, municipalities
and others to monitor wind and moisture conditions,
irrigation requirements and potential flooding. It can be
customized with a range of add-on options, such as solar and
UV radiation sensors, soil moisture stations and long and
short-range repeaters.
Vantage Pro2
Choose wireless model for easiest installation, ability
to add additional consoles or special-purpose stations,
and reduced risk of lightning strikes.
Choose cabled model for most economical installation. For field installations, consider using Vantage
Connect (see page 25).
•Cabled version includes console with AC-power
adapter and 100' (30 m) cable. No solar power.
Vantage Pro2 features:
Rainfall. Measured in 0.01" or 0.2 mm increments.
Temperature. Both inside and outside, currently and for
each of the last 24 hours.
Humidity. Both inside and outside, currently and for each of
the last 24 hours.
Wind Speed. Up to 200 mph, in 1 mph, 1 knot, 1 km/hr, or
0.1 m/s resolution. Anemometer can be installed separately
from rain collector for highest accuracy.
Wind Direction. Both current and dominant, shown on
compass rose with 16 points.
Barometric Pressure. Given by a five-position trend arrow.
Current and Historical Data. Records such as highs and
lows may be viewed for up to 24 days, months or years.
Forecast. Displayed in icons for sun, partly cloudy, clouds,
rain or snow. 12-hour icon forecast plus 24–48 hour ticker
tape forecast at bottom of screen.
Moon Phases. Eight stages shown, from new to full to new.
Time and Date. Always on view. Also displays time of
sunrise, sunset, time and date of highs and lows.
Ticker Tape Display. Provides expanded forecast details
and additional information on current conditions.
Graphing Function. Shows last 24 hours, days or months of
readings or highs and lows. View over 80 graphs, including
additional analyses of temperature, rain rate, wind and barometric pressure. Optional WeatherLink ® software allows
even greater analysis.
Alarms. May be set for more than 70 functions.
•Wireless version includes transmitter (in weatherresistant shelter) and receiver (in console). Range is
up to 1000' (300 m) outdoors, line-of-sight. Typical
range through walls under most conditions is 200' to
400' (60 to 120 m). Data may be received from more
than one transmitter. You can retransmit from one
console-receiver to another, allowing viewing of the
same weather data in more than one location.
#6152 Wireless Vantage Pro2 011698 00722 6
#6152C Cabled Vantage Pro2 011698 00755 4
Vantage Pro2 Plus
Customize your weather
station by adding extra consoles or special-purpose
stations. Up to eight wireless transmitters can report
to a single console.
Call (800) 678-3669 for a
free Davis weather catalog
or visit www.davisnet.com.
Includes all the features of Vantage Pro2, plus
everything you need for reading:
• UV index and dose
• Solar radiation
• Evapotranspiration
UV and solar radiation sensors preinstalled on sensor
mounting shelf.
Vantage Pro2 Plus 011698 00746 2
Vantage Pro2 Plus 011698 00756 1
Wireless Vantage Pro2 with
the optional #7716 Mounting
Tripod and #7747 Daytime
Fan-Aspirated Radiation
Davis Instruments is proud to participate in the National Institute of
Standards & Technology (NIST) measurement assurance program. NIST
traceability or certification is available for those users who require it.
Call, fax, or e-mail us for complete details.
Vantage Connect ™ Brings Remote Weather Stations
“Within Range” with Cellular Updates
Get real-time weather data from remote locations with good cellular coverage
right to your smartphone or computer using Vantage Connect.
Vantage Connect combines the weather receiving power of a Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue
and an integrated data logger with cellular technology to transmit your weather data to a secure
page on WeatherLink.com. View the data online
or download data to your PC for analysis,
archiving and reporting. Vantage Connect can
be programmed to send you an immediate
email or text message alarm when weather
conditions, such as high wind or frost warnings,
Wireless Vantage Connect works with a Vantage
Vue or any Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor
WeatherLink ® Data Logger
& Software Package
For the ultimate in
weather monitoring,
add WeatherLink to any of our weather stations.
The data logger fits neatly into your console,
storing weather data even when it’s not connected to your PC. Later, download the data and use
the software for detailed analysis and graphing.
With WeatherLink you can:
• See current conditions at a glance on the
instant weather bulletin.
• Graph data on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
Suite (ISS) and has a 1000 ft. wireless range
(300 m). The cabled Vantage Connect installs
using the 100 ft. (30 m) cable from a cabled
Vantage Pro2 ISS.
Vantage Connect is a self-contained, weatherresistant, solar-powered unit with battery backup that comes with mounting hardware,
WeatherLink software and your own
WeatherLink Network account. Requires an
annual service plan and one-time activation fee.
See www.weatherlink.com for more information.
• Generate Weather Watcher reports in
National Climatic Data Center format.
• Track multiple stations on the same PC
using one WeatherLink for each station.
• View data from the same station on two or
more PCs with Extra User Licenses.
• Create your own weather website.
Data storage and transfer features:
• Choose a storage interval of 1, 5, 10, 15,
30, 60, or 120 minutes.
• Store up to six months’ worth of data,
depending on the storage interval.
• Download manually whenever you like, or
set the station to download automatically
at the same time every day.
Additional features:
• Quick-view weather forecast icons with text
messages for expanded details.
• Moon phase icons.
• Wind chill based on the formula adopted by
the National Weather Service.
• Expanded temperature measurements and
optional sensor reporting.
• Easy participation in the Citizen Weather
Observer Program or the international
GLOBE Program (Windows version only).
Post your weather data directly to the Internet without a PC!
It’s simple. Plug the data logger into the
back of your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue
console, and connect the cable to your
cable/DSL router. Within minutes, you’ll be
able to see your weather data live on the
web. In addition, WeatherlinkIP lets you:
• Automatically upload data to third-party
weather sites, including CWOP (Citizen
Weather Observer Program), the
GLOBE program, and more.
• Get email alerts of current weather conditions or simple alarm conditions.
011698 00893 3
• Download the data to your PC for all the
same powerful charting, graphing and
analysis as our standard WeatherLInk.
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
Vantage Connect
011698 00989 3
#6620C Cabled Vantage Connect
011698 00995 4
Complete system requirements: Windows XP or
above. iPhone and Android compatible.
WeatherLink IP ™ Data Logger with Internet Delivery
#6555 WeatherLinkIP
All of the following are included:
Data logger, software on CD, and 8' (2.4 m)
cable to connect data logger to your
WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2
and Vantage Vue
#6510USB USB version for Windows ®
Vista and above
011698 00727 1
#6510SER Serial port version for Windows
Vista and above $16500
011698 00726 4
#6510X Extra User License Kit for 6510USB
or 6510SER $2500
011698 00334 1
#6520 Mac version for Mac ® OS X v 10.1
above 011698 00735 6
#6520X Extra User License Kit for 6520
$2500 011698 00384 6
Windows ® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in
the U.S. and other countries. Macintosh ® is a trademark of Apple, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries.
For more
information, ask
for our latest
Weather Catalog
FREE Weather Catalog!
• Many more weather
products and installation accessories
• Detailed specifications and diagrams
for all weather
• Additional options
such as Leaf &
Soil Moisture Temperature Station,
Radiation Shields,
UV Sensors, Solar Radiation Sensors, and specialpurpose WeatherLink products.
Sail on the Edge!
Tough • Versatile • Sensitive
Black Max is a versatile, high performance wind direction indicator
that attaches quickly to masts and booms on most small boats such
as Lasers and Sunfish. The tough, high impact plastic vane is
designed to withstand years of punishment and the abuse of small
boat sailing. The stainless steel mounting arm and set screw, as
well as a tough plastic mounting base, add to the system’s durability. Wind vane length 8" (20 cm).
#1295 Black Max
adjusting system
fits masts or booms
from 1.5 to 2.5"
(38 to 64 mm)
011698 12950 8
Extra Vane
011698 14520 1
Black Max comes in
its own unbreakable
protective storage
Black Max ™ attached to a boom
Designed especially for catamarans,
the Davis Telo-Cat is durable and
highly visible. Installs on the headstay
bridle in seconds; easily removed for
trailering (no tools required). Comes
complete with high visibility 8" (20
cm) vane, adjustable tacking arms,
and mounting hardware to fit most
catamarans. Made of high impact
plastic with a stainless steel shaft and
tacking arms. The vane rides on a
super sensitive nylon bearing system
for extreme accuracy in light or heavy
weather. Highly visible markings.
Adjustable reference arms. Telo-Cat
can take the abuse of catamaran
A must for
Wind vane length 8" (20 cm).
Weight 2.9 oz (82 g).
011698 14500 3
Telo-Cat includes complete mounting instructions for the
following catamarans: • Hobie 14, 16 • Supercat 15, 17 • Prindle models with turnbuckle forestay adjuster • NACRA 5.2
Telo-Cat will also fit other catamarans using forestay fittings
similar to models above.
#1550 Standard Rigging Knife
• Marlin Spike
011698 15500 2
#1450 Telo-Cat
#1452 Extra Vane $1499
011698 14520 1
High Quality, Sensible Prices
Made entirely of top quality stainless steel, with duraedged blades. Telo™ Rigging Knives are tools yachtsmen will be proud to own, yet affordable.
#1551 Deluxe Rigging Knife
• Marlin Spike • Screwdriver
• Shackle Key
011698 15510 1
#1555 Yachtsman Pocket Knife
• Marlin Spike
• Shackle Key
011698 15550 7
• Sapphire suspension
On top all over
the world
• Large fin, low inertia vane
is the standard
on Most Mastheads around the World…
Windex offers a wide range of masthead
wind indicators well suited for racers and
cruisers from 15' (4.6 meters) to well over
100' (30 meters). All Windex vanes feature a sapphire jewel suspension bearing,
large fin/low inertia vane and easy-toread, fully adjustable tacking tab system.
Reflector tape on the vane and tacking
tabs make Windex easy to see at night.
Windex is the perfect choice for all
cruising and racing boats from 15 feet and
• Adjustable tacking tabs
• High visibility reflectors on
vane and tabs
bigger. Windex vanes are sturdy; they’ve
been tunnel tested to wind speeds of 80
knots! Installed properly, they offer many
years of hassle-free use.
You don’t have to be an America’s Cup
skipper or Grand Prix racer to appreciate
the sensitive responsiveness, durability
and best value of a Windex wind vane.
Next time you’re on the water, look up and
you’ll see what most sailors choose…
The sapphire suspension bearing allows
Windex to seek wind direction in winds less
than one knot and above. No other wind
vane in the world is as sensitive to super light
air and small puffs—or as responsive when
the breeze picks up.
With bird-proof
15" vane
10" vane
10" WINDEX vane
For Small Boats and Dinghies
Sapphire suspension bearing, 10" vane (25 cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibility
day and night. Includes glass reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for
side, top or front of mast mounting on most dinghies, smaller boats
and sport boats. Stands just 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall and weighs 1.2
ounces (31 g).
#3120 Windex 10.Sport
011698 00193 4
#3101 Spare Vane only
011698 31010 4
$21 99
Windex 10.Sport’s J-Base
allows mounting on side,
top, or front of mast.
15" WINDEX vane
The Choice for Most Sailors
Sapphire suspension bearing, 15" vane (38 cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibility
day and night. Through-bolt or drill & tap mounting socket; 5/16"-18
stainless stud, washers and nut included. Windex 15 weighs just 3.9
ounces (111 g). Stands 12.75" (32 cm) tall. Bird-proof spike extends
above vane to keep birds off your mast. Optional Windex Light #3200.
#3150 Windex 15
011698 31500 0
#3151 Spare Vane only
011698 31510 9
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
$32 99
15" vane
with antenna
mounting hardware
Extend your Windex 10.Sport or Windex 15 vane away from masthead obstructions and turbulence. The 13" (33 cm) arm comes with
hardware allowing side or top mounting and offset angles up to ±20
degrees. May be attached securely to flat,
curved, vertical, horizontal, or inclined
surfaces. Gain space aloft and improve
mounting position of wind finders and
other equipment. Mount on the back of
the mast for easier viewing from the cockpit. The mount adapts to virtually every
masthead situation.
For Mounting to Most Whip Antennas
Windex AV™ installs onto most whip antennas, including Metz™ and
Shakespeare™ brands, with a whip diameter less than 1/8" (3 mm).
Combine two installations into one to reduce masthead clutter, weight
and windage aloft. Rides on low-friction Teflon™ bearings. Complete
with 15" (38 cm) vane, reflective tacking arms, hardware and instructions for easy installation. Antenna not included.
#3160 Windex AV
011698 31600 7
#3161 Spare Vane only
011698 31610 6
$29 99
For Viewing
Windex Indicators
at Night
Light up the reflector tabs and vane on your Windex for easy viewing
at night with LED Windex Light. Waterproof and non-corroding silver
parts give long-life light at less than 100 ma current draw. Fits under
Windex 15, Windex 10 or J-Base™ mounting socket.
Windex Light/LED
#R3201L Replacement LED Bulb
011698 32000 4
011698 00000 0
#R3201 Replacement Incandescent Bulb (G.E. #1447)
011698 00136 1
#R3200B Replacement Dome Lens 011698 00583 3
Some tips for using your Windex:
$2 00
•Always assemble your Windex with Locktite® or use silicone seal
on the threads to eliminate the possibility of the unit unscrewing in
use from vibration.
•Prior to unstepping your mast, take your Windex down first.
•Periodically check the assembly screws holding your Windex
•Spare parts can be ordered from your local dealer or from Davis;
identify which model you have before calling.
Length 13" (33 cm), weight
3.2 oz (90 g). Boom can be
shortened if necessary; complete instructions included.
Can be used with Windex
Light #3200. Also accommodates Davis J-Base Mounts
(using #10 stainless steel
screws and nuts, not included).
#1705 Universal Masthead Mount
011698 17050 0
J-BASE™ Versatile Mount
for Windex 15 and Windex 10.Sport
with Windex
Standard with Windex 10.Sport, J-Base can
be ordered as an option for Windex 15.
Allows for side, top or front mounting on most
masts, on big boats or dinghies alike. J-Base
is made of glass filled polycarbonate, 2" (5
cm) long. Includes stainless steel set screw
and two #10 self-tapping screws. Reduces
overall weight by 15 grams when substituted
for standard Windex 15 mounting base.
#3155 J-Base for Windex 15
011698 00195 8
$ 99
#3125 J-Base for Windex 10.Sport
011698 00194 1
•Lubrication is never needed, but years of salt or dirt build-up should
be rinsed off with fresh water occasionally.
•Use our Universal Masthead Mount, #1705, for installations requiring more room at the masthead. This mount extends Windex away
from the masthead up to 12 inches (30 cm).
•Add an LED Windex Light #3200 for nighttime sailing.
WIND-TELS Fit All Shroud Sizes
The Original
Utilizing port and starboard colored plastic
vanes, Wind-Tels are
ideal for saltwater
sailing. The unique
method of attachment
prevents sliding or
fouling of your WindTels on the shrouds.
Effective at any angle
of heel in the lightest
winds. Marine grade
metal parts for durability.
#1260 Wind-Tels, 2 Pack
#1261 Extra Wind-Tel Vane Set
011698 12600 2
011698 12610 1
$7 99
You're Sailing Blind Without Them!
Port and
Starboard Colors
Red and Green
$ 99
011698 09500 1
Lightweight, ripstop nylon Air-Flow Tels attach to sails with waterproof
adhesive locator discs. No holes required. Tels show the air flow
across the sails– allowing you to trim sails for maximum performance.
Each kit includes 14 Tels and full instructions on where to apply them
and how to read them.
Most Popular
Wind Indicator!
Comes equipped with BOTH
a top mount fitting and a
quick-release side mount.
The Spar-Fly combines needle
bearing balance, high impact plastic, and marine grade metals for
unsurpassed sensitivity and durability. Spoiler holes in the vane reduce
lift and increase accuracy. Spar-Fly
is unaffected by angle of heel.
Easily seen from the deck because
of its V-shaped silhouette and bright
red color. Weighs only 1.25 oz. (35
#1310 Spar-Fly™
011698 13100 6
#1311 Extra Spar-Fly Vane $7 99
011698 13110 5
TIP Knowing wind direction
makes docking easier. Install
a Spar-Fly near your berth.
• Yachtsmen
• Racers
• Fishermen
• Position
• Steering
Using these precision marine hand bearing compasses,
you can easily obtain quick magnetic bearings on shore
or floating objects. Simply align front and rear sights on
an object and read off bearing. Uses include quick bearing or position set, determination of angular gain or loss
on the competition while racing, checking distance offshore, establishing lee-bow set while cruising or racing
in currents, drift vectoring and plotting a line of position.
The stable, liquid-damped compass card is graduated
in 5° segments, with bold graduations every 15° for
easy reading. Large, contoured handle designed for
sure, steady grip and angled forward for added control. Entire instrument is lightweight design for easier
bearing. Lanyard and complete instructions included.
•Solid-state LED illumination system floods the
compass capsule and sight vane with soft light.
The LED will last for the lifetime of the compass.
Batteries, which are included, will last up to 10
times longer than with regular bulbs.*
•Positive “push-on” switching action, with vinyl
boot water protection. Battery housing has high
watertight integrity.
•Made of high impact, grey plastic.
* Based on manufacturer’s data, average LED “halflife” is approximately 10 years if operated cotinuously.
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
#211, black
#215, grey
011698 02110 9
011698 02150 5
4599 $5599
“Best Buy”
“Both simple and
absolutely foolproof, especially when you need an
accurate bearing in a
hurry.” “Proven, simple,
cheap, accurate… what a
at the
Equator . . .
011698 00260 3
. . . and the
North Pole!
229 99
• Large, easily adjusted mirrors using new instrument-quality glass and a special
baked on salt-spray resistant backing. Both mirrors have protective housings.
Horizon mirror is half-silvered. No adjustment wrenches required.
• Molded of high-impact, weather-resistant plastic.
Extra Mirrors, Spring and Screw Kit #R026H $20 00 011698 00271 9
with full-field dielectric
All Davis Master Sextants feature the
following professional specifications:
• 7" (18 cm) frame radius. Graduation 120° to −5°
• Index mirror rectangular, 1.98" × 1.49" (50 × 38 mm).
• Precision machined slow travel gear and worm
• Highly visible, easy-to-read micrometer drum and
vernier allowing readings to 2/10 minute of arc.
• Fully ribbed, three-circle sextant body for platform
strength and stability.
• Large, contoured handle designed for sure, steady
grip and angled back for added control.
• Seven large sunshades allow complete, independent
adjustment of shading density for horizon and index
• 3 × 27 mm star telescope with anti-reflective coated
glass lenses, plus separate hooded sight tube for
glare-free sun shots.
• Neck lanyard frees hand and protects sextant.
• Tough, fully padded, shock-resisting carrying case
with compartments for extra batteries and mirror kits.
Viewing Field
Half-Silvered Horizon Mirror
1.64 × 1.14"
(42 × 29 mm)
14.5 oz.
(0.41 kg)
DELUXE Beam Converger LED on both arc 16.5 oz.
1.61 × 1.16" and drum, uses (0.47 kg)
#025 (43 × 29 mm) two 1.5 V (AAA)
*Not including the 1.5 lb. (.68 kg) carrying case.
011698 00250 4
• Full-field Beam Converger with
quartz hardcoat replaces
conventional half-silvered mirror.
Horizon and astrobody images are
combined in a single full-field for
easy, reliable sights under the
most difficult conditions.
• Special mineral coating is
selective for different wavelengths
of light. Horizon is transmitted in
one color region and the star or
sun in another.
Beam Converger
• Improved reinforced plastic stiffens
with full viewing field
frame for greater measurement
horizon mirror sighting
• High-efficiency LED (solid-state Light Emitting Diode) illumination system, which
floods arc and drum with soft light. The LED will last for the lifetime* of the sextant.
Batteries, which are included, will last up to 10 times longer than with regular
bulbs. This is another Davis first! Positive “push-on” switching action, with vinyl
boot water protection. *Average LED half-life is approximately 10 years if operated continuously.
Extra Beam Converger and Index Mirror, Spring & Screw Kit #R025F $45 00
“Highest Recommendation”
011698 00272 6
“As an experienced open-ocean navigator, I have relied upon my Davis Mark 25
Sextant for over eight years. It has proven to be of the highest quality, both in
construction and performance, of any sextant that I have handled. In numerous
crossings of the Pacific Ocean, in fair weather and foul and in vessels from 38 to 620
feet, this lightweight plastic sextant has held up where more traditional metal sextants
have failed. Calibration is simple, and the full-field view makes it a joy to operate
compared to split-screen models. It has my highest recommendation. I simply have
nothing bad to say about Davis or their products.”
− David P. Wood, Arlington, VA
Continuously logs
performance behind
the wheel and under
the hood!
59 99
011698 00110 1
Learn to
•Full 7" arc
(18 cm) • Four sun
• Corrosion
The result of years of practical experience in the manufacture of precision instruments, this plastic sextant has been used as the sole means
of navigating both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Enabling the
yachtsman to take a ship to any port of the world, it is used by professional, amateur and student nav­igators
alike. This rugged, full-sized instrument
The Celestial
reads to within 2' of arc! Instruction Navigation Quick Reference
Card (#132, pg. 17) summabooklet included.
Sextant Case with Foam Cushion
#R014A $2695 011698 00313 6
rizes the use of sextants at
a glance!
Extra Mirrors, Spring and Screw Kit
#R011C $700 011698 00127 9
Practice navigation without going to sea!
More accurate than a
natural horizon…
Compact 6 × 4 × 11/2" (15 × 10 × 4 cm).
#144 Artificial Horizon
011698 01440 8
Answers the need of
every sextant user who
cannot depend on a natural sea horizon. Use for
backyard practice, finding
exact position when
inland, and making exact
sextant shot on foggy
mornings. To use, fill with
water and read the angle
of the reflected sun with
your sextant. Half your
sextant reading is the
sun’s angle above the
true horizon. Windproof
and corrosion resistant,
the reflecting surface is
completely enclosed.
Comes with two sun
shades, a lid and full
CarChip Pro
Think your teen or employee is a
safe driver? Don’t wait to find out.
Wish you could read your car’s
mind? Davis has a complete line of
vehicle monitoring devices.
CarChip Pro plugs instantly into the OBD II (on-board diagnostics)
port in your car or truck, where it continuously logs vehicle and driver
performance. Download the data to your PC, and you’ll get complete
details for each trip, plus information on engine performance.
Diagnostic trouble codes can be read when the check engine light
comes on. Stores up to 300 hours of driving data. Download the data
at any time and clear the memory to start again, or let CarChip automatically overwrite the older data. CarChip software allows analysis,
graphing and charting of data. CarChip also has self-setting and
audible alarms for speed, hard braking, and quick acceleration.
#8226 CarChip Pro vehicle monitor
011698 00887 2
CarChip Connect
Manage your vehicles
in real time
CarChip Connect is a small
GPS telematics device that plugs
into the OBD II port. Data is sent
using cellular technology to the
web-based software, providing
GPS fleet tracking in real time
anywhere you have internet
access. Equipped with a 3-axis
accelerometer, the device moniCarChip Connect fleet map.
tors motion in all directions—forward, backward, sideways, and up and down. Vehicle settings, such
as acceleration / deceleration and cornering forces, idle time and geofence locations, are stored directly on the device. You get real-time
feedback—not update interval feedback. If a driver exceeds the vehicle settings, an audible beep will immediately alert the driver.
Programmable email or text alerts keep you informed, too. Use the
powerful web analytic and engine monitoring capabilities to further
understand how your vehicles are performing.
#8351 CarChip Connect telematics device
011698 00948 0
One-time activation fee and choice of service plan required.
CarChip Pro and CarChip Connect can be used in most cars and
trucks sold in the USA and Canada, model years 1996 or later. For
a list of excluded vehicles, and to learn more about CarChip
Connect, please visit www.carchipconnect.com.
3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
(510) 732-9229 Fax (510) 732-9188 E-Mail: info@davisnet.com
US Postage
3465 Diablo Avenue,
Hayward, CA 94545 U.S.A.
Davis Instruments
Solar charger, high output speakers,
rugged carrying case—all in one!
• Charges any iPhone®, GoPro®, tablet, MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera
• Rich sound from your mobile devices or laptop
Take along stored energy to recharge your cell phone or portable
device on the go! You can charge the 2000 mAh internal battery
from the sun, from a PC, or by plugging into any type of USB
port. SoliCharger’s tough Cordura® case also provides protective
storage for devices like a Playstation, camera or cell phone. Use
the powerful 3-watt stereo speakers to listen to music, enhance
games, or make a hands-free conference call. Output rate is
300–500 mA, and you can use your phone or device while it is
charging. LED charge indicator tells you how much charge is
Includes adapters for 32 pin Apple ®, USB, USB Mini,
USB Micro, and USB female for all iPhones 5 and above
#3480 SoliCharger-SP with speakers
011698 01093 6
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