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Length: 33.1 inches
Wing Span: 36.6 inches
Wing Area: 17.9dm²
Flying Weight: 19oz
Wing Loading: 30.2g/dm²
Motor: Brushless High Torque 850kv Motor
Propeller: 11 X 4.7
Battery: 3 cell 11.1V Li-Poly 1800mAh
Radio: F.M. 4 Channel on 72MHZ Band
Speed Control: Sensorless 18 Amp
Servos: 9 Gram Micro (3Pcs)
Thank you for purchasing the Edge-540T. This airplane has been designed for
intermediate to advanced and expert R/C fliers and has full aerobatic
characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge,
and spins are possible. This kit has many state of the art components such as a
brushless outrunner high torque 850kv motor, a sensorless 18 amp speed
control, and an 1800 mah 11.1 Volt Li-poly battery pack.
Safety Precautions
1) Never fly the EDGE-540T where there are crowds of people, power lines
overhead, automobiles or near highways. Give yourself plenty of room for flying,
as the plane can travel at a high rate of speed. Remember you are responsible
for the safety of others.
2) Do not fly in strong winds.
3) Do not attempt to catch the EDGE-540T while flying.
4) Children under 16 years old should have an adult present.
5) Never leave this system unattended, with the batteries in the unit and
around children. Injury can result by children turning on the transmitter or the
6) Keep away from the propeller at all times. The system can automatically
start when the batteries are plugged in, regardless if the transmitter is in the on or
off position. The propeller can cause injury!
7) Before flying, always remember to turn on the transmitter first, before
plugging in the battery pack. Stay clear of propeller.
8) Always turn the speed controller all the way down (left control stick in the
down position) before starting; otherwise the propeller will start on full power
when you plug the battery into the plane.
9) After running the motor, disconnect the battery first before turning off the
transmitter, otherwise the propeller may start at full power.
10) Never leave the charger or battery near wet areas.
11) Completely discharging a Li-poly battery can result in permanent damage
to the cells of the battery. Therefore you must always remember to disconnect
the battery after using the plane.
Kit Contents of EDGE-540T
Fuselage with pre-installed electronics and brushless motor
• main wing with pre-installed servo • elevator • rudder •
4 channel F.M transmitter • 11.1 Volt Li-Poly 1800 mah battery •
90 minute peak charger with auto-cutoff • landing gear and tail
wheel •prop nose cone • 11x4.7 propeller
Steps 1-3
1) Slide the Rudder (vertical
stab) into elevator (horizontal
stab). Make sure the control
horn on elevator is facing down
when you do this. Line up
plastic (L-shape piece on
Rudder) onto the molded
groove on the elevator.
2) Insert the assembled tail
into the fuselage. Make sure
that the tail is fully secured into
the fuselage by gently pushing
it forward as far as it can go.
3) Use the small silver flat
head screw in the accessories
pack to fasten each side of the
rudder to the elevator. Make
sure the screw catches into
the plate on the opposite side.
Steps 4-6
4) Gently open the clevis and
fasten it to the inner most hole
on the control horn on both the
rudder and the elevator (using
the inner most hole provides
maximum control throws that
are recommended for proper
aerobatics). You may need to
adjust the clevis for neutral
5) Insert the main landing gear
into the small opening in front
of the battery bay on the
underside of the fuselage.
6) Attach the tail wheel onto
the rudder with the plastic
U-shaped piece and fasten it
with the black self tapping
screw. Make sure the
U-shaped piece is pushed as
far back as it can go.
Steps 7-9
7) Remove the top canopy by
un-screwing set screw counter
clockwise. Slide the wire
coming out of the aileron servo
into the receiver cabin as
shown. Now flip the plane over
and insert aileron servo into
channel 1 on receiver. (Make
sure to match the colors of all
the plug wires for correct
8) Insert the main wing onto
the fuselage by inserting the
male plastic portion into
female receptor.
9) Use the nylon bolt to fasten
the main wing to the
fuselage. Do not over tighten.
Steps 10-12
10) Take off the pre-installed
propeller spinner.
11) Attach the propeller by
sliding it onto the motor shaft.
Tighten the nut holding the
propeller securely onto the
motor shaft.
12) Now gently push the
rubber nose cone onto the
motor shaft end.
Steps 13-14
13) Plug the battery into the
speed controller. Next, insert
the connected wires into the
front opening of the cabin
inside the battery bay. (Make
sure the wires are clear of the
battery bay so that the battery
can be pushed in fully.
14) Now slide the battery in
securely and close the cover
with both tabs.
Setting up Controls:
Setting up your transmitter controls properly is the key to
having full control over Edge 540T.
Follow these simple steps:
1) Turn on transmitter
2) Plug in flight battery into aircraft.
3) Set all trim tabs on Radio to the neutral (middle) position.
4) Observe all flight surfaces and confirm that they are all in
the neutral positions. If they are not, unscrew control arm off
the servo controlling that specific function and re-place control
arm on servo until neutral position is obtained. The goal is to
make sure that control throw is near equal for each direction of
5) For maximum control throw the attach the plastic clevis to
the inner most hole on the control horn, and the connect the
metal pushrod to the inner most hole on the servo arm. If doing
this makes the plane too reactive for your skill level then back
off one hole or two hole positions accordingly.
Radio Control System
Caring for your Li-Poly Battery
• Plug the charger into the AC power outlet.
Warning: This charger is for 3-cell 11.1 Volt Li-Poly
batteries only.
• Charger will completely charge the battery in 1 to 2
hours. It will cut off automatically after the battery is
fully charged.
• The red light is on while charging and the green is on
when fully charged.
• Never completely discharge a Li-poly battery. Doing so
may result in irreversible damage.
• Keeping the Li-poly fully charged when storing, will
lengthen the life of the battery.
• Do not charge the battery immediately after use. Wait
at least 30 minutes for battery to cool down.
Flight Adjustment
1) EDGE-540T will fly optimally with fully-charged batteries.
2) Keep plane properly trimmed in all neutral positions
before takeoff. When you find that it’s difficult to fly the plane
straight, adjust the trim tabs on the transmitter. For example,
when you find that the plane is flying towards the left, push the
trim tab on the transmitter to inverse the direction.
Flight Instruction
1) Never fly in strong wind more than 7 mph.
2) Do not fly in where the same frequency model plane is
flying nearby.
3) Taking off
Always take off toward the wind. If you want to launch the plane
by hand, apply full throttle and run several feet, and throw the
plane horizontally into the wind. If you want to launch the plane
on the ground, apply full throttle and let the plane accelerate on
the ground in a straight line for approximately 15 feet. Now pull
up on the elevator (down stick), and cruise to a safe flying
4) Flying
To maintain level flight, only 30% throttle is needed. Flying at
partial throttle will provide longer flight times. Full throttle is
recommended when performing aerobatic flight maneuvers.
5) Landing
When it is time for you to land straighten the wing for level flight,
then cut your throttle to zero and make your approach. When
you are about 5 feet from your landing area, gently apply up
elevator (down stick) for a smooth landing.
Trouble Shooting
1. Motor does not run
A) Flight battery is not fully charged.
B) Start switch was not pressed.
C) Transmitter battery is not fully
D) A crash has damaged an internal
If A) Recharge the flight battery.
If B) Press the start switch once.
If C) Replace the batteries with
new ones.
If D) Replace the component
with a new one.
2. Plane doesn’t fly
A) The rudder or the ailerons are
not on the center position. (neutral)
B) The main wing has not been
attached properly to the fuselage
If A) Adjust the trim tabs on the
If B) Reattach the main wing.
3. Plane does not
A) Flight battery is not fully charged.
B) The elevator declines downward.
If A) Recharge the flight battery.
If B) Adjust the trim tabs on the
4. Decreased
transmitter range
A) Transmitter battery is not fully
B) The antenna of the transmitter is
not fully extended
If A) Replace the batteries with
new ones
If B) Extend the antenna
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Flight Tips
1) If you have a computer flight simulator, it is a good idea to
practice with it before actually flying the EDGE-540T.
2) Taxi the plane on the ground at a very slow speed to
familiarize yourself with the controls.
3) When first learning how to fly, apply gentle directional
inputs to avoid sudden extreme movements which may cause
you to panic and crash.
4) If you have access to a flight instructor with experience,
you will be more likely to succeed the first time you fly.
5) Always keep the airplane in front of you. If you fly from
behind it may cause you to become disoriented and lose control
of the plane.
6) It is a good idea to purchase at least one more battery
from your local hobby dealer to provide you with longer flight
time. After your first flight, please allow the motor and battery to
cool in the plane for a couple of minutes to ensure the longevity
of your components.
Spare Parts
If you damage parts of your EDGE-540T, you may check with
your local hobby shop dealer where you purchased your EDGE540T for replacements or visit manufacture’s website.
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