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Get started.
All you need to know to get going.
Sprint is committed to developing technologies that
give you the ability to get what you want when you
want it, faster than ever before. This booklet
introduces you to the basics of getting started
with Sprint and your new Samsung Exclaim™.
Only on the Now Network TM.
Get Your Phone Ready
> Insert the Battery
1. Remove the battery compartment cover on the back
of the phone by pressing down and sliding it in the
direction of the arrow on the cover and then lifting the
battery compartment cover up and off.
2. Insert the battery into the battery compartment
and gently press down until it clicks into place.
3. Replace the battery cover.
> Charge the Battery
1. Plug the phone charger into an outlet.
2. Plug the other end of the charger into the phone’s
charger or accessory jack.
> Turn the Phone On
• Press and hold
to turn the phone on.
> Switch to Spanish Menus
1. Highlight
and press
Display > Language.
2. Highlight Español and press
> Settings >
Activate Your Phone
> Activate Your Phone
• If you purchased your phone at a Sprint Store, it is
probably activated and ready to use.
• If you received your phone in the mail, and it is a
new Sprint account or a new phone number, your
phone is designed to activate automatically when
you first turn it on. To confirm your activation, make phone call.
• If you received your phone in the mail and you are
switching numbers from a previous Sprint phone or
the new phone, you need to go online to activate the
number on your new phone.
• From your computer’s Web browser, go to and complete the onscreen
instructions to activate your phone.
When you have finished, make a phone call to
confirm your activation. If your phone is still not
activated or you do not have access to the
Internet, contact Sprint Customer Service at
1-888-211-4727 for assistance.
Make Your First Call
> Make Your First Phone Call
1. Enter a phone number using your keypad. (If you
make a mistake while dialing, press
to erase.)
2. Press
3. When you’re finished, press
Navigate Your Phone
> Introducing Sprint One Click
Sprint One Click brings all your favorite features
to your fingertips on your Samsung Exclaim™.
This easy-to-use design lets you access
features such as MESSAGING ,
all without having to leave the
main screen. It also gives you at-a-glance
access to personalized information “bubbles”
when you’re on the Home
Navigate Your Phone
> Get to Know the Main Screen
• Carousel – The bottom row of tiles, or icons, on your
main screen. The carousel gives you instant access
to your favorite features.
To highlight a tile, press the navigation key right
or left to move the carousel. The center tile is the
highlighted tile. (The Home tile
is highlighted in
the illustration above, displaying the Home screen.)
To highlight an option above a tile, press the
navigation key up or down to select it.
• Bubbles – The “at-a-glance” information windows
available when the Home
screen is displayed.
To access the phone’s main menu, highlight
Navigate Your Phone
> Personalize Your Home Screen
Add up to eight “bubbles” to your Home screen to
display the information you want at a glance.
1. Highlight
and press OPTIONS (left softkey) >
Personalize Home Screen > Add a Bubble.
2. Highlight a bubble (such as Date and Time , News
, Weather , Sports News , Finance , or
Horoscope ) and press ADD (left softkey). Follow
the instructions to customize your selection.
• To use the bubbles, press the navigation key up or
down to highlight a bubble, and then press
display more information.
> Personalize Your Carousel
Your phone’s carousel holds up to 15 tiles. Add,
remove, and rearrange tiles as often as you like.
For more information, see Section 2B: Navigating
the Main Screen in your User Guide.
> Learn More
Use the built-in Tutorial to learn all you need to
know about Sprint One Click. Highlight
press OPTIONS (left softkey) > Tutorial.
> Set Up Your Voicemail
All unanswered calls are automatically transferred
to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or
turned off. You should set up your voicemail and
personal greeting as soon as your phone is
activated. Always use a passcode to protect against
unauthorized access.
1. Press and hold
2. Follow the system prompts to create your passcode
and record your name and greeting.
> Retrieve Your Voicemail
From your phone:
1. Using One Touch Message Access, press
and hold
2. Otherwise, use the menu keys to highlight
> Messages > Voicemail >
Call Voicemail.
From any other phone:
1. Dial your wireless phone number.
2. When your voicemail answers, press .
3. Enter your passcode.
> Save a Phone Number
1. Enter a phone number and press
2. Select New Entry to create a new contact, or Existing
Entry to save the number to an existing contact.
3. Select a category for the number (such as Mobile,
Home, Work, Pager, Fax, or Others), enter a name for
the entry, and add any other information you wish to
store to the contact.
4. Press
and then press DONE (left softkey).
> Retrieve a Phone Number
1. Highlight
and press
> Contacts.
2. Use your navigation key to scroll through the entries,
or use your keypad to enter the first few letters of the
contact entry.
3. To display an entry, highlight it and press
4. To call the entry’s default phone number, highlight it
and press
Note: You can also display the Contacts list by pressing
CONTACTS (right softkey) in standby mode.
Pictures & Video
> Take a Picture
1. Highlight
and press
> Photos > Camera to
activate the phone’s camera. (You can also press the
Camera button.)
2. Using your display as a viewfinder, aim the camera
lens at your subject, and press
or the camera
3. Press
to return to Camera mode, or
press Options (right softkey) to explore other
options, including sending the picture using
Sprint Picture Mail.
> Record a Video
1. Highlight
and press
> Photos > Camcorder
to activate the video camera.
2. Select Video Mail or Long Video.
3. Using the phone’s display screen as a viewfinder,
aim the lens at your subject, and press Record
(left softkey),
, or the Camera button to begin
4. Press Done (left softkey),
to stop recording.
, or the Camera button
5. Press Next (right softkey) to explore options,
including sending the video using Sprint Picture Mail.
> Send a Text Message
1. Press
> Messages> Send Message >
Text Message.
2. Select a recipient from recent messages, or select
Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your
contacts, or press NEW ADDR. (right softkey) to
enter a phone number or email address by hand.
3. Enter a wireless phone number or email address. If
prompted, press CONTINUE (left softkey).
4. Use your keypad or your QWERTY keyboard to enter
a message or press OPTIONS (right softkey) to
choose from preset messages or emoticons.
5. Press SEND (left softkey).
> Send a Picture or Video
1. Highlight
and press
> Messages >
Send Message > Picture Mail.
2. Select Go to Contacts or NEW ADDR (right softkey)
to enter the recipients, and press
3. Use the navigation key to select from In Phone,
Memory Card, Online Albums, Take New Picture
Take New Video, or Text Only.
4. Highlight the picture or video you wish to send and
5. Follow the onscreen prompts. You can select a
subject, and add a text or audio message if you wish.
6. Press Send (left softkey) to send the picture.
Manage Your Account
> Online:
• make a payment, see your bills, enroll in
online billing
• check minute usage and account balance
• see or modify the details of your Sprint service plan
• get detailed instructions and download content
> From Your Sprint Phone
• press
account balance
to check minute usage and
• press
to make a payment
• press
to access a summary of your
Sprint service plan or get answers to other questions
> From Any Other Phone
• Sprint Customer Service: Dial 1-800-Sprint1
• Business Customer Service: Dial 1-800-927-2199
Helpful Sprint Information
> Total Equipment Protection
The protection you need so you can be worry free
Should anything happen to your phone, you’ll have a
worry-free way to ensure that you get connected
again soon.
• Coverage includes:
Loss, Theft, Routine maintenance, Physical or liquid
damage, Mechanical or electrical problems, Failure
from normal wear and tear
• For more information:
See the Total Equipment Protection brochure
available at any participating retail location or go
to for more details. To enroll
within 30 days of activation call 1-800-584-3666.
Total Equipment Protection is a service provided by Asurion Protection
Services, LLC, Continental Casualty Company’s (a CNA company) licensed
agent for the customers of Sprint.
> Sprint 411
Dial 411 for nationwide listings, movie show times,
restaurant reservations, driving directions and
more. Spanish-speaking operators are available.
See for pricing and more details.
> For Your Phone
This Get Started Guide to get you up and running.
Features Guide – Get the most from the services
and features available on your new Sprint phone.
User Guide – View the comprehensive User Guide
to the Samsung Exclaim™.
Web – Go to to download the
latest version of the User Guide, and to access
troubleshooting and other resources.
> For Your Sprint Experience – Visit to
discover all you can do with your phone and Sprint
service. Explore all your options, find ways to
personalize your experience, even vote for your
favorite features. It’s a whole new beginning.
> For the Environment
Recycle your old phone safely and conveniently
using the addressed recycling envelope packaged
with your new phone. Visit for
more details.
© 2009 Sprint. Sprint and the logo are trademarks
of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their
respective owners.
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