Schede Tecniche - 9063_RK70B_en_2014

Schede Tecniche - 9063_RK70B_en_2014
Linear Optoelectronic Beam
Smoke Detectors RK70B
The RK70R is a linear beam optical smoke detector that
bases its working on the relation between the smoke present
in a room, caused by the beginning of a fire, and the infrared
beam emitted by the device and reflected by a special optical
The RK70R is also able to detect the presence of vapour
and fog.
A fundamental feature of this detector is the ability to detect
the presence of white smoke and black smoke too if it's not
very dense.
This detector is exspecially suitable for applications where
the aesthetics element, the small dimensions, the possibility
of remote control and the simplicity of use have a primary
The most important types of environments where the RK70R
is usually installed are museums, churches, offices, hotels
protected area: up to 1050 square meters
electronics: solid state
infrared modulated beam
infrared source: solid state diode
unsensibility to daylight
built in infrared filter
control of the sensibility: internal or remote
easy alignment
unsensible to the temporary crossing of a opaque body
high sensitivity to white smoke and black smoke too
(low density)
• summing effect on the beam's path
• automatic reset
• a single detector covers a 900 s.m. area
• the installation is very easy and quick
• it give out an analog voltage output that permits to
remotely visualize the signal level using a suitable
accessory (EV570)
• a special internal circuit permits the remote
regulation of the detector sensibility (over 1 km far)
using the EV570 accessory
• it has two thresholds one for the alarm and one for
the prealarm
• it detects automatically when maintenance is
• maintenance is easy and cheap
• low cost
shops and malls
computer rooms
control rooms
and many others
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The RK70B detector is made up of a plastic box
consisting of a base, that has to be mounted on the wall,
and a cover trasparent to the infrared radiation. The
device includes a transmitter element and a receiver
element. The transmitter emits a powerful infrared beam
generated by a special diode solid state with extremely
life lunga.Il emitted beam hits the receiver placed on the
opposta.Il receiver, composed by an infrared sensor with
associated electronics, converts the incident radiation
into a signal electric.
The method of operation on the RK70B is based on the
principle of obscuration. The transmitter (TX) has to
be installed at one end of the area to be protected just
under the level of the ceiling and the RX must be installed
at the other end. When a fire begins, it produces smoke
that goes up and intercepts the infrared beam. This smoke
causes a change in electrical state (voltage) in the smoke
detector that activates the alarm output relay right after
the threshold level is reached. The output signal of the
detector can be controlled and monitored using a suitable
alarm system.
power supply: 12 Vcc or 24 Vcc (+15 - 10%)
current: 10 mA receiver - 4mA transmitter
protection against the inversion of polarity
infrared source: solid state infrared emitting diode
silicon solid state detector
internal infrared filter
internal screen for the optical collimation
optical path. 70m
optical positioning ±10° in all the directions
internal trimmer for the regulation of the sensitivity
trimmer for the regulation of the prealarm trigger
internal special circuit for remote sensitivity control
output analog signal 0-10V
output delay of the alarm relay: 5 sec.
led for prealarm and alarm indication
prealarm output: Open Collector (transistor NPN)
50mA max
output alarm relay: 1A/24 Vcc
output terminal block with the possibility of the remote transmission of all the electrical information
plastic box (red or black base - black cover)
Ministerial Approval: N° 3503/295
Accordance with Pr EN54-12 (2001)
execution: IP 50 (IEC 529-144)
dimensions: 162x62x63 mm
weight: 250 gr.
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