FR68 Mobile Computer
Motorola FR68
Specification Sheet
Enterprise Mobile Computer
Business-essential ruggedness
Withstands tough use in variety
of environments.
Industry-leading drop test, IP54
sealing and integrated
Lightweight yet rugged, with 3 ft
/ 0.91 m drop to concrete. Built
for year-round use in nearly any
3.5G WWAN HSDPA broadband
High performance wireless
broadband voice and data
anywhere in the world
ï Connection to most carriers
ï Best in class cellular
broadband throughput with up
to 3 Mbps download
ï Integrated voice and data
services: allows workers to
conduct a phone call while
maintaining a data connection
(where supported by carrier)
Rugged, compact and great value
The Motorola FR68 elevates the standard for best value
pocket-sized enterprise mobile computers with converged
voice and data services. This compact and light weight
device incorporates a 3.5G mobile phone, GPS with
superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D barcode
scanner, high resolution auto-focus color camera, 3.5G
wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), wireless
PAN (WPAN) and IrDA connectivity ñ all in a single device.
The Motorola FR68 is the ideal partner for mission critical
mobile business applications. The device is built on the
Microsoft Windows MobileÆ 6.1 computing platform.
Equipped with a wide 3.5G bandwidth, the Motorola FR68
has the capability to manage data, voice, video and
auto-id capture. The Motorola FR68 has been designed to
grow as your business grows. A user-accessible microSD
slot enables upgrades for storage and third party
accessories. With industry standard IP54 sealing and
rugged drop specifications, the Motorola FR68 will thrive
on the wear and tear of daily use, whether in retail, field
sales, field force automation, track and trace, logistics,
transportation and fleet management, public safety or
health care. With the Motorola FR68, your business
continues running as your mobile workers are always
connected, regardless of whether they are inside or
outside the four walls of your enterprise. With an
incredible range of enterprise class features in a highly
compact, yet rugged form factor the Motorola FR68
provides enterprises with a low total cost of ownership
Standards-based, high performance and strong return
on investment
Enterprises deploying the Motorola FR68 on a global
scale will find that implementation can be simplified,
reducing complexity and service requirements. Built on
industry standards, a diverse range of mobility
solutions is also made possible on the Motorola FR68.
Incorporating the Marvell PXA312 624 MHz Processor
technology, and built for high performance, the
Motorola FR68 provides workers with a single device
for worldwide 3.5G voice and data services.
Reducing deployment complexity lowers capital and
operational costs while increasing performance
productivity. This way, the Motorola FR68 delivers
strongly in terms of return on investment. Powered by
the Microsoft Windows MobileÆ 6.1 Professional
operating system, the Motorola FR68 can also be easily
managed by Microsoft System Centre Mobile Device
WLAN: 802.11 b/g
Reliable and cost-effective data
connectivity within the
WPAN: BluetoothÆ v2.0
Wireless connectivity to
modems, printers, headsets and
more; provides improved
security and additional profiles
for expanded connectivity to
more device types. In order for
Bluetooth devices to
communicate with one another,
they must utilize the same
Bluetooth profile.
1D Laser Scanner (SE955)
Optimal for scan intensive
operations. Vibrate alert mode
ideal for noisy environment.
3.2 megapixel auto-focus
flash-enabled color camera
designed to meet the needs of
enterprise class applications
ï Autofocus provides superior
image quality and provides
greater application flexibility
ó including document
ï User controllable LED flash
enables workers to activate or
de-activate the flash as
ï Captures half and full page
documents with ease
Diverse variety of applications
Large number of third party
applications available on the
Windows Mobile platform.
Powerful microprocessor
designed for mobility:
Marvell PXA312 624 MHz
desktop-like multimedia
performance with lower power
MicrosoftÆ operating system:
Windows MobileÆ 6.1
Increased interoperability with
existing enterprise
infrastructure, enhanced
security features, more flexible
development platform; improved
mobile messaging collaboration.
Industry standard for mobile
Microsoft System Center Mobile
Device Manager.
Versatile and feature packed, designed to support a wide
range of applications
When your enterprise deploys the Motorola FR68, you put
the combined capabilities of a mobile phone with GPS,
laptop computer, camera and barcode scanner at your
employees fingertips. Robust mobile voice
communications enable users to place individual phone
calls and internet accessibility on the Motorola FR68
allows employees the use of many of the key business
functions of their laptop ñ from email to messaging, and
access to business systems.
The 3.2 megapixel auto-focus color camera enables full or
half document capture as well as signature capture with
optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Color
photographs and video also enable a host of functions
essential for different industries. For example, delivery
personnel can photograph damaged shipments; retail
personnel will be able to capture and verify the condition
of returned items. Pre-sales and van sales staff can use
video to demonstrate promotions and products. Transport
officers can capture damage assessments and public
safety officers can capture violations.
The onboard barcode scanner also enables a wide range
of on-the-spot applications that streamline processes and
improve customer service. For example, workers in a retail
store can instantly check pricing and stock for a customer
by reading the barcode on a shelf or product tag ñ this
reduces wait time for a customer and increases customer
Dispatch drivers can identify parcels and packages and
provide real time status updates on their deliveries.
Pharmaceutical sales associates can scan barcodes on
medication samples and capture the physicianís signature
to quickly and cost-effectively meet regulatory
Tough, rugged, anywhere, anytime
Todayís mobile workforce requires a converged,
well-styled, compact and ergonomic, yet rugged device.
The Motorola FR68 has all these characteristics providing
outstanding total cost of ownership (TCO). The Motorola
FR68 is built to withstand demanding operating
environments and is engineered to withstand multiple
drops, a wide range of temperature, moisture and dust,
and still deliver reliable performance everyday.
Internal WWAN, WLAN and WPAN radios ensure an
aesthetically pleasing design whilst maintaining the
integrity and durability of the device, and enabling
superior connectivity. Industrial-grade connectors are
employed to withstand repeated connection of headset
jacks and charging cables throughout every business day.
The Motorola FR68 keypad is rated to a minimum of a
million key presses, the touch screen to a million taps and
300 thousand strokes, to ensure the Motorola FR68
delivers dependable performance ñ even with heavy daily
Featuring the latest operating system for enterprise needs
Built on Microsoft Windows MobileÆ 6.1 Professional, the
Motorola FR68 offers significant business advantages.
Microsoft Windows MobileÆ 6.1 has been designed to
support mobile applications and data access. It features
significant enhancements such as a comprehensive set of
security policies, industry leading, government and
industry approved security and encryption protocols,
central device management, inventory and reporting; and
an unrivaled platform for deploying and developing mobile
Expandable storage and operation time
An integrated microSD slot ensures the Motorola FR68
is expandable, making the device flexible enough to
meet the demands of your enterprise today and
tomorrow. Mobile workers can easily add new
functionality and applications, such as expanded
storage or support of third party accessories such as
RFID readers.
An optional large capacity battery enables extended
operation times for this business essential device ñ
critical for workers in the field.
Asian Language Localization
In addition to the standard English language operating
system, the Motorola FR68 offers Microsoft Windows
MobileÆ 6.1 in Japanese, Korean, Simplified and
Traditional Chinese. The Motorola FR68 offers these
localized Asian language keypad interfaces for highly
productive data entry.
The Motorola advantage
When you choose the Motorola FR68, you enjoy the
advantages of a world-class partner ecosystem,
management solutions and service offerings. Our
award-winning partner program offers a best-in-class,
broad set of applications from our partner ecosystem.
The Motorola value proposition also includes a long
product life cycle, protecting your investment and
software application base.
To keep your business always-on and at optimum
performance levels, Motorola offers Service from the
Start with Comprehensive Coverage. Experience a new
standard of service from the very first day of your
hardware purchase.
While the Motorola FR68 is a rugged device, accidents
may happen; hence Service from the Start with
Comprehensive Coverage extends beyond normal wear
and tear repair coverage to include accidental
breakage such as cracked plastics, broken screens,
keypads and more.
Comprehensive Coverage is built into your Service from
the Start contract for the Motorola FR68 ñ providing
more service at a lower annualized price than a
standard service contract. This enhanced level of
coverage virtually eliminates surprise repair costs,
helps to lower your total cost of ownership, protects
your investment and productivity and provides service
peace of mind. However, the Motorola FR68 is currently
only available in Asia-Pacific until further notice.
For more information on how your enterprise can
benefit from the Motorola FR68, visit us on the web at
Motorola FR68 Specifications
Physical Characteristics
5.57 in. L x 2.59 in. W x 0.93 (1.06) in D
141.5 mm L x 65.9 mm W x 23.5 (27) mm D
Depth is 23.5 mm with a 1950 mAh
battery and 27mm with a 3600 mAh
Weight (including
standard battery):
Standard 1X battery: 8.89 oz./ 252 g
Standard 1.5X battery: 9.88 oz./ 280 g
Wireless WAN Data and Voice Communications
WWAN Radio:
Integrated Assisted-GPS
128MB RAM/256MB Flash
Generous memory space to
enable robust performance for
a wide range of applications.
Wireless LAN Data and Voice Communications
WLAN Radio:
Dual-mode IEEEÆ 802.11b/g
Transflective color 2.8î full QVGA with
backlight, 320x240
Data Rates Supported:
1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48
and 54 Mbps (average 12Mbps)
Touch Panel:
Glass analog resistive touch
Operating Channels:
LED backlight
Channels 1-13 (2412-2472 MHz)
Channels 14 (2484 MHz) Japan
Main Battery:
Rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V, 1950
mAh Battery
Ext. Cap. Battery:
Optional 3.7V, 3600 mAh Battery
Backup Battery:
Lithium battery (rechargeable) 25mAh
3V (not user-accessible)
Expansion Slot:
microSD slot (SDHC compliant)
Vibrate and LED
Keypad Options:
52-key Qwerty in English, Japanese,
Korean, Simplified Chinese and
Traditional Chinese
Speaker, receiver, microphone, headset
jack, software support for full duplex
record and playback (mono)
Performance Characteristics
Marvell PXA312 624 MHz processor
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows MobileÆ 6.1
128MB RAM; 256MB Flash
RS232, USB 2.0 client
Actual operating
channels/frequencies depend
on regulatory rules and
certification agency
WPA2, WEP (40 or 128 bit), TKIP,
(TTLS not supported)
Spreading Technique:
Direct Sequence Spread
Spectrum (DSSS) and
Orthogonal Frequency Division
Multiplexing (OFDM)
Internal for LAN, External for
Wireless PAN Data and Voice Communications
Class II EDR, v 2.0; on-board
chip antenna
Data Capture Specifications
1D laser scanner. Typical range
on a 13 mil: 100% UPC - 90%
MRD: 1.5 - 24 (in) / 3.81 - 60.96
Color Camera
User Environment
3.2 megapixel
User controllable flash
Auto focus
Operating Temperature
14∞ F to 104∞ F/-10∞ C to 40∞ C
Storage Temperature:
-22∞ F to 140∞ F/-30∞ C to 60∞ C (w/o
90% non-condensing
1D Laser Scanner
Drop Spec:
3 ft. drop to concrete, 1 drop per 6
sides over operating temperature
Range on 100% UPCA:
13 mil: 100% UPC - 90% MRD: 1.5 24 (in) / 3.81 - 60.96 (cm)
Tumble Specification:
150 x 0.5 m tumbles (300 drops)
4 Mil minimum element width
Condition: 100% UPC at 5 in. ± 35∞
from vertical
Pitch Angle:
Integrated real time clock
Condition: 100% UPC at 5 in. ± 65∞
from normal
Light Immunity:
Readability: Incandescent ñ 450 ft.
candles; Sunlight ó 8000 ft. candles;
Fluorescent: 450 ft. candles
Skew Tolerance:
Condition: 100% UPC at 5 in. ± 50∞
from normal
Ambient Light Immunity:
10,000 ft. candles (107,640 lux)
Scan Rate:
104 (±) 12 scans/sec (bi-directional)
Scan Angle:
47∞ ± 3∞ (typical) / 35∞ ± 3∞ (narrow)
Electrolastic Discharge
±12kV air discharge, ±8kV direct
Battery Performance
Standby time:
1X battery: 85 hours;
1.5X battery: 150 hours
Talk time:
1X battery: 3 hours;
1.5X battery: 5 hours
Assisted GPS radio
Supports a wide range of
value-add location-based
services and applications.
QVGA color screen
Easy to view in any lighting;
supports display of high
resolution images including
video and maps.
Touch screen and optional
keypad functionality
Allows multiple data input
methods to maximize
application functionality and
serve user preference. Support
for Asian language keypads.
Multiple voice modes: Handset,
headset and speaker phone
Versatile - able to use the right
mode at the right time. Flexible
voice communication options to
meet the needs of any business
Connectivity to legacy printers
and other business equipment.
User accessible microSD slot
(SDHC compliant)
Provides additional memory and
expandable functionality.
Battery options
Choice of standard capacity or
extended capacity batteries.
Comprehensive accessory suite
The Motorola FR68 incorporates
its own accessory suite and
re-uses the MC75 battery and
cradle offerings.
Backwards compatible with
MC75 charging cradle
Provides protection for existing
Motorola FR68 Specifications
Motorola FR68 Accessories
ï Single Slot Serial/USB
charging cradle with a bay for
spare battery charging.
ï Cradle adaptor clip - adapts
FR68 mobile computer to the
Peripherals and Accessories*
Quad Band GSM/ EDGE, plus Tri-band HSDPA
Single slot USB/Serial cradle
Battery Chargers:
4-slot battery charger
3GPP TS 51.010, 3GPP TS 34.121
USA: FCC Part 22, Part 24
EU: EN301 511, EN301 908
Australia: AS/ACIF S042
Electrical Safety:
Certified to UL / cUL 60950-1, IEC /
EN60950-1 EMI/RFI: USA: FCC Part 15;
Canada: ICES 003 Class B;
Europe: EN55022 Class B, EN 55024,
EN 60601-1-2;
Australia: AS/NZS CISPRA 22
RF Exposure:
RF Exposure: USA: FCC Part 2, FCC
OET Bulletin 65 Supplement C
EU: EN 50360
Australia: Radiocommunication
Standard 2003
North America: FCC Part 15, Class B
EU: EN55022 Class B, EN 301 489-1
EN 301 489-7, EN 301 489-17, EN 301
489-19, EN 301 489-24, EN 60601-1-2
Australia: AS/NZS CISPRA-22
Laser Safety:
IEC Class2/FDA Class II in
accordance with
ï 4-Slot Battery Charger
"Toaster" Kit. Charges spare
standard capacity batteries.
For countries outside of USA,
Canada, European Economic Area,
Japan or Australia consult your local
Motorola representative.
ï Hands free headset (earbud).
For a complete list of FR68
Peripherals and Accessories, please
ï Screen protector for 2.8î QVGA
display, pack of 3.
ï Spare stylus, pack of 3.
ï Standard capacity spare
battery 1900 mAh and battery
cover door.
ï Large capacity spare battery
3600 mAh and battery cover
Electrical Safety:
Certified to UL / cUL 60950-1, IEC /
WLAN and Bluetooth:
USA: FCC Part 15.247
EU: EN 300 328
Australia: AS/NZS 4268
ï Auto Charge/Cigarette Lighter
Adapter Cable.
ï Single Slot Serial/USB charging
cradle with a bay for spare battery
ï 4-Slot Battery Charger "Toaster" Kit.
Charges spare standard and high
capacity batteries.
ï Cradle adaptor clip
ï Standard capacity spare
battery 1900 mAh 3600 mAh
ï Auto Charge/Cigarette Lighter
Adapter Cable
ï Hands free headset (earbud)
ï Spare stylus, pack of 3
The Motorola FR68 is only available in Asia-Pacific except Japan.
Part number Motorola FR68-SS. Printed in Singapore 10/08. Motorola and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. Windows Mobile is a
registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation or its subsidiaries. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. ©Motorola, Inc. 2008. All
rights reserved. For system, product or services availability and specific information within your country, please contact your local Motorola office or Business Partner.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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