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FPM-3120TV Series
Flat Panel Monitor with
12" Color TFT/LCD Display
User's Manual
Copyright Notice
This document is copyrighted by Advantech Co., Ltd. All rights are
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improvements to the products described in this manual at any time.
Specifications are thus subject to change without notice.
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FPM-3120TV User's Manual
FCC Class B
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits
for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against
harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential
environment. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio
frequency energy. If not installed and used in accordance with this
user's manual, it may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Note that even when this equipment is installed and used in
accordance with this user’s manual, there is still no guarantee that
interference will not occur. If this equipment is believed to be causeing
harmful interference to radio or television reception, this can be
determined by turning the equipment on and off. If the interference is
occurring, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by
one or more of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna
• Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver
• Connect the equipment to a power outlet on a circuit different from
that to which the receiver is connected
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help
Packing List
Before installing your equipment, make sure that the following
materials have been received:
• FPM-3120TV Series flat panel monitor
• Accessory pack, including:
- AC/DC adapter
- Power Chord
- Video signal cable, 1.8m
- Keyboard/mouse Y cable
- AC/DC power adapter bracket
- Hook wall-mounted bracket (in FPM-3120TV)
- Four fixed panel-mounted bracket
- Mounting bracket (in FPM-3120TV)
- RS-232 cable, 1.8m (FPM-3120TV-T only)
- Keyboard/mouse 1.8m cable
- Driver/manual CD-ROM
If any of these items are missing or damaged, contact your
distributor or sales representative immediately.
Additional Information and Assistance
1. Visit the Advantech web site at where you can
find the latest information about the product.
2. Contact your distributor, sales representative, or Advantech's
customer service center for technical support if you need
additional assistance. Please have the following information ready
before you call:
• Product name and serial number
• Description of your peripheral attachments
• Description of your software (operating system, version,
application software, etc.)
• A complete description of the problem
• The exact wording of any error messages
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
Safety Instructions
1. Read these safety instructions carefully.
2. Keep this User's Manual for later reference.
3. Disconnect this equipment from any AC outlet before cleaning. Use a damp
cloth. Do not use liquid or spray detergents for cleaning.
4. For plug-in equipment, the power outlet socket must be located near the
equipment and must be easily accessible.
5. Keep this equipment away from humidity.
6. Put this equipment on a reliable surface during installation. Dropping it or letting
it fall may cause damage.
7. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection. Protect the equipment
from overheating. DO NOT COVER THE OPENINGS.
8. Make sure the voltage of the power source is correct before connecting the
equipment to the power outlet.
9. Position the power cord so that people cannot step on it. Do not place anything
over the power cord.
10. All cautions and warnings on the equipment should be noted.
11. If the equipment is not used for a long time, disconnect it from the power source
to avoid damage by transient overvoltage.
12. Never pour any liquid into an opening. This may cause fire or electrical shock.
13. Never open the equipment. For safety reasons, the equipment should be opened
only by qualified service personnel.
14. If one of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by service
a. The power cord or plug is damaged.
b. Liquid has penetrated into the equipment.
c. The equipment has been exposed to moisture.
d. The equipment does not work well, or you cannot get it to work according to
the user's manual.
e. The equipment has been dropped and damaged.
f. The equipment has obvious signs of breakage.
-20° C (-4° F) OR ABOVE 60° C (140° F). THIS MAY DAMAGE THE
The sound pressure level at the operator's position according to IEC 704-1:1982
is no more than 70dB(A).
DISCLAIMER: This set of instructions is given according to IEC 704-1. Advantech
disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of any statements contained herein.
Wichtige Sicherheishinweise
1. Bitte lesen sie Sich diese Hinweise sorgfältig durch.
2. Heben Sie diese Anleitung für den späteren Gebrauch auf.
3. Vor jedem Reinigen ist das Gerät vom Stromnetz zu trennen.
Verwenden Sie Keine Flüssig-oder Aerosolreiniger. Am besten dient
ein angefeuchtetes Tuch zur Reinigung.
4. Die NetzanschluBsteckdose soll nahe dem Gerät angebracht und leicht
zugänglich sein.
5. Das Gerät ist vor Feuchtigkeit zu schützen.
6. Bei der Aufstellung des Gerätes ist auf sicheren Stand zu achten. Ein
Kippen oder Fallen könnte Verletzungen hervorrufen.
7. Die Belüftungsöffnungen dienen zur Luftzirkulation die das Gerät vor
überhitzung schützt. Sorgen Sie dafür, daB diese Öffnungen nicht
abgedeckt werden.
8. Beachten Sie beim. AnschluB an das Stromnetz die AnschluBwerte.
9. Verlegen Sie die NetzanschluBleitung so, daB niemand darüber fallen
kann. Es sollte auch nichts auf der Leitung abgestellt werden.
10. Alle Hinweise und Warnungen die sich am Geräten befinden sind zu
11. Wird das Gerät über einen längeren Zeitraum nicht benutzt, sollten
Sie es vom Stromnetz trennen. Somit wird im Falle einer Überspannung eine Beschädigung vermieden.
12. Durch die Lüftungsöffnungen dürfen niemals Gegenstände oder
Flüssigkeiten in das Gerät gelangen. Dies könnte einen Brand bzw.
elektrischen Schlag auslösen.
13. Öffnen Sie niemals das Gerät. Das Gerät darf aus Gründen der
elektrischen Sicherheit nur von authorisiertem Servicepersonal
geöffnet werden.
14. Wenn folgende Situationen auftreten ist das Gerät vom Stromnetz zu
trennen und von einer qualifizierten Servicestelle zu überprüfen:
a - Netzkabel oder Netzstecker sind beschädigt.
b - Flüssigkeit ist in das Gerät eingedrungen.
c - Das Gerät war Feuchtigkeit ausgesetzt.
d - Wenn das Gerät nicht der Bedienungsanleitung entsprechend
funktioniert oder Sie mit Hilfe dieser Anleitung keine Verbesserung
e - Das Gerät ist gefallen und/oder das Gehäuse ist beschädigt.
f - Wenn das Gerät deutliche Anzeichen eines Defektes aufweist.
Der arbeitsplatzbezogene Schalldruckpegel nach DIN 45 635 Teil 1000 beträgt
70dB(A) oder weiger.
DISCLAIMER: This set of instructions is given according to IEC704-1. Advantech
disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of any statements contained herein.
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
This chapter includes:
• Introduction
• Specifications
• LCD Specification
• Power Consumption
• Connectors
• Dimensions
1.1 Introduction
Advantech's FPM-3120TV Series is a 12" color TFT LCD flat panel
monitor built specifically for industrial applications. With the optional
touchscreen, the FPM-3120TV Series is an excellent and user-friendly
system control interface.
In addition to its usual application as an LCD panel monitor, the
FPM-3120TV comes standard with direct VGA control signal input
making it compatible with Industrial PCs and Workstations. With the
FPM-3120TV, Advantech is taking a more aggressive initiative to
penetrate the industrial HMI market. Its OSD (On Screen Display)
function allows you to adjust the display factors and turn the backlight on and off for the behind view, functions which become critical as
more and more industrial HMI users become aware of the benefits of
flat panel monitors. The whole chassis is of steel, and the front panel is
of Al-Mg with NEMA4/IP65 compliance.
The FPM-3120TV provides a touch screen version (FPM-3120TV-T)
for option. With an 8-wire resistive type touchscreen, the monitor can
be immediately transformed into a remote control system. For remote
control application, optional transmission cables are available for 5m,
10m, 20m, 30m and 50m. The Advantech FPM-3120TV is the ultimate
HMI solution for your industrial application.
1.2 Specifications
Construction: Heavy-duty steel chassis
Front panel: Al-Mg, NEMA4/IP65 compliant
Control: OSD (On Screen Display) control pad on rear side
Mounting: Panel, wallmount, desktop or VESA Arm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 311 x 237 x 40 mm (12.2" x 9.3" x 1.6")
Panel Mount Cut out Dimension (W x H): 303 x 229 mm (11.93" x 9.0")
Weight: 4.5 Kgs (8 lbs)
Vibration (operating): 5 ~ 17 Hz, double-amplitude displacement;
17 ~ 500 Hz, 1.0 G peak to peak
• CE, FCC, BSMI, CCIB compliant
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
Touchscreen (Optional)
• Type: 8 wire, analog resistive
• Resolution: continuous
• Light transmission: 75% (surface meets ASTM-D-3363-92A
Standard, tabler abrasion test)
• Controller: RS-232 interface
• Power Consumption: +5 V @ 200 mA
• OS support: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, MS-DOS
• Life span: 100 million touches
1.3 LCD Specification
Display type: SVGA TFT LCD
Display size: 12.1"
Max. colors: 262 K
Max. resolution: 800 x 600
View angle: 80 ° (H), 30 ° (V)
Luminance: 200 cd/m2
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C (-4 ° ~ 140 ° F)
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C (32 ° ~ 122 ° F)
Contrast Ratio: 150 : 1 (typ)
Lamp Life Time (MTBF): 30,000 hrs.
1.4 Power Consumption
Max Output Power: 48 Watts
AC input voltage: 90 ~ 270 VAC
Output voltage: + 12 V @ 5 A
Safety Standards: UL/CSA/TUV/CB
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.5 Connectors
The following connectors are situated on the buttom of the FPM-3120
VGA Port (DB-15)
This DB-15 connector can be connected to the system via the external
15-pin DB-15 connector locatd on the left side of the system unit.
Keyboard & mouse Connector (PS/2)
There are two PS/2 connectors which can ne connected to keyboard or
Touchscreen Connector (DB-9) (optional)
This connector will be present only if a touchscreen is installed. It
must be connected to the RS-232 port of the PC. The touchscreen
cable is included with all orders which include the touchscreen option.
DC 12V Power In
This connector will be connected to the DC 12V Switching Power
Extended Cable Transmission (optional)
A 5/20/30/50-meter VGA cable is provided for special applications.
Another longer cable is also available. For more detailed information,
please contact our dealers.
Before you connect VGA cable between FPM-3120TV& PC, please
note the following issues.
1. If you have intalled operation system in the PC, make sure the
verticle frequency falls within the range. (Refer to Appendix B)
2. If you do not install operation system, you have to adjust the
verticle frequency to fall within the range.
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
1.5.1 PS/2 connectors
The FPM-3120TV provides two PS/2 connectors in the buttom side. Please
follow the steps to connect the keyboard /mouse cable.
1. Connect 1.8m keyboard/mouse cable to one of the PS/2 port.
2. Connect other side of Keyboard/mouse 1.8m cable to PC
3. Connect Y cable to another PS/2 port in FPM-3120TV
Note: You MUST select one PS/2 port to connect 1.8m cable to PC.
Keyboard/mouse 1.8m cable
Keyboard/mouse Y cable
Chapter 1 Introduction
FPM-3120TV (12")
Cut out dimension : 303 X229 mm (11.93" X 9.02")
Unit: mm
1.6 Dimensions
Figure 1-6: Dimensions
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
System Setup
• Mounting the Monitor
- Wall/Panel mounting
- Desktop Stand/Swing-ARM Mounting
2.1 Mounting the Monitor
The FPM-3120 Series can be placed as you require. The versatility of
the FPM-3120 mounts enable it to be mounted on your desk or
anywhere else.
2.1.1 Wall Mounting
Please follow the steps to install FPM-3120TV in the wall.
1. Screw the wall-mount bracket in the wall.
2. Put the FPM-3120TV in the bracket.
3. Screw the second wall-mount bracket in the FPM-3120TV
Figure 2-2: Panel Mounting
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
2.1.2 Panel Mounting
If you need to install the FPM-3120 series on a panel mount, please
release the mounting brackets by detaching screws on rear side and fix
them on up and bottom side by screws.
Figure 2-2: Panel Mounting (cut out dimension: 303mm x 229mm)
Chapter 2 System Setup
2.2 Desktop, Swing-ARM for FPM-3120TV
The FPM-3120 Series can be mounted in other ways. You can place the
desktop stand for desktop use or attach it on a swing-arm bracket.
2.2.1 Desktop Stand
The desktop stand bracket is attached to the rear of the FPM-3120.
Simply detach the small bracket at the rear side of the monitor by
screwing the two screws. The bracket now becomes the desktop stand
Figure 2.4: Desktop Stand for the FPM-3120 series
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
2.2.2 Swing-ARM
Detach the mounting brackets on the rear side, then attach the FPM3120 series onto the Swing-ARM mount.
Figure 2.5: Swing-ARM for the FPM-3120 series
Chapter 2 System Setup
2.2.3 Power adapter
The power adapter bracket is attached to the rear of the FPM-3120.
Simply detach the small bracket at the rear side of the monitor by
screwing the four screws.
FPM-3120TVE User's Manual
If you find that the brightness of LCD is dark, please follow the steps
to adjust it.
1. Find the OSD in the rear side of FPM-3120TV
2. Press two buttons, " " & " " , at the same time.
3. The LCD will reset and get brighter.
Chapter 2 System Setup
Standard Timing
Set Serial Data for Expansion
Appendix A Display Timing Mode and
A.1 Supported Input Timing Modes
The nineteen kinds of timings below are already programmed in this
module. The input synchronous signals are automatically recognized.
Vertical Frequencies
60 Hz
640 x 480
800 x 600
70 Hz
72 Hz
75 Hz
Table A.1: Supported Input Formats
Note 1:
Even if the preset timing is entered, a little adjustment of the functions such as Horizontal period,
CLK-delay and display position, are required. The
adjusted values are memorized in every preset number.
Note 2:
This module recognizes the synchronous signals
with near preset timing of the frequency of the HS
and Vsync, even in the case that the signals other
than the preset timing that were entered.
Note 3:
Because adjustments may not fit, such as differing
magnifying ratios or, in the case that you use it
except for the display timing that was preset.
Appendix B Standard Timing 15
• OSD Selection
• Keypad Interface
• OSD Function
B.1 Keypad Interface
The keypad interface provides driver for a dual color LED for status
Press this button to execute auto adjustment process.
Presses to show the OSD screen or select an item for changing its
To move between items or increase item setting.
To close the selected item or the whole OSD screen.
Turn the display backlight ON and OFF.
PS, The green light means that the COMMON board detects the input
signal and ends output signal to LCD panel .
Appendix B OSD Selection 17
B.2 OSD Function
Each selected value is stored into LCD memory after SEL signal input
or time out. The stored values are not affected if the power is turned
off. But the selected value is not available in case a selected mode is
changed before time out or power is turned off before time out.
The default definition of input keys is shown as following :
Main Menu
Sub Menu
100 steps
Adjust brightness of the display
100 steps
Adjust contrast of RGB channel
Sub Contrast RGB
100 steps
Adjust color of selected RGB
32 steps
Adjust phase of ADC sample clock
Clock Phase
+/-64 clock from VESA
Adjust number of clocks per line
+/-50 pixel from VESA Move input image capture window
left or right
+/-30 lines from VESA Move the input image capture
window up or down
Automatically adjust image position,
clock, and phase
All Reset
All Reset
Reset menu parameters to factory
default setting
System input mode information
OSD Timeout
OSD Position
FPM-3120TV User's Manual
Adjust the OSD Menu time out if
there is no key pressed
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