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Issue 178
Additional Resources
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/null
This process will take 10-15 minutes. If everything is OK, you
should see a message like:
12345464563 bytes in
12345464563 bytes out
Place this DVD in the drive and restart
your system. If your computer
doesn’t start, make sure your BIOS is
configured to boot from a DVD. Enter
the BIOS setup menu (see your
vendor documentation) and make
sure DVD boot is enabled and the
DVD drive appears before the hard
drive in the boot order.
If you don’t have a Linux system at
hand, you can copy the entire disc
contents to a temporary directory
by using any file manager. If
everything is OK, you shouldn’t
get any error messages.
Provided the DVD passes the test,
a replacement disc is not necessary. The problem is caused by an
incompatibility between your
machine and the Linux system
you are trying to install.
For more information on how to
resolve this, please consult the
resources given in the “Additional
Resources” box in the DVD
description on p3 in the magazine.
If you are trying to install Linux on
a notebook, you can find additional support here:
If your disc is physically damaged
and/​or did not pass the above test,
please email us your mailing
address and note which DVD
(issue, month, and year) needs to
be replaced. We will then send
you a replacement within a few
Send your feedback to
While this Linux Magazine DVD-ROM has been tested and is to the best of our knowledge free of malicious software and defects, Linux Magazine cannot be held responsible,
and is not liable for any disruption, loss, or damage to data and ­computer systems related to the use of this DVD.
w w w . L i n u x - M A G A Z IN E . C O M
September 2015
We’re happy to replace defective
discs. Unless your disc is clearly
physically damaged (cracks, deep
scratches), please check the data
integrity on the DVD first.
Using the Linux command line,
please type in:
DVD Boot
Fedora 22 and Manjaro Linux
[1]Fedora Workstation:
[2]Fedora download: https://​­getfedora.​
[3]Fedora 22 release notes:
[4]Manjaro Linux:
[5]Manjaro download: https://​­manjaro.​
[6]Manjaro forum: https://​­wiki.​­manjaro.​
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