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Savinfax 3725e
Savinfax 3725e
Business Performance That Fits On T
With the Savinfax 3725e, the
competitive edge belongs to you.
The 3725e streamlines workflow and
communications with many advanced,
highly productive features. Ultra-fast
transmission speed, sophisticated fax
functions, versatile paper-handling
capabilities and optional network
printing combine to meet the needs
of even the most demanding workgroups – including yours.
Smarter and Faster? You Bet!
With the Savinfax 3725e, you’ll be off
to a running start…right out of the box.
• No time to read a lengthy Operator’s
Manual? No problem! Just turn the
3725e on, and easy-to-follow instructions instantly appear on the Control
Panel – making installation and configuration a breeze.
• Don’t worry about tight deadlines!
A standard 33.6 Kbps Super G3
modem combines with superefficient JBIG Compression,
which enables your 3725e to
speed critical documents to their destinations in just 3 seconds per page.
• Never lose an important fax. The
3725e has a standard 6 MB (480 pages)
memory capacity, and with the optional
40 MB Memory Card you can store up
to 1,500 pages. And, if there’s ever an
interruption to the power supply, the
3725e’s Memory Battery Backup
protects stored documents from
being lost.
• With Memory Transmission, docu-
ments do not have to be left on the
3725e when the unit is busy. Just scan
documents into memory and transmission will occur once the phone line is
available. Parallel Memory Transmission
also speeds your documents on their
way by dialing and beginning transmission right after the first page has
been scanned.
• Manage two jobs simultaneously using
the 3725e’s Dual Access function.
Scan outgoing messages into memory
while printing received documents –
it’s almost like having two fax
machines in one.
• Auto Document stores frequently
transmitted documents into memory
for use whenever needed. This eliminates searching for documents and
ensures that the document being sent
is clean.
• Stack and go! The 3725e automatically
processes – and scans – up to 50
original sheets, which means you get
back to more pressing jobs faster.
• Load up to 850 sheets* of paper –
including 8.5" x 14" – at a given time
and reduce paper replenishment tasks…
a real plus during peak operating times.
• Energy Saver Mode will save you money
when the 3725e is idle, consuming
only 1.2 watts** or less of
electricity. The 3725e is fully
Energy Star-compliant.
*With optional Paper Feed Unit.
**Without options.
he Desktop.
Easy to use Control Panel clearly guides you through any function.
Five Programmable User Function Keys –
Quickly and easily access the features you use
most with one touch of a button.
Print on labels, transparencies, postcards and
special stocks through the built-in bypass feed.
Quick Dial Keys – Up to 30 fax numbers
can be stored in the the Savinfax 3725e,
then instantly transmitted to in one step.
Need Another Printer?
No Problem!
Just add the optional Print Controller
and Network Interface Board and your
3725e doubles as a 15 ppm network
printer. Standard PCL5e/6 and optional
PostScript 2 emulation provide compatibility for PC and Macintosh users, while
600 dpi laser quality resolution ensures
that every document looks its best.
Management Utility
Manage your networked 3725e with
SmartNetMonitor. Comprehensive software provides real-time information –
system configuration, system status and
paper supplies – to users and network
Status Indicator Lights provide easy-to-see
operational information on the system that can be
viewed from a distance. A green light means a
transmission or reception is in progress. A red
light means that toner or paper is needed, or
there is a communication error.
Security PIN Code Protection
The standard 250-sheet frontloading paper tray
and 100-sheet Bypass Tray can be supplemented
with an optional 500-sheet tray for a total capacity
of 850 sheets.
To prevent exposure of a PIN Code or
Personal ID, any character after a certain position in the destination’s dial
number will be concealed both in the
display and Communications Report.
Looking for a Sure Thing?
You Just Found It!
The Savinfax 3725e can handle anything your busy workgroup can throw
its way. If you’re not convinced, just
contact your authorized Savin sales
location to see the 3725e in action…
we'll change your mind.
For more information contact
your authorized Savin dealer.
Quickly scan documents with the 50-page
Automatic Document Feeder.
Savinfax 3725e
Savinfax 3725e
Super G3 Fax
Large Memory Capacity
Huge Paper Supply
Optional Network Printing
Recording Method
ITU-T Compatibility
Modem Speed
Maximum Transmit Speed
Data Compression
Scan Speed
(standard resolution)
Dual Access
Standard Document Memory
Optional Document Memory
Desktop Facsimile
Group 3 (V.34); ECM
33.6 Kbps with Auto Fallback
3 seconds 1
2.8 seconds 2
6 MB (480 pages 2)
40 MB (1,500 pages 2)
30 Quick Dials,
100 Speed Dials, 5 Groups
User Function Keys
5 Dedicated Keys
Document Memory Backup 12 Hour (standard memory)
Auto Document Feed Capacity 50 Sheets
Maximum Document Width/ 8.5"/8.4"
Scan Width
Document Length
Scan Resolution
Standard: 200 x 100 dpi
Detail: 200 x 200 dpi
Fine: 200 x 400 dpi
64 Shades of gray with
Error Diffusion
Maximum Print Speed
15 pages per minute
Maximum Print Resolution 600 dpi
Resolution Enhancement
Super Smoothing HQ™
Maximum Recording Width 8.4"
Maximum Recording
8.5" x 14"
Paper Size
250-Sheet Cassette tray
Standard Paper Capacity
100-Sheet Bypass tray
Optional Paper Capacity
LCD Display Size
2 Lines (22 Characters)
Power Consumption
1.2W and lower
Energy Saver Mode
(without options)
Power Requirements
115 VAC, 60Hz
59˚ to 77˚F, 30 to 70% RH
Dimensions (WxDxH)
17.6" x 19.5" x 16.2"
(without options)
40.8 lbs. (without options)
Optional PFU
17.0" x 16.1" x 5.5"
Dimensions (WxDxH)
10.6 lbs.
Auto Collation
Auto Document
Auto Document Feeder
Auto Start Initial Setup
Clock with Auto Daylight Savings Time
Direct Fax Number Entry
Dual Access
Energy Saver Mode
Fax Number Entry Before Loading Document
File List
Group Dial
Group Dial List Report
Halftone with Error Diffusion
Help On Demand
Keystroke Programs
Label Registration for Quick/Speed Dials
LCD Prompts
Memory Storage Report
Ozone Emission-Free
Personal Codes and Code List Report
PIN Code Security
Print Quick Dial Labels
Program List Report
Quick Dial Keys and Quick Dial List Report
Remaining Memory Indicator
Resolution Control
Restricted Access
Scanner Cleaning Notification
Specified Cassette Selection List Report
Speed Dial Codes and Speed Dial List Report
Telephone Connection
Telephone Directory
Usage Counter
User Function List Report
User Parameter List Report
Wild Cards
Answering Machine Interface
Automatic Fax/Tel Change
AI Redial
Busy Tone Detection
Chain Dialing
Communication Failure Report
Distinctive Ring Detection
Error Correction Mode
Error Report
Monitor Speaker
On Hook Dialing
Power Failure Report
Pulse/Tone Selection
Redial (Auto/Manual)
Shortened Protocol
Batch Transmission
Blank Document Detection
Closed Network
Confidential Transmission with ID
Fax Header (TTI)
Immediate or Memory Transmission
Label Insertion
Memory Transmission Immediate Stop
Memory Transmission Result Report
Page Count
Page Retransmission
Quick (Parallel) Memory Transmission
Send Later
Serial Broadcasting (Immediate and Later)
Transmission Confirmation Report
Transmission Result Report
Authorized Reception
Auto or Manual Reception
Closed Network
Confidential Reception with ID
Confidential Reception Report
Continuous Polling
Document Separation Mark (Checkered)
Memory Lock (All or By Address)
Multi-Polling Reception
Page Separation & Length Reduction
Poll Later
Polling Reception (With and Without ID)
Reception Mode Selection (Auto/Manual)
Reception Time Printing
Specified Cassette Selection
Substitute Reception
Copy up to 99 copies
Copy at 15 pages per minute
15 ppm at 600 dpi With Edge Smoothing
Bi-Directional Parallel Port
Collated Printing
Font Download
Network Connectable (requires opt. NIB) (Ethernet)
Network OS
- Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x
- MS Windows NT 4.0/2000
- MS Windows 95/98/Me/XP
- Mac OS 8.x, 9.x, and X
(Mac OS X (Classic) is supported)
PCL5e/6 Compatibility
- MS Windows 95/98/Me/XP
- MS Windows NT 4.0/2000
PostScript 2 Compatibility (optional)
- MS Windows 95/98/Me/XP
- MS Windows NT 4.0/2000
- Macintosh Driver
Printer Driver Features
- Custom Paper Size
- Layout
- Page Protect
- Page Order 3
- Paper Selection
- Slip Sheet 3
- Toner Saver
- User ID
- User Code
- Watermarks
Resident Fonts
- PCL Fonts = 10 TrueType / 35 Intellifonts
- PS Fonts = 80 (Only available with PS2 option)
10/100 Base-T Network Interface Board (optional)
Feature (Memory) Expander Card Type 300 (40MB)
(non volatile)
Printer Interface Type 1013 (see Printer Features)
Telephone Handset Type 1018
Type 1018 PS2 Compatible Kit
10/100 Base-T Network Interface Board Type 1018
32 MB/64 MB/128 MB Printer Memory
500-Sheet Paper Cassette
1 Approximately 3 seconds per page at 33.6 Kbps is dependent on optimal line quality, and customer performance may vary by location.
Current systems used by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) generally support 28.8 Kbps modem speeds or lower.
2 Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1 in standard resolution.
3 Not available for PS2/Macintosh
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