Caple | CAFF21 | Model code:CAFF21

Model code:CAFF21
Caution: risk of fire
Warning: connect to mains water supply only.
When fresh food needs to be frozen quickly we recommend it is cooled to room temperature and the
freezer is set to quick freeze -24˚C prior to adding the food to the freezer compartment.
Please read these instructions carefully and keep for future reference
Thank you for purchasing your Caple fridge freezer.
Before it is used, please take note of the important safety information.
Please read this guide thoroughly before operation and keep it handy for reference at all times.
Due to continued product development and improvements, the products may vary slightly.
When disposing of any refrigerator equipment please contact your local waste disposal department for advice on
safety disposal.
This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as
–staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
–farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
–bed and breakfast type environments;
–catering and similar non-retail applications.
If the product is used in a commercial environment it may void the warranty.
When the fresh food needs to be frozen quickly, you may:
For this model, set the mode at the quick-freeze, then put the fresh food into the freezer.
Due to constant product development some features and characteristics of this fridge freezer may vary from the
below diagram. The packing list enclosed with this product will be correct.
1 Freezer door rack
2 .Freezer compartment glass shelf
3. Ice-maker box
4. Ice box
5. Freezer compartment drawer
6.Refrigerator compartment glass shelf
7.Vegetable crisper
8.Substance box
9. Refrigerator door rack
10.Lower cover
Preparing before use
•Invariable keeping fresh technology
Separate temperature control and a stable storage temperature helps keep food fresh for longer.
•Defrost pre-cool
This technology helps to keep the internal temperature stable while the appliance is defrosting
•Intelligent defrost
The auto-defrost will adjust depending on how many times the door is opened. This will help reduce the build up of
ice and keep the energy consumption to a minimum.
•Anti-Heat technology
A thick anti-heat foam layer helps to reduce the energy consumption.
•Gliding shelves
This appliance has smooth gliding shelves for easy storage.
•Intelligent cooling
The freezing is automatically adjusted by the internal computer as required depending on a number of influences.
•No frost design
•Automatic alarm of problem
•High quality compressor
•Opening door alarm, LED screen
•Vitamin fresh technology
1) WARNING- Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction.
2)WARNING- Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process, other than those
recommended by the manufacturer.
3) WARNING- Do not damage the refrigerant circuit
4)WARNING- Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage compartments of the appliance,unless they
are of the type recommended by the manufacturer;
5)The appliance has to be unplugged after use and before carrying out user maintenance on the appliance.
6)This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children)with reduced physical,sensory or mental
capabilities,or lack of experience and knowledge,unless They have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
7) Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
8) If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacturer,its service agent
or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard .
9) Please handle and dispose of the refrigerator according to local regulations for it use
flammable blowing gas and refrigerant.
10) Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with flammable propellant in this appliance.
around the
2. Using the refrigerator
You can choose one of the following two modes.
(1)Intelligent mode:If there no special requirements,we recommend that you use
the intelligent mode,because the refrigerator will work automatically.
(2)Manual mode:You can use the Temperature Control keys to set the temperature.
4. Adding food to the refrigerator
After the appliance has been switched on for a period of time it should have cooled to the set temperature.
Once this has been done you can add the food.
Tips:When the temperature is set to change or new food is added into the refrigerator,
it takes some time to balance the inside temperature. The length of this period depends
on the size of the temperature change ,the temperature of surrounding environment,
the frequency the door has been opened and the number of food,etc.
Refrigerator compartment
For short term storage of food
Although regulating temperature b will enable average temperature of the majority of regional cold rooms
maintain between 0-10℃,it cannot serve for long-term preservation of food. Therefore,the refrigerator
compartment is for short-term food storage.
Shelf adjustment
According to the needs of food storage,you can adjust the shelf to the preferred position;To facilitate the
use of it or to adjust the location,the shelf can be set to slip so that you can use and adjust it easily. when you
want to remove the shelf,please move the shelf by the direction(1)
then turn the shelf in the direction(
for 90°until it is perpendicular to the original direction,pull out the shelf by the direction(3).
Height adjustment and cleaning
of the rack
Lift the rack in the direction,hold both the sides,then pull it out by the direction. After cleaning,to install the
rack by the opposite direction. You can also adjust the position according to the height of stored food.
different kinds
Freezer compartment
The freezer compartment is for food that requires long term storage.
The temperature of the freezer compartment is very low, so food can be stored for long periods of time. Only
store food for the period of time suggested on the packaging and always observe the use by date.
Recommended storage area for all kinds of food
① The storage grilles on the door of the freezer room(2 stars)are used for short-term storage of food and ice
② The storage grilles in the freezer room are used for the storage of frozen food.
③ The glass shelves are used for the storage of frozen food,such as fish,meat and ice cream.
④ Rotary ice maker is used to produce ice.
⑤ Ice box is used for the storage of ice cubes.
⑥ Freezer drawer is used for the storage of fish,meat and poultry with the food packaging.
The control panel
1. Button operation
A. Freezer compartment temperature adjustment B. Mode Settings
C. Refrigerator compartment temperature adjustment D. Lock/Unlock
2. Display
1. Vacation mode
4. Lock icon
2.Quick-freezer mode 3.Quick-cool mode
5.Freezer compartment temperature
6. Refrigerator compartment temperature
7.Close icon
3. Lock/Unlock
At non-lock state (the 4 icon does not show), press the D key, the refrigerator will go into the state of Locked and the
4 icon shows.
Press D key for 3 seconds continuously in the Locked state, the 4 icon disappears and the Locked state releases.
The following functions must be in operation under the unlocked state
Press mode button (button B), you can select the mode in the following sequence :
Vocation → Quick-freezer
Quick-cold and freezer
4. Vacation mode
Press B key to select the vacation mode,the 1 icon shows ,then press the D key to confirm,the refrigerator
will be running in vacation mode..
5. Rapid cooling mode
Press the B key to select Rapid cooling mode,the 3 icon shows ,then press D key to confirm,the
refrigerator will then be running according to the Rapid cooling mode.
6. Quick-freeze mode
Press the B key to choose Quick-freeze mode,the 2 icon shows ,then press D key to confirm,the
refrigerator will be running according to the Quick-freeze mode.
7. Refrigerator compartment temperature settings
Press the C key once,the Refrigerator compartment temperature flashes,press C key again and you can set
the temperature,the range of temperature is from 2℃ to 8℃.
8. Freezer temperature settings
Press A key once,the freezer temperature displays with flashing,press A key again and you can set the
temperature,the range of temperature is from -16℃ to -24℃.
9. Turning the power off
Push and hold button C for 3 seconds, a buzzer will sound and the fridge freezer is now off. The screen (6)
shows '--' and icon 7 will illuminate.
When the appliance is off, press and hold button C for 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound. The fridge freezer
is now switched back on.
●the refrigerator uses a alternating current supply which is 220V-240V,50HZ. If the voltage fluctuations is
large(over the scope of 187-264V),it may cause some failures ,such as the refrigerator does not start,
the main control board and compressor burn out and the compressor works with abnormal noises,etc. At
this time you must install an automatic voltage regulator which is above 1000W for use. The refrigerator
power’s cord with a three-plug(grounding)complies with the standard three-socket(grounding).Don’t cut
off or remove the third pin of the power card under any circumstances. After the refrigerator is installed,
plugs should be with in reach.. The power plug must be firmly contacted with the socket,otherwise it
might cause fire.
●Do not grasp and pull the power cord to remove refrigerator plugs. Hold the plug firmly,and pull out the
plug from the socket directly. Do not allow the power cable by the refrigerator or trampled by people. Be
careful when the refrigerator will be removed is removed from walls. Do not roll or damage power lines,
do not use power lines and plugs when they have beendamaged or worn out. Contact Caple service to
replace power lines if they were worn out or damaged.
●When inflammable gas is leaked,such as coal gas,close the gas valve,open the doors and windows,do not
pull out or plug in plugs of the refrigerator and other appliances.
●Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in this appliance.
●Do not use flammable solvent near refrigerator,so as to avoid fire.
●To ensure safety,do not place power outlets,voltage regulated power supply,microwave ovens and other
appliances on refrigerator. Do not use other appliances in refrigerator(except recommended models),In
order to avoid electromagnetic interference and other accidents.
●Do not let children go into the refrigerator or climb up the refrigerator. In order to avoid children becoming
trapped inside or being hurt buy the appliance..
●After the refrigerator is running,Do not touch the icy surface of the freezer with hands,particularly wet
hands,It may cause frostbite.
●The gap between doors and the gap between door and refrigerator body are very narrow. Be careful not to
put your hands or fingers into these areas to prevent fingers from becoming injured.. Do not let the children
near the refrigerator when opening and closing the doors.
●Do not spray and rinse the refrigerator with water,and do not install the refrigerator in the wet place or
the place which water or rain splashes,as not to affect the electrical insulation of the refrigerator.
●Never dismantle refrigerator personally,never transform the refrigerator and damage cooling pipes.
Maintenance of refrigerator must be carried out by professionals.
●Do not put bottles of beer、or other bottled drinks
bottle to break..
in the freezer. It may freeze the contents causing the
●Pull out the plug when cleaning or the power has failed.. Wait for 5 minutes or longer when reconnecting
the plug. It may damage the compressor if it starts up too soon..
●Before you dispose your old refrigerator,take off the door,remove the door seals and the shelves,place the
by a
Simple trouble analyzing and shooting
Please read the following contents carefully before requesting a repair
not working
not cooling correctly
Food is freezing
Possible cause/inspection items
Check the product is connected to the
power supply and it is switched on.
Check the voltage(too low)
,call local
electrical company
Is the temperature setting to high, try
reducing the set temperature.
Is too much food being stored.
Has hot or warm food been added recently.
Are the doors being opened to frequently.
Is the appliance near a heat source.
it is normal for a fridge freezer to produce
strange noises (see below)
Is the appliance situated on a flat stable
Is it correctly leveled and located correctly.
Is the food too near the airway
Has food with strong smells been well
Has food become spoiled
Clean the fridge
If the situation does not improve after the above items been checked,
,please contact our after-sale service.
If the power cable is damaged,
,the repair must be done by the engineers sent by us to avoid any danger.
Non-malfunction Phenomenon
The following speed of the refrigerant in the capillary is very high,sometimes the alveoli become intermixed. Hence
some irregular noise may occur at the exit.
When the humidity is too high,surroundings of the refrigerator door may be a little wet,please wipe away with a dry
Correct Disposal of this product
Correct Disposal of this product
This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed
with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent
possible harm to the environment or human health from
uncontrolled waste disposal,recycle it responsibly to promote the
sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used
device,please use the return and collection systems or contact the
retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this
product for environmental safe recycling.
Energy Saving Tips
The appliances should be located in the coolest area of the room,away from heat
producing appliances or heating ducts,and out of the directly sunlight.
Let hot foods cool to room temperature before placing in the appliance.
Overloading the appliance forces the compressor to run for longer. Foods that freeze
too slowly may lose quality,or spoil.
Be sure to wrap foods properly,and wipe containers dry before placing them in the
appliance. This cuts down on frost build-up inside the appliance.
The appliance storage bin should not be lined with aluminum foil,wax paper,or
paper toweling. Liners interfere with cold air circulation,making the appliance less
Organize and label food to reduce door opening and extended searches. Remove as
many items as needed at one time,and close the door as soon as possible.
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