Juanary 2013
Flash mpx HD
The Flash mpx HD broadcasts audio and video files
stored on a USB flash memory or internal hard disk.
It is a solid state device that will give you years of
trouble free operation with full HD video quality up to
Built in up to 7 inputs are available for connection to
push buttons and sensors. Inputs are programmable
to play selected audio/video files. With the fast mode,
the player is configured to provide a very fast reaction
time so that the video/audio playback is
Flash mpx SD
Reads file format :
- Video : MPEG-2 TS/TP / MPEG-4 / MOV H.264 /
DivX / XviD / VOB /
- Still pictures : JPeg - Audio : MP3 / AC3
● Input / Output
- HDMI, YPbPr, Composite + audio :
- 3 up to 7 trigger input
- Ethernet RJ45
- RS485
● Power Supply: 12V
The Flash mpx SD broadcasts audio and video files
stored on a SD card, Compact Flash card or USB
flash memory. It is a solid state device that will give
you years of trouble free operation.
Flash MPX SD read standard DVD (.vob) and Mpeg2
files, still images (jpeg) and wav / MP3 audio files.
Reads file format :
- DVD/.vob, MPeg 2 / MP3-Wav 16 bits - 44.1-48kHz
● Video output :
- VGA : 640 x 480 / Composite : 720 x 480/576
● Storage : Compact Flash, SD card, USB stick
● Connectics :
- Vidéo : VGA and composite RCA
- Audio : RCA 2V p/p
- Speaker out : 14W 8 Ohms stereo
- Input contacts : 3 (up to 7 with binary combined
- Link : RS485 - RJ11
● Power supply : DC 12V
Built in 3 inputs (up to 7 with combined mode) are
available for direct connection to push buttons and
You will use the integrated 2x14W audio stereo
amplifier for most of your applications.
The Flash MPX SD displays video on a TV screen
or any video screen with a composite video or VGA
The RS485 link provide a full interactive interface
to control the player from a computer or other all
other automation and drives.
Powerful and dedicated to automated background
music broadcast, My Music Player reads MP3 and
Wav files stored on a SD card, a USB stick or an
internal hard disk.
My Music Player is programmable: broadcast
schedules are created using the user friendly
calendar software provided and transfered to the
player by Ethernet or by straight forward copy onto
the storage media.
Reads MP3 and WAV files (16/24bits up to 96kHz)
Time and date scheduler
Storage on SD/SDHC card*, USB stick*, SATA HDD*
Infrared sensor for remote control handset
Symetrical & assymetrical line output
Ethernet link (Web server and FTP)
Streaming (play web radio)
Auxiliary input with configurable fade in/fade out
RS232 and USB 2.0 link
12V external power supply unit
Format 1/3 of a 19’’ rack 1U
My Music Player can also be used for web radio
streaming ; it is then possible to program the player
to switch from the web radio to local broadcast
of files stored on its own media.
The auxiliary input offer the possiblity to switch from
a main source and deliver programmed message.
* Media not provided
This player is the ideal solution to broadcast
background music in small to medium sized public
and commercial premises.
The My Music Station plays back MP3 and Wav
audio files stored on its internal hard disc, SD/
SDHC card, USB flash memory ; it includes an
amplier and offers time programming functions.
Audio content is updated by direct access to the
media by USB, Ethernet or by CD update sent by
a music provider.
Reads MP3/Wav files (16/24bits up to 96kHz)
Time and date scheduler
Internal SATA HDD* or SD card* or USB flash
memory* + DVD ROM drive
Infrared sensor for remote control handset
● 2x15
w integrated amplifier
Ethernet, RS232 and USB 2.0 link
Video out (display template + song title)
* Media not provided
The MicroPlayer mkII is a versatile player, designed for installations
where broadcast of sounds, music, sound effects is required either
in a pre-defined playback or interactive mode. Autoplay, powerful
automation of playback pattern, low power mode, RS232 serial
link and input contacts are the main features of this amplified
player widely used for interactive audio applications, including
● Reads MP3/Wav files stored on SD/SDHC card or USB drive
● 4 inputs (up to 15) dry contact.
● 2 output on Mosfet 500mA
● 2x18 w integrated amplifier
● Power supply 12V
● Dimensions 1/3 19’’ rack
The Micro AMP 2 is a double amplifier. The first is a Bridge-Tied
Load (BTL) class-B amplifier. The output power is 2x25W in a 4
Ohms load or 2x40W in a 2 Ohms load. The second is an
headphone amplifier capable of delivering 250mW of continuous
average power to an 8 Ohms load with 0.1% THD+N
Amplifier 1 :
● 2x40W / 2 Ohms (THD 10%)
● Thermally protected
● 2 to 8 Ohms load
Amplifier 2 - headphone out :
● 2x375mW / 8 Ohms (THD 10%)
● Thermally protected
● 8 Ohms to 32 Ohms load
The Micro AMP 4 is a quad stereo headphone amplifier capable
of delivering 250mW of continuous average power to an 8 Ohms
load with 0.1% THD+N
individual headphone amplifier
Volume for each channel
● 375mW / 8 Ohms (THD 10%)
● Thermally protected
● 8 Ohms to 32 Ohms load
The MicroSwitch is a power switch activated by input contact.
Connect the MicroSwitch dry contact to a push button or a relay
to trigger the internal relay and power any type of electrical load in
Power switching from 100 to 250V - 5A
9 switching modes - can be configured
● Integrated timer: 0 to 12 seconds or 0 to 12
minutes - Choice of repeated trigger or not
● Power supply 12V
● Dimensions 1/3-19’’ rack
The Event Player is a high quality audio
player as well as a powerful and
versatile Show Controller designed for
non-stop operation.
The Event Player reads audio and
sequence DMX files stored on a SD
card or a USB stick. It executes DMX
sequences, commands output
contacts and provides a RS232 link to
control other pieces of equipment.
The Event Player is programmable:
it runs automatically an unlimited number of
programmed shows.
The Event Player is interactive:
programs can be triggered by contact closures,
connected to sensors, push buttons...
The Event Player is a show controller:
it controls programmed actions of the show in
perfect synchronisation with the audio file.
Reads MP3 and WAV files (16/32 bits - 44.1/96kHz)
Storage on SD/SDHC card, USB stick, USB hard disk
● Autoplay mode, can be configured and disabled
● Show control function
● Time and date scheduler
● 8 inputs on dry contacts. Can be combined up to 255 triggers
● 8 outputs on optocoupler (open collector)
● 512 DMX channels output
● RS232 serial link
● Ethernet link (Web server and FTP)
● USB link to update SD card
● Infrared sensor for remote control handset
● 2x20 w integrated amplifier
● Digital setting of volume, treble, medium, bass
● Auxiliary input with configurable fade in/fade out
● Digital audio output S-PDIF
● 12V external power supply unit
● Format 2/3 of a 19’’ rack 1U
Whichever control is required, for full
automation or remote control, the
Event Player offers powerful time
programming, Ethernet, RS232 serial
link and interactivity on input dry
The NanoPlayer is a versatile OEM audio board, designed for
The NanoPlayer reads WAV and MP3 audio files stored on a SD
card. Broadcast automatically starts on powering on. By connecting
the input contact to a sensor or push button, or by sending an infra
red command, interactive broadcast of one or several associated
files is achieved.
Reads Wav and MP3 files on SD card
One input on dry contact
● 2x7w integrated amplifier
● Infrared sensor
● Power supply 12V
Various brackets and mountings are available to
install 4 or 15 NanoPlayers, horizontally or
vertically in a 19’’ rack configuration.
Addition of a GPS extension module provides
automated broadcast of audio information
related to geographical positions.
The NanoPlayer headphone is similar
to NanoPlayer with 2 headphone
amplifier and 6 outputs. An analog
input with modulation detector switch
the audio output to the aux input. 2
firmware available with alternative
uses. Perfect for audio kiosk,
headphone demonstration ...
A very small mono 7W digital class D amplifier
up to 88% efficiency at a 12V supply.
7W/8Ohms - 13W/4Ohms (THD 10%)
8V to 28V Supply Voltage Range
● Thermal and Output Current Protection
● Size : 30mm x 40mm
A complete solution for Point Of Sale
(POS) including audio player based on
USB flash memory, 1.4W amplifier,
PWM out for LED, a Fan to diffuse a
fragrance and a trigger input compatible
with infrared sensor.
OEM board
Our expertise in design and manufacture of audio and
video sources allows us to undertake special and OEM
projects. … submit your technical specification and we
will be happy to discuss product development with you.
The SensoPad is a proximity sensor
operating through any insulating material.
Stuck onto a chosen surface, the SensoPad
detects approach of finger and triggers the
associated action. The SensoPad replace
a push button.
The SensoPad works on wood, glass,
plaster... It is an invisible trigger when
integrated in pieces of furniture or decorating
The VibroPad is recommended for use on
light materials such as cardboards. This
transducer will convert a picture frame or
a display into a speaker.
Economical speaker solution for POS
advertising when used with an ID-AL
amplified audio source.
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Rated power: 10W
Diameter: 83mm
19’’-1U rack bracket
For rack mounting most ID-AL players. Install one
or several modules in 1/3 or 2/3 rack format and
use the blanking plates to build a full rack.
IR Handset
Infrared remote
handset to control ID-AL players.
All-in-one musical picture frame,
audio player, amplifier, flatspeaker
and decorating item.
The display discretly includes a
standalone audio player and a 7W
amplifier. The front face is an extra
flat loudspeaker.
The integrated audio player reads
audio files, in Wave and MP3
formats, stored on SD memory
The audio program is changed in seconds by
swapping the memory card inserted in a slot
positioned on the side of the device.
The picture frame itself is fitted with a quick
changeover system for straight forward
replacement of the picture, poster or photo.
Decorating picture frame including an audio
player, amplifier and loudspeaker
Extra flat loudspeaker
Wooden frame of various sizes and colors
14W (2x7W) amplifier
Bandwidth : from 100Hz - 18kHz
SD Memory card : 64Mo and over
External 12V power supply (supplied)
Infrared sensor
Remote control handset (supplied)
The audio player is positioned on the side of the box, within
the thickness of the frame.
Music files are stored on the memory card inserted in
the dedicated slot.
Control the player with infrared remote handset provided.
ID-AL / Waves System
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Tel : +33 (0) 2 40 78 22 44
Fax : +33 (0) 2 40 78 00 36
Mail : info@id-al.com
Web : www.id-al.com
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