City of Fremont Alarm Permit Application and Fees

City of Fremont Alarm Permit Application and Fees
Police Department
Date Issued
Please mail Application to:
Fremont Police Department
Attn: Alarm Officer
P.O. Box 5007
Fremont, CA 94537-5007
Amount Paid
City of Fremont Alarm Permit Application
1. Resident Name/Business Name
2. Business Owner
3. Address of Alarmed Location
4. Phone Number at Alarmed Location
5. Mailing Address
6. City, State, Zip Code
7. Phone
Alarm Company
8. You must list at least three persons who will respond, within 35 minutes, in the event of
an alarm. These persons must also have a key to the premises and be able to reset a
malfunctioning alarm and secure the premises.
Day Phone
Evening Phone
9. Date:
10. Applicant Signature
Upon assignment of a permit number, a sticker with your permit number will be issued to you and
must be posted and visible at the main entrance.
You must enclose a $40.00 permit fee with the Application.
Make checks payable to: City of Fremont
Keep a copy for your records.
For questions, please call 510-790-6755 or visit our website at
PD-040 (Rev.02/12)
City of Fremont Official Website - Alarm Permit
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Alarm Permit
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Alarm Permit
Why do I need this permit?
In 1997, the Fremont Police Department responded to more than 10,000 false alarm calls. Studies have
shown that approximately 98% of all business and residential alarm calls in Fremont are false alarms. Since
the alarm ordinance went into effect in March of 1998, false alarms are down by 20% to 30%.
In order to reduce the number of false alarms and create more time for police officers to respond to crimes
and solve problems, the City of Fremont adopted the Fremont False Alarm Ordinance. This ordinance is
designed to increase the education and accountability of alarm owners in Fremont. It provided an incentive
for alarm owners to repair and maintain their alarms, train their families and/or employees on alarm
procedures and seek assistance from the Fremont Police Department and local alarm companies to reduce
false alarms. For more information, please view Reason for Verified Alarm Response or fill out the Alarm
Permit Application.
How much does it cost?
The initial permit costs $40 and is valid for two years. The permit must be renewed every two years at a cost
of $20. The revenue generated from these permits is used to help defray the costs of equipment and
personnel to administer the ordinance and, more importantly, to train alarm owners.
What do I do once I get this permit?
If your alarm is installed and you have your permit, there is no further action needed.
This permit information can change at any time. Please contact Community Service Officer Susan Itson at
(510) 790-6755 for more information.
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