DSC | New Classic PC585 | PC585 Spec Sheet

4 Zone Hybrid Wireless Security System plus 4
Expandable to 8 Zones
Hardwired or Wireless
• 4 programmable panel zones expandable to 8 zones
using keypad zone inputs (1 zone per keypad) or wireless zones
• PC5132 - wireless receiver module
• connect up to 8 wireless devices
Up to 8 Keypads
• up to 8 hardwired or any combination of hardwired
and up to 4 wireless keypads
• 3 hardwired keypad models available…
- PC1555RKZ eight zone LED keypad with zone input
- PC5508Z eight zone LED keypad with zone input
- LCD5500Z alphanumeric keypad with zone input
• WLS910 - wireless hand-held keypad
• added wireless control is provided by…
- WLS908 - wireless panic pendant
- WLS909 - wireless key
2 Programmable Voltage Outputs
• PGM1 and PGM2 with 20 programmable options
Advanced Communications
The PC585 brings remarkable new technology
and product design together in a system that is
ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional
applications. More than a burglar alarm, the
PC585 is a complete life safety and security
system offering the latest advances in hybrid
wireless/hardwired burglary and fire protection.
While the PC585 provides superior electronic
protection of life and property, it also supplies a
full range of system control options that can be
fully customized to meet the exact requirements of
the system owner. The PC585 not only offers a
variety of wall mounted keypads and hand-held
wireless controllers, but each interface also
provides fully customized operation.
• supports all major formats including SIA and Contact ID
• LINKS 1000™ cellular communication
• LINKS 2150™ long range radio communication
• event-initiated personal paging
• 3 phone numbers (3rd backs up primary number)
• 2 account numbers
Efficient Installation
Exceptional quality, complete design flexibility,
fully customized system control, and the reliable
peace-of-mind security your customers can count
on for years to come – it all adds up to the
new PC585 from DSC.
• 4 wire communications bus (KEYBUS)
- connect keypads and modules up to 1000' (330 m)
from control panel
P C 5 8 5
S e c u r i t y
S y s t e m
PC585 Main Control Panel
False Alarm Prevention Features
• up to 8 fully programmable zones
- use any combination of :
…4 hardwire zones on main control panel
…8 keypad input zones (1 per keypad)
…8 wireless zones using PC5132 wireless receiver
- all zones programmable as burglary or fire(1)
- zone wiring options include…Normally Closed, Single End of Line
(EOL) resistor, and Double EOL resistor(1)
audible exit delay
• audible exit fault
arm/disarm bell squawk
• urgency on entry delay
quick exit
programmable swinger shutdown by zone
programmable transmission delay by zone
AC failure, TLM trouble, and Low Battery transmission delays
recent close code transmission
cross zone police code transmission
opening after alarm code transmission
keypad zones cannot be programmed as fire zones if Double EOL resistor
supervision is enabled
- 27 programmable zone types, 8 programmable zone attributes
• 128 event buffer
- all events automatically stored with time and date stamp to buffer
- events can be printed on-site, viewed through the LCD Keypad or
DLS software
• alarm output
- bell output - 700mA @ 12VDC, PTC protected
• 2 programmable voltage outputs
- PGM1 ....................high current, 300 mA @ 12 VDC
- PGM2 ....................low current, 50 mA @ 12 VDC
- 24 programmable options
• local PCLINK™ and remote upload/download capability
- PCLINK allows direct connection of PC to alarm panel
- program system using DLS software
- view status and trouble conditions
- view 128 event buffer
• 1.5A regulated power supply
- auxiliary power…12 VDC, 550mA
- positive temperature coefficient (PTC) AUX & Bell output protection
- electronically protected from KEYBUS faults
- supervision for AC power loss and low battery
- internal clock locked to AC power frequency
Full Supervision
Trouble conditions are displayed on all keypads and can also be
communicated to central station for :
• battery trouble
• AC failure
• zone low battery
• auxiliary power trouble
• zone tamper
• zone fault
• system tamper
• fire trouble
• siren circuit trouble
• arming delinquency
• general system trouble
• failure to communicate
• event buffer 75% full
• loss of system time
• telephone line trouble - (via LINKS™ cellular communicator)
• general system supervisory trouble…reports when system
fails to communicate with any module on the KEYBUS
LED & LCD Keypads
Plain Language LCD5500Z Keypad
• battery required : 12 V, 4 Ah, rechargeable sealed lead-acid
• transformer required : 16.5 VAC, 40 VA
System Operation
• 39 access codes
- 32 user codes, 1 master code, 2 duress codes,
2 supervisor codes, 1 installer code, and 1 maintenance code
- individual open/close reporting by user
• ‘no code required for Bypassing’ option
- allows users to bypass zones without entering an access code
• ‘quick arm’ and ‘quick exit’
- allows users to arm and exit easily
• ‘stay/away’ zones and ‘stay’ arming
- security of perimeter arming while premise is occupied
• automatic arming
- program system to auto-arm at a specific time every day
• ‘activity delinquency’ code
- signals monitoring station if no activity is sensed in premise for a
programmable period of time
• door chime
- programmable by zone
- monitor a door by having keypad beep when the door is opened
or closed
The PC585 security system is fully programmable from the
attractive, easy to use dual-language LCD5500Z keypad :
• connect up to 8 keypads, combination LED and/or LCD
• zone input
- connect detector to keypad to replace one of 4 main panel zones or
increase total zones up to 8 with 4 keypads
• dual-language (languages vary according to country)
- simple key entry to toggle between languages while viewing keypad
• large 32 character display
- zone identification - system instructions
- system status
- 128 event buffer
- trouble conditions
• plain language operating instructions
- menu for user functions
- what key to press for specific functions
- steps for programming functions
• 5 programmable function keys with 15 options such as
Home Arm, Away Arm, Quick Exit etc.
PC5400 - RS232
Serial Printer Interface Module
• 4 keypad-activated alarms : Fire, Auxiliary, Panic, and duress
• 3 LED indicators : Ready, Armed and Trouble
- allow system status to be viewed at a glance
• backlit display
- display and keys backlit for easy viewing in low light conditions
- adjustable brightness and contrast
- Backlighting Boost provides extra high key lighting when any key
is pressed
• piezo buzzer
- provides audible feedback for correct key entries, pre-alert,
and system trouble status
- select from 21 different buzzer tones
• connect to 4 wire KEYBUS up to 1000' (330 m) from control panel
• allows serial printer connection for report of events logged to
the PC585 event buffer
• supports any 300, 1200, 2400 or 4800 bps serial printer
• multiple languages available
• module connects to 4 wire KEYBUS up to 1000' (330m) from
control panel
• c/w DB-25 modular connector for easy connection
• current draw : 65mA
• maximum one module per system
• specifications
- current draw : 90 mA with backlighting boost
- dimensions : 5.75” x 4.5” x 1” deep (144 x 114 x 25mm)
Wireless Security
LED Keypads
PC5132 Wireless Receiver
Two keypads are available…with zone input :
PC1555RKZ…8 zone LED keypad
PC5508Z…8 zone LED keypad
• zone input
- connect detector to keypad to replace one of 4 main panel zones
or increase total zones up to 8 with 4 keypads
• 5 keypad functions with choice of 15 programmable options
- separate function keys on PC5508Z
• connect to 4 wire KEYBUS up to 1000' (330 m) from control panel
• connect up to 8 DSC wireless detectors
• 900 MHz true ‘Spread Spectrum’ or 433 MHz Narrow Band
technology, fully supervised for communication integrity
• 12 minute supervisory time
• connect to 4 wire KEYBUS up to 1000' (330m) from control panel
• current draw : 125mA
Wireless Control Devices
• LED indicators : PC1555RKZ .... Ready, Armed, System
PC5508Z ........ Ready, Armed, Trouble,
Memory, Bypass, Fire, Program
• 4 keypad-activated alarms…Panic, Auxiliary, Fire, and Duress
• backlit display…with Backlighting Boost to provide extra high key
lighting when any key is pressed
• piezo buzzer…provides audible feedback for correct key entries,
pre-alert, and system trouble status
• specifications : current draw…90 mA with backlighting boost
- PC1555RKZ…5.5" W x 4.5" H x 1" D (140 x 114 x 25 mm)
- PC5508Z….....5.75"W x 4.5"H x 1"D (144 x 114 x 25mm)
WLS908 Wireless Panic Pendant
- communicates a non-medical alarm to central station
- 8 pendants maximum…each occupying 1 zone
- sealed non-replaceable battery
WLS909 Wireless Key
- remote arm/disarm control
- up to 16 keys per system
- 3 photo/electronic 1.5V batteries included
WLS910 Wireless Hand-Held Keypad
- personal remote keypad
- up to 4 wireless keypads per system (in addition to hardwired keypads)
- 3 AAA batteries included
4 Zone Hybrid Wireless Security System plus 4
rchitect's Specifications
The contractor shall provide a complete electrically supervised, battery
backed-up, fire and burglary alarm system. The system shall be complete with a
multi-zone alarm system with the capacity of up to 8 burglar or Class B fire zones
of which up to 8 may be wireless zones. All zones shall be supervised and be
capable of operating listed heat detectors, smoke detectors, alarm contacts,
motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, vibration detectors, and other listed fire
and burglary alarm detection devices. The system shall have 1 low current voltage
output and 1 high current voltage output. All outputs shall be programmable to
activate for 1 of 20 options. System shall be complete with a 4 wire unshielded
(QUAD) communications bus that allows system modules and keypads to be added
anywhere on the bus up to 1,000 feet (330m) per leg from the main control panel.
Bus shall be able to withstand temporary shorts of up to +12V without control
panel damage. The system shall be capable of providing 550mA of 12VDC auxiliary
power for alarm devices.
The alarm panel shall be capable of digital communications via regular telephone
line, LINKS cellular, and LINKS long range radio to two separate monitoring stations
or locations with 2 account numbers and 3 telephone numbers. LINKS
cellular communication shall be capable of backup or sole communications to
monitoring stations and for upload/download operations. The system communicator
shall be capable of communicating in all major formats including SIA and Contact
ID. Events transmitted shall be programmable to include: fire alarms, burglary
alarms, trouble alarms, supervisory conditions, alarm restoral codes, opening
(disarming) and closing (arming) codes, partial closing codes, and opening after
alarm codes. The system shall be capable of paging personnel on the occurrence
of any of the above events selected by the owner. The system shall be capable of
transmitting a test code to the monitoring station(s) on a programmable daily,
weekly or monthly frequency at a regular time of day.
There shall be a 700mA, PTC protected, supervised bell/siren circuit that will drive
a bell/siren until reset or silenced. Siren output shall be programmable as steady
or pulsed for each zone.
The alarm panel shall be equipped with EEPROM memory to retain all program
information even if all AC and battery power is lost, and shall have integral static
and lightning protection circuitry.
To prevent false alarms and unnecessary transmissions to monitoring stations, the
alarm panel shall have SIA false alarm prevention features, programmable swinger
shutdown by zone, audible exit delay, audible exit fault, opening after alarm reporting,
arm/disarm bell squawk, urgency on entry delay, “quick exit”, programmable
transmission delay by zone, and transmission delay on AC failure, TLM trouble, low
battery, recent close code, and cross zone police code,
The system shall have stay/away and stay arming capability to allow the user to
remain on the premises while the system is armed. A quick-arm feature shall allow
users without access codes to arm the system and exit. A door chime feature shall
cause the keypad to beep when a selected door is opened or closed.
The system shall support any combination of up to 8 dual-language LCD and LED
type keypads with backlit displays. Keypads shall be surface-mounted and
capable of fully programming and operating the system. Each keypad shall be
assignable to operate the entire system. Dual-language keypads shall be complete
with 32 character liquid crystal display (LCD) to provide plain language
programming instructions, operating instructions, and display of all alarms and
supervisory conditions. They shall be capable of toggling between languages by
pressing a keypad key combination. LED keypads shall have 8 zone indicators. All
keypads shall have keypad-activated emergency alarms for panic, emergency, fire,
and duress; 5 programmable function keys or programmable keypad functions;
LED indicators for Ready, Armed, and Trouble or System; and shall be equipped
with a piezo buzzer to provide audible feedback for correct key entries, pre-alert,
and trouble.
Each keypad shall have one zone input to allow a zone detector to be wired
directly to the keypad.
System shall support wireless operation with up to 8 wireless panic pendants, 16
wireless arm/disarm keys, and 4 wireless handheld keypads.
The system shall allow 39 access codes including 32 user codes, 1 master code,
2 duress codes, 2 supervisor codes, 1 installer code, and 1 maintenance code.
The system shall be uploadable/downloadable to allow programming and operation
from a directly connected local computer, or from a remote computer over a
telephone line or LINKS cellular communications equipment. Remote access shall
be controlled by the owner to prevent unauthorized access.
The system shall support a 300, 1200, 2400 or 4800 bps serial printer connected
to the communications bus up to 1,000 feet (330m) from the control panel. The
printer shall log all system events and transactions with time and date stamp.
Information shall be stored in the system’s 128 event buffer which can be
examined from the LCD keypad or via DLS software.
The system shall meet UL standards as required for relevant type of application.
Digital Security Controls
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Printed in Canada 01/98 International # 29002865
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