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POSitively Business ™
Point of Sale for Business! Accounting Software
The Best Point of Sale System
For Microsoft¨ Access Users
Handles Cash and Customer Sales
Integrates with all POS Hardware
Cashier and Customer Friendly
On Screen Receipt, Customer, and Cashier Info
Great User Guides for Cashiers and Administrators
Mouseless interface uses only bar code scanner and
keyboard with optional credit card reader
Define up to 24 different function key tasks
Complete Administration System for Setup,
Reconciliation, Cash Counting, and Register Security
Includes Bar Code Printing System for Item Labeling,
Price Labels, Bin Labels, Register Notebooks, and
Serial Number Labels
Works with Yes! I Can Customer, Inventory, Banking,
General Ledger, Invoicing, and Accounts Receivable
Display your logo or changing pictures with each
scanned item
Handles out of stock overrides and serialized items
Scan item and change pricing or quantites
The first Point of Sale system written for cashiers and customers.
Visual display provides instant feedback. Completely customizable
receipts, light pole display, and hundreds of setup options lets you
control the way you do point of sale business. Ships with all source
code and great documentation.
Powerful Payment Processing
¥ Accept Unlimited Payments of Cash, Check,
Credit Cards and House Charges, Credits, Voids
¥ Handles Manufacturer or Company Coupons
¥ Handles Multiple Payment Types for Each Sale
¥ Complete Control of Overpayment and Change
¥ Optional ID check for checks or credit cards over a
user specified amount
¥ Control cash drawer opening on tender process
¥ User Definable Receipt Format without Programming
¥ Optional PC-Charge interface automates credit card
Administrative System is controlled by an
easy-to-use menu system which lets the
administrator select all setup, security,
reconciliation, register and cashier
tracking, bar code printing, sales analysis,
and all reporting. Each workstation can be
setup as a cashier station which only
displays the Point of Sale screen with a
cashier login or the full administrative
station with the menu system.
Sales: 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Reconcile Your Sales, Registers, and Cashiers
Back Office Reconciliation Just Got Easy!
Display each cashier session and view the register, cash
drawer, cashier, time in/out, and all cash balances.
¥ Verify and edit Starting Cash, display cash sales, count
ending cash, analyze differences, and change the
status when reconciled
¥ Change the Register Status when Reconciled
¥ Use the integrated cash counter to count cash,
checks, or coupons
¥ Display only desired data filtered by register, cashier,
date/time, unreconciled amount, status
¥ Sort the data by any column
¥ Reports let you keep statistics on sales by register or
cashier including efficiency measurements
Count Cash, Checks, and Coupons
Cash Counter lets you define and maintain all cash types.
¥ Include checks, coupons and any custom payment types
¥ Check Counter allows entry of check number, bank routing
info, and check amount
¥ Coupon Counter allows entry of bar code, manufacturer,
and amount. Optionally scan couponÕs bar code
¥ Define each type of cash to count including the multiplier
¥ Separate counters for cash, checks, and coupons
¥ Automatically retrieve checks and coupons from sales system
¥ Posts to reconciliation screen when counts are completed
¥ Save count data for later analysis and editing
¥ Print all counts and totals
Print Bar Codes on all Your Items
Displays all of the products in your inventory
Select any bar code font family and specific font
Print item labels, price labels, serial number labels
Print notebook style lists of products and bar codes
for registers
Select which items to print bar codes for
Print 1, quantity in stock, or any custom number
of labels
Optionally print description, bar code text, price,
and serial number under bar codes
Print combination labels of bar code/price
Define your own label types
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Great Tools to Analyze Your Sales
Sales Analyzer Form Displays Every Transaction
¥ View all transactions in one form
¥ Drill down through cashier sessions, invoices, line items,
and payments
¥ Filter for date, registers, cashiers, status, and sort by
any column
¥ Display each register log entry
¥ View all invoices created
¥ View line items and payments for each invoice
¥ Double click on any invoice and see invoice in form view
¥ Print any or all selected data
Powerful Report Manager Included
¥ Easy to Use Report Selection Screen
¥ Enter Up to Two Optional Report Titles
¥ Select Reports by Category and See Complete
¥ Select Any Period - Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year,
or define any Custom period
¥ Define additional selections without programming
¥ Many pre-defined reports included
¥ Sales reports
¥ Cashier reconciliation reports
¥ Register efficiency reports
¥ Statistical analysis reports
Post All Data to Yes! I Can or Other Accounting Systems
¥ Designed to work with Business! Accounting Software
¥ Can be customized to integrate with other Access
based accounting systems
¥ Post all sales and payment transactions directly to
General Ledger
¥ Works with Accounting, Sales, Accounts Receivable,
Customer, and Inventory systems
¥ Create invoices directly in Business! for sales and
receivables analysis
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Complete Control Over Point of Sale Operations
Control Inventory and Bar Code Scanning Options
¥ Well organized setup options make it easy to
control your POS system
¥ Customize to the way you run your business
¥ Handles inventory, bar code, sales tax, general
ledger, invoicing options, and more
¥ Control how you use bar codes or item
numbers to enter or scan SKUs
¥ Handle inventory lookups or out of stock
conditions. Override zero quantities
¥ Local options include workstation type
(administrative or cashier) and register
All POS Hardware is Treated as Optional
¥ Select your point of sale hardware, choose and
test the connection port
¥ Supported hardware includes scanners, cash
drawers, light poles and receipt printers
¥ Select from several pre-defined light pole message
formats or create your own
¥ Define all text on top and bottom of receipts
including any credit card signature lines
¥ Select order of fields on receipt including size and
format from user-friendly interface
Other setup options define look of cash counter, general ledger accounts, payment type
processing, and cashier security. Local options define register security separate from
cashier security. Utility options include daily back-up and multi-company options.
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Point of Sale/Barcode Hardware & Accessories
Supports most common Point of Sale hardware from major vendors. Purchase directly from
Database Creations, Inc. at great prices. Hardware/software works with any personal
computer system that runs Microsoft Access 97 or higher. Each register workstation
requires software license and hardware to operate.
Hardware Bundle
List Price
Cash Drawer
Light Pole (PD3000)
Keyboard with Credit Card Scanner
Scanner (Symbol LS 1000)
Thermal Receipt Printer (Epson)
Any 1 Bar Code Font
Bundle Price Only:
Cash Drawers
from $260
* Requires Receipt Printer for
Regular: $2,245
Bar Code Label Printers
from $249
Programmable Opening
from $995
Light Poles
PD3000 20 characters $380
PD6000 40 characters $420
Credit Card Scanning Keyboard
from $300
Laser Scanners
from $549
Bar Code Fonts from
Choose from UPC, Code 39, Code 128, 2 of 5
and more. $199/font $595 site license.
Receipt Printers from Epson
Thermal (Quiet and Efficient) $549
Impact (Uses Any Paper and Ribbons) $349
* Works with most cash drawers to open them
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Also Available
Warehouse Inventory System
Barcode Tracking and Printing for Business! Accounting Software
Processing Option Choices Control System
¥ Warehouse system handles physical inventory
reconciliations, loading dock transactions, or transfers
between warehouses using portable data collectors
¥ Total Inventory data (reconciliation) can be
automatically processed within desired tolerances for
shortages and overages separately
¥ Summarize or show all detail for transaction data
¥ Specify an inventory date which can be used to
automatically enter the last date reconciled
¥ Optional general ledger accounts can be used for
entries for reconciliation differences and transaction
amounts using quantities and prices
¥ All settings are saved each time so you only have to
select the specific settings you need
¥ Works with standard bar code hardware
¥ Use portable data collection devices to collect data
¥ Includes source code
Control Accurate Inventory Reconciliations and Transactions
¥ View the item number, barcode, description, avg.
cost, current in stock quantities, physical inventory
amounts, differences, percent differences, and visual
symbols for differences
¥ Visually scan for blue records which indicate a physical count below in stock amount (¥--¥), black records
(¥0¥) no difference, and red records (¥+¥) above
expected inventory amounts
¥ View and sort data by Item Number, Barcode,
Description, and Percent difference
¥ Exclude collected data with no difference between
current amounts and physical inventory
¥ Automatically select all records, no records, or only
records within desired tolerances
¥ Refresh Quantity in Stock display to account for real
time changes
¥ Quickly find a desired data item to verify amounts
¥ Change the cost amount or actual count data before
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
Warehouse Module Handles Portable Data Collection
Transfer Between Warehouses
¥ View the item number, bar code, description, serial
number, warehouse, transfer quantity and the current
in stock quantities in both the transfer from and
transfer to warehouse
¥ Visually view and sort the data by item number,
barcode, description, or warehouse
¥ Automatically select all records, or no records
¥ Refresh Quantity in Stock display to account for real
time changes
¥ Change the warehouse or quantity to transfer before
Import Data in Any Format - ASCII, Access
¥ Direct import of Access table data from other
applications or data collection devices
¥ Direct import of CSV (Delimited) or Fixed Width ASCII
text files from external files or data collectors
¥ Streaming serial data separated by CrLf or Tabs can
be read directly in from older devices
¥ Data from Symbol SPT1500 or SPT1700 Palm Based
devices can be HotSynced using Pendragonª forms
Barcode and Print Your Data
¥ Shelf labels for affixing to retail shelves
including optional price display
¥ Warehouse labels for product locations, bins
¥ Product labels for placing on merchandise
with optional serial number barcodes
¥ Report notebook format for workstation
scanning with one barcode per line and
¥ Report notebook format with multiple barcodes per line and less detail
¥ You select which items to print and how
many labels for each product
¥ Each product displays quantity in stock and
lets you print one or more labels per item
Labels support single roll label printers and laser/inkjet printers on plain paper labels
Reports use standard Avery brand label stock including two and three column labels
You can customize any report template using the Microsoft Access report writer
Each time you change the settings, they are saved for the next time you print
You control display of product descriptions, bar code text, and prices
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137*
Order Form & Pricing
Call 1-800-277-3117
or visit
Brochure Price: $3.00
Business! Standard Edition with Point of Sale Software
(computer, monitor and POS hardware not included)
3 Register Licenses
Point of Sale Software
1 Register
3 Registers
Each Additional Register Up To 5 Registers
Each Additional Register 6 and Over
(computer and monitor not included)
Business! Pro Software/Business Standard Software Only
(computer and monitor not included)
POS Hardware Bundle
(Cash Drawer, Light Pole, Register, Font, Scanner, Printer)
Each Workstation
Special Pricing
Business! Standard Edition with Point of Sale and Hardware
3 Register Licenses with 3 Register Hardware Bundle
Point of Sale Warehouse Bar Code Module
Sales Tax (CT add 6%)
Shipping $12.00/Item
UPS Ground
Daytime Phone
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Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Check / Money Order Enclosed
Intnl: (860) 648-9151
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S.Windsor, CT 06074 USA
Sales 800-277-3117 or (860) 648-9151 * Fax (860) 648-9137 *
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