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Volume 67
Colorful, Durable Boards for Flatbed Printing
November 2011
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TyrrellTech now carries Graphic-al boards. What can this new
product line mean for YOUR business? Why choose Graphic-al?
Quality colors and surfaces - Precise extruded color coating
and laminations processes delivers consistent color, flatness and
surface smoothness.
Clean and ready to print - Protected by a clear masking,
Graphic-al surfaces are ready to print or mount vinyl without
extra cleaning or preparation.
High rigidity, light weight, easy to cut and shape - Graphic-al
delivers high rigidity with light weight for easier cutting, routing.
bending and curving.
Call TyrrellTech for Pricing and Availability!
Atlantic City Sign Show! December 1-3, 2011
Here at TyrrellTech, the
only thing we love more
than a great show theme is
getting customers outfitted with the right and best
printer for their production
So, come see TyrrellTech
in this year’s USSC Show
in Atlantic City, NJ... booth
401, you won’t be able to
miss us. And you will find
out that, when it comes to
the best in digital printing
systems and support, the
answer is, “Who is TyrrellTech, Alex?”
Register to Attend at
I don’t like to start
my morning with
water on my cheerios or diesel fuel in
my gas-powered
car. In that same
vein, you don’t want to start your Roland’s day without official,
certified Roland ink in its tubes. Running your Roland with OEM
(Original Equipment Manufacturer) inks guarantees that you
will have consistent color, clean warranty coverage, and reliable
results. It is truly the only way to go.
For our Roland printer owners who have chosen to take
this path, we want you to know that you are being rewarded!
Roland recently increased their warranty prices. We have put
together a program where you can get a discount for being a
Roland ink user, and an EVEN BIGGER discount for buying those
Roland inks from TyrrellTech! TyrrellTech Roland ink users can
save as much as $500 off of the Roland contract pricing.
On top of the money savings and the piece of mind that
comes from using OEM inks, there is another benefit. With your
discounted TyrrellTech service contract, you get coverage on
some parts that are otherwise deemed consumable, including wipers and cap tops that the technician replaces while on
site. That, paired with the preventative maintenance calls that
you get twice a year, makes it a no-brainer-- Roland inks and
TyrrellTech warranty coverage for your
printer are the way to go.
Thank you to those customers who
have stayed true and loyal Roland and
TyrrellTech ink customers. Kudos to you,
this is your reward!
“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive
and persistence. The extra energy required to make
another effort or try another approach is the secret of
winning.” -Dennis Waitley
9045 Maier Road, Suite A
Laurel, MD 20723
200 Route 31 North, Suite 109
Flemington, NJ 08822
Call ahead to check pricing & availability in MD or NJ. Reserve a seat today!
USSC Show!
USSC Show!
NJ- Pricing
MD- Banner
MDFlexi 101
New Wrapping Product from Oracal!
ORACAL USA is pleased to
announce ORAJET Series
3751RA Wrapping Cast
Digital Media with RapidAir Technology.
Series 3751RA is an ideal choice for challenging vehicle wraps...
Why? Check out this list of features!
* Low initial tack
* Repositionable, grey adhesive
* Cast construction
* Advanced air release system for highly conformable performance over difficult curves, corrugations, and rivets
* 8-year life
* 2.25-mil thickenss
* Smooth white gloss surface
* Little to no adhesive residue for up to four years
This new product is amazing, and just right for your vehicle
wrapping needs. The low initial tack makes application easy and
the strong bond will keep the graphics in place long term.
Rimage Media Reader
Files come to you in
many formats and on various
media types and devices. You
can easily bring them into
your disc publishing system
with the Rimage Media
Reader; an accessory to any
Rimage Disc Publisher, Rimage Disc Authoring Solution
or Rimage Copy Station.
Use the Media Reader in
conjunction with your disc
publisher to ingest pictures,
data files, or any information
Rimage 5400N with Media Reader
stored on memory cards or
optical discs. The Rimage
Media Reader is designed to work seamlessly with disc publishers without distracting you from your workflow.
It is fast and simple. Insert your disc, SD card or other storage
device into the Media Reader and use QuickDisc software, the
Disc Copy Station ‘Device Offload’ button, or your normal file access process to import files.
Move Up to Rimage Promotion!
Rimage manufactures a top
of the line, one of a kind CD/DVD
publishing solution. Burn and
print discs all in one unit!
Through December 16, 2011, Rimage will take $2000 off of the Rimage
Professional Series price. For a limited
time, you can obtain a Rimage Professional 3400 system for less than
$5,000 or receive a Rimage Professional
5400N embedded system for less than
Call today to get started using this product, 888-865-0300
Mutoh Flatbed/Hybrid Printers
Mutoh VJ1608
With NEW MP Inks
64” Hybrid Printer
Call for Pricing
Biodegradable Paper
Postermax paper from
Intelicoat is not only a
great solution for your
solvent or eco-solvent printer, but this paper is truly 100 percent
biodegradable. Not all papers are. But this product, if you do
want to offer a biodegradable solution to your customers, is, in
fact, 100 percent biodegradable! AND... at 24¢ per square foot,
the price is right!
Call today to order, 888-865-0300
Mondi Board on Sale
62564- Mondi Indoor Board
50” x 72”, 1/16” thickness
List Price- $16.82
ON SALE FOR- $9.50
62574- Mondi Xtreme Outdoor
Board, 50” x 72”, 1/16” thickness
List Price $22.82
ON SALE FOR- $13.00
Direct Color Systems 1014 & 1024
what is great for small
format uv printing, alex?
The Direct Jet
1014UV and 1024UV
printers from Direct
Color Systems® are
unique offerings within
the small-format UV
flatbed market. These
new UV printers are
extremely versatile, offering large table sizes
and height allowances
at an economical price point. They produce incredibly crisp text
and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding solvent and
abrasion durability on a variety of substrates, from wood and
stainless steel to ceramic tiles, plastics and glass.
The Direct Jet UV printers’ white ink creates a very opaque
image, allowing users to print onto virtually any colored substrate and produce amazing, bright colors with a white under
base. The white ink is also extremely user friendly. It is stationed
in cartridges on top of the print head, remaining in constant motion to correctly maintain the white pigment in suspension.
Contact TyrrellTech to see samples and learn more.
HP FB Series Production Flatbed Printers
what is great for UV PRINTING
The HP FB Series of flatbed UV printers is a sign shop’s dream
when it comes to fast, reliable production. This machine easily
prints edge to edge on precut coroplast for high volume needs,
and it will do an amazing quality print sub-surface on clear
acrylic. That’s right, all in one machine!
The HP flatbed printers, both the 64” FB500 and the 98”
FB700, can help you fulfill many requests. Signage, point of
purchase, double sided direct-to-board prints, the need to print
white ink, and so much more.
Come to TyrrellTech today to see an FB500 in action!
Roland LEF, LEC & LEJ Printers
what is great for UV PRINTING
with special effects?
One of the most advanced and
affordable benchtop UV printers in its class, the LEF-12 has a
maximum print area of 12 inches
by 11 inches, and can handle solid
objects up to 3.94 inches thick. You
can even add stunning graphics
for high visual impact and unique
dimensional effects, whether printing logos or any type of artwork
on a vast array of items, including
thumb drives, pens, cell phone covers, laptops and more. You’re only limited by your imagination.
White ink can be added as a spot color, or a flood behind
CMYK to make colors pop on dark backgrounds or clear materials such as acrylic. With the addition of Clear Coat ink, gloss or
matte finishes can be produced for enhanced visual and tactile
As the world’s first UV
inkjet printer/cutters,
Roland’s DPI awardwinning VersaUV
LEC series quickly
revolutionized the
packaging prototype
and short-run label
industries. For the first time, professionals could print CMYK plus
white and clear inks for varnishing and embossing effects on virtually any substrate and then crease, contour cut or perf-cut their
designs, all on one device through one seamless workflow. Now,
our 54” model takes your creativity to an even larger scale.
The LEC is available in both 30” & 54” sizes. Call to learn more
about how you can produce packaging prototyped with high
quality, white spot color, and textured gloss overlays!
As a hybrid
printer, the LEJ-640
accepts both roll
and flat media
substrates from
films to Gatorfoam.
Now with just one
device, you can
explore a world of
applications, from packaging prototypes and POP to wide-format signage, décor, exhibits and window displays.
Layers of clear coat finish your graphics with custom patterns
and embossing effects, perfect for premium brands.
This machine can print high qualtiy images with UV inks onto
substrates up to 1/2” thick and 64” wide. See this machine in action at TyrrellTech and learn how adding Roland flatbed printing
to your capabilities can do so much more than just allow you to
print onto boards! 888-865-0300.
Roland’s New One Stop ADA Solution
Universal Laser
The largest in the VLS platform
line, the VLS6.60 has a wide and
deep engraving area that can
accommodate a variety of materials. The VLS6.60 offers a choice of
six laser cartridges ranging in power from 10-60 watts. The
material processing envelope of 32” x 18” x 9”, 5,184 in3 (813 x
457 x 229mm, 84,950 cm3) makes the VLS6.60 a versatile laser
engraving solution for most award and sign shops. In addition
to the basic capabilities of the machine, there are a number
of patented Uniquely Universal features that are only available from Universal Laser Systems. Laser Interface+ and Rapid
Reconfiguration are Uniquely Universal features that come
standard on the VLS6.60, and a number of additional options
are available to enhance your laser processing capabilities. All
Universal laser platforms use interchangeable components,
giving you the ability to tailor your system to fit your needs.
Contact Alex today to set up a demo!
888-865-0300 x110 or
Complete with everything you need to get
started producing ADA signage, two new ADA
Signage Kits have been developed exclusively
for use with Roland EGX-350 and EGX-400/600
engravers, making it easier than ever to produce
tamper resistant signs that comply with all state
and federal regulations.
EGX Engraver Kits Include:
Roland EGX Engraver
Engraving Tool Starter Kit
Braille and Profile Cutters
Burnishing Guides
CADLink EngraveLab Software
Accent Raster Pen License Kit
EGX-350 Kit includes Manual Pen
EGX-400/600 Kit includes Manual & Auto Pens
Rowmark Engravable materials
Adhesive Sheets
Self-contained, 1/2 HP Vacuum Chip Removal System
Vacuum Adapter
Call Alex for a demo and for pricing, 888-865-0300 x110
First come, First served!! TyrrellTech has four newly refurbished used machines for sale at
GREAT prices with warranties!
Call today to place your deposit!
Mutoh VJ1608
With NEW MP Inks
64” Hybrid Printer
Big Bench & Javelin 120”
Table with Three Shelves
Roland SC-545
High Speed Machine
& also...
Roland SC-540
High Speed Machine
60” Gemini
Rail Cutters
$675 List Price
‘Tis the season to be thankful for the blessing in our lives.
We at TyrrellTech are thankful for a lot of things. Yes, there are
days when installed machines don’t work and media gives us
a fit. Not everything always goes smoothly. But in the grand
scheme of things, we get to work with customers that we enjoy, colleagues we like working side by side with, and we get to
sell reliable products that we trust. Having any of those pieces
of the puzzle not in place would make for a much less enjoyable work environment.
We spend a lot of our waking hours at our jobs. Thankfully,
we at TyrrellTech
can say that we
often get to enjoy
that time and for
that, we are lucky!
Thank you for being
a part of this. Happy Thanksgiving
and, soon enough,
Happy Holidays
to you and yours.
Thank you.
We have a November Birthday to Celebrate!
Christina Corder-Kalnasy,
Customer Service, November 26
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