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Control and
Management System
The new C-Bus2 has
- Learn Enabled features
- C-Touch wall mounted touchscreens
- Infra-red control of AV equipment
- Ethernet Interface to C-Bus
- Internet control capabilities
- Wide range of Scene Controllers
- Complete DIN mounted range
- Complete high power dimming range
Easy 2
Install and
C-Bus2 - the next generation
of Clipsal C-Bus
Clipsal Integrated Systems have produced another building control
landmark in being the first Australian manufacturer to provide a
system that ‘self-learns’ relationships and memorises control
sequences and commands. C-Bus2 is a major system upgrade.
CIS have enhanced C-Bus and added many new products to the
range to produce an even more powerful system that is simple to
This represents a major turning point for the system as it moves
towards a broader scope of appeal to both commercial and residential
applications. Whether the end user is the building manager or home
owner, C-Bus2 offers a much greater choice of control options.
12 Channel Voltage Free Relay
The New C-Bus2 Range
C-Bus2 Learn Enabled Input and Output Units - C-Bus2 Units
‘learn’ control relationships between inputs and outputs with the
simple pressing of keys on C-Bus2 units.
C-Bus2 Touchscreen - C-Bus2 incorporates a new touchscreen called
C-Touch. C-Touch features a touch sensitive LCD screen with soft keys
that perform operations equivalent to 100’s of regular C-Bus2 switches.
C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit - The C-Bus2 Infra-red output wall
plate enables any C-Bus device to control third party equipment with
infra-red control capabilities.
C-Bus2 Bus Coupler - The C-Bus2 Bus Coupler, a module the size
of a matchbox, allows C-Bus control from any switch input. The bus
coupler is designed to fit into a standard wall box.
C-Bus2 DSI Gateway - An eight channel C-Bus2 gateway to the
DSI protocol, used in electronic fluorescent lighting ballasts. One
C-Bus2 DSI channel can control up to 100 DSI electronic ballasts.
C-Bus2 Network Interface - The C-Bus2 Network Interface provides a two-way C-Bus
to Ethernet interface. C-Bus can now control and monitor across a computer network or
across the Internet.
C-Bus2 HomeGate Software - Used for controlling C-Bus from a local or Internet
connected PC. Buttons, text, images, shapes, sliders and percentage indicators can all
be placed on user definable pages.
C-Bus2 DIN Rail Mounted Relays and Dimmers - A complete range of learn enabled,
switching and dimming modules for commercial and residential applications.
C-Bus2 Professional Series Dimmers - A complete range of learn
enabled, high capacity dimmers for use in professional applications
such as conference rooms, auditoriums and hotel lobbies.
C-Bus2 Scene Master - A flexible, wall mounted scene controller
with the ability to ‘learn’ lighting scenes set by the user.
Infra-red Output Unit
many new
to choose from!
C-Bus2 Learn Enabled Units
C-Bus2 Learn Enabled Units ‘learn’ control relationships with the
simple pressing of keys on C-Bus units. They also enable users to
set input units as on/off switches, dimmers, or time delay switches.
No longer is a PC required to set up and commission a system.
All the installer or user needs to do is to simply program the
C-Bus2 units directly by pressing keys on C-Bus2 units.
The option still remains to commission a C-Bus installation with a PC. The core
technology of the new system is the same as its predecessor and is entirely
compatible with all previous C-Bus products.
C-Touch Touch Screen
C-Touch provides a touch sensitive LCD screen with “soft keys” which
behave in a similar way to the keys on a regular C-Bus2 Key Input
Unit. C-Touch is customised by means of the WindowsTM installation
· C-Touch connects to and is powered from the C-Bus network, no
extra external power supply is required
· C-Touch is able to receive and act on infra-red commands
· C-Touch incorporates a Real Time Clock and can be used to
schedule real time events
· C-Touch can be configured to control 100’s of “soft keys”
· Buttons with text and/or images, text, bitmap images, shapes,
sliders, clocks and percent indicators can all be placed on a
C-Touch page
· All pages on C-Touch can be password protected
· Pressing a screen component on a C-Touch screen can be
configured to start:
- a C-Bus command (on/off/ramp/ramp rate)
- a preset-scene activation
- an audible output
- a link to another page
C-Bus Infra-red Output Unit
The Infra-red Output Unit is a C-Bus2 device that allows control of infra-red
products such as A/V components installed in boardrooms, homes, etc. Infrared command strings are stored in non-volatile memory that resides within the
C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit.
· The C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit connects to a C-Bus UTP unshielded
Cat 5 network - no other external power source is required
· The C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit module uses any input device connected
to C-Bus to initiate infra-red commands
· Each infra-red channel is software addressable with macro infra-red
· The C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit device can store approximately 200
unique infra-red codes
· The C-Bus2 Infra-red Output Unit unit has the capacity for connection of
two 3.5mm mono mini plug emitter cables with single or dual infra-red
· Any C-Bus2 Group Address can be ‘mapped’ to any combination of the
two infra-red output zones on the C-Bus Infra-red Output Unit
· The Infra-red Output Unit mounts to a standard single gang wall plate
C-Bus Scene Master for total control
With Scene Master a user can access up to five lighting scenes (switching/dimming
patterns) plus a Master-Off scene at the press of a button. Other features include:
Scene Master has the ability to ‘learn’ lighting scenes set by the user
The lighting system can be set up so that any scene can be recalled from
any switch connected to C-Bus
Scene Master comes with a credit card sized, hand held infra-red remote
control unit
Scene Master can be used to control any combination of C-Bus lighting groups
Scene Master can control up to 33 groups of lighting
C-Bus DSI Gateway
Dimming fluorescent lighting analogue control via a 0-10Vdc has been popular
for over 10 years now, but it has limitations. The ballast circuit still needs to be
switched on and off as the 0-10V analogue signal can not be used to switch
the luminaire. The 0-10V signal is also affected by volt drop, so only limited
runs were possible without signal amplification.
On the other hand a digital control
output has none of these restrictions.
One C-Bus2 DSI channel can
control up to 100 DSI electronic
ballasts. In addition, any compatible
digital device will react to the signal,
so compatable ballasts can be
linked on one signal line to ramp and
· Provides C-Bus2 control of
electronic DSI digital ballasts
· Controls up to 100 DSI ballasts
per channel
· Channel status indicators
· Faulty lamp/ballast detection and
· Local manual override buttons
· Remote override facility
Scene Master
HomeGate Software
Four Channel Bus Coupler
C-Bus2 Four Channel
Bus Coupler
The C-Bus2 Bus Coupler Unit is designed to interface third party
voltage free mechanical switches to C-Bus. The Bus Coupler features:
· Four status LEDs
· The maximum distance between the unit and an external voltage
free switch is approximately 1000mm
· The unit is designed to fit into a standard wall box
· The unit features a two way removable terminal block for the
C-Bus connection
· The unit features an eight way spring-loaded terminal block for
connection of the external switches
· The four status LEDs are visible without the need to remove the
cover assembly
C-Bus2 Network Interface
Provides a two way C-Bus to Ethernet Network interface. This allows C-Bus commands
to be distributed via a 10 Base T Ethernet (TCP/IP) network.
· The unit is housed in a 4M DIN Rail enclosure
· Features a 2 x C-Bus RJ45 connections and 1 x Ethernet RJ45 connection
· The unit requires an external 9-12V dc or ac mains power pack
HomeGate Software
Allows control and monitoring of C-Bus from a PC or an Internet
connection. Other features:
· Import graphic files
· Multiple pages can be configured with control components placed
where required
· Buttons (keys) with text and/or images, text, images, shapes
(rectangles, triangle, ellipses), sliders, percent indicator, etc., can
all be placed on a page
· A list of scheduled events can be displayed in the configuration
· A component is able to have the following actions associated with
it when pressed by the user:
- C-Bus control
- Scene activation
- Times events
- Links to other pages
C-Bus2 Learn Enabled
DIN Rail Units
Designed for easy installation and fast programming, C-Bus2 DIN Rail Units are made to fit
simply into standard sized switchboards.
Learn Enabled L5504RVF Series
· 4 Channel Voltage Fee Relay, 250Vac 10A per channel
Learn Enabled L5504RVF20 Series
· 4 Channel Voltage Fee Relay, 250Vac 20A per channel
Learn Enabled L5512RVF Series
· 12 Channel Voltage Free Relay, 250Vac 10A per channel
Learn Enabled L5504D2A Series
· Four Channel Dimmer
Learn Enabled L5508D1A Series
· 8 Channel Dimmer, 250Vac 1A per channel
Learn Enabled L5508DSI Series
· Eight Channel DSI Fluorescent Dimmer
Power Supply 5500PS
· Power Supply, 350mA
· C-Bus Network Interface
· C-Bus PC Interface
· C-Bus Network Bridge
C-Bus2 Professional Series Dimmers
These architectural dimmers have been specially developed for high
power lighting applications. C-Bus2 Professional Series Dimmers
create dramatic lighting effects in auditoriums, conference centres,
hotels and theatres.
Learn Enabled L5104D5
· Four Channel 5A Professional Dimmer
Learn Enabled L5102D10
· Two Channel 10A Professional Dimmer
Learn Enabled L5101D20
· One Channel 20A Professional Dimmer
Programmable Wall Mounted
Key Input Units
Key Input units come in a wide range of styles and finishes including
metallic, with plain or engraved face plates. 1, 2 or 4 gang switches are
accommodated in standard sized wall plates. Other features include:
Learn Enabled
Can be software programmed to function as on/off switches, dimmers or timers
Programmable LED status indicators
Only requires a C-Bus2 cable connection - mains power is not required
4 gang ‘Scene Setting’ version also available for multiple scene set-up
4 gang switch with inbuilt infra-red receiver is also available (for use with Hand Held
Remote Controller)
Occupancy Sensors
Learn Enabled
Indoor and outdoor passive infrared (IP66) models
All functions separately adjustable and programmable
Programmable LED indicators
Walk test light indicator
Sensitivity and light level adjustment
Integrated light level sensor, sunset switch and security modes
Indoor ultrasonic version and combined ultrasonic and passive
infra-red indoor version
Professional Series Dimmers
Learn Enabled Occupancy Sensors
Learn Enabled Key Input Units
C-Bus2 Software Applications
C-Bus Installation Software
C-Bus2 Software Tools
C-Bus2 can use programming and commissioning software tools to group loads in any
required combination of switching combinations. The software provides Manual and
Automatic (time based) control for users who want to control the system via a PC.
C-Bus2 runs under Microsoft Windows 95/98 and NT.
C-Gate Software Application
C-Gate is the gateway software program which allows third party
companies to integrate with the C-Bus system. C-Gate server
software can be embedded into third party software to automatically
model the C-Bus network. Other features include:
· C-Gate server is a software platform that monitors and controls
the components of the Clipsal C-Bus system
· C-Gate uses the industry standard TCP/IP interface
· C-Gate is written in JAVA so it is platform independent
(Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix)
· C-Gate allows you to connect multiple C-Bus networks across a
TCP/IP backbone.
C-Lution Software
C-Lution is a graphical user interface software application allowing
the user to create sophisticated animation to display the operating
status, network layout, and building layout. Other features include:
· Provides Graphical C-Bus monitor and control functions
· Provides C-Bus data logging
· C-Bus users can monitor in real time if a load is On, a load is Off,
or its dimmed level
· C-Bus units can be modelled and displayed in any format
Four Channel 0-10V
Analogue Output Device
Controls third party devices that use industry standard 0-10V or 1-10V
dc control voltage (e.g., electronic controllable fluorescent ballasts).
Single and Two Channel
Relay Devices
10A resistive and inductive switching plus 0-10V dc output
Compact modules for integration within other equipment
Integrated power supplies, override switches and LED status
Light Level Sensor
Measures from 20 to 3000 Lux
Programmable hysteresis values
Only requires a C-Bus cable connection - mains power is not
Temperature Sensor
Measures from 00 to 500C, with adjustable hysteresis
Only requires a C-Bus cable connection - mains power is not
Time Clock Module
Allows user override for special events and situations
Controls 2 separate C-Bus Channels and includes battery back up
7 day time control
42 memory locations
24 hour time backup
LCD clock display
Single and Two Channel Relay Devices
2 good
to be
System Overview
Clipsal C-Bus was the first Australian designed and manufactured building and home
management system released on the Australian market in 1994. Since that time it has
reached unprecedented success in both the Australian and international market. C-Bus
has provided energy savings and unsurpassed control flexibility in commercial buildings
and residences.
Whether providing simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit, or variable control such
as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus is used to easily control virtually any
type of electrical load.
The C-Bus Network
The C-Bus Network Bus is the communications wiring for the system,
consisting of an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) ‘Cat 5’ cable. The
Network Bus also provides the small amount of power needed to
operate the circuitry within C-Bus units. The C-Bus Network operates
at safe extra low voltage levels (36V dc).
Free Topology Structure
C-Bus devices are wired to any point on the Network by a twisted
pair cable. The C-Bus connections may be looped from unit to unit,
or a branch can be made at any point. This ‘free topology’ structure
provides a flexible system layout. New units can be added anywhere,
at any time, without system re-configuration.
Unlimited Capabilities
A large installation is usually divided into Networks of 100 C-Bus
Units, with a total cable length of 1000m per Network. This allows a
C-Bus system to be divided into manageable sections, simplifying
design, limiting potential fault propagation and aiding in any troubleshooting.
Peer-To-Peer Communication
Every C-Bus Unit is assigned a unique name, so that all the devices
on the C-Bus Network can communicate directly. Every device on
the C-Bus Network issues and responds to commands directly from
the Network, rather than requiring a central computer or controller.
Distributed Intelligence
All Units on the C-Bus Network each
have their own built-in microprocessor,
allowing them to operate independently.
The distributed intelligence provides
reliable high speed communications,
and ensures that a malfunction in one
unit will not affect the operation of any
other Unit or the Network.
Four Channel Bus Coupler
Simple Control
Each C-Bus device is programmed to issue and
respond to certain commands. There is no need for
any direct 240V or C-Bus wiring connection between
any units, providing each are connected somewhere
to the twisted pair C-Bus Network cable.
Typical C-Bus2 Instal
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