X-10 Universal Module

X-10 Universal Module
1. Use a small screwdriver to set red Housecode dial to same
letter as you set on your Controller.
2. Set black Unit Code dial to a number between 1 and 16.
3. Set the Momentary/Continuous slide switch to the left for
momentary operation or to the right for continuous operation.
4. Set other slide switch to left to use module as an annunciator
(beeper). Set switch to right to use it as an isolated contact
relay. Set switch to middle position to operate as both.
5. Using low voltage wire, connect terminals on module to unit
you wish to operate. Note warning label on Universal Module.
6. Plug Universal Module into a standard 120V AC wall outlet,
7. Test desired mode of operation by pressing ON button.
8. When set for continuous operation, turn module off by pressing the OFF button.
When set for momentary operation, the Universal Module can be
turned on remotely by pressing the ON key on any X-10 Control
ler corresponding to the Unit Code you set on the Universal
Module. The contacts will close for between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds
every time an ON code is received. If continuous operation is selected, you turn the module off by pressing the OFF key on any
X-10 Controller. The module responds to All Units Off but does
not respond to All Lights On.
You can use the module to control anything triggered by a contact closure, or you can switch a low voltage “through” the contacts of the module. However, the terminals are exposed; therefore, for safety, you should not connect voltages higher than 30 V
r.m.s. to these terminals, otherwise a shock hazard may exist.
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