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Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions
for Small and Medium Businesses
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Simplified communications
for businesses on the move
To succeed as a small or medium-sized business, you
need to keep customer satisfaction and employee
productivity high and operational costs low. Dynamic
communications that help you strengthen relationships,
C onnect
the right people
at the right time
Turn first contacts into repeat business
increase collaboration and mobility and improve
performance are at the core of your future success.
After all, customer satisfaction isn't just about the
quality and value of your products and services. It's
Satisfied customers generate repeat business. And effective communications can raise your level of service dramatically. Ensure you
handle incoming inquiries professionally with an efficient greeting system that welcomes clients by name and rapidly refers them
to the right salesperson. Deploy a phone system that allows you to quickly set up conference calls and reach your technicians, sales
representatives, consultants and delivery staff anywhere, at any time.
Ask Alcatel-Lucent to enhance your communications system so you can strengthen customer relationships
and generate repeat business.
also about how quickly clients, partners and suppliers
can reach you, how well they are greeted, and how
long they need to stay on the line to have their
Increase productivity and motivation
questions answered.
Employee productivity increases when you can reach
the right people at the right time on the right device.
It increases when you eliminate time wasters, such as
Allow your staff to share their knowledge easily and in real-time or to work from home while enjoying full and secure access to
company information. Enable seamless communications so staff can leave the building while they're on a call. Maintain a single
directory for your e-mail, mobile and office phone. Unchain your staff from their desks with wireless phones and headsets.
Allow fixed and mobile phones to be accessed with a single number. These time-savers simplify communications and increase
productivity. Your result: A more efficient and cost-effective organization.
Count on Alcatel-Lucent to help you reduce the cost of doing business.
missed calls and unnecessary travel, and when you
enable new capabilities, such as working with remote
and virtual teams, staying connected while traveling or
Make your network more cost effective, more secure
simply working from home.
As a small or medium business, you have no time to waste on infrastructure management. You need a secure, always-on communications network that is competitively priced, low-risk and easy to manage.
And controlling costs isn't just about getting a solid
return on investment. It's also about managing
expenditures - especially communications expenses in a way that suits your budget and your
organizational structure.
Alcatel-Lucent partners with you to put all the
Whether your workforce is growing rapidly or you're thinking of opening a new office or another warehouse, your communications
network has to be flexible, scalable and able to evolve with your changing needs. It should optimize your spending on a daily basis
to help you generate immediate savings. And it should help you become more agile so you can quickly and easily adapt to changes
in your market.
Alcatel-Lucent offers integrated communications solutions that include business-class traditional and IP telephony, secure e-mail
and Internet, and shared access to agendas, directories, files and folders.
Rely on Alcatel-Lucent to build your network while you build for the future.
pieces together and simplify your
communications. We'll help you interconnect
your people, their knowledge and your
communications network so you can focus on
growing your business.
More than 12 million users worldwide already enjoy
the benefits of Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions
Competitive excellence starts
with advanced telephony solutions
Alcatel-Lucent's advanced telephony solutions for small and medium businesses
give you all the communications capabilities you need. Combining both
hardware and applications, these solutions allow you to improve customer
satisfaction and increase productivity where it counts most for your business.
Improve your customer welcome
At Viking Travel, business was suffering: Advisors were constantly interrupted by ringing phones, prospective clients went elsewhere because of the time
they spent on hold, and clients who came into the office were unsettled by
the stressful atmosphere
Alctel-Lucent IP Touch 4068 Phone Extended Edition
& Add-on 40
Logi2com is an IT services firm that manages an installed base of
about 30 companies. The director, assisted by a secretary, manages
the company and eight technicians provide on-site and off-site
The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
Callers are now greeted by professional messages that offer easy-to-follow options
in one of four languages. Incoming calls are automatically routed to available
advisors. The office manager can now monitor call traffic and reorganize shifts
to match activity.
With Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team, the director's assistant can efficiently
monitor incoming calls and dispatch them to the assigned on-site technician
Customers who are on hold listen to music. They also hear reassuring messages that
their calls will be taken as soon as possible. Call length has dropped drastically
because advisors have real-time access to client information records through their
computers. Finally, an information broadcast service operates 24/7, allowing Viking
Travel to make a professional impression on clients around the clock.
“One number service” mean the technicians can be reached on their mobile
phones when they are off site. With or without Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team,
the technicians can also use their mobile phones to access the company's telephony
services, including call management, call filtering, voice mail and call logs, as if
they were working from their desks. They can also benefit from an advanced user
interface with integrated ergonomics on Microsoft® Windows Mobile® and
Nokia smartphones.
An integrated six-party audio conference call bridge makes the weekly sales
meeting easy to plan and manage. And, with the advanced web and audio
conferencing capabilities offered by Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ My Teamwork
Office Edition, webinars are easy to organize, at a cost that compares favorably
with service provider offerings.
Greeting messages
Voice mail and call screening
Attendant consoles & automated
■ PC-based attendant console with the
Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony application
■ Call center application
Enable more efficient teamwork
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Office Communication Server
Increase on-site mobility
Compact Edition
Vangrave is a medium-sized clothing importer and retailer with an
attached stockroom. In this busy outlet, supervisory employees are
constantly on the move - going up and down the aisles to maintain shelf
stock, getting prices for staff on the checkout counter, moving between
the shop and the stockroom or back office. A slowdown in any of these
functions causes an immediate bottleneck of queuing customers who are
in a hurry to complete their purchases
Wall-mounted version
Dect 300 Handset
The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
Rack version
Dect 400 Handset
Ergonomic, lightweight
DECT wireless handsets
Ergonomic and intuitive DECT wireless handsets with headsets allow employees
to continue with their jobs and make sure they are always reachable
Employees can use these phones to access the full range of communications
services, including call-by-name, call transfer, conference calls, supervision, voice
mail and notifications.
A complete range of modular, powerful and flexible communications servers delivering outstanding voice quality.
Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4038
Phone Extended Edition
9 Series digital phone
■ 6-party audio conferencing
■ Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team
■ One number service, Nokia eSeries and
Windows Mobile software clients
■ Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch My Teamwork
- Office Edition Web and audio conferencing
IP telephony:
mobility services:
Market agility requires it
competitive businesses rely on them
When your company is ready to offer more advanced customer services and enhance its business processes,
IP telephony is the answer. And it's much simpler than you might think. Alcatel-Lucent's traditional business
telephony services can communicate fully with the IP and Internet worlds, so migration is smooth and
cost-effective. You only use IP when and where you need it.
To increase your ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your partners, you need global solutions
that integrate collaboration and mobility tools with your business telephony system. Whether in the office or
traveling, everyone should be able to benefit from the capabilities of your company's communications
system so they can work efficiently - accessing e-mail, managing their diaries, sharing contacts, consulting
files and using business communications services.
Minimize your costs, maximize your services.
Voice over IP makes your communications more cost-effective.
Full IP: You save costs by transporting voice and data on the same line.
Your phone and data services are converged on a single network.
Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4068
Phone Extended Edition
Head office, branch office... it makes no difference to you.
Networking keeps all your sites connected.
All the solutions you need to keep you connected for less.
Your branch offices benefit from the same services as your head office.
Improve access to knowledge
Jarvis Law is a small but thriving law firm that specializes in construction
litigation. Partners are often required to travel across the country to offer
clients their expertise. A lot of their work is done outside the office, so they
need access to the company servers at any time of the day or night. Their
clients also need to be able to reach them easily.
The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4018
Phone Extended Edition
Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6400
Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 610 WLAN Handset
On-site voice and data mobility using Wi-Fi®.
Mobility in communications: total PC and phone mobility.
Employees can work and access critical information from their laptops
anywhere in the building.
Staff benefit from business telephony on their wireless LAN handsets.
Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication Solutions provide professional and reliable
end-to-end voice over IP telephony and networking from LAN switching and Wi-Fi
infrastructures, to IP phones and converged applications.
A single network for voice and data
SOTRA, a small regional transportation and logistics company, has a suite
of offices and two adjacent warehouses. The company runs a number of
critical business applications, including one for optical logging of inventory
parts. Employees are constantly on the move from one building to another.
It became crucial to implement an infrastructure that would enable data
access from many different points. The owner decided to move to a single
voice and data network capable of supporting full on-site mobility for both
data and voice applications.
■ Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch phones
■ Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch WLAN Handsets
■ Alcatel-Lucent OmniStack™ and
OmniSwitch™ LAN Switches
■ Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess™ WLAN Switch
The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
Office Communication Solutions offer the lawyers a powerful combination of
enterprise-class business telephony, secure e-mail and Internet, and shared
access to agendas, directories, files, folders and faxes. The virtual desktop allows
mobile staff to share and securely exchange information over the Internet.
With the mobile virtual desktop, smartphone and PDA, users enjoy the same benefits.
Reliable, secure access to business tools and documents means that wherever they
are, the lawyers have the tools they need to collaborate and make decisions.
Staff can now synchronize contact databases to benefit from features such as
automatic screen pops that display detailed contact information for the caller or
called person. Integration with Microsoft Outlook® means the firm can optimize
its existing investments and access applications through familiar interfaces.
Advanced telephony services, such as click-to-call, e-mail notification of voice
mail and telephony management services generate significant productivity
gains. These gains can be even greater when e-mail, contacts, calendar and
tasks are pushed to and synchronized directly on a mobile client or smartphone.
Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communication
Virtual desktop and mobile virtual desktop
Alcatel-Lucent Connector for
Microsoft Outlook
Push mobile
Fax server
Alcatel-Lucent Extended Communications Server
The communications system is based on a single, integrated IP infrastructure for
both data and voice services. Mobile employees in the warehouse use Alcatel-Lucent
IP Touch™ Wireless LAN handsets designed for industrial environments. Wherever
they are - in their office, in the warehouse or even in the parking lot - they can access
corporate business telephony services as well as logistics applications.
Premium Edition
Compact Edition
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