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Owner’s Manual
5 Star Gas Hot Water Heater
Models: 135D5N, 135D5L,
170D5N, 170D5L
Installation Details
Owner’s Information
For advice, repairs and service, call:
1300 365 115 (Australia)
0800 729 389 (New Zealand)
Carefully remove all packaging and
transit protection from the heater before
installation. Dispose of the packaging
responsibly using re-cycling facilities
where they exist.
Specifications and materials may change without notice.
Effective for all Prodigy 5 water heaters manufactured and sold after 1st January 2013.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Welcome To Dux Hot Water
Installation Details
Plumbing Connections
Gas Connections 7
Commissioning Adjustments
Owner’s Information
System Maintenance
Other Information
© Dux Manufacturing Limited 2012. All rights reserved.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Welcome To Dux Hot Water
Your decision to purchase a Dux Hot
Water system will reward you for many
years to come.
Since 1915, the Dux range has seen
continuous research and development,
resulting in many breakthroughs in the
efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot
water systems.
Go with Dux and you’ll have a
dependable, economical, efficient hot
water system designed to perform well,
year after year. And that’s a promise.
Dux water heaters are manufactured
in Australia in a state-of-the-art facility,
using a Quality Endorsed Company
production system.
This is your assurance that you have
purchased the highest quality water
heater available, one that will provide
continuous hot water for all your needs
– safely, economically, and for many
years to come.
To be upfront about it, we want Dux to
be your brand of choice. So you can
depend on us to provide more than just
a hot water system.
You can rely on Dux products and
choose them with confidence. We’ll
make sure you have the information, the
quality and the innovation you’re looking
for, including the latest energy-saving
alternatives. If you should ever have a
problem – and we’ll bet you won’t –
you’ll find that we’re easy to get hold of,
friendly to talk to and quick to act. Our
service is all about providing anything
you need as soon as you need it.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Installation Details
Outdoor Tank Installation
The water heater must be installed
outdoors, with the minimum clearances
as shown in the figure below.
We recommend a plinth be installed
under the water heater where the
water heater is subjected to wet
Minimum clearance around the windows
and doors must be maintained – refer to
AS 5601.
This appliance is not intended for use
by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children and animals should be
supervised to ensure that they do not
interfere with the appliance.
The water heater should be located as
close as possible to the most frequently
used hot water outlet. Ensure that the
data label is clearly visible and that there
is adequate access for servicing the unit.
Note: All models are equipped with a
sacrificial anode, accessible through the
top cover. Allow 50% of the height of
the water heater for clearance above to
replace the anode.
A properly drained overflow tray must
be used where property damage could
occur from water spillage. (See
AS/NZS3500.4 for further details).
Warranty does not cover consequential
damage due to heater leakage.
A = 500mm B=300mm min
For further details, refer to
AS 5601 – Gas Installation Code
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Plumbing Connections
Installation Requirements
This water heater must be installed
by a licensed tradesperson, and in
accordance with:
AS/NZS3500.4 “National Plumbing
and Drainage Code Hot Water
Supply Systems – Acceptable
AS5601/AG601 “Gas Installations”.
Local authority regulations.
Outside Australia and New Zealand,
please refer to local plumbing and
building codes and regulations.
Notice to Victorian customers
from the Victorian Plumbing
Industry Commission – this water
heater must be installed by a
licensed person as required by the
Victorian Building Act (1993). Only
a licensed person will give you a
compliance certificate, showing
that the work complies with all
the relevant Standards and only a
licensed person will have insurance
protecting their workmanship for 6
Rev. E
Water Supply Pressure
This water heater is designed for direct
connection to water supply pressures of
no greater than:
All Litre Models – 1120kPa
Where the mains pressure can exceed
or fluctuate beyond the pressure
shown above a pressure limiting device
(complying with AS1357) must be
fitted in the cold water inlet supply.
This device must be installed after
the isolating valve and set below the
pressure shown above. Note during
periods of lower demand water pressure
may increase.
Pool Heating
This water heater must not be used for
pool heating.
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Plumbing Connections
Pressure & Temperature Relief
The Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve
is supplied loose with the water heater.
The valve rating is:
All Models – 1400kPa
The PTR valve must be installed directly
into the top socket marked “RELIEF
VALVE”. The drain line from this valve
must run in a continuously downward
direction in a frost-free ambient position
with the discharge end left open to
atmosphere permanently.
The PTR Valve is not intended to enable
connection of the water heater to
supplementary energy sources such as
solar panels or slow combustion stoves
(refer AS/NZS 3500.4 for guidance on
these types of installations).
Open the PTR Valve for approximately
10 seconds by lifting the lever on the
valve to ensure water is relieved to waste
through the relief drain pipe. Lower lever
gently and check that it closes correctly.
Warning: We recommend that you
open the PTR valve at least once every
six (6) months. Failure to do this may
result in problems with the water heater.
The PTR Valve must not be tampered
with or removed. The water heater must
not be operated unless this valve is
fitted and in working order.
intervals not exceeding 5 years, or less
in areas where local regulations apply.
Important: The PTR Valve and its
drain outlet pipe must not be sealed or
blocked. It is normal for the PTR valve
to leak a small amount of water during
heating cycles.
Cold Water Connection
It is mandatory to fit the following items
between the supply main and the
RP¾"/20mm socket in the water heater.
an isolating valve
a non return valve
a line strainer
a union
All fittings must be approved by the
relevant Authority and in accordance to
the plumbing code.
Relief Valve
Isolating Valve
(Spindle Vertical)
Cold Water
Note: a combined isolating valve/nonreturn valve/line strainer may be used.
Expansion valve only required where local
regulations demand.
The PTR Valve should be checked for
adequate performance or replaced at
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Plumbing Connections
Note for S.A. and W.A.: It is a state
requirement that a pressure relief valve
be fitted on the cold water supply line
between the non return valve and the
water heater.
Hot Water Connection
The hot water line should be connected
to the “OUTLET” socket on the tank.
Insulation of Pipes
All hot water pipes must be insulated
with UV stabilized insulation.
Rev. E
Temperature Protection
All water heaters have the ability to
produce hot water very quickly. To
reduce the risk of scald injury, it is
mandatory under the requirements of
Australian Standard AS/NZS3500.4 that
a suitably approved temperature control
device, such as a tempering valve, be
fitted to the hot water supply to outlets
used primarily for personal hygiene.
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
System Components
PTR Valve
Hot Water Outlet To House
Cold Water Inlet
Tank Specifications
Model Numbers
Capacity (L)
Net Weight Empty (kg)
Relief Valve Pressure (kPA)
Gas Consumption (Propane)
22.5 MJ/h
26 MJ/h
Gas Consumption (NG)
23.5 MJ/h
27 MJ/h
Dimensions (mm)
A – Height
B – Hot Water Outlet
C – Cold Water Inlet
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Gas Connections
Refer to the Data Label for correct gas
type. Gas piping should be connected
through the side of the case (see figure
The plastic grommet must be installed
around the pipe and clipped into the
The gas control is fitted with a RC½"/15
socket. A union connection should be
Gas pipe sizes should be in accordance
with AS5601/AG601.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Commissioning Adjustments
Note: Commissioning adjustments
can be done only by a licensed
Lighting the Water Heater
The water heater must be filled with
water before lighting. Instructions for
lighting procedure are on the inside of
the access cover and shown below:
1. Turn the knob fully clockwise to the
“•” (off) position.
2. Wait five (5) minutes so any build-up
of unburnt gas can escape.
3. Turn the knob to the
Thermostat and
gas control knob
4. Depress the knob fully (until
disappears below housing) and after
thirty (30) seconds, whilst keeping
the knob depressed, repeatedly
press the igniter button (for up to 40
seconds) until the pilot flame ignites.
Note: It is not possible to depress
the knob fully if the gas control has
activated its safety shut-off feature.
In this case, wait 60 seconds for the
gas control to reset.
5. Keep the knob depressed for
twenty (20) seconds after the pilot
flame lights. The pilot flame can
be observed if a mirror is placed
directly below the pilot assembly.
6. Release the knob and check if the
pilot is still alight.
7. If pilot has failed to light or has not
remained alight, turn gas control
knob to “•” (off). Wait five (5)
minutes for the escape of unburnt
gas, then begin again at step 3.
8. When the pilot flame remains alight
with the knob released, turn the
knob anticlockwise to one of the
number settings. A setting of “6” is
recommended and this will give a
water temperature of about 60ºC.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Commissioning Adjustments
9. Turn the knob to a higher number
for higher water temperatures or
a lower number for lower water
10. Set the test point pressure as per
page 12.
11. Replace the access panel and
ensure that it is firmly in position
before operating the appliance.
12. If the burner does not light at
the selected setting, the water
may already be at the selected
Warning: Do not attempt to light if
the pilot is out and the knob is in the
“ON” position (one of the number
settings). Follow steps above.
Rev. E
Shutting Down The Water Heater
1. Turn the knob to “•” (off) position.
2. Turn water off at water isolating
Turning Off Gas To The Appliance
1. Turn the knob to “•” (off) position.
2. Turn off the gas isolation valve.
To maintain safety and efficiency this
heater should be serviced annually by
an authorised service agent.
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Commissioning Adjustments
Main Gas Pressure Regulator
The main burner pressure must be set
at installation.
The pressure is best checked by
connecting a water manometer or
equivalent to the test point nipple on
the gas relay valve. The test point
pressure must comply with the
value on the Data Label.
A 2.5mm Hexagon (Allen) Key is
required to remove the screw from the
test point nipple.
If adjustment is necessary, proceed as
Ignition System (Spark Gap)
If there is no spark or the spark looks
weak, adjust as follows:
1. Check the gap between the spark
electrode and the pilot burner is 3 –
5mm and adjust as necessary.
2. Push the igniter button to test for a
Warning: Test the spark gap only where
there is no build up of gas.
1. Remove the securing screw (1) from
the top of the Gas Control and lift
the plastic cover (2) upwards.
2. Locate the regulator adjustment
screw on the lower left hand side of
the Gas Control (3).
3. Light the burner. Rotate adjustment
screw clockwise to increase, or anticlockwise to decrease pressure.
4. Replace the plastic cover and
securing screw.
Note: Pressure adjustments at gas
cylinder regulator should be conducted
as required to ensure correct supply
pressure to water heater as per
Test Point Nipple
(top screw)
(3 & 4 Star models)
Test point
(5 Star models)
Test point
(5 Star models)
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Commissioning Adjustments
Gas Fitter – Test The Water Heater
Test operation by lighting the water
heater (see Lighting the Water
Heater, earlier in this manual).
Warning: This water heater should be
checked on installation and the test
point pressure set in accordance with
that marked on Data Plate.
DO NOT place articles on or against
this appliance.
DO NOT use store chemicals or
flammable materials, or spray aerosols
near this appliance.
DO NOT operate with panels or covers
removed from the appliance.
Adjust gas pressure as required
to achieve specified gas test point
pressure. If problems are encountered
in this process contact the Dux Service
Failure to accurately set the pressure
can result in damage to the water
heater, and automatically cancels the
Manufacturer’s Warranty. This water
heater is to be installed only by an
Authorised Person.
Note: Instruct owner in water heater
operation before leaving.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Owner’s Information
Operating Instructions
The appliance is not intended for use
by young children or infirm persons
without supervision. Young children
should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
Warning: it is essential for the safe
operation of this gas heater that clothing
or any other flammable material should
not be placed against or on top of the
water heater. In addition, do not store
flammable or corrosive materials, such
as dry cleaning fluids, pool chemicals,
etc., in close proximity to the heater.
The use of aerosol sprays in the vicinity
of the heater should be avoided. The
propellant gases used in these devices,
e.g. fly-spray, hair-spray and laundry
aids, can break down in the flames of the
burner and produce corrosive agents.
Caution: If the water heater is left in
an operating condition and unused
for two weeks or more, a quantity of
hydrogen (which is highly flammable)
may accumulate in the top of the water
cylinder. To dissipate this gas safely it is
recommended that a hot tap be turned
on for several minutes at a sink, basin
or bath, but not a dishwasher, clothes
washer or other appliance. During this
procedure there must be no smoking,
open flame or any other electrical
appliance operating nearby. If hydrogen
is discharged through the tap it will
probably make an unusual sound as
with air escaping.
Water Quality
Your Dux water heater has been
manufactured to suit water conditions of
most Australian metropolitan supplies.
Please note that harsh water supplies
can have a detrimental effect on the
water heater and its life expectancy. If
you are unsure about your water quality
you can obtain information from your
local water supply authority.
The water heater is designed for use in
areas where the Total Dissolved Solids
(TDS) content of the water supply is less
than 2500 mg/L. In areas where the
TDS exceeds 600mg/L the magnesium
alloy anode (supplied in the heater) may
become over reactive. To alleviate this,
the anode should be replaced with an
aluminium alloy anode, available from
your local Dux supplier.
Water can also be very corrosive,
measured by the saturation index. If the
water saturation index is greater than
0.40 an expansion control valve should
be fitted and where the index is greater
than 0.80 the water heater installed
should be a Hard Water Model. Please
consult our Service Department for
advice if required.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Owner’s Information
How Long Will The Heater Run
Each Day?
The length of time that the heater will run
each day will vary dependent upon the
amount of hot water being used by the
Caution: All water heaters have
the ability to produce hot water in a
surprisingly short time. To reduce the
risk of scald injury, it is mandatory
under the requirements of Australian
Standards AS3500 that an Australian
Standards approved temperature
control valve be fitted to the hot water
supply pipe work. This valve should be
checked at regular intervals to ensure its
operation and settings remain correct.
representative is permitted to remove
any covers or make setting adjustments.
Do not open or adjust any electrical
covers or devices yourself.
How Does My System Work?
The Dux water storage tank is used
to store the heated water ready
for household use. It has a high
temperature vitreous enamel lining to
provide long life, and a high density
polyurethane insulation to ensure
minimal heat loss.
Never turn the gas supply off during
normal use.
What Should I Do During Holidays?
If the hot water system is not used,
for two weeks or more, a quantity
of hydrogen gas, which is highly
flammable, may accumulate in the water
heater. To dissipate this gas safely, it is
recommended that a hot tap be turned
on for several minutes at a sink, basin
or bath but not a dishwasher, clothes
washer, or other appliance. During this
procedure there must be no smoking,
open flame or any other electrical
appliance operating nearby. If hydrogen
is discharged through the tap, it will
probably make an unusual noise similar
to air escaping.
Note: Important there are no user
serviceable components in the
system. Only an authorised service
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
System Maintenance
This Dux water heater is designed such
that there is little to do regarding system
maintenance other than that detailed in
this Owner’s Manual.
Personally inspecting or servicing any
part of the system is not recommended.
The recommended time after installation
when the anode should be inspected by
an authorised person is 5 years.
After each 5 years of operation you
should contact the local service agent
to replace all safety valves and anodes
to ensure continued system life and
operational safety. In locations where
the water has a TDS greater than 600
ppm, this service is recommended each
3 years.
Six Monthly Service – By Owner
Operate the Pressure & Temperature
Relief Valve for approximately 10 seconds
by operating the easing lever on the
valve to ensure water is relieved to waste
through the relief drain pipe. Check to
ensure the valve closes correctly.
Five Year Service – By Authorised
Personnel Only
The five year service must be carried
out by a licensed tradesperson. It is
recommended that this service be
carried out by your local Dux agent.
The service should include the following:
Replace the Pressure &
Temperature Relief Valve.
Replace the anodes (in areas of
harsh or adverse water conditions, a
more frequent check of the anodes
is recommended).
Flush the water heater by doing the
i. Turn off gas and electricity
ii. Turn off the cold water
supply to the water heater at
the isolating valve.
iii. Gently operate the easing
lever on the Pressure &
Temperature Relief Valve to
release the pressure in the
water heater.
iv. Disconnect the cold water
inlet union to the heater and
attach a drain hose.
v. Gently operate the Pressure
& Temperature Relief Valve
to let air into the heater
and allow water to escape
through the hose.
vi. Flush the heater until
clear water appears then
reconnect all fittings, fill the
heater and restore the gas
and electricity supply.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
What Should I Check Before
Making A Service Call?
If there is not enough hot water, it is
recommended that the following points
be considered before making a service
call. If after checking the following points
the problem has not been identified,
please contact Dux on 1300 365 115.
Consider that during night time
heating, the time taken to heat
the tank can take longer so you
may find that the tank has not fully
recovered from a period of heavy
usage the previous evening.
Consider that often the hot water
usage of showers, washing
machines and dishwashers can
be under estimated. Review these
appliances to determine if your daily
usage is greater than the storage
volume of your water heater. For
example, if you have a 170 litre
storage tank and you are using
300 litres of water it is possible that
there will be certain times of the
day where there is insufficient hot
water. It is also advisable to inspect
tap washers etc. for leakage and
replace if necessary.
Is there a leaking hot water pipe or
dripping hot water tap? A small leak
can waste a large quantity of hot
Replace faulty tap washers and
have your plumber rectify any
leaking pipe work.
No Hot Water
• Is the Pressure & Temperature Relief
Valve discharging too much water?
Do you have the correct size water
heater for your requirements? Sizing
details are available from your Dux
Is one outlet (such as the shower)
using more hot water than you
Carefully review the family's hot
water usage and if necessary
check the shower flow rates with a
bucket, measuring the amount of
water used over that period of time.
If it is not possible to adjust water
usage patterns, an inexpensive flow
control valve can easily be fitted to
the shower outlet.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Water Discharge From Pressure &
Temperature Relief Valve (PTR)
It is not unusual for a small quantity of
water to discharge during the heating of
water in your storage tank. The amount
of discharge will depend on hot water
usage and size of the storage tank.
As a guide, it will discharge 3% of the
storage capacity of water in the heating
Continuous trickle (PTR)
This is most likely due to a build up of
foreign matter. In this case try gently
raising the easing lever on the Pressure
& Temperature Relief Valve for a few
seconds then release gently. This may
dislodge a small particle of foreign
matter and rectify the fault.
Steady flow (PTR) – more than 20L
per day
This may be caused by excessive water
supply pressure, a faulty Pressure &
Temperature Relief Valve or a faulty
thermostat. Turn off the electricity supply
and contact your Dux Hot Water.
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Dux Hot Water Unit
Manufactured by Dux Manufacturing
Limited (“Dux”)
Terms of Warranty and Replacement
All Prodigy 5 water heaters
manufactured and sold after 1 January
2012 are backed by a comprehensive
one (1) year full parts and labour
warranty (conditions apply – see below).
Furthermore, the Prodigy 5 tank
includes a guarantee to replace your hot
water unit if the inner cylinder fails within
ten (10) years (conditions apply – see
The terms of the Warranty and
replacement guarantee are set out
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Your hot water system and its components (“Unit”) are covered by 1 year
(parts and labour) warranty against
defective factory materials or workmanship.
This warranty period commences from
the date of installation of the Unit providing you have proof of this installation
date. Where the date of completion of
installation is not known or cannot be
proven, then this warranty will commence one (1) month after the date of
manufacture (refer to the data label on
the unit).
Rev. E
10 Year Replacement Guarantee
If an inner cylinder fails on a Dux hot
water unit within a further nine (9) years
after the end of the initial one (1) year
warranty period, Dux will provide a
free replacement hot water unit at the
nearest approved Dux agent or Dux
office to the owner’s home. Under this
replacement guarantee, the transport,
installation and labour costs of delivering
the replacement hot water unit and
removing and replacing the existing
hot water unit with the replacement hot
water unit will be the responsibility of the
owner of the existing hot water unit.
Conditions of Warranty and Replacement Guarantee
The benefits provided to you by the
warranty and replacement guarantee
(collectively “Warranty”) are in addition
to the guarantees and other rights and
remedies available to you under the
Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”).
If the Unit fails to conform to this Warranty
during the applicable period, Dux will
replace any failed component or where
necessary, in the absolute discretion
of Dux, replace the Unit free of charge
including reasonable labour costs incurred
in normal business working hours.
This Warranty only applies to defects
which have arisen solely from faulty
materials or workmanship in the Unit
and does not apply to other defects
which may have arisen as a result
of, without limitation, the following:
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
accidental damage, abuse, misuse,
maltreatment, abnormal stress or strain,
harsh or adverse water conditions
including excessive water pressure or
temperature, neglect of any kind or
otherwise as a result of any use of the
Unit contrary to the product manual
or other instructions provided by Dux.
Alterations or repair of the Unit other
than by an accredited and licensed
service agent or technician are not
covered. Attachment of accessories
or use of non genuine replacement
parts other than those manufactured
or approved by Dux are not covered by
this Warranty.
the effect of excluding, restricting or
modifying those rights.
This Warranty applies only to the
Unit and does not cover any ancillary
plumbing or electrical parts supplied by
the installer such as pressure limiting
valve, tempering valve, line strainer,
stop cocks, non-return valve, electrical
switches, pumps or fuses, or faulty
Any defective part of the Unit must be
returned to the point of sale before
replacement can be considered under
the terms of this Warranty. If the costs
of returning any defective parts are
unreasonable, please contact Dux on
1300 365 115 (Australia) or 0800 729
389 (New Zealand) so that we can
arrange a collection if appropriate.
The Unit must be installed by a licensed
plumber in accordance with information
set out in the Owner’s Manual and/
or Installer’s Guide supplied with the
Unit and/or any relevant statutory
In addition to this Warranty, certain
legislation (including the ACL) may give
you rights which cannot be excluded,
restricted or modified. This Warranty
must be read subject to such legislation
and nothing in this Warranty has
If Dux fails to meet a guarantee under
the ACL, your remedy for such failure
may be limited to any one or more of the
replacement of the Unit;
repair of the Unit;
refunding the cost of the Unit;
payment of reasonable costs of
having the Unit repaired;
payment in respect of the reduced
value of the Unit.
Warranty claims can be made at the
point of sale or by posting or faxing a
warranty claim to Dux (contact details
listed below) within one (1) month of the
appearance of a defect. Warranty claims
under this extended warranty must
include the following details:
Date of Purchase;
Location of Purchase;
Proof of Purchase;
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Date of Installation;
Contact Details
Product Serial Number
Contact details
Dux’s contact details are as follows:
Business Address:
Dux Manufacturing Limited
Lackey Road
Moss Vale, NSW, 2577
directly or indirectly due to defects
of any kind in a Unit will only be met
by Dux where the damage could be
considered reasonably foreseeable.
Our goods come with guarantees that
cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law. You are entitled to a
replacement or refund for a major failure
and for compensation for any other
reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
You are also entitled to have the goods
repaired or replaced if the goods fail to
be of acceptable quality and the failure
does not amount to a major failure.
1300 365 115 (Australia)
0800 729 389 (New Zealand)
(61 2) 4868 0257
Note: If the Unit is located in a
position that does not comply with
the installation instructions or relevant
statutory requirements, then this
Warranty does not cover major
dismantling or removal of cupboards,
doors, walls or special equipment and/
or excessive labour, at the determination
of Dux, to make the Unit accessible for
repair or replacement.
As required by legislation, including
under the ACL, any claims for damage
to furniture, carpets, walls, foundations
or any other consequential loss either
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Other Information
Product Warranty is applicable only in Australia and New Zealand.
See page 19 for terms of warranty.
Privacy Act Amendment (2000): If and whenever warranty service is required, your personal
details will be given to an Authorised Dux Service Agent only for the express purpose
of carrying out the arranged warranty service work agreed by you the client and Dux
Manufacturing Limited.
Your Details
For future convenience, fill in the following details and retain with your original invoice for your
own records.
Surname:......................................Given Name(s):...................................................
State/Territory:............................. Postcode:....................
Date of Purchase:.......................... Purchased From:............................................
Model:.................................. Serial Number (located on back cover):.....................
Date of Manufacture:..............................................................................................
(Details on Data Label on water heater)
Installer’s Details:
Date of Installation:......................... Installer’s Name:.............................................
Installer’s Signature:...................................................................................
Service Details:
Date of Service:......................... Serviced By:..........................................................
Work Carried Out:......................................................................................................
Signature of Service Agent:........................................................................
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
Rev. E
Owner’s Manual – Prodigy 5
5 Star Gas Flue Damper
Hot Water Heater
For advice, repairs and service, call:
1300 365 115 (Australia)
0800 729 389 (New Zealand)
Please Register Your Water Heater
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Preventative Maintenance
Maintaining your hot water system
will help extend its lifespan and
reduce running costs.
Please register for preventative
maintenance at:
This will ensure all your current details are
registered with us for prompt warranty
service if required.
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