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Enterprise Solutions
Multi-Console 32-Port Matrix KVM Switch
ATEN Matrix KVM Switches are designed for modern data centers that require reliable, high security access and
control of multiple servers. With non-blocked access and flexible expansion support, Matrix KVM switches offer
high quality video sessions for secure, real-time control of your entire data center devices.
With automatic skew compensation and Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) techniques, Matrix KVM switches
provide greatly enhanced video quality via Cat 5e/6 cabling – 1280x1024 @60Hz for up to 300 meters. The
industry’s first full screen Graphical User Interface offers a tree view list of installed devices – providing smooth
navigation and convenient access and control – not only saving on training time and costs; but increasing user
efficiency, as well.
The KM0932/KM0532 is the first Matrix KVM Switch to offer both audio and virtual media features. Being audio
enabled, the sound output and beeps from the servers allow administrators to identify and troubleshoot system
problems easily. The sound capability is also ideal for presentation facilities, or studio applications. The Virtual
Media function allows USB storage devices to be shared among all the servers – allowing operators to perform
file transfers or install applications and OS patches from a single console – reducing down-time and saving
maintenance costs.
Servers can be power controlled remotely when the Matrix KVM Switch is used in conjunction with ALTUSEN’s
PN0108 Power Over the NET™ power management device. Its Power Association function enables the switch’s
KVM ports to be associated with a PN0108's power outlets – allowing power management of the server
attached to the port from the switch’s interface. If a server has a dual power supply, secondary power association
support lets you associate a second outlet port and synchronize the operation for both power supplies.
The Matrix KVM switch is designed with dual power supplies, to minimize downtime and offer 24/7 reliability
to ensure the highest level of availability for your server room or data date center. With high availability, high
reliability, high integration, and high security, an ATEN Matrix KVM Switch is the best solution for large server
rooms and data centers.
32-Port Matrix Expansion
KVM Switch
5-Console 32-Port Matrix
KVM Switch
9-Console 32-Port Matrix
KVM Switch
Enterprise Solutions
• 9 (KM0932) or 5 (KM0532) consoles independently and simultaneously control up to 32 directly connected servers
• Flexible expansion – the installation can grow as your needs grow :
• Up to 7 Matrix Expansion KVM switches can be daisy chained from a master switch
• Switches can be cascaded to three levels
• Supports cascading KH1508A/KH1516A/KN2116A/KN2124v/KN2132/ KN2140v/ KN4116/ KN4124v/ KN4132/ KN4140v
• Console expansion support – allows up to 18 consoles to access the servers on the installation by connecting servers with
the KA7178 Dual Output KVM Adapter Cables or via a Dual Root configuration* New!
• Audio support for multimedia-capable devices
• Redundant power supply for 24 x7 reliability
• Multiplatform support: PC, Mac, Sun, and Serial Console access – any type of console can control any type of computer;
mixed combinations (PS/2 & USB) supported on both the console and computer sides
• Compact design – rack mounts in only 1U of rack space
*Dual Root configuration support depends on firmware version
Ease-to-Use Interface
• Full screen graphical user interface – saves on training time and costs – increases user efficiency
• Embedded web interface for easy system configuration and management
• Composite tree view – all connected devices are integrated in a single device tree for convenient management access and
• The port list automatically expands when stations are added – port names are automatically reconfigured when the station
sequence changes
• Multilingual user interface support – English, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.
• Multilingual user interface support – English, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian.
• Simplified OSD Mode sets limited functionality for all user type accounts New!
Convenient Port Operation
• Computer selection via GUI or intuitive hotkey combinations
• Port level access control – users can only access the ports they have been authorized for – whether in a single-station or
multi-stage installation
• Console Selector allows setup of forced console to port connections for easy viewing and operation of computers
• Push Video Hotkey allows a user to push their console’s port connection to another console for viewing or operating
• Users can access features on multiple computers simultaneously – a user can be working and listening to music on
computer 1 while utilizing virtual media on computer 2 at the same time.
• MultiView supports grouping for single port access to a computer connected to multiple ports utilizing multiple video cards
• Multicast Audio gives multiple console access to the same KVM port – allowing both to listen to the audio being broadcast
by that port
• Versatile port operation modes for flexible server management:
• Scan – provides automatic monitoring of user-selected computers
• Exclusive – allows the first user to access a port to gain exclusive viewing rights and control over it for as long as he
accesses it
• Occupy – allows the first user to access a port to control that port while others can only view it
• Share – allows multiple users to access and control a port at the same time on a cooperative basis
• Broadcast support enables executing the same command on multiple servers at the same time
• Disable Toolbar function – disables Toolbar from showing on the screen when the toolbar hotkey is used, instantly returning user to the GUI instead
Enterprise Solutions
• Supports up to 1024 user and 255 group accounts
• Three level password security: Super Administrator, Administrator, User
• Stringent password policy features that include password expiration; required password changes, account disabling,
and account expiration.
• Disable OSD Login Mode allows non-authenticated logins New!
• Disable RS-232 Login Mode allows non-authenticated serial terminal logins New!
• Intelligent Path Assignment – a master station can allocate the best available path for the user under multi-path
cascading and daisy-chaining
• Power Over the NET™ integration for power control
• Power Association enables the switch’s KVM ports to be associated with a PDU’s power outlets for remote power
management of the servers from the switch’s interface
• RS-232 port login support permits an administrator to control the KVM port access for all consoles connected to
switch – any console can be assigned to access any KVM port from a single interface point
• Session Management – a Kill Session function provides administrators with the ability to force user logouts
• Backup and restore of configuration settings and user account information
• Firmware upgrades can be performed simultaneously on all daisy chained and cascaded slave switches as well as
connected adapter cables
• Adapter ID – adapter cable’s configuration information is stored with the adapter – no need to reconfigure the
adapter when moving a server to a new port
• Remote authentication supports; RADIUS, LDAP, TACACS, LDAPS, and MS Active Director
• Supports ATEN Log Server and Syslog Server
Virtual Media
• Virtual Media support lets you map storage media to servers that are connected to the switch allowing operators to conduct file transfers, install applications and OS patches, and perform diagnostics from a single console
• Works with USB enabled servers at the operating system and BIOS levels
• Supports DVD/CD drives, USB mass storage devices
• Supports mounting Smart Card Readers and Virtual Media at the same time, on computers connected with KA7177
Adapter Cables New!
• User’s display automatically adjusts to resolution differences on the remote servers
• Superior video quality – 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz for up to 300m
• Get and store EDID monitor information for updates on KVM adapters for optimum display resolutions
• Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) assures optimum video resolution for distances up to 300m between computers
and consoles – no DIP switch setting required
• Enhanced video quality via automatic skew compensation support for the KA7240 console module, and the newer
KVM adapter cable series*
* With KVM Adapter Cable KA7xxx series.
Cost Effective
Matrix KVM Switches allow 5 or 9 consoles to manage up to 32 target devices, while
only taking up 1U of rack space. They also simplify cabling requirements and reduce
cost by using Cat 5e/6 cable to connect console modules and KVM Adapter Cables.
This not only permits extending the distance between console and servers up to 300
meters with 1280x1024@60Hz, but also offers an independent configuration for
secure access, which is especially ideal for the security concerns associated with large
server rooms and data centers.
Graphical User Interface
The Matrix KVM Switch offers an intuitive, full screen Graphical UI for both Console
and Browser-based sessions. The composite integrated tree view of all ports offers
convenient navigation and access.
Enterprise Solutions
Dual Power Supply
Dual Power supply operation provides backup redundancy and reliability – ensuring
that down-time is kept at a minimum. Should one of the power supplies become
unavailable, the other will take over in order to keep the system functioning normally.
Power Association
Used in conjunction with ALTUSEN’s Power Over the NET™ power management
device, you can associate a Matrix KVM Switch’s port with a PDU’s power outlet, and
then manage the power operation of a server from the switch’s interface – a single
interface point. It also enables you to associate a second outlet port if the server has
a dual power supply, and lets you synchronize the operation for both power supplies.
In this way, Power Association reduces maintenance time and increases management
Flexible Scalability
Matrix KVM Switches can be daisy chained, cascaded, or both in tandem – flexible
expansion configurations allows up to 9 consoles to control thousands of servers.
Add consoles and servers a step at a time to match your company’s growth. Daisy
chaining KM0032 switches offers a further cost-saving configuration, since the
use of dedicated chain ports allow all of the switch's KVM ports to be utilized for
server connections – none of them need to be used for cascading. Your prior KVM
switch* investment is protected, since those switches can also be cascaded.
* Compatible KVM Switches: KH1508A/KH1516A/KN2116A/KN2124v/KN2132/
KN2140v/ KN4116/ KN4124v/ KN4132/ KN4140v
Dual Root Configuration
for Console Expansion
The advanced Dual Root function allows you to link two KM0932 switches to
achieve an 18 console configuration – letting you to expand the number of
consoles flexibly to fit your requirements. It’s an ideal solution for applications that
utilize multiple video displays, such as large data centers.
Non-blocked Access
All consoles connected to a master switch have simultaneous access to any server
on the same level, as well as having independent access to any server on the
Superior Video Quality
Matrix KVM Switches provide high video quality – 1280x1024 @60Hz up to 300
meters. The video signals are transmitted via Cat 5e/6 cable and maintain real-time
and true video quality. Auto Signal Compensation (ASC), assures optimum video
resolution over greater distances. In addition, an automatic skew compensation
function corrects color phase and timing errors that occur over long distance
transmissions – making a Matrix KVM Switch an excellent choice for video intensive
Port Access Control via
RS-232 Port
Each of the Console Modules has a built-in RS-232 port. Administrators can
establish a serial terminal login to the Console Module in order to control the KVM
port access for all consoles connected to switch – any console can be assigned to
access any KVM port from a single interface point. This function is extremely useful
in large data centers where the display of all the consoles can be projected onto a
wall for easy viewing of all operations, and the entire installation can be monitored
on a port-by-port basis
Audio enabled
The Matrix KVM Switch supports audio functions for multimedia-capable devices
connected with audio-capable adapter cables. Sound output and beeps from the
servers can be heard on the console’s speaker – allowing administrators to identify
and troubleshoot system problems at an early stage, minimizing repair costs.
Adapter ID
The Adapter ID Function stores port information such as the Adapter ID, OS,
keyboard language, adapter name, operation modes, etc. It enables administrators
to relocate servers to different ports without having to reconfigure the adapters or
change the user authorization settings of the KVM switch.
Enterprise Solutions
Up to 9 Consoles
Cascadable to 3 levels
Up to 7 KM0032 Matrix Expansion KVM Switches
Console Modules & KVM Adapter Cables
The Matrix KVM Switch’s modular design – using console modules to link the console devices (keyboards, monitors,
and mice) to the switch, and KVM Adapter Cables to link the switch to the servers – allows for a high degree of
platform and interface integration. You can have PS/2 and USB interfaces; Win, Linux, Mac, and Sun platforms; all
working together smoothly on the same installation. The use of RJ-45 connectors and Cat 5e/6 cabling eliminates
bulky traditional cables, and makes for more reliable throughput and a neat, efficient, uncluttered work environment.
Console Modules
PS/2-USB Console Module
Virtual Media PS/2-USB Console Module
• PS/2 and USB interface
• RS-232 Port
• Dual RJ-45 Ports
• External PC Port
• PS/2 and USB interface
• RS-232 Port
• Dual RJ-45 Ports
• External PC Port
• Virtual Media Port
• Audio Ports
• Automatic Skew
Enterprise Solutions
KVM Adapter Cables
The following KVM Adapter cables are required for use with the Matrix KVM Switches:
PS/2 KVM Adapter
Sun Legacy KVM
Adapter Cable
USB KVM Adapter
Serial KVM Adapter
Sun Legacy
For all USB systems
USB Virtual Media KVM
Adapter Cable with Audio
USB Virtual Media
KVM Adapter Cable with
Smart Card Reader
USB Virtual Media
KVM Adapter
Cable with Audio
USB Type A Male
USB Type A Male
USB Type A Male
HDB-15 Male
USB Type A Male
HDB-15 Male
2 Audio plugs
HDB-15 Male
2 Audio plugs
Connect to systems
with USB 2.0 ports+Audio
6-pin Mini-DIN Male
6-pin Mini-DIN Male
13W3 Male
USB Type A Male
DIN 8 pin Male
HDB-15 Male
RS-232 DB-9 Female
HDB-15 Male
* Matrix KVM Switches are also compatible with KA9120, KA9130, KA9140, KA9170. However, for optimum video
quality, please use the newer KVM adapter cable series with superior RGB Deskew functionality, as listed in the above
Console Connections
Port Selection
Console Port
KVM Port
Daisy chain
F/W Upgrade
F/W Upgrade
Console Port (On Line)
KVM Port (On Line /
Station ID
Power Consumption
Scan Interval
Physical Properties
Storage Temperature
(L x W x H)
GUI, Hotkeys
via daisy chain
5 x RJ-45 Female
9 x RJ-45 Female
32 x RJ-45 Female
1 x VHDCI 68 Female (Black)
2 x VHDCI 68 Female (Black)
1 x RJ-45 Female
1 x RJ-45 Femal
1 x RJ-45 Female (Black)
2 x 3-prong AC Socket
1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
2 x Rocker
1 x Slide
5 (Green)
9 (Green)
32 Dual-colored (Green / Red)
120V/45W; 240V/46W
2 x 7 Segment (Orange)
1 (Blue)
100–240V~, 50/60 Hz; 1A
120V/50W; 240V/51W
120V/50W; 240V/51W
1–240 Seconds
1280x1024@60Hz max. 300m;
0–50o C
6.07 kg
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