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Adobe releases over 650 fonts
converted to OpenType format
Impostrip 6.7 supports Skinny
PDF for faster imposition
Silicon Grail, Prismo Graphics
boost Apple’s QuickTime toolset
Adobe has announced the release of its
first set of OpenType fonts from the Adobe
Type Library, including more than 650
converted Adobe Type Library (ATL) fonts. Two additional sets will be released
separately in the third and
fourth calendar quarters of
this year. The converted fonts
provide users with better
cross-platform document
portability, simpler font management, and
enhanced glyph coverage.
Adobe OpenType fonts can be installed and used alongside PostScript Type
1 and TrueType fonts, printed to most output devices, and embedded in PDF files.
OpenType fonts are natively supported on
Windows 2000, Windows XP and Mac OS
X, and are compatible with other operating systems via ATM Light, a free system
software component from Adobe.
For a complete listing of available
OpenType fonts, see pricing
varies from US$29 to US$299. A special
introductory price is available upon the release of each set of converted fonts ranging
from US $19 to US $150. PostScript Type 1
versions of most converted fonts will still
be available through the Adobe web site.
PDF and PostScript workflow provider Ultimate Technographics has announced a
new release of Impostrip 6.7. The new Impostrip release enables users to impose
Skinny PDF files. Skinny PDF files are
produced by the Ultimate SkinnyServer;
they are on average 100 times smaller than
PostScript and 30 times smaller than prepress quality Acrobat PDF files.
Impostrip 6.7, available as a free download for supported Impostrip 6.5 + users,
includes Skinny PDF file support, support
for web growth, support for DCS marks,
and Creo Prinergy Workflow certification.
The Ultimate SkinnyServer, priced at
US$4,995, uses the Jaws PDF library and
ships with a 5-pack of SkinnyEPS Photoshop plug-ins; or you may bundle SkinnyServer with Client Server Impostrip for a
total price of US$9,995, or with IMPress
for US$5,995. SkinnyServer includes the
Adobe Photoshop SkinnyEPS plug-in for
reduced EPS file size (no extensions needed for page layout); faster trapping, imposition and ripping; and faster PDF creation.
Full details on Ultimate’s SkinnyServer
and Impostrip 6.7 software can be found at
Extending its recent push into the highend motion picture production market,
Apple Computer has purchased technologies from Hollywood-based digital effects
company Silicon Grail. Through the deal,
Apple acquires two core compositing products, Chalice and RAYZ. No financial
terms were disclosed.
The move comes after Apple’s February acquisition of Los Angeles-based Nothing Real. Most recently, Apple Computer
acquired technologies from Prismo
Graphics, a developer of motion graphics
for broadcast and digital video projects, including its DVFonts and India special effects software.
CAPIC chooses Ottawa
photographer to be president
Canon Canada has introduced the CLC
1140 and 1180, two new mid-range tonerbased copier systems. Duplexing capability
is a standard feature on the CLC
1180. Both models
produce full color
laser output at 11
(ppm), and black-and-white output at 42
ppm. Apparent resolution has been increased to 800 x 400 dpi.
The CLC 1140 and 1180 list at
CDN$36,300 and CDN$41,700 respectively. Visit for complete information.
The board of directors of CAPIC (the
Canadian Association of Photographers &
Illustrators in Communications) has announced the election of Ottawa photographer Randy Harquail to the position of
president. Mr. Harquail succeeds photographer Greg Blue of Vancouver.
Harquail, a native of Edmunston, NB,
operates a photography business in Ottawa. He strongly supports current lobbying efforts to have the Canadian Copyright
law changed in favour of photographers in
relation to commissioned photographs.
Graphic Exchange
Canon introduces new CLC 1140
and 1180 laser systems
Sony DVCAM Master Series tape
delivers increased data integrity
Sony has just announced the release of its
new DVCAM Master Series tape.
According to Sony, DVCAM Master
Series tape utilizes a 100 percent cobalt
Hyper Evaticle II magnetic layer which increases output by 2dB and achieves a 75
percent reduction
in dropouts compared to consumer
grade DV tape. Sony says that even after
more than 150-plus passes, DVCAM Master Tape shows no noticeable degradation.
In addition, wear and tear on both the tape
and camcorder heads is reduced through
optimized surface finishing. This also
makes it ideal for 4x high-speed transfer in
tapeless news operations.
DVCAM Master Series tape is available in mini and standard cassette shell
sizes. The tape includes an integrated 16
Kbit IC memory chip to hold ClipEdit
metadata to streamline workflow from acquisition to the editing suite. The new
tape comes in a wide variety of lengths (32,
40, 64, 124 and 164-minute cassettes), and
is protected by an anti-static lid that helps
shield the tape from dust and dirt.
To find out more, go to
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11
offers new draw and web tools
Creo now shipping Six Degrees
email-driven productivity tool
Adobe InCopy 2 offers XML
support and improved interface
Corel Corporation has announced the
availability of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
11, which includes CorelDRAW 11, Corel
and Corel R.A.V.E. 2.
CorelDraw 11 introduces the Polyline
tool, Roughen and
Smudge brushes, and
3-Point drawing tools
for creating Ellipses,
Rectangles and curves.
Photo-Paint 11 now has new tools for creating Web elements and editing photos and
images, including a new CutOut tool, Image Slicing and Rollover creation and
Red-Eye Removal.
The second version of R.A.V.E. 2,
Corel’s vector animation tool, focuses on
lowering file size and extending functionality. New features include support for
Symbols, more interactive behaviors and
new Tweening capabilities.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 is available for a suggested retail price of US$529,
or upgrade for only US$249. A stand-alone
version of CorelDRAW 11 is available for
US$399, or US$199 for the upgrade.
Additional information on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 may be found at
Creo Inc. has announced that it is now
shipping Six Degrees software, its new
technology that automatically links messages, files and people on the desktop. It is
available at at an
introductory price of US$99.
Six Degrees software automatically
connects the related messages, files and
people on a user’s desktop, allowing quick
navigation through projects. Six Degrees
software operates on Mac OS X with Microsoft Entourage X and on Windows
2000 and XP with Microsoft Outlook. It
interacts with all desktop applications
through an easy-to-use interface and updates automatically in real time.
To get the full story, visit Creo at
Adobe has announced the availability of
InCopy 2.0, a professional copy editor
tightly integrated with Adobe InDesign
MonacoEZcolor delivers comprehensive ICC profiling for OS X
Monaco Systems, Inc. has announced that
it is shipping MonacoEZcolor for Macintosh OS X.
MonacoEZcolor for OS X creates custom ICC profiles for monitors, scanners,
and RGB and CMYK printers. Users can
fine-tune their printer profiles, using the
application’s intuitive profile editing tools.
The software interfaces with the MonacoSENSOR colorimeter for accurate
monitor calibration.
For more information, visit
Gefen releases ADC Switcher for
Apple Cinema Display users
Gefen has released its ex-tend-it ADC
Switcher, designed to switch operations
between two computers using a single Apple Cinema Display.
Because Apple Cinema Displays require an ADC connection in order to operate, which only recently became available on new Macintosh computers,
Gefen’s ADC Switcher performs a complex DVI to ADC conversion within the
Switcher itself in order to accommodate
most cross-platform computers, provided
they are equipped with a DVI output for
the monitor. With the ADC Switcher, no
additional DVI adapter or hardware is
Users simply plug computer peripherals directly into the back of the Switcher,
connect the cables from the Switcher to
the computers, then select the computer
they want by pressing a button on the front
of the Switcher or using a contact closure
remote control (sold separately).
The ADC Switcher is available now at
a special introductory price of US$449
software and designed for writers, editors
and copy fitters at magazines and newspapers. InCopy includes support for XML,
enhanced editing tools such as dynamic
spell check, and an improved interface
that lets users work on multiple views of a
story simultaneously.
New user interface controls in InCopy
2.0 offer users dynamic spell check, a
built-in thesaurus, fast text substitution and
table creation functionality. Improved collaboration lets users annotate and add
comments to text with the in-line notes
feature, or notes can also be exported as an
Adobe PDF file. XML capabilities in InCopy streamline the layout and editing
process, allowing users to create, import,
edit and export stories in XML format.
Adobe InCopy 2.0 is available to system
integrators as part of an integrated solution
with Adobe InDesign. Pricing is determined by the integrators, based on individual installations. Check
for details.
Dynagram’s INposition 5.0
compatible with QuarkXPress 5
Dynagram has announced that its newest
version of INposition is now shipping. INposition 5.0, which is fully compatible
with QuarkXPress 5.0, has the ability to access native QuarkXPress files as well as use
Adobe PageMaker and Acrobat files for efficient imposition.
Future development is planned for INposition as well as INposition Lite. See for full details.
Graphic Exchange
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Canon GL2 camcorder delivers
broadcast quality digital video
Canon has introduced its new GL2 DV
camcorder, which employs three 410,000
pixel CCD image sensors to create a high-
resolution digital video signal suitable for
broadcast and professional applications.
The GL2 is designed with a built-in 20x
professional L-Series fluorite optical zoom
lens as well as 100x digital zoom. It includes three recording modes—Movie
Mode records high-quality interlaced
video for playback on a standard TV; Digital Photo Mode captures high quality, 1.7
megapixel (1488 x 1128) images on a Memory Card; Frame Movie Mode captures
video in a unique, non-interlaced method,
which allows the GL2 to record 30 frames
of video per second. Improved Pixel Shift
technology is also incorporated to handle
daylight conditions to candlelight.
The new model also offers two-channel
manual audio level control and three Audio modes—Normal, Voice, and Wind
Screen. It is equipped with both a USB
Terminal and an IEEE 1394 DV Terminal
for transfers of video and still images from
camcorder to computer. For shots that involve a computer screen, the GL2’s shutter
speed can be adjusted to match the monitor’s frequency, allowing one to record the
monitor without rolling black bars. In addition, the GL2 offers Slow Shutter speeds
of 1/8, 1/15 or 1/30 second.
The Canon GL2 DV camcorder has a
suggested retail price of US$2,999, or approximately CDN$4,700. For more info,
iCorrect 4.0 color correction
software for Windows XP
Pictographics International has announced the release of a Windows XPcompatible version of its iCorrect color
correction program for digital photos.
According to Pictographics, iCorrect
4.0 adds “point and click” color correction
technology to Windows XP’s imaging
tools, and may be used with images from
any source. It automatically adjusts for
brightness and contrast, removes unwanted color cast, and corrects common reference colors including neutrals, skin tones,
sky blue and foliage green. Its Auto Queuing feature lets users queue up image files
for faster sorting and color correction.
iCorrect 4.0, priced at US$39.95, supports both 24-bit and 48-bit images and accepts standard bitmap, JPEG and RAW
TIFF files, including LZW compressed
files. A free demo version is available at
Apple Shake 2.5 compositing and Digital Anarchy ships 64-bit
visual effects for Mac OS X
lossless codec for QuickTime
NEC-Mitsubishi unveils 17” and
19” MultiSync LCD NX monitors
Apple has announced that Shake 2.5, a
new version of its high end compositing
and visual effects software, is now available
for Mac OS X.
Shake has been used in the production
of over 100 motion pictures, including the
past five winners of the Academy Award
for Best Visual Effects—Lord of the Rings,
Gladiator, The Matrix, What Dreams May
Come and Titanic. Shake 2.5, which Apple claims is the fastest software-based rendering engine available, features simultaneous support for 8-, 16-, 32-bit images; image resolution independence, from web to
IMAX; an extensive toolset that offers layering, tracking, keying, rotoscoping, painting, color correction; and extensive support for third-party plug-ins.
Shake 2.5 for Mac OS X is priced at
US$129.95/~CDN$200. To get further information check
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of
America, Inc. has announced the new
NEC MultiSync LCD NX series, its first
19-inch and digital 17inch LCD monitors.
Priced at US$1,299
for the MultiSync
US$749.99 for the MultiSync LCD1700NX,
the new NEC MultiSync NX monitor family supports multiple resolutions up to 1280
x 1024. They both provide flexible fields of
vision that extend 170-degrees on both the
horizontal and vertical planes, using
NEC’s XtraView wide-viewing angle technology. Small footprints measure 8.1 inches deep on the LCD1920NX and 8.7 inches deep on the LCD1700NX. To find out
more, go to
Digital Anarchy has just released MicroCosm, a new 64-bit lossless codec for
QuickTime 5 or later. According to Digital
Anarchy, MicroCosm’s lossless codec
achieves compression ratios of 6 to 1 compared with uncompressed footage and 4 to
1 compared with the Animation codec.
MicroCosm supports both 64- and 32-bit
color spaces (16 bits per channel and eight
bits per channel).
Digital Anarchy publishes design and
compositing software, including plug-ins
for Adobe and Discreet systems.
The MicroCosm codec with a combined Mac and Windows license is available now for US$99. A free downloadable
version is available from the company’s
website or as a component download from
within the QuickTime Player application.
To obtain additional information, visit
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Graphic Exchange
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Apple battles USB 2.0 competition by providing
FireWire specs free to device manufacturers
Graphic Exchange “GXXi” 2002 Digital Art Awards
and Anniversary event and show set for October
Following its April acquisition of Zayante, leading developers of
FireWire code, Apple has announced that it is giving away software
that helps device makers add FireWire ports to their products.
FireWire, also known as IEEE 1394, has recently faced increasing competition from USB 2.0, which offers similar speeds and is
being integrated as a standard on most new PCs.
FireWire has a number of technical advantages over its competitor, including its ability to carry more power to a peripheral
and the ability of devices to talk directly to one another instead of
requiring a PC. However devices using FireWire require more
costly technology to handle the peer-to-peer exchange of data.
Also, FireWire is more expensive for PC makers because USB 2.0
support is being built into new core logic chips, while FireWire
requires an additional control chip.
Apple’s FireWire reference platform is compatible with both
the current and future versions of the FireWire specification. A
faster version of the FireWire specification has been approved and
is starting to show up in sample chips.
For the complete story on Apple and its FireWire implementations, see
Graphic Exchange, Canada’s largest circulation publication for
the graphics industry, has announced that its 2002 Digital Art
Awards & 11th Anniversary event will be held on October 17, 2002
at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. Major sponsors of
this year’s awards and gala are Adobe Systems, Apple Computer,
Comstock Images, Corel Corporation, Macromedia Canada and
Xerox Canada.
Last year’s inaugural event attracted more than 800 attendees
from across Canada and the United States. In addition to the
Awards show itself, the evening included a lineup of entertainment ranging from martial arts to magic and from live jazz to
multiple jumbo video projectors concurrently running DVD.
This year’s show, “GXXi”, will once again be headlined by
well-known Canadian radio and television personality Erica Ehm.
Twenty-four awards and prizes in eight categories will be presented to the top Digital Art Awards contest entries chosen by the
Graphic Exchange panel of eight judges. Complimentary event
passes will be provided for 48 finalists and 150 additional entrants.
Deadline for contest submissions is September 9, 2002.
For additional information on entering the Graphic Exchange
2002 Digital Art Awards contest or obtaining tickets to the Digital
Art Awards & 11th Anniversary party, visit
Platform synchronicity with Maya 4.5 for OS X
plus rendering and workflow enhancements
Alias|Wavefront has announced Maya 4.5, the seventh major release of its 3D animation software. This release will synchronize
the software for Mac OS X with
Maya on other supported hardware platforms.
Key advances include improvements in modeling, workflow, animation and rendering,
with easier access to saved layouts, an improved lasso tool, automatic backup on save,
progress bar and new display options. Any Paint Effects brush can
now be used for 3D painting. Also, the Maya renderer will feature
volume lighting and ramp shader rendering effects. And for game
developers, v4.5 has new polygonal mesh and editing tools and an
expansion of the Polygon API.
Maya Complete is priced at US$1,999, available for Mac OS
X, Windows, IRIX and Linux, and includes modeling, rendering,
animation, dynamics, Maya Artisan, Maya Paint Effects and Maya
Embedded Language (MEL), an open interface for programming
and scripting. Version upgrades for Maya on Mac OS X are
priced at US$699. Check to learn more.
Adobe Premiere 6.5 with real-time previews and
new title creation tools ready to ship this quarter
Adobe Systems has announced that it is ready to release a new
version of Adobe Premiere, its digital video editing software.
Adobe Premiere 6.5 will provide updated video hardware support, including the latest Sony DVCAM devices and third-party
capture cards. Real-time preview capabilities in version 6.5 allow
video editors to reduce time spent rendering projects. Effects, titles and transitions may be viewed as they are made, and the new
Adobe Title Designer allows the creation of broadcast-quality title
sequences. Premiere 6.5 also includes over 100 pre-designed templates and typographical controls and more than 90 Adobe fonts
chosen for video titling. Five more special effect filters have been
added from Adobe After Effects, including Blend, Channel Blur,
Directional Blur and Lightning.
Adobe Premiere 6.5 will be available at US$549/CDN$840
(SRP) for all platforms, including Mac OS X and Windows XP.
Look for more details at
PSD2FLA plug-in from Media Lab makes layered
Photoshop files into editable Flash .fla files
A new Windows-only plug-in for
Adobe Photoshop just released converts layered files into fully editable
layered Macromedia Flash .fla files.
PSD2FLA, from Media Lab,
works in Photoshop 4 and later (including Photoshop 7) and supports
Flash 5 and later (including MX).
Photoshop layers are transferred
with names intact and are positioned in Flash exactly as they were
in Photoshop. Users also have the option to ignore hidden layers.
Media Lab’s PSD2FLA is available from
at a cost of US$89/~CDN$140. A Mac version is not available yet.
Online reports surface about possible January
release of Quark 6 for OS X at Macworld SF
According to eWeek (, a weekly online news site,
Quark is aiming to release QuarkXPress 6 for Mac OS X in time
for the January Macworld show in San Francisco.
As is its normal policy, Quark is not confirming or denying this
report. However eWeek’s writers, John S. McCright and Matthew
Rothenberg, say they base their information on inside sources.
The absence of a native OS X version of QuarkXPress has
caused many in the printing and publishing sector to delay upgrading to Apple’s new operating system, so if true, this speculation could represent big news for both Quark users and Apple.
Keep checking for updated information.
Stitching fisheye pictures in QuickTime cubic VRs
made easier with Panorama Panoweaver Cubic VR
For those who use Nikon cameras with a fisheye lens to take virtual reality photographs with two pictures, German-based Panorama Technologies has created a product called Panoweaver that
makes stitching two fisheye pictures together a simple procedure.
Customers will not be affected, reported
Adobe and Macromedia after settling their
five year old spat over who did what first
for whom in which app...
E Ink Corporation has
claimed title to the world’s
thinnest active matrix display with its 0.3mm thick
steel foil prototypes shown
in May at the Society for
Information Display Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition
in Boston...Cool in ‘03 -as demonstrated at the Science
Museum in London, England -- music, stock reports, voicemail,
or even wakeup calls through
digital receivers implanted
(painlessly) in one or more
teeth...The Chinese are now the world’s third
largest Internet user, and growing at 72% a
year -- but less than four per cent of the
population is on the Internet...Who was that
lanky robot (or is it robota?) I saw you
with at the American Association of Artificial Intelligence meeting in Edmonton last month? In true
Canadian style, GRACE (her
full name is Graduate Robot
Attending Conference) wowed them with her impeccably good manners...Check out the programmable Griffin PowerMate controller, a
very cool accessory
with presets for Final
Cut Pro users that let
you scroll through footage and edit as you
go -- US$45 at
Graphic Exchange
Panoweaver comes in two licensing packages: Personal
(US$99.95) and Commercial (US$299.95). The Commercial license allows up to three computers to use the software, do batchstitching, and produce spherical and cubic panoramic images.
You can then use Apple’s free version of MakeCubic software to
produce Cubic VRs for use with QuickTime. Download MakeCubic from
For those who prefer to use Javascript for navigation within a
web browser, PT Scripter (US$340, bundled with the Personal License edition) allows you to customize the interface to allow for
hotspots, navigation and web links.
According to industry professionals, this product is a boon for
those producing royalty-free cubic VRs, with no programming experience required. Panoweaver and MakeCubic are available for
OS 9 and 10. Learn more about Panoweaver and PT Scripter online at
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