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respiratory family
Improving People's Lives
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The innovative, stackable
DeVilbiss modular sleep line
features all the necessary
components for building a
superior sleep therapy solution.
These modular components
provide a sleek, small footprint
that will satisfy a patient's
desire for aesthetics, a doctor's
requirement of clinical benefits,
and a provider’s need for
cost savings.
We didn't invent sleep therapy,
but with over 115 years of
respiratory innovations, we
just may have perfected it.
The DeVilbiss CPAP Travel Bag
Perfect for transporting your DeVilbiss
sleep therapy products. The bag can easily
accommodate a 9000 series CPAP, 9100
Humidifier, 9200 Humidifier Heater, Mask
and cushions, hoses, power cables and more.
This new travel bag is included with all 9000
series CPAP orders.
Model # 9000D-610
9000 CPAP
This ultra-quiet CPAP features a
convenient keypad control; easyto-read LCD display; 3-20cm H20
operating pressure range; 0, 10,
20, 30, or 45-minute pressure
ramp delay; push-button altitude
compensation; while breathing
compliance monitoring; and
universal power supply. Includes
travel bag for transporting 9000
Series CPAP, 9100 Humidifier,
9200 Humidifier Heater, mask
and accessories.
Model# 9000D
9001 CPAP
The DeVilbiss 9001 CPAP has
all the same great features of
the 9000 CPAP, but also offers
onboard 3-year compliance
memory, automatic altitude
compensation, a pressure
transducer for auto on-off and
greater accuracy, and a 12-volt
DC power option. Includes travel
bag for transporting 9000 series
CPAP, 9100 Humidifier, 9200
Humidifier Heater, mask and
Model# 9001D
9100 Humidifier
Provides an add-on option for
patients who require the comfort
of humidity to comply with their
CPAP therapy. The 9100 features
12 hours of uninterrupted
operation and is compatible
with any CPAP. The seethrough reservoir permits
easy monitoring of water level.
The unit separates easily for
dishwasher cleaning.
Model# 9100D
9200 Humidifier Heater
Provides an add-on option
for patients who require the
additional comfort of heated
humidity to moisturize the air.
The 9200 heater works with the
9100 humidifier and features a
larger heating surface for a more
efficient and energy-saving unit.
Model# 9200D - 3 prong cord
Model# 9200DI - 2 prong cord
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eCompliance, AutoAdjust and Bilevel
eCompliance System
Our innovative system monitors
compliance via the Internet and emails you when patients don’t
comply, so there’s no guesswork
or waiting, just accurate, timely
data when you need it 24/7.
Internet IPS Software
Allows your computer to link and
communicate with the DeVilbiss
eCompliance Server. Internet IPS
software is free and installs easily
onto an existing Internet-enabled
personal computer. Ask your
Sunrise Account manager for more
information or visit
SMART Track® Modem
The improved SMART Track
Modem features bi-directional
communication allowing for
remote parameter changes
on the DeVilbiss 9001 CPAP,
9054D RPM AutoAdjust and
9055D RPM-bilevel.
This integral part of the
eCompliance system
connects to a 9000, 9001,
RPM AutoAdjust and
RPM Bilevel.
Model# SMLINK-300
Adjustable upper and lower pressure
limits with adjustable apnea/hypopnea
detection algorithm. The patented
AutoAdjust detects adverse mask conditions, minimizes airway pressure, is
sensitive to snoring, has an adjustable
delay setting (up to four hours – split
night), and features a self-contained
pneumotach and automatic pressure
adjustment algorithm.
Optional Pulse Oximetry.
Model# 9054D
DeVilbiss RPM®-bilevel
All bilevel devices are not created equal.The new
RPM bilevel from DeVilbiss empowers your patient's
therapy. Not only is the RPM one of the quietest
bilevel devices on the market, but it is also one of
the smartest. The RPM features a simple method
for patients to rate their therapy using the onboard
Epworth Sleepiness Scale©. Additionally, the patient
has the ability to view a compounded therapy
rating -allowing your patients to monitor
their therapy. We didn't invent bilevel therapy,
but after 115 years of respiratory innovations,
we just may have perfected it.
Model# 9055D
Epworth Sleepiness Scale © M. W. Johns, 1997
Traditional bilevel waveform
IPAP Settings 0 to 5
EPAP Settings 0 to 5
DeVilbiss RPM bilevel
waveform with selectable
IPAP and EPAP Flow Rounding
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DeVilbiss FlexAire™ Mask
We didn't just dream of the perfect nasal CPAP
mask, we made it a reality. Introducing the
FlexAire mask - a mask that is a fusion of
revolutionary ideas, materials and technology.
No other mask offers the superior comfort or
ease-of-use of this breakthrough interface.
We engineered this truly flexible mask with
the ability to fit a wide array of facial profiles,
to be easy to use for both the patient and
clinician, all while being cost effective.
FlexAire Mask #9353D
FlexAire Shallow Mask #9353S
Full Face Mask-7600 Series Vmask™
Manufactured by Hans Rudolph, Inc.
The Full Face-7600 Series Mask is based around a
single piece of molded silicone rubber with an
anatomically contoured design that creates a soft,
stable fit that eliminates painful pressure points
caused by many rigid frame masks
7600 Large #113237
7600 Medium #113238
7600 Small #113239
7600 Extra Small #113240
7600 Petite #113241
Sensa Seal VIP76
Manufactured by Hans Rudolph, Inc.
The Sensa Seal is an optional add-on item for the
Hans Rudolph Full Face mask.It is designed to help
patients who experience leaks around the nose.
The Sensa Seal provides an additional sealing flange
to help prevent those leaks
Large #669160
Medium #669161
Small #669162
Extra Small #669163
Petite #669164
LYRA Mask with Headgear
Manufactured by Viasys
The LYRA nasal pillows provide maximum patient
comfort for those patients who may encounter
difficulties with the use of a nasal CPAP mask.
The LYRA interface offers patients two position
options: over the head and below the chin.
Model #776780
The DeVilbiss SureFit Kit
The DeVilbiss SureFit Kit was designed
to improve efficiency and reduce waste
when fitting nasal CPAP masks. The kit
includes all the necessary components
for building a comfortable mask for your patient.
The unique modular design of the DeVilbiss
Serenity and FlexSet Masks allow you to mix
and match forehead pads and cushions. With
the SureFit Kit there is no need to throw away
a mask if the patient doesn't like it, simply change
the components.
Model# 9352D-SK
DeVilbiss FlexSet® Mask
With so many nasal CPAP mask options
on the market, it is cost prohibitive to
stock all of them. The new DeVilbiss FlexSet
mask provides four different cushion options,
thus you can minimize the array of masks you
stock and build the mask to suit your patient.
At DeVilbiss it is our goal to provide you with
options that will satisfy your needs as well
as the needs of your patients.
FlexSet Mask #9354D
FlexSet Shallow Mask #9354S
FlexSet Gel Mask #9354G
DeVilbiss Serenity® Mask
The Serenity Mask features a silicone cushion,
forehead pads and a durable, adjustable frame
to help ensure a secure seal and maximum patient
comfort. Comes complete with headgear.
Available in Standard and Shallow size and Gel.
Standard Model #9352D
Shallow Model #9352S
Gel Cushion Model #9352G
Gel Shallow Cushion Model #9352GS
Also sold without headgear
Model #9352D-621 Standard
Model #9352S-621 Shallow
Vmask™ is a Registered Trademark of Hans Rudolph, Inc.
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Pulmo-Aide® by DeVilbiss,
the world’s most prescribed
aerosol therapy system, has
been providing effective and
efficient aerosol treatments for
over thirty years. Today the
DeVilbiss compressor line has
grown to include the PulmoAide Compact Compressor,
Sunrise Medical Compressor
and Traveler Portable
Compressor. Manufactured in
the tradition of Dr. DeVilbiss,
the entire family of respiratory
products provides you with an
unmatched combination of
quality, value and performance.
Sunrise Economy
Compact Compressor
When it comes to low cost,
compressor/nebulizers, Sunrise
brings you the ultimate choice:
the remarkable Sunrise compact
compressor/nebulizer System.
Model #2655D
2655 Compressor/Nebulizer System
Model #2655T-RB
2655 Compressor/Nebulizer System
with 800 reusable nebulizer.
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide
Compact Compressor
The portable, small size allows for
therapy at home or on the go and
features ease-of-use, a 5-year warranty,
and the same reliable operation you
have come to count on from DeVilbiss.
The Pulmo-Aide Compact is the perfect
solution for those patients seeking a
quality, effective treatment from a
small compressor.
Model# 3655D
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor.
Model# 3655T
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact
Compressor packaged with
disposable and reusable nebulizer.
DeVilbiss PulmoMate® Compressor
The DeVilbiss PulmoMate compressor
keeps pace with the world of managed
care, providing an unbeatable combination
of quality and value. The efficient unit with
storage provides all the performance and
durability you need. Choose the DeVilbiss
PulmoMate for superb performance.
DeVilbiss Traveler
Portable Compressor
Now active customers can get more
out of their aerosol therapy, and more
out of life with the new DeVilbiss
Traveler® Portable Compressor
Nebulizer System. The Traveler is the
perfect travel companion that makes
it easier and more convenient than
ever to nebulize when they’re away
from home.
Model# 6910D-DR
DeVilbiss Traveler Compressor
Nebulizer System with reusable nebulizer*
Model# 6910P-DR
DeVilbiss Traveler Compressor
Nebulizer System with reusable nebulizer
and rechargeable battery*
* Included in both configurations: compressor unit, reusable and disposable
nebulizers, 5 extra filters, extra filter door, tubing adapter, adult and pediatric masks,
AC adapter, DC car adapter, carrying case and instructional DVD in a color retail box
Model# 4650D
DeVilbiss PulmoMate with 3-prong plug,
disposable nebulizer.
Model# 46502
DeVilbiss PulmoMate with 2-prong plug,
disposable nebulizer.
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide® Compressor
The world’s most prescribed compressor,
the DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide has been providing
effective aerosol treatments for more
than thirty years. Its durability and ease of
operation make it the preferred unit for
long-term and high-demand users. The
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide provides unmatched
quality, value and performance.
Model# 5650D
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide with 2-prong plug,
disposable nebulizer.
Model# 5650H
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide with 3-prong plug,
disposable nebulizer.
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Nebulizers, Compressor Accessories & Pediatric
Dragon Mask
Created specifically for pediatric
patients – this fun and entertaining
mask will make treatments
less intimidating.
Item# DL1050 (50 pack)
Adult Aerosol Mask
AAM12 (12 pack) and
AAM20 (50 pack)
Pediatric Aerosol Mask
PAMI0 (50 pack)
DeVilbiss Reusable Jet Nebulizer
The DeVilbiss Reusable Jet Nebulizer provides the
best value from start to finish. Home healthcare
providers enjoy the product that increases their
bottom line, while the patient benefits from a more
efficient treatment. Provides patient with up to one
year of use. Three models to choose from:
Model# 800C – Purple & Green,
Model# 800D – Blue,
Model# 800G – Interrupter model (not shown)
Reimbursement per Nebulizer
Cost of Nebulizer
Cost of Delivery
Cost to Bill/Process
Total Cost per Unit
Profit per Unit
Annual Number of Patients
Annual Number of Nebulizers per Patient
Total Annual Number of Nebulizers
Annual Reimbursement
Annual Cost of Nebulizers
Annual Gross Profit
Gross Margin%
The DeVilbiss Kid’s Club asthma compliance program is a
comprehensive program, offering kids added incentives to
take their treatments. The DeVilbiss Kid’s Club Kit comes
in a tree house box and includes a patient’s Record & Resource
Book containing helpful information and a place to record the
child’s asthma care. The kit also features a Kid’s Club Activity
Book and a cute Compressor Critter to help treatments seem
less intimidating. The Kid’s Club program is the perfect marketing
tool for your referral sources. Contains enough supplies for
five children.
Item# 5650D-622 or refill kit 5650D-624
* The DeVilbiss Reusable Nebulizer is reimbursable under the A7005
HCPCS code. Reimbursement rate currently at $26.21 – $30.83,
depending on geography.
POCKETPEAK® Peak Flow Meter (Universal)
The POCKETPEAK flow meter offers objective measurement
of peak flow readings as part of an effective asthma management
program. Meets all NAEP and NHLBI standards.
Item# 600-112 (12 pack)
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Extended Care & Professional ENT Products
AC/DC High Performance Suction Unit
For almost twenty years, DeVilbiss
has been delivering the best portable
suction options for home use. This
DeVilbiss Suction Unit meets suction
and capacity requirements in a small,
lightweight design.
Model# 7305D-D
Heavy Duty Aerosol Compressor
The quiet, compact design, easy
operation and durability make this
unit an ideal choice for continuous
delivery of airway humidity and
specialized drug delivery.
Model# 8650D
AC/DC/Battery Portable High-Performance
Suction Unit
The DeVilbiss Suction unit is designed to fit
into the active lifestyle of today’s customers.
Small and lightweight with internal battery, it
comes with a convenient carrying case to
make portability easier.
Model# 7305P-D
ENT HandiPak™ Kit
Offers patient ease in ear, nose, and throat
treatments at satellite offices, clinics, hospitals
and nursing homes. Easily cleaned or cold
sterilized by using disinfectant, autoclaving,
or any recommended institutional cleaning
solution. Kit includes the Carrying Case,
3655D Pulmo-Aide Compact, #630,
#286-RD, #177, #151, #163, and #175.
Model# 7200D
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Model# 535D-M6-PD-PKG – iFill with 2 M6 Cylinders with Integrated PD1000A and 1 carry case
Model# 535D-ML6-PD-PKG – iFill with 2 ML6 Cylinders with Integrated PD1000A and 1 carry case
Model# PD1000A-M6-2PK – 2 M6 Cylinders with Integrated PD1000A and 1 carry case
Model# PD1000A-ML6-2PK – 2 ML6 Cylinders with Integrated PD1000A and 1 carry case
The DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station, Model 535D, represents a breath of fresh air
for home oxygen providers who are looking to maintain superior customer service, profitability
and their position in the marketplace during changing times.
Features and benefits
• iFill makes it easy to convert your existing oxygen
customers who currently rely on cylinder deliveries.
There’s no need to replace your customers’ existing
• The iFill unit extracts purified oxygen from room air
using standard oxygen concentrator technology.
• Unlike competitive units, iFill can be used with
your existing concentrator fleet.
• iFill makes it easy and convenient for your customers
to fill portable oxygen cylinders in their homes to give
them greater freedom to come and go as they please.
• iFill provides the flexibility to fill most cylinder sizes
including M4,M6,ML6,C,D and E.
• iFill lets users fill their M6 cylinders in just a little
over an hour – not the two hours it can take with
other in-home oxygen filling sytems. Shorter fill times
save energy costs.
Intuitive design is easy to use
• Users simply align the cylinder’s nipple connector with
the fill connector on the unit and click into place.
• Control panel lights illuminate while the cylinder is
filling and when the cylinder is full.
• When full, users remove the cylinder by pressing down
on the outer ring of the fill connector located under the
nipple connector.
• Large outer ring is designed for individuals with limited
dexterity, requiring very little pressure to depress.
• The iFill unit can be placed and used virtually
anywhere in the home — minimizing the noise
and disruption to daily life.
• Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped off.
• Automatically shuts off when filling is complete.
• Includes easy-roll casters that make it easy to
move and store the unit when not in use.
• Cylinders can be refilled as often as needed.
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Oxygen Conserving Devices
Walkabout™ and Hideaway™ Systems
DeVilbiss PulseDose technology continues to be the gold standard for oxygen conserving devices.
Unlike other systems that simply limit the flow of oxygen, PulseDose® delivers a consistent dose of
oxygen at the very moment it is most beneficial – on the leading edge of inspiration.
PD1000 PulseDose® LT
Compact Conserving Device
The DeVilbiss PD1000
features a compact and
lightweight design (16.3 oz.).
The true 3:1 savings ratio
offered by the PD1000 means
reduced cylinder deliveries
for the HME – making your
business more profitable.
Comes with a 3-year warranty
and is field-serviceable.
Model# PD1000
PD4000 PulseDose® Extended
Conserving Device
The DeVilbiss PD4000 is easy
to set-up, use and maintain.
The true 4:1 savings means
increased savings for the HME –
adding to the profitability of
your business. Features an
audible alarm, easy to access
battery compartment, and a
protected contents gauge.
Comes with a 3-year warranty
and is field-serviceable.
Comes complete with ML-6 cylinder unfilled
(ML6870), PulseDose Conserving Device,
and Bag (EX3000D-654)
Hideaway PD4000 w/o CYL
Model #PD4H0
Hideaway PD4000 1 CYL
Model #PD4H1
Hideaway PD4000 3 CYL
Model #PD4H3
DeVilbiss PulseDose Conserving Device
and Bag (EX3000D-651) for C cylinder
Hideaway PD4000 6 CYL
Model #PD4H6
Model #PD4WC0
Hideaway PD1000 w/o CYL
Model #PD1H0
Model #PD1WC0
Hideaway PD1000 1 CYL
Model #PD1H1
Hideaway PD1000 3 CYL
Model #PD1H3
Hideaway PD1000 6 CYL
Model #PD1H6
DeVilbiss PulseDose Conserving Device
and Bag (EX3000D-652) for D cylinder
Comes complete with M-6 cylinder unfilled (M6870),
PulseDose Conserving Device and Bag (EX3000D-653)
Walkabout Mini PD4000 w/o CYL
Model #PD4WM0
Model #PD4WM1
Model #PD4WD0
Walkabout Mini PD4000 1 CYL
Model #PD1WD0
Walkabout Mini PD4000 3 CYL
Model #PD4WM3
Walkabout Mini PD1000 w/o CYL
Model #PD1WM0
Walkabout Mini PD1000 1 CYL
Walkabout Mini PD1000 3 CYL
Model #PD1WM1
Model #PD1WM3
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Oxygen Concentrators
Three-Liter Concentrator
This concentrator features a lightweight, compact design that is easy
to transport – only 37 lbs. The
DeVilbiss Three-Liter Concentrator
features our unique Pressure-Vacuum
System, single-solenoid valve with a
10-year warranty and an extended
life intake bacteria filter.
Model# 303DS/DZ
Safety Features
Not only do DeVilbiss oxygen
concentrators lead the industry
in reliability and durability,
they provide unmatched
patient safety. Safety features
found on all DeVilbiss oxygen
concentrators include:
• Pressure-compensated flow meter that
displays accurate flow to the patient
Five-Liter Concentrator
The DeVilbiss Five-Liter Concentrator
has a simple, reliable and predictable
operating system and features a
superior rotary valve with
10-year warranty and houses a dual
head, low stroke compressor.
Increase fleet visibility by using
the DeVilbiss SMART Track™
module to help manage your
preventative maintenance
program on OSD® models.
Model# 515ADS/ADZ
• Pressure-relief valve and thermal
protection on the compressor
• Double-insulated unit; two-prong plug
• Flame-retardant cabinet
• High/low pressure alarms
• Power failure alarm
New SMART Track Software
Compatible with all Windows versions,
including Windows 2000 and XP.
Input patient data – flow rate, prescription
hours, Patient ID.
Manage Download Equipment Information:
• S/N
• Patient ID
• Flow Rate
• O2 concentration • Cycle times
SMART Track Module
Connects to all DeVilbiss OSD Oxygen
64 records can be stored before download.
Perform in-depth concentrator checks during
patient visits in 2/3 the time.
Smart Track Compatibility Matrix
Old Module
New Module
Version 1
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country doctor with simple values,
Dr. Allen DeVilbiss founded DeVilbiss®
Manufacturing in 1888 to develop products
that made life easier for his patients.
More than a century later DeVilbiss continues
to manufacture reliable, high- quality respiratory
therapy products including many important
innovations such as Pulmo-Aide®, PulseDose®
and eCompliance technologies.
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respiratory family
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