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MultiSync MT830 ,
MT1030 and MT1035
Outstanding image
quality and brightness
Broad compatibility
allows input flexibility
Exclusive service guarantee
for peace of mind
The new MultiSync MT Series portable projectors provide an
easy-to-use display solution for today’s demanding applications.
A completely new line of full-featured
portable projectors, the MultiSync® MT830™,
MT1030™ and MT1035™ projectors continue
NEC Technologies legacy of outstanding
ease of use and image quality. The MultiSync
MT Series projectors are designed for applications
requiring superior display performance, including:
Training: More than chalkboards and flip charts,
today’s training facilities must support interactive
presentations with multiple sources. Coordinating
both video and computer displays can be complicated for the trainer. Plus, the gap caused by
shifting sources can result in lost audience attention. MultiSync MT Series projectors enable
trainers to simply connect all the inputs and toggle back and forth seamlessly between computer
and video sources, minimizing down time.
Presentations: Because board rooms and
conference rooms have many uses, equipping
them with the most appropriate technology can
be challenging. The chosen technology must
be able to accommodate multiple users and a
variety of input sources. MultiSync MT Series
projectors are compatible with virtually any source
in use today, enabling powerful presentations.
Learning: Today’s learning environment, whether
grade school, high school or college, requires a
display solution that provides high brightness so
lights can remain on for note-taking. MultiSync
MT Series projectors are among the brightest
available today, allowing you to keep the lights
on while learning.
Unique features deliver professional
performance. MultiSync MT Series projectors
have all the features professionals demand for
excellent image quality, precise control and
exceptional ease of use:
Advanced AccuBlend™ technology, exclusive to
NEC, is an intelligent pixel blending technology
that displays high-resolution images with
remarkably true resolution. With the addition
of keystone correction, Advanced AccuBlend
corrects image distortion created by sharp projection angles, resulting in an image that is perfectly
square on the screen.
MultiSync MT830
MultiSync MT1030
MultiSync MT1035
1000 ANSI lumens
900 ANSI lumens
1300 ANSI lumens
Resolutions supported
640 × 480 –1024 × 768
with Advanced AccuBlend
640 × 480 –1280 × 1024
with Advanced AccuBlend
640 × 480 –1280 × 1024
with Advanced AccuBlend
Video compatibility
NTSC 4.43
NTSC 4.43
NTSC 4.43
Full-featured remote control enables quick,
one-button access to key features. The remote
includes a built-in mouse so you can control
the projector and your computer with the same
intuitive device. In addition, the built-in laser
pointer and 360-degree infrared system let you
use the remote from anywhere in the room,
giving the presenter total freedom for audience
interaction and mobility.
One wireless remote
does it all, allowing
you to control your
presentation and
the projector with
the same easy-touse device.
MultiSync MT Series Accessories
NEC Technologies offers a full line of
accessories designed to complement
your MultiSync MT Series Projector.
An easy-to-use input panel helps you set up quickly, while multiple inputs let you connect more than one source simultaneously.
On-screen controls let you make image adjustments including brightness, contrast, sharpness
and position. In addition, a new color control
lets you adjust red, green and blue individually
to match your source or personal preferences.
The on-screen controls also provide access to
the lamp timer and a new auto feature that
automatically centers the image on the screen.
Optional PC card viewer lets you store and
transport your presentation on a PCMCIA card.
Simply store your commonly used slides or
images and you can leave your laptop behind.
Running your presentation is as simple as
popping in the card and turning on the projector. No fumbling with cables or your computer!
Broad compatibility allows input flexibility.
MultiSync MT Series projectors are compatible
with PC and Macintosh® computers and laptops
as well as VCRs, DVD players, laser disc players
and live video cameras. Connection is quick and
easy via the comprehensive, labeled input panel,
which includes two separate computer inputs
as well as one video and one S-video input. The
universal power supply enables global companies to use the same piece of equipment
throughout their organizations.
TownCase Carrying Case
This durable case was
designed for local transportation and safe storage.
An inside pocket provides
additional safe storage
for the remote control,
plus any cables.
TownCase Plus Offers
all of the features of the
TownCase and the added
convenience of a special
pocket that holds your
notebook computer.
AirCase Shipping Case
This sturdy shipping case
features reinforced panels,
wheels and is ATAapproved for shipping via
land carrier or airline. A
Federal Express-approved
transparent pouch stores
shipping labels for added
MT Mount Sturdy,
multiple-access ceiling
mount features quick
release capability for ease of
transport and a built-in
security feature.
Included introductory video and quick connect
guide gets you up and running fast with a
hands-on demonstration of key features and
projector setup.
Exclusive service guarantee ensures peace
of mind. NEC Technologies exclusive InstaCareSM
service delivers unbeatable peace of mind with
a 24-hour replacement guarantee whether your
presentation is down the hall or across the
country. If something should go wrong with
your projector, we will deliver a replacement
within 24 hours or repair and return your original
unit within 72 hours. NEC Technologies pays for
and tracks all shipping, and provides shipping
materials. In addition, our
lamp is guaranteed for
2000 hours or 6 months,
whichever comes first.
Outstanding image quality includes
exceptional brightness. MultiSync MT Series
projectors deliver the image quality you expect
from NEC Technologies, the leader in display
technology. Image enhancements include:
Sleek, ergonomic design functions beautifully. MultiSync MT Series projectors boast a
sleek, sophisticated design that will enhance
any conference room or presentation facility.
Designed with the user in mind, they offer
highly functional features including:
Sturdy construction with an integrated
carrying handle and one-touch tilt feet.
Replacement Remote
Should your remote get
lost or damaged, NEC
offers an identical replacement remote.
Power zoom and focus lens for easy image
Input panel that is conveniently located
and easy to use.
Built-in audio capability that lets you add
sound to your presentations without extra
equipment. An audio jack allows you to supplement the projector’s sound performance.
Exceptionally bright, focused images with
excellent color saturation and contrast.
Front-panel vents that keep hot air from
blowing on your audience.
LCD panels that resist dust build-up
for a clearer image over time.
Compatibility with the Kensington security
lock system, so you can lock your projector
in place for added security.
A new lamp technology that delivers higher
brightness with lower wattage and power
consumption while creating whiter whites.
Replacement Lamp
and Filter A userchangeable 150-watt
new short arc, high
pressure (NSH) lamp and
air filter. NEC recommends lamp replacement
after 2000 hours of use.
Optional accessories—from replacement lamps
to carrying cases—that allow you to customize
your MultiSync MT projector to suit your own
needs and preferences.
MultiSync Lens This
short throw lens was
designed for large
screen display in small
(MT830 and MT1030 only)
PC Card Viewer Store and
transport your presentation
on a PCMCIA card. One
memory card included.
MultiSync MT830, MT1030 and MT1035 Specifications Model #LCDMT830, LCDMT1030, LCDMT1035
LCD Panel
MT1030 and MT1035:
Video Compatibility
1.3" × 3, 800 × 600 p-Si TFT active-matrix
1.3" × 3, 1024 × 768 p-Si TFT active-matrix
All models:
MT830 and MT1030:
All models:
Power Zoom, Power Focus, F 2.5 f=52 –73mm
Power Zoom, Power Focus, F 2.0 f=48 –79mm
All models:
150 Watt NSH user replaceable, longlife lamp
Built-in stereo speakers (2 × 2w) with audio out capability
Remote Control Functions
All models:
Computer Mouse Control with left and right click buttons,
Built-in Laser Pointer, Source Selection, Volume, Zoom,
Focus, Picture Magnification, Position, Picture Freeze,
Picture Mute, Keystone
Image Size
MT830 and MT1030:
Min 20" (50.8cm), Max 300" (762.0cm)
Min 25" (63.5cm), Max 320" (812.8cm)
On-screen Controls
All models:
Projection Distance
MT830 and MT1030:
Min 3.3 ft (1.0m), Max 39.4 ft (12.0m)
Min 2.5 ft (.76m), Max 47.2 ft (14.4m)
Light Output
1000 ANSI lumens
900 ANSI lumens
1300 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio
All models:
Fan Noise
All models:
Color Reproduction
All models:
16,777,216 colors simultaneously
9,000 Degrees Kelvin
Synchronization Range
All models:
Horizontal 15 to 85kHz (non-interlaced),
Vertical 50 to 85Hz
All models:
Dimensions (W×H×D)
All models:
11.4 × 5.7 × 14.9 inches (29.0 × 14.5 × 37.8cm)
Input Signals:
Visual: 75 ohm 0.7 Vp-p positive, Sync TTL
Audio: 47k ohm 0.4V rms
Input Terminals:
Visual: 2 × 15pin Mini D-SUB
Audio: Stereo Mini Jack
Output Terminals:
Visual: RGB Throughout
Audio: Stereo Mini Jack
Net Weight
640 × 480:
800 × 600:
1024 × 768:
1024 × 768:
1280 × 1024:
Safety and Regulation
All models:
FCC: Class “A”
UL: 1950
Macintosh Compatibility
All models:
640 × 480:
832 × 624:
MT1030 and MT1035:
832 × 624:
60, 72, 75 and 85Hz vertical refresh
56 to 75 and 85Hz vertical refresh
Advanced AccuBlend
60, 70, 72, 75 and 85Hz vertical refresh
Advanced AccuBlend
60 and 67Hz vertical refresh
Advanced AccuBlend
75Hz vertical refresh
MT830 and MT1030:
All models:
Wired / Wireless Remote Control with Wireless Mouse and
Laser Pointer, Mouse Cables, Signal Cable, Mac Pin Adapter,
Power Cable, Remote Cable, Introductory Video, Quick
Connect Guide, User’s Manual, Registration Card
Environmental Considerations
All models:
Temperature: 32–104°F (0–40°C), operational
Humidity: 20 – 80%, operational
All models:
Input Signals:
Visual: S-Video Y: 75 ohm 1.0Vp-p, S: 75 ohm 0.28Vp-p
Audio: 47k ohm 0.4V rms
Input Terminals:
Visual: RCA
Audio: RCA × 2
Horizontal Resolution:
NTSC 550 lines (S-Video)
PAL / SECAM / NTSC 4.43 350 lines
16.1lbs. (7.3Kg)
16.8lbs. (7.6Kg)
Supplied Accessories
All models:
250 Watts
(without lens hood and feet)
PC Compatibility
All models:
All models:
MT1030 and MT1035:
MT1030 and MT1035:
100–120v/220–240v AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption
All models:
Less than 42dB
Power Requirement
All models:
Color Temperature
All models:
Source Selection Menu:
Video, S-Video, RGB 1, RGB 2, PC Card
Image Adjust Menu:
Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint, Sharpness,
Image Mode, H Position, V Position, Auto Picture,
Picture Adjust, Fine Picture Adjust, Keystone, White Balance
Power Menu:
Lamp Timer, Auto Start, Power Management,
Keystone Save, On-screen Mute
Settings Menu:
Image Capture, Background, Video Standard,
Set Position, Language Select, Pointer, Reset
All lamps:
2-year limited, parts and labor
including InstaCare 24-hour replacement service
2000 hours or 6 months, whichever comes first
For the location of the MultiSync MT dealer nearest you or for more
information on MultiSync MT accessories, call 1-800-NEC-INFO.
To speak to a MultiSync MT customer service representative, call
1-800-836 -0655.
Visit our World Wide Web home page at
For more information via fax, call NEC FastFacts™ at
630-467-4363 and request Catalog #1.
All specifications are the same for all models unless otherwise noted.
MultiSync is a registered trademark and MT, MT830, MT1030, MT1035, AccuBlend, FastFacts and the NEC Technologies
icon are trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective holders. All specifications are subject to change without notice. © 1998 NEC Technologies, Inc.
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