descarca revista Technology Trends Nr.17/2013 (EN)

descarca revista Technology Trends Nr.17/2013 (EN)
Omron &
Future proof
Technology & Trends
P04. Don’t just evolve - create!
P10. Next release on the Sysmac platform
P20. Turnkey packaging line
No.17 | EU
OMRON & Future proof
Omron & Future proof
The cover shows an artist’s
impression of a concept for a
All-in-one solution for end
of line packaging tea
Mespic has found an ideal partner in Omron.
robot, developed at a workshop
for customers. The result: a delta
robot with OLED instant messaging,
adaptive positioning, holistic
3D-simulation and floor-activated
communication. Will it be realistic?
The future will tell.
By listening, wondering,
Sysmac NX-series I/O
The Sysmac Machine Controller
gets the I/O’s it deserves...
Sysmac Integrated Safety
Protect your system, seamlessly, across the entire
input-logic-output chain, and all from a single
exploring and learning, we gain
Single-controller in a
turnkey packaging line
Mecapack, a specialist manufacturer of
primary and secondary packaging.
insights that lead to cutting-edge
solutions for the next generation of
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OMRON & Future proof
Don’t just evolve – create.
Take it to the next level.
Hiroyuki Usui, who joined Omron Europe as Chief Executive Officer in April this year, says his ambition is
to bring next generation technology into the European market, putting Omron’s know-how, experience and systems
within reach of European machine-builders. We spoke with him about his vision and ideas
for achieving these ambitions.
What did you ask yourself when you became CEO?
What are Omron’s other focus points?
My main interest is in helping European machine-builders to stay
We aim to provide the most reliable support in the business, and
strong in a changing world, because every customer I have spoken
deliver it faster and more precisely than anyone else. We can do this
to sees the challenges ahead. We must help them to keep innovat-
by removing all unnecessary waste, taking out elements that don’t
ing and reducing costs. That way they can seize the opportunities in
add value for our customers and their customers. As a logical conse-
developing markets like China – where our long-standing presence is
quence, this will improve the speed of our response and bring the
going to help them – while defending their local business.
cost down - these are all benefits that can be directly transferred to
our customers and help make them more competitive.
How can next-generation technology help machine-builders?
It all springs from the ideas of the machine-builders them-selves.
If you were an Omron customer or potential customer, how
Sysmac, for example, was based on customer demands for a platform
would you interact with us?
that’s scalable and flexible, and that enables the creation of fast, effi-
It’s an interesting question, because we must always think from the
cient machines. Our vision is to help our customers’ engineers to turn
customer’s perspective. The first point is to realize how easy it is to
their ideas into reality – the smart way.
get access to our automation expertise. On every level, Omron is
the most open automation partner in Europe. If I were a customer I
Hiroyuki Usui, Omron Europe as Chief Executive Officer
Could you explain what you mean by “turning
would definitely bring Omron in at the start of a project, right at the
ideas smartly into reality – the smart way?”
concept stage, because I know our engineers can help customers
Machine automation is all about input-logic-output technology
to create solutions to specific challenges. They are in the field every
so we make connectivity as simple, fast and reliable as possible.
day in all kinds of industries. So, for example, know-how gained on
Machine-builders only need to focus on the creative idea, mixing and
an automotive plant in Sweden might be exactly what’s needed for a
matching components without worrying about hierarchy or other
packaging machine in France. Machine-builders can use this experi-
communication issues. We’re unique in offering this seamless input–
ence to sharpen their ideas for tomorrow’s machines: it will help to
logic- output combinations. Of course, if everything comes from
make equipment that’s future-proof, and that delivers the competi-
Omron it will be the fastest combination available on the market.
tive advantage in today’s globalized world.
OMRON & Future proof
Mespic’s all-in-one
“All-in-one” solution - showing the input section, storage and forming of the cases, the
loading and control area, and the printing/closing areas
Pick-and-place - The loading section, where the pick-and-place module takes the packs
of tea and places them inside the case
Controlled by our NJ controller - 4 carbon fiber pick & place systems,
2 for case erecting, 1 for grouping, 1 for case packing
Mespic, with headquarters in northeast Italy, has worked with Omron to develop
innovative all-in-one packaging solutions that end-users now demand, and that
successful machine makers strive to provide. A recent example is this end-of-line
plant for secondary and final packaging of tea.
... Versatile and flexible
Flexibility and versatility are the two main drivers for the
and accurately placed into separate cases for despatch. So when
Ideal partner
motors fixed, to reduce weight – and therefore wear - on the moving
evolution of packaging machinery. In particular, the need to change
the different teas arrive at the Mespic end-of-line plant, they are first
Mespic has found an ideal partner in Omron, which shares its
formats quickly, or to handle different products on the same line, has
scanned by an Omron FQ vision system, which identifies the different
customer-focused ideals. Francesca Gaetani, Packaging Project Leader
Extensive and continuous collaboration from Omron has provided
led more innovative manufacturers to develop new solutions in terms
product types. The data is sent via an Ethernet link to the pick-and-
at Omron Electronics Italy, explains that “Our automation philosophy
the flexibility and versatility with which Mespic has been able to meet
of machinery layout, materials and technologies.
place system, which takes the packs of tea and puts them into differ-
was to provide a solution based on the new NJ controller on an Ether-
the specific and complex needs of each customer. The technology
ent cases. The open cases are first marked with a Data Matrix code,
CAT network. This architecture allows us to take a unique approach in
has delivered several customer benefits, including:
Italian manufacturer Mespic is just such a company. Specia-lizing
and then automatically sealed: finally, a second Omron FQ-CR vision
meeting differing requirements in terms of complexity, while ensur-
• a method of consistent communication
in the design and construction of integrated end-of-line packaging
system reads the code printed on the case, to identify the contents
ing cost saving. We achieved this because the NJ machine controller -
• the same remote control unit operating a large number of axes,
machinery, Mespic looked at what the market was demanding, and
and ensure accurate despatch.
scaled in different sizes - handles the logic I/O as well as the machine
established partnerships with specialist suppliers to meet those de-
movements. The EtherCAT network - on which the entire Sysmac
mands. In particular, it has investigated new materials and innovative
Developed in collaboration with Omron, the end-of-line plant
platform is based – provides the speed of data exchange necessary to
technologies that enable it to offer solutions that are more efficient in
benefits from the know-how and product philosophies of both
ensure application flexibility.”
terms of productivity and energy saving.
companies. One of Mespic’s core strengths is its ability to offer not
vision systems, and delta robot I/O modules
• Accurax G5 servo motors used for the pick-and-place module, also
controlled by the NJ motion controller
• Omron technical assistance during development and after installation
only standalone machines but also complete lines. These “all-in-one”
In the case of the tea-packaging solution, the NJ501 machine control-
Sort, pack, box, code: the end-of-the-line for tea
systems, born out of the need to run multiple processes within the
ler manages the conveyors carrying the packs of tea, as well as servo
Most importantly, the collaboration between Mespic and Omron has
One of Mespic’s most recent advances is the development of an end-
same area, are designed in co-operation with the customer to take
drives that operate the casing machine, the pick-and-place module,
enabled the deployment of new technologies to meet new objec-
of-line secondary and final packaging solution for packs of tea. This is
into account the specific packaging and the space limitations. The
and the aggregation of the different packs. Mespic’s case-packing
tives, and to open up new and increasingly competitive markets.
a dedicated line which incorporates transport of the packs, aggregat-
Mespic machines make use of innovative materials such as carbon
systems are all top-loading, and use a Cartesian-axis gantry with both
ing different product types and formats, and automatically placing
fibre and have fewer moving parts. This makes them lighter, which in
them in different packing cases.
turn enables the use of smaller motors to reduce component costs as
well as saving energy up to 60% compared with traditional machines.
The key issue is that the packs containing different flavours of tea
– each coming from a different production line – must be properly
OMRON & Future proof
In short
Sysmac: One Machine
Controller, One Connection
and One Software
Sysmac, 1st anniversary
It’s exactly one year since the Sysmac control platform was launched.
Fully integrated under the simple concept of ‘One Control, One Connection and One Software’ it met with instant success. It was Sysmac’s
simplicity and reliability that users appreciated most and, thanks to
them, we are on target to achieve over 5000 CPU sales. Last year we
also said that this was the first step in a ten years journey…We are
pleased and thrilled to share with you the second step. When we say
it works IT WORKS! And when we say we do WE DELIVER!
Wepan refuses
to compromise
on quality
Lean, Aqualectra Omron your
ahead of
safe solution
Wepan, from De Lier in the south of
With a turnover of about 17 million euro
No one doubts the importance
Holland, is a medium-sized business
and a staff of 145 employees, Aqualectra
of functional safety in modern
employing eighteen personnel, invol-
is one of the largest panel builders in the
automation systems.
ved in electrotechnical installation and
Benelux and probably in Europe
panel building
Safety is a responsibility that all plant operaI would be lying if I said the market for panel
tors take seriously because of the potential
Gert van Wensen, director of Wepan in De
builders was booming at the moment, but
impact on personnel, systems and the
Lier, is an idiosyncratic business man with a
we are still managing to hold our heads
environment if “something goes wrong”.
very outspoken opinion on the running of a
above water”, says Tom Stringer, general
A system failure or mal-function that is
company and how to deal with employees
director of Aqualectra in Heerhugowaard.
not detected immediately can have dire
and clients. As a fitter and panel builder,
Stringer is a keen advocate of ‘lean manu-
consequences. The challenge is to find a way
he knows that flexibility and speed are
facturing’, which enables panels to be pro-
for plant operation and functional safety to
important for many clients, but he
duced as efficiently as possible. He believes
become more intimately connected. Om-
refuses to compromise on quality.
this is the only way to stay ahead of the
ron’s philosophy as a vendor of “automation
solutions” is that integrated safety presents a
new opportunity to deliver a “seamless offer”
that spans inputs, logic and outputs to build
on the advantages of networked systems
The CPU family is growing in performance and scalability
The first release - NJ5 CPU – targeted 16, 32 and 64 axes machines.
Within six months speed had been doubled and 64 axes control
could be achieved in 1 ms instead of 2 ms. We also released a new
CPU family – NJ3 line – covering 4 and 8 axes with the same functionality, but with slightly lowered performance. The NJ3 CPU is well
positioned to meet 80% of applications in terms of performance and
Kinematics meets PLC, motion and vision
In July we launched the NJ Robotics line. This integrates motion,
PLC, vision and the kinematic algorithms required for delta robots.
Continuous pick & place systems comprising 8 robots and a dual conveyor line can now be controlled in less than 2ms cycle times, with up
to 200 picking cycles per minute.
Safety with one software and one connection concept
Sysmac platform now includes smart safety function thanks to the
new integrated safety solution. The latter consists of a new safety
network controller and a new safety I/O (NX I/O). One connection
concept is realised through the use of Safety over Ethercat (FSoE)
layer, controller and I/Os are physically mounted on the distributed
I/O rack. Hence safe and non safe I/Os can be mixed on the same I/O
block.. The ONE software concept is achieved by using Sysmac Studio
for configuration and programming. Needless to say that it fully
complies with IEC-61131-3 standard. The safety controller achieves
the highest safety and meets Category 4 and Performance level (PLe)
according to the ISO-13849-1 and SIL3 according to IEC-61508.
Distributed NX I/O: sub-microsecond accuracy
Based on a backplane bus running in synchronous and asynchronous
modes and using time stamping, our NX I/O distributed IO range can
read an input or set an output with sub-microsecond accuracy. NX
I/O is available with over 70 models of I/O units. Further models will
become available over the coming year.
And the future?
Sysmac is and will remain a fully integrated platform, with the focus
on speed and performance for flexible machine automation. Our
development teams are continually impro-ving current systems and
are also busy with new application libraries.
Enjoy Automation … with Sysmac
OMRON & Future proof
NX-series I/O
The Sysmac Machine Controller gets the I/O’s it deserves...
One year ago, Omron
introduced the Sysmac
NJ-series controller, as the
basis of a new generation
of Machine Control
A new generation of I/O’s
Not just speed in program execution, but also speed of application development,
with a fully integrated programming, simulation and troubleshooting environment.
Direct access to all variables and functions for sequence control, motion control
and machine vision from Sysmac Studio helps you. Simplify your engineering work,
reducing the chance of errors and improving modularity and maintainability.
In modern machine control, achieving a high execution speed means nothing
without accuracy and repeatability. Using the distributed clock function of the
EtherCAT machine network, the timing of Sysmac’s motion control is accurate and
predictable to within a microsecond. The same deterministic behaviour is now also
supported by the new Sysmac NX-series I/O system.
Timing is key
Sysmac NX-series I/O has been deve-loped to meet requirements that at first may
seem contradicting; to provide a competitive modular I/O system to connect to
Omron controllers and various open networks, yet offering
superior real-time behaviour and ease of use. Additionally, the
system needs to support the integration of safety functions,
and be open for future additions.
with the same nanosecond resolution. Used together, the total
accuracy of timing from in- to outputs is only limited by the
ON- and OFF-delays of the signals, i.e. well within a microsecond.
To assure the required performance level, Omron developed
a new inter-connection bus, which outperforms any currently
available industrial network. Besides having a high data
transfer rate, this bus will propagate the distributed clock of
EtherCAT down to individual I/O units. The distributed clock
allows any I/O unit to synchronise with the Sysmac machine
controller’s primary task cycle with less than 1 µs jitter. Additionally, input units with timestamp function can be used to
accurately determine sequence of events with nanosecond
resolution. Complementary timestamped output units will let
you control the precise timing of digital output sequences,
Choice in I/O units
The digital I/O units in the Sysmac NX-series are offered
in several variations, allowing the user to make a trade-off
between I/O density and ease of installation, or performance
and cost. Every model is available in sinking- and sourcing
version so you can always meet local market needs when you
export your machines globally.
Standard digital I/O units are available as 4-point modules
which accept direct connection of 3-wire signals, providing
24V power supply to the sensor. These 4-point units are also
OMRON & Future proof
Time Stamp sequence example
EtherCAT cycle
500 µs
500 µs
NJ Controller
I/O Refresh
500 µs
I/O Refresh
I/O Refresh
Time Stamp
4578043 ns
52371800 ns
Synchronous I/O
EtherCAT cycle
500 µs
500 µs
500 µs
NJ Controller
IN 1
IN 2
available as high-speed. Standard-performance units also
come in higher densities: 8-point I/O units can be used for
2-wire signals, typically dry contact switches. 16-point units
achieve the highest I/O density in 12 mm width, in case the
sensors are supplied with power from an external source.
Safety I/O’s are available as 4-point input units, while safety
outputs units have 4 output points in just 12 mm width, or 2
points with a 2 A rating.
A full range of analog I/Os is available, from two to eight
signals per unit, for current, voltage, thermocouple or RTD
signals. High-performance models are available, offering
10 µs conversion time per channel and 1:30000 resolution.
easy monitoring and referencing of safety status information in the normal control
To support the motion control functions of the Sysmac series,
I/O units for encoder inputs and pulse outputs are included
in the range. These can be assigned to motion axes in the
controller configuration.
Safety integrated
Safety functions are fully integrated in the Sysmac NX-series
I/O. The programmable safety control unit and its safe in- and
output units can be inserted anywhere in the I/O system. No
other special hardware is needed. The safety communication
is passed on transparently through the EtherCAT interfaces
of the Sysmac control network, making it easy to add safety
functions to any control system. Standard control and safety
control are both programmed in Sysmac Studio, providing
All Sysmac I/O units have the same height and depth (100x71 mm) while the
standard unit width is 12mm, or 24mm for some specific units. All I/O units have a
detachable front connector with push-in type screwless terminals. I/O wiring looms
can be prepared and installed separately, signals can easily be disconnected for
testing and commissioning, and units can be replaced without re-wiring. Userdefined labeling and keying of the I/O connectors are provided to prevent installation errors.
At the initial market release in Q1 2013, the Sysmac NX-series I/O will consist of
approximately 70 types of I/O units and system modules like power feeds and
ground terminals, a safety IO controller, and the network interface unit for EtherCAT.
Bus interfaces for other networks, and the described high-performance I/O units will
be released throughout 2013. From there on, there will be a steady expansion of the
Sysmac NX-series model range.
OMRON & Future proof
Integrated Safety
Omron Electronics is in one of the leading
global companies in automation safety. Our
broad product and services portfolio includes
all necessary safety equipment and services,
from electronic safety relays like the G9SX
series up to DeviceNet network controllers like
the NE1A series.
The release of the Sysmac NJ Series Machine
Automation Controllers was a decisive step
towards the full integration of logic, motion
and vision into our ‘One Software’ platform
(Sysmac Studio), using our ‘One Machine’
network (EtherCAT) and all focused on our
‘One Control System’ (Sysmac NJ Controller).
Machine design and development are never
complete without functional safety. The
development of a proper safety strategy is
essential to all machine design and should
be taken into account at an early stage as it
can dramatically influence life cycle costs,
especially development times and maintenance cycles.
Technology article
The safety communications layer is known
as Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) and is used
to transport safety data between an NX
Safety Controller and the NX I/O distributed
safety devices. The release of the NX Safety
Controller as part of the Sysmac Integrated
Architecture enables Omron safety systems
to meet applications up to Category 4 and
Performance level (PLe) according to
ISO 13849-1.
Machines must be designed to be intrinsically safe so, when a hazardous situation cannot
be avoided through conventional engineering - e.g. by protecting the moving parts
- additional measures must be implemented
to reach the required safety performance.
This is where Sysmac’s Integrated Safety
solutions make all the difference.
The new NX Safety Controller has been
created using state-of-the-art technology
and is implemented in the latest NX I/O
system. Nanosynx is new and innovative I/O
technology, offering outstanding speed and
performance, with nanosecond resolution
delivered by EtherCAT networking which is
defining new levels of speed and accuracy
in automation.
I/O wiring
In Out
So Out
Through ECAT
One Connection
Ethernet EtherCAT 1 Datagram
Header Header
2 Datagram FSC
NW AO Out Si
FSoE Frame
Safe CRC_0 Safe CRC_1
Sysmac Studio and IEC 61131-3 PLCopen Safety
One of the benefits of advanced Safety Controllers
compared with classic hard-wired safety solutions is
the flexibility and reusability of code. Omron NX Safety
Controllers are programmed according to the IEC 61131-3
standard and use the same Sysmac Studio Integrated
Development Environment (IDE) used for the rest of the
Sysmac devices.
Standards like IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen bring openness
and usability that ensures end users can avoid becoming
the prisoner of a particular brand. NX Safety Controllers
incorporate PLCopen Function Blocks (FBs) that in
combination with Motion Control FB’s make Sysmac one
of the most open platforms on the market. Furthermore,
Sysmac Studio allows the integration of NX Safety
Controller variables within the global variables of an NJ
controller. Sysmac Studio IDE thus supports a common
methodology for hardware definition, programming and
Operating Principle of the NX Safety Controller
The NX Safety Controller supports safe logic in its local
NX backplane and in remote NX remote backplanes
by means of the NX EtherCAT coupler (NX-ECC201).
Functional Safety Over EtherCAT (FSoE) uses the so-called
‘black channel’ for communications which allows safety
data and non-safety data to be combined without risk
in a single network. FSoE can achieve SIL-3, with the
probability of one undetected error exceeding 100,000
Sysmac NJ Controller is the EtherCAT network master.
The NX Safety Controller establishes a connection-ID
mechanism with its associated NX devices. In this way,
the NX Safety Controller manages the safe logic while the
NJ EtherCAT Master is responsible for safe and non-safe
communications. One interesting consequence is that
NJ Controller has continuous access to the FSoE data
and can, if necessary, use this in standard automation
Benefits of Sysmac integrated Safety.
The NX Safety Controller and distributed Safety I/O
can befreely placed on the NX-I/O bus. The integration
OMRON & Future proof
into Sysmac Studio simplifies system design, setup and
maintenance, allowing machine builders to focus on the
improvement of performance and safety rather than on
system configuration. The combination of NX-Safety and
Omron safety components - from safety switches and
sensors to motion devices with integrated safety functions – brings great benefits to machine builders looking
for a single source solution.
Our commitment
Sysmac NX Safety Controller series in combination with
new NX I/O system and Sysmac NJ Controllers contribute
to increased machine safety and improved productivity
over the total machine lifecycle. Omron is a global
“One stop solution” supplier who can offer not only
components, but also solutions and services like InputLogic-Output for functional safety in automation.
OMRON & Future proof
Automation Center Europe
SYSMAC specialists
Automation Center: a global network of
The key tasks of the Automation centers is to provide the best technical and application support for SYSMAC platform and all the devices
It is exactly one year since SYSMAC platform was
competence centers
(software and hardware) around it. The field of expertise of the ATC includes networking, software, safety, advanced motion control, robotics
launched globally to the market. A fully inte-
Omron’s commitment to the machine builders
and CNC.
grated platform under the simple concept of One
goes beyond product and technology, it also
controller, One connection and One software.
embraces advanced technical and application
Barcelona: the logical host place for Automation Center Europe
On the other hand, over the past few years, we
support. These four global automation centers are
Omron Europe has its Motion Application Center in Barcelona since 1999. This center hosts more than 40 experts in software, hardware and
at Omron Europe, have refocused our business,
now fully operational. All the centers are globally
application specialists. It is there where all the software and motion application libraries are developed. Therefore it was just a matter of conti-
parallel with Sysmac development, aiming to
coordinated from the Automation BU head-
nuity to have the ATC in Barcelona. ATC will represent a real competence where customers can see, test and have a real life experience of the
provide our customers with the best support, the
quarter in Japan.
most advanced technology.
Come and visit us…
new Sysmac platform. Our Application Engineers
are constantly improving their knowledge with
The current Automation Centers in the
intensive training on new technologies, products
and applications. Omron Europe now has more
• ATC-Japan located in Kusatsu, Japan, already
than 700 field and sales engineers in 19 countries
to add value to machine builders in terms of
advanced and integrated machine control.
opened on the 1st of August of 2011
• ATC-China located in Shanghai, China, already
opened on the 3rd of June of 2011
• ATC-US located in Fremont CA, USA, already
opened on the 1st of April of 2012
• ATC-Europe located in Barcelona, Europe to be
opened on the 30th of November of 2012
OMRON & Future proof
Delta robot - R2A
Single-controller in a
turnkey packaging line
Mecapack, a specialist manufacturer of primary and secondary packaging machines
has recently developed a turnkey packaging line. Working in close cooperation with
Omron has enabled the company to base its concept on a single line controller,
a strategically important step forward, with which Mecapack intends to satisfy
customer expectations both in its French home market and in the rest of the world.
A member of the Proplast group, French manufacturer Mecapack
develops and manufactures packaging machines, including tray
sealing systems, thermoforming equipment, case forming and case
packing solutions. They have recently integrated Création Technique
(now called Idpack) into the business, strengthening their expertise in
secondary packaging machines. The company’s nine R&D engineers,
working in a 23-person Research Department, add value to the com-
integrating third-party products such as metal detection systems and
pany, while Omron has been providing expertise in sequential logic
labelling machines: “We’re introducing into packaging lines notions
and motion control to Mecapack for more than 15 years.
of production efficiency which are well known in the automotive industry, while reducing product-format changeovers to the minimum.
Build a relationship with a
single project
Every second means a lot to us!”
Industrialized development
As part of this project, one of Mecapack’s objectives is to streamline
machine conception, which will reduce delivery times - among other
A complete turnkey packaging line
benefits. To achieve this, the company is deploying Omron’s Sysmac
“These days our customers look for machines which can work at high
platform, which puts the entire line under the same logic of control
speed and with increased capacity,” says Benoît Méfort, responsible
and parameter setting. “Many of our customers are in favour of this
for Development at Mecapack. “But they also want to build a relati-
rationalization,” says Serge Pitois, Product Manager at Mecapack,
onship with a single Project Manager who can offer a global solution
although he notes that “A single controller means a complete change
for both primary and secondary packaging. This is what we have
in strategy.”
been working to establish for the past five years.”
The benefit of a single controller
Denis Oerther, in charge of the Purchasing Department at
Mecapack, sees obvious benefits in optimizing line control:
“A single platform reduces the number of components
and the wiring and programming times in the workshops.
It also reduces stock volumes, and the variety of spare
parts needed.”
Cyrille Couloigner, in charge of Mecapack’s Automation Research
Benoît Méfort adds that “This is where the Omron team add their
Department, adds:
expertise to our knowledge, and answer any queries that might arise
“We have developed from being a manufacturer of individual ma-
on our side. Our partnership with Omron allows us to achieve the
chines towards becoming a supplier of engineering solutions. We owe
performance levels that we had initially set as an objective, which is
this evolution directly to the development of Omron technology.”
important with new technologies. You could look at this as a joint
Benoît Méfort explains that Mecapack has been working continually
investment by Omron and Mecapack, and I do want to emphasise the
on the reliability and operation of a global full-line concept, while
fact that the Omron team is always very reactive when we need help!”
OMRON & Future proof
Keep asking, stay curious:
Be an engineer!
The Omron blog
Omron Europe published a new website on which we share what we experience, working in the automation industry. You can
expect to find behind the scenes stories about the future, machines, cool stuff, manufacturing, experts from the field and the
innovations in our industry. To give you an idea, below are two random articles. Use your Layar app to read them immediately on
your mobile.
According to Serge Pitois, deploying a single controller such as the Sysmac platform is the only way
to create a complete packaging line which can meet expectations in terms of performance, and of
return on investment and costs. Mecapack integrates a sequence of automation products and Delta-2
robots – developed internally, with motors and control by Omron - that fit into the single line-controller
concept. Ethernet connectivity means the controller can also communicate with the multi-articulated
robots used in the case-packing stage.
This consistency in the sequential functions and motion control is much appreciated because it allows
shorter format changeover times. It also allows remote maintenance and diagnosis of the complete line
through a single communication entry point. These are significant benefits for both the end user and
Back to the future:
The civilization starter kit
Marcin Jakubowski built a tractor in six days. Then he told the
world how to do it: he made the designs, the budget and an
instructional video available free online.
A passion for quality
Everyone knows that quality is important: it’s what keeps
customers happy and what builds and maintains brand values.
But to really differentiate a business, to set it apart from other
machine makers, passion has to be more than mere words.
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Mecapack is going global
80 % of Mecapack’s customers are in the food and beverage sector, but the company also manufactures machines for the pharmaceutical, medical, and supply chain (secondary packaging) sectors. Larger
food manufacturers and large or medium size supermarkets will also turn more and more to primary
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packaging. One third of Mecapack’s turnover presently comes from France, but there is a strong desire
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to develop the company’s global activities, a strategy which can be supported by Omron’s extensive
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international network.
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